17.03.19 – The Timelines Are Going To Begin To Split Apart Where Eventually You Will Have Only Two

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Sananda, Archangel Michael, and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during special Sunday Prepare For Change group thru James McConnell in Phoenix, AZ on March 19, 2017 and broadcast by Anne DeHart over Blog Talk Radio

Anne: Welcome to our special call. Today is Sunday, March 19, 2017. It is not our regularly scheduled, first Sunday of the month call because today is the day before the spring equinox, the March 20th date that we’re all so primed for. Today we will be hearing from Sananda and Archangel Michael through James McConnell our channel here.

And with that I’m going to turn it over to you, James.

James: We’re going to go into a quick meditation. I will start it and Sananda will come in to take over leading it. Then He will present his message.


I AM Sananda. And I always so enjoy these times I can spend with you.

I know that these times are going to increase greatly because I have taken over, in some sense, the workings with this group. It has become my charge you might say and I will be working diligently with you. Along with all of those that work alongside of me and all of those that mentor to me and that I mentor as well, we will all be working together hand in hand to bring this ascension process to fruition, to fulfillment.

But know that the only thing that is stopping this from coming to complete fulfillment is you, yourself, as a collective, as a collective consciousness. You, each one are part of this collective consciousness. Each one are part of spreading the light. And whatever part you can play is a grand part indeed. For even the smallest of the small can create a tremendous wave of light, a wave of love. Know that.

As you continue to work with these energies; as you continue to acclimate to these many energies these varying energies that are coming, some are feeling it greater than others, some do not understand what is happening. I speak now of the collective: many are becoming disillusioned; many are becoming bewildered; many are becoming tired of all the confusion that the three-dimensional illusion continues to bring. But those of you who know this is an illusion can now move beyond it. You can now move into the creative ability that you each one have — have always had. Just come into it now. Come into it as it is your own for you are the creator, you create your entire being. You create your entire life in front of you. Many say you create your reality. But create now the reality that is beyond this 3-D illusion. Create the reality in the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies, yes, the higher dimensions. Create it now, be the creator. No longer be the created; be the creator as that you are meant to be. And as the creator there is nothing that can stop you. As the creator there is nothing that you cannot withstand. As the creator you are the being of love that you have always been.

Think on that now, meditate on that now and you will come to understand of all that I speak of now. And all that we, as a collective that continue to work with you, have been speaking of.

I am going to step aside now and let our dear brother Michael speak with you. All of my peace and love be with all of you. I AM Sananda.

Archangel Michael

And I AM Archangel Michael. I Am your brother, I am your loved one just as you are my loved ones and you are my brothers and sisters. Friends together through eternity.

I have been charged with this ascension process in making sure that it all comes through. And I tell you now there is nothing that can stop it … nothing that can stand in its way! There is so much that can be shared and there is so much yet that cannot be shared. But what can be now is the moment that you are arriving at. These moments of time in your sense I have spoken of, others have spoken of this day that you are coming upon, this spring equinox. The day that is going to begin a shift of consciousness unlike anything you have felt before. It is not to say that tomorrow will bring the event, will bring the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun, but it is the precursor of this, it is the beginning of this, it is the beginning of the many things.

There is a gateway that will be opening; it is already in the process now and will complete on the 20th. There is an energy that is coming, several different types of energy that is coming. You can call them waves of energy, waves of love, similar to what came in your year past but even more so.

For those that have been acclimating to these energies will feel the energies differently than many others. Many will feel this new day, this new dawn that is approaching and it will be just like any other day for many. But for you, those of you that are aware and have been preparing for this, you will be feeling this differently. You will wake up tomorrow and you will feel a sense, a deep sense of something there, something that you cannot quite put your finger on or quite grasp but yet it will be there. You will have it, you will feel it. And it will lead to many of you having visions, having more awakening dreams, dreams that will take you into another world into another understanding. This is coming from this opening of this Gateway.

You are shifting now. You are beginning to shift through timelines but the timelines are going to begin to split apart where eventually you will have only two. This is where it has been said the wheat will be separated from the chafe. The haves from the have-nots, the light from the dark. All of this is a part of the process that you are moving through. All of this is a part of the transition as you continue to move ahead in your advancement, your advancement of love within you, of moving back within your heart’s center, moving above the lower chakras that so many have been ensconced within for a very long time – many, many lifetimes– and now moving into the heart center, into that center of oneness within you, into that connection once again with your higher Godself and that knowing of that connection. For when that whisper comes, as so often does, you will now hear the whisper and you will turn to it and say, ‘yes, I understand. I understand and I am ready to let go. I am ready to move on within my being, within my consciousness.’

You have so much to look forward to, my dear friends, so much. But so much that you have created that you have brought into being those of you the light workers, the light sharers, the light bringers, you are the ones that are making all of this possible. You are the ones that are going to draw the ships down from above. You are the ones that are going to bring the energies from below where the Agarthan realm can begin to show themselves, can begin to announce themselves. You are the ones that are here in this moment in this now to bring all of this about.

And there is one other change that is happening: that is the reconnection of the many ley lines and the connecting structures, temples, pyramids, all of the sacred sites being connected once again on these waves of light … no longer connected by the darkness.

For so long, those of the dark have taken these spaces, these energy sites and utilized them for their own means. But they have been taken back! They are being reconnected now and tomorrow the 20th will see not the completion but near completion of all of these centers. There are still some to move ahead with, still some that need to be connected or reconnected once again but that is also coming soon.

I AM Archangel Michael and I, as Sananda, enjoy these moments that I can be with you that I can share with you that I can help you to understand what the process that you are going through, because please understand that it is not a process that has ever been done before in this way. So it is very unique to this evolution of man. And I only ask now that you continue to trust in yourselves, trust in each other to make all of this come to the fulfillment that it was always meant to be.

All my peace and love be with all of you. Take this Light and spread it far and wide.

One Who Serves

Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Hum. Hum. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to assist you in any way we can. Do not have a message for use so let’s get right on with the show here right on with the questions. Are there any questions here for us that we might be able to be of service to you?

… And we get silence. We do not bite. We are here with you, we are doing this right along with you and we are no greater or lesser than you are. Please understand that. It would be as if — just for a moment think about this: when those of us come down from the ships and come up from below and wherever we may come from and we join you and we are there in front of you — especially such as Ashtar or Sananda or Archangel Michael … can you imagine Archangel Michael with his great wings and blue sword standing there in front of you and are you going to be awestruck or kneel down in front of him and worship him and all of this!?!? Or are you going to say, ‘My brother, you are here!’ And go up and clasp his hand, or better yet, give him a great big hug. You see, that is what we all will want. We do not want you kneeling in supplication or anything of this nature. Even if Sanat Kumara comes on his great white horse — his great, great, large white horse I might say too – and you are there seeming very little and puny in front of him. Do not kneel to him. Embrace him because you are one with him and he is one with you. We are all one together. We are all in this together. Okay? Now please ask your questions!


Q: Can you tell us something fun about Camelot, Knights of the Round Table, or Excalibur.

OWS: We can tell you that it was not so much as your fables as your myths and all of this have said but yet there is some semblance of similarity to those things. There is the connection to your Merlin and all of this and Arthur and much of this was correct. Certain of your movies have shown this in a more realistic fashion we can say. Not so much your Camelot — not that one — but other ones have shown a great deal of significance to this and what it all meant. And we speak about this in terms of the about the connection to the table. The roundtable you understand of this. Well understand that the tables that are in the councils are mostly round. They are not square or rectangular, they are round tables because then there is no one at the head of the table. You see? So all of that was a precursor or rather it was a remembrance you might say to those that came from the councils. And those that sat around the table had been those that had been in councils previously. And we can say that there are several here in this room and also a few here that we are connecting to that are on the phone now that were also sitting at that very table. Did not think of yourselves as a Knight of the Roundtable, did you? But you were. Many of you were. And there is even one that is the great one who is Guinevere, that figure In your history that is also listening in on the phone at this time. And this one is not a she at this time it is a he in this lifetime so good luck with coming up with which one it is. (laughter)

Q: Does Archangel Michael oversee the Sword of Excalibur?

OWS: Not in that sense no but there is a direct relationship to that sword you are speaking of. And that sword is the Sword of Truth the sword of bringing together the kingdoms that were available at that time. That is part of the symbology here. And there is somewhat of a connection here as we are looking further into this now to the Sword of Truth yes with Michael. But he directly does not watch over this and there is not a sword laying at the bottom of a lake that is being held by the Lady of the Lake. Just so you know that part was made up. Would somebody like to follow that one?

Anne: I received a call from a distraught mother about her 32-year-old son in critical care due to an overdose of heroin. She’s been told by the doctors that his prognosis is not good and she is not wanting to accept that. He has a 3-year-old son and she believes that he is really trying to stay and she has asked for what help that we can offer. Of course I reminded her that we cannot ask for a specific outcome — we cannot specify what the solution should be — we can only strengthen the good of the final solution. Is there anything we can do for her and for her son? Any comment from One Who Serves?

OWS: Yes we can say here for those of you that would pray for this one or for any other one as well anyone that you know of. When you pray do not pray in supplication. Do not pray asking for what it is you want or even asking what you think that one that is going through this is wanting but what is needed at the higher levels of that one’s being. That is what you are praying for. So you are asking; you are asking and then you will receive, or those who are needing this will receive in this case. So allow for it.

Send it out and then let it go, whatever it is, and ask for the highest of this one’s being to be fulfilled here. Do not be concerned about those that are being left behind if that is the case here, they will move through this process as they need to because it is a process that all will go through or all have gone through rather at various times in your previous lifetimes. So if it is meant to be it will be whatever it is going to be.

But please understand that everything is being orchestrated always and in all ways as well. So there is never a situation that comes up that is not a part of the grander plan here. So know this as this occurs. Yes this particular one took it upon himself to imbibe or to overdose in this case with the use of a drug and that is the choice of the one who does this. And there is also that sense of being on the fence for this one now at this moment; not sure if wants to stay or wants to go. And there is also a connection from other levels you might say that are involved here as well. Cannot go into detail on this right now but the one who is experiencing this would understand what we are saying here. That is all we can give at this time for this.

Q: The meditations are great in uplifting our vibration and, in turn, helps uplift the vibration of the planet. Then Monday comes around and many of us have to work. What are some practical things that we can do that keep our vibrations high throughout our workday and throughout our week?

OWS: A wonderful question and we will answer it in this way. Always know that you are in the now in moment. Do not live in the past. Do not live in the future. Your future will come soon enough. (There’s that word ‘soon’,) but it will come and it will be here in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment and you will create within the now moment your future as you move ahead. So as you are in the now moment, whenever you can, find yourself moving into higher vibrations. And then you say well One Who Serves, how do we move into higher vibrations? We do not understand that? You do not understand that because the forces that-have-been in the past have done all that they can to keep you from understanding that very fact: that you can be in the higher vibrations. Because you see they wanted to keep you in the lower vibrations, the lower frequencies because there they could be in control. But you are moving beyond that now, beyond the illusion. So in order to move up into the higher vibrations just think higher; feel higher. It is that simple.

Think, feel, the higher level of emotions within you. Feel a sense of love. Move out into nature — we have said this many, many times — move out into nature and feel the grass under your bare feet. Move into a stream, again bare feet if you can, and feel the water, feel the energy of the water, feel the consciousness of the water. And if you do this you cannot help but be in the higher vibrations in that very moment and in the next moment and in the next moment and so on and so on. So the more that you think and feel in the higher frequencies you will be in those higher frequencies. You see? That is how it works. It is not rocket science here or anything of that nature it is just reality in the higher vibrations that you already are. And as you come more and more to understand that you are already in these higher vibrations you will be in those higher vibrations. You see?

Q: Based on the last question this is what I heard. When you said be in the now, it sounds like when we think about Monday morning or the workweek coming we anticipate the negative so we’re anticipating a negative future. So your answer to be in the now is about letting go of that anticipation. Is that right?

OWS: Yes that is correct. Very good. Do not think about the Monday blahs or whatever you call them. For how many of you — we are searching in the James consciousness here where he is remembering back — you go all week long and you finally come to Friday (what is that: TGIF thank God it’s Friday) and you go party or you watch football or baseball or some of you do shopping or whenever you do on the weekends — and you are having a grand time but always you are thinking about Monday coming. And how does that keep you in the higher vibrations? You are thinking and anticipating: Oh my goodness we have to go back to work again, back to the jail again. And as soon as you start thinking that you create that lower vibration at that moment. You are still in the now but now you are in the lower vibrations, the lower frequencies just because of that one simple thought. Oh my goodness we’ve got Monday coming up. It’s only Friday and you’re already thinking about Monday. [Knowing laughter] Live! Love! You see? Have fun. Be in joy! This is why we say to the James every time he ends his blog: be in joy. This is the reason and he wonders sometimes, why do I have to put this each time. We just smile and he does it anyway. That is kind of the Jedi mindset of ours.

Q: I have become aware of the Maha Chohan’s etheric retreat that is above the Hatale tea plantation in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I have an opportunity to visit the tea estate and I was wondering if One Who Serves could please tell us a little bit about that particular etheric retreat and if there is anything that is suggested that I prepare in order to have a proper experience in the highest fulfillment

OWS: We can tell you that as you are moving toward that retreat do not think of it as a retreat. Do not think of it in that respect. Think of that as a movement forward a movement higher into consciousness and take that higher level of consciousness or those higher frequencies with you as you go. Do not think in terms of things that can go wrong along the way, think of everything that is going to be right along the way; everything that you are going to see that is beautiful in front of you. In that way you will prepare yourself and feel the journey much more as you are moving into that process. Now this particular retreat or advancement in consciousness that is going to be taking place is something that has been done for a very long time. A connection where those come together to bring themselves into those higher vibrations where all come together as one. It is a time of remembrance, it is the time of love, it is a time to share with each and every one. Very similar to some of your celebrations here in the United States but different in terms of a spiritual connection that is not so often the evidence here in your various celebrations here.

Q: Could you shed some light on or share anything on the battles that are going on where underground bases are being blown up by the Galactic Federation of Light to get rid of negative energies. Is this true or not?

OWS: Yes we can tell you that as always it is: So above, so below. So while these things are happening below the earth there are also many of these types of battles and such that are happening above the earth as well. There are many of these things that are going on at this time where the Light is overcoming the forces of darkness. And all of this though is out of your vision, out of your knowing in most respects. Every once in a while someone comes forward and shares something. They put it on your Internet or your YouTube, or something of this nature, and it helps to bring about more greater awareness. Now that is not to become though ensconced in the things that are going on; not to be thinking about bases being blown up and all of these things even if that is what is happening. But do not think about it in that terminology. Think about it as everything is being cleared out, the negativity is being cleared out, the darkness is being cleared out. And as the darkness is cleared out the Light moves in. That is how you need to think about all of this. So even though these things are happening, it is not something for you to be concerned about because if you were concerned about it then you are staying there within the old 3-D realm of disillusionment and illusion here. So do not become as we say here ensconced in this, instead be above it. Be aware of it but do not be concerned with it. Know it is as part of the orchestration that is occurring here.

Q: I want to share a dream I had about being in the Himalayas working a regular everyday sort of life, normal things happening and so on and so forth. Suddenly there was a huge boom off into the mountain range and everyone came outdoors and wondered if it was from the war going on. And as everybody looked one way, somebody shouted to look in the opposite direction. There was a huge avalanche coming down the ravine of the Himalayas. At that moment everyone took off running in different directions. I ran a little ways ahead and found a hole to jump into. In my dream I clung onto a rock ledge underneath as this thundering avalanche went on overhead. And as I’m hanging on for dear life I looked over and through a break in the rock I could see a bunch of people hanging from long swings. They were laughing and having fun as if it was a wonderful day. They motioned for me to come over and join them and I did. The dream was so visceral that I yelled when I woke up. To me it felt like the initial boom was some sort of big event that happened that got everybody’s attention, but the avalanche was really what was happening. It was the feeling we are in this moment like there’s some sort of massive, massive energy coming at us.

OWS: Very good. That was a wonderful dream certainly and it is indicative of those others will be having; similar types of dreams in many respects in terms of bringing an avalanche or a tsunami or flood or many different things but the important thing is the boom. The boom that came all at once and brought everyone’s attention. Think about that now in terms of the pulse of energy coming to the Earth and getting everyone’s attention at the same time or over a certain period of time and this is what is indicative of this. And many are going to be experiencing it.

And we bet that you wanted to jump right back into that dream when you woke up, did you not? Yes get ready people, get ready. We keep telling you get ready it’s going to get rocky at times along the way. That’s why we keep telling the James to put on your seat belts to hold you down because it is going to get rather bumpy at times. But you are going to move through it. You’re going to weather through it and it will calm. You will come out the other side. Come out clean and crisp and smelling like a rose.

Q: I’m kind of (intensely) worried about the sea level. I live right at sea level and I would like to know if this thing I am feeling is possibly telling me to move out of here. I am so thankful to be alive and to be able to experience life itself that everything else I know doesn’t matter, but I get these worries. Once I spoke with the Yeshua and he told me don’t ever hesitate to ask if someone is around. So that is what I’m doing.

OWS: Very good. If you are coming from fear in this respect that the area you are going to be in is going to become flooded then you begin to bring that to you. And you then send that out to others as a collective around you, so you always must think in terms of the collective consciousness here. And certainly in an area such as in California, if everyone began to think about earthquakes all of a sudden you would create an earthquake. You see the consciousness creates all of this. So with respect to where you are, do not think in terms of fear, feel in terms of love and higher vibrations and higher feelings. And if you do so, if that whisper comes to you and says time to move then move. If you are meant to be in another situation in another place if there were to be some type of catastrophe or something, that is all being orchestrated. So allow it to be orchestrated out of love not from fear.

Q: I’m going to go right into the lion’s den and bring this up. Where are we going in the higher realms with our sexuality? Do we need to open up people’s acceptance and allowance of freedom regarding their sexuality, regarding relationships and love relationships meaning it can be any way you want it?

OWS: Can we come into the lion’s den with you? The reason we say that is because the idea of sexuality in your life has been largely played in a different direction; not something that was meant to be. So it is not something you are to be ashamed of or anything of this nature because it is natural. It is natural for you to have these feelings because you are in the physical body. You are in the level of consciousness that needs to have companionship, needs to have touch and feeling and emotion attached to all of this so there is never reason to think in terms of being ashamed of what you are feeling or experiencing … as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. So allow it to be.

Now as far as having sexuality continue in the higher realms, yes it will. It will if you want it to. It is a matter of choice. It will always be a matter of free will. Choice is exactly that: free will. But the powers- that-were have taken this free will idea and turned it around to use for themselves so that they made the idea of sexuality dirty. Or many different partners and all of this is something that is not supposed to be, and that is not the way it is at all. In the olden times, long ago in Atlantis and Lemuria, there was not this idea of one partner for your entire life because, you see, your partner here in this lifetime now maybe 30, 40, 50 years or something. Now multiply that by 10. Think about being with the same partner for 500 or 5000 years! So it was not meant to be forever if you did not want it to be. So in those times when two people joined together, they did not join for an entire lifetime unless they wanted it to be. And they could have multiple partners because there was nothing saying they couldn’t if both were wanting that. You see? So do not worry about this. It will come as it needs to.

Your entire life is going to change as we have said but it is not going to change so drastically that you do not even know yourself anymore. You will still have those things — especially as you are going through the transitional stage — you will still have those things which bring you joy in the times now. It will just be at higher levels. You will not be going to the horror movies and things of this nature anymore. That will not be because consciousness will not allow it anymore. Your consciousness and your collective consciousness will not allow it. So if one would create a movie such as this no one would go to see it. So how long do you think they would continue to create those types of movies? This goes for violence and all of this, this will largely be curtailed and brought down to a more manageable level for your consciousness.

Q: I’ve been working for years and years on [writing] courses which I feel have been sent down to me to be sort of the guardian, the person to start to put it into place. It’s all on my computer but nothing really appreciable has happened with them yet. It hasn’t been used. So I guess I’m just looking for validation, encouragement, and the right direction to go with that.

OWS: Whatever it is you are speaking of, and this goes for all now, not just for this one who asked this question but for all. If you are feeling a need to write, are feeling a need to speak, or whatever it is, do it. Allow it to come through you. Allow yourself to be the channel that brings these energies through you. It does not have to be channeling in this respect as a director voice type, it can be automatic writing as you call it, it can be in song, it can be in play, it can be in many things, many ways you can help to assist in this process. All you need to do — if you want to, if you’re ready — is say use me. I am here. I want to be of service. And when you say that and you really mean that, get ready because we’re going to use you in many different ways. So understand that. And Sananda has spoken of this before many times, when you are ready to be … not chosen so much, but choose yourself to be on the various councils. There will be many councils that will be needed. All of those government positions that are out there now, they will all be gone. Eventually they will all be gone and they will be replaced by these types of councils that are across the entire galaxy and even the universe.

So everything again is being orchestrated, so if you were meant to do something you will do it if you allow for that process to happen.

Q: Five years ago after 80 years of good health I contracted bone marrow cancer. Since then I’ve had cataracts, [??] I’m going for a throat investigation because I can’t swallow anymore. Why are these things all of a sudden hitting me? Another thing that’s affecting me is I’m feeling a sense of being a liability to people who have to concern themselves with my health.

