15.09.27 – We Will All Be Speaking The Language Of Love and Acceptance

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“We Will All Be Speaking The Language Of Love and Acceptance”

“Obeedi-chya” Cetacean Master (Appears as an Orca whale), “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 27, 2015)



I am “Ashira”. We have a special guest this day. “Obeedi-chya” will be visiting and I will be visiting afterwards during the questions and at the closing comment. Prepare yourself for this one who comes.



I am “Obeedi-chya”. I am the nine foot handsome boy standing on my tail black and white (personified as a Orca whale) as is your pleasure. It is a great day to come and visit with you. Several of you have questions for me. Several of you have called upon me. One of these is Miss Diana. Please share my message with her this day.

You are all a twitter about the exciting things that are happening to you. It is a wonderful day to be able to share with you. Not only all of that which is occurring on the planet but to all of that which is happening to us and all of the rest of the universe. These are exciting times that we share.

We come to talk about those things that you normally do not mention in these groups. We talk to you about “Mer-People”, lives which many of you have experienced. We speak to you of the lives you have spent in “Elemental” forms. We speak to you who have shared lives as whales and porpoises, bodies such as ours.

All of these are part of the unity of the planet. All of these are part of what make the planet work with “Mother Gaia”. All of these are part of the unity about which you are learning and you will learn more.

The animals in your home are your guides. The animals in your homes are showing you the way. Those of you who feel accustomed to porpoises and whales, many of you have expressed life in these bodies. Many of you have had lives where you hunted down and killed us. But those times are going to be no longer. We are excited about that!

We are excited about all that is coming for all of us will be speaking the same language. All of us will be speaking the language of love and acceptance. We know how excited your guides have been the last two years that you have been coming together. We know how excited you are for what is about to happen. We know that you have been led to this door.

We have been of help when those things that are done in preparation. We have talked about the preparation of not eating your brothers and your sisters any longer. Some of you are there. Some of you are still in the process. That is perfectly acceptable.

I envelope you with our love. With all of our existences together. And we know that as you walk through the doors of the dimensional shifts at first it will not seem like much but the days that follow will help you for sure for what is coming for you have been prepared.

We wish to share with you that those who are of the “Mer” folks, they are eager to accept you, to hold you and to share with you again. There is an immense civilization under the sea that has been held from you. It is not of the dark. It is of the light. We all are eager to call you brothers and sisters.

So, this was but a stop in the day to encourage you in the most wonderful way to continue walking forward. Work through your sides of grief. Work through your sides of negativity. Work through all of these so when the moment comes and you feel this “Wave” be in grace, be in forgiveness, be in love. You will be exactly where you need to be.

I am going to close today. I will not come through this one again but I will give my answer to any questions to “Ashira”. We all look to see you again, soon, after the veil has lifted and we are once again one. Blessings.


“One Who Serves” (OWS)

Greeting to you. We are here in this moment of time we would say, to bring about something that is of interest to you. It is very important that you heed these things that we are going to say now. Some of this has already been said but it is a moment in time here. This is where there is a need to connect to your “Higher God-Self” more and more and more.

In this time when the “Wave” is coming, the waves are coming and cascading over the planet. As you feel these energies move through you it will be more and more important to be in a state of good cheer, to be in a state of love, to be in a state of spirituality you might say so that you are not in the negative areas of your brain. Be in a state of calmness and neutrality. Let this “Wave” wash over you and through you. It will do this. It will be one after another. It is not that one comes through and “Oh my goodness, this is it.” It will be a sequence of various waves of energy that you will be feeling.

The more you can be in states of higher consciousness at that moment the better it will be. If you can be in nature that would certainly help the most. Be in a position that you can see beauty all around you. Even if you are not, feel the beauty around you. Know it. Be in gratitude that all is as it needs to be. The more that you allow this process to move through you and be you at that time then you will have a better experience of all of this. You will feel a sense of connectedness. Connectedness to your “Higher God-Self”. Connectedness to all around you, to the unity, the oneness.

Focusing on these feelings will keep you connected. Focus on these during the next moments, the next days here. This will give you the optimum level to have this experience more fully. Understand this?

That is our message for you at this time. We know that coming in your next session, you will be gathering once again with “Hollow Earth Radio”. More will be given.

Would you have questions for “OWS” and “Ashira”? We know that you had questions earlier and that was purposeful. It was necessary to demonstrate to you that this (channeling of the Higher Self) can not only happen through this one we speak through now or Susan but that we see each of you having this access. All of you can have this connection. It is coming. You will all have it!

Would there be any questions here?

Question: I have my son through Wednesday. We have some confrontations during the day. We also have a lot of love. If I switch back immediately am I ok?

“OWS”: We are going to tell you, and this is for all here, not only the one who asked the question. All of you, do whatever you can to avoid being in a confrontational situation. Anything. Do everything you can to be neutral. Do everything you can to step out of a situation if it were calling for a conflict of some type. Conflict, no. Love, yes.

Do you understand this? If it is difficult for you in the moment, leave the moment. Go outside. Do not become involved with this. Get in your car and leave.

This goes for all here. Do not allow yourself to become involved with any kind of confrontational situation where there is any sense of fear, any sense of anger because as you have heard from many different sources, this “Wave” will exacerbate any condition you are in at this time. It is a various sequence of wave’s energy.

“Ashira” is there anything you wish to add? “No, thank you.”

Question: For those who continue their 3D experience, will they have the same matrix or will they have a different experience?

“OWS”: Different in many ways. There will be a continuation of that which they have known but to a lesser degree. It will allow for them to come to their connection to their higher self over a period of time, yes, but it will allow for this process. The illusion that has been created here will be much less where they find themselves.

There will not be copies of you in their lives. Not in your saying so. We can give a little bit on this only. They will have a level of understanding when the time comes for this that they will be in the understanding that they are in without any other understanding than that. So, if you were the one who went through the Ascension process and the other one, who  is attached  to you but is going to this other reality would not have any other understanding or remembrance of you.

All of this is done to appreciate free will and to allow for this process and the various programs to continue. But to continue of a wave length that the particular soul needs to experience.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?


“Ashira”: Yes. Thank you.

This is a timing factor. We spoke earlier today as a group, did we not, about time?

There is a group of people all going through this exact process. Part of the group are the early birds and will arrive early. Another group, the larger group, will arrive when it is there time. There will be stragglers and they will arrive in their time.

All has been taken care of. Each will come to understand their place in the evolution process. Does that make sense?

“OWS”: Would there be any further questions here?

Question: Don’t you have to let these emotions out?

OWS”: We are speaking here to those ones called the Lightworkers, those who would resonate to these types of words. To you we would say that to lessen the effects of what comes through do all that you can to be in a neutral state.

We know that it is not always possible for this although we also know that all things are possible. Does this answer your question?


Question: I have confusion around the Cabal and light and the dark. I have a hard time figuring out who to support of the Lightworkers  and I feel that I should love everyone. How can you help me to understand this?

OWS”: Yes. That is the ideal here. That is where everyone is moving to. We have suggested many times to be in a state of love toward everyone, yourself and everyone else. But there are times when you can send all your love to another and it is not perfectly accepted. We are talking about those who would turn away from the light. We are not talking about the masses of people. We are speaking of a small percentage here. When we speak of the Cabal, the Illuminati, we are speaking of a very small percentage of the planet. Some, no many have turned to the light. There are some who will hold on till the bitter end you might say, will decide to change and turn. Or, they may decide not to do this.

There is nothing you can do to control this. All you can do is to be of acceptance. As things progress you will find that they will move on and you will move on and you will have no further concerns about this. And they will have no memories of you.

Question: I know people who are Lightworkers who are healing and helping and then start to out others and kick them to the curb.

We understand your thoughts. We will ask “Ashira” to step in and shed a little light. That was meant to be a little joke!

“Ashira”: Dear one, we can hear your frustration, we can hear the pain in your voice, we can hear this.

What we would say is that it is up to you to make your trip. It is not for you to make decisions about others in this moment in time. It is your turn to find the love in your own being. To find the judgement in your own self. And to forgive yourself when you forgive all beings. This is the path for all.

Lightworkers are not angels walking the path without sin. We use that word very carefully. Every one has their own issues. Every one has their own actions. The frequency that is coming in is very high. When people move up in your frequency, these items will not be a part of your life. They will not be a part of your experience.

The more that you allow love to flood you, that you are flooded by unity consciousness and have understanding flood you, you will find yourself without these other situations plaguing you any longer. You will be elated with the love in your life. Does this make sense to you?

Give this some thought.


“OWS”: More questions?

Question: We are looking for some tangible assistance. Can we get more help than just cheering?

OWS”: Dear Brother, you have been getting assistance for a very long time. Many things from behind the scenes. There has to be enough assistance given that does not conflict with free will. There has been a tendency to hold back where we wish we did not need to. We do wish we could offer assistance to you in various points. We are not able to help you so that we do not go against “Universal Law” here or against the “Prime Directive”. Nor would we do this. It is not needed and it is not necessary.

Each of you has the God Consciousness to direct you to do whatever is needed. We know this does not resonate with you at this time and we know that there are many across the planet who wish to see the Cabal taken out of the picture, the arrests, the financial system turned around and the debt forgiven, the NESARA be released and announced, all of these things. All of these things are going to happen but they will happen when they need to with the Collective Consciousness.

As the Collective Consciousness changes each time, the plans change too. As you know, the Collective Consciousness is coming together more and more. The Pope speaking brought about a consciousness change that is happening now. There are 1 to 2 billion people who have responded to this message from the Pope. All of the movements in consciousness that are happening from this. All of this is happening.

So, the assistance is here. Soon you will see the assistance being given. Certainly when the ships are allowed to land and all of these things.

Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Hold on to your dream. Once this “Wave” rolls across the planet and makes the evolutionary changes in the human family that all these other things that you expect will happen much more quickly. And as thing begin to shift you will find yourself saying, “Thank you, for making it real in my world”. Wherever that is. We bless you.

“OWS”: Any further questions here?

Question: Is it recommended to stay in meditation tomorrow?

OWS”: Once again, whenever you can find yourself in a higher vibration here. Work on this. In terms of going to work or your job, that is up to you. We cannot say that if you stay home from your job and meditate all day you will have a wonderful Ascension experience. We could say that if you do this, it can help the process along here. OK?There is one further question here.
Question: I have noticed a little knot in my ear and I spoke with a psychic about it and she told me that I had five implants in me. What can you tell me about this?

OWS”: What we can tell you is not what you want to hear. It is not for us to tell you how they got in you, if they did. Only you can know that within yourself. It is not to say that someone cannot say you should look at this, this is definite. This is not the way that we, of the “higher vibrations” at the moment, would counsel you. We would never say this.

So, we will not say if there is a chip there or there is not a chip there. That is for you to have an understanding of. We think that as you come to an understanding of this, you will come to the understanding that it does not really matter. You see?

We always counsel against listening to another and taking that as the gospel truth, whether it is from channeling, from another as a psychic nature, or another. We would always caution on this. It does not mean that it is not true but it does not mean it is true either. You see?

Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: No. I believe you have danced around this well!


We are getting quite good at dancing, are we not? (laughter)

Do you notice the conviction in people here? Those that are asking questions? The heightened vibrations they are feeling within themselves. Did you notice this in the questions that were asked here? Hear the emotion in their voices? This is all a part of the vibration that is moving across the planet. It is going to affect some by one turning against another and another. This is all part of the process that is happening here. This is why we are cautioning…stay in a neutral calm state. Know that you can do nothing to change another. Nor would you want to change another. Let it be. Go with the flow. All things are going to take care of themselves here.

We are going to release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. I am pleased to close the session today.

There have been so many questions about this period of time from this group. We started discussing the Pope when he would come to this country. We discussed what the meaning would be. We discussed the “Wave” as it changed out of the “Tsunami of Love”.

Is it not a mighty standpoint that you have been given the need to find a neutral standpoint for the rest of this day and for tomorrow? Watch in the days that come to pass things begin to be recognized in the open. Watch as things that were behind closed doors open for your sight. Watch as things unfold magnificently and quickly for you. Watch as those financial changes will begin to start and move quickly.

We have been speaking to you and holding you in our arms. Call on us to hold you, to comfort you. Know that everything we have spoken about is about to begin.

We bless you. We give you our peace and love.




Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.09.20 – Practice Being In A Loving State Of Consciousness

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“Practice Being In A Loving State Of Consciousness”​​(Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 20, 2015)

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. So looking forward to be here with you in these ways and even more looking forward to be here with you in other ways, hint, hint.

We do not have a message for you here at this time except to mention this wave of consciousness that is coming in. Yes, it is coming in and has been here in many aspects. It is growing in intensity more and more and more. And as you have heard, it is going to peak around the 28th of September, as Sananda has said and as many sources are also saying this. The most important thing to know is how to be in the time when this energy hits you. At that point you want to be in a certain state.

You want to be in a state of consciousness that is a loving state. Think about this. Be in that state coming up to that time period where you are more and more and more in a higher vibrational level. Where you are consciously there. Be aware of this wave.
Be aware that it is coming even more so. Be in that state that you can in higher vibration in a loving sense.

Be loving toward yourself. Be in service to others rather than to self. All of these things put you into the place of experiencing these energies much easier we would say here, with much more ease.

Because we would say that many would experience this energy wave and have difficulty with it because of the state of consciousness that they will be in at that time. Because, as has been said, it will exacerbate the state of consciousness they will find themselves in at that moment.

So we begin to say to you now to practice. Practice being in a loving state more and more. Practice enjoying the beauty outside. Practice the beauty of the bird, the bees, the butterflies, if you can see them, the hummingbirds. Be aware of all of these, the flowers, the trees. Be aware of the consciousness of each of these. Be aware. If you are aware of these things when the Wave hits, you will be much more prepared to meet the Wave and gain the most that it has to offer. OK?

Would there be any questions for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?

Question: Is it about time for us to get a true picture from the Sphinx historical tablets about who we are and what are we here for?

“OWS: My dear sister, much of this has already been discovered. They have just held it back from you. Much has come forward and much has been kept secret. Much of this has been in the works and much of it will be a part of the revealing as it comes forward and then more so after.

There are many “secret places of the Lions”, that have kept secret places and hold many secrets. These will come forth after the changes are upon you. When the secrets are revealed, when all of the truth is revealed you will find yourself free from all of the programming that has held you back. It will be as if the programming just begins to melt away. It will melt more and more and more. This will be for you but it will be for all others too as they grasp the totality of the universe and how they have been held back from learning of the totality of who they are.
Does this answer your question? Yes.
Anything to add,”Ashira”? No, you have done fine.
Another question?

Question: I am getting excited about being up in higher elevation this weekend. Does it mean that I will be getting the Wave sooner?

“OWS”: There is no connection in terms of relating to the Wave and height here. There is only elevation in terms of those in consciousness. So, if you are in a higher state of consciousness, this is how the Wave will affect you. Nothing in terms of the elevation by feet here. You see?
Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: We would add that you have much to be excited about and we are excited for you. Those things that you think about and dream about, you shall see in ways that are unusual for you. We look forward to your report after this.

“OWS”: We would also say that we are excited for you and for all of you. And for all of mankind, even. Good times ahead!
More questions?

​Question: You can see us more clearly than we see ourselves. If there was one thing you would share with us that applies to all who are listening, what would that be?

“OWS”: We believe we have already given that. Be in a higher vibration in the moments leading up to that Wave. Even if you do not believe anything will happen. Go with it. Go with the flow. Be in that NOW moment and be in an expression of gratitude for all that is around you and within you. If you do this, you will be in the flow to experience the full ramifications of being in this consciousness.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I agree with you.

Other questions?

Question: I have a question about the others we are in service to. Which others?

“OWS”: Very good question. The others are other than you and also, you, yourself. So, it is all. All are one, are they not? You are all and all is you. So, be in the position that you are in service to all. And as you are in service to all, you are in service to the Source. That is all and all is within the Source. Do you understand this?

Question: I am thinking of the mundane. If you see a crying child or a depressed adult, how can you be of service to them?

“OWS”: Be in the moment. Be in the present moment and you will know. It is difficult to give an answer to this that would make sense to everyone. If you are in the present moment you will know what to do and how to do it.
Anything else to add, “Ashira”? No. I think you have done a good job.

“OWS”: We are on fire here, are we not? (laughter)
Do we have another question?

Question: I felt that I needed to let go of my job to better prepare myself for my ascension. However, I am concerned about taking care of my house payment. What can you tell me to help me?

“OWS”: We are going to start with a quote from the Master Sananda. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” It is important for you to know where you are in any moment. If you are in your present moment, you need to know how to take care of the things in your life. Allow for these processes to occur.

If you are experiencing a lack of something, you are missing something in your life. So replace it with what is needed there. In other words, be in that moment you have and take care of the experiences you have. Knowing that you are going to shift greatly and as you shift know that these concerns are no longer going to be concerns. So, be in the present moment and concentrate on taking care of the things that face you. Does that make sense?

Anything you wish to add here,”Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Yes. It was interesting watching you dance through that. I do not believe I have anything to add to that. You covered the areas I would have covered.

“OWS”: Do we have another question?

Question: If we are being treated by a 3D program for an illness is it true that we are affected by a poorly running chakra? And that these can be helped with crystals and essential oils?

“OWS”: Yes. This is true. However, if you are experiencing life in the old ways than you will experience healing in the same old ways. But if you begin to move up in the chakra centers and cleanse the body in many different ways, with the tools that have been given. Then you will not have to experience that bodily ailment that is built into your systems. Because all of these things are going to change drastically.

