16.01.24 – “Come Join Us In This Celebration Of Light”!

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“Come Join Us In This Celebration Of Light”! – (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira)

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 24, 2016)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Wonderful to be here again with you in this way. You are music to our ears as we hear you chanting like this. It is wonderful. Do you not feel the energies here when you do this? Do you feel the excitement building within you? We feel the excitement building within us. We know what is coming and we are readying and preparing for it.

But we also know that the collective you are grows weary and tired. And we wish for you to understand that all of this is coming to an end or as many wish to look at this as a new beginning. You are in the very ending stages.

There are those levels on the planet that are continuing to hold this back. As much as they can they are throwing out all the stops. They are doing everything they can to keep this from happening.

You, yourselves, know that it cannot be stopped from happening any longer. You have come here for this purpose. You have come here to bring this collective consciousness up onto the higher heavens of their own being. You are the ones that are doing this. You have heard this many times.

But there are those forces at work that are attempting to hold this back to keep you from having your Ascension. Because they know that as you have your Ascension, they are finished. Their day in the sun, you might say, is gone. If it were up to them, they would have no sun whatever. They would be in complete darkness because that is where they find their peace, their comfort in the darkness.

But you, yourselves, find your peace and comfort in the Light. And this is becoming a Planet of Light. You are the ones who are spreading this Light. And we want you to understand more and more how important you are when you do these experiences.

We have been doing these meditations for a long time. But now you are joining us. We have called this the Celebration of Light in the past and you are now celebrating along with us in celebrating this Light, in bringing this Light and sharing it across the planet.

It is important now for you to know that you are in the expression of change within you that is moving to its ultimate, what Sanat Kumara spoke of as the movement of consciousness. You are feeling this and experiencing this.

We are noticing that there are more and more coming forward and speaking about this. That they are having their initiation or a part of it or a portion of it.

The full ramifications have not come yet but it is coming. You are all going to feel this at one point or another. Some more than others but you are all going to experience it.

Those of us who mentor to you already have our celebrations. We have been celebrating for some time now. We are ready to include you in this celebration. We know that as you ready for your celebration that you need to work just a little bit longer to move the energies through meditations and energy movements just a little bit longer.

And all will come true as it has been given. There is nothing now that can hold this back. They can attempt to. They can send their chemicals into the air. They can try to block the sun. How ridiculous is this? How ludicrous is this? That beings here on the planet can even begin to think they can block the sun?

You see it is not possible but they think in their ignorance, in their black magic and these things, that they can hold this off. But they can no longer do it. Ascension is going forward. Many of you have Ascended but have not caught up with it yet in your mind. But it has happened and you will have more and more of the full knowing if it.

That is our message here, as One Who Serves. We will turn this over to question and answer now with “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: I can use help and I am sure I am not the only one who needs support with working with ones who are not awakened. I feel intolerance many times. What is your advice?



Very good question. “Ashira” would you like to take this first?



You have been in this group for more than a year and you have heard us talk about spoon feeding. Spoon feeding. Feeding small amounts of information when you have the opportunity, when the questions are asked. Intolerance is not something you want to put energy into is it?

What we will say to each and every one of you is to stay awake! Stay aware. And remember that all of these beings upon the planet are to be awakened at their time. When the Grand Initiation takes place then all in this room, on the phone will be spoon feeding these people. Sharing with them what you know in bite-sized pieces.

In that way you can awaken them but this is not an awakening you are in charge of. This is their own soul’s experience. As “OWS” said, “This is the time when all of this is happening.”



We would add here that your use of the word here, intolerance, is this not a 3D terminology that you use here? Along with frustration? Along with disappointments? All if these types of things are 3D constructs, programming, part of the illusion that has been created here.

And if you, yourselves rise above this or as we continue to assist you in rising above this do not look at the situation out there with frustration. Look at it with love. Love within your heart. And share that love with all you come in contact with. And even those you do not come in contact with.

You see there is no place for frustration. We are not frustrated with you so why would you be frustrated with any other individuals out there? Whether they are members of the Cabal or whatever they are they are regular human beings. They are experiencing their own experience of consciousness in whatever moment there are in. And they are wanting, some of them, in their deepest level to come back to the Light. They are just not aware of it at their conscious, knowing self-level.

So the more you can assist in sending them love and light, sending all love and light with no difference. For within the Creator, Him, Her, Itself, Prime Creator there is no difference, there is only neutrality. Love for all beings, all life.

Does this answer your question? Yes it does.


Question: I believe that all those situations you spoke of are attachments. I have been experiencing intolerance in myself and know I need to continue to learn the lessons. I need to know how to let go of that and how to listen when those who don’t walk their path give me advice.


There is a simple rule. You know it as the “Golden Rule”. Love others as you would love yourself. Think for a moment, dream if just a little bit, what if all on the planet would do this? What if they would look at another being with love because they feel love within themselves? They would love that other one because of the way they feel about themselves. In the understanding that they are already in love with themselves.

It is easier said we know. You are not here to learn lessons; we have spoken about this before. That is not why you are here at this time. Other times yes but not in this moment now.



Your lessons are basically over here. Now we know this might cause some concerns being that we are not done with our karma and all of these types of things. But you are done with the karma. You have contracts and you will honor those if you want to and you can change those if you want as well.

But know that it is simply love of another being, love of yourself and all will take care of itself. Going with the flow of the energy moving through you.

This is why we have been speaking of this. Just “go with the flow”. “It is what it is”. “Be who you are”. All of this is wonderful. And all of these sayings, if you say them will take you out of the attachment about which you speak of.

For it is the attachments that are holding you back from your full Ascension. You see? Does this answer your question?


Anything to add, “Ashira”?


We were waiting to see if you answered her question.

Comment/question: I just wanted to add that I believe it’s a conscious awareness that we lack that keeps us attached.

Even though we say that many of you have Ascended but do not realize it yet, there are still those working on attachments. Be nice to yourself. Give yourself a break.

We cannot do for others. We cannot change others. We cannot do for them what they need to do for themselves. What is yours is yours.

You have a wonderful example of what you wish to be and when you falter, step up, brush yourself off and say, you are doing a good job! Alright?



We wish to add here now, speaking in the now, all will take care of itself when you have your mentors introduced to you more directly. They will assist you in many respects of working with this attachment situation here. You will come to find that it is not as big a deal as you thought it was. That many of these attachments were not there anyway.

This is the same as there is no spoon from “The Matrix”. It is one in the same. These are the lessons you are here to learn. Not to overcome your karma or anything of this nature! You are here to learn the lesson of love and expressing that love to all that you come in contact with. Starting with yourself.

Would there be further questions?


Question: Can you offer any guidance about healing and self-healing?


Self-healing comes from within. If you believe you are a whole being who is perfectly healthy, you will become so. It is “believing is seeing”.

You have come to be programmed over a long period of time that you must see it to believe it. But it is exactly the opposite. And as you are moving into the higher vibrations it becomes even more so.

Believe that you are whole. Believe that you are healthy. And you will be! Believe that you can see and you will see. Believe that you can hear and you will hear. It is simply that because you are Creator Beings! You are one and the same with the Creator. We are all one in the same with the Creator. And being that oneness with the Creator, we all have that creative ability. You see?

