19.06.23 The Art Of Manifestation

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KaRa  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.

It is always a pleasure to be with all of you, to be able to share, communicate in this way, this way that will become much more known to you over the short period of times that are ahead in this old paradigm.  For the new paradigm has begun.

Even though you may not yet be aware fully of how things have changed and shifted dramatically, we, from our vantage point, can see the changes that are happening.  We can see them.  But you can feel them. You can sense them.  They are happening quite rapidly now.

Certainly, your discussion earlier of ‘Believing is Seeing’ is all about this. Believe that the energies are coming into the planet.  Believe that these waves have been coming in.  Believe that The Event is and will happen. Believe in your ability to manifest that which you want in your lives. Believe, believe, believe, and you will see over, and over, and over again. And the more that you believe, then the more that you see, the more you will continue to have these experiences as you had been sharing earlier.

For it is all about now manifesting in the higher realms, in the higher vibrations.  But in order to do that, in order to bring more immediate manifestations, you need to be in those higher vibrations.  You need to feel the life all around you and within you, the consciousness of The One.  And as you feel that, as you experience that, as you be that, you will manifest much, much quicker in your lives.

As you are in those higher vibrations, you will manifest those things that you want, not those things that you do not want, not those things that continue to be a development of your programming.  Because you have all been programmed over, and over, and over for many lifetimes. But it was purposeful that you did so when you came here originally so that you could be a part of this evolution, so that you could understand this evolution, and be able to, as One, bring this evolution into a higher level of consciousness.  And that is what you are all doing.

And as you continue to believe that you can manifest what you want, then you can be in those higher vibrations that we have been speaking of where you can then be in a place literally where you can be contacted by us.  For that is what we, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Antarians, etc., etc. all of us have been working to prepare you for.  To prepare you, not only for first contact (for that is already in process), but to prepare you for a full contact.

Full contact, meaning that we can be there with you, or you here with us, if that is what you desire.  And many of you on this call, many of you in this group, many of you, and many of the other groups across the planet desire this greatly.

Because you are reaching out once again to those that you have left so long ago, those families that you were a part of, and that they are a part of you.  I speak now of your multi-dimensional selves as well as all of those that you left behind a long, long time ago.  But as time is relative, after the reunions, after the delegations have come to the planet and you have come to the delegations and have actually become a part of those delegations, after all of this, you will be reunited with those families, those ones that are connected so strongly with each and every one of you.  That is what is ahead for all of you.

And all of us that are watching over this entire process, some simply watching, some participating at great levels, some even on the surface, there, working together with those of your resistance force, are your Alliance.  Many of us are working closely to bring all of these changes about that have been spoken of, all of the many processes that are in the works with your financial processes, your governmental processes, all of those various areas that you have heard of, but that you know only still are happening behind the scenes in the background.

For those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, the information is there.  The truth is there.  All you need to do is reach out for that truth and it will be revealed to you.  And that truth will be revealed to a great many more across the planet, as it must be so.  For the truth cannot be held back for much longer.

And know that you, as the Lightworkers and Warriors, you are the truth.  You are the way, truth, the life, and the light.  You are that.  Bethat now.  Be that shining light that reaches out beyond your three-dimensional awareness, reaches out to all of those who are ready to reach back to you, who are clamoring for the light.  Even though many of them do not even know what the light is yet, but they shall.  For the light will reveal all that was held in the shadows.  It is destined.  You are destined.  You are destined to be that light that reveals the shadows.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness, and that you continue to reach up to the skies:  for as you do so, you will find us.


ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, ,padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum;  hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna also standing by ready to go, ready to do our thing, you might say.

We are so ready to continue on with this process of ‘Believing is Seeing.’ It is so important that you continue to move in that direction.  Because your whole life, all of your lives, will change as a result of this.

Believe it, and you will see it.  Believe it, and you will manifest it.  It cannot not be so.

But also remember that you can manifest what you don’t want as well. So work on this.  Work on your thoughts and the words that follow your thoughts.

Do not think in your terms of being sick or ill, or having any kind of maladies of any kind.  Do not say things as “I am sick and tired of this.” Do not say, “you are driving me crazy.”  Do not say these things any longer, or you will manifest that which you believe, which is also part of your programing.  It is time to move beyond your programming now and create new programs within your life.