As the shift continues to change things you will continue to see your bodies improve. As the James said earlier, “Walk the Talk”. Walk the talk. You are believing so you can see. So, believe that you are healthy! Some in the room are doing this now. Some on the phone too. You are believing that you are healthy and you are seeing it more and more and more. You will find the experience of health coming within you. This is the “Wave” of the future. We use this phrase purposely.
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I bring to you this thought, for what it plants in your mind. You are a healthy being. All that can pour into this, into you, are things you can look at and release.

At times the darkness in one’s body is not the turning or not turning of chakras in one’s body but are results of old wounds. The act of forgiveness of self and of others is part of this process of the body. As you find yourself moved by the Wave, you will find yourself cleansed whole and relieved. We bless you.

“OWS”: Do we have another question?

Question: I have had three 3D addictions that I have not been able to move beyond. Will we see help with these kinds of things in the future?
Do you wish to go with this one, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Sure. I will. As we look upon your body know that as the Wave passes through, you will see the mentors come to help you as well as others who will come to help you. Again, self-forgiveness is the first item I will seek with you allowing for these three things to move through your body. You are knowing that these three things are no longer affecting you and you are allowing them to pass through your body.

As you continue say, “I forgive myself”. You will discover that you are only participating with things that allow your body to thrive, help your body to grow and to become the Divinity it truly is. Self-forgiveness, healing and belief will lead you to the person you are in truth. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS” : Very good. Any further questions here?

Question: I have been battling this for a while. I have a 401K that is not earning me much money. Should I cancel this investment?

“OWS”: We think that most of you know what we are about to say here. In terms of the terminology here, the “shoulds”. There are no shoulds here. There never is. There is only what is necessary to do in the moment.

At this present moment you find yourself in a crossroads. The old situation that you find yourself in and the new golden age you are moving into and treading on the line here. Which way do we go? Do we let go of the old ways and go with the new? It is the same thing as the first question asked. In the present moment, to the one who asked about these things go with the flow. Your higher God-self knows what to do. If you believe in this trust and you work with this trust, then all will work out as it is meant to. You will have the experiences you are expecting to have. You see?

In terms of telling you to take money out or leave money in, we are not going to do that. That interferes with free will here. We cannot necessarily give it in that way. Do you understand this?
Anything to add, “Ashira”? No, you have done this splendidly.

Question: I wanted to add that financial managers don’t know anything number one and number two, money is consciousness. Some people are comfortable with no savings and some are comfortable with a million in savings. It is in their consciousness.

“OWS”: Yes. There is only one you need to listen to and that is yourself and your higher self whispering to you.

Question: I have had an epiphany. The saying, “Physician heal thyself” means that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.

“OWS”: Clearly. The physician within you can heal your own physical ailments. Would there be any further questions here?
We are going to release channel here. Before we let go we want to share something with all of you. Whatever your financial situation is here and now, the old ways are not going to work. It is important that you let go of the old ways and let the new ones flow. Let the new ones develop and the shift that is coming will be much easier when it comes.
We are going to release channel.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Next week you shall be visited by “Obeediyah”. He has not spoken with you for a while but he has been invited by a couple of people in this group. He has heard the “Mother’s” call and will once again be with the group.

What will I leave you with this week? This is a week of change. Some will see much. Some will see little. It depends on the consciousness of those who receive of the Wave.
Those who have been in groups such as this, receive what they will need. They are learning to be of service, they are learning to be present for those in need. You will hold the consciousness for happiness. You will hold the consciousness for wholeness. You will hold this consciousness in ways to help others adapt in positive ways.

We will be here to help those find answers for as things begin to shift, they will shift quickly. And you who are looking at things from a fourth dimensional viewpoint and those of you looking through a fifth dimensional viewpoint seeing those in the third dimensional viewpoint are at a loss and not sure about what is coming or has come.

This group is well-prepared. We are prepared to meet you face to face. We are prepared to share with you, to party with you, to meet you in a one to one basis. As these things begin to shift this week, we look forward to sharing with you once again and learning about all the new things that have turned up in your life!

We bless you. We give you our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

15.09.13 – You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line

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“You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line” – Sananda

 “Sananda”, “One Who Serves 1and 2” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” and “Divine Mother” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 13, 2015 over Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network)

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. It is good to be here with all of you at this time. To speak out to all of you! What a wonderful contraption this is that allows us to be in your living rooms, your bedrooms, wherever you might be. It is so exciting for all of us. And you were expecting “Sananda”, were you not? Yes, “Sananda” will be coming through as James spoke of. This is the funny one, with a Tibetan accent that he first spoke of.

We are here to introduce ourselves. He did not really speak very much about us. We are an us. We are not an I. We are the “One Who Serves”. This is a title we have taken on but it will not be for too much longer. Soon we will becoming an “I” too, moving along with the shift. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves before turning the floor over to “Sananda”. We have been with the James a very long time. He has been our compadre and we have been his. He has been student and for some of the time we have been a student.

There has been much push and pull, is that the phrase with this group and we continue to be with you. However, we are coming to the point of being more fully with you. We will enjoy meeting you and not coming down to where you are now but you are going to come up and join us here. We are going to meet you half way. Now we are going to release to allow “Sananda” to come through and yes, he has a message. We will be back after that to answer questions with “Ashira” who is standing by.


This is “Sananda”. It is a great time to be with you here at this point. It is a great frequency that has developed here on this planet. You who are listening on these calls have no idea about how far you have come and how far you have yet to go.

There are so many things happening, so many things going on in the background, it is going to be beyond belief when all of things begin to be revealed even more than they have been. And there is so much more that is coming.

But we are going to back up just a moment here. Back up to the beginning when many of you were there, many of you were with us. At that time the call went out, the call for the volunteers to come to Gaia. To once again open the darkness to the light. First you had to choose yourselves and then you had to be chosen. It was not where everybody put up there hand and said, “I am going. I am going.” Not everybody was selected. It was not that way at all. It was a conclave that had occurred. You could say it was a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago. It was your “Star Wars” kind of thing that we know of.

And it is those kinds of things that were very accurate but at that time we all came together and decided that there needed to be something done. You knew that you needed to become a part of the process, knowing that it would not be an easy road, knowing that it would be fraught with many difficulties and many obstacles. But yet you came. You came to assist. You came to bring the light, to anchor the light here again. But what a job there would be, what a difficulty to do this.

When we first came here, there was a great deal of darkness. The light was barely shining through. But with all the travails you have gone through, lifetime after lifetime and after lifetime you will come to the point now where it will be all worth it! You will wonder what it will be like at the end when you finish this job.

And here you are now at the finish. I have said many times that you are in a race, what you would call a marathon. You have been running this race a long time and now you are coming to the finish line. You will cross and behind some are struggling; some have fallen and cannot get back up. Some are crawling now just to get to the line. Of course, there are those who race across.

The difference here is that once you cross the finish line (in your normal marathon) you are done, you don’t go back to help your brothers and your sisters.  You, my friends, will be doing that. You will be crossing the line and you will be going back to assist. Many of you will decide to do that. Not all, but many. Because why? Because you came here to be of service. That is the reason you came here. You will go back to serve others. You will only be thinking of service.

So, I tell you now. You have come full circle. You are at the point where you will be making the Shift. Everyone will be making the Shift at one point or another. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is coming? Yes. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is here? Yes. We have been telling you about how to prepare for this. And “Wave X” and the “Tsunami of Love” is all one. It is all coming together; it is reaching the crescendo as was given earlier.

And you now are at that point where you are going to be called upon to be the mentors, to be teachers, to be the ones who will be there to assist those who come after you. You will be the ones who go back to assist your brothers, your sisters because they are floundering, they are having a difficult time. Many are still asleep but their alarm clocks are starting to go off just as yours did at a certain point. Now is the time that many of their clocks are going off.
They will come to an understanding that this is not the way it was supposed to be. This is not what we came here for. And now they will begin to ask questions. Just as you asked questions, they will begin to ask questions. Who will be there to answer their questions? You will be!

Not so much us. Yes, we are here mentoring and guiding through these types of communications. You are the ones you have been waiting for.

You are the ones who will bring this whole process together. It is you who will be giving the answers to the questions.

We are not saying to bombard them. We are not saying go door to door or anything if this nature. We do not want you to provide a mission. This is a journey. You are on this journey. You are near completing this part of the journey. It is not the end. It is never going to be the end. This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. However you wish to look at it.

But the time is now. Look at this month, this September. Look at

​​September 28th and at this photon energy coming in that is supposed to be at its highest level ever. And yes, that is true. It is going to be. Can we say that all of you are going to Ascend in that moment and go off in your Rainbow Bodies and cross the Rainbow Bridge to get back to your higher selves? No. We say that is not necessarily going to happen. It may happen for a few but there is still much of those who are still awakening, too much work that is still ahead.
And yes, those of you who have been sitting back and thinking that you are going to be relieved or delivered or thinking that the Rapture is going to come or any of these things, no, that is not the way it is working. It is working with you. You have to be the ones to make this happen.

So, on the day that this goes through, those of you who are listening to this call and are resonating with these words, you will feel the energy the most. But there will be many across the planet that will also be feeling this energy as well. There will be those holding arms and looking for a battle but will turn to one another and say, “Why. Why are we doing this? There is no reason to continue on like this! Why would I want to harm my brother and my sister?” And they will begin to realize, not the unification that you have, but they will begin to realize a connection that everyone is a brother, everyone is a sister. I can tell you now that time is coming. That moment is nearly here.

When you feel these energies move through you, yes, on the 28th , may be a few days before, may be a few days after, maybe a week later, we are not going to say exactly because everybody will resonate to these energies differently. So, you, yourselves, we can tell you to prepare.

Prepare for yourself. Do you need to prepare for safety for each other as far as stockpiling weapons and these types of things? NO! Certainly not. That is the old paradigm and that will not work in the New Age that is coming upon you. That will not work in the new vibrations that are here now and will be exceeding the vibrations you are feeling now by a tremendous amount.

So we tell you again now, be ready. Those times are here. You are ready to cross the finish line. There is no turning back at this point. Why would anyone want to turn back? We know you don’t. We know that you came here to finish this race, to finish this journey. You are all working together with us and we are working together with you. And together, my brothers, my sisters and my friends we are going to make this happen. It is a joint effort, a unified effort. We will come together in oneness.

Archangel Michael has been speaking of peace. We will come together in peace. The entire planet will come together in peace. It is destined. It cannot be stopped.

There are those of the Cabal, the Dark Forces who are still working at it. They are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their life that they have created. They realize now that they are at their end. They are fully realizing that they cannot hold on much longer. Yet they still proceed. They still continue to be arrogant and think that they can overcome heaven. How could anyone possible do that?

So, that is not going to happen. There is not going to be any nuclear war. There is not going to be any major pandemic across the planet. There is not going to be any culling of the populations that many of the sources have been saying. That is not going to happen. We have not worked as hard with all of you for many decades, many hundreds of years; many thousands of years to let it all go away in a puff of smoke. That will never happen.

So, I tell you now, all of you listening to this call heed my words, this is it! This is the end or the beginning. You decide. It is coming to the crescendo, a culmination and it will be very, very shortly.

That is my message, as Sananda. I will be with you many times in the future. There will be times when we will be joining hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting across the table from one another, breaking bread and yes, even wine. The celebration has been prepared and it is waiting for you to sit at the tables!

All of my peace and love be with you.





“OWS” back with you again. We certainly hope you like this message. We certainly did. It was very powerful, no? And there is so much more coming. You have no idea yet! Sananda touched on just a little bit. There is so much coming that will be revealed in the times ahead. Get ready! Good times are ahead people. Are we ready to take questions here? Is Ashira standing by? Yes.

Question: Sananda mentioned crossing the finish line and then also talked about coming back to help others. Can you please verify that?

OWS”: Yes. As you are coming to the finish line you will feel somewhat completed, that the journey has come to an end. But lo and behold you are going to have memories return and you will be reminded what this is all about and how it is to be of service. So, when that kicks in you will find yourself turning back around to help those who are straggling a little bit.

That is not to mean that you would have to do it all again. We would not say that to you because we would not do it. This is to assure you that the process here is all it is meant to be. We will share that you may cross that finish line and decide that you want a little bit of rest and relaxation. Certainly that will be ok! And where can you spend your R &R? How about on a ship? How about in Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, in Telos? How about any of those places? How about portions of the world here that you have never been too? You see all of this is ahead for you.

Now that does not mean that on September 28th all of this is going to change. We hope you understand this. It may take a little longer than that but it is the crescendo, as Sananda has said. It is the coming of this Wave. It is the energy that is going to move through you. It will create a shift, a shift in consciousness across the entire planet. A shift of love that is coming and all will feel this shift of love in one point or another or in one degree or another. You are all going to experience this. Does this answer your question?

Question: Will we have all the information we need before we ascend or after? Will we have light chambers to help us heal our bodies?

Yes. We are turning this over to “Ashira.”

Ashira”: Greetings today. We are glad you have joined us. Everything that you will need to know will be yours in the Shift of Consciousness. Your mentors will arrive to share with you what you need to know. You will have them there as you begin to make decisions about what you want to have in your life during your R&R. You will have the opportunity to become the people you have always wanted to be in health, in service and to be able to assist people in ways you cannot really fathom now but that will become evident to you as you continue to move through this “Shift”.  Does that make sense to you, Lori?

Question: Will I be rid of the sciatic bothering me now before I ascend?

You will be rid of that, using your language. As you move forward toward the finish line, we see you moving without pain. Part of this is the shift that is taking place in your body. This is part of the aligning of the new chakras and the new DNA that is coming on. As a Lighworker you are experiencing these things deeply. They will be relieved as you move into your future that is not that far away.

Question: My husband has double vision. Will that be cleared up too?

This is another symptom that people are experiencing. It is part of the opening of the chakras in the head. It will be removed as he completes his race. Give him the message that he can see clearly and as his earthly eyes change to absorb the frequencies and new vision, he will have clarity. Bless you, ma’m.

Question: I have been seeing a lot of numbers in my head. Is that for everybody?

“OWS”: Many people are experiencing these types of things, these sequences. Mathematical sequences, formulary sequences. Many people across the planet have been experiencing these types of thing. Is everyone experiencing those? No, it is only for those in the awakening process for the most part. But even those who are seeing these numbers may not be seeing them in a way that puts any qualification to it at all. No concern here.

But it is you that sees. Especially those of 11-11, 12-12, 555, those of you who are experiencing this, it has been a very long time now and it is increasing as the “Shift” is developing here. You will have more of synchronicities happening here. For those listening here, we will say that the synchronicities are already increasing.

Question: How do you describe synchronicities, “OWS”?

OWS”: Many things are happening for instance, the phone you have ringing in your head before it actually rings. Things you used to call E.S.P. or psychic development. All of these things are the “Gifts of Spirit” that are returning to you.  That is to say that it was never lost, you just have to remember it. And remember it you shall. There is no way you cannot do that.

Question: How can we get our “Quantum Love” meetings up and running by the “Shift” and can Sananda answer this?

We wish to share here that “Sananda” has left the building. We are here to assist in any way that we can. “Ashira” would you like to start with this question?

“Ashira” : Yes. I will begin with this question.

So, with intent that you have set for “Quantum Love” attracts those of like mind to your group. What would you look for on the 28th or whatever day this occurs giving lee-way either way, see that those in battles around the world drop their weapons. See that peace that is in your heart for the world, is already present. See that grid that is around the planet fill with light and see it as it charges around the planet a note that it takes a stop at various places to bolster those of similar belief systems to build them up higher. See that this frequency that comes to the planet spreads light and love around the planet. See that it brings peace and harmony to all aspects of the planet.

These are things you can imagine, you can envision,  you can see and know that they are changing the world.

“OWS”: We would add here that groups are formed all over the planet. Many are forming now. Many have been going for some time. This “Meet-Up” group is putting together many groups for this type of interest. This is how this group got started.

You are welcoming people into your group and are sharing and this is all wonderful. And we must say that the contraptions you all use to speak and to communicate with is going to go away! People, you are going to have telepathy. Won’t that be wonderful! You will be able to communicate with people across the planet, across the solar system, across the galaxy. Won’t that be wonderful?

Not only that but you will be able to travel like that as well. We are not saying that you will be doing any of that on October 1st. You will not be able to fly away but it is coming and you will be experiencing this in most of your lifetimes.

Question: Should these new children be allowed to come to meetings?

It is very important to have the young ones present at your meetings. They are not bogged down yet as you are. They are more a sponge. They can be totally open and absorb everything. They are going to be the catalysts after the “Shift”. They are going to be the ones who push it even more forward.

Many of those in the audience are “Baby Boomers” and you have pushed the world forward in America and you continue to do so. But it is the young ones coming in that are going to be the continuing catalysts that are going to form the “New Age” here.

Question: (This first part is paraphrased) First, I want to thank all of you for your guidance and assistance. I am curious about the masculine and feminine. Also I am curious about that programming that is holding us back and how to “feel” abundance?

Before we turn this over to “Ashira” we want to thank you. For without your participation, this would not be taking place. Thank you! We turn this over to “Ashira”.

“Ashira”: We may need to ask questions again about your questions, however, let us begin.

In blending the masculine and feminine energies is something that is occurring on the planet. And has we have shared previously; the love of power is now overtaken by the power of love. This is something that is being done at the conscious level because it has been depleted by for such a long time.  The demoralization of women, the over powerment of women, taking away the contributions that the feminine has brought into this world. Giving to the masculine power to take away of the feminine energy that has been in slender balance for thousands of years.

