17.08.27 – This Was A Moment, A Moment That Has Been Heralded For A Very Long Time

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Saint Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare for Change group in Phoenix, AZ on August 27, 2017


Saint Germain

I AM St. Germain. I come with the Violet Flame, Violet Light to continue this process that was begun long ago, the process that you all came here with as the light workers, the light sharers, the light warriors that you were and have once again become.

This process is for all to experience. It is an ascension process. It is not an overnight awakening. For some it can be but for most it will be a process. And you are right in the midst of that process now because of the energies that are coming into the planet and are being accentuated by the galactic events, the celestial events that are happening in order to bring this all about.

You must all understand that this was not just a happenstance eclipse. This was a moment, a moment that has been heralded for a very long time. For ages now. A moment that is a catalyst to bring about these wonderful and amazing changes that are upon you now. And as some sources are beginning to say, there is yet one event, one smaller event that will lead into many more events, many more happenings, many more changes before the full “changeover” can occur.

But it is this one celestial event that has occurred that is a catalyst now to bring about these smaller changes, these smaller events which will lead to The Event. You will begin to know this as it occurs.

Those of the dark forces that have been so involved in keeping you down, keeping mankind down for their various purposes, they are nearly at an end. Can say they are running for their very lives.

But understand that their lives are not to be forfeited as you would think they would be. They will be brought up, if they are allowing it to be, brought back into the light. All of your prayers, all of your love, in directed toward these ones will bring this about. Let them realize that even they want to be free. They want to be free of the shackles that have been holding them down. Even though they have been in control, they have had the life you might say, they are tired and weary almost as much as you are because they have carried this mantle, this mantle of darkness for a long time.

Many now are ready to release this. It only takes this one more catalyzing event to bring this about. It will bring out of the shadows back into the light all of those truths that have been covered up for some time now. They are about to be revealed.

What you know of as the Republic will be brought about once again. Not the new Republic but the old Republic. What was meant to be will now become a reality.

And your financial system, what has been worked on for many decades now is close to being realized as a full changeover from the financial system, the financial debt system that you know of now, into a new more glorious Golden Age system. That will lead eventually to the full Golden Age and your fifth dimensional new reality.

It is time now for all of you, all of you that conspire, that work to bring the light to your neighbors, to your brothers, to your sisters, it is time now for you to reach out more and more. Become as Archangel Michael has said the warriors, not so much the workers anymore. For as warriors you take action. As warriors you spread the light. That is what you each and every one came here to do, was to share and spread the light. Share and spread the knowing of the One Consciousness that we all are.

So continue now my brothers, my sisters, to believe in yourselves, to trust in yourselves; to trust that all is coming together as it needs to. All is being orchestrated as you hear many times but that you are that orchestration. And together all of us will bring about this New Golden Age on mankind.

I AM St. Germain. May the peace and love be with all of you and the Violet Light shine deeply within you as you continue to spread it wherever you can.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here.

No message to follow up because so much is happening. You are continuing to work with these energies, to feel these energies, to move with these energies. And as we have been saying the energies are going to increase. And they’re going to increase greatly as you continue along. But most of you will welcome this. Most of you will feel these energies and welcome them no matter what they will bring to you because you will know it is only temporary. You will know that it is a part of the expression that needs to be at this time as you continue to move along in your own personal ascension process in bringing about the full mass ascension that is coming your way here soon. Very shortly. Imminently. All of these words that you use. It is all a part of the process though. And as you are hearing many times you are the process that is bringing this all about.

You have questions here for One Who Serves? (Question/answer session was not transcribed – please listen to audio file on our website – www.ancientawakenings.og)

Channeled by James McConnell
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“Believing is seeing!”

17.08.20 – Many Of You Will Feel A Sense Of Bliss Come Over You That You Have Not Yet Felt

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Lady Nada and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on August 20, 2017



I AM Lady Nada. It is wonderful to be with you at this time in these changes that are approaching as this feminine energy is coming to balance the masculine energy.

It has been coming for a very long time now but it is about to increase many-fold as these energies that are coming into the Earth and are being symbolized and catalyzed by this great event that is happening tomorrow the 21st of August and that being the solar eclipse. That being the energy change that is going to catapult many new changes to come to this planet. This is a beginning, a beginning energy, a wave of energy you might call it, that is being released from the sun from the solar sun but first from the Galactic Central Sun as well, that these energies are now going to be coming into the planet more and more.

And if you have been feeling these rising energies over some time now, you are about to experience even more energy even more rise of these energies because so much is ready, to use the expression ‘explode’ on this planet. Explode in a wonderful array of light and love and a shift in consciousness that is going to propel all of the people on this planet into a new direction, a new direction that leads them to a balanced state within them.

All of this is about coming into balance. All of this is about bringing the masculine energy that has been so dominant over so long a period of time, not to diminish, but to become equal to that feminine energy, that Goddess energy that has been re-released now. It has been for some time but it is now going to begin to cascade into this planet like you have never felt before. Many of you, after this shift happens tomorrow, will begin to feel these energies and you feel it as a balance; you will feel it as a love that is emanating from deep within Gaia herself. And you will feel the energies coming forward and you will feel the animals and the plants all feeling this new energy, this new love energy, this new energy that is bringing the shift in consciousness which you have all so long awaited.

This is not The Event as has been spoken of but it is in many ways the beginnings of it. You have had many waves of energy come through previously and they have been coming to continue to acclimate you, all of you, to these energies. But I tell you now that these energies are going to increase many fold. And you will feel and understand this as it happens.

And many of you will feel a sense of bliss come over you that you have not yet felt. Others of you may feel some trepidation. Many of you will also feel some sense of … not illness, we would not say that but you may feel some symptoms that you have not felt before. Or if you have had these symptoms they may increase for just a short period of time but that will only be for a minute period of time here. You will all feel this expression in different ways.

This is somewhat of a precursor of when the full Event happens to prepare you, to ready you for this shift and changeover that is very much coming closer and closer. It is time now for all of you, all of you, to begin to move within yourself more and more fully; to find that source energy within you that is being reawakened in many of you. Many of you have already felt this awakening but you are going to feel it much more than you have previously. And all of those out there that have no idea of this awakening will begin to awaken as well. Where you are out in your public, when you are there and you are meeting new people, new people will come and approach you and begin to speak and talk about these things in wide-eyed amazement because they have not understood this up to now. Because up to now they have been asleep just as you were asleep many months and maybe even many years ago. But now you have awakened and so are many, many more are going to awakened because of this celestial event or rather the celestial events that have been happening and are going to continue to happen as you continue to move closer and closer into this Aquarian Age and closer to the New Golden Age.

I AM Lady Nada. I love you dearly more than you can imagine at this point. So many of you are my brothers and sisters my dear friends along with my wonderful partner and twin soul as you know Sananda we are all in this working together bringing this about as much as we can. But as you have heard many, many, many times, you are the ones that are making these changes. You are the ones that are what you have been waiting for. We are only here to assist and work with you as we can.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I love you dearly.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to assist and follow-up and to do all the things that we do because as we are doing all the things that we do, you are expected to do all of the things that you do.

And what of those things that you are supposed to be doing? [Advancing!] Advancing yes. Are you all advancing? Are you all moving ahead with these energies and working with them and letting them move through you and in you and shift and change you as you continue on with your daily life? Are you all looking for those moments of joy at all times or are you looking for the joy in every moment?

We know we have spoken of this before but it is so important as we continue this process, this ascension process that you are on. Be in the moment in the every moment now and find that joy in every moment because this is what is going to catapult you into the new higher energies. This is what is going to take you into the higher vibrations and keep you there.

