15.12.20 – This Is The Celebration Of The Christ Consciousness Coming Into Mankind

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“This Is The Celebration Of The Christ Consciousness Coming Into Mankind” – Jeshua​

​Jeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on December 20, 2015)


Now each one has arrived again. Again back in your bodies. Back again into this room or wherever you find yourselves. Allow yourselves to know and feel the connection still. Wherever you are now, know and feel the love that is within you. Feel my presence now among you. Wherever you might be. Feel my love.

This is that time once again in the season, Fall, Winter, the holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, of all of the celebrations that go on at this time. But what is the purpose of all of this? Is it my birth, December 25th? Does that really have any meaning or relevance here? I would say no, for I was certainly not born at this time.

That is not the purpose for this time, for this celebration. This is the celebration of the Christ. Of the Christ Consciousness coming into mankind, into everyone. As you did this meditation the Christ moved into everyone. That Consciousness moved into all.

As you find yourselves in the next few days moving up into the time of the full moon, December 25th, know that these are the moments to share with one another. In the form of gifts, if you wish, but in love, in expression, in oneness, in consciousness.

That was the meaning in my sojourns so long ago. Why I came to the planet in the way that I did. It was to show the love, to show the way, to prepare the way. To show that all can do. All can follow the Life, Light.

I knew, in those days, that I was not separated from Father. Many of you are coming to that understanding that you are also not separated from Your Father. For there never has been or will be a separation. The more you come to understand that, the more you come to remember that, the more you will find that connection and be that ONE again.

The time for good cheer, the time to spread good cheer, the time to spread the light, the time to spread the ideal of oneness is NOW. Whenever you give a gift give it in love. Not to give it out of guilt or a sense of having to do something. Give it in love, whatever it is. If you cannot afford a gift, give something else in love.

There is nothing stopping you at this time except your own minds, your own programming that has gone on before. It is time now to reach beyond your programming. It is time now to reach out to your fellow man wherever they might be. Whether it is in physical proximity or whether it is by phone or over your Internet or across the vast distances of space. Connect with one another. Feel with one another. Experience one another. Experience that connection, that Oneness.

That is you. They are you. And you are they. Even though there is still fighting, still anger, still hate, that will be replaced. That will be reformed to a new love, a new understanding, a new higher level of consciousness. Then you will find my mission from that time will be your mission in this time.

I am Jeshua, also known as Jesus, and Emmanuel and many other names and other identities. I am One just as you are One. We are all brothers and sisters together as we continue on this journey, this journey of Love. This journey of completion.

All of my peace and love during these times of celebration.

I leave you now.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings. Here we are again here. Another time to come together. Moving on from the end of the year here into the beginning of the next year. We have a special message for you when you are with the Hollow Earth Network once again for the New Year. The celebration that is coming. The celebration for the New Year. We will not share anything about this now but will save the surprises for then.

We are not going to share anything else now. We are here with Ashira, who is standing by, to take questions.

Question: Are we going to have a real happy celebration before Christmas?



“OWS”: We would say to you, what are you asking for if not a date here? For is your Christmas coming up very soon? And we would say to you that your celebration has already begun. We know you do not want to hear this. What are we celebrating? Nothing has happened.

But, oh my dear sisters/brothers, oh my dear friends, so much has happened already. It has not yet become physical within your 3-D understanding, in this illusion that is here. Because this is an illusion, it is not happening yet at this moment. But it is coming. Whether or not it is coming before your Christmas, we would say what is the “it” we are speaking of here.

We are not necessarily speaking of your monies and all of this coming forward but it is coming. And there are so many things in the works, so many things that have to occur before this can be released. What would it be if these monies were released now and those that were in power have access to these monies. How would it change anything here?

We would say to you that there must be a shift in consciousness of the entire world. Not all 7 billion people, we are not speaking of that because we know that will not happen initially but enough of the population to occur, for the frequencies to rise enough. Have they risen enough? Yes, they have. Is it going to be imminent? Yes, it is imminent. It is soon. Yes. All of these things.