So, as this energy is shifting, love is considered more of a feminine energy. This is the Goddess Energy. This session today will end with a session from “Divine Mother” who will be touching on these things.

You are doing a great job in this area. What might we say? You could utilize more self-forgiveness. Every time it comes up for you to change, say “Thank you. I see that. I change that  now.”

And all things that have kept you enslaved on this planet, say the money aspect, this is being changed as well. As you move away from the programming that money is needed to survive, you will see that the energy of money is in gifting. As this “Shift” moves you along, you will see how money is changed with the advent of the new dimension. The “New Earth” that you are building. Does that answer your questions?

Question: To disconnect from the grips of the past, I am now disconnecting? What do we do when we are covered over with fallability?

This is art of the 3D experience you are still in. Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. The old 3D experiences sometimes overwhelm a person. And you in your good self will say, “That is a bad thought. That is a bad action.” That is judgment and we invite you to no longer have judgments about these types of things.

As you move forward on the path your energy levels will attract much less of these type of experiences. You will have less and less of these thoughts or actions in your own being. So catching yourself is a good way to move forward. Catch yourself, forgive yourself, and utilize any of the affirmations you stated earlier.

This is how you continue to move. You allow yourself to be a 3D human in your experience and you strive moment to moment every day to continue to raise your frequency. Be clear on what is true and what is not true for the divinity of your being. Does that answer your question?

“One Who Serves” did you have any information for this one?

“No, you handled it very well”, my dear sister.

Question: Are we leaving the body or are we anchoring to the Divine in our bodies?

“OWS”: Yes. We can answer this question. You are going to take the body with you. In the past, when those of us who went through it, those of us considered “Ascended Masters” although we do not like that term, we are not much more “Masters” than you are. We have mastered our body. We have mastered the control of our emotions and this type of thing that you are all moving toward.

But you, yourselves, have already been there before. You have all been Master’s before. When you are on your calls with “Zorra” he calls you, Masters, does he not? You are all Masters.

So, it is not that you are going to leave the body in the old way when you go through the death process and you ascend in the old way. That is not going to happen. What would happen on the planet if they all knew that they were going to ascend but they had to die to do it? Who would like that? That would not be a very fun thing, would it?

So, it was decided in many different council meetings and much discussion, that this is the process we would go through. This is why we are assisting you in helping to allow the process to happen. You are not going to leave the Earth. You are not going to go up on some planet somewhere. You are not going off to “Never Never Land” or anything of this nature.

You are going to ascend with your physical body but it is not the physical body as you know it now. It will be changed. There is a transition that is happening with the body. Even as we speak now it is happening. Some more than others but you are moving from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based structure. All of this is happening and cannot be stopped.

So, it is an entire shift of consciousness on the planet. After you have crossed the finish line, as “Sananda” said, you will be in a higher vibrational state. In that state there are no diseases, no ills, no dying. None of these things can happen there.

So, be of good cheer people. It is coming and you are going to have a grand time!

Does that answer your questions?

Question: I witnessed a flash this morning. Another person experienced energy around her midsection and then heard,”Re-Set”. Can you tell us some more about this experience?

“Ashira”:Yes. I will start here. As many people are experiencing the dropping of the veil more people are experiencing the energy impacts upon the planet and are visual to those who are attuned. You are attuned, awakened and open to experiencing the opening of the veil. Look at your environment and see with eyes that are not your 3D vision. See what the view holds.

And the word that your friend heard is what is coming on now with each person’s body. In the chakra structure there is reformation, there is healing, there is re-set, an expansion going on and this is what you were experiencing this morning.  Does that make sense?

OWS”: We would add this is common when the Kundalini Energy is rising and just as those who are coming up to the Ascension there are flashes of energy that do occur. We are not saying that you will be ascending tomorrow. We are not saying that. So, go with the flow here. That is one of our favorite sayings here, go with the flow.

Question: When you hold a cat you can here at purr. I have been feeling like this for about two weeks. Is this something that others are experiencing too?

OWS”: I am going to pass this to Ashira. It has an animal being discussed and that is more your area.

Ashira” : I am that one! So, you are sharing with us that the sound you feel in your body as it steps up in energy is much like a cat purring. Is that accurate?

Yes. Well many of those in this room were discussing the energies in their bodies and what is happening for them, before this part of the day began. We would expect that there are many around the planet who are feeling the uptuning of the chakra energies as well. Hearing it as a purring of the cat is a good description for you.

This is a time where many are experiencing the upsurge of the energy in the body. It will be interesting to hear about other’s experiences in this area of their development.

Question: Do you believe that NESARA will come in before the “Wave”?

OWS”: What we can say here is that NESARA will be a GESARA, a global treatment for the financial markets. As this shift comes through there will be a change in consciousness. This shift will move many who were not in tune with this. They will now say, it is time. This is not only for GESARA, it is for galactic disclosure too. All of this is coming to an end. Disclosure and all of the truths.

Was it not said a long time ago, the truth shall set you free? This is that moment in time that you have been preparing for. For all the truth to come out. The truth to be revealed. Even the truth about Atlantis and Lemuria, all will come back to the knowing of mankind. This is all going to be a part of this.

Yes, this is all part of that entire process. When you have moved along the process you will find yourselves in various situations. You will find yourselves in bringing healing to your physical bodies, healing to your mental bodies, all of these things are going to be. Some of you will find yourselves in crystal chambers. Some will find themselves on ships. You will have mentors at various levels. All of this will be assisting you to go through this process.

You will not be alone. Just as we said that you were not going to fly off, think about how you teach a child to walk, you help them on their way. You will learn how to fly from someone who knows how to do it. OK?

Question: I have a female Cardinal desperately trying to get in here. What can you share about this dear one

Ashira”: It is pleasure to visit with you today. This one is trying to get you a message but you do not hear her. If you could be outside for a period of time, she would be able to deliver this message to you. It is a message of hope, of shifting and she is already in the process of doing this herself. This is a concern that she has for you. You do not need to worry about her. Take a cup of tea or coffee outside and wait for her. She will come near you and open both of yourselves for the conversation with her. This is a good time to communicate with this one. You are a natural telepath in this way. You may not always recognize the voices from other creatures that are inside your head. She is here to share her gift as it is part of the opening for your Ascension.

It is only being blocked by your heart. It is not a block in your communications with creatures. She only wants you to join her outside so that she can most effectively give you her wisdom. Thank you for your attendance.

Question: A couple of months before 9-11 I went up into a higher consciousness. Is that what we will experience for the “Shift”?

OWS”: Everybody will experience the change differently. It is not like there is going to be a unitary experience across the planet. You will experience it at whatever level you are at in the moment. And in those moments, it is a “Wave” that continues to come on and on and on. Think of a Tsunami, it comes on shore and then continues to flow until it covers everything in its path.

That is what the “Wave” shall do. It is a consciousness energy that is going to sweep across the planet. It will affect many different people in many different ways. Depending on how you are in your heart at the moment will determine how you will be affected by this. It will exacerbate anything you have been feeling. If it is fear, it will exacerbate the fear. All of the sources have been saying to not let fear overcome you. Control your thoughts as much as possible. To let go of all the various attachments that are holding you back. This is what you need to do to prepare for all of this.

As this comes keep yourself in a peaceful, calm state as much as possible. This will assist greatly.

Question: People I have been close to seem to be going away. Is that part of what is happening?
Ashira”: This has been happening to many people in their lives. It may be in the need to change homes. It may be in the need to change job. It may be in the need to change the people that surround them. And what is interesting is that you have working on yourself and raising your vibration and you have dropped people on your pathway without really even remembering them being there. This has been a way that you have been moved along your pathway. Those things that no longer serve you, are removed from you. They are dropped from you.

Think of this in a global way. Think of the Lightworkers who have been called together and as they have come together, other parts of their lives are dropped away. This is a good sign. You are doing the work you came to do. Do not worry. You are accumulating other friends, other support systems as you move forward. Does that make sense dear one?

Question: I was in Hot Springs, AR today and I found a wonderful plate with a dragon on it.

OWS”: This goes along with the synchronization that is going on here plus the becoming aware of those who are a part of you but you have not gotten to know them yet. This is part of the message earlier about losing the familiars in your life.

The dragon that has come on is a symbol of ancients, ancient understanding, ancient communications. There were certainly dragons here and there are certainly dragons now. You have heard of dragons in Hollow Earth, various places there. You may have heard of dragons on other planets being in various states of beings. This is certainly true.

So, this is a pre-cursor for you telling you that you have other beings coming into your life. They will not seem like they do in your human experience directly. So, this is preparing you in some ways.

Question: What can we say about the 28th of September to our children?

OWS”: Youwill find what it is you are looking for. Those on the call are looking for some good times, freedom and things of this nature, from the old programming. You can look at the September 28th like your September 21, 2012, when you were getting ready to fly off into heaven and all of that. Thinking that you would go to bed that night and wake up in the New World. Don’t think the 28th is it. It is not necessarily going to be it but it is going to be something!

Do you wish to add here, “Ashira”. No thank you.

Question: I also experienced wing creatures. A bat and a swallow. Two years ago some of my family members went away. What should I do?

Ashira”: Very well. We appreciate the work you are doing. What can you do? Forgive them on all levels. For if we love someone and hold on to them closely, it becomes hard for that relationship to grow. If you release those you love, their response to you will be more positive and first, you are allowed to love them from a distance. This is a gift. They are exactly on the path they are meant to be on. They are on the Divine Path they came in to live and it will bring you greater satisfaction than any other thing you can do at this time. We bless you.

OWS”  We have 2 things we wish to say here and then we must release this channel. First, we would like to do this again after the 28th of September maybe the next Sunday or the week after, your choice. That is number one.

Number two is another one of our group. He is breaking down the door here. He is another one of our collective who wants to come in and say a little something. Here he is!


One Who Serves #2

Greetings to you. I am number two or maybe number six. I do not know. We kind of lose track sometimes. I am here to feel the great energy that is here and they knew this. So, whenever there is a stage, I am here. I am the standup comedian here.

Anyway, I come just to share with you briefly about the excitement we are all feeling. All of this. All of the Ascended Realm. All of the Galactics. All of those from Inner Earth and Hollow Earth.  All over. We are all so excited. We are not excited for us though. Well, a little bit I guess we can say. We are excited for you because it is coming to a close.

Your journey as Sananda has said, has been a wonderful journey. And you can say that sure we can have this opinion where we are but it is not so great for us sometimes. But, you must understand that we were there with you many times.

We have been with you in many situations. You even know some of us. And when the time comes, and it is coming very shortly, we are going to reveal who we are, those in the “One Who Serves”. There are also many councils and they are occurring in many aspects and they are not as individuals either. But they will be sharing who they are and we will be sharing our identities. You will understand that you experienced many different situations with all of us before.

Thank you for this experience with all of you. We must release channel now

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.




Thank you so much for the time today. We are blessed by the opportunities to share with people from around the world. The Divine Mother has entered the room and would like to address this audience on the subject of love.


“Divine Mother”

Greetings. It is my pleasure to be joining you this day. The light from this room reaches out into the world and covers the world with love, with light, with openness, openness of the heart and spirit.

We have never left you alone. And if you feel alone, become quiet and you will feel us upon your cheek. You can feel us upon your shoulders. For all of us are encircling each and every person on the planet at this time. Each and every member on the planet is meeting with their mentors in dream states. Each and every member of the planet is visiting light chambers or being visited by medical teams.

You are not alone. You are not alone. We love you and we remind you that the greatest gift you can give yourself at this time, is love. As you inhale it, as you breathe it, as you feel it that which you give out returns in greater fold.

This is a time to share this love upon the planet with others. With those who may not be of the same mindset give them love, send them love. This is something you can do as a spiritual being. There is no time and no distance.  Blessings to each of you. All my love.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.09.06 – We Are Preparing You For The Wave So You Will Be Able To Help Others

hearmp3 | pdf

“We Are Preparing You For The Wave So You Will Be Able To Help Others”

– (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on September 6, 2015)

“One Who Serves”
(Following a guided meditation across the “Rainbow Bridge” to reconnect with our Higher Selves)

You all back here now? What you have done here is to reconnect to your Higher Godself. The Higher Self that has always been you, never not been you. It is only the mind that has created this disconnection, purposely by those who would seek to enslave. This is over now. There are many who are finding this disconnection over now in many ways. This is only one way we have used with this group. There are many different ways.

This is a way to get a head start, let us say, when all the others begin to experience this when the “Wave” hits. You have been prepared and we have been speaking of preparing for the “Wave” have we not? This has been our way for some time. To not only prepare you for the “Wave” but to prepare you to help others. This will help you prepare others who are seeking this information or want to prepare for it more, more about this strange feeling they are having over them and boy, you will have the answer then, no?

So, it is a time that you have been waiting for and we, ourselves, are waiting for and are working toward this. Many across the planet and from outside of the planet and within the planet, all are working on this process. All are working together to make this the tumultuous event that you are all expecting because we certainly have built up the expectation. Because we have a sense of how this is going to go. And as we have said in the past, we don’t know exactly how it is going to be, because of man’s consciousness. It depends on how each one affects the consciousness and the consciousness affects each one as the “Wave” comes in.

As you have heard, this has never happened before, as it is going to happen. So there are many inconsistencies, many different ideas and notions of how all of this is going to play out. But be assured it is going to play out and in the next Sunday group there is going to be an announcement from Sananda who is going to share something with you at that time. We are preparing you ahead of time for this.

That is our message for now. “Ashira” will deliver her message at the end and she is standing by for questions. Will there be any questions?

Question: I have three questions and I will keep them short. Please do one at time here. Yes, I will. On Saturday night, during the Advance, several of us witnessed a large light we thought was a plane until we saw it skip across the sky. Can you tell me what that was?

Yes. But we will ask “Ashira” to answer first.

“Ashira”: There were many plans throughout the weekend for those in attendance to have your faith built up by seeing those things you invited into your experience. Do planes skip across the sky? No, they do not.

That is your answer. You were there in faith and belief and the Universe was there to provide you with opportunities to support your belief systems so that you KNOW that you are on the right track!

“One Who Serves”: Yes. You certainly were correct in your assessment there. Do you remember what you said about the seeming change in the stars? You said there was a star gate there and that was over your head as you were experiencing those. They were coming in from another part of the system, through that star gate purposely at that time to give you a show. It did not last very long but just long enough to give you the glimpse you have been looking for.

We know that there was hope that a ship would come down directly over top of you so that you could see the little beings inside it and all those types of things but this was not to happen this time. But we can assure you that those times are still coming.
Does someone else have a question?

Question: I have a question for “Ashira”. Can she relay any messages from the one who passed this week?

“Ashira”: We will answer this but we would prefer this one be here herself so that she might feel the love from the realms to which he has moved. We can share that in a way, the contract was done. She had feelings and concerns about this previously and she had time of self-criminations. This is a time of freedom. This is a time of her graduation as well as his. We will be happy to speak to her when she returns to the group. Many blessings.

“OWS”: Also know that the one who is passing to the other side is not having a difficult time of it. It is only the ones left behind who have the troubles here. That is only in their minds because it is part of the programming that has been developed here. There is really no death. There is only life and life continues on, eternally.

There is never a reason to feel sad or feel that there is a loss because there is a gain on both sides. When one has lost a loved one, even though there is that mourning and period of sorrow, there is a period after that where there is a gain because we received something back because of what has occurred here. Anyone who has gone through this before knows of what I am speaking here. Understand that the one who has passed over is in a good place.
Would there be other question here?

Question: I had a change in income recently and I wondered what is the next step for me?

“OWS”: The next step is to take the next step and the next step and then, again, the next step. Do not be concerned about the monetary system because the monetary situation as you know it now is not going to be there very much longer. So, it is something to take care of in the moment and do whatever you need to but know it is not for the long term. It is only for a very short term.

Anything to add here “Ashira”. No, I believe you touched on those things I would have touched on. Thank you.
Another question here?

Question: Regarding the pictures I took in Tucson, did I capture the “Mother Ship” in the pink form?

“OWS”: We can tell you that there is much in your pictures that was experienced in many different levels. You certainly captured images beyond the veil and the veil, as you have been hearing, is dropping and is shifting to a point where it is not going to be there anymore.

You got a glimpse beyond what others would see. To say that it was a “Mother Ship” directly, would not be the right answer here because when you think of a “Mother Ship” you are thinking about something that is much smaller than what is actually there. Do you understand this?
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Áshira”: Yes. We love the vision of seeing beyond the veil. Having the faith to take the photos and then, having the faith to see the images arise for you. It is a gift for you again as it was for Cynthia from your Higher Self to assure you that you are on the right path and that your belief is raised that you have seen.

“OWS”: Very good. Any more questions here?

Question: I may have asked something similar, I apologize. Is the magnetic wave similar to the “Wave of Love”?

“OWS”: All of this is an electromagnetic type of frequency. What you are speaking of has been going on for a very long time. It has been given many names and yes, “The Tsunami of Love” is one of these. The “Tsunami of Love” has been coming in from the Divine Mother for a very long time now. It is now picking up in intensity and frequency. So those who are directly attuned to this are feeling it in many ways. Those who are not directly attuned are feeling it as well.