If you are feeling disconsolate if you are feeling down and depressed, how can you be in the higher vibrations when you are in that sense of mood? But when you are feeling joyful, when you are seeing the beauty all around you, when you are feeling the oneness with the plants and the animals and feeling the earth under your feet in the connection with the Earth or touching water and feeling the consciousness within the water. That is when you are experiencing these new changes that are here. That is when you will begin more and more to move into those higher vibrations and find yourself staying their longer and longer. Does this make sense to everyone?

And if you have not already noticed, yes I Am a different One Who Serves. You may have already felt the energy difference maybe because of the Lady Nada coming with all of this feminine energy. Maybe this is what it is. But I am more gentle you might say and to be with you I have not been with, through this one, but one time previously. And this is an opportunity for myself to come here and be with you and to experience with you.

There are going to be many many times that we, as the One Who Serves, as the collective of the One Who Serves are going to be with you more and more just as we have been. But those times that are ahead are going to be many many changes that are going to shift within you. Not only the shifts outside of yourself but those shifts that are happening within you. Many of you have already recognized this, have been feeling this for some time, but now it is becoming accentuated. Now you are beginning to feel this coming over you more and more. And when this happens, as it will and as it does, it is important for you to know that that is all it is. It is just a shift that is happening. It is just new energies that are coming into the planet and preparing you for your ascension process. As Sananda says many times acclimating you to these energies so that you are ready for all that is coming. And I assure you that so much is coming and always though and as we say much is coming, we always need to reiterate to you that you also need to be in the now at all times.

Are there questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I just wanted to acknowledge you One Who Serves collective, my beautiful brothers and sisters, that I’ve enjoyed so much your metaphor of finding the joy in every moment and not looking for the moment of joy. And I was able to share that with a client yesterday and it inspired and enlightened him. It was such a beautiful gift. And I wanted to share my love and appreciation for that. And I also expressed it to my mom what happened and I said these doors have opened and she said I see them! They’re white and gold doors that opened up to this beautiful blue sky. It was very special and I love you all. So thank you.

OWS: Wonderful. Thank you for your feelings your comments there. And something so simple as this saying that we gave here but such a beauty within that saying. So it’s a wonderful feeling that can come from this. So this is wonderful. Yes.

Q: I was really intrigued by the first member of your collective who came through. She was female.

OWS: Not female but very gentle you might say.

Q: Yes I was resonating with her when she first came in and I was just trying to get an image of her in my mind. And I was just wondering if I had the correct image. Was she Pleiadian looking or Venusian looking?

OWS: No, as we are saying it is not ‘she’. There is no she within our collective. But it would be difficult for us to be the One Who Serves as the brothers that we are to have a female within us. Now that is not to say that there are not other aspects of ourselves as well as another order within our order that is of the female persuasion as well. So there is both. When we say The Great White Brotherhood, we are not speaking only of the male persuasion, we are also speaking of many of the female that are in as well. That our sisters are part of this wonderful order that we are as well as all of the other brotherhoods and sisterhoods that are out there and the councils that are a part of this whole expression that is happening here. Yes, we are all here and willing to assist in any way that we can.

[Editor’s note: It was later suggested that the caller may have been referring to Lady Nada who spoke before One Who Serves.]

Q: I remember you commenting on somebody’s depiction of you saying that that’s not how you looked. How do you look? How do you come to us?

OWS: And we think that most of you understand or rather know what we would say here but we are not going to spoil the surprise there because there will be come times when we will appear to you or others of the, what you call Company of Heaven will appear to you, and it will be very much of a surprise in many respects. Because even though we have this crazy Tibetan accent here we do not always appear to be as Tibetan. We can appear as what you might call in South America and in many other places. Even here in the United States we can also appear in that respect too. For as you know we have gone through this ascension process and we are able to change our looks and our bodies in any way that we want. And just as we have been telling you that at some point when you are ready you will be able to do this as well. But before you do that as you are moving through this transition process you will have access to those chambers that have been spoken of, those crystal chambers, and you will be able to alter your physical appearance and all of this at that time working through those particular technological devices that will be available to you.

Q: Wonderful. Yes we did mention about that, that they go by many names, the healing chambers and light chambers. And we were discussing that there’s millions of chambers on the ships and in Agartha and that we’ll all have our own individual name, our earth name on the side of the light chamber.

OWS: You will not have your names as you know them now but you will have names which you resonate to that will draw you, as a magnet, will draw you to it. It will be your personal chamber that will be available to you at that time and then when you exit that chamber, that same chamber will be available to another but it will be altered to fit their consciousness as they move into it. So it is not your names that will be on there – you will not see the name tag or anything of Diana, or James, or Peter, or David, or anything of this nature – you will feel the symbolic connection here as you are drawn to it. You will understand this. You can call it Light Language possibly and this will be what will draw you to it at the time.

Q: And will that be our spiritual name?

OWS: You can call it that if you wish – yes. And we are not going to give you your spiritual names now. That you must come up with on your own so don’t anyone ask. Okay?

Q: I didn’t question my higher self who was telling me this. So when my higher self said “my name,” maybe it just meant my spiritual name and I interpreted it wrong thinking it was my Earth name.

OWS: Yes. Look at it as a vibrational name in a sense. May be better way to look at it here.

Q: I’ve recently received a contact by an E.T. group called the Ebens (phonetic) and it seems to me that these type of contacts are becoming more frequent. Is there some connection between that and this upcoming eclipse?

OWS: Yes very much so. Many more after this eclipse are going to be experiencing this as well. And we would say to you, all of you now — all of you that are listening here and will read these words after — all of you can begin more and more now to go outside at night and communicate with those members those ones that are there. Many ways they are there for you. They are watching over you, they are experiencing with you. Not directly that they are yours, I would not say, although sometimes they are. Sometimes the connection is directly attuned to you and you can do this you can go out but as you do this, as you begin to communicate with those ones that are there, as you are hearing the answer do not slough it off as this is just my imagination because as soon as you do that the communication will end. So I would just giving you a caution here, a little warning that if you want to have these connections be developed here you must believe in that connection and trust it. And even if it isn’t, so what? If you get a wonderful message from somewhere then does it matter who that messenger is? You see? So let it be.
[Extreme audio interference]
Charles is right about the solar eclipse. This is going to accentuate the ability for so many more to open this connection. Just as you open the connection there at the Advance and the James then took it from there and has also now been communicating with these ones as well. So it is becoming opened very much so.

Q: I thank Lady Nada for bringing in the transmission about Devine Goddess Energy on the planet to balance the masculine energy for oneness and to One Who Serves for suggestion to go out into nature to integrate and acclimate these energies.

I heard a recent transmission about the harmonic convergence that occurred back in 1987. Are we going to another harmonic convergence of Christ Consciousness?

OWS: You are. And this is what you would call the 30-year anniversary of that harmonic convergence. And much that occurred at that time is going to reoccur now, and much much more than that. So the energies that occurred back in that time, your 1987, were high but nothing like they are now and nothing like they are going to become. So the harmonic convergence that created such an awakening across the planet at that time is going to be repeated in a much higher volume or much higher vibratory level than it ever was at that time.

Q: I have a question about the total solar eclipse that we’re going through tomorrow. Is it safe to see it with the naked eye or do we need some type of lens to look at the solar eclipse?

OWS: We are going to answer that for you with this understanding that there is much information that is available on this. It has in the past been a particular problem that someone would look at this and have some damage to their eyes and things of this nature and that is still true certainly.

