16.07.24 – You Are Living Now More and More On Pranic Energy

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on July 24, 2016)

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here now to serve you and to take you to the next steps that are coming. There are many things that are happening now and many things that are coming.

Spoken here earlier today, you know we always eavesdrop in your conversations, because it is not only that we participate in your conversations but we encourage certain things to come out. Again, it is all part of the orchestration.

You were speaking of diet and how important this is to everything. It certainly is very important but we wish you to understand one thing. All of the consternation about what to eat and what not to eat and what to take into your body and what not to take into your body becomes a moot point. As you move up into the higher vibration there will be no questi0on for any of this. You will do exactly as you need to in the moment.

Your body will speak to you. It is already speaking to you. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes you do not listen. We want you to understand that is not as necessarily important at this time. It creates a dissonance within you. This is not healthy.

So we would say to not eat everything in front of you, not to say it is not harmful because some things certainly are. You must use your discernment about these things. But understand that as you move up in higher vibrations much of this no longer matters. You will be exactly where you need to be and eating exactly what you need to eat.

In fact, many of you will move into a position where you won’t even want to eat anymore. It will be something that will be done for social purposes. Breaking bread and drinking wine and these things will become a social gathering not so much a need. You will learn to not live to eat but eat to live. Eat to live will become more energetic. You live more and more on Pranic Energy, which someone spoke of earlier.

All of this is in the process now. We will not say the future because it is the now, this moment. You are all moving in this direction whether you know it now or not. That is not to say though that if you have a certain craving for something whether it is meat or something, do not move away from that or feel guilty about it. Just let it be and as you let it be, it will be exactly what you need in the moment. Learn to trust what your body is telling you, more and more, OK?

Do you have questions for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?

Question: Can a channel only channel information that they believe?

“One Who Serves”
It is very likely that those who are channeling resources have their belief systems yes, and that somewhat affects those things that come through. That is why you see many different channeling sources having many different understandings and ways things are said. But if you look at all of them together they all mostly say the same thing. It is just said in many different ways. That matches the vibration of the channel we are speaking through.

So the belief is certainly there especially with James who has his belief system that we work within but we also work to alter it at times to bring about something that needs to come forward. Always in all ways when the channeling is happening through a particular source, it is never going to be 100%. Not in this respect.

When it is trance channeling it is more so 100%. But when it is conscious channeling or semi conscious there is a discrepancy at times. Sometimes errors are made here. Different things are said that were not meant. So certainly as we are speaking now, that is certainly the case. But that is certainly where your discernment comes in. Listen to us and to what is coming through and see if it feels right to you. If it feels right, it is right.

There are many channels around the world who speak to you and for you. Many times a channel may have had certain training or certain experiences that given them an ability to give a different level or a different meaning about something.

So when one is looking for a channel to receive the message they have to give they may seek out a specific channel with the experience to speak in the ways they wish to make things known. If you are reading something that sounds very scientific or very doctoral in its approach, the channel may have that background in their experience to make that message possible. There are other channels who are more mundane in their presentations and that is how they have prepared to receive.

So, there are a variety of ways that all of these messages are given but when you compare them, they will have a similar ring. There are different messages that come through different channels with intention. OK?

Question: I have little book called “The Quiet Mind” by the White Brotherhood. It has a passage about discipline that say one must not let their mind nor their body does what it wants to. What would you say?

“One Who Serves”
Absolutely, we agree. Yes, in the now you need discipline to take care of your bodies. But it is all based on consciousness. The consciousness that evolves as you move up in vibration begins to switch anyway. So all these things that you are speaking about whether it us entertainment or foods will all become non-essential, nothing to be concerned about anymore.

But it is more the guilt type of thing that makes it even more detrimental to you in these times now where you are still in the matrix at times. It is those times that hold you back. Go with the flow, as we always keep saying here. And let it be without growing concerned about whether you are doing this or doing that because the guilt feelings are more harmful to you.

If the motive is to feel guilty that is not good. If it is to be a better person than your consciousness will tell you that within and you will move in that direction. All of you are already moving in that direction.

Yes, we have been talking about what you should or should not eat for several years now. Throughout the Ascension Process in this group you have shared what you are attracted to eating and what you are not attracted to eating. And we always speak of forgiveness. Forgiveness of self.

If you are at a stage where you think a smoothie sounds like a good idea and you are strongly drawn to those, then do that. If you want a hamburger in the middle of the week, do that and forgive yourself. Listen to your body and what it tells you for that is the most important message you can receive on a daily basis.

We know that as you rise in frequency, you move up in the Process you will have fewer and fewer desires you will move beyond the interest in those foods that may interest you now. You may have times now that you want that glass of wine. Everything you do with self-disciple has you listening to yourself. As you listen to yourself follow those instructions. If you get into a guilt stage, forgive yourself and move on. OK?

“One Who Serves”
If it brings you joy and happiness, then what is wrong with that? There is much too much of sorrow and depression and all of that in the world for you to be too seconded within that. Let that go. Be who you are and do what you want in the moment as long as that does not hurt anyone else for that is the “Golden Rule”. As long as it is joyful and uplifting for you in the moment, than there is nothing wrong with that.

That includes eating pizza or hamburgers, as “Ashira” has said or drinking wine. Enjoy! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Flies against your earlier conversation, no? There are times that are necessary to rock the boat a little bit here.

Question: What about people who justify their actions in the now?

“One Who Serves”
It is appropriate for them in the moment. Most likely not appropriate for you to look at in any judgmental fashion. Let it be. Let them be. They are who they are. You are who you are. All together you are one.

Many, many people are much too serious about life. This is a time to live and laugh. Have a good time, my friends. Not only on Sundays when you can laugh with one another but every day. Find those things that bring you smiles. Find those things that bring you laughter. Find those things that will make your day a very good one.

Question: Have begun to say affirmations when I get up in the morning. What is the benefit of doing this and am I supposed to do this?

“One Who Serves”
Take supposed to out of your vocabulary. There are no supposed to or no “should”. It is just what is in the moment. If affirmation feels good in the morning, good. Does it bring you to a higher consciousness so you can move about your day in a more light and liberating fashion for the day? Then do it!

Affirmations are wonderful. Mantras are wonderful. Yoga is wonderful. All of these things are ancient. They have been around for a very long time. When you do them do them with love in your heart. Just to do them as a rhetoric does not do you a lot of good. It helps a little bit but it is the thought and the feeling behind it that is important here.

It is very important to get that emotion behind that affirmation. You write them, you read them, you speak them aloud. You have a variety of aspects of your big that are speaking to these. If you are simply reading these aloud they are not serving you in the way they should. If you read them aloud they should bring passion to your heart. They bring you to a state of excitement about your life. Then they will be doing good for you.
Question: After the meditation today I saw a cloud of light and Egyptian pyramids on a ball that was floating. What can you say about that?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, you are seeing through the veil. There are moments when the veil is dropping. There are moments when you are getting those glimpses through. This is what you all are going to be seeing and experiencing in the times to come. This is what we are preparing you for. To be able to see through the veil.