It is picking up more and more in intensity and will continue to do so. The major “Wave” comes it will be beyond what you have experienced to this point. Yes, to answer your question it is an electromagnetic wave of energy that is coming. Know that everything in your body is an electromagnetic connection and this will amplify the responses in your body and will bring you closer and closer to the crystalline structure you have been hearing about. Does this answer your question? Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: No. I believe I am going to hold my comments for this ties into my message for the end of the meeting today. Thank you.

“OWS”: Would there be any other questions here now?

Question:We understand that the Goddess Energy is high on the planet and in fact, the Goddess of the Sisterhood of the Rose has incarnated in Asia. Can you expound on that?

“OWS”: Yes. This One you are speaking of is ancient. And yes, she has come to bring the Goddess Energy more fully into balance here with the Male Energy. It is not for one to overtake the other but to bring them into perfect balance.

This is her function. To come into a physical body to experience the 3D realm although she is mostly out of this and to assist in the process to bring this balance about.
Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: I would add that the “Sisterhood” has been a part of the planet for a very long time. It has been diminished at time and covered up totally by those of power, who love the power versus the power of love.

She returns in service again and those who have been called to this particular group feel their heart opening and joining in with the power of the feminine. Not to overpower but to bring a balance of the energies of Creation in the evolvement of humanity and the planet. Does that make sense?

“ÓWS”: Very good. Any other questions? No, we have not forgotten about you, Cynthia.

Question: There are many people waiting on the exchange of currencies. What can you share with us?

“OWS”: We have answered this question many times previously but we will do it again. It is important to know that with all the changes going on there is a need for a temporary shift. This will bring about a shift in the need for money on this planet and in your 3D realm.

So, in order for this to happen there needs to be a balance to the monetary situation across the planet. This will mean that there no longer those with more over those who have nothing. There will still be some who have more than others but there will not be the complete diversification there is now.

Where there have been those of the 1% and those others. It will not be that way any longer. So, to those currencies, you will be able to turn those currencies in for a monetary exchange. This is coming and part of the event of working with the “Wave” here. So, if you have the various currencies, hang on to them. Do not let them go yet. There will come a time where you will know how to proceed here.
Anything to add here, “Ashira”? No, well done!

If there are no further questions, we will answer Cynthia’s questions here. The reason we put your’s off is that you have had opportunities with us for a long time here. We wanted others to have the opportunity. (I realize that).

Question: I have two more. The night of the “Advance” where we walked across the “Rainbow Bridge” I, as you know, have a hard time experiencing things but I went through acting as if I did experience things. The next morning I had an experience in a dream state. This was really profound to me. I was chanting in the dark and as I was seeing this a dust devil started spinning around me. What can you tell me about this?

“OWS”: We think you have already answered your question. It was important to you. And you felt this. That was the indication that something was there. To look directly at the cyclone or what you called a dust devil, this is the whirlwind that has been spoken of many times in the past here. This is the whirlwind that is going on in your 3D experience. It is happening and it is gaining in strength.

As the whirlwind or the hurricane or the tornado seems to speed up and grow, it will SEEM to stir up turmoil but those who are here can be in the “eye” of the tornado. You will see all of this going on around you and you will stay in perfect calm.

You are seeing this in your various news outlets, in your Internet, all upset many of those around the world but the Lightworkers remain calm. This is what is being indicated here. Do you understand this? (Yes. But it seemed so real).

Who is to say it was not happening? Anything to add, Ashira?

“Ashira”? No, I am rather tickled about the experiences this one is having. She has sat for such a long time unaware of the experiences that were there and NOW her veil is being lifted! Are we not joyful for her?

“OWS”: Yes it is! Thank God! Hallelujah! It is finally happening!

Question: OK-my last question. I felt that I was possessed as often happens in my dreams. I had these two nights in arrow. I levitated in the dream and floated about the room. What can you share with me?

“OWS”: And you know what we are going to say here. (What does it mean to me?) Yes. (My friends are having dreams of being on ships and I am happy for them but I am having all these scary and terrifying dreams). You are having these terrifying dreams because of who you are. Because of where you come from and because of the experiences you brought with you. You have had this battle with good and evil within you for a very long time. And as you have learned previously, at one time the Dark Forces won.

This is working at the consciousness level and you know the Dark Forces are not going to win this time. Part of you is experiencing this trauma that you brought with you into the life. And at that time you were fighting for the Light. You were the warrior. The Warrior Princess!

(So these dreams are clearing that out to help prepare me for Ascension?) Very much so. It is a positive, yes. You can work on taking control of your dream but it is working things out for you.
(Thank you!) More questions?

Question: Last night I was going to sleep with some calming music and I was awakened by a shrill sound but when I woke up, I was listening to the music again. What was that?
“Ashira” we turn this to you first.

“Ashira”: Thank you. First we would say a quick bit to our friend. You have shared good dreams with us today. (Yes) . We( would invite your language. You said you are having all of these dreams that are negative, all of these dreams that are frightening.

They are not. Every person in this room will tell you that you have had good dreams. It might be a shift in your perception that will help you move through this. Does this make sense to you? (Yes, it does. Thank you.)

Where did this sound come from, to you? What did you feel?

Comment: My first thought was that something negative starting coming through and it was stopped.

That is a good message. We do not believe that it was an event that you need to be concerned about at all. These songs you listen to at night raise your frequency and allow you to be in a different head space. This allows you to move into dreamland and allows you to work on the different life paths you are working on. We see this as a sound that came in from one of those experiences and not for you to worry about. The work that you do during times at sleep is so much more positive. Let this go. Let this go as something that popped in but is of no concern to you and the night work you have. Thank you!

“OWS”: Would there be any further questions here?

Question: I know this is silly but I think my cat is communicating with me. She seems to be placing her body across my feet to prevent me from leaving my body. I thought I misplaced a piece of fluorite and after looking for it, she had it in front of her and looked at me as if to say, “Is this what you are looking for?” What can your share?

“Ashira” : I am happy to take this unless you wanted to speak first, “OWS”? (No, this is your realm, “Ashira”.”
Dear One, yes we have spoken many times of the communications between the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom. They are indeed, holding doors and helping us with our Ascension.

This one is speaking with you on a constant basis. This one tells you when she wants to be fed and when she wants to be fed. This one is also sending you messages. Messages about inspiration and about love. She is sharing her vibrations with you not to hold you back but to raise you up. To give you the power and the strength for you to accomplish those things you need to accomplish.

As you think she is holding your legs, she is sending you this power. The power from the Animal Kingdom to inspire you and help you move into the areas where you will be most fulfilled in your spiritual nature. You are a spiritual being. She knows this. And she is continuing to show you the way in every step of her day. Does that make sense?

We will share with you what we have shared before. Many of you will be surprised at the Ascension times when your frequencies are of the range where many of you will speak to your animals more clearly and distinctly and learn who are your pet actually are! You will learn the purpose they came to play. You will learn if they will go with you into the future or they will take a new path.

“OWS”: Very good Any more questions before we release channel?

Very well. There is another who wishes to come and visit before we release channel. “Here’s Johnny”! (laughter)

“2nd OWS”
This One has taken a little of my thunder. He thinks he is the comedian here! He is not. (laughter) We joke of course here. We are all having fun here. We have joyful times here. We get along beyond your imaginings here. It is amazing how a group of people can get along. And yes, we are a group of people. Do not think of us as up in the clouds. We are right here with you, well maybe not quite with you, (laughter) not quite in the situations you find yourselves in. We’ve been there and done that before as you are fond of saying. Some of you may say after the Ascension process that you are not going to do it again either. (laughter)

That is coming. Some of you will come back and assist. This is part of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood and all of the Hoods out there! (laughter) You are going to have many great experiences and we will have many great experiences with you. Do not be surprised if, in the not too far off future, that there is a knock at the door or a ring on the door bell and one of our smiling faces is with you. We will be with you and join with you. We not say exactly who we are at first but we will be with you and have been with you for a very, very long time.

We are so looking forward to breaking bread with you or have a cup of coffee to experience the camaraderie with you again. Maybe even drink some wine, how would that be? (laughter) Get ready for surprises that are coming!

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. We have shared time today answering questions. We have shared time today while touching each one individually, opening your hearts.

This has been a week when many people have passed into the next dimension. Not only the one in this group but many around the world have felt that void. This has been prophesied. For there are those who have not chosen or will not choose to go through this experience.

But broaden your understanding of this. Stop to think that these people, no matter their age, came in for a specific mission. Came in as assistants and guides. Perhaps came in to be challenging in another person’s life and one or both overcame those challenges and were freed.

These are times of changes. These are times when you see loved ones those who are in this group and those around the planet, will see their loved ones again. We know that much of this is tied to belief systems. This is the time of evolution upon this planet. The agreements between people prior to this life may come to an end when the Shift takes place.
Do not pay heed to those words in the mainstream news. There are many who would scare you or to move you to action. The quietness of this group moves our hearts to joy.
The quietness of this group and those on the phone tell us that you are in the right space and the right time. You are doing what you are called to do which is to bring the patience, the peace, the love in this very moment to the entire planet.

That is your job. To send it forth. To call it forth in situations. We like the question that raised the “eye of the storm”. Because from the “eye of the storm” you can see everything. You can see all levels. You can see forward. You can see behind and you can see in the moment. You can see all that is happening.

We are glad to be with this group. We are glad to answer your questions and to be in service for other groups as well in person, in channelings, in messages. This group is one of the favorites of the Masters for all of you are in the place of love, peace and expectation. You are ready to handle the changes that come even if you do not think you are.

These are perfect times to claim your Divinity, to claim your Power and to know that everything that is happening is for the highest good of all humanity, all of the Kingdoms, all of the planet in the system and beyond.

We give you our peace, we give you our love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.08.30 – The Pillars Of Light

hear | pdf | mp3

“Ashtar” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 30, 2015)



We are proud to be working with a group that is diligent and willing to work and to share laughter and joy. Today my message is going to be about the “Pillars of Light” that have been seen and are going to be seen around the planet. You are getting one-dimensional answers about what these are. We believe we are sharing with you today information that will enable you to see these experiences around the planet even more.

The “Pillars of Light” come from within the planet. The “Pillars of Light” come without the planet. There are different manifestations and yet they look the same. That which is within is also without. And there are different purposes for these.

Some of the “Pillars of Light” are portals. These are portals for the Ascension into the 5th dimension for those who are ready upon the planet to make that change. Some of these are transport beams that send love and light to the areas upon which they land. Someone mentioned the transport beams where some are being “transported” down or accepting the rides to the planet in this way. Transport of mentors, those who will be working with you. Transport of those planetary leaders who will be up and coming.

Some of you in this very group have been receiving and have received new orders, new expectations of what you shall be moving into as you are moved to this new energy level, this New World. Some of these coming from the “Inner Planet” are bringing light, love and the energy to the surface of the planet. Some of those “Pillars of Light” are also transports of those from Agartha, from Shamballa and from all parts of Inner Earth to share with you and to celebrate with you.

These lights are from the Angelic Realm. These lights are from the Galactic Realm. These lights are from the Inner Realm of the planet from Mother Gaia, herself.

We know you looked in earnest for pictures of these last weekend in your Advance. It was not the time yet for you to be made fully aware. But now you may invite these. You may find yourself in a place where they open up. Do not fear. Step into these. Allow them to work their magic with you. Believe in them and they will come.

They will be coming more and more upon the planet until she shines her beauty around the planet as the jewel she is in the universe. Do not fear. There is importance in these portals that are opening which is why we share this with you today.

We know too that there are those who have concerns about friends and family. About those who are traveling distances next month, about what is to be happening. Know that each of you in this room, each of you on the phone, each of you who reads these words, all of you will be in the right place at the right time and this also goes for those who are part of your family. \

Those who are “old” people upon this planet, those who are “young” people upon the planet, these are all souls and the soul does not have age and there is no lack of connection to the Divine. There is a perfection that is necessary for every step of this unfolding. For every step of this evolution. This has been worked on for tens of thousands of years. Would we let one sparrow fall?

There is much to be agitated about, in fear about and that is not going to assist any of you. We would share with you, read or not read, pay attention or not pay attention, it does not matter. You are who you are and you are going to be exactly where you are meant to be. In this group you have been prepared to help others. In this group you have been prepared to take official positions. In this group we will meet you on level ground and assist you in the process that you move upon at the time of the Shift.

We are not meaning to be too serious today. We are in joy. We are in happiness. For all that has been written about, all that has been put off can no longer be put off because the time is Now. No more soon. No more impending. All that you wish for is unfolding in the moment. You may not see it in the word and the places that you want to see it yet but know in your heart that it is unfolding Now. And all those things that you have heard of, have spoken of are in the Now.

Lord Buddha visited you some weeks back with a message that all is in the Now. I take you back to this again. To this time. To this moment. This knowingness that you are in the Now.

That is my message for the day. I will be close for questions. Ashtar and Adama are both in this room and are here to answer questions as well. Start thinking what you would ask of them as well. We give you our blessings. We give you our love. Namaste.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to serve you. That is what we come to do. Understand that as these things begin to unfold, as “Ashira” has said, no more soon, it is certainly “imminent”. These things that are happening now, as many have been saying, it is not only happening in the background, it is happening now. But understand that as you are preparing for all of this, you have been doing so for a very long time.

This is nothing new for you. The process you are going through is everything you have been working toward and we have been helping you work toward it. Many of us have been doing so and those who are the mentors will be with you very shortly.

Time is fleeting now as you would look at it. And as you look at it, is not time speeding up? The movement is to the no time. You are coming more and more to that. We have spoken about this before. You wonder about these things and you wonder what is happening in September and what is happening in October and is the Wave coming and all of these things. And we can say that THIS is your moment! This is your December 21, 2012. Do you understand this?

This is what was spoken of back then when you were all going to go through the Ascension Wave at that time but as you know it was postponed for many different reasons. Predominantly though it was mankind’s collective consciousness that said wait! Your Higher Selves all got together and said, “Wait”. We want everyone to come along and now, everyone has that opportunity to come along and be a part of this. There are those who decided previously that they did not want to be a part of this. They wish to stay in the old ways and be a part of the familiar.

But you, yourselves, have been in release and are ready to let go. All that you know is getting ready to go, “bye bye”. Because it must. The old passes away for the new to sprout new growth. This you saw in the movie (The Last Avatar) in the end of the movie, all the brand new growth that showed up. And the tree sprouted from a seed into beautiful purple flowers. The beginning of the new blossoms. And you are in the beginning of the new blossoming age as we speak now.

And those of us who are mentoring to you and you have heard of the mentors that are coming but you, yourselves, are also mentors and are going to assist a great many. You will have your mentors helping you to help others. That is what it is all about. It is service to others. And you are all that type here, you are service to others. Even though you may not think that now, you are and when the memories return, and they are returning and are going to continue to return, when those memories return you are the mentors again.

That is our message here. We will answer questions with “Ashira” and “Ashtar” and “Adama” all standing by here, we have the whole gang here! Anyone wish to start out?

Question: I had a dream the other night when I was given the message that I need to look for human looking being that had on a specific outfit that was dark gray with bright turquoise trim. What can you tell me about this?

Yes, we are passing this to “Ashira” who is ready for this.
​”Ashira“: ​

Yes I am. “Ashtar” is speaking with us as well.

So, you were upon the ships doing your duties that you have upon the ships. The light that was left with you internally is to look for these for they are your shipmates. These are those who will be coming to the planet more and more with the “Pillars of Light” and you will be able to see them. You will not necessarily see them dressed in those clothes when you see them but you will have the memory of those people. Those beings that you share time with and love with, you will recognize them. You will recognize them on the TV. You will recognize them in the grocery store. You will recognize them and you will have the memory in your mind of that uniform you see them in. Does that make sense to You?

These are colleagues on the ship. Not necessarily your mentors. This is an awareness you have.

Each person in this room has gifts that are opening. Each person in this room has purposes for those gifts. You will all be finding these gifts appearing to you more and more. This is one of yours. To recognize others with whom you serve in other dimensions so that you are more aware too of their purpose upon the planet as this Shift occurs.

“OWS”: We wish to add here that there is also the use of telepathy. Many of you are beginning to understand that you have the gift of telepathy and maybe it is in the beginning part but it is there and it is going to become much more useful in the near future here. And as you come in contact with those, let us say, different than you are in many respects, your way of understanding them and communicating with them will be through telepathy. They will use that as well for you. If you have difficulty with this as the Shift occurs you will be given instruction on how to utilize this.

But if you look within your own lives now look at how you communicate with animals or with other individuals. Look at how you can ascertain what they are thinking or you can send a message to them and they will pick it up! You see?

You will have this occur more and more and more. So, just be ready for it!

Are there other questions here now?

Question: I have a question about my baby. I am approaching 40 weeks and the doctor wants to induce labor. I am concerned about the possibility of a C-section and now I am worried about all of this. Can you help?

“Ashira”: Thank you. We are happy about the soul who will be joining your family! We acknowledge that there is a discomfort that accompanies childbirth on this planet. We would like to see a different experience. But on this planet, in the 3D experience, this is what you have.

If we understand you, you have concerns about the birth of this child. We would say that this child will make it well known when it is ready for the birth to take place. We would also say that should a C-Section become necessary that you should be relaxed about this. Not all children need to make the journey through the vaginal canal of the mother. Some children are meant to be lifted from the mother’s body. That is the easy track for the child to experience birth.

