17.06.18 – “You Are Coming Close To What Sananda Calls The Crescendo Of All That You Have Been Building Toward” – Saint Germain and OWS

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“You Are Coming Close To What Sananda Calls The Crescendo Of All That You Have Been Building Toward” –  Saint Germain and OWS

St Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on June 18, 2017



I AM St. Germain. And as always it is wonderful to be with you, to be able to share with you, to be able to experience with you, for many of you are dear to me, many more than you can know at this point.

We have had lifetimes together, we have had experiences together. Those of you as I am speaking now know who I am speaking to. We have shared wine together, various social gatherings together.

I have always been a very social sort, always enjoyed a party here and there wherever it could be. As you have heard many times we are preparing a party, a celebration, beyond any celebration that you could even imagine yet at this point. Take the best party that you ever went to and multiply that hundreds of times over and you will have a beginning understanding of what it will be when you first connect with those of your loved ones that you long ago left or that they left you. You will have a reunion, a reuniting that will bring the energy up within you like you cannot imagine at this point. But it will happen. It is happening.

Many of you will experience the kundalini energy. You will experience the rising of this kundalini energy. It will happen at times that you are not even, will not even be prepared for. Yet it will happen. And when it does allow it to be. Let it move forth. Let it complete. This is the process, this is the ascension process that will bring this kundalini energy up within you and all will be as it needs to be in that moment.

I spoke to James earlier. I used the word ‘urgent’. He did not understand at that time why that word was used for it has not been used before. Normally it is a message from Sananda, a message from St. Germain, a message from Archangel Michael. But this time an urgent message; an urgent and timely message. And what is it that is so urgent, you might ask and I will tell you.

As you know everything is in flux now; everything is shifting. The cabal is coming down to their knees. All that was prepared, all that was planned for when those of us, what you call your forefathers, gathered in that day and signed that great paper, that Proclamation of Freedom. At that time we all knew what was at stake. We all knew what could be the result — both positive and negative — but we forged forth, we moved ahead. Some were afraid but they overcame it just as you your selves now must overcome those things which are in the process of happening. Not to be afraid but to move forth, to continue on.

For a shift is in the works now, a shift that has been spoken of many times. And this shift is going to change much. I speak now of those things which are just before and just after what is being called the event or the changeover. We prefer the term changeover because you are changing over from one paradigm into another. And this new paradigm is what was planned for that day back in 1776.

This was that time. This is that time now again.

No, there will not be a new signing of a document. There will be a proclamation or an announcement of a major shift in consciousness, in understanding and we are all now at that verge of what was begun long ago is now coming to fruition. It will now move everyone forward to a new understanding, a new level of consciousness and vibration that will take even the most cynical, the most questioning individuals and bring them forward also. No one will be immune to these changes. Everyone will be a part of it in some way within their own way but you are all going to be a part of it and already are part of it. Because as of this shift that I speak of now, you are already in the middle of that shift.

Many of you are feeling the energies, you are feeling the changes come over you. You are feeling your chakras coming alive. If you do not know it’s the chakras, it is. They’re coming alive again. Some of you are doing specific exercises to make this happen. But I tell you that it is already happening within all of you. Within your sleep state you are finding your selves on ships, you are finding yourself down in Inner Earth even if you are not yet remembering. That time is also coming where you will begin fully to remember those experiences as some of you already are.

This is a time and this was why the word ‘timely’, because you are right on the cusp. You are coming close to what Sananda calls the crescendo of all that you have been building toward. The full crescendo will be when the event, when the changeover fully develops. But up until that point you are working toward it and you are preparing to be the mentors to all those others that come after you.

You will receive mentors, yes, but you are becoming the mentors as well. You will be the learned ones you will be the ones that those coming after in the later waves of ascension will be looking toward. You will be the ones as Sananda speaks of to sit at those council tables if you are ready. This group is especially being prepared for this as well as others.

This is a special time, a special place, a special moment just prior to some major shifts in consciousness that are coming.

You hear of arrests. You hear of the cabal coming down to their knees and yes that is so. But we would never condone the extermination, the killing of your brothers and sisters even though they have done much and they would at a moment’s notice do harm to you. But you are not at their consciousness level. They must come up to your consciousness level just as you are rising to our consciousness to our vibration. I realize this has been long but it is necessary.

One more thing I speak of that is a continuation of what was started back in that day of signing of the Declaration: the reestablishment and the announcement of what you know of as NESARA and all that comes with it. But know that as you have read about NESARA or heard of it, it has shifted some as well. Some of the things have been taken out of it and others added to it and it will not quite resemble those things earlier that you read but it is a portion of that, a very strong portion of that. And it is an understanding that will bring this world, this planet to be ready to be received and receive those from above and below. It is a necessary part of this. But first this must be enacted. And it will be.


I appreciate your time, your efforts, your love, and your sense of oneness as you continue to remember who you are in the totality of you as the Creator Source within you.

I AM St. Germain. May the Violet light be always shining within you as you shine it out, outward as well.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful to be here with you here and we need to follow that?!! Don’t know if we can do it but we will do our best. We always, with you here, doing our best. [Audio interference] And yes, there’s ones who want to join in here on the phone we hear. Uh oh! Time for echoes. Have we completed that now? Yes it’s gone. Good. Our computer guy did it again! [Teasingly] Although he’s laughing that he’s the computer guy. Ha ha ha ha he is!

Anyway we are so happy to be here and to be a part of this expression as always. And we do not have a message to follow that. Like we said, that was a difficult one to follow here.

So much was said and it is something that we would suggest that you listen to or read several times over because there were many, not so much hints in there but somewhat yes, but some messages within those words that were given. And that’s for you to look deeply within that and find those hidden messages that he had there. And if you do you will find what we speak of here now.

So we would turn this over to … well to me here for our question-and-answer time. Fire away people.

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Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


17.06.11 – “You Share Your Vibration By Being That Vibration, By Being That Light, Being That Love Expression Wherever You Go” – Sananda and OWS

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Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on June 11, 2017

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful to hear our song, our vibration, our feelings of movement of consciousness which happens when you do these type of thing. It is so wonderful. Do you feel it within you? Do you feel the resonance within you, the vibration as you are doing this? Do you feel it reach a little bit even come somewhat close to a crescendo here? Did you notice this? And those of you on the phone that were doing this, we heard you too. We heard you. We can hear it within you as you attempted to find that resonance within you, that balance within you. So wonderful!

Now we’re going to turn this over to our dear brother, Sananda. He is going to come in and share with you and then we’ll be back okay?

I AM Sananda. Wonderful as always to be here with you where we can share and have this experience. For this is a way, one of the ways I would say, that we are reaching out to many of you, many of you.

We are reaching out to help you to continue on with your missions which you came here to do. We are here to assist you in any way that we can. And this is one way that we are reaching out, one way we are making our efforts known to you and to help to assist you. Of course there are many other ways that we are reaching the masses. We are doing this through your various media, your movies, your books, all of these different things.

We are reaching, our message is coming to you. And that message of course is to awaken. It is time to awaken to who you are. It is time to awaken to the experience that you came here for. Everything that you came here to do you are now in the process of doing that. This is the culmination of what you’re here for. You are moving closer and closer to those times, to those moments, where everything begins to shift even more than it has already shifted. Many of you speak now of the shift that is happening and you feel the energies and you feel the expression within you changing, the vibrational expression within you changing, you feel that.