OWS: Your question is something that many across the planet are also wondering at this time. But it’s not so much just this time, it has been all times here. When they come closer and closer to end of life and all of this as you know it, you come to various maladies and illnesses and cancer and all of these types of things and you wonder, why me. Why me Lord? Why do I have to go through this? But as you ask that you already know the answer. You already know that you came in with a contract to follow through here, to be a part of this. And it is not just for you to go through but it is for those around you to go through as well in whatever respect that they are needing to do it. You see? All are learning from the process. And if you allow for this, even though you yourself is the one that has to go through this, you are doing so willingly at the higher levels of your being. You came in willingly to go through this. You see?

Now, knowing that, that does not mean that it needs to continue because at some point you can simply say, I am done with this. I do not need to continue on with this contract, and ask your Higher Self if this is something you need to have continue. If it is it will continue. If it is not you can end it. You can end your contract. It is your contract; it is your free will. Know that people. Know that. You come in with a contract, yes, you come in with a blueprint to follow but it is up to you to follow it or not follow it. There will be those that will be nudging you along to make sure you continue to follow the blueprint that you came in for but you can also say, I do not want to go through this anymore.

At that point when you begin to say that, if you are willing to let go — and that is the key here is letting go — because if you continue to do everything that you have always done you are going to continue to get the same results. You see? So for those that have an illness or something of this nature if you continue to do what brought you to that illness you continue to have it. So someone who is say diagnosed with cancer for the first time and came out of nowhere you might say, you visited the doctor and they did a test and they said oh you have cancer, and before that you did not even know that you had it. But now that you know you have it, now it becomes to be created more and more within you and you begin to fall into that whole medical model. So we would say to you to fall out of that medical model as much as you can. That does not mean if you are on heart care medication or blood pressure medication and you have been for years, and they tell you if you get off of that you’re going to die or something of this nature, we’re not saying to get off of that at that point. But if you feel that calling that says now is the time; now is the time to begin to wean yourself off of this, off of this medication, off of the thinking of illness and disease and all of these things that are part of the illusion only. They are only part of this 3D illusion and we have said many times as you continue to move up the vibrations and allow yourself to move into higher dimensions you will not have these maladies any longer. They cannot be. You cannot be in your heart center and have these types of things happen to you. You see? It is only from the mind.

Q: Well I’m fortunate in one case and that is I haven’t taken a pill in 50 years so I don’t have to worry about getting off any prescriptions, but in any case I appreciate your answer and I’ll be more than conscious of my thought process from now on.

OWS: Yes we would say to you to listen to this recording again and again, and this particular part of it, and bring it into your being. When you first hear it It does not necessarily resonate fully within you, but if you listen to it over and over it will begin to make more and more sense to you and it will have more meaning to you.

Q: What can you tell us about Antarctica and can we get an update on the New Republic.

OWS: Regarding Antarctica there is much that is coming forward in this, much that is going to be revealed. At this point it is not quite determined yet what is going to be revealed and how much at this time. It is in the process of negotiation between those forces of the Light and those that are attempting to still hold on to whatever level of control they think they still have. And I say that purposely in that respect. Whatever control they think they still have because they are no longer in control as they have thought. So much of this is going to be coming forward and is going to be shocking for a great many. Maybe not so much for those of you but it will be shocking for many across the planet as these things are revealed for the first time. And where it comes forward first from your alternative media but then also it will be taken up by the more mass media as well, when they fully relinquish control there as well. But you understand once it is revealed that you are not alone in the universe everything changes. Everything begins to shift and change and that will also then lead to those of your brothers and sisters showing their smiling faces from above as they come down and land. First contact as you understand it.

There new Republic is already here. It is all ready to be rolled out. It is already in process. It just needs to have the final release you might say of those who are in the government and as you understand it in the corporation government and when they are at the point when they are made, forced you might say, to relinquish control as well. And once they have relinquished control the Republic will be announced, NESARA will come forward, your RV will come forward as well, and so on and so on. You will begin very soon to see several of those that you know that are part of this 3D illusion — you will see some of the names that you have come to know — as they are taken under arrest.

Q: You mentioned the landings. Is there anything you can say to give us a little idea of first contact?

OWS: Aramda last week spoke a little bit about this and he will be returning in the next week or two to give more on this as well because everything is coming to a head where they are in the process of preparing; preparing for this first contact, preparing to begin to show themselves enmass across the planet where many will have the sightings at once. So with the forces that still believe they are in control, if they do not relinquish then the Galactics are going to take it upon themselves to begin to show themselves more. Then there will be no question and it will force those to come forward and say what has been occurring here. But they are still being given the opportunity to go out with some semblance of dignity.

Q: I received a message and I’m wondering whether or not this was to prompt the divine feminine or in relation to some personal circumstance in my life. The message was ‘the bride is not asked questions.’ Just wondering why I received that particular collection of words.

OWS: This quote here “the bride is not asked questions,” this is from much higher than you are getting here. This is in the higher level in terms of the connection of the masculine and the feminine and the union between the two that brings about the birth, you might say, of the Christ Consciousness. So it is the coming together of the two. Now the bride or the groom, they are in this together. They are not separate and not one or the other is in control. You must come to understand that. That again was something that was created by the dark forces to assume control over the feminine, to assume control over the goddess here. And that was allowed for a very long time but of course that has come to an end. And it is coming to the understanding — and will more and more in your society — that there is no one higher than the other, that male and female are all one and have always been one. So not to be concerned about this in any respect, it is just simply a message that came to you that is a higher level message that can be revealed as we are doing here, and you can reveal it as well as you are moving through your ascension process.

Q: Are there any Olympic style tournaments on peaceful planets like Venus and Helios? Would there be any Olympic tournaments or tournaments of power?

OWS: Your idea of Olympics is something that is here within the illusionary state that has been created long ago with the Greek Olympics. This is something that at some level will continue on during your transition period. In other words you will not go from one day having the world Olympics to the next day not having them, but it will be a transition away from this because this is all about competition. And it is not comeptition in many respects of love, it is competition in terms of one being greater than the other and that will be discouraged as you continue on because consciousness itself will move in that direction and will not allow for this type of competition. You will still be competitive in some respects, still have various types of sports and some things of this nature, but it will not be types of bloodletting sports such as boxing and things of this nature. That will go away.

Q: I’m desperate or I would not have called in today. I had an accident that left me with a spinal cord injury which forced me to give up my cat refuge. I have been on narcotics for 12 years, have managed to cut back, and sometimes don’t take them at all. The doctor who wrote my prescriptions retired a year ago last January. There is not a doctor around here that will take me. I have been to all the specialists and I’m running out of medication (I’ve got about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks left,) but I am feeling desperate now because I will not be able to tolerate the pain.

I’m calling to see if anyone out there has any contacts that could help me before the currency exchange or until I can be taken to a healing chamber. I have wonderful ideas and I keep thinking that God has given me these ideas to implement which makes me feel hopeful but I’m also more scared than ever before.

OWS: We wish to address this first before anything else here. What you are telling you here is that you are closing in on the end of your contract for this. It is not something that is going to continue on forever as your life here continues. It is something that is a part of the process now but it is something that you can move through. You are saying that you’re living on your own, you are doing those things which you have come to understand that can be of assistance to you but there is something that is missing. You are missing something here.

You are missing the idea that there is a pattern that has developed here and that pattern is continuing to create the process that you are in; continuing to create the reality that you are in. You have created this reality because of this pattern so for you to end this you have to end the pattern. You have to end the thinking in this way. You have to end that there is something that must continue; that this contract you have come in with has to continue. It does not at this time.

You can and did ask for help. We know that you have asked for help but as you are asking for the help you must ask it from your Higher Self and not anyone outside of your self, but from within yourself. Go within. Find that healing strength within you. That is the only place where the healing comes from. As Yeshua said that it “is the Father within Him that doith the works,” not Him of Himself, you see. So allow for the process to continue but change it. Change it into what can be in the higher vibrations.

If you also listen to this again you will come to understand that which we are saying here. We are not saying to eliminate everything that you are doing but we are saying to change some things because the things you are doing are not working. And if they are not working then it is time to do something different. That is all we can say here.

We need to release channel.

We are going to end this with this understanding: just to continue on knowing that you are right in the moment that you need to be. We say this many times but many times you did not realize you do not really understand that which we are saying. Just be in the moment and know that the moment you are in is right where you need to be and everything is happening as it needs to. We are going to end here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

17.03.12 – “There Is Never An End, Only A Beginning Of The Next Phase” – Sananda

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“Sananda” , “One Who Serves” and farewell from “Ashira” – channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group thru James McConnell in Phoenix, AZ on March 12, 2017)


I Am Sananda.

Wonderful to be with you always in these ways.

I ask you now just as I spoke momentarily with you through this one James earlier, do not mourn this one’s passing but embrace with your love, embrace her life, embrace the celebration that was her life here in this plane of existence, in this illusion, and know that she is only continuing on; continuing on with the journey that we have all begun long ago. And there is never an end. There is only a beginning of the next phase. And she is moving toward the beginning of that next phase just as many of you have many times before. You have only forgotten of the transitions. You have only forgotten of what it is like.

But all of you will remember not that you are going to go thru this transition such as this. This is not what is meant for the majority of the population at this time. You are not going to suddenly lose your physical life. You are going to move on in a celebration of life like no celebration that you have felt before. You are all going to feel and experience this level of oneness that only comes from the higher vibratory frequencies that you are all moving toward. And this dear one Susan is now moving toward those higher vibrations. Even now at this time she is moving into those vibrations. She is feeling the higher frequencies somewhat masked by the pain at times, yes, but she is moving into those higher frequencies and vibrations and will be there when you, yourself, move through the transition, move through your ascension process. She will be there to greet many of you because that is her mission.

Many times when one passes over into the next level, into the next phase you might say, they have a past life recall. They go through a soul-searching in a sense. And they go through many levels of training to prepare for the next part of their journey. But this one will not necessarily go through all of those processes because as she passes over she will have the memories back of who she is and what she is about. When the times come, she will be there to greet you with her loving arms, with her loving expression that you all know so well she will be there to greet you with an embrace, with a smile, with love just as she has always done for you here.

Do not shed a tear for her, shed a tear yet for your selves. But not a tear in sorrow but in remembering and celebration because we all go to a better place and we are all moving toward that better place. What many call the Heaven, the Seventh Heaven where I prepare a place for you at my Father’s table for you to come and all is being prepared for you.

I Am Sananda. I will leave you now to step aside for another who wishes to share a few words with you. All of my peace and love be with you. I will be back with you in the next time we meet together.

Ashira – one last time

I Am Ashira. I have asked James to allow for me to speak with you just briefly to be able to say farewell to be able to give my last words of wisdom for this time.

I am not leaving, you are not leaving, Susan is not leaving. We are all in this together. We have always been in this together. We are so looking forward, Susan and I, to this continuing journey because a life isn’t ending it is only beginning.

We are all ready for this transition. You each one of you my dear brothers and sisters are going through this transition now, you only do not know it. It will not end in the same way that it is going to with your Susan but it is going to transition. You are going to move into a new level of understanding and existence and oneness.

And as you have heard many times before nothing is going to stand in the way of this … except yourself. You are the only ones that can prevent this now. But we know, of course, that none of you would do that because all of you are about the changes. All of you are preparing for this changeover for this wonderful time that is ahead. So do not think of the times past. Do not dwell in those past times. Be, live in the now. Be and live in the now and dream toward the future because the future is so close now to becoming the now that you have so wanted.

I love you all and I have so enjoyed the times we have been able to spend together. I will not be speaking again through this one for just as Susan is moving on so will I. But know that we are always together. And as Sananda has said, when you are ready to move through your ascension process and you have slipped beyond the veil into the higher dimension we will be there waiting for you with open arms, with all of our love … and a great big, wonderful smile.


One Who Serves

Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Hum. Hum. Greetings to you!

Somewhat difficult to follow that one but we are going to do what we can here. James is somewhat discombobulated here or whatever the word is that you would use here, but we will attempt to gather strength here and continue on with this process.

Our message to you is nothing different than it has been previously. We are saving these messages for the next time that you come together because it is going to be an auspicious time that is approaching. You have heard about this time, this 20th of March, as a major turning point, as a point of emphasis or change that is coming upon you. Yes it is a beginning of spring and all of these types of things and it is a wonderful time that you are moving toward and all of these things are about to shift and change and what you call blow wide open.

There are so many things that are happening now that are going to blow wide open. You are beginning to see the beginnings of it. The place in Antarctica is going to become a hotbed of information as it comes forward. All of these scandals that are going on the human trafficking and the pharmacological nonsense that is happening all of this is going to come forward and spring into a new understanding. And this is spring, this is what is happening here. The new spring the new life is going to be born here.

All of this is changing and evolving and shifting and consciousness is shifting along with it. No longer are people able to just sit back and watch. Some do, yes of course, but more and more are saying no, we are not going to sit back and watch anymore. We are going to do something. We are going to do whatever we can to make it happen even if we just have to say no to the old ways, say we are not going to allow this anymore; we are not going to allow people to put things into our bodies that we do not want; we are not going to allow them to poison us in various ways; we are not going to let them continue to poison the skies; we are not going to allow it anymore. And as the people raise up — just as they have shown before — when the people raise up there is change. There is everything that has been spoken of is going to become a reality.

We cannot of course say when exactly. We cannot of course say how it is going to be but it is going to be. Just simply know this. Have faith. That is what you must do, you must continue to have faith. And we know all of you all, of our dear brothers and sisters that participate each and every week with us here we know all of you are ready and not giving up. Do not give up. Do not become disconsolate. Do not allow for the illusion to continue to hold on to you because it cannot. The illusion is dropping away and we wish for you to begin to visualize that. Visualize this illusion, this old paradigm simply dropping away, not being a part of you anymore. Just as the one that said earlier in your discussion that everything is an illusion. See everything as an illusion, that is correct! See it.

See all of the stuff that you have here, that’s simply an illusion because you cannot take it with you. Whether it is through the death process or the ascension process, either way you are not taking it with you. You see? It is going to stay right here! So all that you can take with you is yourself your consciousness your love that is what you will take into the higher vibration. So that does not mean you will not have homes. That does not mean you will not have vehicles of transportation or your TVs and all of these things. You will still have all of this but it will be at higher vibrations. You will not have the somewhat ridiculous television shows and movies that you have, [laughter] but you will still have this entertainment because that is a part of you. That is a part of you.

And yes for some even the idea of sports and things of this nature — we’re saying this for the purpose here for James because he likes sports and doesn’t want to see sports go away. [Laughter] It will not go away it will shift, it will change. You see you can’t have 7 billion people across the planet all of a sudden have their entire life turned upside down. Somewhat yes, this will happen to a degree but it will be gradual. We have spoken of this before. There will be a shift in consciousness.

The event will come. The pulse of energy will come and it will be an immediate shift of energy and consciousness at that time but there will still be a gradual shifting after that. It will gradually shift into different levels of government more in the way of councils; you will gradually shift into meeting your brothers and sisters from above and below. It will be a gradual changeover. See?

So do not be concerned that you will not be ready for it when it comes. You will be ready, you are being acclimated to the energies, you are being prepared. But you are not only being prepared for yourself you are being prepared so that you can prepare others after you.

So be of good cheer people, all of you, everything is wonderful. From where we are looking, everything is wonderful and from where you are looking we would like you to see everything is wonderful as well. Okay? [Okay!]

We will take questions here now if there are any questions.

Q: I’m new to these meetings. Can you tell me who Ashira is? Is he a commander of a mothership?

OWS: Ashira is what we would say is not a he but a she. And this particular Ashira that is involved with this group has been involved with this group through with Susan is a Higher Aspect of Susan. Not so much a commander on a ship although there is an Ashira that is a commander on a ship and the one Steven Beckow has spoken with him directly before. So yes. They are different [entities].

Q: In my vision I’ve seen what I think is a portal that opens on March 20 that allows us to do healing for multiple timelines at once and we’ll be in touch (not necessarily physically but spiritually,) with timelines like Atlantis; we’ll heal those timelines during that passage through that portal. Does that make sense?

OWS: Let us tell you what is going to occur on that day or is meant to occur on that day. There is going to be a completion of the grid that has been spoken of. Not the Christ Consciousness grid but the crystalline grid here on the planet and all of the various places of energy importance, various vortexes of energy across the planet that in many respects had been taken over by the dark side are being taken back. And these energy points, working with the ley lines of energy for the Earth, are going to be connecting once again so that these energies can then begin to move across the planet connecting to each of these energy points so that the grid is completed. Once this grid is completed it will open the many gateways that are here that only have opened previously at certain times and your cabal has been aware of many of those openings. And this is how they have been able to move back in time and things of this nature. But these gateways have been very well guarded up until now for the most part, but more and more will be opening. Once this happens, once these energy connections are reestablished. And we say now reestablished because they once were connected. Back in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis all of these connections were made and allow for these gateways these processes to allow for connections across the planet and yes even to allow for instant communication and instant travel to occur through these gateways. This is all coming back.

Q: Could you tell us what is really holding us back from ascension? I find myself every day still dealing with emotion and having to let go and having all those feelings and I just want to know, especially with this group because it seems that we’re pretty aware, what is really holding us back?

OWS: The simple answer here is nothing. Nothing is holding you back. In fact you are all moving ahead very rapidly. You don’t think so but from our point of view, from the point of view of the Galactics and those from below in the Agarthan realms, you are moving ahead tremendously! Much more than ever would have been expected here. In fact when the councils met some years ago, many said the Earth people here could never do it. They could never have this mass ascension. It would not be able to be possible. But those of us, all of the Ascended Masters, all of those Galactics and Agarthans and Archangels and everyone said, ‘we can help them do it.’ We are here, we are going to help the process.

And we met in many different councils for many years to develop and to change and alter the plan for the Earth because there were times when the Earth was going to be destroyed. It was going to happen it was moving in that direction. But then as many of you have heard before, Gaia reached out and sent out an S.O.S. saying “Help! They are destroying me!” And at that point all of the universe came together, the galaxy and even much in the universe came together and the clarion call went out.

That happened a long time ago but it happened again not too long ago and many more souls came forward and said we will not let this happen. We will not let Gaia go. And at that point many of you came, moved into this evolution, moved into this particular lifetime. Some of you have just come here just for this lifetime only, just to be here to assist in the process. So there is nothing holding you back except your own selves, your own minds, the programming. That is the only thing that is as yet holding you back.

Those who are still asleep. Those who have not awakened yet to the possibilities you might say they are holding this back. But they are awakening at an alarming rate; a very, very fast rate; much more than you even begin to imagine because you look out there and you see these changes happening but it’s the same old same old. You see everything as it has been and people asleep not knowing what’s going on out there and not even carrying and all of this, but yet you do not know what is in their hearts. You only know what you hear or see. You do not know what is deep in their hearts and their hearts are exploding. Their hearts are awakening. Their hearts chakra are awakening. Their high heart centers are awakening and all are moving up in the kundalini expression. Past the third chakra which is where most of you have been for many lifetimes here. You are moving now as a collective consciousness into the fourth chakra and again even into the high heart center. And some, of course, moving beyond that. But as a collective you are moving into the heart. You see?

Q: I saw a picture of a pentagram of five important cities in Syria that the dark cabal has tried to keep in strife and war because they know they are very powerful spiritual sites. Would the crystalline grid you spoke of reconnect those five cities also?

OWS: It is working toward that yes. There are other grids that we speak here, other connections here and this particular one that you are talking about is in many respects still held within the darkness but this is shifting as well and it will eventually come under the full consciousness or crystalline grid across the planet working again with all of the ley line energy centers.

We just received from someone else here, that it will also open up a major gateway when that occurs. The cabal has held this gateway for some time now but it will be released very soon.

[Off mic comment “yeah sure, soon”]
OWS: We heard that! [Much laughter] [“Better than never.”] Someday! [“Eventually.”] Of course we joke here with you. We are not the one who does the stand-up here but we have our moments as well.

Q: When I asked what was truly holding us back and you said nothing, but what I became very conscious of is it’s our own fault. I mean, it’s what we think that holds us back.

OWS: That is correct. So stop thinking! [Laughter]

Q: It’s our and analysis that holds us back. I mean for me I am always analyzing things. So would you say that the best way to help us move forward more quickly is to go into the heart more and out of the head so much.

OWS: Yes, of course. This is what we have been speaking of for a very long time here. Getting you, yes, to move into the heart center, to focus within the heart center. Because when you focus within the heart center the mind comes along with it. It does not leave. You do not lose your mind here, it continues. Your brain is still going to operate but it is going to be superseded by the heart and that connection. That heart mind connection, that is what this is about is bringing you to that heart mind connection.

Q: Because this is where the creative power really is, correct?

OWS: Yes. Creative power is within each individual. You all began with this creative source within you. You are that source. You are that piece of the Source if you wish to look at it this way. A smidgeon of the Source. But yet you are the Source and you have always been this connection. But know that that power of the Source is within you; each and every one of you. And everyone can draw upon this Source, draw upon this power just as Yeshua did. He drew upon the power: “Of myself I can do nothing. It is my Father that within me that doith the works.” It was the power within him, his Higher God Self, the Source within him that did the works … bolstered by the faith of the individual that is receiving the healing.

Q: I’ve been impressed that love is becoming more manifest. I think it means to demonstrate love in a more meaningful, stronger way than what we have been.

OWS: We would say to you that love is love however you look at it. Do not quantify it, do not analyze it, just let it be love. Feel it deeply within you within your heart center for that is where it is coming from. Allow it to be. Do not put labels on it. It is what it is and let it be.

Q: I have observed of myself that heart for me is a very overwhelming place. It seems I have a lot of emotion and feeling, almost physical pain. How do we let ourselves be led by our heart-mind without feeling that intensity that I feel?