This may not seem so easy to you, we understand your fears and concerns. If you allow this child to make its wishes known to you, if you have conversations with this one, that you will know when the time is right. You will know that it is not necessary to follow the doctor’s clock. You will know internally. Your water may leak. Your birth pains may begin and not be fruitful. We share these things to ease you, not to frighten you. If you can allow the child to make its birth time known to you, it benefits the soul in the greatest way. And know that it becomes known that the child is to be delivered through a C-Section, that the child does not need to make the journey of a “normal” birth. Doe that help you, Dear One? Thank you very much from me and my baby!

One Who Serves” do you have anything to add?

OWS”: No, not at this time. We must say that it has been a very long time since we had that type of situation to deal with here. That was joke people! It has been a VERY long time since we had any kind of a situation as this.

“Ashira”: ​

It will be wonderful in the 5th dimension when the new children arrive because they will arrive in ways that will amaze you. (Yes! OWS)

Question: ​

Can you, Ashtar, tell us your role in the Ascension and who you are?

Let us give time for shift.

“Áshtar”:  Hello. I am “Ashtar” and I serve under “Lord Sananda’s” command in this universe. I come to assist those upon the planet and all of those upon my ships. In your multidimensional selves, many of you here are in fact working upon ships with me and you are mine. You are mine to continue to watch over. You are mine to continue to move forward in this service you have found yourself bonded to on this planet.

I am here to continue to assist with other ships coming from other planets and other systems. I am here to help in the organization of all of that. So that as these events continue upon the planet, they happen in the way that Prime Creator has set forth.

It is my greatest pleasure to serve “Lord Sananda” and to be at his beckon call for those things he directs me to do. I have spoken through many upon the planet to assist in the belief in the Galactic Brothers and Sisters we are and the faith in you moving this process forward.

Question: What does a time line shift look like from your perspective and what does the timeline look like a few years down the road?

Ashtar”:  A few years down the road there is no timeline. It will be non-existent because you will have shifted yourselves.

Timeline from day’s past was filled with the prophecies of destruction. It was filled with the prophecies of the planet not surviving. This particular timeline that had been in place had been written about in native people’s paintings and books around the planet. Of the holy Bible that had its effects on this culture, of the Mayan people, all who expected that this would be the end of days. And yet there was a continuance beyond the end of days into the continuum of the New Earth.

At one time there were so many timelines created as people who lived upon the planet. Because the programming had been so insistent on the culmination of “the end” that was the ending of the timeline that many individuals created and fed into the mass consciousness.

But as we more actively entered the pictures sometime back, close to 50 years of your time ago, we began to see things change. We began to change things. We brought forth a timeline, collapsing other timelines upon it, not only in our own powers but we watched as this occurred. So the shifts started to happen slowly and then began to happen more and more quickly in the past twenty years. And the shifts that we watched happen had an outcome very different from those of many thousands of years. What we saw from our perspective was a new hope, a new song coming from the planet.

The birth of Lightworkers upon the planet as well as those working from other dimensions, other planets, other places came together to make this New World occur. To allow the new to occur. To move things aside and to take those who have been in power and move them aside. This took much planning.

The timelines continued to shift because of the upsurge in the human population, in the human consciousness. And then the feeling of over-powerment came again. We watched as the human timelines continued to move into unity, into one-ness, over time. You have heard that the timelines have shifted moment to moment, day to day, because of the consciousness upon the planet.

We will tell you now that there is one timeline that is movement forward to no timeline. No expectations. No powers over you. All of this is occurring now. What does it look like to us? It looked like chaos when we became involved. It looked like chaotic thoughts, chaotic emotions, and chaotic consciousness. Now, there is much more unity and that will only increase. Much more unity at the Divine level about the timing that is to be. And so it allows us to step in at this time and be more hopeful, more unity and expectation of good at the mass consciousness level of humans.

Those upon the planet realize that the past prognostications for gloom, doom and destruction of the planet are gone. Now we are working to get rid of fear and build the love. Do you see this in the moment to moment shows, the moment to moment life upon the planet? No. you still see chaos as a result of old timeline planning. Old thought processes. Past, past.

What is created in the Now though is the love and the expansion that is present in the human population and the human consciousness. Doe that answer your questions, dear one.

Comment: Yes. And I want to thank you and all of our Galactic brothers and sisters and interdimensional friends who are working on this Ascension process. Thank you.

Well, we wish to thank you for all that you are doing. You are aware of many of your purposes on the planet at this time. We know that you know that you are in service to us and we appreciate that. We give you thanks and bless you on your journey sir.

“OWS” : Would there be any other questions here now?

Question: I would like to ask Ashtar a question. Is it true that you shall be landing before the end of this year?

“Ashtar”: “Ashtar” here. My dear, we are already landing. We are already being seen. We are doing what we can. What will facilitate the mass landings will be the shifting in frequency upon this planet. We must have a rising of the vibration for we cannot make the visits unless those we wish to visit are of the correct frequency. That will change on the entire planet and that is changing now.

We know that many of you visit us at night and we visit many of you at night. We know that these communications are already being made so yes, you can wait eagerly but again, you are one of our children, you are one who serves in the Ashtar Federation of ships and we thank you.

“OWS” : Are there other questions here?

Question: Will we spend time in Hollow Earth as Mother Earth is restored to her original state?

OWS”: Your destiny is somewhat pre-determined. You will have opportunities at various points where you wish to find yourself. Whether it is on a ship with Ashtar or Sananda or wherever it might be. Or it may be in the Inner Earth areas. There is very little concern as to catastrophes and this type of thing. There will be some occurrences on the surface as she continues her birth process you might say into the higher vibrations.

There may be a necessity in some future time where there may be a shift to other areas that are somewhat endangered on this planet but that is far ahead here. Nothing to be concerned about. You will find yourself exactly as “Ashira” said earlier, “You will find yourself exactly at the right place at the right time and at the right moment when the need arises.” Does this answer your question? Would there be anything else here? Any further questions?

Question: Can you tell me how my Twin Flame is doing?

OWS”: It is most important that you know of your Twin Flame. It is important that we know that you know. You will come to know your Twin Flame at the right time and right place. You already know them and you are coming to remember them. This is for everyone. You will come to the place and the time that you will know “This is the one”. This the one you have searched for your entire life here as you searched for a mate. You see? Why do you think you have found yourself a mate and they are not quite what you expected them to be? They do not match up to who you are to your Twin Flame. That is coming and you will come to know this but for anyone to say this is your Twin Flame or that is your Twin Flame is not only ruining the surprise for you but is also not being correct in doing so. You see? This has to come from within you.

Anything you wish to add, “Ashira”? No, I think you did that beautifully.

Good! We think so too.!

Any further questions here?

Question: After meditation today I heard whispered in my ear the word “sanctity”. What does that mean?

“Ashira”: That particular word was given to you to remind you that everything is holy. Everything is light. Everything is God (if you want to use that). Everything is love. Sanctity, remember to honor all things, all people, everything you experience as the Holy Light that is guiding you. The Holy Light that you are. And that you are in the perfect place at this moment to bless all in your world by remembering that this is the truth of your being. Does that make sense, dear one?

“OWS” : Any further questions here?

Question:  I have questions about my skin. In particular areas that actually change. They seem to convey some messages at sometimes. Do you know any information about this?

OWS”: We are going to say that there is a shift happening to many people across the planet. Many are noticing changes in their bodies in many different ways. Some in the skin. Some in internal organs. Some in the hair. And all different types of things that are occurring and these changes are a letting go of old things that are in the body. Old things that no longer work. Shedding away of the impurities in the body, purifying the body. Sometimes when this purification takes place things may come up that are not so sightly or be something you may not want to have there but as to messages it is not so much a message directly but it is that the body is changing. You are going through a shift. You are going through a transition. All across the planet will have things that occur during this transition. It is not all pleasant but there will be a time when all the unpleasantries will be gone. Anything you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

Do you have different questions about this? No, that is good for me.

Any further questions here?

Question: I recently saw a presentation by a sacred geometrist talking about the Garden of Eden. He basically said we had been lied to. Can you talk about this a little?

OWS”: We would say that this is certainly a different understanding than most of you have heard before. To say it is a lie is not quite the word to use. Even though you have been deceived in many respects in your lifetimes here, your evolution here on this planet, to look at what you are speaking of is an allegory, a metaphor, for this shift that happened a long time ago in the movement from your God Consciousness. The movement from your connection to your Source.

That disconnection is to get you to look at all of these things that have occurred over your lifetimes. That shift is what happened a very long time ago. (This answer is interrupted at this point as the channel (James) is feeling very ill and needs to come out of it and ground himself)

“Ashira”: We will add to this that over the centuries those in power used this story to disempower women. The original story was of the shift from long ago but this has been utilized to take women from the strength and the soul partner of the masculine and to make her the one to blame for the shift. To take her powers from her. To “blame” her for taking the whole family out of the Kingdom of God. All of this was used by those who would control you.

There were aspect of this that were missed by this one who gave the presentation but you think about harm that was wrought upon the planet in terms of women. Think of women in other countries. Think of the power given to men by the use of this story. Think of the power, the contributions and all brought forth by women. Think of the soul bond between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. That is something to remember. Does that make sense?

Yes…not the apple literally of course, but the understanding. The more truth we take in, the more we walk in truth and upright, the more we remember the Garden of Eden, the more you utilize the truth and understanding, you are correct. It is the ingesting of truth and that is what we have tried to do as those who have been spoon feeding you, those who are in service to you goes very deeply into you and in what you bring to the table. Again, this has been used by those who would corrupt you and keep you subjugated. To keep you in a position of fearing hidden truths. Of being in fear of knowledge that is yours by birthright and this time you are allowed to ingest that, grow from that and seek your path. Does that make sense? Step into truth and out of ignorance.

The energy is in this room is VERY high. Some other bodies are also experiencing difficulty. Let us sing three OHMS to help those in the circle (and James).

Question: I had a dream all night about an Owl and I saw myself writing math equations on the chalkboard.

Ashira”: What is your symbolism for the owl? Wisdom, I was gaining wisdom.

It is always important to see what people’s views of symbols are. If one sees the ocean waves, in some it may be a symbol of peace and for others it is consternation. The importance of symbols is what does it mean to you?

We would say that you are channeling information that you have at the higher levels in other activities. This is a way to have it bleed into your conscious mind. These will become more important as you move forward in creating the New World.

“OWS”: We are back here.  What is your saying? Fall off the horse and get right back on. That is what we encouraged the James to do and he is doing so. Do we have any more questions?

Question: Every morning I go to work and I see something in the sky. It is not a cloud. It is not a plane. What am I seeing?

“Ashira”: They are beckoning you home. They are letting you know that you are with them and they are with you. They are with you throughout the day. When you go a little astray, they are there to give you hope. Every morning the ship shines for you. You are a part of them. They KNOW you. That is the memory that is to be given.

“OWS”: This is the viewing beyond the veil that we have spoken of. The glimpses that you get. And the veil is dropping for many of you. And one of these days it will be gone completely. Oh, what you will see then!

Would there be any more questions?

“One Who Serves”

We are going to release channel for second time. We apologize but sometimes things happen. What is your saying, “S-happens. Does it not?” Putting a little bit of levity into this situation.

Those who are here will experience physical symptoms. It can come and anything can happen. So be prepared! The energies are rising and when you are in a group such as this and the energies have piled up and piled up as they have in this room, you can feel an overflowing of the cup. That is what happened here. The cup overfloweth with the strong energies here. And we will say that since your Ascen,,, Advance here, we almost said Ascension, since your Advance the energies are even stronger than they were before. You need to come into a balance of energies here so that the shift that is occurring is a minimal shift.

You can see how it is affecting those of you here. Think how it is going to affect others as the full blast, the Wave, hits all of those who have no understanding and are not ready for it. You see? This is why it has been lessened over a period of time and have not had the immense shift happen all in one moment. You would not have been able to withstand this. So there was a change to allow the Shift to happen somewhat more gradually. But it will come when it won’t be so gradual. You will feel it as we have been saying. Hopefully you will be in a good place and you will find yourself in a higher vibrational process at that moment.

We wanted to address one more thing that occurred on the Advance. James had the process built for some time for his Higher self to come but there needed to be a catalyst to bring it out. That weekend was the catalyst. This was a demonstration, this was a process to show all of you there and to discuss today. It is not only for the James, it will come through the Susan and through each of you in different ways. It is not channeling necessarily. It will come through as gifts of the Spirit as you are connecting more and more and more with your Higher God Self. You see?

So expect it in different ways in times coming. Yes, it will come through the James again and he has been told about this. There will be moments when it will be necessary to show and demonstrate to show it is possible for all here. That is what we want you to take from this. That it is your destiny. Not only an individual’s destiny but all of you. All of you in this room or on the phone or all of you who are resonating to these words as you are reading them.

That is all. We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I thank you for this time today. For allowing us to share with you. To listen during your conversations and allow us to use those conversations for learning. I give you all my love, all my peace. Namaste.
Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


15.08.23 – Preparing For The Wave

hear | pdf | mp3

“Lord Lanto”, “Ashtar” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our August 21-24, 2015 PFC “Advance” (formerly called a retreat) in Pine, AZ)

We give our thanks for the arrival of Lord Lanto who is here to share with us. And we open our hearts, we open our minds and we open our very essence to his message. We know that we know that we have been here before and in each of our trips we are more and more open to the newness that we are creating.


“Lord Lanto”

Good Afternoon. I am the one known as Lord Lanto. And as this one sees us as one twenty feet high, I am circling all of you with my robe like chicks under the mother hen. Know that I have been keeping you in my care. Keeping you in my love, as have so many of the Masters, throughout the time of the beginning of this group tens of thousands of years ago.

If you read of me, you see me pictured as short person with many burdens. However, the Ascended Masters view of me is one who is tall and bearded, Asian and yet not, for I come from many worlds. I take from the messages yesterday that each of you has received and I give you thanks for your service. But even with that, I am here to help you with preparation for your next steps.

​​We know that many of you, individually, are concerned about what you will know and where you are to go. We know that by the end of this evening you will no doubt have an awareness of what you are moving toward. The images, the people, the places, the duties that you have taken upon yourself for the future.


Each and every one of you has grown and evolved in the past two years. You have grown so magnificently. All and everyone in this group have been before the Council of Nine. The Council of Nine who meets in Tibet. They have handed you your robes as part of your evolution. The Council of Nine who sits to speak with you individually.

Yes. All of these things are to be revealed to you. We have come to share, day by day, step by step the path that you are on. We would say to the one called, “Bob”, we are glad to have you a part of this group and moving forward on the path you have taken on. We would say to the one, “Amy”, who is also a new member, a new person in this group, welcome.

We would say to all who are present, you are a part of this group. We believe they are comfortable with you and you are comfortable with them.


And there are more coming! There will be more people coming and more people to be of service to. As we were eavesdropping this day and sister Natalie asked the question, “Will we know how to get in touch with one another after the wave?” That is not a concern because everyone will feel so much more united. You will understand so much more about yourself, about your purpose, and about the One-ness of Humanity.

You will not only know how to get in touch with your friends and your co-workers upon the planet, you will be reaching a new crescendo, using that term. You will have new people to serve and to work with, to give you a picture to work with. It is almost as if you are the “lighted” ones, the ones who are aware and have the light shining in and upon them. And the ones who you come to serve are like “dead people”, dead people that you awaken and remove their shroud. Open their eyes that they may see.

Open their eyes that they may share in the “Oneness” of the New World.

All of these things and so much more we have been preparing you for. It gave us great pleasure last night to see the joy on your faces and the joy in your laughter about the visions that were provided for you in the heavens. Do not think for even one moment that you are alone in this. We have told you over the past weeks and even months that the Archangels,

Ascended Masters and Galactics have all been a part of this group and you are all a part of us! And all that unfolds is no more than a homecoming for you with those you have served with before.

We wish to touch your hearts deeply. To place deep within each of your hearts a dream, a seed for that which is unfolding. And that which will take place tonight in the completion of the weekend will be a part of that seed taking bloom, coming to life and sharing its essence with you.

We know that this is covered and mired in questions. We know that we give you not the full picture but parts. That is the joy in finding the reality. Finding what you came to do.

Do you feel the excitement that we feel? Do you feel the joy that we feel?

You have done such a good job, my friends! A great job, my friends! I am proud to be one who has held you under my robe and allowed you to taste the world in pieces for I am one who has held all of you in my heart and within my care. And even though my arrival at your second Advance was a mystery it is a mystery that has continued to unfold.

Today it is my pleasure to share with you my “cousin” as I call him, “Ashtar” who has been with you before. He wishes to share with you information about the world and the night.

Thank you and bless you.



Well, my brothers, my sisters, all of you in this room and on the telephonic devices, those who are reading and listening to these words, thank you. Thank you for being the light. Thank you for holding the light.

We come to you with gladness and great expectations! Expectations such as what you have. Expectations about all of that which is unfolding. This particular weekend has been well laid out for you and Divinely planned. All of you responded most approvingly to the show that was given to you last evening. Many of you saw this through your “blind” eyes, your eyes through which you see in your world.

Now it is more through your third eye that you see. This weekend has been about Ascendance. This weekend has been about opening part of your being that has not been opened.  This weekend has been about being ready and prepared for the Wave. Prepared through channelings. Prepared through conversations. Prepared through watching of a movie. Prepared through all the activities. Prepared through the preparation of those who serve this particular group.

This particular group is held in high esteem by our brother, Sananda. Held in esteem by Lady Nada. Held in esteem by all of those who come to share with you.

The world is opening. Many a long time ago I spoke about light bulbs going off around the globe. Light bulbs of understanding in the awakening. The globe is now bearing light for the darkness is now bearing light. And the light banishes the darkness. That has been happening.