But I tell you, and many of us have been telling you, that this is nothing compared to what is coming, to what you are going to experience to the full totality of all that is going to be. Because as this shift continues to move, as this transition continues to move forward, you are moving forward with it. You are having those experiences, those sharing of experiences with those of your neighbors, those of your friends, your family, wherever you get the opportunity you are having the experience of being able to share this. To be able to share not only your knowledge but your understanding, your vibration, which is even the most important thing.

Knowledge is good, yes, but vibration is even more important. Share your vibrations. Now how do you do that you might say? You share your vibration by being that vibration, by being that light, being that love expression wherever you go. Wherever you find yourself a simple smile a hug when it is possible, a handshake, whatever it might be. And even just a smile and the vibration exchanging between one and another is simply amazing when you allow it to be. When you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone wherever you can and share and be that expression of light. Be that expression of love. Be the light warrior that you have come to be and that many of you are falling into that mode now. No longer as just simply one standing by and letting the world revolve around you, but yet you are making the world revolve now. It is a big difference. Because you are that change that you want to see in the world. You already are.

There are many different ways of sharing, many different ways of expressing your love, your light to all out there but even just being the love and the light is sharing to all the world, to all of the planet.

So I tell you now my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends, I tell you to open yourselves up to who you are. Share that light wherever you have the opportunity. Because as you share that light that light is then being shared out to many more and many more and many more. It is a geometric progression.

Even if it doesn’t take the being on a radio broadcast or being in an e-mail broadcast or whatever it is. It doesn’t take that. It simply needs the thought, the process, the knowing that you are sharing your love, your light, your expression with all that you can out there. That is my message for you.

There is so much coming in the near future here. We are getting excited ourselves. Many of us are excited here on the New Jerusalem. Many are excited in all of the many ships. Many of the systems out there are becoming excited as they continue to watch this process and you are the ones right there in the middle of everything. You are the ones that will be spoken of for thousands and thousands of millennia to come. For you are the ones that created this shift.

I AM Sananda. All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! Back here with you. Ready to move along with the program here.

And a program it is, yes. We are continuing this programming, this process, to continue to assist you in assisting us. Because it is a whole process of working together. It is we rub your back, you rub our back. Okay? And we are so enjoying and loving working with you in this way and so much even more looking forward to working more directly with you. And all of us, all of us mentoring to you we will be there with you and you with us as we move closer and closer to this ascension process that you are all in … that we are all in. Because again, and we have said before as you are ascending so are we. Isn’t that wonderful?! We can all help each other here. You have questions here for One Who Serves?
Q & A

Q: I want to ask about the holographic universe if you could explain that more. And are we in a hologram? Our first introductions have been the computer screen, Star Trek, and the like but can you really describe for us what it is. Is it vibrational? I’d like to understand it more.

OWS: Yes. To understand that you are in a hologram or an illusionary process, as we have been saying for some time, it is very difficult for the three dimensional mind to begin to grasp this. But think of it in terms of your Star Wars when the picture or the hologram rather of Obi-Wan Kenobi showed here. Do you remember this? Many of you, you remember this. When this hologram showed up it was the technological advancement, at that time, as it was being shown in this movie. But it was showing you that there is this ability to have these holograms like this.

Now this is just a very, very tiny, miniscule portion of what is possible here. But this hologram has been created here on the Earth here by the cabal by those who would keep you entrenched or imprisoned in the illusion that they have created here. And you think it is solid matter. You think it is real and all of this because they have made it to be that way. This is very advanced technology that has been used here. Now, you could take this further out to the solar system, to the galaxy, and yes, even the universe, that the entire universe is a hologram. It is real to a point but not real in totality. You see but again this is very difficult to explain for you to understand because you must understand what is consciousness. You must understand the full totality of what consciousness is and vibration.

And as you come more and more into these higher vibrations these higher understandings, you begin to understand more and more how the higher vibrations lead you into the higher dimensions. And as you move into the higher dimensions you move continually into higher and higher vibrations and this continues to move you up and up and up in terms of higher vibrations and higher dimensional states. So you are constantly in this hologram at this time but you are moving past this veil that has been created here to keep you in that hologram.

As you pierce through the veil, as the veil is dropped, the hologram that they have created for you is gone so the illusion then is gone. But you are still ensconced within the universal hologram that has been put there by, (guess who!) Prime Creator/Source. You see? Now there is not an imprisonment there. It is certainly a free will zone that you are in, that we are all in, in this universal hologram that you are speaking of. Did this make any sense to you at all?

Q: Yes it does. I’m getting that it’s like manifestation. So as our frequency is raised we manifest and that is a form of a holographic experience.

OWS: Yes. As you are raising your vibration, as you are having your experiences Prime Creator is having more and more experiences as well. Prime Creator is growing just as we all are, if you could begin to understand that. And there is no end. Prime Creator will never cease to exist just as you will never cease to exist … unless you choose to.

Would anyone like to have a follow-up question to that?!
Q: Many of us are going to come into a sacred trust very shortly with this RV and, as I understand it, it is for the purpose of elevating people’s living situations so they can elevate their frequency. There’s a lot of conversation about emergency readiness like needing a food supply because of a financial crash and possible martial law. And there should be refugee camps where people can come to and escape from that so that’s all the cabal stuff. My question is, does this need to be done? I know also part of the game is to keep your focus on the higher realm but how much does this need to be done and how do we keep our focus in the higher realms while also being aware of and addressing that with a sacred trust?

OWS: Are you aware of the term fear porn? Why we are bringing this up is that it is all about that for the cabal, for the program that they have created here. Again the illusion. It is all about creating fear wherever possible. And to begin to understand all that is happening here, you have to begin to move out of the 3D illusion and not be a part of it anymore. You can be in it but not of it. You see? And that is where you all need to move toward, is the idea that you are no longer a part of this illusion whether it be through medical science in terms of the pharmacology which we had James speak of earlier, and all of these types of things that are holding you down.

You see when you take these various medications from the pharmaceutical companies and all of this, you are continuing to not only keep the system going here but you are keeping yourself in lower vibration. All of these drugs lower your vibration. And all of these types of thinking in terms of, ‘the world is coming to an end’ and you need to put away years and years of supplies and all of these things to be able to survive.

But this is not a survival position. This is a transition into higher vibrations, but it is not a transition of moving through various levels of fear. And that is what you call the preppers and all of this are attempting to do: to keep you in fear. Now many of those that are participate in this are not doing it for that idea or that concept. They are doing it because they think they need to. Because they are in that programming that has been created and they think that the electric grid is going to go down and all of these things and they will have to survive on their own and all of this.

And we can tell you that we have not been training you to survive. You see? We have been training you to be able to share; to share the light and the love wherever it is possible to do that. Not just simply survive. We have been training you to be in the now; to be in that moment in joy in the now as much as you can. To see the beauty all around you and not the ugliness. For if you see the ugliness, if you constantly focus on that you continue to stay in the same old programming and you do not move out of it then. So more and more and more begin to find yourself in those higher vibrations out of the 3D illusion. Do not become concerned about major pandemics or third world war or any of these things because they are not going to happen.