Yes, to see your loved ones who have come back to you. They have not died. They are still there. We are all still here. You are going to have more and more of these experiences so sit back and enjoy the show. It is going to get amazing in many respects here.

Question: So my Third Eye is opening?

“One Who Serves”
As the energies come in your Third Eye is opening but it also affects your energy centers, DNA and all of this. Whatever shows up, allow it to be. The more you believe, the more you will see. This is how it continues to work.

Question: I have a question about the mass consciousness of our planet. Are we approaching something of a tipping point?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. There are what we would call lights going on everywhere. They appear as embers first and then they sprout into flames, you might say. They are showing up more and more and more across the planet. This is how it is being monitored in many respects.

The Galactic’s are monitoring the frequency upon the planet so they know when the moment comes when the tipping point is reached. That is very, close in this time. You heard of the one who said, the Galactic central Sun has sneezed. This is very apropos here. This all orchestrates together here.

You are not necessarily waiting for the mass consciousness to look like you. It is not necessarily to have everyone awake and everyone aware. The drive is for love. Love is placed in every being around the planet and an opening heart and a raise in vibration is what is being sought.

Question: I belong to a group where I was told a Reptilian was a part of. Can you tell me if this is true?

“One Who Serves”
Cannot tell you if this is true or not. When people come together in groups such as this many different beings come. It is possible foe a person in a group to be over-shadowed here. This could have happened here with this one. There is some possibility with this.

Question: I have a bio feedback machine that is supposed to have healing energies in it for distance healing. What do you think?

This machine has good working abilities, we will share with you. You do not necessarily need to know how to work it. You need to know how to work with the energies. Watch as you work with people and animals who need the healing as the flow into more wholeness. This will not only benefit many in the world but you as well. Go forth and use this machine!

“One Who Serves”
And we would ask you here, you all have computers, laptops and various devices you use? Do you know how they work? You don’t have a clue, in many cases, how they work. You hit a button and it come on!

Now imagine you have a replicator in front of you. You push a button and whatever you thought you wanted, appears from that replicator. You take it and do what you want with it and when you are done you put it back into the replicator. It disintegrates into it and goes back to where it came from. Do you need to know how it works? See where we are going here.

It is not so much important how it works, as Ashira has said, but that it does. If it feels right, just as the one who introduced the “Plug” here. You see. Do not need to know how but that it came from Lemuria. That is all you need to know because you would not understand the science behind it.

Do not be 3D-ish. Be more 4 and 5D-ish.

Question: I have a dream for another for interpreptation. They dreamt of being with friends. There were a lot of snakes around. This person is very afraid of snakes. One of the snakes ended up in her lap. It was half white, half blue. It vomited out all of its poison. Her friend’s told her to hug the snake but she could not. What can I tell her about this dream.

Thank you for the question. Snakes are a sign of wisdom. Many people have fears about snakes. They fear the poison. They fear the slithery skin. However, since ancient times, snakes were a symbol for wisdom.

The one that came to her without its poison and rested on her lap and relaxed shared with us that she is coming to a more calm place about wisdom that is in her life and resting in her hands. Her friends are encouraging her. Her friends want her to be successful. She is ready to move forward.

“One Who Serves”
We have something to add here as well. Snakes are often associated with spirituality too. And the Kundalini Energy, yes. The rising of the Kundalini Energy rising up through the Chakra Centers. But where does it start? In the lap, you see?

That is the First Chakra area. It is comfortable there. It is relaxing there. If the dreamer would be welcoming to this, the snake would begin to rise up. This is the rising of the Kundalini Energy. There is nothing to fear here. Snakes are an ancient wisdom, as “Ashira” has said. Certainly. They have had a negative connotation as well as life past lifetimes of being bitten and poisoned. This particular one has had those lifetimes where she had those experiences. It is a memory she carries with her.

It is time to let go. As you move up in vibration, none of this matters. We want you to understand this more and more. You more you raise in vibration the less anything can harm you. Whether it is a snake or a scorpion or whatever it might be it cannot harm you. They will not even be there to be harmed by.

Question: I have a hard time with Donald Trump. Tell us what you think. I have heard some say he is a reincarnation of Saint Germain. Is this true?

“One Who Serves”
You may not understand this but he is a being of the light. Just as all are beings of the light. They come from the light. They may have detours here and there which seems that they are no longer of the light but they are still of the light.

We are not saying that this particular one does not have his faults. He certainly does. As to is he a reincarnation of St. Germain, we would shake our heads no to that one. We have not heard this one before.

But do not be concerned about this. You have certain feelings about the Hillary Clinton and the Donald Trump. We will tell you that neither one is destined for the Presidency. Things could change but it is unlikely at this time. There are various events that are going to happen that will pre-empt the election “as you know it”. We repeat, “as you know it”.

How does one make you feel? That is what is important.

Question: Can you talk about Scalar Waves?

“One Who Serves”
There are energetic waves and as we have spoken about the three waves that have come through, these could be considered Scalar Waves. The Scalar Waves are also involved with consciousness.

The Cabal has used Scalar Waves to alter part of humanity’s consciousness. This is the programming that has happened. People have been bombarded by these waves used in the fashion to alter human behavior as much as they could here and there. See?

Question: Someone is advertising using these waves for healing at a higher consciousness. Is that real?

“One Who Serves”
That is correct. Yes. It can be used either way.

Question: I had a walk-in several years ago that I have not had a lot of input with. Is it active with me as a unit or what?

This was part of your awakening experience as we see this. It brought more insight for you as you consider past lives. It is not something that you are actively involved with at this point in time. But as you continue to look through the veil you will see this come back to you again and look at that experience in a very different way. OK?

Question: As for affirmations, if you affirm for another can that interrupt their journey?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, you could do that. If one is doing an affirmation for another it depends on the focus of that one and the intent of that one that the affirmation is for. If the affirmation is for the highest good, that is a good affirmation. But if one is attempting to manipulate than the affirmation may not be good.

Question: Do you have to have a physical body to go through the Light Chambers or is it true that you do not need a physical body?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. You do not have to have a body, a physical body to ascend. Many go through what you call the death process here, leave their body and go through the Ascension. Many have gone through and done this.

But those here and in this group will likely move through the Ascension Process and keep your physical body. It will be altered. It will change as the vibrations change. As the vibrations change within you, everything around you will change as well. Then you attract only those vibrations that are like unto you.

Question: This is a dream. My father is passed on and he shows up in my dreams when I have trouble. A man is in the dream who is holding a cat and there is a large amount of blood coming from the cat. I am screaming and my father just looks at me. What can you tell me?

This man in the dream can get under your skin. He is one who is a concern for you in your day to day life. Your father is there to support you in whatever you decide. Is this person someone you need to walk away from? This is the message of the dream. You need to move away from this person. There are injuries that are taking place that you are not aware of and your father is there to support you and to love you through your decision making process. OK?

“One Who Serves”
We need to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am ”Ashira”. It is a pleasure to be with you and to be a part of your conversation befor3e the channeling took place.