And as the lights have gone on around the planet, more and more areas have awakened. Many of the social issues that have come upon you, Monsanto, droughts, dreadful storms, tsunamis, all of these have opened the hearts of compassion of mankind. It has moved those who had not moved one iota into a position of being open and active.

This has enabled so many upon the planet, so many from Agartha, so many of those from the ships to come together to the planet to rid it of those who have been holding you back in treacherous ways. This is indeed a time to be happy. And with all the advancements you have had this weekend; James has been given a hint of what we expect to share with you tonight.

We hope that you are able to maintain your energy levels high enough to allow for us to bring shuttle craft down into your atmosphere and bring you into our craft, hand shaking and hugging heart times. This is our goal. This is what we want you to see and imagine. This is what we want you to know.

We have been very excited to be sharing with this group. And excited about all of those who have come to share with you, to teach you, to keep you in safe arms. We chuckle sometimes when some of you, in diverse life lines, are all about the strength and the exploration and we return to this life line, this plan, this dimension and we see you a bit lost. This is NOT who you are! You are not lost in any way, shape or form! You are Divine Beings doing multiple works in multiple channels.

And when this “Wave” comes upon the planet and opens all parts of you in brand new ways, those in this group will have had the experience in being prepared for the “Wave”. You will not have the same experience as others who are being hit with truth for the first time.

We are proud of you. We love you. We will see you this evening if everything unfolds exactly as we planned. We will invite “Ashira” in for questions. “Lord Lanto” and I shall stay for questions but we will be speaking through her.

Thank you we will be with you soon.



This is “Ashira”. It seems strange to ask for questions as that has become the role of “One Who Serves”. We got spoiled.

Let me ask; are there any questions from those here or on the phones? If anything “Lord Lanto” or “Ashtar” spoke of that brings up questions for you, they are here and I will be speaking with them.

Question: I would like to know if you can tell us more about how we are going to meet our mentors.

You know, the mentors have been given to you in earlier times upon the planet. Many of the mentors have been speaking in the ears of those in this group and this circle. It is a function of frequency. After the “Wave” you will see your mentors and talk to them much more easily. They will be visiting you and your family. Each one upon the planet will have their own mentor.

That will be a part of the preparation that will take place to help you adjust to the life that will take place. How to do things. How to manifest things. How to move about the planet in energetic ways. How to speak differently. How to think differently. How to bring your world into a better balance. And how to allow for that evolution that allows for that experience to open for you. It does not happen in a moment. While the change may start in a moment, there is work to do. Blessed mentors are there to answer your questions, dear one, do not worry. Does that answer your question?

Question: Would we come together as a group to do some work?

Yes. You will find opportunities to come together. Last night, Sananda came forth to speak of the Twelve of Twelve. This is part of the plan of rolling up everyone’s sleeves and growing the movement exponentially to make the changes across the planet. You will be helping people too, in addition to the mentors, to help people function in the most healthy and positive ways.

You will find there will not be thoughts of discouragement or thought of destruction. You will not have those kinds of thoughts in the world then but there will still be opportunities to cleanse the planet and the environment. There will be those in the group who will choose to go on the ships or move into Hollow Earth.

The Twelve of Twelve is part of the system that has been set up for those who choose to stay and work upon the surface with their fellow humans. Does that make sense?

Question: Is it true that those who stay on the surface do so after some rest and relaxation?

Yes, sir. Yes, you will have that opportunity and you will be in a different state of mind. But the idea of playing with one’s family, if they choose, with their beloved, if they choose or by themselves, if they choose. We realize that this has been a long, hard road. We would not stop anyone from some deserved R & R. You may even go onto ship for that rest. Or go to Hollow Earth for R & R. There are times when you will be able to be quiet. To dance. To be able to have ritual. There will be time for all of these things. And yet, there is no time. Does that answer your question?

Question: I have a question about the planets aligning. Is there anything that will interrupt the plans? Do we need to worry about this?

This is another situation that we would advise you to just let it go, let it be. It has nothing to do with the great plans for this planet. It is a celestial event that many would read evil into this. But you are focused on the good, the light, the love. Anything that would come from this alignment is simply going to add to the energy that is growing that is already moving forward in light and love. Is there anything else?

Question: When this occurs, I am wondering about how we know what ship to go on? Where do you go? Is there hybridization or a plan in place?

Wouldn’t that be fun just figuring all of that out? We would share this with you. Think of the soul that is immortal. Think of soul that has experience on many planets including this one. Think of a soul that may have been a hybrid and moved out of that one. Think of a soul having the experience of being a tree on this planet or an elemental. Think of a soul as being an immortal. You will have the experience that you chose to have and will choose to have because you have that determined before you came into this life.

That understanding of where and why will be made clear to you after the “Wave” hits, after the clarity comes. Your family may come and greet you in the meantime. They may say, “We love you and we are glad you are home”. Or your family may not which give you the clarity that you are to stay here and serve in another function. All of these are different for every being upon the planet.

It does not matter if one is Syrian or Pleiadien or any other type of extraterrestrial because in truth\, the soul is immortal and it has had many different experiences. The picture is big. The clarity is different for each one but the clarity will be in your heart. You will know what to do when the time comes. Does that make sense?

We are not that frightening, the three of us. We enjoy visiting with you. Hearing no more and feeling no more questions, I love this group. This has been such a pleasure to share this journey. It is such a pleasure to share these times with Lord Sananda, Lady Nada and One Who Serves. We love all of those who have shared with us, planned with us and have manifested for you through the others.

This evening will be a great culmination of this weekend’s events. Each person has had an important role to play and will be ever more so important. You will continue to see people come into the group and you will see people leave the group for no other reason than they are not at the same place as you. For as we told you on the very first day we opened, this weekend has changed you. This weekend changes you more by the end of this evening and in the leaving tomorrow. This has been a time of preparation. Of opening you. Of feeling you. Of speaking to you in your ear. To change energies to light up your DNA reconstruction.. To bring on more chakra constructions.

This is a time we have come to you with open hearts to share the laughter and the joy with you. The next steps over the next weeks will be filled with questions. It was important that we all came together THIS weekend because as things continue to unravel in the 3D world, we want you centered. We want you to call on us in a moment of discrepancy when you are trying to get a sense of what is correct in what you read and you hear. We are here to be your guides. We are here to be your friends. We are here as brothers and sisters and all of us are here to continue to help you when the moments of revelations come about. There are times when information does not matter. It just does not matter. Go with the flow as the “One Who Serves” is so fond of saying.

These are not times to masticate or try to discern, these are simply times to know. Know who you are. Know how you have been prepared. Have faith as you move into the future. Know us and our intentions for you. We long for the moment when we can dance and party with you. We share in the joy and the love now that time has made its shift and we look forward into the new future that we all walk into together.

We bless you with love and peace. Namaste


Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated



15.08.22 – This Is Not The Coming Of The End My Friends

hear | pdf | mp3

“Lady Nada” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: this messages was given during our August 21-24, 2015 PFC “Advance” (formerly called a retreat) in Pine, AZ)

Speaking after leading a meditation and visiting each person in the group and blessing them one by one.


“Lady Nada”

Take a nice deep breath. Wiggle your toes and I shall give you a message. We have everyone back in the in the room?

Each of these sessions this weekend and each of us who guides you and works with you, are helping you to prepare for the wave. To prepare you to be the very highest being you can be in the very moment this wave crashes upon your shores. To be fully opened and ready and expecting the best. Expectation is one of the keys for manifesting your new world, for that which you wish to manifest in the world which you are creating.

This is a moment to moment thing. These times will mean that you will need more sleep and the time has been made for that. There will be times that you feel unusual hunger or not. Either way, that is part of the plan. You are being completely supported by those who are here. All of those in service. All of the Masters and Archangels who have come to celebrate with you.

This is not the coming of the end, my friends. This is the coming of the beginning. And in the beginning, you are Masters. This is the message for the moment of time we are in. Do you have any questions? (no questions) We realize that this was hard to come back from and we understand.

Comment: Not a question but I wanted to share deep gratitude and love. Thank you. 

Thank you! It is your openness in this group that allows these types of things to occur. This evening we have a grand festival planned for you! The “One Who Serves”, “Ashira”, “Sananda” and myself shall all be a part of the presence that you shall feel and you shall experience. My consort and my companion, “Lord Sananda”, especially holds this group close to his bosom and care. And you are equally important to me for we have all shared different times and different lives together.

I give you my love, my peace and all that I can give. We let it be so and so it is.



Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


15.08.21 – The Wave Will Amplify Your Worst Fears Or Your Deepest Love

hear | pdf | mp3

One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: this message was given during our Prepare for Change group Advance in Pine, AZ on August 21, 2015)


“One Who Serves” 

As we said earlier, there is going to be many things that are coming, many things that are changing, many things that are changing within you. And you are going through an experience now, an experience over this weekend here that is going to, what you say, catapult you to the next levels of your being. Several of you have already noticed those things happening in your lives over the past days, weeks or months. Things that are changing within you and these things are going to continue to happen. We speak now to the one Lauren here – what changes in you my dear sister are starting? You know of what we speak here; the attraction process that you speak of is created here because of your Light, because of the energy that has come into you, because of the new levels of expression within you, the levels of consciousness that have now drawn to you the one that is the most equal to you at this point. That matches you, that is a better way to say this, that matches you more now at the level that you find yourself. The darkness is gone, the Light has taken over, the Light has illuminated here, you see?  (Yes). That is for the one Lauren here.

For each one of you here, you are all going through various expressions and you are going to continue to have these changes of expression going through you until you have, rather when the wave has come, you will feel it, it will move through you and you will be able to understand and know it for what it is. Whereas many around you will have difficulty with it – they will not understand it. It will amplify their worst fears in some respects or it will amplify their deepest love in other respects. So allow for this to come over you this weekend, allow for any changes that will envelop you over the next coming weeks here and when the wave hits you will be ready for it.  And my dear brothers and sisters, our friends, it IS coming! It is fast coming! And as it moves into the Earth here in the fullness of the expectation this wave brings, you will have a fuller knowing of who you are. This will come back to you more and more, ok?  (OK).  Any questions here now for One Who Serves (OWS)?

Question: How do I get this smile off of my face?

OWS”: Why would you want to get the smile off of your face? (I don’t…). It looks good on you, does it not? But better yet, it feels good does it not? (Yes it does).  Allow it to be – it is a good thing.

Question: I have a question. So if everyone visualizes something different, like what the (multi-dimensional) planes look like or what their bodies look like…which one is true?

OWS”: All are true.

Question: How can that be if they are different people?

OWS”: Everyone is different. You have different faces, do you not? Everyone on the world here, on the planet, has a different face, a different identity, do they not? (Yes). Then why would it be difficult to think that everyone can have a different expression of feelings or thoughts or visualizations of what is there? There are many permutations of what can be – in the trillions and trillions, you see? Does this answer your question?

Question: Well I think if it’s like a place that we’re trying to see it should look the same to everyone if that’s where it really is.

OWS”: No place looks the same for everyone. It cannot look the same since it is not a place as you know “place”. If you are thinking of this in terms of 3 dimensional world, yes you are right it cannot be. But this is not 3 dimension here – this is a higher vibration, higher dimensions. And as you are in those higher dimensions they do not work with the laws of the 3-D illusion. So you cannot use the laws of the 3-D illusion to understand what is at the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions. It does not work, just as you cannot glimpse into the cosmic plane as we had you do and to begin to even understand what is there. This is not possible at your 3-D type of thinking. But now we must add this – you are not so much at the 3-D thinking anymore. You are all now in 4D; many of you have moved into the 4D, fourth dimension, and are anchoring yourselves there at the lower levels of the fourth and you flip back here and there, but predominantly you are operating in the fourth dimension. It may not seem that way to you but just look at the way you are now and the way you were many months or years ago and you would understand what we are speaking of, you see? How much has changed?

Because you have changed, deeply within you have changed and are continuing to change. Other clarification on this question needed or can we move on? (That’s fine). We will never be able to answer this fully for you  until you are able to hear the answer fully. Think on that one a little bit, ok?  And ask maybe others here after what we speak of – they understand this. Are we right? (Yes). Other questions here now?

Question: I have a quick question. I know that movement and consciousness equals awareness so when I go to sleep, and I’ve spoken to you about this a lot, I’ll get  in the astral and I can do some somersaults and I can really feel it; I’m spinning, I’m going up and down and I feel the movement. And when I do this, I try to have that feeling but I don’t have it like I do when I go to sleep and that happens. Am I still getting awareness even though I don’t feel it the same as when I do…

OWS”: Yes you are and you have been for a very long time. It is still your tendency, though, to operate from within your 3-D realm and work through that type of understanding to understand everything else. And again, as we spoke to the one  here, that does not work to do that.

Question: Ok and so as I keep moving up in vibration as we go along here towards Ascension and everything, I’ll begin to feel that movement more. Is that correct?

OWS”: Yes. You all will, yes. (Thank you). Any further questions here?

Question:  I have a question. You said that some people may experience their worst nightmare and other people will experience a deep love…(inaudible)

OWS”: …As you continue to allow the processes to move through you, the energies to move through you, they will continue to lift you up. That is the purpose of this and the purpose of many things that are going on around the planet, some seen and some unseen, that will at some point become revealed to you but for the time being they are working behind the scenes to raise vibration, raise consciousness, around the entire planet. And some will experience these waves of energy coming in and, as we said, it amplifies the feelings that you are in at that moment. So that is why it is important for you to find yourself in higher thought processes as much as possible, higher feelings as much as possible. Attempt to keep the negative, depression and these types of things to a very minimum here. And find the joy in every moment – that is one of the most important things. Do not consistently or continually look for moments of joy in your life but find the joy in every moment. And if you do this and you continue to work on it, everything else will fall into place including letting go of attachments and controlling your thoughts and all of these things. Find the beauty in everything around you and within you, ok? (Yes, thank you). Any other questions before we release channel?

Question: I have a question (poor audio quality so the question is paraphrased).  I have been feeling hopeless and wonder if we are under a form of attack, something major happening?

OWS”: First of all we wish for you to get this out of your head “you are not under attack”. You are NOT under attack, you cannot be under attack, you are all very much protected, number one. Number two, when you have these feelings know that they are temporary. Know that you are going to move through them, and again, these energies are exacerbating or magnifying your vibrations at that point that you are. So if you are feeling hopeless or feeling down and you continue to allow that process to happen then it will continue to bring you down even more. Becoming aware of it, becoming aware “oh I am feeling down…why am I feeling down?…there is no reason for me to feel down…let me look around here and see some beauty around me and find something to bring me up”. The mind is the builder here let it create for you, ok? Does this answer your question? (Yes). We are going to release channel now. In the day tomorrow will…

Question: Sorry to interrupt but there is something I need to relay. Moses, thank you for sharing that. Wednesday was a day of craziness for myself – I made so many mistakes, mental errors that I don’t normally do. I can admit to my mistakes and I made one or two and felt hopeless, “what’s going on…am I getting dementia? Why am I making so many mistakes that are just simple and stupid mistakes that could be costly and could be a liability?” That’s where I was going, like I had no sense of strength that day and it was Wednesday so thank you for sharing that.

OWS”: Yes and you would find many other people also experienced these things on that particular day as well but we were attempting to stay away from focusing on that particular day and what it was. But certainly understand that you are not being attacked; please take that out of your vocabulary. Do not listen or follow anyone on your Internet that speaks of attacks or ankle biters or anything of this nature. Not for you! There are some, yes, there are some who go through this and are experiencing these things but it is not for you in this group here, ok? (Ok good to know). Now as we were saying here, and no more interruptions now, (laughter) you will have more opportunity tomorrow to ask other questions here. But as you move into your next day here, go into this day with expectation; expectation of creating changes within yourself, knowing that there are changes within yourself, expect the best and you will receive the best. And allow for the orchestration to happen here; it is all being orchestrated, every bit of this including the place where you sit here now – that was orchestrated. The timeframe that you find yourself here now – that was orchestrated. All of these things – the agenda that the James has put together with Susan, orchestrated, ok?  (Ok).  We will see you tomorrow and we will be bringing  much cheer to you. Shanti. Peace Be with You.  Be the One.


Channeled by  James McConnell


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15.08.16 – The Truth Is Coming My Friends

hear | pdf | mp3

“Sananda”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 16, 2015)



This is Sananda. Yes, I have been with you through this journey. Yes, I have always been with you through all your journeys that you have had. There has never been a time in the history of this planet or in the history of your evolution where I or others such as I were not with you. You have never been alone nor will you ever be alone. You are my brothers, my sisters, my friends. And sometimes you have been relations with me, family relations. Yes. Those of you in this room, you know of what I speak, for I speak only the truth. As you know, the truth shall set you free. The truth is coming, my friends. It is coming. It is here, now, all around you. Only for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear though yet.

You hear many things. You hear much information that is coming out in different ways. You listen here and you listen there. Some things do not resonate with you but some do. I can tell you now that there is nothing to fear. Even though there is information that is being released that are calling for survivalist’s mentality, that are calling for evacuations in the near future, that are calling for reasons to prepare to defend yourself, I can tell you that as long as you are in the higher vibrations, as long as you are raising in your consciousness in your being, these things cannot happen.

Will there be those who experience these? Yes. That is what they are intending. That is what their expectation is. They are only bringing up the expectations that they are planning to have. You who listen to my words, you who resonate to my words will not have these things to be concerned with.