If you could only believe that you have that creative ability within you to create anything you want in your life, you would do so! We have said this many times now in many different ways. Maybe one of these days we will get through here, through the miasma that is all around you like knocking on a brick wall sometimes.

Trust yourselves. Believe in yourselves. You are the Creator of your own being. Be the Creator of your own life.

Ashira, would you add here?



You are all gods and goddesses. We have talked about this before as well. You are each Creators of your lives and also Creators of universes and worlds. Each of you has infinite powers. Each of you has the ability to do as “OWS” has said. Create your life. Create your body. Create your world exactly as you choose to.



We are glad you brought that up, Ashira, in terms that you are creators of worlds. If you would look back into your lifetimes, if you would do past life regressions you would find that sometime before your human existence on this planet or in this solar system that you would find that you have done exactly that. You have created worlds!

This one, James, who we speak through, had an experience where he remembered he was a world Creator. He had a world at his beckoning. That was pretty astounding as we remember here when he was experiencing this. But it was to show that you are so much more than what you have been programmed to believe you are, what you are here in this life.

Would there be other questions?


Question: Does this come down to the phrase we discussed last week, “I AM”?


Believe you are and you are. What is your saying, “You are what you eat”, and all those types of things? This is all the programming that has been built into you. You are what you are. And nothing more. And nothing less.

So, believe in the ultimate within you, the idea of being unlimited, and you will be unlimited. You fly in your dreams, do you not? What if you could fly like the birds do? Well you can. You can if you just believed you could do it. Somewhere along the way you were told you had to have a contraption around you, with wings and things of this nature.

You do not! You simply need to believe there is no gravity holding you down. But you have heard from the Newton source that if you drop an apple it falls. See? Erroneous programming to create this matrix that you have become accustomed to.

It is time to be “Neos” people. It is time to break out of the Matrix. It is time to become the ONE!

Anything to add, Ashira?


No. You have done a great job!


Yes. We think so too! Getting our spunky back again.

​ (laughter)​

Any further questions here?


Question: Is there a good practice to start and complete my day for the most positiveness?


What we would share is gratitude. Wake up in the morning full of gratitude. You have the opportunity to make this day. Make it what you want it to be. Think about all the positive things that you say to yourself.

You can look in the mirror and be gracious and full of gratitude for the day your about to have commence. Sieze the day in your mind. Be of a positive nature and at the end of the day, be in gratitude. Thankful for all that went your way. Being thankful for all that unfolded in your day. Grateful to all the people you have shared with.

You are a gift in your daily work. You are a gift every day to those who surround you. You are a gift. Be in gracious gratitude for that.



Yes. The simple affirmation that can be used each time given by our dear brother, Zorra, “It is a wonderful and glorious day today. What a wonderful and glorious day this is!”

Whatever it is that you wish to say but know, as Ashira has said, it is a day to be grateful for! It is another moment to be grateful for! And each one after that and each one after that.

If you are grateful in this way, moment to moment, and find the joy in each of those moments as you can. What a change in your life you will experience. And a complete letting go of the attachment process here will result from this.

Any further questions here now?


Question: I have been getting that Feb. 15 is a significant date. Can you comment on that?


Oh, here we are. One who is looking for a date and time and all of this. We hesitate to give any sense of dates because, as we have said previously, it all can change. We can say Feb. 15 or Jan. 25, tomorrow, or whatever it is, as soon as we say it, it changes. Because it is up to the collective consciousness of all who are involved in that date.

Since you are speaking about a date for major changes to come to the Earth, you are talking about the collective consciousness of the entire planet. Much can change, can it not? But you see there is so much energy that is already in motion here? It’s like a speeding train. Can you stop it by simply putting your hand up and saying stop? No.

Yes, you can! You can’t if you don’t believe that you can. You can do anything you want if you believe you can do it! Does this answer your question?

Question: I have tried everything to quit smoking. Someone told me I needed a karma clearing. Are we still in the grips of that kind of karma?


As you asked that question we heard a collective sigh in the room here. Because the idea of karma is the program that has been given you. It is only there if you believe it is there. If you believe you cannot stop smoking without another assisting you then that is what it will take. But if you believe that you can stop it because it is not what you want to continue to feel an attachment to then you will stop it. You see?

Karma is a construct of programming in the 3D illusion. It is not something we wish for you to focus on because if you do, you will stay in that realm. As soon as you say within yourself, and you believe this completely, that there will no longer be need for karma. Not only for yourself but for the entire planet will be through with this, be beyond it!

You do not need to dot every “I” and cross every “T”. It is not necessary. Only if you believe it is necessary.

So we would say to you, get off the Wheel of Karma. We can see this contraption, the mouse runs around this ring and goes nowhere. You see the picture we are creating here? It continues to run and run and goes nowhere. This is the Wheel of Karma that you are on. Until you are ready to jump off, you will be on it.


But that jumping off is up to you. See?


Dear friend, you heard of the “I AM” statements this week as last. Put the “I AM” power behind your belief system. You “I AM” power behind your statements in this area.

Know that you are the one who creates your life in all areas. This is your power.

“I AM a non-smoker”. “I AM free of smoking”.

You may not see it happen overnight but you will become a non-smoker as you see yourself as one. Does that help?



Remember when Luke Skywalker was “trying” to raise the ship from the water? What did Yoda say? “Don’t try, do!”

So we say, don’t try do!

Simply let it go! Don’t look to others to raise their hands above you or clear you in any way. Simply let it go!

Luke raised his hand and raised the many ton ship out of the water and you can do the same, out of you! If you only believe enough. See?

Question: I don’t have anything to compare to and I believe I am in the 4th dimension. I understand that heaven is 4D too and I have been trying to connect with my son who passed a while ago. Why have I not been able to connect with him?



First, heaven is not the fourth dimension. There are so many levels of what you would call heaven in your three dimensional or fourth dimensional states.

Where are you now? We would say that you are not in the fourth dimension. You are not in the third dimension or the fifth dimension. You are going between them all. You see?

You have all Ascended already. Each one in this room. Each one listens on the telephone. Most of you who would read these words and resonate to them, have already Ascended. And you may be wondering why you cannot see those who have already passed on into the continuing existence called Life.

We would say to you that you can see them. They are there yet you do not believe it. Your mind has not caught up with this understanding yet. Your brain continues to hold onto the programming. Your chakras continue to hold onto the programming. The programming that has been brought up from all of your past lives here. You have bought into all of this.

It is time now to move beyond this programming. To let it all go. To raise the ship out of the water. It is all time for you to do this!

You will find the way we work here is that we do not come right out and give you an answer. We won’t say X marks the spot. If we give you exactly what you are looking for then we would be doing it for you. We will never do it for you. That is not what we are here for. We can guide, nudge and assist you in helping yourself. We are held back by the Prime Directive as well.


Question: Is it possible that she might find a connection with her son through a medium?

We chuckle at this. Ashira, would you like to answer?


I am chuckling as well. Mediums can be beneficial to one who feels compelled to contact one to help with the relationship. It is not a lot different from what we do.