OWS: Because my dear sister you are doing exactly the same thing we are saying. Do not analyze it. Just let it be. If it hurts it’ll be a good hurt. You look deeply within yourself and you feel that hurt within your heart not from a broken heart, not for a loved one leaving you or anything of this nature, but feeling at a deeper level that heart-connection with your Higher Self. That is what we are speaking of here. And we think that is what you are speaking of as well. Is it not?

Q: It is but I want to bypass that. I don’t want to feel that.

OWS: When you have moved fully into the higher vibrations that will be gone because you see it is foreign to you at this time too many at this time it is new to you. Not new to your soul expression but new to who you are in this life to have that feeling that deep level feeling. For many of you have blocked it. You have moved away from it because it has been too painful so therefore I am going to block it out of my existence so I don’t need to feel the pain anymore. Many of you have done this. But you will move beyond this and you will feel the intenseness but the pain that you feel and the sense of sorrow and loss will be replaced by the bliss, the bliss of that connection, that full connection once again to your Higher God Self.

Q: Are the words that I have been hearing, my higher self’s messages? Are they coming through clearly.

OWS: We would say to you, do you feel it coming to you? Do you experience this as a connection with your higher self? Do you believe that you are hearing your higher self? For it is not for us to say whether you are or you are not because if you know you are, you are. You see? So trust. That is what this is all about, people, is to trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in your higher self to guide you in every respect in your life because even if you do not believe it, your higher self is right there with you through everything, through what you call the thick and the thin. He/she/it is always there for you. Never not there. If you open up the heart mind connection there is no doubt that you are feeling the experience of this higher connection to your higher self, just as it has always been there before for you. So we cannot say directly yes, you are or no you are not because it is not for us to say that. It is for you to know that, for you to feel that deeply within you.

Q: Many months ago I asked about addiction and at one point you said just to stop but I have not been able to and it’s starting to greatly affect my health. Is addiction something that will just fade away as our vibration increases or is there something else that can be done to release an addictive pattern?

OWS: There are many things that you can do to help alleviate the situation, to eliminate the pattern, because it is correct, it is a pattern that has come in with you into this life. Many have this. And there are many ways of going beyond this that are available to you — sometimes simply counseling — but the biggest thing is to want to it. It is the intention. If you have the intention to give something up, to let go of something, to move beyond something, you have the strong intention you will bring it about. But if you do not believe it yourself, if you like doing it or you’ll try to stop. You see you cannot try to stop, you have to do it. There is no try. In the immortal words of our wonderful Yoda ‘There is no try. There is only do or not do.’ So make the intention and then the way will show for you. The way will appear.

Q: I’ve done hypnosis, I’ve done so many things. I have made the intention. I don’t enjoy it and I don’t want to be doing it anymore but there is something that keeps it in place. I’ve struggled with it for so long. I don’t want to keep smoking.

OWS: Have you ever done a past life regression? We would suggest to you to go directly to the source of this pattern. There are many levels of this pattern, it is not only one life time you would need to look at. You need to ask your higher self to take you back into past lives where this pattern began and continued through and you will find the source of this. (And all you are doing is remembering who you are; going past the time veil and being able to remember those past lives.) And once you have found the source of this you will be able to just delete it. Delete the memory from your past life record and yes it is possible to do that. You can delete the memory and it will no longer then affect you at this level.

Now there was a second part of your question though. You asked if moving into the higher vibrations would take you away from this in itself. And yes it will. When you move through this ascension process, move through the transition, and moving into these higher vibrations, there will be no reason whatsoever for you to even want to do this anymore. This goes for many things, many types of addiction, all of this will go away as well as well as all the pain and suffering and the aches and the illnesses and the sicknesses and on and on and on. How do you even survive here people?! [Laughter]

Q: I’m feeling a tingling or pressure around my temples. Is that my angels trying to talk to me, my higher self, or who is trying to get my attention?

OWS: Not so much a question of who is it but that it is. So just to know that there are attempts and this goes for many here many attempts are being made through in many different ways through your dreams through your meditations through your waking states through your daydreaming states through your whatever it might be they are attempting to make contact with you in all kinds of ways. And in this particular case since you are asking this you are receiving a connection here. Several are attempting to connect with you at this level and they are giving you this symptom or this touching here so that you can be aware that they are attempting to reach you. And when you feel this go into a nice quiet state begin to breathe deeply go into a meditative state if possible — not while you’re driving by you know … — and allow it to be and connect. Then the most important thing, for all of you now, when you receive this do not turn it off. Do not say that is just my imagination; that is just me thinking these thoughts. If that is what you do then that is all that and it will continue to be. You must trust and allow. Think if you would just for a moment if when the first time, we, the One Who Serves had attempted to come through to James and we announced ourselves and we had this crazy accent here, Tibetan accent, and he would have said oh that’s just my thoughts, that ain’t real. What if that had happened? You would not be here in this group today doing this. You see? So trust. Trust. And if you trust all will happen as it needs to.

Q: A lot of times when I get in bed I listen to other spiritual speakers or messages. Am I blocking my higher self from coming through to me?

OWS: You mean when you are listening to others? If it is something that is passionate for you or something that you relate to or something that you are enjoying then there is nothing wrong with it. But if you can and you wish to make this connection that we are speaking of, find a few moments each day to go quiet, to be quiet. Push the pause button every now and then. (We are finding this in the James here and his party last night.) This can be very important: pus
h the pause button on your life, on your three dimensional programed life. Simply push it. Pause. And when you push that pause button then go within yourself find that feeling within yourself and go within and allow for whatever comes in that time. You will know when you experience it because it will come with in to the heart. It will be that wee little whisper that comes in to your heart that many of us speak of. But until you experience it, it is difficult to understand that which we say but you will all experience it at one time or another and in some, many times as you continue to move through this transition process.

We need to release channel now. This next time we come together you are going to have the radio show and this is a particularly important time to come together because there are so many things that are about to shift about to explode wide open so it is a very important energy point in time here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated
“Believing is seeing!”

17.03.05 – “The Sleeper Must Awaken” – Sananda, Aramda, and OWS

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(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change groupB and joint call with Anne DeHart over Blog Talk Radio in Phoenix, AZ on March 5, 2017)

This is Anne DeHart. We have James here with us now so I’ll just turn it over to him. Today’s date is Sunday, March 5, 2017 and we have a very special and great show coming up so over to you James McConnell.

James: Thank you Anne. Normally we have Sue here doing this introduction part so I’m doing this for the first time. Normally I’m getting ready to do the channeling but it’s going to be a little bit different this time. Rather than the One Who Serves doing the meditation I’m going to start the meditation. I believe at some point Sananda is going to come in and take over and then continue on with his message after, as well as another one who will come after that. Then we have a question and answer session with the One Who Serves (OWS). And for anybody who doesn’t know that is a collective of Ascended Masters. There’s five or six of them and they go by the title of One Who Serves. I don’t know who they were in past lives, they’ve never shared that with me because they’re not big on names obviously if they go by One Who Serves. So we’re going to just get into a nice relaxed state now and begin a short guided meditation and then we’ll move into the channeling from that.


So everybody get nice and relaxed. Whether sitting or laying down just get relaxed. Begin your breathing. Be sure you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Get into a nice rhythmic breathing focusing on relaxing. That’s all you want to do right now is focus on relaxing into your breath. Take a few nice deep breaths.

As you breathe in, you’re breathing in a golden white light. As you exhale, you’re exhaling out intentions, stress, any kind of negativity or problems of any kind. Let that go out with the exhalation of your breath. Just focus on relaxing now and your breathing. As you breathe in you’re going to breathe in this golden white light. Now see this light moving into your bloodstream energizing the elements of your blood and your blood carrying those energized particles throughout your body so that your body is now filling, literally filling with light. Light going everywhere in your body. For those of you that don’t know this is always a protection process to have the light within your body so that nothing can ever interfere and you are very protected in this way.

Now when your body is completely filled with light put all of your attention now at your heart center, your fourth chakra center. Normally we see that center as a deep blue-green color. That chakra is the midpoint between the three below chakras and the three above. (There are also more below and more above but we’re just sticking with the original seven for now.)

And if you can, step out of your body, or from within your body see all seven chakras now lined up from the first, the second, the third, fourth fifth sixth and seventh and their various respective colors. Normally the first chakra is red, the second orange, the third is a deep yellow color, the fourth is blue-green forest color, the fifth is sky-blue, the sixth is often a deep purple color, the seventh is violet or gold or whatever other color you might be visualizing or experiencing. If you have trouble visualizing — some people do — just simply think it. Think it and it becomes so. See all seven chakras all lined up.

And now be aware of an energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun all the way down through into our solar system from our solar sun as an electric blue light coming down. This electric blue light is coming down through the top of your head now and shooting all the way down through your body, through all seven chakras, all the way down to the center of the earth — straight through your body to the center of the earth. And then from the center of the earth is another energy, or the energy returning all the way back up through your body and all the way up to the Galactic Central Sun. So our bodies now are having two energies coming, one from above and one from below: So Above, So Below. And we’re vibrating with these energies now.

Now there is a column of light, a pillar of light here in the center of the room where we are sitting now. Wherever you are throughout the world there is no time and space so you can be right here in this room. You don’t need to know what it looks like or anything just that it is. And here in the center of this room is a pillar of light. Find yourself here in this pillar of light here now. Just think yourself here and you’re here. And once you are in this pillar of light as a group, whether it’s hundreds or thousands, we’re going to rise up this pillar of light now all the way up through the roof of this building up into the sky. Higher and higher and higher up — somewhat like going up in an elevator or even better yet like a beam ship – you’re beaming up into a ship (although we’re not going to a ship right now,) but beaming up this pillar of light higher and higher up past the Earth’s atmosphere. Then turn around and look back down at the Earth from this point of view. See the Earth, the pristine beautiful blue Earth, the one that we all want to see. Don’t look at how it possibly might appear now but how you want it to be. Believe it and you’ll see it.

And also there is a grid here, what has been called the Christ Consciousness Grid. This grid goes across the entire planet engulfing the planet or encompassing the planet all the way around. It’s an energy grid. Some see it as a violet energy some see it as gold or silver. See the energy going all the way around and now as a group all of us we’re going to send our energies down into this grid.

But along with that there are millions of ships above us all around us for those that have eyes to see so you can see them. They are there. They will de-cloak for you temporarily just so that you can see them. And there is one huge ship [in particular] this one is the New Jerusalem with Sananda and Ashtar and many others. This is their command ship. They are now sending an energy down from the ship like a pulse of energy from the ship, down through us as if we were a magnifying glass out across the Christ Consciousness Grid and shooting this energy all the way around the earth now but now being added to by the ships — and especially the New Jerusalem — and of course all of the energy from the Ascended Masters that are there.

Now see this energy raining down upon the earth, like an energy rain raining down light, raining down love; pure energy, pure love going everywhere. Especially in areas where still there is darkness whether it be the Congo area that we worked on and has been very much cleared up now, as well as other areas: Washington, DC, places in California, places around the world, Rome, the Vatican. On and on you can think of places. But it’s not so much that you think of a specific place but that it is everywhere that you send this energy, this love throughout the planet. You might start it in one place and then let it spread farther and further out. And you’re spreading the violet light — either the violet light or a pink light, pink magenta light. The pink magenta light is a healing energy, the violet light is a purging energy. See this light going everywhere now filling everyone. Even those that have no concept of this process, no concept of vibration, no concept of light, know that they are feeling this as you send it to them. You don’t send it to individuals (although you can,) but to the group consciousness, the collective consciousness of the planet is now who is receiving these energies. These energies going across, see it as a wave of energy, a wave of love, a wave of light going across the planet. Such as a tsunami going across the planet spreading out, gathering force, gathering momentum as it goes. But eventually a tsunami ends. This wave does not end. It continues on and on and on and once it’s made its complete evolution around the world around the planet it begins again and again and again with no ending. Once it becomes set in motion, once the momentum begins there is no stopping it. Know that now.

Know that the energy — you are the energy, you are creating the energy because you are the creator. I Am the creator. I Am the source of all things. Know this as you send this energy out across the entire planet to all people to all life out there wherever it is. See it all going to all places wherever there is still darkness wherever there is still a dark crevice see the light pouring into that crevice and the light illuminating the dark wherever it might be.

Now just for a moment I want you to visualize yourself, your individual self, going through a typical day in your life waking up in the morning so you can visualize yourself being in your bed, your sleeping state coming awake stepping out from the bed and going about your day. And as you go about this day all of a sudden there is an energy that hits you, a pulse of energy comes within you and you feel this energy move in. And it is like nothing you have ever felt before. You have had glimpses of this you have had a sense of this previously but nothing as this will be. Nothing as it is now, as it is coming into you. Visualize this, know this, experience this, feel this moving into you as a pulse of energy, a pulse of light, a pulse of love coming into you and washing over your entire body, your consciousness becoming you and you becoming it.

And as this blissful feeling washes over you and takes over you, you know that at this point this is what you have been waiting for so long. This is that energy that has been spoken of for eons of time … that is here now awakening the masses, shifting consciousness throughout the planet and you, each individual you, are a catalyst for this energy. Because as it washes into you, as it moves into you, you send it out to others and out to others and they send it out and they send it out and so on and so on. And you feel the sense of oneness at that moment come over you. And you know in that very moment that you are the All and the All is you.

Now there are times when you can take this meditation and go beyond it. You can see how the world changes after this moment after this event. You can see all of the things that begin to shift as a result of this. How people begin to welcome one another, begin to embrace one another. Wherever there was hatred there is now only love. Love begins to conquer all as it always has and always will.

Now allow yourselves to begin to move away from this vision back into the pillar of light that you came out from and move back down this pillar of light, back down into this room or to wherever you find your physical body now and move back into your physical forms. But bring this blissful feeling, this sense of oneness, this love unconditional back into you into your body and into your consciousness. You come back now into complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.

For Susan

Before I continue on with this message there is one here that is missing within this group as many of you know her name as Susan. I want you all now to visualize light, love, oneness, pure blissfulness that you felt at that time as we did this meditation, send this light now send this love to this dear one, Susan, our sister. Bath her in pink magenta healing light. Do not worry about what it is affecting just know that it is affecting her, it is changing her, it is shifting. Whatever needs to happen within this one, whatever is for the highest good for both her and those around her is what she will experience now. See her bathed in this beautiful pink magenta light. We of the Company of Heaven thank you for this.


I Am Sananda. Often I come to this group to speak in this manner, to be a part of the expression that you are now. And often I come with words of encouragement, words of letting you know that you are close to the end, that you are close to the finish line. And yes even today that is still so.

But I wish to speak today about the many changes that are happening in the background, the ones that you cannot yet see. Some of you are beginning to become aware. Some of you are awakening from this slumber that you have been in for so long a period of time and some around you are also beginning to awaken from this slumber because consciousness is shifting. There is no doubt about that. If you could see from our point of view here in our ship the New Jerusalem, if you could see as Ashtar and I see and many others, as we look down upon the earth and we see the flickers of light coming on where before there was just but an ember. Now there is a flame burning within. This is what is happening and these flames are quickening across the planet more and more every day. Every moment a new one wakens, a new one begins to shift. And this is a grand time for all of us to experience the shift to experience this change because you have all been working toward this. Even if you do not know that you are doing anything, even if you think you are just going about your life daily and coming to a group such as this once a week and that that is all you are doing, even that as you do it, is accomplishing an immense amount of change and shift in consciousness. If you could but only know how much you are affecting the whole and how the whole is affecting you for as one reaches out to another that other reaches out to another one yet and again and again and again. This is how the light is spreading. This is how consciousness is changing, how love is being shared across the planet.

You are the ones that are doing this. We are here to assist but we cannot do it for you. Now there are those across the planet — relatively few — that are attempting to hold back all of this. Hold back all of this momentum of the light because they are not comfortable within the light. They are only comfortable within the shadows. But I tell you now that the shadows are becoming illuminated. They are being brought out of their shadowy state and being brought out into the open and illumined for all to see for all to be aware of. And this is the process now that is about to completely shift so that many, many more become aware of all that has been kept hidden and is no longer to be hidden, it is to become revealed as the truth. I speak now of many things: your political system, your financial system, the what many call the horrendous system of human trafficking. And yes I am speaking about that.

And yes I am speaking about this because it is about awareness, it is about consciousness shifting and if you are not aware of this — those of the ‘collective you’ are not aware of these changes — then you continue to sleep you continue to be programmed. So the sleeper must awaken! The sleeper must become awakened. And as you awaken you help the collective consciousness or the universal mind of man to awaken as well.

There are many things happening. There are many arrests that have already happened, many have already been taken off world. You are not aware of this because they have been replaced by — believe it or not — holograms. They have been replaced by a holographic representation of themselves. But not the kind of hologram that you know of. Certainly not. But the holograms I speak of now are physical in the sense that you can touch you can feel them they have emotions but they are deprogrammed from what they have been before. They have been enlightened from what they have been before or illumined. So the ones that still have that darkness within them many have been taken out of the picture. Not in the sense of a three-dimensional execution but taken out away from this planet and rehabilitated, given the opportunity to move back to the Light for no one is ever lost unless they choose in the final analysis to lose themselves. And this of course as anything, is their choice.

So do not be concerned about that. Be concerned now about yourselves and those around you, those loved ones around you as you continue to reach out to assist in any way that you can. Because this is what you came here for, my brothers and sisters, you came here to be Love, to share Love. You came here to assist in this transition period and eventually you came here to be a part of this ascension process and to assist in the ascension. This is your mission. This is your mission. This is what you came here for. And many of you are yet to be called into service. But to be called into service you will be, because as the One Who Serves has said many times you are in training. You are in training to become the one that you were meant to be and are and have always been.

I Am Sananda. I will release now to another who will share with you briefly about the ships and what is coming as a result of this. All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Remember I and all of us that mentor to you at this time are always within just a whisper away. You only need to call out to us.

Peace and love be with all of you.


I Am Aramda. Many of you have not heard of me before. There are a few here in this group that I had spoken to before through this one James. I have not come through that often but it is coming time now. It is coming time for many changes to happen, many shifts to occur. But my responsibility on my ship called the “Amalia” is to assist the process moving toward first contact. And yes you hear that word now, those words, ‘first contact’. And what does it bring to mind here? It brings to mind of ships landing and those of you the people here moving toward those ships and welcoming those of us who step off and we, of course, welcoming you. But it is not just a welcome it is a remembering. It is a recognition.

This is what it will be like as we step off of our ships and greet you. And you will remember, you will see the long-lost brothers and sisters that left here so long ago in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis as we left in our ships, left you to what was ahead which you chose to be a part of knowing that at some point we would return. And at that time it would be a welcome celebration like you have never felt yet. Take your greatest party in this lifetime, your greatest birthday, your greatest celebration and it will not begin to match, even come close to that celebration when you first lay eyes on your beloved brothers and sisters from above. Those who have been watching over you for many, many lifetimes are back here now watching over you; are ready to come to the surface when the signal is given.

And the signal is close. Close from our point of view maybe not quite so much for yours but yet it is still very close to happening. If you would close your eyes just for a moment and see the vision that we are sending you now. It is a vision of ships. It is coming into each one of your consciousness now. As the ships begin to land see the ships coming down. Feel the excitement that you are feeling in that moment as you realize that all of these lifetimes that have been building toward this is now come to fruition, is now here. There are millions of ships out here, millions … some even say billions if you could but imagine that. All these ships cloaked — but ready to de-cloak in a moment’s notice and appear in your skies just as we once did long ago. And as you look up into the sky and as now you see airplanes and jets you will see many different types of ships of all different sizes and colors and lighting. Some ships of light, some ships of consciousness, some of both. Some more physical than others. Some more etheric. But yet all will be here to assist in this process of moving through toward your ascension.

We are many of the mentors that you have been hearing of. When the landings come we will be the ones who will be spreading out to all of you to become the mentors that you have been waiting for, that you have been hearing about. And we are so longing for this time to occur. For this is what we have come here for, this is what we are parked out in your atmosphere, above your atmosphere and sometimes within it, so that at a moment’s notice we can begin to move through the process of showing ourselves. And show ourselves we will.

I Am Aramda and I have come to share this brief message with you. I will return at another time not too far off to share more with you as these times move ahead and we get closer and closer to what could be considered the green light being given, the signal that all is about to begin. May you all continue to move in love and light for we are all in this together.

Own Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Hum. Hum.

Greetings to you. One Who Serves here with you to continue this process to continue to send out this love and sharing and oneness and light and all these wonderful things that are happening. Is this not all wonderful people? Do you not feel the energy, the love, the experiences of all that we are trying to share with you? Did you not feel the bliss as Sananda spoke of here? This is what it is all about. This is why you meet every week to have these experiences to prepare you, to prepare you for the changes as they come so that when these changes come more fully you will not be shocked. Well some of you will still be shocked [Laughter] but you will not be as shocked as you could have been as many out there will be.

You are the ones that have been planning and working and training toward being ready for these changes, ready for this day of shift, ready for these waves of energy that have been coming to you and you have been experiencing so many things. Your dreams, oh my goodness your dreams are becoming amazing are they not? Many of you, and some are saying oh my dreams are always the same. When are we going to get some good dreams here? And we tell you that they are coming and if you have not had them yet or if they are interspersed and not as much as you want them to be, they are coming, they’re going to be here. You cannot stop them if you wanted to. Okay? You are going to have so many more experiences waking experiences where you are walking in your daily life and all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye is a glimpse of something that is there but yet not there. You see what we’re saying here? It is something is moving in the corner of your eye and you turn and you look and there is nothing there. And then you look away and all of a sudden it is there again in the corner of your eye and you turn toward it and again nothing there. But one of these times you are going to turn and guess what there’s going to be a lot there. Maybe you’re going to see dead people! [Laughter] Who knows!