Think of yourselves as computers and the hard drive.  The hard drive that you have come into this life with is full of many things that you may not want in your lives.  Erase the hard drive and replace it with those manifestations that you do want in your life.  It sounds simple, we know, and from your point of view it is not quite so simple to put into action. But, in reality, it is quite simple.  You just must believe it, and it will be so.

Do you have questions now for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Anyone have questions?  You can now unmute your phones.

Guest:   Hello One Who Serves.  This isn’t a very well-formed question, but the birthing of souls has come to my attention a few times.  But I know that some souls are birthed out of the Central Sun, as Alcyone. But then I’ve also heard that some souls are not birthed in that process, they are birthed in another way, and like the Earth human souls maybe had a different birth process.  Can you just talk a little about that?

OWS:   What you are speaking about is a very vast topic, here, and it cannot be explained in a very short time process, here.  But understand that there are billions, trillions, and more of this of souls, and they have many different birth processes, as you are calling it, many different ways that they have manifested over the long, long periods of time, of consciousness, here.

To begin to understand, you have to go all the way back to the beginnings of creation itself and how those original souls were created, and how those original souls then created more souls from them.  More experiences that they could each have.  And then those souls then created more beyond that, and more and more, until that you have the trillions and trillions of souls that are in existence.  And yes, more are created.

Just as you, as an ascended being, when you have created or finished your ascension process, you will also then be able to go through this creation process and put down a portion of yourself, just as Sananda put down a portion of himself as Yeshua, and many others have done as well.  And this is somewhat of an answer for your question, although it is much, more involved than this.

Shoshanna, do you wish to add anything, here?

Shoshanna:   We do not have any specific information to add.  What we are curious about, is why is the question asked?

Guest:   Well, I guess what I am interested more is Earth human souls specifically.  One Who Serves may have kind-of answered my question when he said that ascended souls could create more souls.  But I am wondering, I guess, if nonascended souls could create souls as well.

Shoshanna:   Do you wish to create a soul?

Guest:   No.  I am curious about, I guess it kind of goes back to possibly like the pneumatic human beings, and psychic human beings, and ___ human beings.  For instance, our soul group that was birthed out of Halcyon and are, I believe, pneumatic, and then are we walking also around with human beings who somehow have a different birth process, a soul birth process, where they are the psychic race.  That’s more of what I am wondering.

Shoshanna:   There is a variety, here.  There are many skills.  There are many gifts that each soul possesses.  And each soul can evolve to the point where they possess those gifts.  So if you are born with a gift, it is because you have accumulated that gift over eons of time and are presented with that gift to uplift and serve mankind and the universes itself.  So it is a very, very complex subject.

What we would say is there is no real preparation or distinction.  It is an accumulation of gifts that are learned over eons of time, if that helps.

Guest:   Yeah, I do understand that, as far as being as kind of a spiritual advancement type of a situation, I do understand that.  Ok, that doesn’t really specifically answer my question about the majority of humanity, I guess.

Shoshanna:   We do not answer this because it is not relevant.  It is not relevant to your life today.  What is more relevant to the human’s life today is to learn to be the creator that they were meant to be, and learn to ascend.  That is what is important here.

OWS:   Yes.  And we would add here that in the ascension process, these types of answers that you are seeking will come as a result of going through your ascension.  All things will be added unto you.

Guest:   Okay, very good.  Thank you both.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  All things.   Namaste, Dear Sister.

Guest:   Yes, namaste.

OWS:   Would there be another question?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes.  Hi One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  My question is about water.  We use water in our meditations.  Water sings to us.  Our human bodies are made up mostly of water.  Can you tell us something that we have not heard about the water collective, and its significance?

OWS:   Are you speaking about the consciousness of water as a collective?

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   That is something that also will come as a result of your moving into these higher vibrations and experiencing it directly.  It is one thing to hear it from us, or to even experience it within your meditation.  It is another thing to actually literally go down to the water’s edge and feel the consciousness of the water, experience the water itself, experience the elemental forces within the water, and the resulting consciousness that is there, and is reaching out to you if you are open to it.  That, in itself, will explain a great deal to you if you would do it.  It does not have to be the ocean.  It can be a stream, a river, anything of this nature.  But go beyond the three-dimensional awareness of the water, and go into the water itself, the consciousness of the water.  And when you do this, you will remember that you have done it many times before in your past lifetimes.