If one feels compelled and all the circumstances fall into place for that to happen then it can be a good thing. It is really up to the one who is calling for that to feel and to know if that is the right thing for them to do.



We would add to this that if you wait a short time that particular question will be answered in due time here. You will experience connection with all who have passed over if you wish. They are all there and ready to experience the celebration along with us! In whatever level of expression they find themselves. All come together.

We must release channel here.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am Ashira.

What a wonderful gathering today. A wonderful gathering of new people who have joined this group today. We smile as we see all coming together, sharing with one another.

This is indeed a time of new beginnings. Can you feel the energy in this room? This is the time of the New Earth structure. We speak week about the mentors and all the great things you are looking forward to and yet today is a gift.

Today is a gift of all of those who have come here to be with you. Today is a gift that opens more doors than you can even imagine. Today is the day that all of those portals from around the world to Inner Earth spring open to share with you.

To see the Light of Hollow Earth, Middle Earth, Inner Earth spring forth. You will hear stories and tales in the week and weeks to come from those who come from the world from which I come from. Coming to the surface to share more. You will see images you take of yourself and others and you will see us as well.

These are wondrous times, my friends. These are remarkable times. And seeing those who picked up on the messages to be here today this is only a step on the road of brilliance in the weeks to come.

We are excited about this year. We are excited about all of you. We are excited to see as each of you goes forth this week and shares with others of the love and the heart that you have here today.

We give you our blessings and our peace. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco




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16.01.17 – “You Are Here To Usher In this New Golden Age, This New Dawn” – Guardian Of The New Dispensation

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“You Are Here To Usher In this New Golden Age, This New Dawn” – Guardian Of The New Dispensation

“Guardian of the New Dispensation” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Divine Mother” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 17, 2016)


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to pave the way, make room. OK? Be back here shortly.


“Guardian of the New Dispensation”

We are here in these times and moments to bring in this entire process. To make it all happen. You have heard many times that all is being orchestrated. All is being handled in this great process, this great plan that has been in the process for some time. You are those ones here who are to bring this all about.

But please understand that you are not alone. There are many of us from many different civilizations, from many different dimensions that are here working with you. If you were alone working through this you would not be able to make it on your own at least not in this lifetime.

But with all the help that is at your disposal now, with all that is here to assist and work with you to bring this about. This is what it is all about, all working together. All coming together as one to make it happen.

But as I have said you are the ones who are in the forefront, in the vanguard of what comes before. And you are being readied and prepared to be of assistance, to be of service to those who would be in need.

And yes there will be those who are in need. There will be those who will not understand what is happening. They will not see the dawn. They will not see the light. They will only be aware of the darkness. With your help they will see a glimmer through the darkness. A shining light piercing through the dark clouds of their perception. And they will know then that all is well. That all is what it must be. And they will know then that they are here to usher in this Golden Age, this New Dawn.

So I, the Guardian of the New Dispensation, and all of my brethren and all of those who are here to work you are all behind you in this endeavor. And although you may not see the ramifications of all that has been in the works, you are now going to begin to see more and more. It has been said that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and that is certainly the case now but it will also be shown to those who are the unbelievers. The non-believers. The ones who have to see it to believe it.

We know that this must happen to have the entire world population to move forward in this process. All will not move forward but many more will. This is the result of holding back so that there can be a full manifestation of Ascension.

I thank you for your time. I leave you with peace and love as you continue to move forward in this endeavor.


“One Who Serves”

“OWS” here to assist you in questions. We know there are questions coming so let’s get to it, OK? What questions do you have here for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by now?

Question: Should we expect one initiation or graduation from each of the three waves I believe are coming?

“OWS”: It is not so much that it is in association of the waves you are speaking of but there is going to be more of these processes, of these initiations as you are calling it or movements of consciousness. So there is more of this coming.

When you hear the term graduated that does not mean the end. That is only the beginning. So you are moving forward. It is the same as when you graduate from high school. Is that the end of their life? No. It is just their very beginning. You see?

It is beginning of coming into consciousness. It is knowing themselves as adults. You are now at that graduation point where you are coming to know yourselves as adults. Up until this point you might have considered yourself at the children’s area. That is not to denigrate you or to put you down or anything of this nature. It is simply to say what is.

As we look at you from our point of view, as ascended previously, we are telling you that you are also going through this process. At some time you will be the teachers, the mentors and all of these things. And you see at our level as Ascended Masters are still children to the Universal Selves. You see?

So it is all a continuation of a process here. All is continuing to move toward being the “One”. Anything to add “Ashira”?

“No, thank you”.

Question: Would you say that our attitude will be the most important thing to get us through this?

“OWS” : This is why we throw a monkey wrench into the works.


“Ashira”: Attitude is extremely important. A lot of that comes from ego. And even though we spoke to another two weeks ago about ego and the importance of that, what is the most important? Being open.

Being open to learn about self. Being open to learning about others. Being open to learning about those things you speak about on these Sundays. Being open is probably the most important thing at this point in time.

Also flexibility for being flexible allows you to shift when you need to shift to make the changes you need to make. Also to come into that State of Neutrality which we speak of.

Does that answer your question? “OWS”?

“OWS”: Wish to add one thing here as we find in the James here. The experience of “attitude leads to altitude”. As has been the experience with this one so we use it here to help you understand that your attitude is everything here. Your attitude brings you to the higher vibrations.

If you are in a negative attitude, a lower sense of attitude, you are not going to be in those higher vibrations. But if your attitude is one of gratefulness, your attitude is positive and strong and energetic then you will be able to move into those higher vibrations because you will see those higher vibrations. You will see what is part of the higher vibrations, the higher dimensions. You see?

It will raise your frequency into those higher vibrations.

Question: In the “Matrix” movie, Neo walked into a room where children were bending spoons with their minds. We remembered the line earlier, “There are no spoons”. What can you tell us about that?

“OWS”: My goodness. That was a saying for a special understanding, a deep understanding for those that would be able to grasp it. As you said in your discussion earlier, it is all part of the illusion that is going on here. And it is being able to see beyond the illusion that is important.

It is being able to see and to know that there are expressions beyond this illusion. And that you, within the illusion tend to hold onto the program you are in. Therefore, if you hold onto the (3D) program you are in you see that the spoon cannot be bent unless you do it by your hands.

But if you see that it is not there at all then there is nothing that can hold you back. There is nothing that you cannot do. Therefore if you know it is an illusion then you will know that the spoon can bend because it is not there to begin with.

Anything to add, Ashira? No..thank you.

Question: It’s like when Neo dodged bullets and bent way back, is that the lesson we are here to learn? That we have control of that?

“OWS”: Yes, my dear friends. That is believing is seeing.

Question: So if we see the illusion of the chemtrails, we have the ability to erase those from the sky?

“OWS”: That is correct. Do you remember when Neo said in the movie to Morpheus, “You mean I will be able to dodge bullets?”

And do you remember what Morpheus said? “When you are ready, you won’t have to.”

It is all symbolic for the changes coming over you all in this Ascension process. Bullets will have no effect. Chemtrails will have no effect. The vaccinations will have no effect. Sicknesses will have no effect.