You are continuing to touch bases on many, many topics. We know that is a great orchestration for this group to move. We will be there and we will bring all of our friends as well! To build that Pillar of Light in his home. We know that words will go out and more people will be attending.

And as changes come day to day and changes erupt that you will be in the right place for the newness that is coming as well. All of those things that you have been waiting for are happening. All of this, as concerned as you are about your own personal Ascension, you will find yourself moving out of your own being.

For as you rise in your vibration you will have totally different thoughts and situations in your lives. You will no longer hold onto those things that you hold on to today. You will no longer hold on to concerns about what you eat or what you think because the atmosphere will be changing.

We leave you today with our love and our light. Namaste.
Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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16.07.21 – “The Floodgates Have Opened” – Sananda

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“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our 3rd Wed of the month Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio on July 20, 2016) also note, the question/answer part is omitted from this transcription but the audio can be found at our ancientawakenings.org website or HEN’s website.

Yes, this is “Sananda”. Quite an auspicious time we are entering in these moments. Many things in the works. Many things are changing. Many things behind the scenes as always.

We know that you are waiting patiently, and some not so patiently, for these things to develop. To be able to see with your own eyes and hear with your ears the actions that are actually happening. That many of the things that we have spoken about are real. And that the dominoes we have spoken about are real and are really going to fall. I can assure you now that is the case.

It is not happening on your time table and it is even somewhat not happening on our time table. It is happening according the God Source, Prime Creator. As we patiently wait and look toward those many things that are going to be altered as a result of all that is happening. If you look closely you will see many things that are changing.

All you need to do is to look at the various announcements that have come out. Look at the Cabal that is in the throes of being defeated here now. Watch for announcements of arrests that are coming. Not that they have happened yet, although many have. The ones that you are looking for have not yet happened because it is not yet time. It is all in the works.

The floodgates have opened and it is only a matter of waiting a little longer and the frequencies rising a

little higher so that these things that have spoken of, been prophesied of, will occur. So as you have heard many times, be of good cheer. Sit back and be ready to enjoy the show. Many things are about to happen. When it does there will be no question in your minds any longer whether this is real or not. Whether this is a figment of your imagination or not.

You will know that you have come at a very auspicious time in your evolution. There will be no question when the first of these dominoes begins to fall. I should say the larger dominoes fall for several already have. The exit of Great Britain was a domino that fell. And it set off a reverberation effect of many other countries to leave the European Union. This is but a small portion of all that is yet to come. It is a catalyst that triggered many things to follow after that.

Eventually in the not too far off future, you will have the “Event”. You will have that great galactic energy come from the Galactic Central Sun. It will create a consciousness shift across the entire planet.

So, wait a little bit more. Be a little more patient. Everything is about to shift. It is already in the shifting process now. You, yourselves, can look within. Just the last two or three years look at the changes within you. Remember, so within, so without. The changes that happen within you extend outside and change the exterior as well.

I leave you now as “Sananda”. Know that I am always with you. I have been and always will be with you. Call on me when you and call on those who work alongside of me.

I am “Sananda”. All of my peace and love be with all of you.

“One Who Serves” (number one)
Greetings. “One Who Serves” here prepared to answer questions with “Ashira” who is also standing by.

As “Sananda” has said there are changes coming. As “Arch Angel Michael” has said there are changes. And “St. Germain” and “Ashtar” and all the gang, you might say are waiting for the go signal. When it comes it will create a whirlwind that will come through this. All will be set in motion.

Imagine, if you would, all those ships out there and all those within those ships. The signal has been given and all are happy. Finally they can finish this that they came here for. And finally you can finish what you came here for. It was thousands and thousands of years ago that you came for. You came to help free mankind here and free yourselves at this same time. There is no stopping this now. Isn’t there a song about this?

There is no stopping us now. No stopping you now. You are ready for these energies entering the planet. Things are going to get rocky here but not for those of you who have been preparing for this. Your frequency vibrations are up. Your consciousness is up and because of all this work you will be in a better position to handle the energies that will come flooding into the planet.

Those who have not been prepared may have some difficulties but guess what? That is where you come in. That is why you came here, to assist in this process.

I did say I did not expect a message but I guess I gave one anyway here.

“One Who Serves”—two
Another “One Who Serves” jumping in. You have saying, “The early bird catches the worm”? So if you have a question call earlier and get it in and get it done!

I am here briefly to prepare you for the ties to com for what is ahead here. On August 7th we have the joint call again and there will be a few things that happen between here and there. There will be much that can be discussed and will be discussed there.

“Sananda” will be present as well as another guest through James and Susan, does not know it yet, but she will also be bringing forth a guest. So, sit back and enjoy the show. Everything is in a shifting process. You are going to continue to shift through this process. Shift happens, do they not?

That is all. Sayonara and all those sayings of goodbye.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

16.07.17 – Call On The Elemental Kingdom and Your Personal Fairy To Help You Manifest

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Arabella” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, Az on July 17, 2016)

We are so pleased to be here with you to share this journey with you.

We know that most of you do not call on your Fairy on a regular basis. This is a mistake because we can do so many things that will help you. If you call out to us we will help you find things, we will help you manifest things. We will find the glitter in the day that seems to be dull. Our job is to take care of you. If you call for us during the day, call for us at night, we are there.

This is an important role that we agreed to take on to help the Human Family. It is an important role to help you move forward. We are always of joy. We are always of peace and love. This energy can be a benefit to you if you but call on us.

Remember the words on your scroll (during our guided meditation) that was given. Remember those words for they are going to help in days to come. As things continue to shift and change your Fairy is one who will continue to support you and help you.

We are so glad to be with you. We look forward to our next time together. Thank you.

One Who Serves
Greetings to you. Wonderful to be here with you again and to assist you in your conversation earlier.

Of course, we were eavesdropping in on you through the consciousness of James here. We understand that you were speaking of abundance. We would ask you, “What is abundance?”

Answers: happy, joyful, healthy, everything you ever wanted or needed, trust, consciousness, love

And not one of you answered with money. Money is not abundance. Money is a facet of what abundance is. It is an understanding of a consciousness level. Abundance is everywhere and everything. If you have abundance you have all you need. If you follow the Universal Law of abundance, you have all that you need. You have no need of anything beyond that. It is simply within your consciousness. If you create the ideal of abundance you will always have it. Whether it is money or things you want or desire it is all a part of the same.

Do not think in terms of money because money, as you know it, is going away. Not immediately but through a transition process. Eventually you will come to a place where you will not need money anymore and it will be replaced. It will be replaced by pure abundance. And everyone will know that they have pure abundance. They have all that they need and want in their lives. They have no need for anything beyond that.

This will bring pure joy and happiness to all. This is the Fifth Dimension. This is where you are all going through this Ascension Process. As you know there is a transition first to get there. You will pass through the Fourth Dimension to get to the Fifth. As you move through the Fourth Dimension you will be working on the monetary system, your financial system. Your financial system is going to change. It cannot continue as it is. It has worn out its welcome you might say. Although some might say it was never welcome to begin with.