But also know that the energies that are coming from the sun are not as you have been programmed to believe. They are not harmful to you as you have learned over the years. That is not to say that you can sit out in the direct sun’s rays in the middle of the afternoon in your desert the area here and not become sunburned. You can certainly. But it is to say that much has been created by the cabal in intensive programming to keep you away from the sun’s rays. To say they are damaging to you because they know that the sun’s rays are leading to your ascension.

They know all about this. They have known about this for a long time. Why do you think they are putting those trails those chemtrails in the skies? They are attempting to block out the sun’s rays as much as possible. So they have not been able to do that certainly. How would you even think that you could block the sun’s rays. You see?

But this particular event that is happening here — and we will call it an event because it is an event — and this particular event is going to be special. It is going to be special because the cosmic energies that are going to be released from this happening here, this celestial event, are going to be enormous. And we will use the term we gave to the James for the Advance: momentous. Much is going to happen as a result of this. You may not feel it directly at first but you will. It is going to reverberate across the planet as this occurs tomorrow and into the next weeks and months ahead. And all of this is a catalyst to bring these newer energies into the planet as well as the changes that will come as a result of these energies.

We know we went much further than your actual question but it was necessary.

Q: I have been a little concerned, as a person who has loved a person who died of addiction, with the conversation about marijuana. I’m not inclined to believe it’s all so very benevolent but I don’t know. I would like to know from you is marijuana and some other drugs helping us in the ascension process? Are they not helping us? Or does it not make any difference one way or the other?

OWS: We will speak about marijuana or your cannabis and you can look at this as a gift from the gods, you might say. A gift from the Masters. We have provided this to the planet here for your use. And if it is coming from the earth and if it is a part of the earth it is beneficial to you. Now that is not to say there are not plants out there that are poisonous and things, certainly there are. But if you take certain of those poisonous plants that are there and combine them with another type of plant they can bring much benefit to all of you. And the cabal has known this for a long time. They have known that cannabis is very healing and beneficial to mankind and they have done all they can to demonize it to make it something that is harmful to you.

Now with that understanding that is not to say that sitting there and smoking a, what is your saying a reefer or a joint or whatever you might call it every single day, day in day out is going to be helpful for you. No it is not. It is going to open up avenues within you that you do not want to open up: portals you might say that will then bring in unwanted guests, let us put it that way. Now in terms of the dark forces can intercede and move in through these openings that are developed. Now that is with heavy use.

But with occasional use or with medicinal use, in other words your intent is to bring about healing, it can be very beneficial indeed for you.

So it is a plant that has been given to mankind to assist in your healing properties and working with the consciousness as far as increasing consciousness, opening parts of your consciousness that have been closed to you, opening the third eye, all of these things can be assisted by the use of cannabis and marijuana. Now we do not hope that you all go out and buy your ounces of pot and all of that now and begin to smoke heavily. Please do not do that. That would be detrimental. But if there is a need for it or a great desire here and there then it can be very helpful to you.

Now that is also to say there are certain other avenues that you can approach such as your magic mushrooms and things of this nature that can increase consciousness as well. They are meant to do that. They have been used for millennia and millennia for just that purpose to open up portals or gateways within the third eye to see what they cannot see with their physical eyes. All of these things are part of this. But if they are manmade such as LSD and things of this nature, not too helpful here. To be stayed away from.

Now also to bring about the discussion about other drugs and medications and all of this, anything that is not natural, that is a manmade, that is utilized to hold the consciousness down or to minimize yourself in terms of psychiatric drugs and things of this nature can be very hurtful and not beneficial at all to you. And anyone who is utilizing those anti-psychotic drugs and things of this nature they can be very, can be and are, very harmful over a period of time. Now that is not to say that temporarily sometimes there is a need for this to assist in the process in that particular moment that one is having various symptoms but is not something to stay on for a long time period. Okay?

Q: I have trouble sleeping with the high energies that we have and I know they’re going to ramp up. I’ve been using marijuana just to get that rest I need at night. But using it every night for sleep, do you find that to be a problem?

OWS: Depends on what your intent is for doing it. If you are using it to assist in your sleep process as you are moving through these ascension energies here it can be very helpful and something not to be concerned about. But if you are doing it and worrying about doing it, and feeling like you are doing something wrong and feeling guilty about it, that is another story. Guilt will bring about new symptoms that you do not want to have. You see?

We don’t want to be having a bunch from stoners here. [Laughter] Do not all become stoners! You need to live your lives too. Okay?

Q: Can I ask a question about ambrosia? I’ve heard you say that yes you’ve had many parties up there. I believe that in the astral I’ve been to some parties and I’ve seen in my vision some form of ambrosia – I may have been name wrong but it’s something that they drink up there. I’ve seen it on the ships. It’s clear it in a clear glass and they’re drinking it.

OWS: We will answer this question in this way. If there are billions and billions and billions and billions of planets within the galaxy of this galaxy and there are billions and billions and billions of galaxies and many many universes do you think there are a few drinks out there … [Laughter] that could be special? Do you see where we are going with this?

Q: Yes, this is what I thought I’d seen in my astral travels when I’m up on a ship and had a glass of this wonderful pink ambrosia. When I asked Ashtar what it was I thought he said ambrosia.

OWS: Anyone out there who would like to know a little bit more about this it is directly spoken of in your book ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ where Saint Germain produces a cup of liquid here, and gives it to the author of the book, the Godfre. And gives it to him, he tastes it, and it is like nothing he has ever had before. There is an example of what you were speaking of.

Q: Oh the penny has just dropped. I know now what you speak of. Yes he did and Saint Germain loves a drink. I swear I’ve had a drink with Saint Germain before and we’ve had a good old chat. And it’s really such a wonderful loving relaxing time, space, atmosphere, feeling, vibration, it was just wonderful.

OWS: As we have said many times you are headed for some big time celebrations. You can call them parties if you want … we do but they’re going to be there and you’re going to have these celebrations and parties and if you want to sample these drinks that are being spoken of they will certainly be available.

Q: I remember that happened in that book and the drink was kind of thick and I think it was gold. He took Bernard, who was the person, out of his body when he drank that and took him back to his mine in one of his lifetimes, I guess it was a gold mine or silver mine, that he could see the mine that he had bought. And he used that drink, I guess, to help him out of his body. And it didn’t seem like they traveled in space at all. Is that true?

OWS: Yes. And now you understand what these drinks can be like. Much more than your drinks that you have here. For if a drink that you had here can take you out of your body and somewhere else, we do not think anybody would be not drinking them.

Q: I feel it’s very important not to identify the cannabis plant as a marijuana plant because that name, marijuana, was given to it in the 1940s for evil purposes to drive us away from the plant. Do your research. The cannabis plant is a pure, medicinal, amazing plant. I suggest that everybody watch the documentary ‘The Sacred Plant’ to get an idea of what this plant has done for the world. And it’s important not to give it the name marijuana because that name was given to it as an evil name [OWS: Part of the cabal, yes.] and it has an evil vibration.

OWS: And that is correct. So we apologize if we used that term but that is correct. It is best to think of it in terms of cannabis or sacred plant or whatever else you can utilize here but yes, you are correct here.

We need to release channel here. It is time so we just say here at the end here of this particular session that everything is proceeding exactly as it needs to. Everything is being looked after. All that are working on this process are standing by ready to move ahead on a moment’s notice into their next phase that they are waiting for. So many levels and stages of this process have been completed and there are more to come but they are becoming less and less as to what still needs to be completed. So you are very close as you continue through this and we would just say now get ready for these energies, fastened those seatbelts, get ready because the ride is going to become amazing — not so much bumpy– but amazing.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated

“Believing is seeing!”​​

17.08.13 – We Are Willing And Ready Now To Bring This All To Conclusion

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Commander Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group during our August “Advance” (formerly called a retreat) in Payson, AZ on August 13, 2017


I AM Ashtar. I did not announce myself to James but here I Am.