Now, with all of that said that is not to say that there might not be a short disruption of your social system as you know it now because that social system, as you know it now, must come apart. It must breakdown. It must shift. And if it takes a little bit of consternation moving through this shift then so be it but it is not going to be anything that you have to focus [on] in terms of being in fear to make it through. Okay? Do you understand this?

Q: Well yeah and I’m just making sure that … so there’s no necessity for us to like in a humanitarian way have any readiness for people who maybe aren’t where we are and we’ve got the supplies to do it because you know there’s no necessity for it at all?

OWS: That is not what we are saying. We are saying that it is possible there will be a little short disruption and for you to have supplies and things like this would not be harmful to you. But do not focus on this. Do not focus on digging a big hole in your backyard and creating a shelter of some type. You do not need this type of thing. To know a little bit about how to survive in the wilderness would not be harmful. But it is not necessary either because if any of these type of situation were to come, do you not think that you have a great deal of help already? You see? Call upon your angels, call upon your guides, your guardians, and your mentors as they are introduced to you certainly. But you see all of this is likely not going to be a concern because once the NESARA occurs, once the Galactics have appeared, all of these things are going to shift very dramatically at that point. And to have a, what you would call a couple of weeks or a little bit longer maybe, of certain supplies would not be something that would be detrimental to you.
Q: I’ve been fairly woozy in the last two weeks and it reminds me of an instance in my teenage years where I lost feeling in one side of my body, and I couldn’t remember what the white stuff was that fell out of the sky and that sort of thing. The doctors were mystified at the time. Were those ascension symptoms or some sort of encodement that I was receiving at that time?

OWS: They were, yes. And you are continuing to receive these just as many of you, if not all of you, in various ways are receiving these downloads, these understandings, and expressions coming to you from many different levels of your experience as far as where you come from. And many of you are experiencing these shifts and changes within you as you continue to experience these ascension symptoms as we are calling them. And they are nothing more than that if you believe that.

If you believe though in the programming; if you believe that they are levels of sickness and disease and all of this then this is what they become. You see? So believe and you will see. We continue to say this and this is what you must come to understand. This is what you must let go of: the old paradigm of sickness, disease, ill health, aches and pains, and all of this, as just being part of the programming that you are coming out of. And if you are coming out of this programming, then you are going to then move into the higher vibrations where there is no sickness, disease, aches and pains, etcetera. So it is just simply a process of your transition now.
Q: You have mentioned in the past that many ships are parked in the atmosphere waiting for the signal to go ahead. I had a dream that was one of the most vivid visions I’ve ever had. It was crystal clear. I was in a house and I saw a ship literally come right up to my window … right up to it. It paused, it sat there for little bit and then it was gone. I have thought about that vision almost every single day and I’m wondering if you could shed any light on that for me. Was that in another dimension? Who was visiting me? What exactly was that that I saw in my vision?

OWS: You were being checked up on you might say by those who know you very well. And they just came down to peak in a little bit and say hi. Even though you were not fully aware as to who they were or anything of this nature but they were real and they were just keeping track of you; keeping tabs on you as the saying goes.

As to where they come from we cannot give that at this time. You will come to understand that when the moment comes for you.
Q: I’d like to ask something about timelines. And this refers to Tom Moore who has written The Gentle Way book. And he talks about time lines and he said we’re on timeline six and that timeline seven and eight have already have passed. The ETs arrive and it went very, very well and they were very happy. And in a couple of weeks, timeline six where we are, will have that. Is that true?

OWS: Whenever you hear of things of this nature you need to … what is this called … take with grain of salt here because there is truth, very much truth to these types of things as to timelines and all of this.

As your consciousness is shifting you are coming to understand this idea of timelines. Before this your understanding of timelines was “Back To The Future”. You see? This was the first real movie that came out to the masses that began to share this expression and this understanding of being in various timelines and being able to move through those timelines.

But you are not needing to go back in time here, you are needing to be in the moment that you are in, in the timeline that you find yourself, and realize that the timelines are coming together; in many ways going to very much split apart. As has been given by Archangel Michael when he shared this some time ago here that the timelines are going to split between the three dimension and fourth dimension and fifth dimensional timelines here. And eventually there will be two timelines. Not yet, but it is moving toward that. And when that occurs, you are — all of those, rather, not just you but all — will then determine which timeline they want to be on. It is almost that simple.

As to whether there will be in the very near future what has been suggested that one will be there and the next moment a wife or a husband or something of this nature will be taken from them, no, it is not going to be that way. What kind of a loving Creator would create such consternation such as this where they would shatter a relationship in that way? That will not happen. But it will come to a point at some time where consciousness itself will make this shift so that it will be a natural changeover. You see? This is why we like to call this not just the Event but the changeover.

Q: But also he kinda pooh-poohed NESARA. Would it be appropriate to revisit NESARA that it really does exist; it is something real and is happening

OWS: We can tell you that NESARA is very much real. It is not a figment of our imagination. It is not a figment of St. Germain’s imagination. And it is not a figment of your imagination. It is very much real but it has been imagined into being real. So it is something that is there. It is ready to come forward. It has been ready for some time it just needs the impetus or the final push you might say to bring about the announcement that brings it forward. And this is coming very shortly here. And it is going to be a major shift that is going to occur at that time. It is going to be along with the Event or the changeover as this occurs.
Q: We hear a lot ‘believing is seeing’ and we just heard about time (which I don’t believe in because time is an illusion. There is no such thing as time. Time is created it’s not [inaudible].) So the way that I see it is, a timeline equates to a stream of consciousness. So if you pair ‘believing is seeing’ with a stream of consciousness those that believe in a particular set of events or a particular situation or catastrophe or limitation, etc, will live that particular stream of consciousness. And those that believe in something else and learn to believe in abundance and perfection, etc, will live that stream of consciousness. That’s how I see this. Would you comment on that please?

OWS: Yes, we would directly agree with you. You are using a different terminology in terms of stream of consciousness which we like certainly even more but we have used the term timelines because that is your terminology here and we have continued to work within that. But as to understand the idea of timelines as streams of consciousness, they are one and the same. And if you have a certain level of consciousness, this stream of consciousness as you are saying, you are creating that particular timeline which you are going to be on to have this experience that you are going to have. You see?

Q: Yes and if we really understand that, then there would be no food shortages. Those kinds of things we create.

OWS: Yes! Very much so. Now if all of the collective consciousness knew this and understood this then there would certainly be no other timeline to even discuss here or other stream of consciousness. But because of the collective consciousness being not quite understanding where we are speaking here then this is necessary to move through this transition. Otherwise you would have no need to even go through a transition here. You would simply be here and then there. You see?
Q: So you are saying that consciousness is really our belief system. What we believe is or was, will happen. Is that true?

OWS: Yes what you believe creates your consciousness. And your consciousness then creates your belief system.
Q: But for example the NESARA movement or the St. Germain trust, that’s an idea and a concept and reality for group of the people or one individual or several individuals and that if we make a choice to integrate with that idea and become part of that idea then we get to experience that. If we choose something else we are not [inaudible] to that idea. That’s why when people ask if NESARA is true or false, it doesn’t matter. It matters what you think.