So, be of good cheer people. Your life is going to be amazing! You are part of that life in creating that life. That is our message for today. Do you have questions for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: Earlier this week I was lying in bed about 11:30. As I laid there I heard the words, “New Jerusalem”. I thought about getting us but I was very tired. Then I heard tones in my left ear and I was engulfed with a beautiful, sublime peace. This lasted for hours. Do you have any feedback on this?

“One Who Serves”
Certainly. When you hear the words, “New Jerusalem”, between your asleep and awake states, it would be advisable to listen to it. If you feel the need to go outside it would be good for you to move outside and you would have seen something there. That was the plan for you. That is the first thing.

The second thing is the idea of the sublime peace. This is where you are all going, people. You are all going to feel this sense of peace come over you. At different times, yes. But at times where it is simply sublime, that is the only word we can come up with at this time.

This will be as you have never felt it before. All of you have felt this. You have called this bliss, an understanding, a knowing, you call it peace. It will come over you at various times. Certainly when the Galactic pulse comes, when the event is here, it will be over all at that moment. All will experience it. In the very moment as well as the moments that occur after this.

Question: What about the tones that I heard?

The tones were a part of the “New Jerusalem” speaking to you. You were being sent its energy and vibration to call you forward.

Question: Can you give me some feedback on the dizziness I have experienced?

The Wave has affected you with this dizziness challenge and you shared earlier that it is being reduced. The Kundalini energy is rising in your body. This is a shift in energy for you.

Fortunately you are also having that wonderful peace too. We would share that those times of dizziness are moving past you. You will have this less and less to hinder you or pull you away from plans. Spend time in meditation raising your Kundalini when you have the conscious opportunity to do so. That should bring balance to what you are experiencing.

Question: I am listening to others’ teaching and they talk about dissolving the ego/personality in favor of keeping the soul’s activity. What can you say to this?

“One Who Serves”
Your soul is your essence, it is who you are and it is the record of all the many lifetimes you have had. This soul record is what you carry on through all your existence. It will never go away. It can be disintegrated if need be, at any time. This is only in extreme circumstances where this would occur.

So you would continue on with your soul record forever here, for eternity. The idea of merging back with your Higher Self and the God Source is what you are referring to here. At some point you will come to the understanding, the realization that you have never been separated from God Source. You are one with God Source. When that full realization comes, you will have that full merger occur.

The idea of the ego and personality is who you are in each individual lifetime. Your ego continues on with you. We hate to disagree with others who say let go of your ego, let it go. Your ego will continue with you because it is you, it is the personality that you are. You will continue to carry that ego with you but it will not be the ego as you know it now.

It will be your higher vibrational ego and that you will continue on with the raising of the energies within you. You will take this ego to the higher vibrations, the higher chakra centers.

Question: So our soul flows through us and our Higher Selves work through the soul to honor our promise to Divine Mother from eons ago?

“One Who Serves”
That is correct. Your soul is simply the record. Your Higher Self works through the record and through the various personalities you have been. At some point you will work through a merger with your God Self.

I will say that I absolutely agree with “One Who Serves”. The explanation was outstanding.

The ego and personality serves you when you met day to day and face to face in your world. The soul and the Higher Self are the parts of you that are eternal. Those are the parts that continue forward. When you leave this life you move upward and have a raising of consciousness. Even the person you are today is different from the person you are tomorrow.

Question: I have been seeing symbols for building blocks. I am wondering is that is something I am doing on the other side?

We can always count on you for a great question. As these symbols have been shown to you they have increased in numbers. Several have become known to you. Yes, there is another aspect of you that is working with these. They are leeching through so that you have an awareness of it. This is to help pull you together so when it is the right time, you will move forward standing upright into this project. You are experiencing parts now but you know there is a greater whole.

Question: During the meditation I found myself in a tornado which is happening a lot. Can you give me some insight for that?

“One Who Serves”
We can suggest here that when you are in the center of a tornado or a hurricane in your visualizations or meditations, it is indicative of the turmoil going on around you in the Third Dimensional world. All of these things that are creating a sense of turmoil around you. When you are in the center, in the peace and the calm, all of this is vibrating around you and does not affect you.

That is where you want to be. In the now, in the moment, in the peace of the moment. Do not be affected by those things around you such as the various news items and all of these things that affect you. As they come into your experience push them right back out. Do not be concerned with these things. Events happening and people dying are happening but they are not a part of your experience.

Question: Why am I given a scroll every time I am inside of that?

This gives you an opportunity to take notice. A scroll has something very ceremonial about it. There is something very ceremonial about the words said upon the scroll. This is important for you to take note of. As you receive these, keep track of what you are told.

Question: My scroll had Fairy Language on it. They were really strange.

That was perfect for you. Each person received exactly what they were to receive. Some may have symbols. Some may have language they understood and others may have a different language. It was perfect for you.

Question: I was trying to look closely at the scroll and there were beautiful pictures of nature on the scroll and it was given to me in the backyard of the “mud house”. The message that I was given is that Question: my mission now is to be one with the Earth. I mean to put my hands in the dirt and grow things. Does that make sense?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. We know how you have been leaning toward the idea of gardening. Even though you do not believe you have a green thumb, we believe you say that you have a black thumb. Do not say that anymore. Do not believe in anything of that respect. Know that this is happening for a reason.

Also part of the orchestration is that the two of you are moving away from this area into the forest area. You are moving from the miasma here into nature more. This is all part of the expression you are moving toward. It is all purposeful in this respect.

You will have your garden. You will be in your garden and you will be working outside when you can. You have spoken of going on more walks, hikes and these kinds of things and we certainly encourage this. You are being guided here to go through and do all of these things. You are being guided and it will be up to you if you experience these things. These are ways that you will become one with Earth here.

Question: I have one more question. Can you help me to know if that house is the right one?

“One Who Serves”
No, we cannot do that. You already have the idea. You already have the knowing.

You were feeling the energies there. The energies from the previous owner the one who is still there. And also the energies that have been built up in that particular location. But it is more than that but we cannot give anything more at this moment. You will come to understand more here and which home is the right one.

We would like to add this. We smile when you describe your scroll because you and your
Fairy spend time in your dream state. It is not a conscious remembrance you have but you do have time with this one who is guiding you. They are sharing with you the plant life in the dimension they take you.

This is to let you know that you can call forth to your Fairy before you go to sleep at night. Willingly and openly take that travel with them. OK?

“One Who Serves”
And this is why James is to find a place that has more in the idea of nature. That has forests and capabilities to create to find an oasis in your backyard where you can create a fairy environment that you are looking for. James already has the vision in himself and he will need you to realize that vision.

We gave more here than intended too. Sometimes it calls for a little bit more here and there.

Question: I don’t understand what is meant by lifting the veil. Can you give an idea of examples?

“One Who Serves”
You have seen many indications in the past of the veil not lifting completely but peering through the mists of the veil. All have experienced this at various moments. When we speak of the veil being lifted or the veil coming down we speak of dimensional shifts here.