And I Am here to continue this process, to continue to let you know that all is in motion. All is in preparation. We are all prepared, we of the Ashtar Command and all of the other various commands within the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Confederation of planets, we are all here ready, willing, and able to assist in any way that is needed as these times continue on.

As you have heard many times there are changes in the wind, major changes. And we know that you’ve become impatient just as many of us, if you can believe it, we also sometimes become impatient. Not to the point that you are but we are just willing and ready now to bring this all to conclusion. But always understand that even though you are waiting and expecting, always be in the now. We cannot tell you that enough. You have to learn to always be in the now. Not to live in the past.

Your programming has kept you living in the past in very many ways holding onto the past, holding on to the hurts, holding onto the grievances, holding onto the grudges, all of this. But it is time now to let go of all of this. Whether it is those memories within this lifetime or memories from other lifetimes it is time to let it all go. Remember those things that happened in past lives are but memories. That’s all they are. And since they are only memories, they can be erased at any time. You only need to let it go.

Use the Surrender Protocol that you have been given to also do this. If it is something that is holding you back, holding you to the three-dimensional illusion, holding you to the programming, it is time to let it go. It is time to move on. It is time to be in the NOW.

Look toward the future but do not live in the future yet. You do not need to be … you can be expectant but do not be down fallen when that future does not develop quite as you are expecting it to. Because it is coming, these changes are coming.

You are a part of these changes. As a matter of fact you are the changes. And that’s what you have to come to understand more and more. We are all here ready. We are all here backing you. Here to guide you, to move you along in any way that is needed at the time, but you’re the ones that have to do it first. We can only nudge and guide.

We know the One Who Serves has said many times we are only here to guide and nudge you but we cannot do it for you. So let go my dear friends, let go and let God. Let your Source within you take over in any way that is needed here.

As you have heard our ships remain out here. Many of us are parked now. We are ready in the atmosphere; many of us have come into the atmosphere and we are cloaked, yes. Many of us are so large we cannot be in your atmosphere for we would block out the sun’s rays and that, of course, cannot happen.

You will find yourselves when the times and the frequencies come, you will find yourselves here on our ships. You will be on the great motherships if you wish. You will be down in Inner Earth if you wish. All of this will come down to what it is that you want, not what it is that someone else wants for you. That is going to be the difference. That is going to be the New Golden Age.

I AM Ashtar. It is wonderful to be with you and I will be seeing many of you in the times coming. Because many of you have been with me before.

Peace and love be with all of you as you continue on in this endeavor in this program to bring about the many shifts and changes here on this planet.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

We are back! Here we are again. Here we go again and you know what? You know how we have to start this one off here? We have to sing! Are you ready to sing? I start it off and then you continue on, okay? “There’s a party going on right here. A celebration to last through the years….. [All continue: “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”] ??? [Open phone lines over power OWS’s comments.]

Q: Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you Ashtar for being vigilant to this lovely planet we really appreciate all the support and all that love and tenderness for billions and billions of people that have come to help. We have been very desperate and you heard our crying. We’ve been crying, supplicating and we finally would have the freedom that we have been searching for, for billions it’s been dark.

OWS: We want to add something here to that. That is wonderful but we wish to correct this one thing. You already have the freedom. You are already free. The only thing that makes you not free is the programming that has created that. You are free! You have always been free. You have never not been free because whenever you are connected to your higher Godself there is only but freedom.

As you have heard there is only but Source and that is all that matters here. Do not think in terms of what is coming in the future. Although we say many times there are changes coming — this is going to happen, this and this and this — but it all comes down to just living in the now being in the perfect moment and see every moment as perfect. See every moment that you are in as a joyful moment. Be in party constantly. Be in celebration constantly. That is what you are working toward. That, my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, that is the fifth dimension. That is the New Golden Age that you are heading toward and already have entered. And that is something you may not be hearing from all. You are already in it. You have already entered it. You just need to continue to work on letting go of the programming. Let go. Let go. Let it be.

Let it be and you will find everything that you need right there in front of you always. Okay? [Callers start singing again] Hold on, please. Hold on. The One that normally is the funny one has left the building you might say for right now. We have taken over here and yeah we are a little bit more serious here but these are serious times, these are joyful times. This is all a part of the great expression of remembering who you are. So continue in that respect.

Now we will open it up to questions. Are there any questions here? And you may find the other One jumping back in. He is standing by you might say. “Waiting in the wings,” that is what he just said. “I Am waiting in the wings”.

Q & A

Q: I have a question about numerology. we’re talking about the energy of numbers. I’ve been receiving and I’m sure a lot are receiving lots of sequential [???] master numbers like the Tibetan numbers have had zero through nine. Could you tell us if these are going to continue on until we get to the Golden Age and beyond or just to get us to the Golden Age.

OWS: Are you saying are the numbers or the numerology going to continue on? Is that what you are saying?

Q: Well the numerology tools — I want to say they are tools, part of our spirituality and giving us messages what the numbers represent to us.

OWS: Yes now we understand. They are not only going to continue on they’re going to become more and more and more important because this is the universal language. This is what is spoken in many respects across the entire universe here. Not spoken in numbers directly but understood in numbers, understood in the sequence of numbers, in the concept of numbers, and how it all comes together.

You are definitely moving toward this. This is the higher level of mathematics you might say. You are only in the infancy of mathematics at this point but many civilizations communicate in this respect, in the use of numbers and numerology.

And even the cabal here has used numerology in many different respects to bring about those programs, those things that they have attempted to hold you back with in using these numerology in terms of certain dates that come up and they do their dirty deeds, you might say, on those dates. Another one is coming up which is August 21st. They’re going to attempt something here. It will likely be stopped but they are been working on something to do all that they can to dissipate the grand event that is coming as far as the solar eclipse here. You see? So it is all part of the whole here. You will find this more and more as you continue on into the New Golden Age.

Q: Could you tell me what was going on. Every time Sananda would come on to speak I would get really sleepy and eventually I’d find myself dozing.

OWS: The connection that you particularly have with Sananda is strong. There is a very strong connection and the energies are at times too great for you so it puts you into a different state of balance at that time. That is all we are allowed to say about this at this time. We cannot say your direct connection with this one. That will come. As we are always prone to say we do not want to spoil the surprise for you. These are things you must come to realize on your own. If it is meant for you to know, Source will give it to you. This is how it works.

Q: I would like to ask about numerology because that’s been my thing. Where did it originate and I figured it always was, I would say. But also on the temple that were created, that it was taught there and people would come to these temples like the Temple of Truth, that that is what they would come to learn. Is that true?

OWS: That is correct, yes. And the numerology, the use of numbers is, as we say, universal. It has been there for a very long time because it is … it is creation itself. You see? This is what eventually you will come to you in your science, in your understanding. Creation: It comes from this level of understanding here.

Q: I’d like to add something about that. Math is music. So music is all mathematically orchestrated. Everything in music equates to math and if we remember the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind they first had to figure out the math behind the communication and then the math translated into music which created a communication. So it’s all one. Music and math are one. [Yes] It’s really cool! [Yes]

Q: I’ve always been intrigued about numerology. My number is number five. That’s what I’m associated with. The problem I’m having is that I see myself hopping from one job to another just like one time I was at a job for like 8 years and then after that it was 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. No longer than that. Is there something maybe some meditation I can do that will help make ground myself because I’m always looking for constant change?