Guest:   Yes.  I understand it.  It just seems like such a significant part of Source, as water, such an important element, and I wonder if it is in other universes.  It just seems like there is so much more of it.  Yes, I will continue to explore.  Thank you so much, and I love you.

OWS:   Yes.  Shoshanna, anything?

Shoshanna:   Yes, we have something to add.  May we add our perspective, Dear Sister, to this question?

Guest:   Yes, yes please.

Shoshanna:   Water is the essence of life force.  All that feel water feel their own life force dwell in them water.  Water reminds them of life force, and reminds them of who they really are as the life force.  There is the significance of water.

Water has its own consciousness.  But the consciousness of water is life itself, and that is why life develops in water.  The baby develops in this medium called water.  All things develop inside of water, as water lends life force to that which develops with _____.  That is very significant.  But what we would tell you is that the consciousness of water in its pure form is magnificent itself.  However, humans can lend their consciousness to water which could create something quite different. Humans often do create a negative force within that water because oftheir mindset and their consciousness.  If you have a clear, beautiful, spiritual consciousness, you can lend that to the worst of water and it will join with you in uplifting itself to create purity.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes, and beautifully said.  Thank you, Dear Sister.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Namaste.

Guest:   I would like to ask a question.

OWS:   You are a little bit, (what is your term?) broken up, here.

Guest:   Can you hear me better now?

OWS:   Yes, a little bit better.  Go ahead with your question.

Guest:   Thank you.  I am so grateful for the information that you just revealed, Shoshanna and One Who Serves, because in this meditation I was guided to go to a very specific high point to oversee the ocean.  I was going there and I was feeling the water.  I was supposed to go there and talk to the water.  And then when I did that, I just diluted in the water.  I don’t remember if I talked to the water or not.  I am not very clear, and that is my question.  Does it have to do with the creative process?  That is my question.  Thank you.  Or the manifestation process.  I am not sure.  I just diluted in the water, and …

Shoshanna:   Please restate your question, Sister, as it is really unclear as to what information you are seeking.  So please restate your question, please.

Guest:   When we unify ourselves with the water, can we use the energy of the water to create ourselves?

Shoshanna:   Yes, yes.  Clearly yes.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:  It is done every moment with every creature on the planet.

Guest:  Can you elaborate on that and help me understand?

Shoshanna:   We will tell you, Dear Sister, to meditate on this, as what we gave in the previous answer to the previous question contains all the information you will need to understand that water’s consciousness is the creative process itself.  This is all you need to know.  The consciousness of water is the creative process of all things on this planet that are third-dimensional entities.

Guest:   Wow.  I see.

Guest:   So when you use water, it takes upon itself the consciousness of the one using it.

Guest:   Oh.

Shoshanna:   So it is really important that you are careful with it.

OWS:   Think, if you would, also in terms of your experiences, your various movies, all of those things that depict that idea of magic, wizardry, all of those things, and what do they most often utilize?  They utilize the forces, the elemental forces:  the earth, the wind, the fire, the water.   Very important, because they are able to connect with the consciousnesses within those elementals.  Much can come as a result of understanding how the elemental forces work with man’s consciousness.

Guest:   Yes, I see.  Wow.

Shoshanna:   So you must know, as all that are listening to this call must have come to this conclusion by now, that you are all wizards.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Yes, we are!  And we can manipulate the forces of the four elements in order to create.  Is that my message?

Shoshanna:   You do not manipulate them, you create with them.

Guest:   Right!

OWS:   A co-creative process.

Guest:   Wow.  By using their consciousness energy, we can create!

Shoshanna:   It is a co-creative process.   You must meditate on this, Dear Sister, and consume the information that will come to you in your meditation, and use it!

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   We would say, here, that your questions have become quite deep over the years, here, from when we originally began this process of answering these questions, to what the questions are being asked these days.  Much, much higher in vibration, we would say.