When you move into the Fourth and the Fifth Dimension the veil will be dropped and the illusion of the Third Dimension will be gone.

We would add that when you had the experience of moving from one location in your town that you were walking and all of a sudden you were in a different area close to home. You moved through that area in a magical way and that is part of your experience of the veil.

“One Who Serves”
And we would also mention here that when you have glimpses through the veil, you are seeing into the next higher dimensions. It is a dimensional shift that you are experiencing in that exact moment. The more you can be in those higher dimensions as a collective consciousness, the more you will see the veil dropping.

Question: I was sitting on my bed and a stream of marching people entered the room. They went through different dress until they seemed to settle in Egyptian times. Was I seeing things?

“One Who Serves”
We have to say this. Imagine a medical professional observing you. They would put you in the loony bin. They would label you like schizophrenic. In the past they have experienced lifting of the veil or peering through the veil and been labeled crazy.

But you, yourselves know that you are not crazy. You are, in essence, advancing. You are having deeper understanding of who you are and what is really out there. See? Sounds like the “X-Files”, the truth is out there.

We loved listening to your description if this and we thought the same thing about how fortunate you are to be in a group like this where you can share and be safe and sound. We would also add that you had the opportunity to see a past life you have had and that you have deep feelings with. You may have had a different feeling about this life than what you may have believed and you had a different role you played.

Whenever you have this sort of thing turn up, move with it. Stay with it and see how real you can get into the experience. There is an opportunity to share this with yourself. All right?

“One Who Serves”
Many of you are moving through these experiences and now find yourself in a group setting such as this where you feel camaraderie and you feel accepted. You can further explore these types of things. When you hear if one having these experiences and then you have one you will know how real it is.

So we encourage you to use this group setting and encourage others you come across to join a group. It is very important here.

Question: I would say that we should watch our language around “Is that my imagination?” because of the importance of imagination in the higher vibrations.

“One Who Serves”
Very much so. Let us applaud your observation here.

Question: I received two scrolls in the meditation. One was blank and other had a language I did not understand. What can you tell me to help me?

The blank slate gives you an opportunity to hold that one in your corner. Work with your Fairy and fill it in with information that is meaningful for you. The scroll you could not read is just for this moment. Take that thought into your dream state. Your Fairy would love to be with you. Say that you would like to have this scroll written in a different way so that you can understand it. It could be that his may not be the right moment but when you next meet your Fairy, it might be just the right time! Then the words will be yours!

Question: We really could use some monsoon rain. Can we ask the Fairies?

Yes! They are nature spirits. They work with nature and with all the elementals in the area. Speak to your Fairy and invite them to work with others. You will see rain in this area.

“One Who Serves”
What is important here as well is to take a lesson from your Native Americans. When they did their Rain Dances, what was of so much more importance? The ritual they went through was important but what was even more important here? Their belief. This is what creates this. Believe it and you shall see it.

So, if you wish for rain, ask for it, seek it out and then allow. Allow for it to come. This is the secret. Remember? For all things. For all abundance. Including abundance of rain.

Question: is it the Elementals who turn on the rain?

“One Who Serves”
Yes. And when they prayed in this respect this is who they were contacting, the Elementals. This is who “Yeshua” contacted when he stilled the storm. It is all the same. It is all one. See?

You are coming to an understanding and a knowing of the Elemental Forces, those Fairies and Gnomes and Leprechauns and all of these things are going to come back into your understanding and your knowing. They are real. They are.

Question: Will I have the opportunity to practice mediumship again?

We would suggest that you be a medium unto yourself for this time in your transition period. You will have people to share with but at this time through automatic writing, on the computer through taping of your words on a recorder device. You will find that this will give you new confidences, new abilities and you will find yourself in situations when you are called to channel again.

“One Who Serves”
You have a saying, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” But we add, “When the teacher is ready the student appears.”

You need to look within yourself to see if you are ready. If the answer is yes, you know how to proceed. Know if you are truly ready or not for this. Remember, when you ask you receive. Be careful of what you ask for. Give you a little bit of Confucius saying here.

When you ask yourself, it will come as a knowing not a question. We must release channel here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. As always it is a pleasure to be here with you today.

We are pleased and surprised that there were no questions about money, GCRs, and other questions that we get from other audiences. This audience was very much focused on themselves and on their own growth and their own progression in the Ascension process that is moving all along.

Congratulations. We know that you want to know how you are going to live moment to moment in your world. And yet this was not a day for that. This was a day for personal ascension. This was a wonderful time to share with you today and we know that as the moments com quickly more and more everything unfolds exactly in place, where it needs to be and is orchestrated for each and every one of you perfectly.

Have a wonderful week. You are loved and held in light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

16.07.10 – No One Will Be Left Behind That Does Not Want To Be – One Who Serves and Ashira

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on July 10, 2016)
“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here.

Have you come back from your little trip here? An experience of a pulse of energy as we gave the James here just prior to the meditation. He was very much unaware of what was to happen today. But we wish for you to understand that this pulse coming from the Galactic Sun is very real. It is not a figment of someone’s wild imagination. It is a very real phenomenon.

What you have spoken of earlier about the Sun when you spoke of this? This is a very strong part of all of this. Your Sun is changing. Your Sun is evolving here. Just as you are evolving. Just as the Earth is evolving. The entire Solar System is evolving. The entire Galaxy is evolving. Your Sun is going through a major shift in consciousness as well. As this shift continues to develop it will open up to allow more of the pulse of energy to come through.

But it is associated with more of the consciousness of the entire Solar System. So as the consciousness on the earth shifts more and more It will shift the consciousness of the Solar System and the Sun more. The trigger will then be given for that pulse of energy to no longer sit out there but to make its way quickly, it will not take years, it will not take decades, it will happen instantaneously. You can begin to understand this possibility.

This energy will come through this gateway and hit all the planets in the Solar System as well as the many Spheres that are here. They have been here for a time now and they have been minimizing this energy. Not the full pulse yet but many levels of energy have been coming through and bombarding the planet. The Sphere Alliance, as you know them, have been filtering the energies. They have been helping hold these energies off. And you may be saying, “Why?”

Yes, you want these energies to come in because you have been acclimating to them as “Sananda” has said several times. But many on the planet are not yet acclimated to this. This is why the Collective Consciousness of the planet triggers the pulse of energy to come and create the evoltionary shift in consciousness.

It will be instantaneous for many and it will be a process for others. So you have to understand that everyone is an individual and respond to these energies in different ways. Just as you are doing now. Some are experiencing the movement through the veil even now as we speak. Others have not yet experienced that but will.

Do not be concerned that you are being left behind. No one will be left behind that does not want to be. Please understand that and put yourself at ease. It is all a process that is happening as it needs to. It is all being orchestrated as has been said many times.

You are going through this shift and you are experiencing it in your own way. It is different than when we went through it. You are having similar experiences and yet you have different ways of experiencing it too. It is happening for you individually.

That is our message as ”One Who Serves”. Now to be of service for your questions. “Ashira” is standing by.