OWS: Yes. That is correct. You yourselves, each one of you could utilize all of these techniques, all of these understandings that we have been giving and you have been receiving for so long here — we are speaking of lifetimes now — and you could take all of this and be in that higher vibration, be in the fifth dimension, and none of this would even matter. You would not even need to go through this transition.

But the transition is for the masses, people. This is what it is for. It is for those who are not aware, are not awakened yet as to even as you are at this point. You see? But there has to be a transition for the masses to be able to have this experience, this ascension process experience.

Q: Then there has to be a vangard in the front leading the charge.

OWS: Yes. And there you are! All of you. That’s what you are. You are the vanguard; you are the ones that are leading from the front.
Q: And the more we focus on it and the more we keep our minds on it, our thinking on it, it will happen that much sooner.

OWS: That is correct. If you want the Event, create the Event.
Q: And I love that it’s a selective thought process because there are so many out there that aren’t collectively thinking in that way. And as we strengthen our thought process we influence others.

OWS: Yes. That is correct. Now we want to share this with you. We have shared this before but it is a good time again to bring this to you. You look at the consciousness shift as being rather slow. It is not happening very fast for you or not as fast as you want. Our ‘soon’ is not the ‘soon’ you are wanting here.
But from our point of view and certainly the Galactics’ point of view, as they look down from their ships and their perches that they are on, they’re seeing things from an entirely different understanding. They are using their technology you might say to look at the entire planet. They can see consciousness across the planet and they can see all the lights that are coming on which indicates awakening. And they are seeing this happen more and more and more. And we’ve used this example from the James’s memory process here in terms of your X Files movie, and the professor and how he went into the apparatus that he entered and he could see all of the lights of what were the mutants in that movie but think of those mutants as all of those that are awakened and awakening. [Q: That was X-Men not X Files.] X-Men, yes. Sorry we had an interrupt here for a moment. Yes X-Men. And to experience this understanding and this process as is happening from the higher levels, they and we can see all of this occurring and it is happening at a very fast and furious rate here.
Q: I notice that they’re using the word ‘close’ because they know we don’t like the word ‘soon’ anymore. I get a big kick out of the words and how they change them out.

OWS: Close, soon, imminent, all of these words. What meaning do they have though anymore you see? None of this has any meaning. Yes. The only thing that has meaning is ‘now’. It is all happening now. And if you believe that, it will happen even more so in the now.

Anything further? We must release channel.
Q: Regarding the ascension of each of us. Are we talking about everybody will all sort of go at the same time or will it be like popcorn popping: one pops then another then another, like that?

OWS: That is a wonderful analogy and yes we would agree with that analogy. More so as each one is ready they will experience their own ascension and it’ll be levels of ascension as you are moving through. And then one minute you will be going back and forth, back and forth, which you are already doing incidentally, but at some point you will move forward and into those higher vibrations and have no need to return back. As a matter of fact there will come a time when there will be nothing to return back to.
Q: As each popcorn kernel pops, the entire bag bulges.

OWS: Yes. Yes. Very much so.
Q: But don’t eat microwave popcorn! It’s really bad for you.

OWS: Yes, that is correct what was just said here. Anything that is processed is not the thing that you want to do. As much and more and more as possible, move away from all processed foods, all pharmaceutical drugs, everything that is not natural. Stay within the natural. Stay within what Mother Nature has provide here. That is the key.

If Mother Nature, if Gaia has provided it it is good for you. Now certainly there are certain plants that can be considered poisonous and these types of things, yes that is true. But if you take those plants that are poisonous and put them together with other types of plants they have other remedial benefits that can be brought about in this way. So there is everything that is necessary for the mass consciousness here to survive on what is just here alone.

And understand though that as you move into the higher vibrations all of this will be what you call a moot point anyway because it will no longer be necessary. As you are moving into the higher vibrations you will survive or — do not even like using that word — you will subsist on more and more of simply light.

We need to release channel here now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
Channeled by James McConnell
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“Believing is seeing!”

17.06.04 – “As You Continue To Shift And Change And Move Along With This Consciousness Shift Everything Begins To Open Up For You” – Sanat Kumara and OWS

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Sanat Kumara and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on June 4, 2017

[Sanat Kumara entered to lead the last half of meditation. He made these important points to the group]



As Sanat Kumara I have many names, many callings. Some say I AM the Lord of the World. Some say I AM the Great (or One)  Initiator, and the Ancient of Days, and many other such names.


The name I most resonate to is the Great Initiator for I Am there whenever there is an initiation to be had or take place. I Am the one that presides over these initiations just as many of you received an initiation at the prior Advance that you had. I was there to preside over this. And I am here now not as an initiation but as a movement of consciousness because what is an initiation but a movement of consciousness, a change in consciousness, a change in vibration. This is all about consciousness and vibration. The entire ascension process is consciousness and vibration.


As you continue to shift and change and move along with this consciousness shift everything begins to open up for you. You find that you are no longer immersed in this illusion, this three-dimensional illusion, for you can be in the illusion and yet be out of it. You can see it for what it is but know that you are not in it. All you need to do is trust. Trust that you are in the right moment at the right place at the right time, everything is being orchestrated exactly as it needs to be, and that you are a part of this great orchestration, this great plan. For as the energies continued to increase along with the vibrations everything that you have known within this illusion over many and countless lifetimes has prepared you for these moments that are coming, these moments that are even now.


You hear of things such as NESARA, you hear of things such as resets, you hear of all of these things and yes they are real. Yes they are coming. But do not be in the future waiting for them. Be in the moment now. Be in your life at this moment but in your life at this moment be in the increased vibrations. Feel the vibration all around you utilizing many different techniques that you have been given not even only in this lifetime but over many lifetimes.


Many of you come from a calling long ago where you sat in those caves and those monasteries and you practiced these various techniques because you remembered them. You practiced them and worked with them and some of you even ascended through them only to return now to be a part of this new expression, this new Golden Age becoming. Even though you had been a part of many Golden Ages prior to this here you are again now moving into another such Golden Age.


But as you move into this new Golden Age know that you are already in it. It is all around you. All you need to do is open your eyes, your third eye as well as your physical eyes as they are attuned by the third eye, and everything then becomes crystal clear because you are moving through this consciousness shift now. You are moving through these various initiations now. You are experiencing the various downloads that are being brought to you now.


The past is gone. Do not live in the past. The future is not yet … only based on probabilities and possibilities. But now, the moment that you are in is now. Know this. Continue to move along through your daily lives finding the energy within you and spreading that energy, spreading that light, that love, that sense of Oneness to all that you come in contact with. For then you are moving as a warrior, as a light warrior. You are expressing as that light warrior.


We are all so very proud of all of you. Not in an ego state but in a level of understanding that all is exactly as it needs to be and you are exactly where you need to be now.


I AM Sanat Kumara. I will continue to preside over these various initiations; another one to come soon at which time I will be there amongst you again.


All of my peace and love be with all of you. Continue on sharing and spreading the light wherever you find the opportunity.







Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!


How are you all? Do you will feel good? Do you feel like the energies are with you? You are strong in those energies? How many of you saw Sanat Kumara or felt him or experienced some sensation of him? Very good. Very good.