Would there be any other questions here, now?

Guest:   Yes.  Greetings, One Who Serves.  I have a friend who lives at our house.  She is being attacked at night by an astral entity.  A few nights ago she woke up and a crab-like entity came from the ceiling in the corner and latched onto her hand, and kind of burned her.  But she somehow got it off her.  It left a literal mark, which I saw.  She is wondering what is going on with her, and why is she so vulnerable to these astral attacks.  I was just wondering if you would comment.  I suggested that she get a reading from you to work it out.

OWS:   That is possible, but we would also say here that these types of experiences are, we would say, dwindling over times before.  In order words, these types of experiences happened much more greatly in the times past.  They are not happening as much now because of moving into the higher vibrations.  You see, these types of manifestations, these types of entities, whatever you wish to call them, attachments, they cannot be in the higher vibrations.  So if you continue to hold your vibrations high, then these types of things cannot interfere.  They cannot come into your experience with you.

But, if one does not have the higher vibrations within them at the time, they are prone to–not possession, we will not speak in terms of possession directly, but in terms of ‘intrusion’ is a better word, here. Intruder can come in and influence that particular person, you see.  So that is what can happen if they are not in the highest vibration.

So we would say to one who is having this experience to work harder at being in the higher vibrations more and more often.  In other words, be more joyful, be more grateful in your life.  Find the beauty all around you.  Do not focus on the ugliness around you.  Focus on the beauty that is there.  It is there if you look for it.  That is what we would say here.


Shoshanna:   Yes, we have something to add, Brother.  May we add our perspective to your question?

Guest:   Oh absolutely, Shoshanna, absolutely.

Shoshanna:   Our Brother, who is a protector, who wishes to protect and to guide all those that come into his path.  We would tell you this: this one that you speak of has a fear pattern, and you know of what we speak.  She has a fear pattern.  And, when a human being has a fear pattern within their conscious mind, they attract things that are fearful. So we would say, added to that which One Who Serves has so eloquently said, that this one must raise her vibration past this fear pattern, examine it, and see that her fear is opening a portal to these intruders.  Fear is always the reason that these intruders can intrude. Does this make sense to you?

Guest:  Oh absolutely.  That was wonderful, yeah.  Absolutely.  Totally.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you for that.  She will love it.  Thanks.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Any further questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  We got an email from those who call themselves “The 144,000 Meditation Group.”  They were talking about that there was some dark cabal war going on right outside the atmosphere here, and that the Light Forces were fighting with the dark forces.  One thing that made me question the whole thing was that they said don’t go out in the sun more than 20 minutes because the cabal has put something into the sunlight, I don’t know what.  I’m not quite buying that, but I wanted to get your thought.  Is there any problem with us going out in the sun?  And how valid is this about this war going on out there in our system?

OWS:   Does the term, “poppycock” mean anything to you?

Guest:  [Laughter]  Yes!

OWS:   See, these types of things are examples of those that are attempting to dissuade those of you, the Light Workers and Warriors from reaching out, as KaRa has said, with the light.  This is at a time they may think that they are doing the right thing, or that they are of the light themselves, but they are deluded in some ways by what the James has called earlier the ‘glamor stage’ where they believe they have arrived, and they have not arrived.  They are attempting to be something that they are not at this point yet.

But whenever you hear someone say “do not go out into the sun because it is bad for you,” yes it would be bad for you if you sat in the hot sun at midday in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer and it was 110 degrees, and you sat there and were there for 20 minutes, a half hour, an hour, that would be quite bad for you.  But that is the extreme, here.

It is wonderful for you to be in the sun every single day.  Feel the sun’s energy.  It does not need to be for long—minutes, five, ten minutes, even more if you can.  It is very helpful for you, not only for the vitamin that comes from this, but for the pranic energy that enters the back of your neck as a result of being in the sun’s rays.

The sun is bringing ascension to you—do you understand this?  This is why they, the dark forces, have done all they can to keep you from the sun, to keep you from being out in the sun—to put sunscreen on all of you.  Because they don’t want the sun’s rays to come in.  Because if the sun’s rays come in to your bodies with pranic energy, that is bringing you to your ascension.  And they do not want you to ascend.  They want to keep the status quo where they can be in control.  They do not wantyou to be in control of yourselves.  Take your power back and do what you know to do.