Question: As we move along our path do we feel and hear others in the Collective Consciousness?

“One Who Serves”
As you move up in higher vibrations, as you move up in dimensional frequencies, you will experience so much more than you are aware of at this time. You are behind the veil here or as James like to say, you are in the Matrix here. You are kept from seeing beyond the veil or beyond the programming that is here except for those who are awakening as getting the glimpses we have spoken of many times.

As you move up in frequencies you are connecting more with the consciousness that is there. It has always been there but you have not been fully connected to it. But you will have access to the entire Collective Consciousness and know you are one with all.

Q: I was reading a channeling that talked of twelve original beings that turned twelve times twelve into 6.5 million beings. Is that a true statement?

“One Who Serves”
It is somewhat accurate but you must understand that it began with one. The one split into two and so on and so on. The twelve you are speaking of would be Arch Angels. They are the beginning of this process. See?

We would say that if you have an opportunity to look through the “Kabbala” you would find many sources of information for you that you may find beneficial for your understanding.

Q: You talk about evolution and everything seems to be moving quickly. Is that in line with the quickness of the technology evolution too?

“One Who Serves”
That is correct. At this point now you are moving through an evolutionary leap in consciousness. The full leap will occur when this pulse of light fully hits the Earth after it moves through the Solar System and so on.

You are experiencing now much of the beginnings of this entire process. David Wilcock has been very accurate in describing the changes that come every 26,000 years on a cycle here. This is what is occurring now. This is at that cycle, at that point where this shift is about to happen. It is in the process of happening but it will happen more fully and create what you would look at and we would look at it as an evolutionary leap in consciousness at that moment. That is reflective of higher consciousness everywhere. As above so below and as below so above.

Q: It is difficult for those of us in this room to watch how slow things are going but things are really going fast. Is it our perception of them?

“One Who Serves”
That is correct based on your programming here in your perceptions. But from our point of view things are moving very rapidly here.

Yes, very rapidly. It is interesting, you shared, that things seem to be moving more rapidly and yet it has always been moving rapidly. The truth is that there has been a great deal of advancement with the computer age on the planet. A great deal of movement in a whole new direction. If you spoke with someone in the Industrial Age, for instance, they would speak of the world changing so rapidly.

There is an appropriate timing for everything. At this time the technology that you are aware of seems to be moving very rapidly. As human consciousness is striving to catch up with it in many ways. So the leap in evolutionary consciousness that is coming in will help prepare you for the new world that you are entering.

Q: I would like to share what happened during the meditation and ask a question. I would appreciate any insight on this. I experienced three pulses. My head initially received the pulse and it was like my head was turning clockwise on my body. As each pulse entered my body rotates counter-clockwise. This was much more intense than I have had before.

You are fortunate to have so many wonderful experiences in your day to day life! A wonderful experience in this meditation, was it not? We are happy that you had this experience.

We would say that your awareness of the pulse and its change in frequencies is what caused the effects in your body. This is how you are rising through this storm of activity that is going on in your life and in the rest of the world as well. Be open to wherever this leads you and know that for you in particular, this is a change in energy, a change in vibration. It is affecting you in this way. Make sense?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, this is what we speak about here when we speak of everyone having a different experience with these types of things. You, yourself, are experiencing the energies the way you would. The idea of the vibrating or the rotating here is attuned to your Merkaba, your Light Body here. So, everything is progressing for you specifically at this time.

Are there other questions here? If not, than we release channel here.

As you continue in your day to day activities, everyone, everyone, continue to believe and you will see. This is a key here. We have not given this lightly here. It is a key to bring you into the next Golden Age here. A key to move you through the various dimensions and into the higher dimensions because as you move into the higher dimensions, you will be using your imagination more and more. And your imagination will become more and more real because as you imagine something it will immediately manifest. So therefore it will become akin to your thinking process, your thoughts, how quickly they come. You will begin to use your imagination in the same way. Imagination is thought on the higher planes here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. As always it is a pleasure to be with you today. To share in your conversations. Listen to what you are talking about and seeing what you are experiencing.

So many channels around the world are bringing messages speaking of the immanence of what is to be and what is happening. So many speak of the “Shift” and so many speak if the opportunity if change in one’s life.

As “One Who Serves” said, imagine. Imagine. Spend time every day not only in meditation but spend time imagining. Believing so that you can see. This is a shift in vibration for you. It is a shift in manifestation for you. This is a shift time for you. Not only a transition but a shift time. The less time you spend in the 3D program the more you will be spending time in the fourth and fifth dimensions.

We know that you watch movies. We know that you have opportunities to read books and to meditate. You have opportunities to look at the world and understand what is happening out there. But we know those in this group, those who read these words or listen to them; know that you are moving forward.

Everything is unfolding exactly as it should in the right time and the right place. Everything is orchestrated for the highest good. Each of you is doing exactly what you are to be doing at this moment in time.

If you have a moment when you fall short of where you want to be, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. Know that you are moving forward in spite of whatever you may say and whatever you may do. Be conscious of it and forgive yourself. Know that you and your family and your loved ones are all on this road and everyone is moving exactly as they should.

I give you my love and my light. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

16.07.03 – It Is Now Time For The Final Seal To Be Opened

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“Sananda”, “Archangel Michael”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Adama” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our 1st Sunday of the month Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on July 3, 2016).
Also note that only the main messages are included here. If you wish, you can listen to the question/answer portion by going to our website or the HEN website and listen to the audio files.

This is “Sananda”.

Wonderful to be with you again in this way, to be able to share in these messages and to be able to spread the word in every way we can. Please understand that throughout this planet, many are receiving these messages and to the various groups who resonate to the words that come through.

Those of you who are on the phones now and those who will listen after, you are the ones we are reaching to. We are reaching out to you so that you can reach out to others. This is all about spreading the word, spreading the light, spreading the love wherever we can. And we use every means possible to do this.

And this, at this time, is a way that you, yourselves, can participate in this. Many of you say, “What can I do?” The answer to that is that you can do tremendous things. You can make a difference. You are making a difference. It only takes one individual consciousness to change an entire world. All of you coming together are changing this world, are changing this planet.

The planet is spreading with waves of love. The Waves you have heard of, the various consciousness waves are spreading across the planet. The third Wave has come through and spread across the planet now. Not everyone has reacted exactly as you might have expected. Not even you have experienced a great degree of change but we also know that many of you have.

So the changes are upon you now and everything is about to shift. This is another
Fourth of July that has come forward as far as this country goes. Many messages have come forward about this particular time period of 2016. But this particular summer period of 2016 is going to be a momentous time. These changes, the various dominoes, have already begun. You have just to look around yourself to see the various things that have changed as a result of these energies.

The consciousness is shifting. Everything is about to move forward further. The various dominoes that you are expecting may not have happened yet but a very big domino did fall, that called the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. This is a major domino that has shifted, has fallen. Many things will happen as a result of this. Many other countries are going to follow suit along with Great Britain.