Question: As long as we believe that?

That is correct. If you lose faith then you are pulling them right back into the programming. That is right back into the spider’s web as far as the Cabal is concerned. They have been attempting to do this through many different avenues here as far as Black Magic and all of this over many thousands of years here to create the programming to hold you to it without you even knowing you were in this programming.

That is all changing and has changed a great deal here. For you all are at an awareness level that allows you to come out of this programming and create your own programming now.

Anything to add, Ashira?

“Ashira”: You have done a wonderful job answering this.

Question: Can you please share you understanding on the phrase, “I AM that I AM”?

Ashira, would you like to take this one?

“Ashira”: Yes, I will take this one.

I AM that I AM…and so are you!

I AM that I AM is an important concept because whatever you speak your energy and your truth into will manifest for you. I AM that I AM, if spoken in negative ways bring results that are not benefitting ourselves. If we are working with I AM statements that are positive then we are a positive being.

I AM that I AM. I am sick. I am poor. I am alone. These bring you to a lower state in your vibration. Your body and your life are not operating at the highest levels.

If instead you are grateful. I am prosperous. I am fulfilled in every way. That supports your Ascension process, does it not?

The I AM statement is essential for your introduction to the next world as it is to this. You can see what you need to leave behind. One hard today her understanding of her I AM messages to herself. All understood that, grasped that and shared in that.

The statement, I AM that I AM is crucial to the next steps in your new world. Does that help?

“OWS”: We would add here to go back to your story of Moses when he is on the mountain top and he is speaking to the Lord or God. He asks that Being, “Who are you?” How does the Source respond? “I AM that I AM”.

That in itself will tell you that you are what you are. And the I AM presence is within all of us. There is nothing that does not have this I AM presence. It is the “Force” from Star Wars. It is all one in the same. You see?

So, be who you are. Be the I AM presence within you! And nothing can hold you back.

Question: Can I ask about an extension of that? If we could see others with the same I AM presence that we see ourselves, it would fortify them too.

Yes. Certainly.

Question: I would like a clarification, please. I heard that I AM One with God and with humanity. Is that right?

“OWS”: The I AM that I AM presence is everywhere. It is everything. It is the source of your being within you. When you come to the awareness of the I AM, when you can say, as Ashira has said, I AM special, I AM One, I AM at the top of my game, I AM grateful and all of the I AMs you can come up with that are of a positive understanding then you are raising your vibration each time that you do this. You are rising into your frequencies. You are moving more and more into your ascension process.

You see, what you do not know yet is that when your mentors are introduced to you they will begin to share with you in this way, they will share directly with you. This way you will move more quickly along this Ascension path.

This is the forefront, the beginning only. There is much more to come here. It is the initial training that you are receiving to bring you along the Ascension path here.

Question: If we say I AM, you are, does that not create it for them?

“OWS”: Yes. You are your brothers’ keeper. You are your brother. You are your sister. You are all one. We are all one. There is no separation except what the mind creates as separation. So, if you understand the I AM presence within you, you also understand it within all, and the I AM presence within all, then you are all connected. You are all connected as this one force. This God Source running through everything. It runs here on Earth, it runs through the entire solar system, it runs through the galaxies. There is nothing that is not connected by this force, this God Source.


That includes those who are upon this planet, all of those within the planet, all of those in the oceans, in the trees, in the skies. All of this is part of the I AM presence.

“OWS”: Very good. Do we have another question here?

Question: While reading St. Germaines’ work, he said that the name of God can be inserted into I AM statements. Like I AM God. I love this because it explains who we are in simple terms. Is that true?

“OWS”: Yes, certainly. And you can add to that, “I AM God” or “I AM the universe”. Or if you can’t say that, say “I AM God becoming”. See? It is all a part of the oneness here.

You are all moving into this direction of the Oneness and coming to understand that you have never not been in this Oneness, not been a part of this Force. You have never not been a part of the God Source.

Question: What I understand is that I am an acknowledgement of the power of the Divine?

“OWS”: Yes. It is all a part of becoming aware. And beginning to embody that.

Any other questions here?

Question: This is about my mind. I ask a question and I receive an answer but I also then receive a negative thought about the question. Is this a sign of a mental disorder?

“OWS”: We must chuckle at this because there are many who experience this. What they would consider negative thoughts coming in and they say, “Where did that come from?”

“Why am I having these types of thoughts?”

You see your mind is operating at all times and there are those points where there is this constant chatter that is coming in. And when there is this constant chatter and there are those of us mentoring to you to reach through and make it through this quagmire that is within your head, within your mind.

But understand that this is nothing to be concerned about because all have gone through this and if you are going through this now it is going to release and open up if you allow it. And the more you allow it, the more it will release. The more you allow the more positive thought, the more positive connections to come through to you and then you will begin to hear voices. Then you will begin to think you are crazy! And all of these things. But, know that it is not becoming crazy. It is simply opening up to what is.

“Ashira”: Our friend, take into consideration all of “OWS” words. We know that you are concerned about this but it is part of your growth. It is part of your growth that you are experiencing so take those parts that arise that do not support the growth you desire and place them on the sidebar.

You will know that as you move forward they will bother you less and less. You will begin hearing, as “OWS” said, those voices. As those of us who serve you in this group and other come to you, you will become more aware of all and able to act upon those influences.

Question: Isn’t this part of mastery?

“OWS”: Mastery is in your heads. It is part of the programming. There is not a need to come here and master these things to overcome the programming. It was never here to begin with. It is all part of the illusion. The spoon that we spoke of.

The programming is only there if you believe it is there. But you can whisk it away in a moment’s notice, in the twinkling of an eye that has been spoken of. And that is how these changes are coming. In the time since in all of time this will be in a twinkling of an eye. You see?

Question: So what you are saying is that when we believe we can move past it, we do.

​”OWS”: ​

Yes. James has used this understanding many times before and he always says, “If you can reach your hand out and an apple appears in your hand or anything else appears in your hand just because you believe it to be so then you have mastered this idea of believing is seeing. And you will have ascended at that point. Because there is nothing that is holding you back anymore. Believe it and you will see it!

That is not to say that we want you to hold out your hand and ask for a million dollars to be placed in your hand. But if you put your hand out and say, “I want a million dollars to appear in my hands.” Watch what happens if you totally believe in this process. It will not necessarily appear in your hands but it can come in other ways.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. These words were given by Yeshua for a reason.

Further questions here?

Question: During meditation recently I became aware of a presence. I turned my attention to this presence and I got more agitated and became nauseas. What was this? Was this my Higher Self?

“Ashira”: We smile because we can see this occurring for you. Indeed, it is that highest part of you that you are reaching up toward. This is an energy balancing process that is taking you upward and one you are getting accustomed to.

This is not another being outside of you. This is actually an aspect of you and as you continue to move into that direction you may find that it does not work. This is something that will come to you easily and effortlessly. This is an aspect of you that you can lay on a bed and think about more fully than sitting in a chair and vibrating in the chair.

We are smiling for you because you are striving for this aspect and it is already yours.

“OWS”: Any further questions?

Nothing, then we release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



“Divine Mother”

I am the one known as “Divine Mother” and I have been with this group many times.