OWS: Meditation to ground yourself it is not necessary to have a meditation in a sense but you can meditate all the time. Whenever you are in nature, whenever you are in a position where the vibrations seem higher you are in a meditative state at that time. If you are grateful for something in your life you are meditating. If you are singing you are meditating. If you are joyful, if you are laughing you’re meditating. You see? The idea of formal meditation …

[unmuted telephone interference] Do not know what that was but there is some interference on the phone there. It is necessary for others who are not speaking please to what you call mute your phone. Very good.

As we are saying, meditation is not needed to be formal. You do not need to go into a cross-legged lotus position — although it helps, there is certainly reason for it – but you do not need to do it. You do not need to find yourself in a meditative state for hours and days and weeks at a time. That is not for you for the Western culture here. You can do it if you want. If you are feeling guided to yes certainly. Cross those legs, get into that lotus position, put your hands into a mudra position, the fingers, all of this, and it will help if it is meant for you. But if it is not meant for you simply meditate 24 hours a day as much as you can just simply by being. Being in the higher vibrations at any given time and as you are knowing many things bring you into those higher vibrations. See the beauty all around you. That is a wonderful meditation. Okay?

Q: Okay. The question I had was I’m a number five when it comes to numerology and mythology and I read that one of the issues number five people have is they have a tendency to hop from job to job. Their realization comes towards the end of their life. That’s when they settle down.

OWS: Yes we did not answer that directly but we can tell you that there is as far as the number goes, for you specifically you are after balance. You are after finding balance within your life so that this flitting back and forth between different jobs and all of that that is part of what you are expressing or what you are needing to go through at various times. It is not anything to be concerned about. It is simply that your soul, your inner consciousness is looking for balance in your life.

Q: Last night you brought up the 13th, which is today, as some event or occurrence. Any comment or information about that?

OWS: Yes there are many energies that are coming into the planet at this time now preparing, getting ready for the next weekend and specifically the 21st of August. That is a major time frequency change here that is coming and this is preparation now. The idea that you find yourselves together as a group and all of you that are on the phone and all of you that will read and listen to this after, this is all a preparation for getting ready for what is coming. Okay?

Energies are going to ramp up drastically. The energies you have been feeling … what is you’re saying, ‘you ain’t seen or felt nothing yet baby’. Not quite come off as the other One does but we try. We do our best here. He is one-of-a-kind.

Q: With all of the energy that’s coming in and increasing – and there’s a lot of discussion about timelines and timeline splits and things like that. I’ve been continually resetting my intention almost every day and I feel that the energy is changing so fast that I need to reset that intention every day. And in that manner I’m almost always reaching for the next highest timeline. Can you give us some guidance on how we can utilize those energies and reset those intentions so we have the highest possible outcome?

OWS: Yes. As we are saying, as Ashtar said, as many of us have said many times: Be in the ‘Now’. Do not worry about timelines. Do not worry about are you on the right timeline or the wrong timeline, are you going to get your marching orders, do not be concerned about any of those things. Just be in the now. Be in connection with your Higher Godself, the Source within you just as we did here with the rainbow bridge meditation last evening. This is all a part of becoming and being who you are and realizing that you are perfect exactly as you are right now.

Q: So in terms of the aspects I’m trying to figure out if you have someone who is an aspect of Lady Nada and Sananda do they have the same Higher Self? And also are our reincarnated selves those that we can remember, are those aspects of us or are those multi-dimensional parts of us? How does all that work?

OWS: First of all if you are aspects then there are many different aspects, but if you are aspects of your self, yes you have the one higher self. That is correct. It goes all the way back to the Source or what many have called the monad and this is the connection that puts down the various personalities, the many multidimensional personalities that you are and all of this continues on and on and on. And as you come together or as you go through your ascension process you begin to merge back with your various dimensional personalities here and into your higher self, fully into your higher God self.

Q: And the reincarnated selves? Is that different or is that the same?

OWS: That is all part of the ONE. If you have been other personalities – not if – you have been different personalities in other lifetimes you are all part of the ONE here, part of the ONE great soul you might say. That does not mean though that they are not individuals within the soul. Okay?

The soul is only the “record of mind written in spirit”. It is a record. All that you have been from the beginning, although as you have heard many times there really is no beginning, and all the way to the end, but as you have heard also many times, there is no end.

Q: One Who Serves may I please ask: is different incarnations different aspects of myself? Is that correct or no?

OWS: Yes that is what we just answered here. Yes. That is correct.

Q: And we are all together at the soul level, all the different aspects of my selves are together at my soul level.

OWS: Yes.

And these, by the way, are things that you will come to understand more and more certainly as you merge more fully with your higher self… Let us correct that. You have already merged with your higher self. You are already merged with your Source you have never not been merged but it is the mind that has not come along yet. That is the difference here. Your heart is willing but your mind is still yet in programming. This is the entire letting go process; the surrendering process, to bring the mind along with the heart.

Q: Can I verify something about this whole reincarnation because I remember it as different from like somebody wanted maybe somebody else like some other aspects some other individual sort of prop me up or something but I remember my reincarnated self as I wanted to experience something and so then I went to the next I like in that instant created what the next would be. And then when I was done with that I wanted to experience something else so I instantly created the next. So as opposed to like when I was created without maybe some other beings’ desire to experience something. Is that a fair assessment? Is that true?

OWS: Are you saying that you are creating the next lifetime each time as you are preparing for that lifetime?

Q: I’m creating it out of my desire to understand or know something or understand how something is so in the instant of death there is a desire to know or understand would then create the next being. That’s how I remembered it.

OWS: What you are speaking of is just prior to reincarnation you are somewhat you are sitting, you might say, with your higher guides at that time, your higher selves if you want to call it this, and they are assisting you, guiding you, giving you an indication of what is needed in this lifetime but it is you at that point that is making the choice to go with it or not. But because of who you all are, because of your need for service to others rather than service to self, many of you agreed to go through whatever it is that you need to have in the lifetime to bring about the experiences that you need to continue your development and your evolution in consciousness. All the times come back to the ONE. Do you understand this that was just given?

Q: Yeah I do understand it. [Very good.] And there is no instantaneous creation in the moment of death because that’s how I felt I experienced that like almost like I didn’t have any say in the matter. It was running me. I was not running it.

OWS: No, that is a misnomer. You always have a say in coming back, in how you are going to come back. Now what you may be referring to is the trap of reincarnation that has been set up here and somewhat that is correct but no one is really trapped into it. There are ways to not be in that and many of you have not been in that for some time. Some of you have. Some of you have been caught up in this reincarnation cycle — not completely against your will but somewhat. It is a difficult concept to understand but you all have freedom of choice. You chose your parents. You chose the situation. You chose the blueprint you were going to follow. And you came and you followed it. And you have many guides who are helping you along the way to continue on the path that you set for yourself.

Q: Now that we don’t have a veil we start to remember the past reincarnations. And as we remember the past reincarnation to be conscious about what we have done and what happened and a different experience in the past, is that what opens a consciousness level to rise up and re-integrate with Source?

OWS: Yes it is. But also understand when you say you do not have the veil that is correct. There is no veil as you are hearing now. This is a guidance to help you to understand that just as in [movie] The Matrix, “there is no spoon”; there is no veil. And the idea here though is to bring your mind along with this. Your heart has already accepted this but your mind is still held in many respects into programming that is why many of you — some can and at different points many are also able to — but is why you cannot yet at this point seemingly go out into nature look at the trees and see the many life forces that are there in trees, in the pond, in the waterfall, in the stream, in the ocean. You see? The mind must come along and this is the working through all of the programming that you have had. But you are doing it.