But there is going to be so many things that are coming and are going to happen you have no idea. But we try and we try and we try to give you these glimpses and get you prepared but we could not even begin to prepare you for the way it is going to be.

And yes, those of you that say it is not going to happen in our lifetimes, this is going to take lifetime after lifetime just as it always has, and if that is what you think then maybe for you that is what it will be. But we tell you now it is not going to be for the majority of the population. Now hear what I just said: the majority of the population we are not talking about the small minority, the 1% of anything of this nature. Not even that 30%! We are talking about much more than this. Much more are going to have the capacity and the capability to move beyond this three-dimensional illusion and I tell you now many of you have already moved beyond this three-dimensional illusion in many respects. Many of you are operating daily in the fourth dimension even into the higher levels of the fourth dimension and occasionally shift into the fifth dimension. We are not speaking in terms of your dreams we are talking in your waking state; whenever you feel that sense of bliss come over you or that unconditional love for whatever might be bringing it about. This is that moment where you have moved into higher vibrations moved into fifth dimensional frequencies. Do you stay there? Most likely not because you are not quite ready for this yet. If you were you would have no attachments, nothing would pull you back. But you have your attachments. Your attachments are your loved ones, your attachments are your animals, your attachments are your things your stuff, all of these things attached to you and hold you back.

But when the mentors are introduced to you, you will have the experience of being able to move through these attachments. They will assist you in moving through these attachments.

Imagine just for a moment being up on a ship. You aren’t going to feel much attachment anymore. I tell you, you won’t want to go back to all your stuff, your home, all of this. You will be looking out in wonder and seeing — just imagine if you were on the New Jerusalem and you see this huge ship… especially as you are coming up to it and it is huge beyond your imagination. Something what is it 2000 miles wide by 2000 miles across each one. Can you imagine the size here, the immenseness? But then when you move inside the ship and you see the ocean! Did I just say the ocean? Yes there is an ocean there. Can you imagine?! There are plants, there are deserts, there are mountains, rivers, streams, valleys. It’s a planet itself you see. And you would be within it and on it. You see? It is amazing what is coming.

If you think that it is something just to travel around your planet though many of you have not even traveled out of your state. Can you imagine though not only traveling across the planet like in the blink of an eye but traveling to the moon, going to Mars, or to Saturn, or out of the solar system entirely, out of the galaxy and back to your home world. Yes you have a home world! You all have a home world many in some cases many home worlds. And you will have that opportunity to move back to those home worlds if you wish but we know that many of you being of mind of service to others will want to turn right around and say I want to do what you are doing One Who Serves. I want to do what you are doing Sananda. I went to assist I want to be here and assist those who need our help, who need our guidance just as we received our guidance from you. You see? This is where you are headed.

Does it sound like we are excited? We are excited we are so excited because it is coming near to the end. It is, even in your idea of the end, it is coming near to it. Now before the end can come there will be changes. There are shifts that are happening. What is your saying, ‘shift happens’? Put your own words in there if you want. [Laughter] You know what we speak of here. You see?

We did not mean to go on and on here but you’ve given me the stage and I just take off here. I just love the stage! There was a time when the others here, those of us, the One Who Serves, the collective here would not give me the stage, but you know what, now they cannot take me off. They tried to bring that hook out but I just dodged it. [Laughter] Anyway.

We are ready now for questions. And we do not have our beloved Ashira. Susan of course is in recovery. We will say recovery. We will not say the state that she was in. We’re going to say she is in recovery and you all need to see and believe and visualize her recovering and being here within the group again.

And certainly within the group when we again have our next advance which is going to be the most amazing advance or retreat or whatever you want to call it that you have ever been to. And we’re setting this up as a potential here; a potential and a probability. James does not know this yet but we are preparing for an amazing time which will include many sightings of the ships that Aramda has spoken of. They are going to be there enmass and it is going to be an amazing time. Those of you that will not be able to be there in person you can join on the phone as we are doing here and it is going to be even sensational in that respect. You will not be able to necessarily see with your physical eyes but you will be able to operate within your third eye sensor and see as much as they are seeing if you allow it. Quite a buildup, no? Get ready because the ship is sailing and you are needing to be on that ship. Okay? That is a hint people! Take it as you want but that was a major hint to you. [audience: Sounds like good ship to me!] The good ship lollipop! [Laughter]

Now we are ready for questions. Do you have questions here?

Question and Answer Session

Q: Can you tell us some of the names of the 12 councils?

OWS: You know what, there are so many councils we have lost track of all of them. There councils for the solar system; there are councils for the galaxy; there are councils for the planet; there are councils for each individual planet; there are councils for the Federation; there are councils for the Ashtar Command; there are councils for the councils. [Laughter] But see, we cannot even begin. You hear of those of the Council of Nine, the Council of Heaven, the council of the solar system, there are councils of this Galactic Federation, Council of the Intergalactic Federation of planets and so on and so on, you see. So you are going to have a rather interesting education when you come into the galactic organization here, when we all move into the galactic organization when the Earth, Gaia herself, becomes again – and I say again – becomes a member of the Galactic Association of Planets and the Galactic Federation of Planets.

Q: During the meditation I felt someone cradling my face and possibly kissing me on the left side. Do I have a connection to Aramda?

OWS: My dear, now that you have brought this up — we would not bring it up if you had not. But yes, you do as many here in this room also do and also many here listening in on this also have a connection with this one Aramda. It is because of your connection to those times in Lemuria, many of you know who this one was. We are not going to tell you now but he was one of the elders, one of the great elders at that time and you all knew of him. Many of you knew of him. There were those of you that were what would be also called The Watchers and you were the ones that were watching from above, observing. Not necessarily participating but watching and observing so that one day you could come in as you have in this lifetime and know from experience all that is being shared here because you were there observing it. Not necessarily living it directly but observing and watching. You are The Watchers. Some of you already know who you are.

Q: Well I just wanted to say that I need to trust myself more because last night I had a feeling that Aramda was coming today and he hasn’t spoken to us in a long, long time. I was rereading one of his stories and I just need more to trust myself more.

OWS: My dear sister, our dear friend the other One Who Serves, the one who has worked most closely with you over the years here is over there chuckling greatly as they can chuckle and he is smiling from ear to ear and saying to you, “It’s about time!!!” [Laughter] Trust yourself! How many times have they said this over and over: trust yourself. And this is not only for this one who has asked this question but for all. Trust yourself. Trust yourself in who you are because you are the creator source. That creator source that is within us all. And it is never not there. It is only the mind that creates the disconnect there from your higher god self, from the monad source and from the source above that, the Creative Source of All.

Q: A dog I’ve tried to help seems worse off now than before. The owner is retaliating from the help I was trying to give by crating the dog on the front porch. Can you give any advice of what I can do besides sending her love and light?

OWS: Normally this would be Ashira’s realm but we are going to attempt to assist here and say pretty much though what she would have also said. You are one who has been the do-gooder, you might say, the one who is always attempting to assist others, especially animals, whenever you see them in a plight. Whenever you see them having some difficulties you want to reach out to them and help them, as anyone who has a consciousness basically would want to. The difficulty in this though is, understand that this particular animal or any animal for that matter has come into this process for a reason, has come in here just as you have come in for a reason the animal has also come for a reason. And if it is going to go through some of this suffering and all of this it is doing so willingly. Not so much as you can see it, it looks like it is desperate or feeling discomfort and all of this, but at the higher levels of its soul consciousness it has come here for a reason and it is doing what it needs to do.

Now with that understood that does not mean that you as the human being who as the one with the loving consciousness cannot reach out and help wherever you can but you must be aware that there are situations that if you become involved in, yourself, you may upset the cart here as you might see it and it is maybe not meant to be. This is also for those who want to bring healing to an individual to a human being and want them to be healed. If they are in the hospital and they want them to be healed and want them to be walking out and all of that but you do not take into consideration the contract or the consciousness within that one that may not want to stay, that may be wanting to leave you see? You do not know or what the result, the life result will be as a result if that one were to pass on and the family that is left behind and the lessons that they are going to learn from that. You see you have to look at all of this. But then in the final analysis we would say to you as much as possible be unattached. Be neutral. It does not mean do not be loving, but do not be attached emotionally to the situation. Do what you can and then step aside. Send love and step aside. Let it go. Send light let the light hit the individual or the animal and then step aside and let the creator source do its thing.

Q: I am wondering if you can shed any light on any of these dreams: In one I was telling President Bush that the truth about pizzagate, pedophilia rings and those kinds of things was coming out. He got very nervous and tried to act like he had no idea about what was going on. In another dream, a most profound dream, I was doing a sort of training work with others, learning how to be friends with lions and tigers and learning how to walk with them as one. The name of my soul family or home star system came up as something like Quaa…

OWS: Both of those dreams are premonitional dreams. The one with the George Bush is premonitional in the sense that the truth is coming out. And when the truth comes out those — not only him but many of them — are going to do all that they can to act like there is nothing there that we or you are making this up, that it is simply conspiracy theory. You know that whole thing they’ve been using over and over and over but it is no longer working because everybody, many are coming to the understanding that conspiracy theory is now become conspiracy fact and this is what is going to shift here as a result of this. And if more and more will be confronted in this respect as you saw in your dreams and they’re going to do all they can to deny it but the truth will be revealed. It cannot be stopped.

As to the second dream you are correct in the respect that it is a language that you knew previously. It is part of the mother language that came here to this planet, has been lost over a long time back with Atlantis and Lemuria, the mother tongue and it is part of this. And you are bringing this forward here and the other part was with the animals and how you are going to be friendly with animals and they’re going to be friendly with you. Now remember back to what was said in the Bible in terms of the lion will lay down with the lamb. You have all heard this at one time or another. This is a premonitional dream that is saying to you and to all of you now this is saying to you that this will indeed be the case, that you will be petting tigers and lions all of this because they will no longer have the instinct to prey upon any other life forms when the change is fully up and you have gone through this ascension process because remember they are ascending along with you.

Q: I wonder if Masons and Freemasons are the same and if they are a good group or not. I hear that Donald Trump is a Freemason and my grandparents used to be very involved in the Masons and the Eastern Star I believe. I just wondered if you could tell something about those groups.

OWS: You have to understand that the idea of good or bad is subjective and it is based on consciousness and where one is at the time. So the concept of the Masons and the Knights Templar and what you call the Freemasons and so on, all of these secretive groups that have been in the past they all began with illumination. They all began in the light. And because of the process, the programming that has happened within the cabal and what you call the illuminati, the dark forces, because of this programming they have been infiltrated again and again. There are those aspects within these organizations that are wonderful, they do all kinds of things to assist mankind in many ways. But then there are other levels as they rise higher — and notice that the ones that rise higher within these organizations are the ones that are power-hungry or are the ones that are in the darkness, that succumb to the darkness here as they move up into the higher levels the 33rd-rank and so on. They are the ones that now understand the mysteries involved here but they also understand that those mysteries give them power and they then become more powerful and we speak of many of the various illuminati the cabal that have arisen in this respect to these higher levels. But at what you would call the lower levels of this there are those of you, same as you, that move into these organizations to be social to be helpful to their brothers and sisters in many ways and have no idea of what is occurring at those higher levels. And we speak now in terms of satanic and the pedophilia all of these things that are happening at those higher levels. But you see those are the ones that are going to be taken down and are being taken down as we speak now. So there is good and bad as you can look at it here but again it is subjective.

Oh yes, since you have brought up Mr Trump, we are going to speak just briefly about him. He is bringing light. He is bringing a light to the darkness. He is being the catalyst to open things up to make things go worldwide first here in the country and then it will spread worldwide. So is he a wonderful person? No, not necessarily from the way you would look at him. Is he of the light? Certainly yes he is. But he is also one that is somewhat attached to his ego in many respects and is doing what he needs to do what he thinks he needs to do and he believes in what he is doing. And he believes in the people. He is one that is wanting to bring back the Republic. You may not have thought of them in this respect but he is wanting to do that. But he must tread carefully as you know, just as one previous to him, the Obama came in with all of the light, a commander of light. He came in and had all the best intentions and was going to change the world, but as you know when power steps in, what is your saying: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You see? So in some ways he was taken over, not by the dark side so much but taken over by the dark side within himself and the ego in some respects took over here. But also he was also being threatened daily by those who were in control over him and they threatened him and his family and so on and so on and he eventually came to the point where he just said enough is enough. I cannot fight them anymore so I’m just going to go along. And then he became president that was doing next to nothing here to help the people. But he wanted to in the beginning. Now Mr. Trump is coming in and doing the same thing but he has the fortitude to see this through because he does not care about what others think about him. He cares about what others think of his family. He cares about what others think about you the American people. And he even cares about the people beyond his country but first he has to do what he can to right the ship here to, what is his saying: drain the swamp here first. This is what he is working on. Give him time but give him love, give him support, send him light so that he can do all that he came here to do to be the catalyst to bring about the new … rather the “Old Republic.”

Q: Do you have any more information on the language that was lost in Atlantis and the Lemuria?

OWS: There is much information that is out there in terms you can do research. Go on your Internet and put in terms mother tongue or Atlantean language or Lemurian language and see what comes up. There is much that is out there already. Books have been written about this. There are even those books by Churchward and others that have put the language in a book. You can see it. And the term that you use the Q-U-A-A is very close to being in there if you find the right volume the right book we are speaking of here. We are not going to tell you directly. We are not going to be your eyes and your ears we are only going to be the nudge on your shoulder to send you on your way so that you can be in your own journey. This is what is important.

It is similar to when we first told the James about the ancient records that were secreted away from Atlantis and Lemuria and we told him that these records were secreted away because the land mass Atlantis and before that Lemuria were going down and they knew this so they gathered all these records in many different ways and placed them into secretive locations. And when James heard this his Indiana Jones came up in him and he became Indiana James and he began to wonder, ‘well can I go find these records.’ And we said of course you can and he gathered a group together and they went trudging off to Mexico looking for these records and all along James kept saying well okay all I have to do is channel and they’ll come through and tell us right where the records are. And what is your saying … tell God your plans if you want him to laugh or something of this nature. Now that did not happen according to his plan but it put him on a journey, put all of those with him at that time on a journey.

And they were journeying to find those records. But not to find them, to remember them. To recover them because there were those within the group had actually placed those records there at that time. They only needed to remember. But in order to remember they had to move up into higher vibrations because within those higher vibrations this is how the records were placed. They were not placed in a three-dimensional illusionary state such as you are in now. They were placed in the 5th dimension and in order to find them again, in order to recover them you would have to move into that 5th dimension. And we did everything we could to assist the process: chanting and giving language, all kinds of things and they came very, very close. As a matter fact they do not know how close they came! But when they became so close they gave up, you see. And it is what you would call a shame but it is not for us because it was the journey that was so much more important here. If the records are never brought up so what?! They’re all within you already anyway, you see. Does this answer your question in a very long roundabout manner as we are so prone to do.

Q: The other vision I’ve been having and feeling lately is about you know I know St. Germain is working very closely with Pres. Trump and it seems that we’re kind of going towards the path of each almost like a president in each state. Is there any truth to that?

OWS: That is something that will need to come about in the changes as you continue to move here. We cannot give this because in reality that has not yet been fully decided but it is going to go back to when your ancient forefathers created the documents, created the Bill of Rights, created all of this to be the perfect Republic that they were envisioning for America. That is what it is going to go back to. And also since you have brought it up, yes St. Germain is very much involved in this process. Just as he was involved in the signing of the Declaration of Independence he is there now in the capital, in the white house with him, and he is assisting him from afar. Not so much visually appearing to him but he is over his shoulder and assisting greatly what you would call overshadowing. He very much wants this to be. It was what he would even say his baby at one time.

Q: It appears that Trump is doing more harm than good like rolling back EPA laws, allowing the Dakota pipeline, and the immigrant situation. Why does it appear that he wants to take the rights away from the people when you’re saying he wants the Republic and he is a light worker?

OWS: You have to understand that one individual cannot please everyone and so he is doing what he believes is right. Now he also has many around him giving him suggestions. Some which would call good and some not so. But it is all again about bringing out the truth, revealing, bringing things forward. And if he says do not worry about climate change and things like this then that is going to raise the whiskers … no, that is not you’re saying here. Raise the shackles. Is that the right word? – no whiskers, shackles. Oh raise something here and he is raising the alarm you might say and people are awakening, people are awakening because of this people are becoming more aware. They may be thinking, well he is not doing such a great job here but look over here, he’s doing something good over here. And over here it’s not so bad either. You see and it is raising awareness across the board. Think about yourselves now. You, those of you that are listening now and those of you that read these words as they get transcribed or listen later, think about this when you heard many things that were happening in the time of the election and all of this, weren’t you more than ever attuned to this process more than you ever had been before? Some of you watched the election results did you not? Did you ever watch election results before? Some of you listened to the inauguration speech. Now be truthful, did you ever listen to an inauguration speech before? Of course some of you did but many of you didn’t and what we are saying here as things are changing people are becoming aware and in this particular individual is helping to bring about that awareness even more than the one Obama did before him.

Obama did a lot to raise the shackles you might say he did a lot to do that. He did a lot to make people hate him in many respects, but in that hating they became aware. They came out of their slumber out of their sleep and instead said ‘no more! Enough is enough!’ And then the election happened and you elected president a businessman not a politician. And this was something tremendously beyond anybody’s wildest imagination as to those of the cabal. They never expected this. They never thought this would happen. They thought a buffoon against Hillary Clinton- no contest. That’s the way they looked at him you see? They looked at him as a place holder, just someone who could run against her and of course would lose. But they did not take into consideration the American people and the fact that they had had enough and they did not take into consideration the forces of light and how great they are and how much, much more they are growing all the time. And as we have said before so many times the light can no longer be stopped here. Did this answer your question?

Q: Well yeah but not really. It looks like he’s going to do what he’s going to do and he doesn’t care about what the people want.

OWS: Please, please look beyond the individual now. Look beyond the individual and look at the whole. Look at the entire process that is occurring here. That is what is important here: the journey not the destination. And look at how everything is changing, no matter who is in that position, and it is bringing awareness and that is what is important, awareness and people are awakening. And if they awakened to be against this one then so be it but they are at least awakening to something. They are coming out of their sleep they are coming out of their malaise and taking sides. And yes in some respects the taking sides thing is not what it is certainly not in the long run but it is at least doing something. It is bringing more and more awareness to the situation. And when awareness is brought in so is light.

Q: We have heard both ways about Paul Ryan, that he was of the light and then we’ve heard that he was taking money from the cabal. Which is it? We’ve also keep hearing that the new Republic is coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. If Trump is making all the changes that he is and he is of the light, I’m wondering if as long as Trump is making headway will that prolong the new Republic coming in?

OWS: There is much studies occurring and the Republic is coming. There is no question about this. It is coming. Actually in many respects it is already there, it is already in place it only needs to be announced and put into the process here. And then of course will come those other things of NESARA and all of this. But understand first there must be those happenings such as the many events that have been spoken of leading up to the more major events and those would be the various arrests of those ones who are still somewhat in control — although please understand they are not in as much control as you might think they are or as much as they think they are. Because if they were, and many of you understand the plans that they had for the world population. Many of them wanting to reduce the world’s population to a very small minimum here. And they had dastardly plans to do this in many ways: world war in terms of nuclear weapons, and pandemics of various kinds, diseases, and all of these created things that they were working on, your chemtrails, all of this was a part of this. But now look at the situation now. How much of this is happened?

Have you had a nuclear war? No. Can you have a nuclear war? No, you cannot it is not allowed anymore. Pandemics in terms of viruses and things, have they not attempted to do this? The Zika virus. Many of you, what happened when you heard about the Zika virus. You heard about it and wondered was there anything to this and then in your research on the internet you realized this is another kind of false flag that they are doing. You see? It is just something they are doing to spread fear. And this is what they have continued to do again and again. But you, the awakened ones, have said no way anymore we’re not going to listen to this anymore this is hogwash. This has no meaning in our lives, in our higher dimensional higher vibrational lives that we are working on being in now. You see? If you remain in the three-dimensional illusion then yes they are still having their effect, and those that wish to stay in that three-dimensional illusion they will have their pandemics, they will have their wars and all of this. This is going to be what they are asking for and they are going to have it. Ask and you shall receive. It works in all respects you see.

Now as to the one Paul Ryan we cannot give too much information on him. They are already over there saying you know, One Who Serves, (although they call me something different because they know who I really am, just as I know who they really are.) They say brother, what are you doing? You are giving so much information! But yet they are not stopping me. [Laughter] Now think about that for a second. If they did not want this information coming out they would be stopping me just as they have in the past. Just glue my mouth … what is your saying, put my foot in mouth and all of this. Many, many times and they did have that hook ready and pull me back but they’re not doing it anymore. And do you know why they’re not doing it anymore? Because it is time. It is time for the truth revealing. It is time for disclosure and they know that. And they are saying, okay go for it! (For the most part.) Now of course I know things, many things, and I know there are many things I cannot share at this point.

And to this one you have asked about Mr. Ryan, cannot share too much about him other than he is on the fence. He is on the one side the light, and the other side teetering toward the darkness. And there are those forces that are pulling him in each direction but at this point he is not that … we are going to use a subjective terminology here but he is not that important to the situation yet at this time so there’s no need to be concerned about him. As far as that he was going to become the president in a coup or whatever it is, much of that was disinformation that was created on the Internet so that you, all of you light workers would be thinking that, here’s the Republic, we have it now we have no concern anymore, we don’t even have to go and elect anybody because it’s not going to be a concern so therefore we are not going to vote. That’s what they wanted, you see? They wanted you to not vote and in not voting you voted for Hillary Clinton. You see? But that did not happen as you know. That is history now. Does this answer your question?