This is a beginning here, for some of you, a manifestation of types. Because in times coming you are going to experience more and more of this type of thing. You are going to experience more and more of your various guides that are working with you; the mentors that are working with you now that are going to begin to show themselves more and more to you in many different ways. Some even to the point of physically appearing to you. Not in your 3D illusion but in the higher vibrations when you find yourself in the higher vibrations so then we can then be with you. For we will not come down all the way to where you find yourselves when you are in the depths of depression or when you are feeling anger or any of these things you will not find us there with you then. But when you are feeling good when you are experiencing the joys of life, when you are in joy yourself that is when we will be making our appearance to you.


And we will be appearing to you in various ways at the next Advance as well. Just a hint here. Just a “get ready” because things are going to begin to pop. Is that the right saying here? It works. Okay.


Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?



Q & A


Q:  Could you remind us of why it’s so very important that when James is in trance, that people don’t get up and move around [or make noise on the phone] and disturb the energy?


OWS:  It is very important because of the sense of focus, the sense of movement out of consciousness or semi-conscious state that the one – not only James but anyone who is doing this type of communication is involved with. And there is a sense of a jarring or something that brings the one that is allowing this communication to come through, brings that one back somewhat. So it is a need to maintain a separation of sorts in this communication style here. Does this make sense? It is always best to keep the noises down, to keep the interruptions down as much as possible.


We know that you are in the human state just as we are in the human state as well. Some of that may be shocking to some of you but we are. We are in human bodies just as you are. We have just moved ahead a little bit further in terms of consciousness, in realizing who we are. And once you come to fully realize who you are then you will be right there with us. Okay?



Q:  What is the probability that we will have announcements in June this month?


OWS:  The probability based on right now this moment as we are speaking, it is coming very ‘soon’. [Laughter]


And we know that is not the answer you are wanting so we will elaborate just a little bit more. Based on probabilities right now, you are looking at a time possibly toward the end of this summer period you are in,  into the early fall period for many different changes to begin to develop. But again that is based on what is showing now in the Akashic Record. So when you are ready to … when you are moving, rather, into that timeframe many things can shift and change as they have often done because it is all based on consciousness, collective consciousness. And as the collective consciousness continues to shift so do the probabilities and possibilities of what’s available.


But know this, without any shadow of a doubt here people, know that all of these things that we have been speaking of, that all of us have been speaking of through many different sources, many different types of intelligence that are coming forward you might call it, many of these things, all of this is accurate at some level here. In other words all of it is going to happen. Just we do not know the sequence of it or the exact timing.


But there is only One that knows the exact timing and that is Prime Creator, Source itself. And he/she/it has not given us the information yet.


Q:  So the person that is going to make the announcement, does that change as well?


OWS:  Yes in many respects that often changes as well. But there is not only one announcement, there are many announcements that will come. And they will likely, at this point, they will come from many different sources.



Q:  About 3 ½ years ago I encountered my twin flame in the physical plane which sparked a lot of remembrance in me. I’ve been fortunate enough to be acquainted with a twin flame couple that are in union in the physical plane and they have been a great help to me. Could share any positive news regarding the twin flame collective because a lot of us are really wanting to see unions manifest in the physical plane. It would be very exciting and up lifting.


OWS:  What we can share with you is it is coming. For many it is coming. For some it has already begun but it is coming for many here who will experience this when it is time, when it is the right moment.


For many it is not the right moment because many are still caught up within the illusion here, within this three-dimensional illusion. And it will take the movement out of this illusion into the higher vibrations, higher dimensions, all of this, for then your twin flame, your twin soul to make his or her appearance to you. And this is coming. It is part of the grand celebration that is being planned here.


So what we can say, though, is we cannot say too much because, and we always say this: we do not want to ruin the surprise for you. For when you first — and this is to all, not only this one who has asked this question but to all — when you first are ready to experience your twin soul it will be like coming home like you have never felt before. You can take Dorothy with her clicking her shoes three times and expand that 1000 times over as to what you would feel at that moment as you are knowing you’re going home. If you can even begin to imagine what we are speaking of here.


As to one’s who have already found their twin flame, their twin soul, then you are the ones that are leading the pack you might say, the forerunners of this. And it does not happen often yet but it is going to happen more and more. And especially when you find yourselves on the ships, and you find yourselves down into inner and hollow Earth, all of these times and into the cities of light, this is where you will meet with your twin flame when you are ready for this. Does this answer your question?



Q:  How does focusing in the now change our perspective of our future?


OWS:  When you are focused in the now you are in the moment. You are within the joy within the moment. And as you are focusing in that moment everything becomes crystal clear to you and you do not need to think about the past and you do not even need to think about what is yet coming, because you do not need to know what is coming because you are exactly where you need to be and feeling in that moment that everything is right. Or as you said yesterday to the James, ‘he’ll feel right as rain’. (From the Matrix movie)


Q:  So then why is it that we have so many discussions about what’s coming?


OWS:  Because this is part of the illusion, part of the 3D illusion and your programming to anticipate the future, to look forward to the future, to plan for your future, to set goals and all of these things for your future. But what they, those who have created this expression here and this programming, what they have not told you is that you do not want … that you are not in the moment.


You see if you are in the moment then you are in control of everything that is happening to you. But if you are constantly looking toward the future and hoping and anticipating and all of this, this leads to feelings of anger and resentment and all of this because the future did not turn out to be the way you wanted it to be. And this was part of the programming of the cabal here.


Q:  Okay but it seems that much of your speaking to us is about the future.


OWS:  Much of our speaking to you is about being in the ‘now’ as much as you possibly can. And feeling a sense of anticipation about what is coming because as you are in the now though everything begins to take care of itself as you move into the future. You see?


Q:  Okay would you say then that we would be better off not …


OWS:  There is no ‘better off’ here you must understand. Everything is exactly as it needs to be and right where you need to be. So if you are focusing on the now then that is all you need to be focused on. That is not to say, though, that you cannot look forward to what is coming; again based on the probabilities and possibilities of what is going to be. But being in the now allows you to be in that perfect moment with the Source within you being at that level, that connection level, that everything exactly is working out for you.



Q:  Am I understanding correctly, that if we maintain the joyfulness, the blissfulness of the now then we increase the possibility of the now into the future we are creating that. Is that what you’re saying?


OWS:  That is correct. That is very well said. Yes.


This is about believing and you will see. Creating what you want in the moment. For as you create what you want in the moment you are creating your life ahead of you as well. So why not be in the now, live here in the now? That does not mean to say be in the 3D illusion, though. That means to say be in the higher vibrations outside of the 3D illusion in the now, and then you are creating the perfect future for you and the world in terms of a new Golden Age.


Q:  So the more I stay in the blissfulness of the now therefore the longer it is.


OWS:  Yes.


Are there other questions here?



Q:  I was reading an article that talked about on September 22nd we will be entering the photonic belt of light for all of the solar system. Can you talk more on that? Will we be going into a state hibernation?


OWS:  Not hibernation, no. How would that be if you went into a state of hibernation? You are not bears. You are moving into higher vibrations, a consciousness shift as you continue to move along. So that as the Earth herself, Gaia herself is moving through the solar system into various other areas photonic belts and all of these types of things, you are moving into an energy or an area of more like an energy. And all of this is part of the process that is happening here in terms of many of the energies that are coming from outside of the Earth, from even outside of the solar system at times, to bring these energies, this consciousness shift to the planet here. So you are receiving what you might say a great deal of help from many different sources that are continuing to help to increase the vibrations, bring more light here. And then you as the light workers and light warriors are the ones that are anchoring this light as the light workers. And as the light warriors you are then spreading the light. You see?