Q: My experience with remembering other incarnations the purpose for me is to implement some skill or some idea that I had previously into the present lifetime to enhance the present lifetime. And also to clarify relationships and experiences and have a more clear understanding of who I am today. Would you agree with that?

OWS: Yes certainly yes. It is not necessary but it can be helpful. It helps in release process. Just as what occurred here earlier there was some release that happened here because of remembering something from a past life experience. And you release a great deal of pent-up energy as a result of that.

Many of you — we go further here with this — many of you have memories of the Atlantean time when you went down in that one fateful night you might say and that has held on to many of you. And there is going to be an experience we are going to conduct or Charles will conduct, one or the other, and it is going to assist you in letting go of those memories from Atlantis and even those from Lemuria of those times. It is very deep, deep, deep within you. Many of you have forgotten it but it will come flooding back to you in the times coming here. Even whether it is during The Event or previous to The Event or just after it, you will have this experience of remembering much. But it is not coming back to you all at once because it would be too overwhelming. You can see from just one memory what can occur. You see?

Q: We talked a little about crystals. Can you give us light about intention, charging of the crystals and the usage of the crystals with our consciousness for staying in the now and in our creation and manifestation?

OWS: Yes you can look at crystals in many ways. There are many books that have been written. Much research that can be done by going on your Internet and what is you’re saying, ‘Google it’ these days and you can find much information in this way. There is all of this out there. But the crystals themselves this is memories coming back from the Atlantean times that many of you were there, you experienced it. You worked with crystals of all different colors and shapes and sizes and even some of you worked with the Great Crystal. And it was something that propelled the entire technology within Atlantis in that timeframe and those memories are coming back. And as these memories come back to you, also will come the memory and the knowing … and as we are finding it some are already getting this now, receiving this now, how to recharge the crystals, how to work with them.

Soon you will be even coming to understand how to regrow them again. This is also coming here some already know this and it is coming to technology coming out to the public here not too far off as we find it here. You will be able to regrow or grow crystals again in any size and shape for many different purposes. Mostly in terms of healing mostly in terms of bringing the body and the mind and all of this back into balance for that is where we all need to go. We need to be in balance. Okay?

Q: I have a question regarding our pets. Do their souls choose often to come back into this current lifetime that we have to be in our lives again and again or are they a different soul?

OWS: The animals have what is called an oversoul and this oversold is what determines how the continuing life process will continue with these particular souls. They are different than humans. They are at times they can come back and be with a particular human that they left. Some of this is true and it does happen. Sometimes it is only a portion of them but they have a connection to that one that they are coming in because they have been there before. It may be in different forms, different form of a dog or even a cat, or a horse or whatever it might be they can come back. And at a certain point they can move through the evolutionary process and then they can move on beyond the animal soul.

Q: Do animals ever become human souls or no?

OWS: That is somewhat what we are saying here, yes. It is a process. You have all come from long ago you have moved through the various realms, you might say, from mineral to plant to animal and so on. That is not to say that you were caught up in that. But many of you as you came down as a spirit being you ensouled yourself into many different forms of life in order to play, in order to experience different things here. This is where you have had the experiences of flying before. This is why many of you feel like you can fly because you have been birds. You have ensouled yourself temporarily into the bird form. Some of you come from the blue avian background. You are part of the [Ra] collective.

Q: I just wanted to share that about six years ago I went kayaking. I am a swimmer; I had a life vest on and I totally panicked and I wanted nothing but to get on land. And now that you discussed about Atlantis and being in the water it makes total sense to me. I want to thank you for that.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Wonderful.

We are coming to a point here we are going to need to release channel. Is there one more question and then we will release.

Q: Is incarnation based upon astrology where we’re supposed to have 12 signs and then we have lessons to learn in each one of those signs and we choose what lesson we have to learn and when we come down we come down to that sign. Is that true?

OWS: Somewhat yes that is correct. There is more to it than that. It is not so as you are putting it cut and dried here but there is some understanding of that yes. You are largely controlled by the stars in many respects.

Q: Since we are the stars.

OWS: Yes. Now that was a higher level understanding.

You are the stars. You are the planets. You are the sun. You are the Galactic Central Sun. You are All That Is and all that is is you.

Q: I love to tell people they’re made out of star stuff. But most people don’t make the connection that we’re all one; we’re all from the same source for the same purpose.

OWS: That is correct.

Q: So with all of our lifetimes and reincarnations how much, if any, of our lives or experiences are still being influenced by karma?

OWS: What we are going to say about this is that karma as you know it is over. Karma from past lifetimes for those of you the light workers the light warriors those that are on the path here, those of you have been given, you might say, a special dispensation from Source that you have passed beyond the karmic wheel at this point. Now that is not to say in your life time now that you cannot still create a karmic debt here. But we will tell you that if you do something now that creates karma you are in for it! It is going to be much quicker much faster much more powerful than what it would be if it was coming from past lifetimes in that long buffering here. You see?

But you do not need to be concerned anymore about what has happened in past lives other than that there are patterns that continue and these patterns you are working through. And if there is a pattern where in another lifetime that you say killed someone and in the next lifetime you be killed by that one, that is over but the pattern continues on until you break it. You must break the pattern. And you break the pattern not from consciously knowing about it but you break the pattern from releasing. You break the pattern from surrendering to your Source within you, to letting it all go to being you.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

We will be back here you’re the one special one will be here as the emcee again this evening. We thank you for your time that we can be with you and answer your questions. It is always wonderful to be able to be of service. For that is who we are we are the One Who Serves.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

Channeled by James McConnell
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“Believing is seeing!”

17.07.30 – Many Who Are On The Other Side Of That Timeline Split, That Have Refused The Light, Have Already Been Taken Off Planet


hear | mp3 | pdf

Archangel Michael and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell


These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on July 30, 2017






I AM Archangel Michael. As always we bring love and light with us. And I bring my Golden Sword of Truth as I share with you now the truths that are coming to you, the many truths that are going to be revealed that are being revealed.


Many are being revealed at this very moment but many still are not yet aware of this. They know something is in the wind. They feel it. They feel it. I’m speaking now of all of the mainstream out there. Not the news but the main population of the planet; the ones you might call the non-light workers although all are light workers.


This is not to differentiate you from all the others out there. You are all light workers except for those who refuse the light. Consciously refuse it. And there are those out there. They will experience whatever they are giving out, they will receive back. Do not be concerned about them. Be concerned about yourselves and about your fellow brothers and sisters as you are all creating, even now, you are creating this world in front of you.


You are creating this new Golden Age with every thought that you have now. But know that as you move into the higher vibrations, into the higher frequency dimension, your thoughts become so much more powerful and your visualization becomes so much more meaningful. And it is all right there in front of all of you.


Seize it now! Carpe diem. Seize the day, for this is your day, this is your time, your moment. As you have heard many times this is what you came here for.


You came to establish this new understanding, this new evolution, or this evolutionary leap. And do not be deceived, this is an evolutionary leap that you are moving toward, all of you. There is not one of you out there that is any lesser than anyone else. You all have a part to play in this process, this ascension process. All of you have a part. Some seemingly greater, some seemingly smaller, but all are looked at the same by the Source, by the Creator. All being of the same importance because all are one.


We are all in this together. I, myself, and all of the Archangels, all of the angelic realm, all of the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Agarthans, and so on; many that you have not even begun to realize are a part of this expression. We are all here to be a part of this changeover that is developing. And developing it is.