This one who has asked this question, you already knew the answer to that.  You know that the sun is very helpful for you.  Utilize the energies of the sun as exactly what it is meant to be.  It is meant to nourish you and take you into the higher vibrational dimensions.  Okay?

Shoshanna, anything to add here?

Shoshanna:   Did this one wish to add a comment, we hear a comment to be added?

Guest:  Well, it gets confusing when it seems like it is a resource that you trust and they say something like that.  And then you go, “ok, was I wrong all along to trust that recourse?”
   Dear Sister, may we add our perspective to your question?

Guest:   Definitely.

Shoshanna:   Here is what we would say:  consciousness is vast with many corners, twists, and turns.  There are many perspectives among you in this realm, and all perspectives are valid.  It is up to you to partake of that perspective as you wish.

If you wish for a higher level of consciousness then we would tell you not to read those things, not to participate in those stories, because in telling the story it creates the reality.  So, as this group tells its story of the dark cabal, and the wars, and the fights, and the sun, and the evil, and whatever, they create the story for human beings to follow, and enlarge the story in the process of creation.

You can create anything you would like.  What do you wish to create?  If you wish to create joy, love, compassion, understanding, light, then you cannot read those stories.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.

Would there be any further questions here, now, before we release channel?

Shoshanna:   We hear one.

Guest:   I was wondering why President Trump eased up on the GMO regulations.  What was that all about?  We can’t understand that.

OWS:   That is, what you would call, a ‘smoke screen.’  It is not in reality what he is going.  He is doing it to assuage the ones who are attempting to control the narrative, here.  And he is doing his part to play both sides at times.

But he is very shrewd, this one, because he has the backing, or the overlighting, we will say, of the Saint Germain.  And much is happening as a result of this overlighting.  So even though it appears at times that this one is moving in a direction that is opposite to what you would think a Lightworker would go in, it is certainly not the case here.

Guest:   Alright, thank you.

OWS:   Would there be any further questions, here?  We do need to release channel, here.  Anything further?  Then we are ready to release.

Before we do, Shoshanna, do you have anything to wish to share as a final message, here?

Shoshanna:   We would share that based on the conversation today, believe what you wish to manifest.  That includes all the things you read, all the things you hear, all the things that this one did and that one did, and that group did, etc., what your president is doing, what your congress is doing, what the world is doing.

What we would tell you is clearly and completely focus your consciousness on what you wish to have in your life, what you wish to manifest, and that will come true for you, because each individual is a reality unto itself and can create its life in whatever fashion it wishes to create.  That is how powerful you all are.  Please understand this, that nothing matters except what you believe.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderful, Dear Shoshanna.

Guest:   So be it.

OWS:   And, we would end here with, your discussion earlier of ‘Believing is Seeing,’ you are going to move toward that exact understanding more directly at the next Advance.  We are building toward that next Advance.  And the next one is going to include, as the James has already given in the meditation time, the advent, or the re-introduction, we will say, of the Star Chakra, and the connection that that has to manifestation.  So this entire program, this entire theme for this next Advance, will be ‘Manifestation.”

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Guests:   Peace be with you.  Shanti.  Thank you!  Shanti.




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19.06.16 – Stepping Out Of The Matrix

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KaRa  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.   I come to be with you now at this time in these moments. These are the moments that you have been working toward, waiting for, for a very long time.

I want you to think now of a snow-covered mountain.  See it in your mind’s eye.  A high mountain covered with snow.  Something happens to cause a disturbance on that mountain.  Snow begins to fall because of that disturbance.  It begins to gain momentum, creating an avalanche, rolling, moving down that mountain, taking everything in its path, and gaining more and more momentum as it continues to come down the mountain.

Think of this as an avalanche of truth that is about to begin, a disturbance that I used as an analogy.  The level of truth that is coming out that will set all of this in motion will be the disturbance that creates this avalanche of truth.  I cannot tell you what that is at this time.  Know that it is coming.