Q:  They just talked about mentors that would be working more with us; helping us to bring all together, and getting rid of or putting our egos on the back burner.


OWS:  Yes, you are talking about your mentors are coming. Some are already here. Some have been with you in various ways. Some of the ones that are here will be shifting in to other ones that will be coming. Once there is what you call disclosure and first contact and all of this has begun, there will be many that will be coming to assist in this entire process to help you through this ascension process. Because it would be difficult for many here — across the planet as a collective here we are speaking — it would be difficult for many to begin to move through this ascension process as you are, up to this point, and they would not be able to do it, though, without some assistance outside of themselves or even being able to connect within themselves with Source within. But many do not even know the terminology of what Source within is. They still think in terms of a God outside of themselves. This is from the religious programming that has gone on. And this needs to be in many respects shattered … this myth. This programming needs to be shattered and it will be when the various situation is right for all of this.


Q:  So is September 22nd a special date for us to be looking for something specific to happen?


OWS:  September 22nd, August 13th, July 4th, we mean you could look at all of these various times for yourself as significant but they are only significant based on what is in the moment now in terms of probabilities and again possibilities. Now that is not to say that there is not cosmic events that are occurring at that time and they will be and they are influencing much that is happening. But you always need to take a look at what the collective consciousness is bringing about in that particular moment. This is what determines when the ‘soon’, when our ‘soon’, rather, becomes your ‘soon’. You see?



Q:  Last night I received a communication that said: The great movement from the sun will occur in three days. I’m assuming that was in reference to the Event. Can you tell what the origin of this communication was; why the reference to three days; and what that may mean.


OWS:  The movement from the sun is in terms of not so much your sun here, although this sun is a conduit of the energies. The solar system sun is a conduit for the energies that are coming from the Galactic Central Sun. So when this occurs there will be a great movement; this would be considered the Event. As far as this three days part, part of this is your programming that you have had from long ago in terms of what you had heard about the three days and nights of darkness. And this is symbolic in many respects of what is happening within each individual. As you continue to move through these consciousness shifts you will have that sense of what has been called the familiars in your life leaving you and this will bring about a sense of darkness within temporarily. What has been called as sometimes the dark night of the soul. That does not necessarily mean there will be three physical days of darkness; that is not what this is meaning. It can be but this is not necessarily what will be.


Q:  What was the origin of the communication?


OWS:  It is coming from within you. It is specific to you and what is happening within you at this time and what will happen even more so within you.


Q:  And what did you mean by familiars?


OWS:  The familiars in terms of as you move through this transition process and the ascension process, those familiar things in your life — whether they are guides or relationships or places of living or stuff that you have and all of this — will be leaving you … your comfort zones, all of this. You will be moving into a new state of consciousness and to move into a new state of consciousness you must let go of the old state in terms of your old attachments and such.


Q:  Got it. That makes sense.


OWS:  Glad we make some sense sometimes here! (laughter)


Anything further here before we release channel?



Q:  I would just like to thank you for all of your good messages. [Others add their thanks as well]


OWS:  Then we would say, thank you for everything that you are doing because without you, we would not be here doing what we do. Remember that. We can only be of service to you if you are there to allow us to be of service. Then we are ready to release channel here.


Know that as the days continue to go by and you continue to feel at times weary and wondering when is this going to end — we know some of you go through this — and wonder when is it really going to be ‘soon’, and when are these things going to happen and all of this. Just as the Disciples asked Yeshua, tell us of when these ending days will be, what it will be like when the days come to an end here and he spoke about this. This is very similar to that timeframe that he was speaking of. In other words you are in those “end times” and everything is coming to a head here, everything is coming to a “crescendo”. That is the word that Sananda used some time ago and we will continue to utilize this word because this is what resembles mostly what is going to be. As you come to the crescendo of everything that you have been working toward; all of the energies that you have been working to raise within yourself and outside of yourself.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



Channeled by James McConnell



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”



17.05.28 – “We Are Parked, We Are Here; We Are Ready To Move At A Moment’s Notice” – Sananda, Aramda and OWS

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Sananda, Aramda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on May 28, 2017
I Am Sananda.

And as I have said many times, I am here with this group, I am here with many of you. Many of you that are in the awakening process. Many of you that have awakened to who you are, to begin to remember fully what you are here for. And as you are continuing with this program, with this process that you are going through, that we are helping you move through, you are going to come to an understanding not only of who you are but what you are here to do, what you came to do, the mission that you came here for. And that mission is going to be introduced to you more and more and more as these days and weeks and even months go by. You are going to come more and more to understand the meaning that you are here for; what you came to do here.

And as you come to this meaning, as you come to this understanding, you will realize that you are the One. You are THE ONE. Meaning that you are one with the God Source within you and within all beings; within all creation.

We are all ONE together. And we have always been one, there’s never been a time when we were disconnected. Only in the mind are you disconnected but never in reality are you. There is always that connection, always that sense of belonging that has always been with you, always will be with you.

And as you come closer and closer to understand your mission what you came here for, you are going to be brought into a situation where I, as Sananda, am going to help to introduce those missions to you if you do not already, if you are not already fully aware of them.

We are in this together, my brothers and sisters. We are all in this together. Many of us came here together. Many of us came here to bring the evolution of man into a higher state of consciousness, to raise the vibrations, to raise the energies, and you are here to do that. And I and many others who are helping to mentor to you are here to help you to do that. And as we continue to move along in this process we will be in a position where we can work together in this way.

And I will introduce to you, to many of you — and for some it will be a remembrance but I will reintroduce to you the Twelve Tables, the 12 of 12. And yes if you do the math that is 144. And that is important because as you continue to move into these various missions, as you find your place at these tables that are going to be introduced to you … not all. Not all will want to be, but many of you will be introduced to this and will want to sit at these tables, to be on the various councils that will be opening up. And I will introduce this more and more until the point where you are then once again at the next Advance for this group. And that time I will share with you what these tables mean, where your place is at these tables, and you will literally sit at one of these tables at that Advance. That is a promise to you.

I will release this channel now to another.

I Am Sananda, am always with you have always been with you am with you now and will always be with you. From the beginning to the end. Although there’s never been a beginning and there is never going to be an end.

I AM Aramda.

I Am one that many of you are aware of, many of you have known. Many of you can resonate to my name: Aramda. You feel the energies, you feel the vibration within you as you say my name. And my name has a connection with many of you.

I am not one that has been written of in the Bible or in the various holy texts of many kinds. I am not one that has been spoken of in that way, but I am reintroducing myself to you now once again. I am one that is up in a ship at this moment as I am speaking with you. My ship the Amalia and I am there to help to coordinate along with Ashtar, along with Sananda, the vibrational change that is going on, on this planet at this time. These waves of energy that are coming into the planet. And I am here with my ship as with all of the other ships that are now parked just outside of the atmosphere and some even within the atmosphere. And we are in what you would call the final parking spot here.