Q: Do you have anything you want to say about the Pope? [Laughter]

OWS: We are going to hold off on that one because we could get into too much trouble here. He is not who you think he is, let’s just put it that way. That could go either way, yes.

Q: For many years now I’ve been curious. Exactly what is my purpose in life for being here and in the future. Can you help me?

OWS: Now that is akin to “X” Marks the Spot and as we said earlier we could not give to James, we cannot give it to anyone. As much as I myself would like to do that, they’re over there saying, “Don’t you dare do that!” That is too far going over the line so we cannot say what your purpose is or anything. What we will give, when others have asked this question before we will give a similar and very much the same answer: There is no ‘one’ purpose. You never came here with one purpose; you came here with many purposes, and those purposes change every moment with your thoughts so you never have one purpose. You never have the poem earlier, ‘one final station to reach.’ It is all in the journey. In that journey that you are taking now your purposes shift constantly. Yes you came in here with a blueprint. Now that is different. You came in with a blueprint that you are following, your guides are helping you to follow; your Higher God Self is there nudging you all the time saying, well, you’re getting off the path a little here so we are going to give you a nudge to push you back. Or you came to a fork in the road here. We want you to go left, you want to go right, so which is it going to be here? And your free choice will always win out. But let’s say you turned to the right and you go off in a different direction. Well there are going to be other turns ahead that are going to shift you back to the original path that you were on to begin with. That is the blueprint, you see.

Q: I’d like some understanding of an experience I’ve had many times in my life that is from my third eye seeing a wall of energy moving through everything. It’s like a paper-thin transparent wall of energy. And I can feel it when it’s like maybe 60 feet in front of me moving toward me.

OWS: As we look into this we are seeing this energy this wall of energy as you are speaking of, but it is not what you may be thinking, if you have thought about before and come to a conclusion, it is not necessarily what you are thinking it is. It is not the veil as you may be thinking. This is an energy barrier that is in front of you and moving into you and you moving into it. Much of this comes from where you come from in terms of home world or whatever you might wish to call it, other civilizations you have been a part of. And you bring this energy with you. You are very much a being of energy, are you not? Do you have great feelings yourself? Do you feel intensely more so than maybe your neighbor does? This is what we are talking about here. You have a great deal of energy within you and you feel this energy and you brought it here from where you came from. And somewhat you feel energies more than you see them or hear them or experience them in other ways, you feel them. And this is an indication of the energies being beyond yourself but yet being within you as well at the same time. We know this is somewhat difficult to understand but at the three dimensional mind construct, it can be difficult. But you are dealing with Source Energy here.

Q: I read an article that said they are starting to microchip Australians. It went on to say they had intended to microchip the citizens of the US first. They gave examples of how proud some people are [to be microchipped] because they can make doors open for them, they could do all their banking with this microchip in them and I guess I got a little alarmed and thought you could help us understand what the plan is and if indeed this will get anywhere, will they advance their plan?

OWS: The simple answer the short answer is no. They will not advance their plans. The other part of this is that they wanted to do this. They were working toward this, they had all intentions of making this happen. They had all the intentions of installing chips in every individual on the planet and how much control would they have had if this were the case. If it happened here in the US, in America, it would have created a great shift in their direction, in their control direction. Yes you would be able to open doors with your mind or with this chip or whatever. So what? You can’t put your hand out and open a door? [Laughter]

So you have to understand where these things come from and that they are going to be stopping, are being stopped. They will be stopped. There is no way they can continue on with this because all of you listening here, how many of you would want this chip in you? [audience: No one!] I would say not a single one would want that here. Just as all of you how many of you would want a vaccination of any kind after what you have learned about vaccinations? Most of you would say no way not even your flu vaccine. This is how consciousness is shifting and it is continuing to shift and will continue to shift. And everyone, more and more and more out there are saying enough is enough. We want freedom. And that is what you are here for is to create freedom within the world here now.

Q: The pharmaceutical industry is fighting tooth and nail to disclaim the truth about what’s in the vaccines and it’s such a huge power struggle. Are we going to win that battle soon or are we going to continue having children unable to go to school unless they’re vaccinated? Children and people are dying from them, and they can’t even sue the pharmaceutical industries. What chances do we have?

OWS: They are already winning. Not the pharmaceutical companies but the forces of light are already winning in this because again, consciousness is shifting and as consciousness shifts no one will have any need of any of this. Think about this for a second, if you are rising in vibration into the higher dimensional frequencies there will be no more illness, no more sickness, none of this. So what need would you have of vaccinations anymore? They are doing everything they can — they the cabal, the dark forces are doing everything that they can to hold this back because they know once you move ahead and fully move into higher vibrations they’re gone they’re done. As a matter of fact they will not be able to survive in those higher-dimensional frequencies. They cannot do it. It is almost as if you’re vampire analogy, those fables and this type of thing. And if a vampire goes out into the light what happens? They burn up. Well if a vampire, in this case these being vampires, if they go into the higher frequencies they will shrivel up, their nervous systems will not be able to handle it. They will be taken off of here.

Anne: One Who Serves, the caller was asking if the light will win soon. We still have all these little remnants in these different areas like vaccinations and microchips and they’re scattered all over the place. I think your answer telling us that, as the energies go higher they will shrivel up and blow away. Is that pretty much how it’s finally going to clean up so we can move on with our own lives?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: I would just like to ask One Who Serves — I don’t want to get him into too much more trouble — but can he say anything about the three large ships that supposedly were found under Antarctica. They are supposed to be like 30 miles in diameter. David Wilcock and Cory Goode have been releasing that information and I wondered if you could say anything about that.

OWS: You have already said that they have said about this and more are coming forward, more what you would call whistleblowers, more will be bringing this truth out. This is something, one of the things that is going to break wide open. This along with your human trafficking, along with various arrests, along with the vaccine situation, the pharmaceutical companies, all of these things are going to break wide open and there will be no question anymore. People will no longer be looking at this as conspiracy theories or what is the newest thing the false news and all of this. They will be looking at the ones that have been holding it back such as your mass media, they will become the false news. They are already becoming that. Because many of you know, even those of your neighbors, those of your brothers and sisters out there, how many of them do you find that listen to the regular news anymore? Very few. Certainly you don’t but there are many out there that do not anymore either. Many of them even what you might call the senior citizens, even they are turning to the Internet now. Not that the Internet is all truth — certainly not — but it provides truth and falseness so therefore you can use your ability to discern.

Q: I’m a school bus driver and the children’s energies are becoming erratic to the point that I’m not sure if what I’m doing is the correct healing processes for them anymore. I don’t seem to be able to get through to some of the not so pleasant ones. Is there anything else I can do with the children that are not so positive or is my light even penetrating them anymore?

OWS: Simply be yourself. In all respects be yourself. Spread light, share light, send love, be love where ever you can and let it take care of itself from there. You cannot change anyone you can only assist them only guide them only nudge them just as we do. We don’t do anything to change you. We do all we can to nudge you toward change. You see?

Anne: That ends our very robust question-and-answer session. So much good information. I will turn it over to you for your final closing remarks.

OWS: Very good. We’ve come to end of time here so we need to make this brief. And as you can probably tell already, we have banished the other one here because he manages to go on and on and on [Laughter] so we say now, you know, this is where we just have to say goodbye. Because again, so many changes are coming, so much is happening. So just be yourself in all respects. Be who you are, be true to yourself, be in love with the journey that you are on whatever it might bring, because whatever it brings is what you came here to do.

So be at peace, be in love, and Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

17.02.19 – Many Of You Are Moving Beyond The Old Paradigm And Embracing The New, The New Dawn That Is Coming Upon Us Now

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“Many Of You Are Moving Beyond The Old Paradigm And Embracing The New, The New Dawn That Is Coming Upon Us Now”.  –  Saint Germain and OWS

 “St. Germain” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

 (Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 19, 2017)


St. Germain

I am “St. Germain”.

 I am often with this group; it is often that I can make my presence known. It is so important to offer to you this continuing program, this continuing process that we have been working with you. When we work with you, you work with others. When we share with you, you share with others.

 This is how it is all happening. It is all happening for a reason.  Everything that you are aware of, everything you spoke about in your discussion. As you have heard many times, everything is being orchestrated. Nothing is happening by chance here.

 You, yourselves, are creating the entire process. As you have heard many times there would be no process, no Ascension Process here. But because of all of you who are awakening and will yet awaken, because of all of you this is possible.

 So we work with you, we work closely with you.  Some we work very closely with, more individually with you. More than you can even know. Many times we will whisper in your ears. Many times we share with you and you do not hear those whispers. But yet they are there, the information is there. It is getting into you. It is becoming a part of you. Your awareness is increasing in many different ways. The old programming is dropping away for many of you, most of you. Many of you are moving beyond the old paradigm and embracing the new, the new dawn that is coming upon us now.

 I say “us” because not only you are going through this Ascension Process for we are as well. We are all moving inour various ways into our higher vibrations. Everything is movement. There is very little stagnation in life. We continue to move on just as you continue to move on. As we help you, you are helping us.

 You have heard many times that things are changing or about to change. Or the word “soon” is often on your mind and often shared with you. But I, as “St. Germaine” was with  you. I was one of you over many lifetimes. Even those in this room or on this phone or read these words have been with me and I with you in past lifetimes. We have shared bread together, we have shared wine together. We will do so again.

As these times continue on many changes are about to unfold. Various announcements will come forward. Many truths that have been hidden behind the scenes, behind the veil will come forward, will become known. Many will become shocked by these truths.

Those of you who have become acclimated to these energies, have been working with them are going to be ready to receive the news, ready to receive the various truths. Nothing can stop it now. It is a tsunami that is coming through and you have been given this analogy many times. It is the analogy that works here.

As the tsunami moves across land it continues to gather force and sweeps away everything in its path. This is the tsunami of truth, the tsunami of love that is coming forward. It will be revealed in many different ways, many different fashions. From all different angles truth will be revealed.

 Even that of the New Republic in the sense that it has not been with you in a long time. But the New Republic is going to be what it was meant to be. You are going to be a part of bringing this together. A part of sharing with all those out there who are not aware yet of these changes. Not aware yet of these truths coming forward. We will be there to help share with them. Help them to understand. Help them grow just as you have grown in awareness, in knowing.

My brothers, my sisters trust yourselves. Trust in all that is coming. Trust all that is happening within you. It is all for a reason. It is all about to explode within your realm, within your vision, within your knowing.

I am “St. Germain” and I leave you now but I leave you only temporarily. I want you to know that I, as many others, am always here with you. We are only a whisper away in coming into complete understanding and knowing. 

All of my peace and love be with you as you continue to work within the Violet Flame of existence, the flame of health.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here and we are only going to take questions here now. No message to come to follow that at this point.

Much is being gathered here for the coming times here. They are fairly close now. You are going to experience many different things. Even now as we speak there are changes, things happening in the background that you are not yet aware of but are going to come forward.

You spoke of this earlier when you spoke about various places on the planet, the Antarctica, all of these things. There are going to be many discoveries, many truths that are coming from many different directions. Those of you who are awakened here and are continuing the awakening process you will hear these things and share them with many others. Because the truth is out there!

It is out there and it is going to be revealed. As it is revealed you will be able to turn to others and share with them, to help them understand. Not to say that you have known this all along or to say you were right all along. Although you are (laughter). But to say to everyone else, “it is time”. It is time to move on. It is time to reach out. Now is the time for the New Dawn to begin.

It is time for questions. We do not have “Ashira” because Susan is not available yet. Still under the weather somewhat. Get better! Enough of this nonsense, OK?

 Do we have questions here for “One Who Serves”?


Question: Last week we talked about the sun. I look at it and it is no longer a ball of light, it is a disc with rays shooting out. Why?

It is again for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. You are one as all here who are resonating to these words will all see this if you allow it to be. The sun is changing, it is changing very much. The entire solar system is moving through many changes even the galaxy itself is moving through changes here. You are going to experience more and more energies as they are coming into the planet.

You are already being bombarded by these as they have come in but they will become greater and greater. You will experience them in many different ways. You are working with these energies and are able to withstand them and work with them.

Many of these energies moving in now are creating a misalignment you might say in many people here. Many will not understand those changes. Medical science will be baffled by these things. Not to understand it at their level yet. It is happening. It is happening more and more.

These energies are going to come in to alter you. They are altering your DNA. They are altering your cellular structure. All of this is happening as it needs to. It is being orchestrated as part of this Ascension Process.

Ascension is not easy. It just is. Ascension is going to come whether people are ready or not. Some will be able to go along with it and some will not. Some will not be a part of this entire process. Those of you who came in with the choice to be a part of it you ae ready to be a part of all of this and will experience these changes that come in, these energies and part of this is seeing the sun herself, himself, there is more of a him there. The solar sun.


Q: What percentage of the Earth’s population has said yes to ascending now?

It is difficult to say this directly, it is more than in your 2012 time. At that time there was a 30%. Now we would say it is 50%, 60% or even more than this. It is not so much those are awakened and ready for this. They are not so much ready.


When these changes happen, when the Galactic Central Pulse hits the Earth then many will shift at that point. That is why we are saying it is a higher percentage than what you might think. Not now but when the shift hits many more will come aboard at the time.


Q: Ashtar spoke about trillions of ships up there. We don’t need trillions of ships, what are they doing?

First of all that was only the Ashtar Command. There are many who are awaiting their process, their portion of what they are here for. It’s as if they have their responsibilities and they are following through on many different levels.

There are so many different types of civilizations, so many different types of ships, all of this awaiting the call, the final countdown you might say. When this happens all will go into their various responsibilities, what they came here for. Some are here to watch. Some are here to participate fully. Some are here to be a part of first contact. Some are to work with the energies such as the Blue Avian and the spheres and all this. They are here to work with the energies and to modify them so they are not overpowering to the Earth at this time.

There are many different processes going on now and there are many ships besides the ones “Ashtar” spoke about now. Many aspects of  healing as well. Ships for healing. 
Cities of Light. Going down to Hollow Earth for healing. All of this.


 Q: I heard about mentors coming to us. Can you help with this?

Yes, the mentors are already here now. They are part of the process. Many have contacted the ones they are working with. Not so directly in most but in the whispers we are speaking of. They are helping you, guiding you. Much of the transition you are going through is letting go of the old. That includes letting go of old guides who have been with you a very long time. This is many lifetimes in some cases.

Many of these older guides and mentors have left you and have been replaced by newer guides and mentors. They are already here working with you but there will be a time after first contact your guides will be here more physically with you. You will have the same one and a slightly Pleidian mentor force will be present. They will be here to assist you and this will be a part of the orchestration that is going on here. OK?


Q: I have read that part of our guides could be a deceased family member. What do you think?

That can be but for the most part it is not what is. It is mostly ones who you have known previously but not so much family from this lifetime but soul family from long ago.  It will be recognition, a remembering that will occur. It will be as if you come back to an old friend. That will be in the physical form after the event.


Q: Do you have anything we can do to speed this process?

You are already doing it. Being here. Being part of this process on a weekly basis as much as you can. Whether it is here in person, over the phone, whatever it might be. You ae already a part of this process. Doing a meditation is being part of this process. Whether it is an individual or a group meditation as you have done each week.

You do not have any idea of how important those meditations are. How much you are affecting the entire planet when you do these meditations. It is not just an exercise in futility as some might think. Or the visualization process which you think has no meaning. Has much meaning. What you visualize, you create. That is what you must come to understand. Visualization leads to creation. Visualization is what you will be using more as you get into the higher vibrations. In the fifth dimension visualization is the thought process that is used there. OK?


Q: Given the current frequencies will we see the event in 2017?

We would love to say yes but we cannot say directly because we do not know ourselves. We have not been given this information because “Prime Creator” has not stated when this is to occur, not in his, her or its understanding yet.

It is all based on probability, it is based on frequency. As the frequency raises across the planet, which it is, it is coming closer and closer when these energies can be released from the Central Sun.  When that happens, that will be the “Event”. That will be the Galactic Flash or Galactic Pulse that has been spoken of many times.

We cannot say when it will exactly be because no one knows but the Creator himself. This was even in your Bible as it was spoken of by Yeshua. No one knows the date or the time except the Creator (the Father).

We are ready to release here. Just continue on with this program you are on. Individually and as a group. It is important to work with those things you understand. Work with the energies. Acclimate to the energies as you can. Work with visualization; do your affirmation, meditation whatever it might be.

Find yourself more and more out in nature. If you can, those that feel ill, that have  misbalances within them, the more you can be in nature, to feel the pure energy that is around them. That which come from the water, the trees, the plants and animals. The more crisper air, clearer air can be very important for coming to a place of wellness within them.

It can be done within the cities, the smog and all of these kinds of things but it takes much more effort on your part to have this happen. If you are out in nature where you can see the beauty and feel the beauty and know the higher vibrations and when you are in the higher vibrations there can be no illness. Anyone feeling a sense of illness, get out in nature.

Feel the sun on your back. Feel the sun on your neck. It can do wonders for you. It can raise your vibrations. This can be difficult for those in illness states but if you can do it, it will greatly enhance your healing capabilities. Healing is all within the mind. Know that. It is all within the mind and that is all that it is.

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Channeled by James McConnell 

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”

17.02.12 – “All of this is happening NOW, not in the future, not in the past but NOW” – Ashtar and OWS

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“Ashtar” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 12, 2017)

I am “Ashtar”. It is seldom that I come though this one, James, only two
times before as we find it. That is for a reason. The one known as “James” is much more attuned to “Sananda”. I am here now, in this time and this place, this moment because many of you, most of you are attuned to my energies and are a part of my command. The Ashtar Command.

Yes, my dear Rita was correct; I have many ships at my disposal. Many
millions of ships. We are all standing outside of your atmosphere,
watching and waiting for the moment to be given, the signal to be given.
That we can begin to uncloak our ships. That we can begin to move down.

To be a part of what is being called first contact.  That time, as “Sananda” has spoken of is nigh. It is fast upon you now.
Many of you are feeling a sense of anticipation. Some, even for years here.

But in these last days and weeks many of you have felt this anticipation
rising. You have been feeling that something is just around the corner.
Something is just outside eluding you at this moment.

You know that so many things are happening behind the scenes. Preparing everything for the moment, for the times where we, as the Ashtar Command, can be a part of this process. There are many of us preparing for this. This is what we came here for.

Many of you are up in our ships as well in your multidimensional selves
and in your dream states are with us. You are preparing along with us.
Preparing the time for when we can introduce ourselves to the world.

The world in that moment will be transformed beyond your imagination.

I tell you now, as “Ashtar” and as “Sananda” looks over, we tell you, you
are on the verge now of a great many changes, of a great many instances to occur. The mini-events leading up to the greater one. To the one when “Prime Creator” says, “NOW”. When that occurs you will all be ready. You will all be ready.

You have been being prepared. Even those who do not know it yet, you
have been. Deep within you the energies are stirring. Your chakra centers are expanding and growing. Your Pineal Gland is reawakening. Your DNA is being adjusted. It is being reconnected.

All of this is happening NOW. Not in the future. Not in the past but NOW.
You are in this moment now. It is time for all of you to reach back. To
understand who you are. Truly who you are. You are not just this body.
You are the consciousness within this body. You are the God
Consciousness within this body, the Source Consciousness. All have this.
No one does not have this.

I love you deeply. All of you. Even those who are so close to me and yet so far. I reach out my arms now to you, to those of you who know me well. I reach out my arms now and envelop you,
feel your emotion, your love and the ONE-ness that is you.

All of my love be with all of you even those who are not attuned to me at this time. I assure you that in the not too far off future we will all be
attuned together.

Pease and love be with all of you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here.

That was a bit of an emotional experience, was it not? Do you feel this?
Not only the lift that came from the Galactic Pulse but the love that came from “Ashtar”? Many of you are feeling this, we know this.

As he has said you are connected to him in many different ways. Many
beyond your imaginations at this point. Many have been on the ships with him and are on the ships with him now. Many of you are commanders there. And you wonder, me a commander? I cannot even command my own family (laughter) Yes, you are commanders on ships. Captains on ships. When the time comes you will assume your rightful place again. Whether you are captains or commanders or ambassadors or diplomats or whatever you might be.

Know that each and every one of you has a connection to the Galactic
Federation of Light. Each and every one, no exceptions.

We are ready now for questions. If you have questions we are alone here again, no “Ashira” with us. We do our best here.

Question: I was listening to President Trump in conference with the
Japanese president. They talked about financial changes and a lot of other things happening sooner more than later. Can you respond to that?

Yes and yes, it is true. Very much true. He was alluding to certain things,
yes without coming out and saying it because it is not yet time and the
frequency is not quite there. All of this is in process and is going to occur just as we have been saying.

We have been saying these things over and over and over to you and yes, we like to hear ourselves talk but it is important to know that it is all for a reason. We are here to assist, to serve, to be of any help that we can. As we tell you these things are coming, they are. They are close in manyrespects. We cannot give you the order, how they are going to be or exactly when it is going to be because as of yet, no one yet knows. It is in the process. The probabilities are there for all of this to occur certainly in the year you are in and in the days, weeks and months here.

Does this answer your question?

We know one spoke about a dream and then it went to a lively discussionas we find it. Would you like to share that dream again?

Q: So my dream was in a group setting room and there was a particular
person that I felt was my really close friend. He was of Indian descent
(country India). I realized that he died and I was really sad. If you have
any insight to that?