It will bring the truth out to so many that have been in the darkness.  It will bring more and more people into a more enlightened state of consciousness.  Because the truth must be told.  The truth will come out.  It cannot be stopped.  The avalanche of truth cannot be stopped.  It is not possible.  And as this truth comes out, you will recognize it for what it is.  You will recognize it as the disturbance that creates the avalanche, or, the first domino to fall, as an another analogy that has been used before.

Many of you have been waiting for that domino, wondering when it would be.  I tell you know, as an emissary of the Pleiadian fleets, and the sister to all of you, my brothers and sisters, I tell you that the wait is almost over.  Along with these truths being brought out, as Ashtar said in this last week, other sources have also begun to share, more and more sightings will be had across the planet as the disclosure of our presence is brought to you.  As has been said, it is likely to not be the governments that will reveal this.

It is you, the people of the planet, that will do the revealing.  And those of you, the Light Warriors, the ones who are preparing and have prepared, not only anchored the light but who share the light wherever they can, you are the ones who are in line for contact with us.

Of course, much of this has been in your contract before you came here.

So it is not a sense of  ‘choose me, choose me,’ raising your hand, it is not in that respect that we will contact you.  It is in the respect that when you are ready.  You have raised your vibrations enough so that we can safely meet with you, not only for our own vibration, but to not overwhelm yours.

You have to understand that higher vibrations coming into a vicinity of low vibration can short out the central nervous system.  This is why we, those of us that have been watching over this planet for so long, this is why we have not yet made contact, full contact.  Yes, with some here and there.  But there are many things that are looked at, that are considered, before these contacts can occur.

This group, and many other groups across the planet, are being prepared in this way so that you will be able to have contact with us, so that your vibrations will be high enough to meet with our vibration.

For remember, it is all about vibration and consciousness.  That is what you have to always remember.  Everything is vibration and consciousness.

Continue to raise your vibration whenever you can, however you can, and hold that raised vibration as long as you can.  And before you know it, not only will all of these truths be revealed, but you will be fully in the process of your own ascension which will include connection to those of those that are ready to connect with you.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace and love, and understanding that you are the one, and the one.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum;  hum, hum.   Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to take you on to the next steps.  For that is what this is all about, is continuing to bring you along, “to continue to show you the door,” as the James said earlier, and from the movie, “The Matrix.”

We can show you the door, but you are the ones that have to walk through it.  That is so important.  We have been showing you the door. You have been showing others the door.  But it is up to each and every individual to be ready to walk through it.  That is so important.  You cannot get anybody, make anybody, walk through it if they are not ready for it.  But you can open it to anyone.  Remember that.

Do  you have questions here, for One Who Serves?

This time we do not have Shoshanna with us, but we will move through it anyway, here.  Are there any questions?

I know there must be one or two questions about the message that KaRa has given, here.  Someone just needs to feel like they can bring those questions up.  But anyway, are there any?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  This isn’t about KaRa, but last week we were having a conversation, and we thought it would be a good question to ask you.  Because I have gotten the understanding from my twin flame about Yeshua, that actually there was a brotherhood that assisted Yeshua in the living of that life by walking into his body and taking certain parts of it, which kind of gave him a rest, or whatever, and my twin flame, as I understand it, was part of that brotherhood.  So we were wondering if that was true, and in some ways we wondered if that happened at the end of his life, and also how much does that happen?

OWS:   We ask you if you understand the term “overlighting?”

Guest:   Somewhat.

OWS:   That is what was occurring in those respects.  The overlighting. The ones such as Sananda overlighting Yeshua. . Others overlighting Yeshua at various times.  This was what was occurring.  It was not only just Yeshua—he was a man, you have to understand that, a man just like anyone else.  But he had certain knowledge, we will say here.  He came in with much of this, but then he learned it as well, just as any boy or girl would go off and learn the secrets, the mysteries.  This is what he did.  And as he was able to do that, it was able to then connect with those ones at higher vibrations than him at that time.  And they were able to come in and overlight him.  Just as you hear of various ones such as St. Germain overlighting the president of this country, the Donald Trump.  This is also what is occurring at times.  You See?  So that certainly occurred then, just as it is occurring now.