We are parked, we are here; we are ready to move at a moment’s notice. When that green light has been given we are ready to move into the next phase. And I speak now of these various phases that we have been attuning to and attending to that the next phase is about to begin. And this phase is going to bring you closer and closer to that which you have called disclosure. And when this green light is given we will move into action at that point and will begin to disclose even more and more our ships.

We have already begun this process in the phase just preceding and this phase is the one where we are showing ourselves to many across the planet. Many, many more are beginning to become awakened to the idea that they are not alone. If you would question a great many of the population of this planet you would find that 70 to 80% of the population now believe that you are not alone, that you are not the only life form in the universe. And many would look at this and begin to say, “how could anyone think otherwise?” And if you would look back only 10 or so years ago how many would have said the opposite?

How many of them would have said you must be crazy to think there are, there is the life out there because the various forces at work have done everything that they can to keep you thinking in terms of you are the only one. Because if you are thinking you are the only one that you are the only life in the universe, they can continue to maintain control.

But once that control is gone, once that idea and ideal is changed, they no longer have the control. And that is changing and they have lost control. Not that they are ‘losing’ control, they have ‘lost’ control completely. There is just a semblance of continuing process that is here … not that they are in control but those that they control continue to be in control in terms of your media.

And your media is in the process now of shifting and changing and moving into an understanding of, once again, that they are there to provide the truth. They are there to share with the world, with the population of the planet, the actual truth that is going on. They are not there yet, but they are close now.

So it is time to allow for this process to begin to take hold more and more and more because all of the energies are shifting. Consciousness is shifting. So many things are still happening in the background, but if you notice, with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear you are beginning more and more to see this coming out in the open, to see the truth being revealed, to see those that are in the shadows the light is being thrown to them now and they can no longer remain in the shadows. They must emerge into the light. And as they emerge into the light they will not be able to handle the vibrations that are there.

So all of this is being taken care of. All of this is being orchestrated both behind-the-scenes and in front of the scenes. And you are the ones that are providing all of this orchestration all of this that we are helping to do, you are there guiding the entire process.

So I ask you now to continue to look at the skies, to be aware of what is up there to believe that we are there and that you can communicate with us. And the more that you believe that you can communicate with us, the more that you will be able to. And one of these moments this group, many of you in this group, will be in the process of being able to be in our vibration as we come down somewhat to your vibration where we meet, what you would say, in the middle. And as we can do this then you will be able to step aboard our ships. Yes, in your physical body is what I am speaking of here. So it is coming you are going to be experiencing this. This group has been prepared for this or is being prepared for this as we speak now. And all of this is going to come to pass.

I AM Aramda. I love you all dearly, more than you can possibly imagine at this point.

Peace and love be with all of you.
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you in those of you that don’t know on the phone, we’re the One Who Serves. And we are here to do exactly that. And in service here, we wish to pick up on something that was said earlier where we, from through the James here, we jumped in and said, “No! No that cannot be. You cannot be thinking in terms of taking the various medications, various things that are your maladies of various types. You cannot be thinking in terms anymore of being on your pharmaceutical drugs, your allopathic medicine. It does not work for you anymore. As you move into the higher vibrations you cannot handle that anymore. Those pills — that lower vibration – will do exactly that: it will lower your vibrations. So as you are raising your vibrations and you take these various drugs of different types it lowers your vibration. Not what you want, is it people?

So more and more and more move away from this. Weed yourself off. All of you wean yourself off of this. You see? (Weed is good too, though, just so you know!) [Laughter] It can be very helpful in many cases and had been introduced to this planet, this consciousness here. It is something from the Great White Brotherhood. We introduced it. It is something that is good for you. Not in over indulgence, though. Do not overindulge in it. But use it as a form of helping to move in to higher states of consciousness. This is what it is for.

It can also be used for pain and these types of things and it is a very natural substance but be careful with it; that is all we are saying. Because if you utilize it too much just like you utilize other drugs too much it can open up pathways within you that can allow for negative forces to enter you. Not in terms so much of possession, we are not speaking in that terminology, not like your “Exorcist” and things like this but it can open up to a slight possession type of deal where you allow in and invite these entities to come in. And once they are invited in, they come in just as you’re vampire movies and things of this nature. Open up a window and they’re in. You see? Know not to open up a window to them. Okay?

In terms again of the various medications and those kinds of things, that is all going away people. You are not going to have those much longer. It is a transition, it is part of the transition, but you are moving into more natural methods, more natural ways of handling the old diseases and sicknesses. But even more importantly than that, the old diseases and sicknesses are also going to be going away. Because as you raise your vibrations more and more as your frequency as a collective consciousness increases across the planet, you are going to find that you cannot have any of these maladies and diseases and sicknesses and all of this. Not even a headache! That will be gone. Stomachaches will be gone … all of this. You will have none of this anymore. Isn’t that wonderful?! Say hallelujah! You can celebrate. Oh my goodness, we can go into that song: “Celebrate!” But no, we’ll save that for another time. Okay?

You have questions here for One Who Serves?
Q & A
Q: This may be a little 3D but were not totally in 5D yet … so we’ve been hearing a lot about the New Republic, NESARA, prosperity packages, the re-val, currency exchanges, and maybe even a jubilee or debt forgiveness on loans and mortgages, etc. for a long time. Some light workers are barely holding on financially because of the cabal’s control of the money system still. Can you share a little insight on how things will look once they’re no longer in control? And I’m still assuming it’s still close (wink! Wink!)

OWS: First of all though when you said that you are not in 5D yet; why would you say that? Because as you say that you are creating that. So do not say you are not in 5D. Say you are moving out of 3D, you are moving out of the illusion, you are moving into higher vibrations. You see all of this is much more positive way of looking at it and moving away from the old programming more and more.

Those that have attempted to keep control have attempted to keep you in the illusion as much as they can, to keep you what you call ‘dumbed down’ so that you are not even aware of higher vibrations. It is just been recently that your scientists have begun talking about vibration, about higher frequencies, and all that comes from this. And now it is coming out into the mainstream more and more. We would ask you to go to your neighbor and ask them if they know what vibration is and many of them will understand and say, yes we understand what vibration is. But years ago how many would have understood that?

You see, this is a consciousness shift that is going on. And as this consciousness shift continues to move along, and you begin — you as a collective you – begin to believe that you are creating your own reality every moment, every thought of your life, then you will have your NESARA. Then you will have your Republic. All of this. But now, please understand that as we say this, the Republic, NESARA, all of that is already in place. It is already ready to be rolled out you might say. It just needs the last catalyst that is needing to come forward here. We cannot say what that catalyst is right now but you will know it when it happens and it will then lead to the announcements in various ways of all of these things that have been spoken of, including disclosure as Aramda said. You are coming closer and closer to this. It is no longer our “soon” anymore. It is now closer to your “soon.”

Q: I have a question about the area where this meeting takes place. I’ve heard there are three vortexes just down the road from here. If you stepped out on the porch you could see Black Mesa which I hear is a male vortex. Further south is Lone Mountain which is neutral point. And then south of there is yet another vortex of very high energy in terms of the Earth. And I’ve heard that Black Mesa is also a stargate. Are these vortexes active now and will they be able to be utilized or are they going to be utilized when the Galactics do make contact with us, when they show themselves?