So many of the interpretations from earlier were right on. They had very much truth to them. Understand though that as you are moving through this transition that James and others have spoken of here you are going to experience a falling away of much of the old. Much of the familiar, much of what you have become accustomed to. Yes, even within the programming that you have had.

That is all to fall away and no longer be a part of your lives as you move
further and further through this transition. And as you move closer and
closer to the Ascension itself. We speak always as the ascension as being your process and we are all moving through this process.

So as you move through this you will find yourself having many dreams that shows the old falling away. The new is going to take over. So if there is one who is close to you who is of a mentor in nature, that one is going to fall away because all of you are going to be introduced to new mentors, new ones that are going to come in. They are going to share with you and when the frequency is right, they will share with you in a physical fashion.

They will be there. You will be there sitting cross legged from each other
breaking bead, drinking wine, whatever it is that you want to do. Certainly we know one who will want to be there drinking wine and all of this. He is looking forward to those times as we all are. Even “Sananda” has spoken of this at times. Where he will sit with you and imbibe of all the celebration that is being prepared knowing that you have come from all of this previously.

In terms of those you have connections with in the Galactic realm, many of the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters and all of us. Those from deep below, the Agarthans as well. Everyone is getting excited for the great celebration that is close at hand here.

Do you understand this? But to all here, do you understand this? All is a
process of moving on, not forgetting but moving on. Moving on into the
higher vibrations, on into the higher states where you will let go of the old circumstances that have kept you tied to the illusion that has been created here.

Q: Is that why we felt the loneliness we talked about this week?

Very much so and for some it is going to increase even more as you feel it more and more. But again as “Sananda” has said you are acclimating to this. You are not being thrown to the wolves directly. Little by little.

They take a bite out of you here and let you go to take you back for another bite.

Probably not the best group visualization here. (laughter) It comes from
the bite of the elephant here. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a

If all of these energies here came in at once, think about this. If the
Galactic Pulse came in many years ago, let’s say, it would be
overwhelming to so many. Most of the world’s population would not have been able to handle it. So it was held off, even from your 2012 time. The world was not ready for this only a certain population was ready at that time.

But as many of you know, your Higher Selves got together for a conference you might say and said let’s wait. Let’s give the others an opportunity to come along to the Light with us. That is what occurred and is still in the process today.

We can tell you that so many, many more are ready to change the
consciousness of the planet and there individual consciousness as well.

So that they have an opportunity to make a decision, make a choice about going along. You are not going anywhere but you are moving up in consciousness. This is what is important. You are reconnecting,
remembering your Higher Self. And that you are your Higher Self.

Q: When I walk in the morning I see these waves of energy as they are
coming in. As I walk I feel more and more like a puppet and the weakness extends and then begins to retract. What is that?

As this transition is happening all will feel those things in different ways.

Some will feel a sense of weakness. Some will feel a sense of strength.
Some will feel alone. All of these things will be a part of this at different
times. As you move through these you will experience a greater vitality
each time. So, allow it to be.

If there are sicknesses at different times, know that it will pass. Know that you are going to move through it. If you get bogged down into it, you go to your medical doctors and they want to perform surgery and all of these types of things then when you have an arm cut off, it is cut off. You see?

Bad expression again! You get the picture here. You see? Does this help

Q: I keep seeing not the event but a bigger event around the Spring
Solstice. Any comment?

Yes. This is what we are speaking of and this will rock many of their
worlds. Many who are not being prepared as you are. Not ready for this.

There are so many out there who have no clue whatsoever of the truths
that have been held from them. They will experience it at their level when this moment comes.

That will be the time for those who so desire to move into action and assist in any way you can at those times. Those who have scoffed at you and said

you have no idea what you are talking about will turn to you and say,
“Well, maybe you were right all along”.

Won’t that be a wonderful time?

Q: So this is a bigger one. We were all awakened by smaller waves but this one will touch everyone. That is what I am seeing.

Yes. Maybe we can use this analogy, a little better here. Think of a pot of
water and the water begins to boil. Begins to heat up rather. You see it
begin to boil and you see it steam up. This is what you are going through
now. You have been in the heating up process and now in the boiling
process. Once you have had the boiling there will be steam coming up, the energy coming up. You as this energy, the consciousness rising up.

You see?

Boy, cutting off arms, boiling in hot water. What is going on here? Some of you are probably coming on and saying, “These are Ascended Masters?”

We cannot be this way. This is a joke. We can assure you we are very real.

If you did not notice, I jumped in here. (much laughter as OWS #2 is here)

Are there other questions here?

Q: I have been hearing about the sun darkening between last Friday the
10th and the 25th. What can you say?

Well, we can say here, are you not already at the 10th? Yes, that’s when
this was supposed to start. Has the sun darkened? No…

You can still see the sun, right? Ones who are saying this are not quite
correct. They are misunderstanding what can happen here. They are
misunderstanding the time frame and amount of time it would be.

You have heard before of the three days of darkness. Three days and
nights of darkness. This is also a possibility yet. But not having a major
catastrophe or anything of this nature. It will be a part of the process if
and when this does occur. So they were predicting ahead of time this idea of the sun being darkened here.

But also know that it is part of the Cabal’s plan to not have the sun come
through. As you know the Ascension happens through the sun, the Galactic Central Sun, the solar sun and these energies come into the Earth as part of the Ascension Process. This is what is needed. The Light must come in.

They have done everything they can to hold off the Light.

Think about this, darkening the sun, they think they can do this? They do not have the technology to do this. There have been times in the past
where a civilization could do something of this nature but it is not being

Q: I am concerned about a friend of mine. Is he all right?

He will be whatever he needs to be in the moment. That is all you need to be concerned about here. He is right where he needs to be, where he is at this particular moment. He is going through the transition here where the aloneness is coming in. This is what he is feeling in some respects. It is all part of the process.

Other questions here?

Q: Can you tell us more about the New Republic and how is to unfold?
What we can tell you is what we see in probability only. Based on this time in your time space now. That is a lot of ways to say now but anyway. It is as it is meant to be. All is being orchestrated. It is not Trump or Dunford or others are not going to be president or in charge of the Republic or anything of this nature because none of this matters at this point. Because all of this is part of the 3D illusion yet.

Now when the Republic is announced, that begins to change things. That begins the shift to consciousness of freedom. Freedom not only in this county but freedom in the world. Freedom of the entire planet. So that all can remember and be who they are.

This has been held back for some time but it is time for the veil to lift.
Many more are seeing through the veil. Don’t worry about Trump or
others. The ones who are to be there will be ready when the time comes.


We know it is not exactly what you wanted to hear. You wanted to hear
that Trump is going to change the world. We cannot say that at this point.

As of yet we do not know exactly how this is going to transpire. We just
know that as everything is in this moment is happening for a reason and is exactly as it needs to be.

It is time to release channel. Continue on people with your everyday
activities all that you do and be in the now at all times. Do not focus on the past. Let go of the past. The past is gone. The past is but yet a memory.

The here and now is where you are. The future that is ahead of you is
grand indeed. Everything is being orchestrated and you are right where
you need to be. Shanti.

Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”

17.02.05 – This Is A Very Auspicious Time You Are Entering Now

hear | mp3 | pdf

“This Is A Very Auspicious Time You Are Entering Now” – Sananda and One Who Serves Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 5,2017) The meditation,
channeled messages and question/answer session were all transcribed by Zoe.

Everybody get in touch with your breathing. Begin to relax, begin to let go. Let go of any stress. Focus on your breathing as you begin to let go of any tension or problems that come up. Let that go out with the exhalation of your breath. Focus on your breathing. As you breathe in the golden white light you exhale out any tension. Relax, let go, feel your breath. Relax with your breath. As you’re breathing in the golden white light, see that light moving into your bloodstream, energizing the elements of your blood. And your blood carrying those energized particles throughout your body. Your body is filling with light. Light goes everywhere in your body. As your body is filling with light put all your attention in to your heart center, your fourth chakra. See that chakra center as a deep blue-green color like a forest green. Then above that chakra are three chakras, and below are three chakras. The three chakras below are normally red, orange and yellow. The three chakras above often are sky blue, purple, and the crown chakra is often either violet or silver or gold. The important thing is not the colors themselves but the brightness of the colors, the brilliance of the colors.

If you can, step outside of your body, if you are able, and look at your body and see the seven chakras all lined up and the brilliance of the colors coming out. And along with the colors, see the chakras rotating in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. If they seem to be spinning rather slowly, speed up their spinning so they are spinning faster and faster.

The first chakra would rotate in a clockwise fashion. The second counter clockwise, etcetera, then all the way up.

Now there is also what has become to be known as the high-heart chakra.

That is just above the fourth, the heart chakra. That is a deep pink color so add that one in there too. It’s all about visualization, all about creation.

Visualize the chakras.

Then visualize your Merkabah, light vehicle, light body. Look for it. You
may have forgotten about it over many lifetimes but it is there. It looks
somewhat like a three-dimensional, 6-pointed star. This is our light-body vehicle we are going to move in to now, individually. Find yourself sitting or standing inside of it. Make it large enough for you to go into.

Your consciousness, your astral body or your etheric body, however you find yourself outside of your body.

Begin now to move up, float up in this vehicle. Move through the roof,
higher and higher up. Right here in the center of this room is a Pillar of
Light. It connects down to the center of the Earth and also goes all the way up to the Galactic Central Sun. Go up this Pillar of Light in your Merkabah.

Rise up almost like you’re in an elevator or like you are beaming up into a starship. Let yourself rise up all the way until you are outside of the
planet’s atmosphere. You can look back down now and see the Earth in all her glory, the beautiful blue planet.

Here we all are now at the Christ Consciousness Grid. This energy Grid
connects all the way around the planet.

(Note: at this point in the meditation, Sananda stepped in and continued
the meditation)

If you look above you now, if you look above you, you will see many, many ships. Many millions of ships that are normally cloaked but for now for you they are uncloaked at this point so that you can see within the astral etheric world. You can feel and know their transmission and their energies coming from all of the ships. But from high above the ships now, all the way through the sun, through to the galactic central sun herself you can see the energy coming from the sun, a pulse of energy. Some might see it as an electric blue light. You see it coming down through the sun, down into all of the ships. And all of the ships that magnify this light, this energy, this pulse of energy.

And the pulse of energy then comes into each of you and you feel it come into you. You feel it pulsate into your astral or etheric body – you’re in your Merkabah — and then the energy shoots out from you as you magnify it out across the Christ grid. And the energy flows across the grid enveloping and circling the entire planet with this energy, with this pulse of energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun. You see it as a wave going across. And then this wave begins to rain down, rain energy, rain light. It can be gold light or silver light or violet light. And it rains down to the Earth, to all the people on the Earth.

And all of the people at this point now, as you are doing this, are feeling
this at some level even though they have no idea there is reality there is
realness in what you are doing now. This is what you have to come to
understand: as this energy rains down upon all that are on the planet, this light penetrates into the deepest portions of darkness that might still be there. Down to the deepest denizens of darkness, merging into them, pushing the light into the dark. Penetrating. Wherever there is darkness it is now becoming illuminated. Illuminated with the light, illuminated with love, a consciousness wave of love as it continues to spread across the planet.

And from below, within the Earth, the energies coming from the Agarthans coming upward at the same time now, pressing up against all that is on the surface to whatever darkness lies below the surface is now being pressed upward. The light is moving up … the light is moving down compressing all that is here on the planet’s surface and just below the surface. Whatever darkness is there is now becoming light. All is becoming light. See the entire planet now filled with light. Being light. Everyone on the planet as being one; as being one consciousness, one love, one being, and all imbued with the Source Energy, the Love.

That is all there is. Take away the illusion you have nothing but love,
nothing but consciousness. Just for a moment picture yourself, visualize yourself, know yourself as being on the planet one day not too far off feeling this pulse of energy now coming into the planet. Feel it coming in to your body, into your physical body as you are standing there doing whatever you would do in your daily life: arising in the morning as you always would, going about your day. But then at a certain moment everything shifts in that very moment and you feel this pulse of energy come into you. It takes over your body and you feel this incredible sense of bliss come over you, this incredible love that you’ve never felt before in this lifetime or only had mere glimpses of it at certain times. But I tell you now this is just a mere glimpse of what is to be. For when this energy hits, when the event occurs, there will be no questioning is this it. There will be no going back after that.

Allow yourselves now to begin to drift back from wherever you find
yourself back into your Merkabah, coming back into it, back down the
Pillar of Light, back down towards your physical body. As you merge into your physical body make sure not only bring your Merkabah back in with you or just leave it slightly outside of your body, but also bring that feeling, that bliss, that sense of oneness that you felt — even for just a mere moment. Bring that back into your body and know when the
frequency is right, when the time is right you will feel this energy
hundreds of times more than what you just felt. Allow yourselves now to come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.


I AM Sananda. I am with you now to continue the process that has begun long ago. To continue to work with you in all the different ways that we have been doing. To bring you messages often we bring you light, we bring you love, we bring you what you’ve called downloads of your DNA. We are doing all of these things but as we all say many times it is you, you are the ones that are doing it. We are just the catalyst. We are just the ones that are standing by able to assist but without you there would be no ascension. Without you there would be no shift in consciousness, collective shift in consciousness. For we are here to assist, all of us – Galactics, those of us from the New Jerusalem, from all of the many ships, Ashtar, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, all of the Archangels, all of those that hail from beneath the Earth in the Agarthan realms, Telos, all of the many civilizations that have been here for eons of time, and out there for even longer — are all here now to assist, to help to bring this about and continue to acclimate you to the energies. You, those of you that are listening at this time now or at a later time, all of you are the ones we are reaching out to. We are preparing you.

Many of you came with me a long time ago known as the 144,000. Many of you are here now today. Back then you came to assist an evolution. Many of you became trapped in this evolution. Now it is time to move out of the illusion. Now it is time to take up the mantle once again of who you are, what you came here to do. You all, each and every one of you have a mission.

Each and every one of you volunteered to be here to be a part of this
mission. But each one has your own individual mission — no greater no
smaller than another — but collectively all is required to make this happen, to bring this about. Even those that have no idea of missions, of what they are here for at this point yet, have not yet awakened, even those have a place, have a part in this great play that is very near to being completed.

Your mission is about to unfold for many of you. You will be receiving
within your dream state, within your wakening state, guidance help from your Higher Self and from those of us that mentor to you. One day you will be going about your daily activities and you will feel a whisper, hear a whisper come in saying now is the time. Many of you have already heard this before: ‘now is the time,’ like an alarm clock going off within you to awaken you, to bring you out of your slumber, out of your sleep into an awakening state, an awakening state that will assist and help all others to awaken. All that are ready. This is what you are here for. This is your mission.

And I tell you now as Sananda that it is nigh. You are about to experience many shifts, many changes. Beginning with those changes that are going to appear even yes in the external world. Many changes are happening within you and you continue to wonder why aren’t they happening outside of me? Why aren’t they happening externally? We continue to tell you they are and that it is behind the scenes. Well what is not going to be behind the scenes too much longer there are going to be several arrests that are going to occur. We do not like to speak in these terms often but it is necessary to move those who are not ready to move into the light, at this point, to move them out. Because they have been interfering. Their time is over. Your time is beginning.

I as Sananda say this with all seriousness for this is a very auspicious time that you are entering now. A time that you are going to remember for a long time yet to come. You are going to look back on these next days, weeks and even months and you’re going to look back and remember when it all began.

We have a window of opportunity that is open at this moment which
concludes with the end of this month, the end of February. That is not to
say the Event is going to happen in that time period but it is to say that it
is a window, a window that creates opportunity, a window that creates
probability. And you are in that window now. Much can occur in this time period because the frequency has risen greatly. It is the frequency that is going to bring this about; not time.

In the very near future as we continue this program — and this is a
program; make no mistake about it — as we continue this program you will find yourselves more and more knowing, remembering who you are and what you are here to do. And will be ready to be assisted by us in whatever way is needed at that time.

I Am Sananda. All of my love and peace and harmony and joy all go with you now. Open your eyes. Open your ears. For it is all there now right in front of you.

Peace and love be with all of you.

One Who Serves

Om mani padmi om. Om mani padmi om. Om. Om. Greetings to you.

You know who this is!

We’ve got to follow that?! I don’t think so. Not going to even attempt to
try. But you know that we are never at a lack for words so we’re here, not to give a message necessarily but to share with you, to open up to you, to be of camaraderie with you because what is it if there is no joy in your life? What is it if there is no laughter? What is it if there is only pain and suffering and all of that? If that is all there is then that is what you’ve already had. So it is time to move beyond that. It is time to let go of all of that. It is time to embrace the future. Embrace the ‘now’ yes, of course. Be in the now but embrace the future because the future is going to be grand just as the now, if you allow it, is grand also.

Take a … what is word here? Take a chapter out of our book or something of that nature. That is not quite the way to say it but do it anyway, okay, and allow yourselves to feel the joy. Feel the joy in every moment because it is there. If you allow for it, it is there. And it will take you on a journey.

It will take you on a journey deep within yourself where you will find that love, you will find that experience that has been eluding you for a long time here but yet is right in front of you. It is right there. Just reach out and grasp it because it is everything, it is everything. It is your life.
You are here now. Is it real? We know in your discussion earlier you say, ‘is it real?’ Are you real? Well of course you are real. (laughter) Of course you are. Your consciousness is real. Your body is not so real, that will be something you will eventually let go of, but your consciousness is real. You are real. Your soul is real. Your soul record is real. All of that is real.

Everything else that you see around you in this crazy interesting world is an illusion. It is an illusion; a great big hologram that has been created here. And you have been thrust into this hologram, into this illusion in order so that you can break out of it, in order so that you can break out of it and help everyone else to break out of it. Break out of the matrix. That is what it is. It is the matrix and it is time for you to break out of it. Fly! Soar into the heavens … but don’t let yourself go too far or you won’t get back.


We are ready now for questions and do not know if Ashira is standing by.

Do not think she is. Not this time, no. Well, this is somewhat empty here.
Can we do this on our own? My goodness. But we do our best here. Will
there be any questions now for One Who Serves can answer here.
Q: Can you tell us more about the Porlana C energy?

OWS: Yes. This energy is a great energy. It is an energy that has recently
been spoken of and it is something that is part of these waves of energy
you have been hearing about. These energies that have been coming from the cosmos, from the cosmic centers. They have been sending these waves of energy down and they are what are raising the consciousness here reconnecting the DNA processes here. All of this, these DNA downloads, this is all part of it and you have been experiencing these waves of energy preparing you, acclimating you as Sananda has said many times, getting you ready for these energies.

Have we not been saying for a long time, you know you are there! Have we not been saying get ready, get ready? Are you ready? Well we ask you now are you ready? Are you really ready to let go? Let go of all of this stuff, all of the attachments, everything. Are you ready? [Yes]
No you are not! [Laughter] No you are not ready for that yet. You say you are but what if a ship just suddenly appeared in front of you and said, ‘come on, get on the ship, time to go.’ How many of you would hesitate.

How many of you would say I’m not sure. Are you real? Are you a good
witch or a bad witch? [Laughter] [I’m ready! I’m ready!] Are you really
ready? [I am! I am ready to go on the ship.]

But we are talking even of more than just going on ships. This is only a
part of it. Yes, many of you will be going on ships, you will. Many of you
will be going into Hollow Earth and Telos and all of these places that you wish to be. Many of you will be traveling around the world, around the planet, to other planets, to other solar systems. Many of you will be doing this. But not yet! You are still here. You are here to continue to allow for the process but even more than that you are here to assist others in being here and letting go. That is what you are here for. That is what your mission is. That is why we are here with you; why we do this we do every single week again and again. And feel like sometimes we are knocking head against the wall here but we know at some level you are getting it and that’s what keeps us going. Plus we enjoy so much being with you and laughing and all of this.

Q: These arrests that are taking place, all these things that are happening in the February month, would this be considered the final dark night of the soul, the final clearing of some of that really, really heavy energy in order to move into the lighter energy that’s hopefully the dawn?

OWS: This is the beginning of it. This is not the end. This is not the dark
night of the soul as you are saying and that has been overused many times so it is not at all what you are thinking it is. But we are not going to go there at this time. But it is a beginning process. It is a beginning process to let in the love you might say; to separate the wheat from the chaff here.

This is what is occurring here and it is going to be a process. It is not
going to be overnight and it will at some point be somewhat sensational to you because you will recognize some of the names. This is going to happen but for the most part is going to be kept under wraps in the background somewhat except for certain points they will come out and will be announced because there will be leaks. There will be those whistleblowers as you call him that will come out and give this information just as they already are beginning to now. Names have already been given if you’ve noticed that. They are there whether it is going to be directly them or many others. Yes, there is going to be many that are going to experience it because it is time. Prime Creator / Source Energy has said that’s enough!

Enough is enough. And we are ready now to not let go of free will — we
cannot let go of that — but to end this experiment for once and for all here.

To move beyond it. It is time. So everything that is going to be needed to
do that is going to happen and it cannot be stopped. They do all that they can to still try to hold it back in whatever way they can, coming up with this shooting or this false flag event or whatever it might be, they attempt to hold it back. Even still the idea of blocking the sun. Come on now! How are you going to block the sun and keep the energies from coming from the Galactic Central Sun?!! Do they really think there’s crazy little contraptions in their planes can do that block an entire sun?

[Laughter] My goodness! What gall on their part.

Q: Will this help in the suffering for the children who have been horrific
victims in all of this?

OWS: Oh my goodness, yes, that is also another thing. Sananda did not
mention it but it is also coming where it is going to break wide open for
[inaudible]. Yes you mentioned the suffering of the children but it is not
just children it is adults as well it is both. And it is something that is
insidious and has to be removed. It is not part of love. It is part of fear, it
is part of hatred, it is part of the dark forces and it cannot be allowed much longer and it will not be allowed much longer. So there are many forces at work at this time that are bringing about the end of this which started with your whistleblowers as they are doing.