Is it going to be a cakewalk? No, it will not be. Are there going to be times of consternation? Yes. But when have there not been, in your various lifetimes, that you have not already been through? I can tell you that those times of consternation are coming near to an end. And as the “Wave” moves over, just as it did in your meditation, this is what it will be like. It is your intention, the intention of the mass consciousness of this planet, of this solar system and of this galaxy. Yes. You are all Ascending. The entire galaxy is Ascending.

If you look upon those scientific proofs of the planets of this solar system you would know of which I speak. There are changes in atmospheres on the various planets. There are many changes in energies on the planets that can be measured and have been measured. It is not just this world that is changing. It is the entire solar system and yes, even the entire galaxy.

This is a momentous time that has been spoken of throughout the ages. It has been predicted throughout the ages. And I say to you now, that nothing can stop this. Nothing can withstand this. Even though they will continue to try and are continuing. They will be unsuccessful and they know it. But in their arrogance they continue on, thinking, hoping that they can put off these changes just a little while longer. In some cases, yes they have. But in the end, and the end is near, they will lose this battle. They will lose their war. It is destined and cannot be changed.

I am Sananda. I am going to be with you very much more closely in the time ahead at this Advance that you are going to have. Those of us who are working with you and are mentoring to you are going to be with you very closely to the point where you will feel us standing on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. We will be that close. And as “Ashira” said some time ago, there are surprises coming. Be ready for this. We will make you ready for the “Wave’.

All of my peace and love to you. Know that all of those who mentor to me and work with you will be there. We are with you at all times.


“Óne Who Serves”  (OWS)

Greetings to you! We are not going to give a message to follow that one! We are going to sit back here and answer your questions. We have “Ashira” standing by who is ready and waiting here.

Do you have questions here for “OWS” You must have something after all of that!

Question: Is this a good time to pull money from my bank accounts and investments and put all of it in a safe? Should I think about doing this now?

OWS”: First of all, there are no “shoulds”. Whether it is a good time or not depends on you. It depends on what you are wanting here. If you are wanting to be one of those who are preparing for great, drastic changes in their lives, if you are wanting to be one of those who is preparing for a major shift to occur where the financial shift comes into concern here, to move these savings from place into another, then do it.

Now, we are not saying that the banks are going to close their doors and that you will not be able to get your money and all of these things. This could happen but we are not going to say that it is going to happen, you see? Because, as one thing occurs, other things will be right behind it. As the shift happens, as one system moves into another system, and this cannot be stopped either! Just as the “Wave” cannot be stopped, this cannot be stopped. People this has to happen. There must be a transition and this transition is happening right now even as we speak here.


If you feel more comfortable to move this money from your banks into your home safe or your pillow case then yes,, do it! Whatever makes you comfortable. We would say to do that. OK?

Do you have anything to add here, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: No, I think you have covered this well. Thank you.

OWS”:  Would there be other questions now?

We are feeling great energies here. We don’t know if you feel it but there are wonderful energies here! Wonderful energies and we love this high that is happening here. Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Those of you on the phone, do you feel it? You don’t have to answer but do you feel it? Good, good! We want you to be a part of this!

(a member on the phone – The tears are flowing).

OWS:  Wonderful, they are tears of joy. You have not seen nothin’ yet!

Who wants to share what occurred here?

Comment: During the meditation I did visualize the Tsunami flashing across the planet.

OWS”: Was there something you felt?

Comment from  another person in the phone audience:

I felt the greatest feeling of love that I have never experienced before and joy. I felt the actual wave coming in through me, as me and above me. I feel like I have changed (tears) through this experience. I am sorry but I cannot talk without crying in joy. Thank you so much and I feel so much love for everyone there and the trees and everything in my vision. I am so grateful, so grateful for being here now and being able to experience this. Thank you!

OWS”: Thank you for sharing this. It is most important because you did not just imagine this. We want you all to understand this. You did NOT just imagine it. You visualized it yes but in your visualization it was happening. It was happening at a higher level that you cannot become fully aware of yet but have we not said so many times, “So above. So below”.

So everything that occurs here on Earth has to first happen at the higher vibrational levels. You, yourselves, and your intention created this manifestation. And you have no idea how this one little group, that you think of as just a little group, is so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You affect the entire consciousness of the entire planet when you do these types of activities and your intention is backing this with so much energy and emotion and enthusiasm and love.

Now, think of this and magnify it many times over during your coming Advance. That is what we will be doing again. James does not know that yet but we have just told him. And Susan will be working with other types of activities and situations but it is all coming together at the same time. All is working. You spoke earlier of the Divine Plan, did you not?

The Divine Plan is coming together. Whether “those” are ready or not. Whether they like it or not. It is coming together and you are having a great part in this! And as of yet, you cannot know how much of a part you play here.

This is the reason we are with you each and every Sunday. We would not miss this for the world! This is an appointment with us and with love and to be of service in this way and for you to be of service in this way. It is all part of this great plan.

Do you have other questions now for “OWS” and “Ashira”? We need to get “Ashira” into the action here.

 Question: It is my experience over and over to practice prosperity and abundance and that has nothing to do with the money in your pocket. If I have fear come to me about being taken care of I move into an understanding that all is well. I believe that is the Higher Plan. Can you comment on that?

So much, yes but we are going to step aside and ask “Ashira” to answer.

“Ashira”:  Thank you. This is your truth, my friend. And know that as the shift, the transition is taking place; we are whispering in various person’s ears at that time what they need to be doing. And we speak to them not in the truth as you know it but we speak to them in a way that will help them accomplish their life plan.

So, we appreciate you sharing and discussing your basis for understanding and truth but know that, at this time, all of those in this room and on the phone and others who will be listening to these messages will be listening to the guidance which is given to them., just as this one, (Susan), wishes to leave her job. We send messages and situations that convey the message, “Sit tight. Sit tight. You are still needed.”

There is no basis for income or those kinds of things even in your discussion, so we share the message of “sit tight” with you. Give love. Give light. Know that each one is following their own path in this moment. Thank you for your insight. We bless you. Anything further “OWS”?

“OWS”: Very good. This is why we answered the question the way we did earlier. It is up the individual as to how they wish to look at these types of situations. As to the money part of this, this is temporary! It is only temporary. It is part of the transition here. It is not too long into the future where you will not even be using money anymore. It will not be necessary because you will realize that the abundance of the planet is all that you need. You do not need those things that you have now. There will not be the things that you need money for at this time. It will all be precluded.

You speak of the replicators. Think of a replicator making anything that it is you want. What would you need to go shopping for? That is not to say that there will not be areas for you to go shopping for various things that come from desire not necessity. But as you move into the higher vibrations we speak or and that you are beginning to move into you will understand this.

All of these questions that seem important in the moment will become a thing of the past in your dim memory only. And you will think back in your memory and think, “Did I really concern myself with paper in a safe somewhere? Or being held in a building?” Because that is all it is, it is paper. Or if you don’t look at it as paper, it is energy. It is energy that has a use now. However, the use for this type of energy is fast moving away. Does this answer your question fully?

Are there other questions here now?

Question: Aren’t we supposed to be relieving our attachments to things like money that will have no use in the future?

​”OWS“: ​

Yes. That is correct. That is why we speak of the transition here. For you cannot go from the position you are in today worried about the money in the banks and the various positions on it, the revaluation and all of that, you cannot go directly from that to no money whatsoever. It is not possible now.

So, there is a transition period happening now and will continue to happen for a little bit of time. As consciousness rises, the need for this type of thing will lessen, and lessen and lessen. You see?

“Ashira”: I would just add that you can think about the free energy coming your way. Think about as “OWS” has mentioned, the replicators coming your way. Think of the things that money is no longer necessary for in the future.

Trust in the Plan. Trust in the transition. Each of those who are hearing us can think of those things that capture your attention. Even this one last night who held thoughts about not being able to work on the transcribed sessions today. All of these things are falling aside because it is a brand new world that you are creating. We bless you.

“OWS”: Would there be other questions now?

Question: Do you have any ideas to help us stay in the Now? Do you have any particular techniques that will help people?

OWS”: Yes! Do it! Be it! Now you look for tools! Various techniques to use here.

We would say to you that to be in the Now is to be in the flow. Be in the present moment and you do that by being aware. Awareness leads to movements of consciousness. The more you are aware of what you are doing at any given moment, you allow for that process to take hold. Again, go with the flow.

It is not that difficult to be it the Now, people. It is only that you tend to focus on past events, those things that have hurt you in the past, those things that have held you back in the past, those things that have programmed you in the past, and you tend to hold on to those things. But what are they but attachments? Attachments that keep you back.

If you wish to be in the Now, let go of those attachments. Let go of those attachments. If a spouse hurt you in the past, so what? Let it go. It is no longer important. It is a new day, a new moment. A new dawn is coming. A new dawn is already here. You see?

Comment: I have a tool to share! When I start to be concerned about my past or my future I simply look at that thought and I say, “All is well in this moment and this moment is all I have.”

Wonderful. Thank you!

“Ashira” : I apologize for interrupting.

As you continue to rise in your frequency and vibration you will notice that those things which take you out of the Now will rise up less and less frequently. You will see them diminish so your abilities to stay in the Now becomes easier and easier for you.

We know that you are diligently working on this and we want to say good work and just acknowledge you. As you work on raising your vibration you will see these things that bring you back down, removed. Bless you.

“OWS”: Other question now.

Question: There was a huge chemical spill in the Colorado River. Some of my associates have been pouring structure water in to clean the river. Some scientists are saying that they don’t know how it is recovering so quickly. Can you comment on this?

OWS”: Yes. Gaia is at work here! The Galactic’s are at work here. All are working in the process. It is not known to the general population. When these seeming miraculous events happen and they are happening all over the planet, you do not hear about all of them because there are many happening in other countries too. You do not hear about it in this country. That does not mean that they are not happening. You see?

So, there are forces at work here, such as your crop circles. Are they not forces at work? They appear overnight and they seem to have significance but you do not understand the significance. There is a calling to you, a deep level calling. These crop circles, these changes all over the planet are calling to you, to your collective consciousness and reaching you. It is all a part of the Plan, of the Divine Plan to raise consciousness. All preparing for the “Wave”, for the “Event” to come. All to make it a little more easy to withstand. If all of these preparations had not been made, there would not be much life left standing when the “Wave’ hit the planet, if this had not been dispersed over a period of time here.

This is all we can give here now. There is so much more to be revealed in the short time ahead here. But, just allow it to be. Anything else,

“Ashira”? No. I am fine. Thank you.

Other questions here?

Question: Is it true that it is the consciousness role on the planet to protect Mother Earth?

Do you wish to address this first, “Ashira”?

“Ashira”: Yes. Thank you.

It is always so enjoyable to have conversations between “OWS” and myself. We give each other the nod to move forward into a response. I am happy to answer this.

You are only part of the kingdoms upon the surface of Mother Gaia. Are you here to help? Yes. That dream could have been specifically for you. That is part of your service. To continue to cleanse and support her as she moves forward in her plan.

As far as human consciousness goes, it is preparing mankind, humankind for this shift. This is the consciousness from all of those, all of you upon the planet. It takes but a small percentage of people, thinking the same way, to put that consciousness into the whole to affect all.

The planet is moving on her own. The planet is repairing herself. As Sananda said earlier, things that have been written about the planet being in dire straits that make evacuations necessary immediately, that is not what we would share.

We would share that the Galactics and all of those in service are working with Mother Gaia. Working on her physical body and working on her 5th dimensional vibration. While it is not the job of the mass unconscious to be working on her, it is your privilege to be inhabitants upon her, and it is your job to do the work you are here to do as well as all those in the kingdoms upon this planet and within the planet. This is the process of Ascension for all on and in this planet and throughout the solar system.

This call is to you. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: Very good. We will move on here. Any other questions?

Comment: I have a comment I want to make. When the one shared how she shared about the love and joy she experienced. I loved Robin Williams’s movie (“What Dreams May Come”)that showed heaven and the love. I regret that and to have deep feeling of love with my kids.

​”OWS“: ​

Thank you for sharing this! Nothing further?

We wish to tell you that “Ashira” and we are excited about the coming weekend. The energy is growing! You are going to have several experiences that will catapult each of you to the next level of your being.

We cannot be more explicit than that. It will come to you as a knowing. It cannot be shared quantitatively but you will know it within you.

There is much excitement that is building not only for your Advance but across the planet. All of the movements behind the scenes are wrapping up and ramping up. This brings about this shift you have heard of for thousands of years. This Shift you knew of before you came to this planet, when you volunteered to come here. You knew about this then. You knew this moment would arrive. All of your preparation has been moving you to these very times ahead here, as we continue to assist and prepare you for the “Wave” that is coming and in many aspects, much of this wave is already here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


So pleased to share with this group again. This is “Ashira”.

Part of what many of you have received and worked with we will be working with again at the Advance, that is the “Light Mental Body”. You have left your bodies through your spiritual body, through your Light Body, through your Merkaba body during your meditations in this group. You formed a group Merkaba today in your experience with “Sananda”.

You experienced much in that experience and you accomplished much as well. Yes, in the coming week we will be working even more with this.

You are going to be coming to more and more of an understanding that the brain inside your head that you think of so much of the time as “your body” and is the center of your thoughts and your existence.

You have a physical body but YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING. For the moment you are in this body but also in that same moment you are so much more than this body. Those of you who have called on the “Light Mental Body” have seen many wondrous things. If you have not yet received the gift of the “Light Mental Body” this is in part what you shall receive next week. For those of you who have it, you will be reminded of it.

There are so many more things that you are going to experience in the near future. The “Light Mental Body” is part of that. Some of you are already moving into this body during meditations to move into other lifetimes, other dimensions. We have talked about the dropping of the veil but much of these experiences are because you are achieving the higher vibrations and are experiencing these things. If nothing else, you experience these things on Sundays when you come together for meditation.

We are excited about the events that are coming for you. While the word “consternation” that came up a couple of times today may raise a red flag for you, we are pleased to say that it has not affected your frequency in a way that may hold you back. You are eager for the times to come. You are eager for the changes. You are eager to make this transition. For that we give you thanks for THAT is the eagerness and that is the passion.

That is what is being fed into the mass consciousness by this group!

We bring you love. We bring you peace. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.08.09 – We Shall Appear To Millions of People Around The Planet

Hear | Pdf | MP3

“Lady Nada”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 9, 2015)
Guided Meditation led by “Lady Nada”
We are going to bring your attention back to the Third Eye region. From your Third Eye to the Pineal Gland and the High Heart. Bring your attention to this space and as you move your attention here your Spiritual Body will move out of this region, move through your physical body to stand before you. You are in complete harmony with this spiritual body. You are completely comfortable with this experience.

Turn and face forward into the circle. Notice that everyone is standing beside you in a circle.

Each of you feels a sense of giddiness about this experience. One by one you are going to step forward into the tube of light and move down into Hollow Earth. As you moved into Hollow Earth you will form a circle again. You will look around and see the beautiful scenery. Note what scenery you are seeing.

As you hold hands or stay near to one another you move together as a circle you will notice that there is a beautiful flame, an ultraviolet flame to the right of you. You as a group move to this flame. This is St. Germaine’s Flame. This Flame will cleanse you, heal you and transmute you. This is a Flame that is familiar to you for you have passed through this Flame at different times, of many different lifetimes.

As you stand around this Flame and you see its’ burning, cool flame, take your turn, one at a time, walking through this light. As you take your turn walking through this light, you feel as the energy moves throughout your Spiritual Body. Any dark spots that are found on your Spiritual Body are cleansed immediately. You feel the energy of this Flame as it cleanses you and it raises your vibration. It feels like giggles upon your skin! It feels like laughter.

As each one steps into the Flame and has this experience, we want to assure you that when you return to your body, you will return as a new being. You will return transmuted. Everything that occurs this coming week will be seen by you in a different way.

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to walk through the Flame we invite you to come back into this circle again through the Pillar of Golden White Light. Feel yourself “whooshed” up into the room once again.
Look at each one standing in this room, standing in the circle. See the brilliance of your light now. Stand in front of your body and take your seat in that body again. Know that you are a New Being, transmuted and strengthened. You feel your energy raised and you can feel the download of this experience throughout your entire physical body. You experience perfect health, perfect vision.

We return you into this space as a New Being again for the days and weeks ahead that we shall speak of momentarily. Bring the memory of this experience with you.

“Lady Nada”

I am “Lady Nada”. It was important to bring this experience to you today. It is important because it is time. The energies have shifted. The energies are coming. The energies are here. Many of you have experienced the “opportunities” of becoming adjusted to the new energies.
Many things have been “promised” over the next couple of months. What I wanted to come today to do was to share. Share on behalf of my Beloved, Sananda, and myself and the Ascended Master’s from around the world who are ever so close to you now. So many upon the planet are listening to our words.

We come to describe to you what is to occur moments after the “Event”. Part of the excitement we come to share is that we shall appear to millions upon millions even billions of people upon the planet. You will see and experience what you choose to see and experience. We will be experienced by the billions in very individual ways.

If you believe in Mohammed, you will see Mohammed. If you believe in Buddha, you shall see Buddha. If you believe in Jesus, you shall see the Master Jesus return. If you have no awareness of Lady Nada, I will not be visiting at that moment. The celestial skies will be filled with the multi-dimensional selves that you have come to understand for yourselves as well as for all of us.