The Dark Forces, the cabal are at their last dying gasp you might say. Everything is shifting because of these ones that are considered the Dark Forces. When we look at them we do not see Dark Forces or dark entities or dark souls. We see souls of the light. They have just lost their way for a time. They will come back as all come back eventually. We leave no one behind. That is the saying on this planet and for us as well. We leave no one behind.

So, as we continue on through the various energy waves and challenges that are happening you are getting ready for the missions you came for. Some of you are already involved in those missions. Some of you have not yet begun but I tell you now that the tables are waiting for you. The various council tables are waiting for you if you choose to be on them. As well as many other possibilities that you can become involved with. Much is available to you. Let your Higher Self guide you to what it needs.

That is my message as “Sananda”. You are going to be joined by another who has a particular timely message for you at this moment.

I am “Sananda”. All of my peace and love be with you.

“Archangel Michael”

And I am “Archangel Michael”. I have not spoken through this one, only a couple of times previously, because previously the energies did not quite match here and I was only able to be through this one a brief moment. But the waves of energy have changed much.

So everything is shifting, as “Sananda” has said. I have come here at this time, and I will be coming through many different channels, as the frequency continues to rise across the planet. I am the one who holds the key. I hold the final seal and have guarded this seal. It is time now for the final seal to open. And for all of the energies to come forward and for all of mankind to move into your Golden Age that is fast upon you now.

So many things are in flux. So many things are happening across the planet. Some that you can see and some you cannot yet see. Not with you physical eyes but with your single eye, you can see much.

So know that. You are in the process now of awakening that single eye, that Third Eye center, your Pineal Gland. Many are coming to this awakening and once this single eye opens it will never close again. You will never be in darkness again as this planet has been in much of this time. Many of you have been held back in this darkness not to see through this Third Eye center as you could do previously.

Many of you have been darkened by using your own physical eyes. You are held back from what is behind the veil. For those of you who have opened this Third Eye or are in process of doing so, you are seeing through the veil. We are hearing many experiences now. Do not worry about how or where it was put up, just that it is coming down now. It is coming down for all across the planet that are ready for this. Not for everyone at once because that would cause tumultuousness, too much conflict across the planet. As frequencies rise this veil of secrecy, this veil of consciousness is coming down and you will notice many things that you have not been aware of before.

As everyone is saying there are changes happening everywhere, again many of you are not aware of because they are happening behind the scenes. But I tell you now, as “Archangel Michael”, those covert times of not being able to see what is going on or not being able to understand the truth about what is happening is about to end. Fully about to end.

There are announcements coming from your various leaders and others you are not even aware of yet. There are whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork you might say. They will be announcing many things and sharing many things that have been going on. This will awaken the public to what is going on under your noses. These things have been happening in plain sight but have been hidden from you because of the veil.

As I have said the veil is dropping and it will be gone shortly. All of these things that you have been hearing about are truly to begin. This 4th of July is special. I am not saying that tomorrow will have a different form of fireworks although that is possible. There are so many things that are going to happen in this month, the next and the one after that you will have a sense of a whirlwind about you from all that is happening. For all of you who say that nothing is happening, be patient just a little bit longer because your patience is going to be rewarded very soon.

You are the ones who are creating this entire process. Those of you who are the Lightworkers, the Light Warriors, the ones who share the Light…you are creating this entire process now so that it can spread to all across the planet. And when I say all, I mean all. Not a small percentage but all across the planet will have this consciousness shift.

That does not mean they will all ascend at once. Many of you are in the Ascension Process now. Many have already ascended and are not aware of it. Many have ascended and come back with conscious awareness. There are so many different situations and various aspects that are going on. You are now in the very beginnings of this.

As “Sananda” has said, you are crossing the finish line. Even now as I speak, you are crossing the finish line. Some of you are ready to go back to help others who are straggling behind. Others are ready to move ahead to other endeavors that may be off world, beyond this world. Many of you are preparing yourselves to be of assistance to assist just so that we are not working alone with man’s consciousness to bring these new changes to the forefront. To bring about this new Golden Age of Mankind.

The time is NOW my beloved brothers and sisters and you are in this very moment. I am ”Archangel Michael” and I love you. Call on me and I will bring my blue sword of truth and severe the last of psychic ties that may be holding you back in this 3D world of illusion.

The time is now. Peace and love be with all of you. I am “Archangel Michael”.

I am “Adama”.

Well, that was a wonderful surprise, was it not? We knew that this would be a wonderful day with many good speakers. And I come to tell you today that we, from the Hollow Earth area, Telos and Shambala and all other regions, we are now coming to the surface to share with you. You can see us in cafes; you can see us in stores and in other parts of your day to day life. Those of us who are here as your mentors will be making contact in a very short period of time.

You are free! Freedom has taken its place and even if you cannot fully see it, it is here. We are so proud of the opportunity of coming on the surface with you to share with you and to care with you. We know this is an important time for all beings. Those of you who meet us will also soon meet your Galactic Brothers and Sisters.

All of these things you soon shall be able to see. So, be patient a little longer. Know that those things hidden behind the screen from your eyes have already been accomplished in the higher frequency. They are there for you to enjoy as you continue on your journey of rising frequencies as well.

These are times to be happy. Times to be at peace. These are times to be in bliss. We know that there are times of challenges but let that moment go by. Move through it to a greater happiness and greater bliss than you have ever known.

Freedom is yours my friends. Freedom is now. We are glad to stand with you and all move forward in this great journey.

I let it be so, today.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to all. We are here to serve which we certainly do in this question and answer process but before we do we wish to share a short message.

You are here in this moment and you have been preparing for a very long time for this frequency change that is happening. And as has been said by “Sananda”, “Archangel Michael”, “Adama” and “St. Germain” you are the ones who are creating all of this.

So, feel special within yourself. Whenever somebody asks the question, “Why me Lord?” Our answer to that is “Why not you?” “Why not you to sit at the council tables that “Sananda” has spoken of?” “Why not you who shares your love in whatever way you can?”

You do not need to run a website or be on the radio such as this. You only need to share your smile, your expression wherever you can. In this way there is nothing that can hold back this consciousness wave that is sweeping across the planet now.

Be of good cheer people. For the Fourth of July for people in this country this is a special time. For those in other parts of the world, this is a special time for you. It is not the fireworks and all that. It is the fireworks that are happening across the planet within your Kundalini Energy that is rising. Think of this as the fireworks now.

As the energy moves up through your energy centers and enters your Third Eye Center, your Pineal Gland, as it moves into your Crown Chakra, your seventh chakra, you have a bursting of fireworks. This is what is meant here. It is not the fireworks displays of the Fourth of July but the fireworks within. It is always so within and so without.

Another “One Who Serves”
We had a bit of a calamity down here when James dogs, the Huskies, came down. We watched and even though there was some upset everything was fine.

The dogs wanted to join the energy. All of nature, the animals, the trees feel this great energy. The trees themselves don’t want to worry about being cut down anymore, their numbers limited.
You have family and they have family too. Mankind does not think about that. It has a family. It has a soul. It has energy going through it, consciousness. The more you can react or respond to that consciousness the more you will rise in your vibration. As you raise in vibration, everything around you raises in vibration. The more you raise, the more the world raises and that is how it is going to continue on and on and on.