Guest:   Wonderful.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question.  It is a very silly question, and it’s a very embarrassing question.  Because I fell asleep once again during the meditation and I missed KaRa.  Can somebody tell me what her announcement was that I missed please?

OWS:   What we can tell you is that there is much coming.  What KaRa spoke of is that there is a truth avalanche that is on its way.  That was the major part of this.  And it will bring so much forward that has been contemplated, considered, all of these things, part of your so-called conspiracy theories that will become known as facts more and more. And this is part of this truth avalanche that is coming forward.  Many things that will be shared that have been kept in the shadows for a long time, here, but they will be brought forth.  Which will also come to bring about those various technologies that have been hidden away from mankind also in the shadows.  This will come to light.  All of this is about coming back into the light, bringing the light to the planet, here. And part of the light, here, is the truth being known.  This is much of what she spoke of.  You can certainly listen or read the transcription at a later time.

Guest:   Oh no, I will.  I was just so excited to hear it, and then I woke up when you were doing your “om mani… “ and I missed it.  Thank you.

One other quick question.  I was hearing things about major energy influxes or increases during the next week or so coming.  Is there anything about that known?

OWS:   That has not been said, but yes there are certainly energy waves that are coming coinciding, we will say, with the time frame here of your Summer Solstice.  This is what is part of this, these energies that are coming.  They have been spoken of for a while now from different sources.  And these energies are going to pick up and pick up and get stronger and stronger because mankind is awakening.  That is what you have to know.  Do not think in terms of how many are asleep across the planet, but how many have awakened.

Guest:   Thank you so much.

OWS:   Any other questions here?

Guest:   I have a quick question about KaRa when she said all this.  My quick question is, you know, I don’t want to doubt anyone who sends messages, but we heard so many messages before, the truth coming out to the public and everything else, but so far we are spreading the light but all that they are saying suppose to happen didn’t happen yet.  So my question is how that it can be, but this time it will be for real?

OWS:   Because you, as well as others, are continuing to be ensconced within the 3-D matrix.  This is what this discussion, here, today, was all about.  We gave this suggestion to the one, James, here, that he would bring this up.  It is important for you to transcend, to move beyond the 3-D matrix.  This is the programming that has been holding you back.  If you continue to stay in the 3-D matrix, you will keep the matrix going. So all of you must begin to think in terms of not when these things are coming, but that they are coming.  You have to understand, you have to believe that they are coming, the truth is coming out.  And we have said times before that at one point all of this will be shown to you, it will become real in your understanding.

You just need to be patient, be neutral–that is very important here, be neutral.  Be centered, and be in that eye of the storm and let everything revolve around you, the storm revolve around you, but you be centered within the eye.  And be at a point where everything is peaceful and calm, and you do not become emotionally involved in what is coming out.  And it is coming.

Guest:   I agree and thank you.  Just information about it.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.  Love and light to you.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Are there any other questions here?

Guest:   Yes, I have a question, One Who Serves.  Just in order to clarify what is being said to us from KaRa and from yourself, if this is what you are talking about.  What I see is that my language and my truth has changed dramatically from where I was several years ago, and it just is. And I just know these things to be the truth.  So this avalanche of truth that is coming, I can see it manifesting around me, and I can see it manifesting within the 3-D as well, their higher truth.  I can see the truth coming more and more and more all around us through media, through movies.  Just in the frequency of the people I can see the truth is already coming down that slope.  It is a knowing I just know.  It is what it is, and is that what you are saying, that we are to be that, and that will be the disclosure is that more and more of us are becoming the truth and living that truth.  Is that what you are saying?

OWS:   That is correct.  Those of you, the Lightworkers, the Warriors, all of you are important, very important in bringing this whole process about.  Without you, the ones that have been in the shadows would not be coming out into the light.  But they are coming into the light, and everything that they have held back is also coming into the light.

So it is very important for those of your groups such as this to bring that light.  Not only to anchor the light, as we have said, but to share the light as much as possible.  To share the knowledge to bring all of this forward.

Because without you doing this, again, those ones would continue to stay in the shadows, the programmings would continue, and it would be many thousands of years in your understanding before there could be the ascension.

But that has all changed as a result of you, the ones coming to this planet, coming to this evolution, to bring these changes about.  You are the System Busters.  So it is time to bust the system wide open.  Okay?