We have chosen to come in different personality and to bring messages across the world. Those things that have been noted in this group, those things such as the similarity in messages that are being brought are a sign of the times. The similarity in messages presented in different languages around the world. The messages that are from different Masters and through different channels are similar. The Galactics join all those who are bringing you messages.

There are so many beautiful things that are occurring now at this moment. We have talked before of the water that is appearing in different parts of the world. We have talked about the food that has appeared in deserts and in places where people have not received food in a very long time. That veil that you have talked about and we have talked about has thinned to the point where miracles DO happen! It was on the mind of this one this week as she shared about the miracle in her life. There are miracles happening everywhere because the focus of those of you of higher consciousness continues to concentrate on what you wish to see in your lives at this time.

And those who are maybe not awake in the way you are awake or aware of those things of which you are aware of but those who are (for instance) clinging to tribal customs, are seeing miracles. The veil, the curtain is all but gone. As that has fallen there have been so many things that are occurring.

The energy wave that you look for in the future, you do not have to wait for that because the energy is here at this time. Yes, the “Event”, the “Wave”, the “Tsunami” whatever you would call it, it shall be here. But you do not need to wait for it.

Yes. These energies are going into people’s minds and bodies and are affecting their spirits. These energies that have come in for transformation have caused (in a number of people) a variety of the “flight or fight” syndrome symptoms. We spoke of this many months ago to this group to describe many of the emotions people were feeling.

It is no longer a part of the “bigger” plan of the Cabal. It is now a response to the implantations over the centuries and the programming that has taken place. And while many of the things that have been spoken of around the programming of the Human Race for such things as Extraterrestials Wars or Zombies that this group has been discussing today will never happen. Many people are in the “flight or fight” panic mode because of the energies coming in.

The energies coming in affect Corporate America in different ways. Affect your job in different ways. Affect your co-workers in different ways. Affect people going to moving theaters in different ways. The more one tries to escape, the more one will see the reality they choose to see.
That is the benefit of the “Wave”. Erasing so much of the realities that you have seen to bring in the new consciousness, the new awareness, the NEW Human! The New Human!

So, we continue to take your hand and take you forward. We know of the grand parties planned. We know that as you call to us we come to you, we walk with you and we talk with you. These are our times to be with you and walk you through the fire as we did today. Walk you through the fire of transmutation and transformation.

As you see those in your world act in negative ways, friends, it is part of your plan. You have chosen to be exactly where you are. You have not been given tests. You have not been given contracts that you have not agreed to. You have agreed to be here at this time, exactly where you are, when you are, with the people with who you choose to be. And as hard as that is to swallow sometimes, know that this group, as well as others around the planet, but know that as this group meets your heart is filled again with the love, the strength, the fortitude and wisdom to go forth.

These are amazing times! Go forth today knowing that you have been girded, you have been strengthened and that you have a new path to walk because you have been through the Flame of St. Germain.

We give you thanks and we will be with you until the end of this session today. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings. “One Who Serves” here to take on the next part and continue with your conversation of earlier. It is so interesting the conversations you have here and we so enjoy listening to them. Please understand we are not eavesdropping. We do not come into your private thoughts and interpret or analyze them or anything like this. That is certainly not going to happen, has not happened and never will happen.

But we do listen in to the conversations that you have within this group here. It is very important in several ways. We catapult from these particular conversations and sometimes we sit back and marvel at those things that come out of your mouths in terms of very influential, very forward thinking you might say.

Now understand that you are moving in a direction of raising your consciousness. And each day, each moment you are raising your consciousness. So, you are clearly in the “Now” as the Buddha spoke of so clearly last time and you have heard of other times as well. You are in the “Now”. You are in the present moment. The present moment changes as the next moment comes and the next one and the next one. So you are in the “Now” and you are also in the future. You are also in the past because the things happening in your “Now” are largely because of things that happened in your past.

You are in the past, the present and the future all at one time. That is not to reject thinking of being in the future as far as looking forward to things that are coming. Have not many of us been speaking of these wonderful things that are coming? How could you not be looking forward to that? You see? There are so many things coming and yet they are already here as well.

So, it is as the “Lady Nada” said you are already experiencing these changes that are happening in the “Now”. You are moving each and every moment into the future. Your future is grand! We have spoken many times of the things that are coming and the things that will happen after the “Event” and just before the “Event”, all of these things.

But live your life, your daily life in the “Now” but live your life as if you as moving into this New Consciousness and know that you are moving into this New Higher Consciousness in every moment, you see?
This is what we wish to share with you now and we would ask for questions. Are there questions for “One Who Serves”, “Ashira” or “Lady Nada” as well?

Question: I wanted to know and understand the difference of what we have been reading about Wave X and the information about the “Wave”, the “Event” and other names of that phenomena.

“OWS”: First of all, the Tsunamai of Love is exactly that. It is a wave of love. It is a new expression of a new higher level of consciousness. This wave has been coming in as waves. It is not one large wave. It is gentle waves that have been coming in and washing over mankind. Now as the waves come in. it is building to the larger ones that are coming.

So, it is as if you were at the beach and you were looking at the waves that are coming in. They are gently rolling in and then all of a sudden a storm seems to come in and the waves get bigger and bigger and bigger and wash over more and more of the land. This is what is happening. These waves are gently coming in now but they are coming in more forcefully. These times continue on and these frequencies continue to rise.

Now as to the “Wave X” that is a name that is given to this but it is from a different perspective. A different perspective about a forceful wave that is going to wash over and do destruction. Create havoc. Create fear and these types of things.

So, there is a difference here depends on the one looking at this. We would suggest to you (who are working more directly with us) to not use this terminology here. Use the terms of Tsunami of Love, Wave of Love or simply the “Wave” and leave it at that. OK?
Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”? No, thank you.

​Question: ​Lady Nada mentioned that the Ascended Masters would be walking amongst us after the “Wave”. Will they actually be walking in physical bodies?

“Lady Nada”: At first, billions of people will be seeing us in the skies. The interpretation will be coming to each person. “Who is the Being that is appearing to them?” It is hard to explain because you do not have anything that you can relate to in this manner. First we shall be witnessed in the skies and then we will come to walk among you. It will be a process.

Those who have the vibration level to experience this physically will have that experience. It will take time for others on the planet to raise to that level but they will be in the process of say “swallowing” this. They will first come to accept the celestial images and then come to accept the Ascended Masters as friends. It will be difficult for the masses to accept those they have worshipped to understand equality and friendship. This will be with the mentors and others who come as well.

This will be a “feat” we believe that will be understood by a broader race of people if we appear in the heavens and we appear as what they would expect to see in their particular framework of religion. Those who have come to know us outside the framework of religion have come to know us as different personalities and you would see us as different personalities. After this occurs we will visit you in the dimension in which you are so that you might experience us in a more physical manner. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: We would like to add to this here. If you look at this from a 3D understanding this would not work. How could Sananda be with many people at once? He could only be with one or two and then you begin to think, “Well, what about me? Can he be with me?”

And we would say to you that is important to think of this in a higher understanding, a higher vibrational understanding, that all of us can appear to many at one time. Just as we can send our voice, our transmission, our communication like this to many different groups at once. So, too, can we appear in many different places at one time. And “Lady Nada” is certainly correct. When those who are ready to see us, will certainly see us.

Would there be other questions here now?

Question: I notice that when I am really open and have a high energy when I go places I notice that a lot of people think they know me and ask about my background. Can you explain this?

Would you like to address this, Ashira?

“Ashira” : Yes. Thank you. It is the love you express. It is the love you vibrate to. They do not know who you are but they are resonating with you at a deeper level. As this clarity comes to you and you are swept over and others respond to you, this is what is spoken of at the end of each of these sessions each week. For Susan speaks to you of having the love show up in your life and handing that off to strangers sharing your love.
You are very analytical, Dear One, and you are looking for an answer. The answer is love. We thank you for being the conduit for that expression in your world. Does that make sense?

“OWS”: We would also like to add here there is the concept of “Oneness”. The higher you rise in consciousness the more the “Oneness” will kick in. Everyone is aware of everyone else. See, we, the “One Who Serves” and “Sananda” and “Lady Nada” for instance can go anywhere in the higher vibrations and everyone knows us and we would know them because we are all one, we are all connected. We have that higher level of understanding you might say since we know this “Oneness” is there.

So as you are beginning to experience this it is because you are at the higher vibrations some of the time. And when you are the other ones, even though they are not directly aware of this, and you, although you are not directly aware of this either, it is happening because the “Oneness” is kicking in here. Do you understand this? (kinda)

Then we will leave it there for now. “Kinda” is good.
Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Will there be people who are actually Ascending at that time?

“OWS”: Yes. There will be many who will be going through various processes of this at their level. It will be in varying amounts you might say. Some will feel this rising of vibration and feel as if they have arrived you might say. Something may pull them back to assist others who are not quite sure what is going on here, you might say. There will be varying experiences of this as it all goes along.

But please remember this is a work in progress. This has never happened exactly the way it is at this time. So, the jury is out as to how this is going to take place here.

Anything you wish to add here, Ashira? (No, I believe you have handled this well.)
Other questions here now.

Question: This is in addition to a previous question. Is it not true that we are multi-dimensional beings and that we may recognize people from other dimensions?”

“OWS”: Yes. That is very correct. We were trying to stay away from that particular understanding at this point. But yes, you are correct.

“Ashira”: And it is so confusing is it not, to those in this room who giggled? Knowing that the person may be from this lifetime or a past or multidimensional lifetimes gets very confusing from a 3D perspective.

However, we strive to bring you the simplest of answers, not for beginners because by no means is this group, a beginner group. We bring you answers in the teaspoonful that we have spoken of ourselves.

“OWS”: Any more questions?

Question: I want to work on neutralizing attachments. When I asked, I received that I should ask what the other person needs instead of what I need.

“OWS”: Yes and that is a wonderful way to look at this because it is service to self instead of service to others. As you move into the higher vibrations you will become more and more neutral and the more neutral you become the higher you will move in those vibrations. The more you are in those higher vibrations the more you will want others to move into those higher vibrations with you. You will also seek out others in that vibration. You see?
Are there other questions?

Question: I wanted to ask how things are going to change to put into place the new peace and love. Throughout history we have seen people assassinated who have tried. How does the rubber meet the road?

“OWS”: We are going to answer this very simply here. First we wish to give gratitude to Charles for this instrument here. It is so much easier for us to hear what the questions are. In the past it was difficult at times. Now it is coming through very clearly. Thank you, Charles, for providing this.
Now to answer your question very simply, it is going to happen because it is going to happen. There is nothing that is going to keep this from happening because it is the way. It is the way of the plan. It is going to move in the direction of peace and love and it cannot go in any other direction.

If you look at this through the 3D perspective than you can see that this would not be possible because of so many wars and hatred and fear and all of these things and how can they just go away? They are not simply going to go away. They are going to raise up. There is a difference. And those that are ready for the new consciousness will raise up with it. And all of these old ways of thinking will just disappear. Those who do not have this way of thinking will not be with you. You see? Does this answer your question?

“Ashira”: This is “Ashira”. I would just add that everything that has happened to you (to humanity) has happened through training and teaching. Now that you are aware most of the time, these questions come up for you. As “OWS” has said, look to the day when all energy, all attention, all input will be about how to live in a peaceful society, how to share your love, how to have “oneness” in this One World. All of this is coming to you very soon and it will give you peace of heart to know THIS is where you were going and that it cannot be stopped! Thank you.

“OWS”: In many respects we would say look to your “Star Trek-The Next Generation” as we find it in the James. This is a very good example of society as you will know it as the times go along. It is not going to be overnight. You are not going to be in 2016 an have a “Star Trekkian” operation but it will be moving in that direction. Look toward it. It is going to be glorious! You see? And it is already glorious.
Would there be any more questions here now?

Question: James was talking about how no dates were given after 2012 and now there are many dates being given, most around the end of September 2015. Is there anything you can add for us today?

“OWS”: Yes. We are glad that you brought this up. We could not speak of it unless it was asked here. Please understand this from the understanding of expectation. What was your expectation of December 2012? You were all going to Ascend, right? Everything was building. It was grand build-up to that moment. Everything was building to that moment. And you know you create what you think. Right?

And as you focused on this grand event you thought about everything that was going to take you out of the 3D realm. Right? Well, it did not happen quite the way you thought it would although it was meant for many for this to occur. It was just postponed.

So, we speak now to postponement. Now you are moving into another time period, another frequency that has been raised here. And as you move toward these dates your expectation is building and building again. And your thoughts are building the very things you are building toward. Do you understand this?

It is a grand moment that is fast coming upon you as Sananda has said. You are moving toward the crescendo, it IS coming. Your Advance is, in large part, working to prepare you for that very “Wave” to come here. It is almost upon your shores.
Question: I saw in my own house that December 2012 created depression out of attachment. Are the things we talk about couched in attachment?

“OWS”: Yes, certainly but look at what occurred back then. Look at how much people have grown from that process that they went through. The grand preparation and then the disillusionment and the depression that followed but many picked themselves up and moved right back along and kept going. They grew. There was a growth process that happened through this across the planet, not only in a few. There were many different understandings, the “Mayan Calendar” and many other things going on at that time.

So, now it is coming to a new expectation and there will be a new growth that comes from this as well but we are not going to say that it will happen on any particular date, we are not going to give that although we could almost at this point. There is still the Prime Directive, we need to watch ourselves on that but there is a rising expectation that is coming along with this “WAVE” and this particular time frame you are moving into. Is this the great “Event”? We cannot give that. Is it going to be a large part of it? Most definitely.

Does this answer your question? (Yes but I do fear the word “expectation”).

But expectation creates hope. Hope leads to a greater understanding and a greater movement of consciousness. What is the opposite of hope? Despair. What keeps someone from moving up in consciousness? Despair and depression and these types of things. You see?

Comment: Expectations can lead to disappointment.

Yes, do you wish for us not to create expectations?

Comment: No. I wish to live in a way that I am hopeful, compassionate and understanding. And that which is returned to me is “the plan” rather than my expectations.

Then we would say to the one asking the question and to others who believe this, then live that way. Do it. Be it. Show it. Be the expression of what you are wanting here. Do not be concerned about what anyone else is wanting of this nature. Do you wish to add anything, Ashira?
Ashira replied, “No. You dove back in and addressed something I thought of. We will let this be.”

Any further questions here now?

Question: I understand that we can create a planet as pristine as Prime Creator created it. Do I get my wish?

“OWS” : Yes. You have to understand that all who are planning with you, all the animals, all the plants, all the consciousness on the planet, in the galaxy and the solar system are creating this plan. All are creating this pristine experience and all life is a part of this. So, for you to have an expression that you are creating what you want, all of the rest are creating the planet they want as well. All are coming together which is why we say, “Like will attract like”. You will find yourself in that pristine environment that you are wishing to create. And others of like-mind will be there with you. It is just as you have created this world. You as a collective consciousness have created the world that you have now. You may not like the world as it is now but it is a collective undertaking that has created this.

It is not the Prime Creator who has created this. You have created it. With Source moving through you, you have created this because you have the creative ability to create whatever it is you want. The time difference now is less and less. Eventually it will be non-existent. Your creative thought will be immediately manifested once you are clear in what you want.
You wish to add here, Ashira?

“Ashira” : I do. You forget that Mother Gaia has her own path, her own expectations in what she is creating. She is creating her own 5th dimensional reality. Some of the animals will be in other places, some to their own homes. There will be a difference in the temperature from that which you experience on the planet today.

That which you are creating is also at play with Mother Gaia’s plans for all of her children. You will experience that which you create for your world from your plans and expectations and your understanding will continue to grow with your rise in consciousness and all will come in alignment with the Mother’s. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: Would there be anything else before we release channel?

Question: If enough people had the “intention” replacing expectation, would that not trigger the “Grand Moment”?

“OWS”: If everyone had the intention at the same time, yes, it would trigger it. It is not necessary to have everyone do it, it is only necessary to have a percentage. Having a percentage of the planet moving toward the same intention increases the frequency. It is the frequency of the planet that moves to trigger the “Event” here. You see?

Now we will release channel here. We are aware of your time frames here. So, we release channel.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira. We release Lady Nada from her time today and thank her for her wisdom.

Yes. It has been a long day today. Many questions. Many thoughts and concerns. We wish to briefly speak on forgiveness and self-forgiveness.
You are not expected to be “perfect”. You are not expected to always respond in the way you expect yourselves to respond. As was discussed today, this is a painting being created one stroke at a time. And even though this life may not seem that important as you consider it a grain of sand on a beach at the ocean, you might say it just doesn’t matter but you are not at that point most of the time.

We love you and we know that you are continuing forward every moment of every day. You are catching yourself more and more often as you have thoughts or actions coming into your lives that are not where you want to be. Everyone in this room is at the same place as you.

Be nice to yourself. Be forgiving of others and forgiving to self. We love you. Many of us have lived in the world and lived in situations you are facing. Maybe not at this exact moment in time but we have experienced these things. We have experienced parenthood, we have experienced friendships and we have experienced marriage or that partnership with another.

Be nice to yourself at least as nice as you are to others who you catch at not being their best to others. Each of you has yourself only to be responsible for at this moment in time. Each of you has the responsibility to catch yourself and raise yourself back up for each of you has the response of a being of higher frequency. You will feel your heart swell and with that appreciation you can continue to keep yourself higher and higher and higher. When this “Wave” comes you will have nothing to do but to ride the tide, to surf the “Wave”. You will feel the bliss. You will understand what your part in this has been and will be!

We bring you all of our love and peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco


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