I have come to share with you today the knowledge that you are who you are. You are the I AM that I AM.

These times are dark. These times are to lead you off the path. But these are also times of great, great celebration. Celebrations that are taking place around the planet. You have not heard of these because they are not in your news.

There are so many people who are dancing and are joyful. There ARE free energy devices being spread around the planet. There are other “goodies” being received by a grateful people.

Those in this country are not on the receiving end at this time. This country is still in the dark. But, I will share with you that this is the time of Light. You have been told this. This is the time to open up new areas for yourselves. New areas to see and to speak about.

We look forward to when you will not need to listen to the negative because all that you will be hearing will be positive. Positive through the various news stations that you have.

We are excited about this year. This is an amazing year! An amazing time to be alive. An amazing time to have the conversations you have in this room. An amazing year to be moving forward into your new world. We are excited to be with you.

I fill this room with my blue light. I fill the room with my love. Take this light into your heart with my blessings.

This is a good time. Do not be swayed by the negative stories that you hear. Do not be swayed by that not going right or this not going right because over all the world, it is good.

And so it is.



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

16.01.10 – “All Of Mankind Is About To Go Through A Major Shift” – St. Germain

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“All Of Mankind Is About To Go Through A Major Shift” – St. Germain
“St. Germaine” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr.Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on January 10, 2016)