But you know of the probability of something occurring. As we speak now, the probability is great to have all of this before your Christmas. But in the next moment, as we are speaking now, something has changed. And the next moment something else has changed. You see? It is up to man’s consciousness and man’s consciousness is constantly shifting here. Each shift brings a change in the probabilities. Do you understand this what we say here?

“Do you have anything to add here”, Ashira?

“No. I don’t think so.”

Very good. Then we take next question here

Question: I understand that once NESARA takes place everything else will follow. Is that true?

“Ashira” would you like to go with this one first?

“Ashira”: Yes. I will start with this one first.

All of this occurs at the same time. All occurs, not ay one before another or any of this sort of thing. This is going to occur in increments. But the NESARA will not be the first of the experiences you will have. All of these things will occur when the time is right and the frequency is right. Nothing will be left to be unfurled before you.

This will be a time of great parties and a time of great celebrations. As you continue to move through your seasons of celebrations you will see that there will be even more things to celebrate in the New Year.

“OWS”: Very good. And we would add to that which “Ashira” has said, this is time of celebration. Focus on those things to celebrate not on those things that were part of your discussion. Do not focus on frustration for that indeed, will hold you back.

So let go of all of this. Be in the Now. Be in the moment. Be in the celebration and as you are in the celebration become the celebration. OK?

Would there be other questions here?

Question: What is the relationship between Sananda and Yeshua?



Oh, my goodness, we knew this one was coming. “Ashira” would you like to attempt this first?

“Áshira”: First attempt at this one, eh? OK, sir.

So all of you have had various lives upon this planet. All of you have had various experiences. Yeshua is but one of the experiences of that soul’s path. That path which is also that of Sananda’s.

When he comes to move into that pattern that was Yeshua’s that he shared with you today. He will come as a vision of that particular time and place. And he also spoke of the moment as Sananda who he has moved into in the fullness of his being.

“OWS”:Yes. Sananda is the ONE you might say. Sananda is the higher personality of Yeshua and many others that have come from this one. Sananda is the commander. He is the chief. He is in charge of a great many of the expressions happening here on the planet and also outside of the planet at this point.

And Yeshua is an emissary that is continuing on spreading the Christ Consciousness. This is his role. He continues to do this in many different ways. They are separate individuals and they are also together individuals in terms of totally united within themselves.

Does this answer this question? We know you have a second part to this.

Question: When we ascend will we be One as individuals or will we continue to become a part of our Higher Selves?

“ÓWS”: “Ashira” would you to go with this one first?

“Ashira”: I will go with this one first.

When you ascend your experiences will be so different. They will be so different because you will not have the same attachment to who you are in this moment. You will not have the same attachment with those you are involved with in the moment. You will become more aware of that multidimensional being that you are. You will be filled with things that you cannot even imagine at this moment.

So, to say that you will be one thing or another, will be all things and that will be glorious.

“OWS”: Yes. You will continue on as Catharina, Joanna, James and Susan and all the others in your Ascension. And Ascension is just that, movement into the higher vibrations, the higher dimensions. And as you do that you will connect with your higher self and all the multidimensional selves that you are and you become as one but you are also individualized as well. You see?

It is when one has not Ascended that they find themselves merged back into their multidimensional selves. The sense of the individual self becomes one with the family, you might say.

Question: In the meditation we joined with all souls in the Universe. Does that include the Cabal. And so we move down to help them or do they move up?

OWS“: Yes. Why would you move down? They would move up if they are ready. You are there to be of service. So, those of the Cabal and of the Darker Energies, they will feel this love coming into them and if they accept it, wonderful. It will help to move their consciousness.

But, if they push it away it will not be a part of them. If they attempt to not accept it, it will harm them in some way. The love within them will reverberate and if they accept it, it will cause no harm. If they do not it can be harmful to them because of the higher vibrations. They cannot exist in the higher vibrations.