So, sit back and prepare for the show. We literally mean that. Freedom is coming for the entire world so just sit back and enjoy the show. We so enjoy the show with you. OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


16.06.26 – You Are Doing What You Came To Do Perfectly

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“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Lady Nada” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on June 25, 2016)

“Lady Nada”
I am “Lady Nada”. I have been excited about speaking to you. I was going to speak a little earlier but decided to wait until today. I know that my partner, “Sananda”, will be speaking to you next week (during our call with Hollow Earth Network) as well as others. This was my time to spend with this group for this is an important group to us.

All that we have been talking about is now. You can read across the headlines across the world that much time is spent in speaking about all of this. And yet some of this has been behind closed doors beyond your eyesight, beyond your earshot. Beyond that which you could imagine. We are excited because this is unfolding now. It is starting now and is moving forward.

Everything that my beloved has spoken to you of is now. We know that as this unfolds for you in seeming small doses that you can see that there are actually large things that are happening. Large things that are taking place.

And each of you has that opportunity to be the creative one. To be in charge of your own existence for you are one cell in all of humanity on this planet. You are One in making new pathways to learn more about yourselves and about others. We are proud of you for keenly listening in to those upon the planet while withholding judgment and allowing each to find its way.

I am here to assure you that each of you is doing this perfectly. That you are doing what you came to do, perfectly. We know that there are many questions you can have but if you know that you are doing this perfectly, in the right time and the right place. And that everything you do takes all to the highest, know that you have done it well.

Next week’s call will have new news for you. There will be new opportunities for you to get involved. All of these are things that you have known for years. You have felt in your bones for years. And now, finally are present in your world.

Take your time to get the rest you need. Take your time to examine the pathways that are opening for you. Councils will be opening shortly and calling for you to serve. All of these things we know because we know with whom we are working.

Today I give you great blessings and great love. Know you are exactly where you are meant to be. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to assist you.

Here to tell you that things are about to shift here, greatly. The old paradigm is coming to an end. It is not ending yet. There are still some things to be worked out but changes are afoot here. There is nothing that is going to stop it here.

There are some things that come up for temporary delays but they are just that, temporary delays. They are not going to hold it off. The Ascension is going through. Nothing is going to stop that. You are going through the Ascension process.

Much of what you have been expecting for some time is about to begin to unfold. We cannot give an exact time frame but we can tell you that there are many things happening behind the scenes that are about to come forward.

You have begun to see the beginnings of this. You spoke earlier in your discussion of dominoes and the first domino beginning to fall and yes, that is somewhat true. There are more to come but this is the beginning of this. And as James so well put it, there is a reverberation effect that is going to happen here or is already happening. You are going to see this reverberation happen all the way down the line from the beginnings here now to the next step and the next one and the next one and pretty soon you will have announcements of various kinds.

We are not going to say, of course, when it is going to be or if it is going to be the Fourth of July or the eighth of July or August 15th or whatever is in your thinking process because it is not your thinking process that is creating this. It is the imagination process. It is the higher vibrational process that is creating all of this change here. And all of this is coming together being orchestrated to bring all of this about.

So, you are a part of this orchestration. All that you see out there and all of those things happening behind the scenes are a part of this great orchestration. It is all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

But you know when you put a puzzle together that you may have used many hundreds or thousands of pieces to put this puzzle together. You get near to the end and you put the last pieces in and how elated you feel? This is what is about to occur here. The elation from the last pieces of the puzzle coming together. You are coming close to this now.

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” is standing by.

Question: As we move up in consciousness is it important for us to understand how and why things work or are we to know they work and make them work?

Very good question and it is only necessary for that one who believes it is. If it is difficult to come to understanding and one needs to have a realization for what is occurring, then this one would need that at some level.

But for anyone who is finding themselves in higher vibration the higher vibration you are ​in, ​ the less you will need an analytical side to things because it will just become as it will be. When you are in that ​BE​-ing stage than all that has come into analytical understanding a​r​e no longer necessary. Does this make sense?

Question: I was meditating 4 or 5 nights ago and as I came out of meditation I was told, “Find the 444 Gate”. Do you have guidance for me?

Find “444 Gate” is particularly for you, it is meant for you as a code. This is for deeper levels of your being. It does not make sense for anyone with who you might share this because it does not have meaning outside of yourself.

But in the deep levels within you will find the meaning, from where you come from to the understanding you bring into this incarnation here. This code will be given to you again. It will appear in times to come we will just say. It will have a more full meaning for you at that time. It will give you an understanding that you came into the life to move toward.

In addition, this is for you to feel your way through. It is not analytical. This is not something that you are going to understand through your mind. It is something you are going to feel through your heart.

Question:Why were we given an analytical brain if we are not supposed to use it?

You are always the analytical one. You are using it. It is the left brain versus the right brain or not so much versus but the merging of the two. And the merging of the two brings a balance here. The balance brings you into the higher vibrations.

In the higher vibrations your left brain and your right brain will work together in tandem. In that respect you will​ be​ more fully into the creation process from your imagination.
The analytical brain is necessary to a point by itself, and this is what the Cabal has done to mankind, is to keep you in the analytical left brain side here. They have attempted to hold back the creative right brain side of self.

Question: So we are top heavy?

For some but not for all. You, yourself, are very much right brained as well. Your creative side has blossomed over the last years here. Your left brain side has come more and more into a balanced state. That is what all are attempting to do is to bring this balance together so they can work in tandem as we say.

This is part of the evolution of mankind. Yes, the left brain has been made more important through the centuries through the work of the Cabal and through the work of humans. As you have moved toward this time of your evolution and feel these energies that are coming into the planet, everything is moving more into the state of balance.

It is time to walk away from what has been seen as the left brain’s actions in this world. It is time to move into the balance of the two. And move more thoroughly into that higher vibration of feeling.

Question: I was wondering if you could confirm that I met an Ascended Master in a physical body a couple of years ago.

That is a personal question we can give an answer to. The answer is yes, you did have an experience and it will accentuate for you as you move along. This particular experience again and it will be more real for you and there will be others who are interacting with you as well.

Then we will release channel. As “Lady Nada” said, “Sananda” will be here next week with your call with Hollow Earth and it is important because there are some special things that are coming.

Special announcements yes and, it is going to be full show, let us put it that way. Keep it somewhat on the secretive side here. Hint. Hint. There are going to be things to share.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the O​NE​.

I am “Ashira”. It is always a pleasure to be with all of you on these Sundays.

We know that you come hanging on all our words hoping to hear something that makes it real. We do, each week, tell you things. This week it would seem that “Lady Nada” had a good message for you.

We are here to be of assistance. We are here to be on call. If you need us, call us and we are there. We are there for a hug. We are there to hold you if you cry. We are there when you laugh. We love the experience with you.

Yes. The coming call will be a lively one! We are looking forward to it.

With all of our love and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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