You have heard about the timelines shifting, the timelines splitting, and yes they have. And many who are on the other side of that split, that have refused the light, have already been taken off planet. Many of them. Not all but many have. For the mass arrests that you have heard about many times is no longer needed as it was spoken of previously, because that has been taken care of where many have already been removed or removed themselves.


Now that is not to say that there are not holograms many of those individuals that you know of. Some yes, even some still remain but they are being quickly removed from the situation. Not because they are being punished but because they are being loved. They are being loved back into the light if they so choose. Because no one is denied the light. No matter what they have done no one is ever denied the light and love lest they deny it themselves.


I AM Archangel Michael it is so wonderful to be with you always in these ways. And in these ways still, up until this point, are the way that we can reach you.


But as you have heard many times those times are changing. And soon we, the Archangels, will be there with you. Whether it is on a ship, or in the hollow/inner Earth, or even here on the surface of the planet, we will be here with you. And you will see us.


For remember it is always for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear that are aware of these many changes that are happening now and still yet coming.


All of my peace and love be with you. Hold always the Sword of Truth in front of you for it will always protect you and guide you.






Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here with you. Difficult to follow up without one of course but we attempt to always do what we can here.


And to understand all of these things that are happening just sit back, relax and open those eyes of yours. Open that third eye predominantly and let your physical eyes see through your third eye. And many of you hear this and you say but how do we do that? We have no understanding of that. Well you don’t have an understanding of that because you have been programmed into you to not understand that. But it is time to deprogram you. It is time to take you to understand the importance of that third eye center, your pineal gland, and what is that can bring to you as the gateway into the higher dimensions. And yes it is a gateway and there are many gateways that are going to open up both physically and astrally and ethericly. Many that have not yet opened. Many that are coming. Many connections to all of the sacred sites being bringing the ley lines together again across to all of the various vortexes across the planet. All of this is coming.


It is near completion. The crystalline grid is near completion. And when it completes … oh my goodness! What it is going to be like here once again. For those of you that remember back to times of Atlantean times, and Lemurian times, and many other of the civilizations that are not even spoken of yet. You will remember what it was like. What it was like to put your hand in the water in the various waters, the springs the streams the rivers the oceans, and feel not only the wetness, not only the salt that is in the air, or to smell it or anything of this nature, but to feel the water,feel the consciousness in the water!


Can you imagine the water being alive? Can you imagine the plants? Yes you know they are alive but they are a liveconsciousness. Try it sometime. Talk to a tree. Don’t just walk up and hug it. Talk to it. It will be amazing to you.


And to that one that spoke of the dragons yes they are real. They are so real. They are here, they are watching over all of this. They are guardians in a sense. And they have been guarding the gate ways for a very long time here. And soon those gateways are going to open again and the dragons themselves will begin to appear more and more to you just as the elemental kingdom is going to appear to you. They’re going to come back. They can’t wait to come back! They’ve been hiding in trees and plants and only for those that have eyes to see up to this time. But they’re going to be showing themselves everywhere.


Those of you even now that go out into nature, for just a moment center yourself. Close your physical eyes, center yourself with breathing, and then slowly open your eyes and see in the corners of your eyes that little flitting image that goes back and forth that shows itself just briefly; laughs a little bit maybe and then jumps off and you do not see it again.


Well that is what it is like now for you if you open your third eye to it. But it will appear not too far off here where the same thing occurs — they will appear in your corner of your eye, that fleeting image and then all of a sudden it’ll be right there and you will see them. Just as many in the past in Ireland and everything saw the leprechauns. They are real. Where do you think these images and folklore and all of this comes from? It comes from reality but it has been so programmed in to you to believe it is imagination … oh there’s that word again. Imagination.


Imagine-in a new life. Imagine-in a new wonderful world in front of you and you will begin to understand what it is going to be like when you are consciously creating without that buffer zone to hold back the manifestation. Okay?


Now with that are there any questions for One Who Serves?



Q & A



Q:  My question is referring to what Archangel Michael said about some of those who chose not to be in touch with the light have been removed but they have been replaced by holograms. And I don’t understand why. I just think it would be more encouraging if they were gone!


OWS:  But they are gone. You see you must look at it in this understanding, in this way. Those that have been taken away, they can no longer do anything to harm the system anymore. They can no longer do anything to program you. You have moved beyond all of this programming. It is only still within your mind but it is not there anymore. Just like Lady Nada said the last week. There is no veil. Do not even think that it is there anymore and it will dissipate faster than you can imagine at that point. Because it really is not there. Just as in the matrix there is no spoon. There is not.


So you have to come to understand that even though you may see these individuals – and we will not name their names but you know who we speak of, the prominent ones we would say here — they may appear there as they’re still going about their business but their business has been taken away from them. They can no longer do anything. Just for a moment think here. Use your logical sense here, your three dimensional logical sense just for a moment and think. Haven’t you heard about things such as small nuclear weapons that can be put into suitcase bombs in suitcases and put anywhere on the planet? Haven’t you heard this before? Well where are they? [Good question.] Exactly good question!


They’re not there because they cannot do this. They have wanted to do this they have built on this they have planned this but they cannot do it. And these various sicknesses pandemics diseases all of these things. Where are they? Where is the … we’re finding this within the James here there are so many movies … not that he watches them he does not like them — but the “Zombie Apocalypse”. Where is it?!? They wanted it but it is not there. It is not there. None of these things are there. None of these things can happen. Oh my goodness the newest thing the war with China! What a laugh! There cannot be a war with China. China and the United States are working together. But you do not know this because there are still influences that are still continuing the old programming that wants you to continue to think in terms of fear. But they had cannot. They have … what is this saying? There is no bite to them. [no teeth] They have no bite left you see?


Q:  Thank you. The visual is so powerful in our third dimension but you have just dissipated it for me.


OWS:  Yes we just dissipated the veil for you right here. Right here in live-action.




Q:  Will the Galactic Pulse occur in every universe or just this universe?


OWS:  What a wonderful question! But we would say here to you, you are in this universe. Why not just pay attention to where you are now here? [Laughter] Do not think about all the many other infinite — and notice the word infinite — universes out there. You see? They attention to that one. And when you pay attention to the one, when you work to this one, and develop it as you are going to, all of the other universes will come along. Okay?


There are probably some out there saying, “Infinite universes?! How is that possible?” But then we just have to laugh a little bit here and ask how can anyone still out there think that they are the only life in the universe? When there are infinite universes, trillions and trillions and trillions of galaxies, and you are the only life in the universe?!?!



Q:  That just goes to show how strong the program is.


OWS:  Yes exactly. How strong this veil has been made. But, as you know it, it is not there anymore.


Now we would challenge you to take this further. If the veil is not there then you should be able to walk outside, look up in the sky and see things that were not there before. Should you not? Now if you do that and you believe that the veil is not there and now you can see through it, you will begin to see things that were previously not there because you have opened up your third eye center and the possibilities that are available to you now as the veil is no longer there. Okay?


I challenge you to do this. Just try this. And when we come, the James does not know this yet, but when we come to the Advance there will be an experience that will involve this. And this will be for everyone. All of you on the phone too; not excluding you for you are all so very important to this entire process. When we come together on these Advances it is not only for those there in person. They may receive experiences that you don’t, yes, but it is all about the consciousness coming together as one and working together as a unit as a group but also as individuals within the group. And you are all part of this greater group here.



Q:  I have tried what you said and I have seen through the clouds. And a rosy, a beautiful rosy sky is on the other side. That’s what I saw: rosy sky I could see through the clouds. It was pretty awesome.


OWS:  Yes. Exactly. Wonderful!