OWS: Yes we can answer this in this way. There are vortexes all over the planet. Many of them have been taken over by the forces of darkness and utilized for their benefit and their purposes but many of them had been freed now. Many of them have been reopened to the general public to be able to experience. Those particular ones you speak of here in Arizona, there are those. Many here in Arizona. This is a very high vortex area. This is why so many of the spiritual persuasion have been guided to come here to this particular state, as well as California, as well as Colorado, as well as many of the mountainous areas and areas along water.

So there is experience of many of these vortexes, many of these stargates as you say and various portals that are opening and will be opening more and more. And there will come a time when you will have access to these stargates.

You have them within yourself; that is something that will be introduced to you more and more. It is just starting to come out that you have stargates within yourself, that you can move through these stargates. They will be introduced to you and you will come to understand or rather understand and remember that you have these as well as stargates outside of yourself. Portals that you can move through. They are there now. Some of you in the past, if you would think back, you moved through a portal in various places where you were in one particular energy, you moved through the portal and though you did not know is was there and you felt an immediate shift of energy at that point. Some of you say yes you understand this. We see this in your nodding your head. Even those of you over the phone, we can see this. We can see you are understanding what we are saying. You have experienced moving through these portals before. Sometimes they bring a sense of bliss. Sometimes they bring a nauseous feeling, a dizziness feeling, things of this nature. These are portals or can be considered gateways. And there are yes stargates that are here on the planet. Many had been taken over by the cabal but they are being released now to the, what you call the Resistance, the Light Resistance. All of this are taking these back over again so that they can be utilized for mankind here.

Q: Asking about portals in Canada and vortexes. Where would there be some in Canada?

OWS: As we say they are everywhere. They are everywhere, in every country, and every city, and town, and all of these places. You would be amazed at how many there are. And there are major ones though that are as we say had been taken over by the cabal but they are being released. There are many what you would call more minor ones as well. They are there to assist the energy connections that are going on, the ley line connections that are happening across the entire planet. The grid has not been completed yet but it is very close to being completed. And once it is completed it will create an energy vortex across the entire planet. So if you can imagine there being one energy vortex for the whole planet. This is what had happened a long time ago and it was influenced and shifted and changed by those factions that began to war with one another and they destroyed this grid.

We cannot give more on this at this point. It has to do with energies below the pyramids, the pyramids themselves, below the pyramid and the connections that are keeping the planet in alignment here; keeping it from having polar shifts, major earthquakes, all of this. Did this answer your question? Without specifically saying where they are in Canada yes, but you have many there.

Q: I have a question about the drug topic. Now I’m very curious about the use of marijuana and the cannabis oils. I’m a person that it was suggested to me and I cannot stand the odor of it. My main concern is though that my son has prescreened and been given a card for this and I know it’s not good for him. I feel rather helpless in attempting to communicate with him because he cannot hear me and I know his vibration is being lowered because of it. So the whole topic of having marijuana legalized I’m wondering and I have a strong feeling that it is accurate that that is another form of the cabal issuing legalization to something to keep our vibration lower.

OWS: We are going to tell you something that is going to shock your world. Okay? That is the way we start this here. Please understand that the use of marijuana, the cannabis plants, all of this, was purposely given to mankind to help to increase your vibration, to increase your consciousness, to move you into higher states of consciousness through this use. This was part of this. And the various cabal, the dark forces were aware of the benefits of this plant and all the many benefits from this plant there was. And they did all they could to keep this plant from being utilized as it could be. In many ways the hemp plant, the hemp part of this, all of this was kept from mankind as much as they could to keep it illegal. Because if they keep it illegal, they keep in control. And if they keep you from utilizing these types of mind altering expansion drugs that were there for you — they are natural if you look at this. They are a plant. They are here for the Earth or by the Earth. The Earth has provided them for you so how could there be something that would be detrimental to you utilized within … not overused here? Not overindulged in other words. Okay?

So the cabal did everything that they could to hold you, to keep you from being able to utilize this and to be able to expand your mind because they knew if you expanded your mind you would realize that you are in this illusion that has been created here. And the more you can expand your mind you come out of the understanding that this … or you come to the understanding that this is an illusion and then you can expand your mind into higher states of consciousness, into the universal understanding and everything opens up to you and they can no longer be in control.

So this is all part of the control operation. And also in terms of money that they could make because of making this illegal. Look at all of the people that have been imprisoned for possession of marijuana and have been put into prisons for years. Sometimes many many years. Does that make any sense to you why that would be? Longer than ones that have created murders, you see? It is a moneymaking proposition that they have done all that they can to make as much money from this as they could but more importantly to keep control here. But that has left them. So the legalization of this is actually in many respects a good thing, a very positive thing. It is a positive movement. You see? Different way of looking at it.

Q: My son was incarcerated for a year for selling and so I’m the mother of a child that’s experiencing this. I am so grateful for you sharing this to for me because I was so misinformed.

OWS: Many have been misinformed because the programming that has been involved. Now please understand though, that someone who utilizes marijuana every day of their life and cannot get through the day without it, that is not a good thing. That is not a positive thing for them. It is not to their benefit then. But utilized as an expansion, mind expansion, very helpful. To utilize it as a natural method of pain, holding the pain tolerance also can be very good for that, and many other experiences and many other uses of this. That was a rather long answer for short question but you know how we are sometimes.

Q: Could you tell us what the wave anomaly coming from Antarctica is.

OWS: Yes. There are energy forms or energy, many different energies that are coming as a result of all that is being experienced there in the Antarctica area. That all of these discoveries that are being made there that are going to be introduced to the public more and more here. And this anomaly or this energy pattern, this wave pattern, is the energy that has been generated because of all the consciousness shift that has been going on as a result of what they are finding there.

Q: Is it like a release?

OWS: Yes, you can look at it in that respect.

Q: You said there was a catalyst yet to happen for NESARA/GESARA and new Republic [to be announced] and then later you talked about portals and vortexes, and that the ley lines, to encompass the whole universe, are being worked on but are not yet completed. Am I correct in connecting those dots as perhaps that once everything is done, when the ley lines are finished, it would be the catalyst that was to happen to launch NESARA/GESARA and the Republic?

OWS: What we speak of in terms of catalyst, there is something that needs to occur. Rather several some things that need to occur which will lead to a greater something, if you could understand this weird way of saying this here. But when this occurs, it is in relation to what was being spoken of in terms of these ley line activation, the grid that is being reconnected back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and all of this. This is all being reconnected back again so that all of this is, yes it is all coming together as all part of the orchestration that is being brought about by not only these things that we speak of but by mankind’s consciousness, the collective consciousness of all of you that is raising the vibrations across the planet. And as these vibrations continue to raise across the planet, you are going to experience more and more of these various announcements and things coming to you. You see? Does this make sense to you in terms of connecting the dots here?

Q: I hear what you’re saying and of course I’d like you to paint that picture a little more clearly. But I understand. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. We would like to as well but we have ones that we have to listen to as well and they are over there saying, No! Don’t paint anymore picture here. [Laughter] We cannot give much here.

We are ready to release channel. Please understand as you continue to move along here as you continue to have your day-to-day activities and practice your breathing techniques and all of these things that you are learning to work with, all of this is leading to not only your consciousness increasing but the collective consciousness increasing as well. Because as you increase your consciousness, you increase the collective consciousness.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be The ONE.
Channeled by James McConnell
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