Guest:   Yes.  And I just have one more question about the believing is seeing.  Well, it’s like this:  As believing is seeing, so I believe what you said when you told us last week look up to the skies.  Last night, I just sat outside and looked up at the skies, and I saw two ships fly buy very fast like they were going somewhere.  The two ones with me did not see them, but there was no doubt I could see these two ships go by.  So seeing is believing as well as believing is seeing.  Is that because I was holding a frequency that enabled me to see the ships?  Or, are the ships visible to everyone, even on the 3-D plane?

OWS:   You’ve heard the saying many times “for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear,” that is what is occurring here.  More, though, will be opening their eyes, meaning their third eye, as you have, and will be able to see more and more, and that was Ashtar that said that last week.

It is important for you to begin to open that third eye.  This is why in several of the Advances up to this point we have been working with you on doing exactly that:  opening your third eye, working with it.

Because it is important more and more to create the understanding that you do have the eyes to see, and that those things that are up there will begin to be revealed more and more.  They are there, more people just need to see them.  Okay?

Guest:   So are you saying that I was looking through my third eye when I saw the ships?

OWS:   That is correct.

Guest:   Because it appeared like I was just looking through my eyes.

OWS:   You were.  Your third eye, though, creates the vision that goes beyond your physical eyes.  You see?  You are seeing with your physical eyes but, with your third eye open, you are seeing beyond what the “normal” (we do not like to use that terminology, but it has to be here), the average or the normal person would not be able to see because they do not have their open third eye.  You see?  So it would not even be in their perception that it was there.  You see?

With the idea that you looked up at that moment, that is what let you know that you are ready as we have been saying, again, prepared and ready, to be able to have their experiences more and more.

Guest:   So the other thing I left out was that I literally intended to see the ships.  You know, I said “I intend to see the ships.”  And then there they are.  Is that part of it as well?

OWS:   Is that not “believing is seeing?”

Guest:   Well, I guess that’s another way of saying it, isn’t it?

OWS:   Yes, of course.

Guest:   Thank you, One Who Serves.  Much love and light to you.

OWS:   Yes.  Any other questions here?

Guest:   One Who Serves.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Now, I have a lot of experiences with the ships in the sky, almost on a nightly basis, always.  But I call them forward.  And in my prayer while I am doing my invocations, I mentioned the other night that I haven’t seen the Andromedan ships at all, only but once, and said “would love to see you guys again!” in a joking manner as I was acknowledging them.

And low and behold, I went outside and was looking and scanning the sky again, and there came a ship way, way, way up, which is where I saw them last time, way, way up.  It just blinked at me.  I said, Oh Yes! And started to try to follow it, caught it on video actually, two blinks on my video, and I kept losing it because looking through your phone and the sky at the same time is almost impossible.

But here is my question to you:  they are definitely tuned in on us, and hearing our thoughts, and responding to us.  Am I correct?

OWS:   Absolutely.  This is the idea of telepathy and how they are able to communicate, especially with those of their own, hint, hint.  So as they are able to communicate with those who are ready for this, then they can be more visible and more real to those who are observing them.

Guest:   Very well.  Thank you.

Another Guest:   Good question.  They have been blinking at me also and responding to my thoughts.  I keep saying, “Ok guys, just give me a little blink and let me know that you are there.”  And I will get a blink here or there in the sky.  Does that mean my third eye is open, or they are blinking at me in 3-D?

OWS:   We would say a combination of both, but it is not 3-D as you are saying it.  It is a higher vibration.  You must be in the higher vibration to be able to see them or witness them.

Guest:  Ok.  Yeah, because they seem to be conversing in some way (laughs).  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Any other questions now, before we release channel?

Then we are ready to do so to release channel.  But before we do, we ask you to really take into consideration everything that is being given about not only anchoring the light, but being the light and sharing the light.  That is very important, here.

Because you have all moved to the stage now, you as the group now, we are saying, have moved to the stage where it is important for you to not only be knowing of the path, but it is time to walk the path, as was given in the movie “The Matrix.”

Walk the path, people.  Okay?   Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.


Channeled by James McConnell



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