Q: Was the interference with this phone call an attempt to distract us?
What’s the energy behind all of it?

OWS: Somewhat yes but also sometimes things just are what they are. So let it be and you move on just as we are doing and we commend all of you for pulling it together and making this happen. And yes, we were going to come on and say something silly but we decided not to do that.
Q: Back to what you were just talking about with the children and so forth, I don’t know I’m not asking for a lot of names and that sort of thing I know that’ll come out but there was a Torry Smith that really implicated Vice President Mike Pence and I don’t know if that was truth and is that going to come out?

OWS: We are not going to use names here as we say but there are going to be many that are going to be shocking. Many that are going to look at it and say noooo, it cannot possibly be that one. But yes, it is going to be
that one. But some of them of course are not directly involved in it
themselves, they have been put into a position where they are being what is, blackmailed here and they are not in it so much themselves.

They have some fault here but they are not the ones that are mostly of concern yet. It is what you call the ringleaders, the ones that are running the entire show.

They are the ones that are going to be [inaudible]. They are the ones that are going to be arrested as well as many others that have participated at various levels through all of this. It is insidious. We use that word directly and it is within every government mostly in the entire planet. And it needs to end here.

Q: Is the mainstream media going to report any of this? Because that’s
what would reach many of the masses who are still asleep.

OWS: They will. Once the ones that are in control of this are taken out of the picture and the ones that are in the mass media once they are able to become journalists again and share the truth and are able to share thetruth — they want to, many of them want to but they cannot.

They are afraid for their life, they are afraid for their jobs, they are afraid for their families, and they cannot because of this. But once they are free from this the full implication of all of this will come out in the mass media yes but also in what you call the alternative media, too, initially as it is now. But there is so much disinformation also that comes out in both areas. And this will eventually come to an end where it will be only the truth. And as was said long, long ago, the truth shall set you free. And this is the truth that will set you free from the matrix, from the illusion.

Q: What happens to these people? What really happens to them once they are arrested? We’re not going to have enough of these prisons to put all of them in, I would think.

OWS: We think that that is something that will just take care of itself as it needs to. It is not something to be concerned about. The only thing we are saying here is to be ready for these events, these many events, these small events to lead up to the larger event. The Event.

Q: What can you tell us about the New Republic? We have heard so much and yet as we get to the predicted time then things change. Can you give us any information about it?

OWS: What we can tell you is there is much disinformation about all of
this. There is information good. There is information not so good. There is truth in everything and also much falseness also. So we cannot say directly when it is going to be or if it is going to be first or last or what it is going to be, but it is going to be. St. Germain is not going to stand by and allow it to just pass by. He is not going to allow the Republic, he is not going to allow NESARA, all of this to just be passed by and not implement it. It is going to come into play and it will be real and it will be something that will be the beginning processes of setting everyone free.

Q: A question about service. We all sort of know what our service is
according to our purpose but we are gathered together so the question is how do we serve and in what direction do we serve as a collective to
others, in what way and how, other than individual meditation, would you recommend?

OWS: You are already doing it just by being here. Not here in the group,
we are not speaking of that but being here in this evolution being a part of this. You came here to be of service. Many of you, as Sananda said, got — what was his word — waylaid along the way, got trapped within this evolution. Many of you, some of you though this is not first time but is something you have not done for a while and you come in just for this lifetime to bring this about, to make all of this happen. So there is no
direct way to answer this other than to know that it is all in the process,
you are in the process and everything is being orchestrated just as it
needs to be. So there is no need to be concerned about what your part is
or what your neighbor’s part is. All have a part to play. All have a great
part to play and everyone, it if you look at it as a giant puzzle with billions of pieces to the puzzle, you are a piece of that puzzle.

Q: To clarify what Sananda said, is this group then members one of the
144,000 Ascended Masters?

OWS: This particular group that we are working with here? Many are, yes, many are. Not all but many are.

Now we are going to get a question: Am I a member?! Am I it? Am I it?
[Laughter] We cannot answer of course because our answer to that is
always we do not want to spoil the surprise for you. Because when the
memories come flooding back you will remember. And if you were a part of that 144,000 and you came here with Sananda in his grand ship at that time then you will remember being on that ship. You will remember being there with him, side-by-side, and the feeling that you had coming here and the great service that you are about to render. Not even thinking about what was ahead, because if you had thought about what was ahead, forget it! You wouldn’t be here! [Laughter] We joke of course you would still come, but it was not quite what you thought it to be.

Q: I have a comment about the lady who asked about service. Locally I
lead a meditation group on Wednesday mornings from 10:45 two 11:30
totally about peace and love for the world. And I would love for everyone on the call, if they’ve got 5 min. or 10 min. during that time, to join us. I believe that it’s making a huge difference.

OWS: You can do if you wish … well we are checking with James here and now in seeing if he says okay for that because we always have to check in here to make sure. You can then send an e-mail to James and outline what you’re speaking of here and then he will determine if we want to send out to all the members and then it will be up to them if they wish to do from there.

Q: I just wanted to make a comment. It was really interesting about
service because my idea of service is what you set as an example, what
you are as an example. When you provide a service [much audio
interference] so that’s it. I mean there’s no real definition of service
except what your intention is and what your example is.

OWS: That is correct. And it comes within the moment. It’s a momentary thing.

Q: And doesn’t the affect have something to do with it? That you’re
successful or you’re not?

OWS: No, that’s a judgment you’re judging. If it comes from your heart, if you’re rendering service from your heart out of compassion love and
understanding for that which you’re rendering the service and then you decide that the result should be a certain way then that’s judging. If you are being of service then you are being of service. That is it. Yes, be

Any further question? Then we are going to release channel here.
[Technical difficulties of echoing on the phone generates a witty response causing much laughter.]

Can we please begin to move more and more to telepathy! Move away from these crazy contraptions! My goodness you have no idea the type of communication that is out there in the heavens in the ships and all of this.

Nothing of this nature here. It is almost like you are still in the horse and buggy age here.

We are ready to release channel and we only tell you to keep on keeping on here. Everything is exactly the way it needs to be and you are exactly where you need to be at the right moment in the right time. So just be it and be in joy in every moment that you can because you never know what is going to come in the next moment. You never know when that bolt of energy is going to come. And when it is going to shift your entire life atthat point. And we really mean shift your entire life.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated
“Believing is seeing!”

17.01.28 – You Are Very Close To That Change-over That All Of You Have Been Waiting For

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“You Are Very Close To That Changover That All Of You Have Been Waiting For”- Mother Gaia, Sananda, One Who Serves and Ashira
“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Mother Gaia” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on January 28, 2017) Also note, the question answer session was not transcribed but you can listen to the audio file at our www.ancientawakenings.org website. Just click on
“Audio Channelings” and then either hear or download.

“Mother Gaia”

I am “Mother Gaia”. So glad to be with all of you today.
Yes, we knew what kind of a turn this group would take today. We plotted ahead of time to be able to speak with you. We know that we were with you on your “Advance” (weekend Retreat in early December) and we all had many things to share.

What I want to share today is this. With all of the experiences you have had around this, that I have moved to the fifth dimension. I am there in security, There is a small part of my energy that I am keeping for those who want to be in that realm. That is not you. You are fourth and
fifth dimension. You dip back into the third at times but mostly you are fourth and fifth dimensional beings.

All of these things that you have shared today are joint experiences with mass consciousness that are helping to join you with one another to move forward. It is not a question I am Ascending. I am Ascended. I did that!

It is important that each of you shares your experiences, your dreams, all of those things that have been given you in the past and in the present and in the future. Because all of those have meaning. They have a cultural, collective meaning for you. They will continue to lead you on
your Ascension Process.

We know this is hard to understand but one of the things that was appropriate at the beginning of this session was the sharing that Sheila gave to you. And you laughed but deep down you knew there was a lot of truth to that. A lot of truth to that.

Many of you worry about Fukushima, about lack of rain on the planet. All of these are part of the third dimension. Thee are things you can work on but as you move into the fifth dimension, you will no longer have to work on those because I am in great shape. I am in great shape.

I have plenty of water. I have been giving water to humans all over the planet. Some of those are reported. Some of those are not. There are new minerals that are coming up. There are all kinds of new opportunities that I am creating for my children, for all of you.

This is a wonderful time to be alive. Although it is hard to watch some people move through to get where they are going, those of you in this room, on this phone and who read these words know that we are very close to that Changeover that all of us have been waiting for.

That is my message for today. Brief but one of joy! One of happiness. One of love.

We give you our thanks for your time. Thank you.


This is “Sananda”. Like “Mother Gaia” I am here for a brief message.
This is to prepare you for the next one to come in the meeting where you come together with the Hollow Earth audience. This is an auspicious time you are moving into. I use that word specifically because of all that is about to occur.

You have heard these things many times before but understand that at some point all of this will be real. Real at your level. Your’s in the fourth and fifth dimension, as “Mother Gaia” has spoken. And also real to those who are still in the third dimension. All will be revealed.

That is my message for today. Just be ready. As for next week when I come with a further message to reveal to you, your missions. What you are here for. You have been wondering about, waiting for this. More is to come now. More for you to understand, more for you to know.
Because the time is nigh.

All of my peace and love be with you. As you continue on moving toward that ending process that you came for a long time ago.
Peace and love with all of you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to assist you in your question and answer time. We always have answers so you must have questions. We may have answers that you were not looking for all this time. As James has said many times, he likes to know where “x” marks the spot. He wants to know exactly how things are. This is sometime we are speaking of this one.

Many of you wish for that as well. You wish to have a knowing experience. Yes, this is real. It is real time now, it is all occuring. We have told you many, many, many imes it is coming, it is here, now and soon, don’t forget that word. And you say we know it is coming but when? We want now. What is that commercial we are getting? It is our money and we want it now! It is our information and we want it now!
Sit back. Get ready. Fasten your seatbelt. All of these things. The show is coming. It is about to start. You hear this and your hear this and you say start the engines already. But they don’t start and you sit there and your vehicle does not go. And you wonder and think that you are still
waiting for this stupid show to begin. Waiting and nothing occurs, nothing happens.

But what did Archangel Michael say to you last week? He said look at those things which are happening. Don’t look for things which are not happening. This is what we are saying to you.

To look around yourself, look within yourself,. Look at so many changes that have happened within yourself. Don’t even look outside of yourself. Look within yourself. You will see amazing things that have developed within you.

Listen to your conversation earlier. We did. There are so many things that are happening in dreams, visions, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! You are having dreams and visions of lions and all kinds of things here.

So just sit back and relax. Everything is coming. Everything is going to happen. “Sananda” has says he will speak to you very seriously in the next time here about your missions, what you are here for. To finally get things going. OK?


I am “Ashira”. It is always a please to be with you.

I look at what has been said this day and the days before this and I say to you, what else can we tell you? We tell you to hold on. To watch as things unfold before you.

We know that things happen and you never see them until the very end when youu hear a whisper of what has happened. We know that this frustrates you. You believe yourself to be such a mature being. Even these things that have come out or started to come out have set you aside.

We hold you in our hearts. We hold you. We love you. We want this to be over for you and for us. We are moving on too. We are excited. We are excited for all of you to really experience what we are talking about.
We give you our love and our peace.



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”

17.01.22 – “Stop Looking At What Hasn’t Happened and Look At What Has Transpired, What Has Begun” –

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“Stop Looking At What Hasn’t Happened and Look At What Has Transpired, What Has Begun” –

​ ​Archangel Michael, Adama, Divine Mother, OWS and Ashira


“Archangel Michael”, “Adama”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Divine Mother”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note:  these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on January 22, 2017)  Also note, the question/answer session was not transcribed but can be heard by going to our www.ancientawakenings.org website, clicking on “audio channeling” and then either hear or download. If you have Apple device, can only use download.


“Archangel Michael”

I am “Archangel Michael”.

Yes, I led the remainder of this meditation. It is important for each one of you to know and understand who you are. And where you are going with all of this. You have heard many, many times what this all about, how this is going to happen. You have also heard us say that we do not know how this is going to happen exactly.

We have certain understandings that you do not have at this point. If you were to remember who you are, you would remember that many of you have been to this point before in many, different ways. You have moved into different systems before and been called the “system busters”. You have busted systems wide open previously.

You have been at my side many times before. Many of you are and have fought alongside with me. Yes, I have my blue sword of truth. You, each one have your own sword of truth. That sword of truth now is beginning to ring out. You have closed your ears to all of those things that have been spoken of for some time now, programming that has been going on. You have been turning away from that, as a collective.

More and more you are finding that your sword of truth is now reaching out and bringing the answers. Bringing the truth forward to all of those who don’t have an idea about a truth coming forward. They find themselves in their comfort zones. Sitting back and letting the world revolve around them instead of stepping forward and helping the world evolve.


That is what you are here for, my friends. You are here to help the entire process. You are part of this orchestration that has been spoken of many times. You are here to do your part whether it is greater or smaller. It matters not. You are the ones who are making all of this happen. You are in the process now, in the beginning of this year 2017 when many of you thought you’d already be up in those clouds. Thought you’d already ascended back from the 2012 time and all the promises that were made then.

I tell you now, that those promises have been and are being fulfilled. You only need to look around yourself. See the many changes that have happened. Stop looking at what hasn’t happened and look at what has transpired, what has begun.

You know that the end of the old 3D paradigm illusion is very near an end. You are going to more and more see through the veil as it continues to drop very fast. Yes, as was said earlier in this conversation we do see the light coming on everywhere. We do see the flame ablaze in each of you. Many more are starting to blaze. Many more are awakening.

This is the process of Ascension. This is what must happen for this mass Ascension to occur. It takes all of you. It takes all of us to help to bring this about. Even if you feel that you have no part in this know that is not true because your thoughts, your every thought, becomes a thing and becomes reality. All of those you come in contact with around you are affected.

When you move into a room or situation that is more of a negative vibration, yes you can turn around and walk away from it.  Or you can go in and fight. Fight those negative vibrations. Fight the darkness that might be there.

Be the Light Warrior that many of you came here to be. Many of you will be called shortly to do exactly that. For “Sananda” is gathering the masses. Gathering those to him. As well as “Ashtar” and “St. Germain” and myself and “Sanat Kumara”, all of us are calling you to us. We are there by your side to finally end this battle of the dark versus the Light.

It was never a question in doubt that the Light would win. But it took all of you to bring this about and make this real and making it real you have done. We applaud you now. We stand back and wonder at how much you have accomplished in such a short time. For you it is lifetimes. For us it is just a brief moment within an eternity.

It is extremely important, the role which you play now as you continue to play this in the weeks and months ahead. There are going to be many changes, many shifts of consciousness that are going to occur. Much of the old is going to fall away. The old within your government. The old within your financial system. The old within relationships. All of this is going to fall away as it needs to.  For the new to be born, the new dawn to occur there must first be the setting sun. The setting sun is the third dimensional paradigm. The new dawn to appear is your new Golden Age.

For all of you my friends, my brothers, my sisters, be of good cheer now. Know that you are in the last leg of the race, as “Sananda” is fond of saying. You are nearing the finish line. Several of you have crossed it and are turning back not even knowing that you have crossed it.  As you cross the finish line, we are right there beside you. Helping you, nudging you and sometimes even carrying you those final steps.

I am “Archangel Michael”. All of my love, my peace be with all of you. As you continue on this journey know that part of this journey is about to end and a new glorious journey is about to begin. Peace and love.



I am “Adama”. I come briefly, unannounced, to share with you another part of this before “Divine Mother”  speaks here.

I am here to tell you now, for those who do not know who I am, I am the High Priest of Telos. I await now just as all of my brothers and sisters here within the Agarthan realms, here within Telos, here within some like to call Middle Earth, we are all here now preparing for that shift in consciousness that is occurring on the surface of the planet.

Very soon we will be adding to that consciousness that shift. As the vibrations continue to increase, as the frequencies rise we can make ourselves more and more known. We have already begun this process. Many of us have moved to the surface. Unknown to most. Filtering in, infiltrating the surface society.

We are gauging, those on the surface are gauging the consciousness shift that is occurring as the frequencies continue to rise. They are reporting back to us what the process is and how it is going.

We have begun to open the doors to our realm to all of the surface people who are ready. It takes a vibrational increase for you to match our frequencies. As you have heard before, those of us whether above or below are not coming down to your vibration, you are coming up to ours. This is the only way we can come together. This is the only way we can pull this Ascension Process together. To make it all happen.

As “Archangel Michael”, as “Sananda” has said, as many have said we are all in this together. We are all a part of this great orchestration. We are doing our parts. You are doing your part. Very soon we will be coming together.

Many of us are looking toward that day. Many of us, if you can picture a calendar and marking off the days, not literally, but that is somewhat what is occurring. For we are longing to join with  you once again, our brothers and our sisters of the Light.


I am “Adama”. I love you all. Adonai.


“Divine Mother”

I am “Divine Mother’. I fill this room with my beautiful clear blue energy. And fill it too with my aroma of roses. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and noses to pick that up.

It is my pleasure to be with you today. I love all of you so much. These who have spoken with you today have brought you to the time with the messages necessary. I bring you my love.

Many of you are in your seats and many are on the phones wondering what it is that you bring to the table. Yet it is so much that you sitting there, in all of your glory, bring to the table. I want to assure you that you as an individual are an important part of this puzzle. Your light and frequency shine specifically so that you know you are needed at this point in time.

“Michael” looks through the scope of wars and battles. That is his strength. You may wonder what you do in that and as you come to your awakening you will see that you too, not only in this life, but multidimensional lives, past lives have also been a part of that battle. This is what has bought you your ticket at the table now.

And your ability to move into different circumstances, to imagine yourself as you are spreading love throughout this planet. That is a very different skillset that you have been developing and have developed.

This is your time. As the other two have spoken about you, as you come to the end of this race you may even find yourself being carried over that line, strengthened again and you moving back to pull others forward.

These are important times for all. I want to assure you that you are loved. You are held and you are loved every step of the way. We are glad to be there for you. Please do not think of us as gods on a mountain watching you as you play about your business. That is an old paradigm thought.

We are beside you. We are walking with you. Working with you. We are on one side of this veil. You are on the other that is thinning quickly. You are coming to understand that you are a big part of everything we do.

This is time, my friends, to open up to who you are and what you are and be able to share that in the coming weeks.

We give you our blessings and our love. Thank you.



“One Who Serves”

Greetings. This is “One Who Serves” here. Yes. We are here to share with you and answer questions.

“Divine Mother” said we do not watch and get entertained by you but in some respects, yes we do! Yes. We are watching and we are learning from you just as you are learning from us. Please understand, as you go through your Ascension Process, have your individual Ascension it is time for us to do that as well. We are all Ascending through this process.

Know that. We are not here to just be with you, have a good time, although we do that. We are here to be of service, to help in any way we can. We cannot do it for you. All of us here cannot do it for you. You must do it for yourself. There are times where you must pick yourself up and move along and we will be there to lend a hand but you need to take the first steps. Know that as things continue on here.

“Sananda” will be with you in your next “Hollow Earth” call, that first Sunday in February. He will share much more about your mission. He will help prepare you for what is coming and how you will be a part of this whole process.

For those who are wondering when will it be your time, this is that time you are coming to.  You are going to be called just as “Archangel Michael” has said. You are to be called to not just be the Lightworkers but the Light Warriors, many of you. Not all but many of you will be called for this.

When you are called it will be up to you if you want to be chosen. We say again because you chose this a long time ago. Here you are now and you will be given more choices as this continues on. Get ready. We have been saying for some time, get ready. The show is going to start and you are going to be a big part of this show as we go along here. You are being prepared for this.




I am “Ashira”.

It is such a fun time to be with you and with all who serve you from this side. It is fun to hear the conversation that you have before the meeting and with all the little droplets we drop into the conversation to have those topics addressed as well.

We know that it is tiresome to try to keep up with your Facebooks and all the various media that you try to keep up in different websites. It is more of an opportunity for you to test what is true within yourself. We know that it is time for you to test that knowledge that rings true for you.

Whether or not you open up any of the information that is out there, any day of the week, it is totally up to you. You are the center of the information and you know what the truth is. Susan says, it is everyone else’s opinion. It is just there opinion. Why should their opinion matter more than yours? It is just an opinion.

We have heard from many today that the days are going faster and more full. We are happy when you call our names. To be with you, to hold you, to chat with you. We are glad to be here and we are here for you.

We give you our love and our blessing. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”

17.01.15 – You Are In The Process Of Your Own Ascension

hear | mp3 | pdf

“You Are In The Process Of Your Own Ascension” – Sananda, Lady Nada
and special guest Obeedichyah, One Who Serves and Ashira
“Obeedichyah”-Master Cetacean and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Sue Sammarco

“Sananda” “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on January 15, 2017) Also note, only the messages were transcribed. If you wish you can go to our www.ancientawakenings.org website, click on “audio channelings” and then either the “hear” or “download” tab to listen to the  question/answer session by OWS and Ashira.

“Master Obeedichyah”

I am “Obeedichya”! I have not been with you for a very long time, it seems. As you remember, I am the one who stands nine feet tall in front of you on my tail. Black and white. Yes, you knew me as a Killer Whale but that is only a name in this particular world.

This room is filled. It is filled with all of the porpoises and whales that I brought with me. Can you feel their energy? Can you feel their love?
This is the time we promised you for such a very long time. This is the time we talked about; we visited about a year ago. This is the time you have been waiting for.