“St. Germain”
(Continuation of guided meditation when St. Germain takes over)
Now begin to see things changing. Those that were of the darkness now coming into the light. Those who were of the darkness and would not turn into the light, see them leaving. And in place of those see only peace and love throughout the land. The entire world coming together as brothers as sisters. As one with each other. Everyone helping their fellow brothers and sisters all coming together. They are all one people. We are all one race. All one unity. A unified force.
You can see councils forming everywhere here on the Earth. New members coming into these councils. Ones who wish to spread the word, spread the light and love. Peace across the planet. Know that they do not have to have the experience to be a part of these councils. They only need the desire. Desire to serve.
See now many ships coming. Many ships showing themselves in the skies. Many of you have already been seeing that as we have been doing this exercise. You can see the ships coming, landing in what have become space ports, no longer airports but space ports. For all can enter the ships and travel throughout the Solar System, throughout the Galaxy. You can enter the trains that are deep within the Earth and travel within all areas of the Earth within minutes whether above or below.
Wherever you find yourself now, take this image that you have, take this vision that you have and bring it back with you. Come back down the Pillar of Light. Come back into the room, wherever you find yourself. Back to your physical bodies. Know that what you have just done has been more helpful than you can imagine for the entire world process.
Just as you are doing this there are many other groups around the world doing this same process. “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be amongst you”. This was spoken by Yeshua but Sananda was speaking through him.
Know that many of the changes that we have been speaking of, that you have been hearing of are certainly in the works. Nothing is being held to chance. All is being orchestrated as you have heard many times now. Because of this mighty orchestration, because of the many pieces of this mighty puzzle that need to come together, it is taking what would appear to you to be a longer wait. But I tell you now that it is only a short time on the entire stretch of the space, time continuum.
All is being readied. All is being put out in front so that it all can move forward at the pace, in the frequency, in the time frame that is necessary.
You are all a part of this. All of you. All who would listen and read these words, you are all a part of this great plan. Some have a larger part. Some have what they would consider a smaller part. But all are a part of this, none the less. There is no greater. There is no smaller when the plan is all is one.
Whatever you are doing in your daily activities to visualize, to create in your mind the New world, you are having an effect. With all of these lines, all of this coming together to create the new Golden Age, there is nothing that can hold it back any longer. They can continue to try but their efforts are coming forth now as futile.
We are with you. We have always been with you and will always be with you. We are your brothers and sisters. There is nothing, nothing at this time that can hold this back from happening. Just trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in each other. Trust in the love you have for all of mankind. All of mankind is about to go through a major shift.
I am St. Germain. I am grateful for the times we have to share and I look forward to the time when we can meet in person. You will remember me and I will certainly know you.
Peace to each of you. Continue on and know that all will take care of itself as you move forward in your everyday moment.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings. “One Who Serves” here to assist you with your questions and answers and to be of service. And certainly for you to know that as we strive to be of service to you, you are also of service to us. And we appreciate the camaraderie we can have together as we come together on these Sunday afternoons. It is a wonderful time and we look at this as an appointment. We look at this as a time that we come together and you come together and we have what you call a re-charge each week. It is important that you have this re-charge because your day to day activities can bog you down, can they not?
But we are also noticing that they are becoming lesser and lesser, do they not? That these times of feeling lesser than or feeling depressed or all of these things. Are they not becoming lessened?
You are finding that you are being in joy more and more and more. This is what you strive for. This is what you want. To come into these higher vibrations because they bring joy. They are joy in themselves. They will happen more and more. You will have this expression of oneness.
And you will have what Sanat Kumara spoke about as the initiation, the Mass Initiation. That is coming. It is already upon many of you. You have not felt it directly yet but it will be. It will be in your sleep time. It will be in your wakened time. It will be in whatever time it comes but it will be here. For some it has already been here. You are in that process.
Know that this is all a process of Ascension. This is all a part of it, your DNA expanding, your Pineal Gland coming alive, your Higher Heart re-awakening. All of these things are happening. Your memories returning to you. You are expanding and on and on and on.
You still have no idea of what is to come. We can throw out stories to you or glimpses. We can give you a little bit here and there but we cannot begin to give you the totality of what you are going to experience.
We would take questions now for “One who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by.
Question: When we ascend how do we or do we interact with species we are now learning about that are in the Earth?
“OWS”: So much is coming to the surface but we will turn this to “Ashira” if she wishes to start here.
“Ashira”: Yes. We would like to start.
You are going to be meeting those from all sources, all dimensions and all of everything. Do not worry about those that you have heard may be of the negative state. Or of those who may not be of the same state as those in the main state of the Earth.
All of these are being cleansed, cleared and changed. All of those in the earth, on the planet, above the planet and throughout everywhere are being cleansed because of the change taking place for all. This is all we are going to speak about this for now.
“OWS”: Yes. As you move into the higher vibrations you will be in a position here you can interact with those of higher vibration and also those of lower vibration, if you wish. Since you are not at the higher vibration now it is more difficult to interact with those at a higher level. But that will all change.
As “Ashira” has said, you do not need to worry about mixing with these. That will be up to you if you want to interact with these or not. And there will be opportunities to do exactly this in the time to come. That will become another level of service, if you wish.
Are there other questions here now?
Question: How can we protect ourselves from the Artificial Intelligence we hear about?
“OWS”: Yes. Very simply. Be in the higher vibrations. And those of the lower influence, this AI you are speaking of, cannot affect you. Just as you are in the situation here and now, they can also not affect you. They will try. They will have attempt at attacks and things of this nature if you find yourself unprotected at a time, this can happen. But for the most part, if you are operating in the higher vibrations there is nothing that can affect you. Nothing that can affect you at the 3D level.
More and more this is why we continue to assert ourselves in this. More and more you find yourselves in these higher vibrations, at this higher frequency. So you are not only moving through the higher vibrations but you are moving through the Ascension Process as well. You see?
It is very simple. All you need to do is replace those lower emotional vibrations with higher emotional vibrations. Feel gratefulness. Feel joy within you. Feel love. Be love. All of these things. If you are feeling sorrowful feel it And then move past it! Replace sorrow with joy! See?
Simple things such as seeing the beauty around you. Where others see ugliness you see beauty. There can be beauty in the smallest bit of details. Green grass growing. Leaves changing on the trees. The wind rustling through the trees. Sky, the beautiful skies. Have you not been seeing the beautiful skies? Bright blue. Sun shining through.
See that as beauty. See that as Gaia coming alive once again. Doe this answer your question? Probably a lot more than you were banking on.
Are there other questions here?
Question: How do we help those who are not awake?
“OWS”: Very good question. You help them by being who you are. In every respect, be who you are. And if a situation comes up where they have some sort of question or response that opens a door for you to share with them, then do so. If not, then simply share your light, share your love. That will go a long way to influence them.
If you send your light to another being as you walk past them on a walk, in a store, anywhere that it might be, send light. They will take this light. They will take it within them even if they are not conscious of this. They will do so.
You have heard many times that a smile can change a person’s entire outlook on life. Smile! See?
This what the Mass Meditation is doing across the entire planet. It is affecting many more than you can possibly imagine at this time. Trust. Trust in your light. Trust in your love as a Light Worker, as a Light Warrior, as a Light Sharer. Anything to add “Ashira”?
“Ashira”: There is no distance and no time, my friend.
“OWS”: Any further questions here?
Question: El Chappo was arrested. It was said that when he was brought to arrest he would turn state’s evidence against the Bushes. What can you tell us about this?
“OWS”: All of this is already in process. All of this is already in the works. There is no concern in this. Those who will not turn to the light will be consumed by the Light. There is nothing to be concerned about here. You will see these things come about however it might be. There are many still behind the scenes because of the mass media being controlled still. But the control is dropping now and you are seeing more and more of these things being released. There will be many arrests coming out. This is all still coming. They are starting at their lower levels and moving their way up. They are taking their legs right out from under them, you might say.
Question: Is that why the lottery winnings are so high? Are they trying to distract us from what is happening?
“Ashira”: There are so many things that are distractions. Distractions for the masses. But there are so many other thing that are distractions for you in your world. They try to keep you away from all that is happening. Trying to keep a sense of normalcy in your life.
Truth is that as more and more people awaken they see these things and they recognize them for what they are. Be at peace, Dear One. You are aware of these things and there are so many other ways of money coming into all of your lives. All of your lives in ways that will please you tremendously. All of those in this room, on this call and reading this script will KNOW that these distractions are on their way out.
“OWS”: Very good. You took the words right out of our mouth or out of James’ mouth! (laughter)
Other questions here?
Question: I notice that when I am at a higher vibration and speaking with others of a lower vibration, I seem to have a challenge in communication. Can you explain what is happening?
“OWS”: This is one reason you were told to read the book, “Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfrey Ray King.
There is a chapter in there that speaks to what you are saying here. It is about power coming to you. It is about power coming through you. It is about an understanding that is coming over you, that gives you the words to say at the right time. It gives you the action you need to positively affect another. All of this is coming for you my dear sister.
Know that you are a part of this entire orchestration that is going on. As of yet you do not know how deeply you will be of service here. This is your awakening call.
“Ashira”: Dear One, there are others in this room that have had similar experiences. They have had similar experiences of speaking with other people and not being heard. Having experiences of moving into doorways that did not respond because it could not sense them.
You are on your path. You are on your awakening and these things will happen. Share with others in this room and know that you will have a commonality of experiences. As “OWS” has said, you will find answers in this book but do not think that you are someone standing alone. Others are with you and we are with you a well. Thank you.
“OWS”: Are there other questions here?
Question: I awoke recently thinking that my drains were dripping or that it was raining outside. I realized that is was my heart beating very loudly. It happened again and now I don’t want to go to sleep. What is that?
“OWS”: Yes. What we will say is what Sanat Kumara has said that the initiation process will happen differently for everyone. So, you are experiencing this process in the way you are describing here. Others have described it as an expansion of the mind. Whatever it is, it is for many here. So, know that you are in the process of Ascension, you are in the process of the initiation that is happening and all of this is going to come together for you as it needs to.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”?
“Ashira”: Do not be afraid to sleep at night. That is part of the process. Take time to appreciate your body. Take time to appreciate the process. Take time to appreciate yourself. Know that as you move through this process that it becomes easier and not to be afraid of.
Is that all right, Dear One?
“OWS”: Other questions here?
Question: When we speak of lower vibration and higher vibration, don’t we create a separation instead of a oneness?
“OWS”: Yes. You do create a separation just as you have been taught to do within the illusion for a great long period of time. But you are going to begin to see a separation that is going to begin to be happening here. It is mostly at a subconscious or unconscious level that it is going to occur. It will be moving you into a vibration with others of a like vibration. This is all part of the process.
So, this is not to say that you have to say goodbye to your family or your friends. But that may happen. It is part of the orchestration that is happening here that may cause this. It is not something that you can control or be responsible for at this time. Do you understand this?
Question: That seems contrary to oneness?
“OWS”: Yes. We understand this. It is not to say that you will not continue to love those but this is part of the change in vibration that will be part of your expression. This will create a schism between those of a higher vibration and those of a lower vibration. Do you understand this?
“Ashira” maybe you have different words here?
“Ashira”: Think of this. People standing on a beltway. There are people on the front. There are people on the middle and there are people on the end. Everyone is traveling on unity on this belt that is going to Ascension.
We understand that the term “negative” forces in Hollow Earth area is may be something that is sticking with you. However, those beings are a part of a lower vibration. Perhaps they are at the end of the beltway. Perhaps they make it with the light and the love. Perhaps they do not.
We see oneness from where we are standing. Everything upon the planet, beneath the planet and all around the planet is of Universal Love.
“OWS”: Yes. We are going to remind you of something we are reminded of here. “Sananda’s” analogy that he gave some time ago. He spoke of the race and that everyone was in a race here.
You are all running this marathon. Some of you are running far ahead of the others and are coming over the finish line. Others are straggling back and others are coming to a walk while other are may be crawling. Others have stopped completely but all are in this race. All are working toward the finish line at their own pace, at their own level that they can continue with.
As those who cross the finish line early on, they turn around and help those who are coming across. When they cross they turn around and help others who are straggling behind. There are those who turn around and go all the way to the back to pick them up to carry them. You see?
It is all a part of this great plan, the orchestration that is happening. You all have a piece to play in this. So, know that even though all will not cross the finish line at the same time, all will cross at one time or another. And those who do not want to run the race at all, will not run the race.
Does this assist you?
Question: If we send love we are increasing their vibration?
Yes…you are doing that in your meditation each week.
Question: I want to know about my sister and her poor health. What can you tell me about this relationship and how best I can help her?
“Ashira”: Dear One, it is not our job to tell you whether or not another one wishes to find life or not. It is your job as her sister and as her friend, to know her, to love her and to know that she is in the highest care.
Whatever exactly happens, will be. That is the truth of the matter. It is not for you to be concerned about because you cannot affect her one way or another. However, this is true of life and pray that you hold the best for her and her life.
“OWS”: As much as you can, be there for her. Whatever aspect that would be at that time.
Any further questions here?
Question: My son moved back in with me. Yesterday he gave away his best friend, his dog. I don’t know what to do to help him.
“Ashira”: He gave away his best friend. At this point in time he feels he cannot be there for that one. Know that he is not in the point of control of being able to share fully to care for this one. He is also concerned about the affect it will have on you. He is concerned about the nature of the dog.
Many parents in this room have been through these times before. Many off the parents in this room have asked us, “What can I do”? What we have aid is to love your children. Love him fully and completely but do not, do not try to repair him or try to change him. This is not you responsibility at this point in time. Your job is to love him. Your love will move through his system and change him internally.
Call out to all of us. We shall be with you as you love this one. His path might be different for you but it is his way of traveling his path.
Question: Can you elaborate on mantras and affirmations and how best to use them?
“OWS”: Find what is in your heart. What brings you joy. What brings you a remembering of who you are. All of these types of things. Find this and ask for guidance to come to you. Whether it be an affirmation, a mantra or whatever it might be. If it is a mantra, it will raise you vibration, your frequency in the moment you are using it. If I is an affirmation it will help you in creating your desire. Bringing your desires about. All of this is about assistance. Certainly as you are in your daily activities remember to be in the higher vibrations whenever you can. Have higher level thoughts. Have higher level feelings. Joy instead of sorrow. Love instead of fear. Go within and ask. OK?