Q:  I was working with my twin flame talking about the concept of walking on water and he seemed to indicate that he would create something like a gangplank or a board walk to walk on but everybody else was seeing water. I think what he was trying to do was to give me an idea of how I could begin to work with creating what I’m looking to manifest but I’m still not sure of exactly how to do that in any concrete way. First of all am I on track in understanding that? And how can I use that to create the things that I’m looking to manifest?


OWS:  You are certainly on the right track of course here to be able to visualize whatever it is but to know that for instance here, when Yeshua walked on the water he did not walk on liquid water. You could say he walked on ice, you could say he walked on something solid ground with just water seemingly over the top of it, however he visualized it, however he created it to be. But do you think he had a veil in front of him? No! Certainly not! So this was an example. And he said: “All of these things I do so can ye do also.” Did he not say that? Those were exact words that he used. These are not words that have been taken and changed over and over and over. These were exact words. And he meant it exactly this way that all can do this. All can do this if they but believe that they can do it.


Believe it and see it. Not believe it or not! Believe it and see it.


Q:  So is there a way or an exercise to start to work on that whole thing?


OWS:  We just gave it to you.


Q:  Well I mean so like I’m walking along the street and I’m like saying, okay let me try to envision that maybe I’m actually walking on maybe one of those air mattresses you know like actually a foot above the ground walking on the air mattress. That’s what I’m talking about. I mean that didn’t work very well. I tried it, but.


OWS:  There is your reason. You tried it. What did Yoda say?  [Do it!] “There is no ‘try’. There is only do or not do.”



Q:  How about start with something simple?


OWS:  How about doing this: We will give you somewhat of an indication here for there is much within this particular movie — and no we are not talking about The Matrix here we are talking about the new movie that came out, “The Shack”. We are finding this within the James here. And in that particular movie there is exactly what you are speaking of where he was able to walk on the water — with help from Yeshua certainly, he was there. He was able to do it. But only when he trusted and let go of his fears and his disbelief in being able to. Okay?



Q:  What I want to know is the main difference between a fourth dimensional and a fifth dimensional being. What is the main difference?


OWS:  Much of that is going to be shared in the work with Charles here so we would not want to interrupt or influence here in any way in sharing this. For that will be explained here during the Advance.


Q:  So Cory Goode and David Wilcock have lots of conversations about fourth dimensional beings and fifth dimensional beings and apparently fourth dimensional beings are similar to us.  They’re not as high as fifth dimensional beings for example they still have/use time. And I know you don’t want to answer my question but is that the main difference?


OWS:  No, not the main difference.  But there are differences certainly and they will come to as you move along here. Certainly as you experience, not hear it, but experience it as you move into the higher vibrational experiences and dimensions as you move into the fourth dimension. Many of you are already doing that. Into the fourth, back to the third into the fourth back to the third into the fourth back to the third. Oops up into the fifth. Momentary, what bliss, what wonderfulness. Oops, back down again. You understand what we speak of here? Where you are literally on the fence. Yes we have deliberately not answered your question directly because it will come to you. You hear many times we do not want to spoil the surprises for you. If you want to find out more about this you can read about it. You can listen to various interviews that speak about this as you are and it will come to you more and more the exact differences. But understand that as you move up in vibration you need to be ready for it to be able to withstand the higher energies. This is why those that have turned away from the light and have refused the light, as Archangel Michael said, this is why they are not going to be able to be here in these higher vibrations. They cannot handle it. So when you move into the fourth dimension you will, as you go through when the Event occurs, you will move into the fourth dimension and hopefully go right through it into the fifth so that you don’t get waylaid or stuck there in the fourth. Because the fourth is the glamour dimension. There are many levels of glamour there which will attract you. Yes the third dimension has this the illusion here, but even more so in this fourth dimension. Think of it in terms of — you have seen this movie, many of you have seen it. It is a wonderful example of what we speak of here. The one with Robin Williams, “What Dreams May Come”. He experiences fourth dimensional changeover. Yes he had to physically leave his body through death but he experiences this fourth dimensional glamours that were there. Okay?



Q:  My understanding is when New Earth is being formed and when The Event occurs or ascension or transformation and we’re on New Earth — and right now my passion is to help heal the Earth and bring Gaia back from, you know, we want to work together with the Galactics and ourselves humanity to heal and bring back Gaia out from the depths of darkness per se from the 3D illusion, and that’s where I get a little bit confused. From my understanding we can leave 5D and come back whether it’s family or do work and then go back. Could you clarify for me?


OWS:  The way we can answer this is if you go into a meditation, a guided meditation, or just your own meditation, and you attempt to move up through the various levels you might say of consciousness, through the astral plane, the etheric plane, the causal plane, the mental plane, etc. etc. As you are moving up in the dimensional frequencies notice every time you come to the beginning of the next one you hit a ceiling, you might say, a solid brick wall, an impenetrable glass structure, however you want to see it and visualize it. This is what occurs from those in the lower dimensions. They cannot go to the higher dimensions until they are prepared, until they have acclimated to the energies, or until they are invited up. You see? But once you have gone up into these higher vibrations, into these higher dimensions, once you are there you can be very easily then come back down and lower your vibrations. More difficult to raise your vibration than it is to lower them.


Q:  And once that’s been mastered then if you choose to come down and assist your ability to go back is much easier now that you’ve attained it and have already been on New Earth and existed in the 5D vibration? Is that correct?


OWS:  That is correct. Think in terms of the book “Celestine Prophecy”. That particular time we do not recall here — the James does not recall so we cannot bring it up here — but what was the particular … what is the word here are not finding it the manuscript … not scrolls. But it was the manuscript and the particular levels (insights) — if we get this right there were nine insights and in his first book anyway — and at the eighth or ninth level this was where he experienced, the one who wrote the book and the ones who were with him and experienced the movement into higher dimensional frequencies at that time. In that particular case it was to avoid some kind of catastrophe that was going to happen if they did not. So they disappeared, to those who were there, so they were able to save themselves in this way. But once it was over they were able to easily come back. You see? This is an example of what we speak of here ,what it will be like to go up and then come back. But you are not going up into the clouds or anything of this nature where you can look back down and see everybody on the Earth and all of this. It is not that at all. It is higher vibrations. You will understand this though as you come more and more and continue to acclimate to these energies. And when you experience what the Marilou spoke of here earlier when she avoided the veil – the veil was not there — she looked through the clouds and saw rosy colors that were beyond this. If someone else looked up at the clouds they would see clouds. But she was able to look beyond it. This is what we are speaking of as you move in. At that moment, that very instant when she did this she was in higher vibrations, into the fifth dimension, the lower levels of the fifth dimension. You see?


Any further questions here before we release channel?



Then we are ready to release here. We want to, rather he wants to inform you — he is working through us — the One who is the more comedian One Who Serves, he is wanting us to tell you that he will be there with you with bells on? Is that the right word? That is what he is saying here, he will be here with bells on and be ready to celebrate and sing and dance and laugh and all of these things. And he will, again, be the master of ceremonies. Literally, the “Master” of ceremonies. He told us to say that. (laughter)


So look forward to a wonderful time and we can only say that the experiences that you’re going to have in that expression at that time are going to be monumental to many of you as you experience them. This is just a set up here.


The James is saying in the background, “Why do you have to do this all the time buildup these huge expectations?” But then what we say back is, ‘Yes but haven’t we lived up to those expectations in the previous ones’? Haven’t they gotten one right after another better and better? Better in terms of experiences, not in terms of better or worse or anything of this nature but more experiences. This is what we are after to bring you along further and further so that when The Event occurs you are ready to Jump off that precipice.



Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”