You have been noticing that many animals on this planet are making choices. Many animals upon this planet have chosen to advance in front of you in the world which you call the heavenly plane. Dogs and cats and pets, many who have gone out of this body and moved to be able to greet you in a way that is new for you as you move up and through these times.

These are such great times. Many of you have found that your dietary needs have changed. Many of you have noticed that your need for meat has been decreased and maybe even done away with. Those of you a year ago wanted permission to eat your chicken nuggets; we told you, go ahead, it is not for you to worry about.

Now you may find that they are not of interest to you.

These are times that we have been holding the doors open so that your friends in the animal world could move through. Now the people, the mass consciousness of people are moving through as well.

We are not of this world. We could tell you stories of long past histories. We can tell you that we have been here watching over the people that have been placed here, who have arrived here, and who have come here. All of this you will be hearing in the very near future.

Mother Earth, Gaia, gives us her permission to speak and we are glad to be here. It is only an update for you. To know that those things we talked about a year ago are now in effect. All of those who have been your pets, who have been showing you love, who have been showing you the way, are proud to hold the door to show you, invite you, ask you to walk through.

Many of us in the world under in these oceans, including the Merpeople, which you do not hear about very much in your regular news, do you? Including the Merpeople, we are all anxious for you to raise in your frequency of vibration and be able to greet us with open arms and have conversations with us as you will be having with so many that you are waiting to speak with.

This is an exciting time! This is a wonderful time for all. This group is very good in monitoring what you see, what you take in. We have been happy to visit with you today. We know that “Lady Nada” will speak to you next. Then “Sananda” through James.

This was a time that Susan and we got together this week to talk about what we should be sharing with you. This is our message.

We give you our love.

“Lady Nada”

I am “Lady Nada”. It is a little difficult to come back to this one after “Obeedichya” comes through. His is such a different frequency and speech pattern.

“Sananda” is here to speak with you today. We are so excited to be here with you today. To share with you and to be with you in a little different ways than we have with some people. It is important for me to say that there are those who channel my energy, speak and write for me and it is all very, let us say, heady. Very much about deep things. About a lot of detail.

When I am here with you, when “Sananda” is here with you we are in an intimate relationship with you. We have a different relationship and it is one that is evolved from being love with one another, supporting one another. You supporting us as well as us supporting you. You know that every little thing we stop to visit with you about, every opportunity we have to share with you about what is happening, when it is happening, and the most important thing you need to know is that we love you. We love you.

That is the bottom line. It is not so much how things are going to happen or when things will happen. That each and every one of you knows that we are right there with you. Walking with you and talking with you and helping you along this path.

Helping you to stop to help another. Sharing with you about what you can say to another. These are the times that are important now because you are at the end of your line. You are ready to make your fist step across that line.

Yes, you are going to be going back and forth for a while because you have so many you are serving but the time is coming closely now that you will be in the new consciousness, in the new world where all will be sharing that with you.

Thank you so much. We bless you. We keep you in our hearts. Thank you.

“Master Sananda”

This is “Sananda”. Wonderful to be with you again, as always.  As these energies are continuing to rise many of you are feeling the now. Many of you are experiencing all those things which have been spoken of previously. These energies continue to rise and you continue to rise with them.

That is what this all about. It is all about energy. It is all about the vibrations and they continue to increase across the entire planet. Yes, they are increasing for you, the Lightworkers. They are increasing for everyone. Everyone is going to experience these waves of energy that are going to come exactly where they are at that particular moment. Wherever they are at that particular moment that is how they are going to experience it. Just as you are experiencing these energies in a
different way than others might.

You, who have been acclimating to these energies, we have been working with you diligently. Personally with those in this particular group, with those associated with this group. Not only for those who attend this group in person, or over the phone.

Also those who experience this group by listening to or reading these words, resonating with these words after, also benefit from this.
There is a DNA discharge that occurs after this. A DNA reconnection that is occurring as we speak these words to you. You may not be aware of this but it is happening. The energies increase. Your DNA changes. Your Pineal Gland is opening wide. Many things are going on behind the scenes within you now. We are speaking of what is happening in each of you.

The changes are tumultuous within you now. You may be feeling the sensations of stomach issues. This is normal. You have heard of this as Ascension symptoms.

This is all a part of what needs to occur here. As you feel these symptoms, sit back and relax, let it be and know this is what is happening. Many of you are going to experience this more and more but others are going to rise in the vibrations so much that these will not affect you anymore, whatsoever. You will not feel the aches and pains anymore. This is what you are experiencing as a result of these
energies coming through.

Yes, a great deal of energy came through yesterday, your January 14th. You would have experienced much. Many of you felt this and many more did not feel this. You were wondering is this another promise that that has been made and not kept? I can assure you, as “Sananda”, as all the Company of Heaven and all the Galactics and Agarthans who are working with you, all the things that have been spoken of are occurring now.

You are in the process of your own Ascension, your own individual Ascension. The entire planet has either Ascended or is in the continuing process of Ascension.

There is what Gaia has spoken of previously as holding a place for you, the Lightworkers. You as the ones moving up in vibration, you as the ones who are moving up in your Ascension. Holding a place for you in the higher vibrations. To move into those higher vibrations. Even now you still feel you are in the 3D illusion and sometimes you are but many times you are not. Many times you are raised up in vibration and you can see the energies, you can feel the energies.

Many of you are seeing things you did not see before. You are peering through the veil because the veil is dropping; the veil is disintegrating as we speak. You will experience many things you did not think possible before. You spoke earlier of rainbows and other signs in the skies. But I tell you now that this is nothing compared to what you are going to experience.

When you look up in the sky and see clouds parted and you see the energy comes through. You will see these energies come through in many different colors, rainbows and many different types of experiences. Beyond your imaginations. As you look at these signs you will know that this is the moment of your shift. This is the moment of your transition.

“Lady Nada” has said, “It is not far off”. All have been saying it is not far off. That you are in the moment now. In this moment now you are going to experience changes that are even beyond your wildest imaginations at this point. All of us can share with you, we can tell you and we can prepare you. But none of us can prepare you for what is ahead.

Yes, there will be some rocky times for some people. Some will have experiences and wonder if this is the end of the world. Possibly for them it is. Many will experience changes and wonder what is going on? There in, they will turn to you.

You, the ones who have been acclimating to these energies. You who can explain and help them understand what is occurring. And yet there will be those times when they say, “Wow! You were right all along!”
You will turn to them at that time and not be in an ego state and say, “How can I help you?” or “How can I be of service to you? I am open to whatever you wish to understand now. ”

That will be your mission now. And your missions are about to begin. Some of you have begun working with this. Some of you are about to be sharing what is coming from your Higher Self. The various guides and mentors working with you will begin to share this. You will receive this in dreams. Your dreams are going to become very important if they have not already. They will be very explicit. Very much “feel”
to you in those dreams and you will waken from those dreams and wonder was that real? Or am I now in the real awakened state?
You will wonder about this because there will be very little in the dividing line between the two. As the dream becomes real and real becomes the dream.

I ask you now, as the Lightworkers, as those who go out and share the Light, I ask you now to continue to work with the Light. Continue to increase the Heart vibration as it continues to increase within you. I ask you to understand and know who you are.

There will be many more announcements coming. Many more messages that will be given you over the next several weeks as you continue to move ahead with these vibrations. The time is short now my friends. The time is very short before all the understandings and promises, all of this becomes real to you. At this point now it is
for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. But soon it will be for all to see and hear.

I am “Sananda”. I love you deeply. All of my peace and love be with you now.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves”.

We are ready to do just that, to serve. Here to assist and guide you. All who are here to assist and guide you. You are never alone. Not one of you out there is ever alone. Unless you wish to be. If you say, “I want to be left alone”. Then you will be left alone. You see?

So, think about the terminology that you use. Everything you think and do becomes real. Please understand this. Everything. Every single thought has a reality to it.

Every single thought you have creates your life in front of you.
Change your thoughts. Get happy thoughts. If you get happy thoughts and go with the flow as we have been saying then you will experience the change in vibrations in a very positive way, a lifting , positive way.


“Lady Ashira”

I am “Ashira”

You have covered a wide range of items today, have you not? You have been from one end of the world to the other, let us say.

We are so grateful to those who have taken part in the phone. To all of those it he room and all of those who will read and listen to the words that were spoken today.

These are those times, as you have heard, where things that were spoken of two years ago, a year ago, six months ago, with each of you are now increasing. Your dreams will be increasing. That side event that you see out of your eyes, hear out of your ears, that you speak are increasing. You may hear too sounds that play inside your head. You may see lights that you have spoken of today but even more
colorful lights. You will come to see the Light that is coming from the planet herself as she moves through this Ascension Process.

We are looking forward to your reporting of these items that you are seeing each single day. Call out if you need us. We are there if you call our name or if you think of us. We are there if you do not think of us and we tap you on your shoulder.

For all of the work that you are doing, in visualizations, in meditations, in spreading your Light in the world as you move about your business in each day.

We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”

17.01.08 – Get Ready For A Major Shift In Consciousness!

hear | mp3 | pdf

• “St. Germaine”, “Sananda“, One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

• “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in
Phoenix, AZ on January 8, 2017)

“Saint Germain”

Allow yourselves, just for a moment, to move within a certain day. Moving along as you normally would in your certain business. Visualize this. Going about your daily business. All of a sudden you feel energy from outside of yourself but also within yourself at the same time.

This is a concept, an energy that you have had before but you cannot remember, you cannot quite grasp what it is. Yet the feeling is immense. The feeling is so blissful, so in love. You have no words to describe it. This will completely knock you over with this powerful energy.

When this occurs, that will be the “Event”. This will be that cosmic pulse that has been spoken of that will fill your body, become your body, you will become one with your body, with your consciousness. At that time your consciousness will increase ten-fold. It will be like nothing you have experienced before that is within your current memories now. It will trigger those memories back from who you were before and who you have always been.

Just for a moment, feel what this would be like. Know that at a certain time in the future, not far off now; you will experience this exact energy as you are experiencing it now. But imagine it 100 times over what it is possible for you to visualize or imagine what it could be like. It will be far beyond what your wildest imagination could bring up here.

Allow yourselves now to filter back, find yourselves back toward you physical body. Come back and bring that feeling of love that you had, even if for a moment, bring it back with you into your consciousness. You will know and remember what that was like.

Know that you are in that moment, that time, that space where all is coming together, all is coming to a standstill. You will feel these energies; you will know these energies as they connect with you and with all of mankind. You are on the verge now. You are on the precipice of that moment in time that you have been waiting for so very long. All of the things that you have been hearing about, knowing about, preparing for are about to unfold.

As you have heard many times, there is no stopping it now. Nothing can hold this back. There are only the energies; there is only the   consciousness that is coming upon the Earth, coming within you. It is always, so within, so without.

You are feeling these energies now. You will be feeling these energies more and more as the wave continues to come through. The wave that began quite a few months ago. Several waves and the wave that came over this past Christmas season. This wave is continuing now and
there is another one yet coming. There will be more following this as well. More energies of consciousness, waves that will come to the planet.

It will hit every individual on the planet. Every individual will feel it when it comes. They will feel it at the level they are at, at that time. Whatever consciousness they are at this moment will be multiplied by the consciousness of the wave. So you will feel it, know it and
experience it know that these are the moments that have been spoken of. These are the times,

the frequencies that have been alluded to that you are moving into now.
There is no stopping this. There is no stopping the announcements that are coming. There is no stopping of NESARA, of the New Republic, of the global currency re-set. This is still to come. All of this is part of the consciousness you have created on the planet. Know that you
are the consciousness of the planet. You and the mass consciousness and Gaia are one. You are one with the entire Solar System, with the entire galaxy and even yes, the universe itself.

We are all one with all and all that is.

So know this. Know that you as a human being, you who has the Adam Kadmon archetype were created to be here and have created yourself to be here. You are in that moment and that time to bring this entire program together. To bring all that has been spoken of, been alluded
to, has been predicted by the many generations before you. You are the culmination of that now.

As the Violet Flame continues to move across the planet when each of these waves of energy comes and the Violet Flame engulfs everyone know that you are the one who is creating this within your very creation process that materializes this that brings it about. That brings all that you are and all that you know together.

It is time now, my brothers and sisters, it is time to trust. It is time to trust in yourselves and it is time to trust in each other. It is time to trust in the energies of the Earth and from the Earth both below and above. It is time to trust in all. This is that moment to bring this all about. Because of your trust, your belief in the creation process you are bringing this all about.

Everything that has been spoken of will come to fruition, come to the forefront.

I Am Saint Germain. All of my peace and love be with you. I turn this now to “Sananda” who has quite a message for you.
Yes, this is “Sananda”. Wonderful to be with you in this way, as always. We always enjoy these times when we can share with you. And of course we look forward to when we can share with you in a more physical fashion.

That time is not far off now. You have now moved into this next year, this 2017. The one that is spoken of as being the fulfillment of the one previous to this. This is the fulfillment year, the year where all comes together. Where all will be understood. Where truth will be revealed
from many different sources. All will come to understand the full truth of all that has happened on this planet. Of all that has happened on this planet and prior to the Solar System and the Galaxy itself.

You are in the moment, as “St. Germain” has spoken and as many of us have been speaking of for some time. I have said many times you have come to the finish line and you have! The finish line is right in front of you now. It takes only a small effort on your parts to move across
this finish line. Know that before you cross the finish line there are many lagging behind you.

Many who are trudging along and not sure where the future is taking them. Seeing very little hope for the future. This is where you come in with your mission. Those missions that you came here for. To assist them in many different ways in any way you can. You will be our
arms and our legs. You will be out voices. Where we can work through you to bring this about.

You are on the verge now of many various announcements. Many things that are coming together. The energies are coming together now. The various timelines have come together.

They are merging into one timeline. They have begun the process of merging into one timeline. One timeline that will take you into the new Golden Age, into these higher  vibrations, the higher dimensions. The 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th dimensions. All of this is coming.

This 2017 is THE year. It is the year that everything you have known in the life previous to this has shifted, will have shifted greatly so there is no misunderstanding. This is that time, this is that moment, this is the “Event”. Whether that will be in days or weeks or months, we cannot yet say. But there have been many, many events that have been spoken of, many levels of energy that will move into the planet, move into you and bring you further along this Ascension Process. Ascension as you, an individual and you as entire planet who can move along with these energies as the time comes and as the frequencies raise enough. These are the moments when the energies are raising into a much higher vibration even as we speak now.

Consciousness is increasing. We are moving toward those domino events that have been spoken of.

There will be announcements. There will be announcements of global currency re-sets. There will be announcements of NESARA. There will be announcements of the many changes that will happen. They are too numerous to peak of but truth will be the norm of the day. Where
today many have come forward to deceive the masses. But there will be those who come forward only to report the truth. This is what is coming for you. You are looking forward to this today.

As these days and weeks come to pass through January into the next month. The next month will bring even more fulfillment and the next one after this and so on and so on. Until you come to the fall of this year, the end of the year, where there will be a marked change to all
that you have known to this point. Your lives, at that moment, have shifted dramatically. You will not even recognize your lives that have come previous to this.

We know it is difficult to believe this can happen but in a moment everything can shift. Look at how much has changed since 9/11. All changed in that time. Consciousness dropped tremendously in that time. There was so much consternation. So much ill health that developed
from the result of this. So much happened from that moment, that event that happened.

But “The Event” that we speak of now is so much more than that. It is “The Event” of the Light. It has been spoken of for eons of time that you have been preparing for. You are in those moments where that which you have been preparing for, for so many lifetimes previous
to this. For so many thousands of years you have been preparing for this.

You can look back to those times when you chose to be here. When you volunteered for this mission knowing that at some point you would reach the end. Well, my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, you have reached the end. This is those times you have been waiting for,
longing for, hoping for.

That is not to say that you are not in the Now or are not to be in the Now , always being in the present of Now. Be in that moment of joy that you create in that moment. In the next moment you do not know what will occur. Always be in the moment of Now so that you remember the
person you are and the person you are remembering and have always been.

There has been talk of a shift of consciousness that is coming. This shift has been spoken of for some time now. You have heard it from many different sources. Even a date has recently been given, that of the 14th of January. I am not going to say that is the date of “The Event”.
We cannot say that at this moment. It is a date to be remembered. It is a date that will be marked in your history as you move forward from that point on.

Because it is going to create a shift. A shift in your consciousness and a shift in the entire planet at that moment. Many will not be aware of this but many will be. Those of you who hear these words, are resonating to these words will be ready for this when it occurs. I have been saying for some time that you are acclimating to these energies.

As the energies come on the 14th of January you will experience a great change within you. In that moment you will feel a sense of bliss. You will feel a sense of calm come over you in that day. Many will feel this as well. Many will feel a sense of disillusionment, a sense of foreboding. This was not what they were expecting because they have not yet acclimated to these energies. Even so, they will be preparing for this in their time and their moment. They will be preparing just as the Lightworkers now have been preparing for this for some time.

The shift is upon you now. The shift is all you have been preparing for. The shift in consciousness, the shift in Light, the shift in knowing of who you are. All you need to do now is go about your daily business. Go about your daily business but always turn to the Light, turn to the Light. Always where there is the chance to assist another turn to the Light, do so. There is that dividing line that is coming. That line that is being drawn in the sand now. That line that says you can no longer choose what side you will be on. That choice will be made by that dividing line. By this line in the sand.

This line has been spoken of as being about the 14th of January. We are not going to say that this is that moment of this decision but this decision is coming. This line in the sand is being drawn between those who are ready to move into the Light and those already in the Light. It is
also drawn for those who chose not to move into the Light. After that they will no longer be able to choose, it will be chosen for them.

This is what is spoken of as free will be taken away. It is not being taken away from you but will assist you in this process of orchestration in this New Age. So that you can become all you came here to be and no longer be held back. No longer held back by the programming or be held back by the old paradigm that has been created here, this illusion that has been created.

You know this is an illusion. It is now time to move beyond this. It is time to draw the line in the sand so there is no more disillusionment holding you back. This is what is being meant here, this is what is being said here by this time frame.

Know and understand that all is in process. All is awakening; you are all awakening through this entire process of Ascension. You are the process of Ascension. Each and every one of you is creating this. You are the ones you are waiting for.

I Am “Sananda”. All of my love and peace be with all of you. As I leave you now, knowing that you are nearly there.

“One Who Serves” Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here. Difficult to follow up with that entire message but we do our best. Continue to be of service because that is what we do. Just as you are to be of service to all of those who you can be as well.

Being of service does not mean you have to channel anyone or anything of this nature. Being of service means to turn to anyone on the street, to a friend and smile. Give them a smile, give them a wink, and give them a hug if you can. You see? Be nice whenever you can.

Move beyond the fear programming, the hate programming, all of this that has been a part of the three dimensional illusion that you have had a part in creating here. It is time now. As “St. Germain” said, as “Sananda” has said as so many have been saying, it is time now to choose.

Choose which side you are going to be on.  Are you going to be on the side of the Light or are you going to be in the darkness yet? Are
you going to remain in the Darkness for a new level of understanding, a new Earth even? Are you going to go into a new understanding of forgetting who you are? Do you want to do this?

No, certainly not!

There are those in the process of making this choice already. They do not want to give up what they have. They think the riches on the Earth will continue into the heavens and they will not let go. They think that if they hold on a little longer, they can defeat all of us. Think about

We spoke about that on New Year’s Eve. Think about the folly in that. That they can overcome the consciousness of all of the Company of Heaven, all of the Galactics that worked towards the Light, all of the Agarthans who are working with the Light. If they think that small
percentage, this little, tiny percentage that they can have any effect on the continuance of mankind here, think about the folly in that.

Yes, they continue on with their programming. The only thing they know to do. They continue holding on to “one more time we can manipulate”, “one more time we can create fear”. That this will be enough to shift the balance once again but they know deep down within them that this will no longer work. But yet they continue to try because this is all they know.

But you know. You of the Lightworkers, you of the higher consciousness, you who are teetering on the edge of fourth, fifth and even higher dimensions at times, you are the ones that know. Their time has passed and your time has begun.

(What follows here is a question/answer session that was not transcribed as it is quite long. If you would like to listen to the audio, you can do so by going to our website: www.ancientawakenings.org)


I am “Ashira”. I wanted to share information today about your mentors. There has been a lot of information given about where you will find yourself over the next weeks and months. We have not discussed the mentors recently.

All of you, each of you has a mentor that has been assigned to you. They talk to you in your dreams. They whisper in your ears. There are times they may show up to you and surprise you in that way. They are your companions.

They are working with you and guiding you and when you reach that point in Ascension, when you have hit that frequency, you will see you mentor in life and they will seem like a long lost relative, a long lost friend. You will embrace and you will KNOW that this is one
you have been speaking with for a very long time.

Do not lose track of the mentors. They are an important part of this process. Some are from the Spirit World, some Galactics, some Agarthans. They are from all walks of life, let us say.

The one, who is chosen for you, is special to you. And you will know when you see them face to face that they have been guiding you through many opportunities in this life. You may have seemed to walk the wrong path but you took the right path, the more efficient path because of their influence with you.

For those of you living alone, listen closely to those words in your life. For those living with partners or families, there is one for each of you. You will have the opportunities to build those relationships with them as times go forward.

We are so excited about these times. These times when you are going to meet all of us, face to face. All of those who have served you will come and share with you in person. One Sunday this room will be filled by all of those who have been in service to you. Not only for the past couple of years but because this group has been together many, many lifetimes you will see many who will come close to your heart and be one with you. We are excited about this.

Have a wonderful week. I give you my love and my light.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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“Believing is seeing!”