Shanti, Peace Be with you! Be the ONE!

What a series of different questions today! Those of you who have been here a year past, can you think of the questions of a year ago? Think about the questions today and you will see the changes taking place. See the change taking place with one another. For how you are observing the world. And for yourselves.
We were thinking about speaking about diets a year ago. And medications. Different ways of helping each of you make these travels more easily. But now the questions are pointed very differently.
You are much, much more attuned to the moment. And if you miss it, the moment has changed. The Now is Now. In the Now you are responding differently. You are responding more wholly. You are responding with love and light.
We are so proud to be a part of this group. So proud to work with “One Who Serves”. Guiding you of those who are here. Sharing with you in moments of your personal lives. As this consciousness open up upon this planet, we are eager to share that with you as well.
We know that next week you will be sharing with more. More of you who will be speaking of experiences you will be having. All of this is the wonder of the day. All of this is the Now that you are now owning.
We spoke of celebrations in planning stages months ago. Now we are ready to begin those with you. We are so thankful for all the work you are doing. As “One who Serve” said, you have blessed our lives.
In love and light, Namaste.
Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

15.12.27 – You Have Come Here For A Reason and That Reason Is About To Unfold

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“You Have Come Here For A Reason and That Reason Is About To Unflold” – Sananda

​​“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on December 27, 2015)



I am Sananda. I am with you as I am always with you. And always have been with you.

Together in these times and these moments, we are continuing to forge ahead. Forge ahead to bring about these many changes that are, even now, happening at those higher levels that we speak of. Even though you have not yet felt the expression  occurring yet on the planet in your physical 3D realm, it is in the process of happening. As we have said many times, nothing can hold it back at this moment. It is in the process of movement.

But it is not just the movement that is happening in the future. It is happening in the Now. So, all that you want to have happen in your lives is part of the expression in the moment. Just know that it is YOU, you forming the Collective Consciousness across the planet, you are the ones making this happen.

Again, it is not us. It is not those of us who mentor to you that are bringing these changes about. It is you remembering, remembering who you are. You are the ones creating the change within yourself. As you create the change within yourself, you create the change within everyone else. So, if you wish to find a change within the planet, first find the change within yourself. All will come about as it must. All will come about as it is being orchestrated by all of those that help in this process.

You, each one, are the process itself. So, find it deep within you, as you move about in daily activities and remember as you do so, remember who you are. Remember that you have had that time clock go off. Each one of you has answered the call and will continue to answer the call.

When I spoke before of the “Twelve Tables” and those twelve sitting at those tables, to most of you who hear, read and most importantly resonate to those words, you are the ones who will be able to sit at those tables. You are the ones who will be sitting at the many counsels that will be formed. That are even now being formed. To prepare a place for you to sit at if you decide to be a part of this.

And even if you do not, your place is assured in many different directions. You have come here for a reason and that reason, that primary reason that you all incarnated here for is about to begin to unfold.

Trust in this. Trust in my words. Trust in all that has been given you as guidance. All is in readiness. Simply be in the Now, be present in the Now. The Now that you are in will shortly become the New Now or what has been called by the “Guardian of the New Dispensation”,  after the Dawn.

I am Sananda. I leave you now. All my peace and love be with all of you.


One Who Serves

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you in this way.

We understand from you discussion earlier that there is much about letting go of various people, situations, various things in your life. That is certainly the trend at this time. There is a transition that is going on. You are all aware of this but it is a transition that is happening within you.

Yes, there are a number of things happening outside of yourself but you will become aware of these things more and more. But the changes are happening within you. These changes that are happening within you are calling the wheat from the chaff. You are being separated or let’s say you are separating yourselves. You are separating yourselves from those who are not ready to move into these vibrations. It is a natural process.

That is not to say that those who are not moving up into these higher vibrations at a conscious, knowing level such as you are. It is not to say that they will not move on and move through the transition, the Ascension Process, and all of this, they will. But they are not yet at this moment where they have become aware of this. Their alarm clock has not yet gone off.

But it will go off. It will signal to them that it is time now for them to make a choice. Some have already made the choice. Some have not had the opportunity yet but it is coming. All is happening for a reason. All is happening in the Divine Moment that it must happen. So, as we have said many times, all is being orchestrated. You are part of the Prime Creation that the Creator has called for here.

So be at peace, my many friends here. Be at peace and know that all is as it needs to be. All is as it is.

Now questions for “One Who Serves.” No “Ashira” here today so we go on our own.

I learned a long time ago, from WayneDyer, to change the way you look at things and the way they are will change. Is that helpful when looking at dysfunctional families?

We are not calling your families dysfunctional. You may be doing that in your 3D world here. But they are no more dysfunctional than you are. From the eyes we see from, we see perfect love, there is nothing but this. From the Prime Creator down, there is only love.

Now there are those who have pushed away the love and moved into the dark side and all of this. And that is certainly their choice. But we love them no less. And we would suggest to you to love them no less as well. For in loving them you can move them into the light. As a collective, if you were all to do this.

You see if enough light came to that, they would shift the light themselves. But because of the various hatreds and fear that is involved here and they are ensconced within that at all times, they are not able to struggle out of the darkness and into the light. But it only takes one, one Collective Consciousness that comes to them and can begin to shift them away from this.

So, you are certainly correct. See things as you want them to be and that is what it will become. This is certainly, believing is seeing.

What can you tell us about the New Year and how to keep up with the moment of Now?

Yes. In the sense of what is to come is in the sense of various predictions or things that can be possibilities. If we do this we take away our own thunder for things that are to come after New Year’s here. That is on the agenda for that time. So we will share more at that time.

But always know that whenever various predictions come from or who they come through there is always the probability of what is coming through at that exact moment in which they are given. In the next moment it begins to change because of the Collective Consciousness that is involved in that change.

If you look at the greater changes that you are expecting and looking for, it is even more so because it takes the Collective Consciousness to make those changes. If you are talking about your own personal predictions it takes you and those around you but not the entire planet, you see.

But these larger changes that you have been expectant of are coming from the entire collective of the planet and all must come to a higher frequency vibration to bring about these changes. But knowing this, there is the idea that all of this has already happened. Already happened in the higher vibrations. So, it is already a done deal. It will come to you at your 3D or higher vibrational field when you are preparing for it.

Does that answer your question?


I am looking forward to seeing all in 2016.

Yes. But in looking forward you are denying that which is already here. Be in the present NOW and your coming Now will alter as a result of that. Think on that one for a little bit! Yoda has nothing over us! (laughter)


I want to understand this more. It seems like there have been predictions for a long time. And it seems that the more people believe in them, the more they come true. Is that so?

We would ask this question. Why do many people want

predictions? Because they are unsatisfied with their current life. They want to know what is coming. They want to know their future. In wanting to know their future, they are already altering their future in doing so. Rather than being in the present Now.

Going with the flow. Believing is seeing. All of these sayings that you have been receiving from all of the many sources. Take that within you and you will know that what is coming is already here.

It is the same thing as in the move, “The Matrix”, there is no spoon. It is a question as to the mind bending the spoon but the truth is the spoon has already been bent. And even more than that, there never was a spoon to begin with. You see?


Why do people believe in negative predictions?

Because they are ensconced within fear. Fear runs their very lives. They are running into the very programming that they are responsible for creating.

It is only for you who understand these words that these words make sense. Take someone from the street, what is the saying “Johnny Lunchbucket” or “Susie Homemaker” and put some of these words out to them. What would they do with it? They would think that we were nuts too!


Can you please shed some light on ego and personality.

First, you have been programmed to think that the ego is bad or negative. It can be bad or negative. Or it can be wonderful and positive. It all depends on how you perceive the situation you are in at the present moment.

Your ego is a part of you. It is you. It is your personality. It is what carries on within you. It is not something that you will just let go of. You will let go of a portion of the ego. The portion that you will let go of is that part that will keep you from your Ascension Process.

But if you allow for your ego, if you pull it up with you, if you make it a part of you rather than a separate identity from you, then it will come with you. And it will add it’s expression to who you are from the soul understanding that comes into it, and it will move up with you into the higher vibrations.


So you certainly do not want to overcome your ego or destroy it or anything of this nature for it is a part of you since the very beginning. And in the many lifetimes you have experienced, the many sojourns you have gone through your ego has continued with you and continued to develop. But your ego has developed its own separate identity within you. That is the part that people want to overcome or get rid of.

Your very Cabal has used this in the past as a programming technique. That there is a dark side to you and that part is what can win out here. It can never do that. Even for those who will chose to go back to their very origins rather continue on to move into the light, that is their choice in a freewill universe, They will choose to go back to their very origins and start all over again. Can you imagine what that would be like? But you see everyone has that choice.

Your ego is something to cherish rather than abolish. You see? This is a little bit different way of looking at it, we know. But we continue to work with this group and with those who work with this group to bring you into the higher vibrations with us in these types of teachings. Those that can understand this can move along much more easily. If you do not understand these words than listen to them again and again or read them again until it begins to resonate within you. For the deeper meanings of what we speak are already within you and only need to be brought up in your memories. All of the answers are already there.


Can you say something about others who are not on this path but are ascending too?

There are many levels of consciousness. They are on their own life sojourns and they are moving in a direction, they are following their own path and that path may or may not be with you or go alongside of you. If it does wonderful. If it does not, it is still wonderful. Because it is what it is.

There is no reason to separate yourself from others unless the separation is already deeply happening. And then you take your separate paths. This is what was meant when Sananda spoke of the wheat becoming separate from the chaff. There will be those at the physical level, be them friends or family members at times that will be separated from you for their own purpose. For the path they are on and you as well. You will find that like attracts like and you will be more attracted to those of like attraction.

This is all about the Law of Attraction. It has always been like this. The universal law. It cannot be anything other than this. So do not be concerned if you find yourself drifting away from families and friends. This is part of the orchestration that we speak of. There may be those that you do not feel are at the higher consciousness level but they may already be so. To look upon them as more or less, would be a judgment on your part. Just as we look at you and do not consider you better or lesser that us. For if we did anything of this nature, this would be a judgment of our part. And certainly we hope we are long past this judgment.

See, it is the need to become neutral. This is what it is all about. Become neutral as the God Source within is neutral. We love you. Unconditionally. But we are neutral as to how you live your life. That is not to say that there will not be guidance or nudges from your Higher Self or from us who mentor you. But in the final analysis, it is your own path you must run here.


What does the behavior of neutral look like?

The behavior of neutral is exactly that. Finding yourself in a position that it matters not how things go. They only go as they need to go. They only go as they need to go in that present moment.

So if you allow the process to go between you and others and know that you cannot control anything outside of yourself, you can barely at times control yourself. Know that as you go into your daily life and be in a space of complete neutrality as much as possible. It is what it is.

Letting go of all attachments brings you into a completely neutral state. In a neutral state, you are in your God Source. For your God Source is always neutral.


How can one find their purpose?

Those in the process of finding their way are already finding it! There is nothing you can do to find your path because it is already laid out in front of you. And you are moving along that path even if you do not know you are. You do not know if you are moving on the path the way you think you should be or in the movement of where you are meant to be. There is a big difference here.

Know that whatever your path is, it is going to open up in front of you where you belong. As you move your feet, you path will become available to you. If you sit and do nothing, it is hard to follow that path, is it not?

So if you come to a path to follow, to be of service, follow that ideal. Move forward with it, whatever it is. If it would be helpful to have others assist you, then ask others to assist you. You are not in this alone, people. You have many that are working with you. Working alongside of you, giving you nudges. You own Higher God Self is always there. Just outside of your reach but within a whisper’s breathe. Simply, listen to those whispers. If you don’t hear the whispers you will certainly hear the shouts. That is certainly so. As a few found out just a little bit ago.

We thank you for what you do for us. Without you there is no reason for us to be. We are all one.

We are all moving forward with these plans that are in the works. All of them and without each, individual soul out there participating in whatever way they can participate, being of service in whatever way they can be of service, without that one it is like a drop in the ocean that is taken from the ocean and does not know its wholeness.

Know that each one of you, each one of us is all a part of this. We have all our various parts to play. This one we speak through, James, has his part to play. He is the one who is allowing us to come through. Each one in this room, in this group are bringing your part into this. All of you in this group and joining group around the planet are having an effect with your meditation on the Collective Consciousness upon the planet.

So we thank you from the deepest parts of our hearts. We thank you for all that you have done and are doing. There is coming a time during the celebrations where you will be appreciated for all you have done.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



Channeled by James McConnell

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