Yes. You are correct. There is the Oneness.

“Ashira” do you have anything to add here.

“No. I do not think so”.

There be other questions now?

Question: Did the original 144,000 come from Twelve groups that multiplied themselves by 12?

“OWS”: So, you are already moving up in consciousness, already moving up in higher vibrations therefore having a question such as this has meaning to you at these lower vibration but at the higher vibrations not as much. We would say to you allow for the process, allow for those things that come up but do not get involved with the minutia. Do not get so involved with this because it does not have any effect on you other than a sense of completion with you. You see? A curiosity. This will not move you along. It will not keep you there. Knowing the answer to what you have already asked, will. We are suggesting to you that you already have the answer within you.

We know you want confirmation but we cannot do that at this time because it is beyond where we are taking this group.

Anything to add, Ashira?

“Ashira”: At this time, it just does not matter. It does not matter.

“OWS”: It is not that we are saying anything to hold you back. We are encouraging you to move forward in your quest for higher vibrations. See? Curiosity can sometimes hold you back. You will find your answer to your question and to many, many more questions! As you continue to move up in vibration and “all” truth will be revealed. We will put exclamation points around “all”!

Comment: I wanted to answer another person’s questions. I believe that as we reach the 5Dwe will know our Oneness as well as our individual selves. We will be able to telepathically communicate with one another as well as talking. I believe it is our journey to walk the many steps to Creator. Why would we want to go back when we live as one, in peace and love.

“OWS”: That is correct.

Any further questions before we release channel?

Question: Why did we separate?
OWS“: You never did separate from your Higher Self. You don’t move as one because you have not been programmed to do it. You have never, ever been separated from the God Source. It is only the mind that has created the separation here. The mind is the builder. It is the builder at the lower levels and the higher levels.

We are ready to release channel. Continue to prepare for the celebrations that are coming.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira.

It gives us great pleasure to look around the room and around the world. To see all of those who are coming forward in a sign of the future. We know that we say that you are in your NOW. There are so many who are working behind the scenes. So many who are working and beginning to come out. All of you are waiting for the news to hit, for disclosures to come out. We are so aware of these.

And yet, we are very much at peace. We are very much in happiness for you for this your time, this is your Now! All of those things you are looking for, you are perusing for, are coming forth.

Things such as the amounts of money being gifted to people is a sign. A sign of change upon the planet. A sign of newness, of gifting, of gratifying others. We say look with your heart. We know that these are the times you have been waiting for.

We leave you with our blessings and our peace. Namaste


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.12.13 – It is time NOW to Release and Let Go

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“It Is Time NOW To Release And Let Go!” – Ashtar

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashtar” and  “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on December 13, 2015)



I am “Ashtar”. I am pleased to be with you again. I have been visiting many channels across the world recently. Some of that which has been written of me has been filtered through those that share my words. What I want to share with you is happiness this day.

All of this in your world can bring you down, we know. And yet, the Conference in France is complete. That had so many things that were happening behind closed doors. Things that did not make it into mainstream news. Things that did not bring about what the world thought was happening. We are pleased with its existence. We are pleased with the outcome.

So many things that we see, as you know in this group, are not the truth. We have spoken before of how the light is popping on around the planet. The light of individuals in the light of heart and mind are all here. They have continued to increase.

We know and we know that you are told that you need to release and let go. This group has been very careful in its planning in what has happened in your Advances and what has happened on the ground and in the air above you. All of you are part of this wondrous activity.

We also share today that the time for excitement and glee are here! You are in the midst of everything that is becoming the NOW. It is not soon, or imminent, it is NOW! We have shared this with the group before and all of you have come to see the importance of thinking about the NOW.

You can, if you desire, become engulfed in what is being written in various ways. We would say, “release and let go”, “release and let go” of all of that which you were looking for. All will come to you one morning when the bulletins will be all across the airways, in the papers and in the videos. In all of those things you search through. It will be right in front of you, NOW.

This is the time that the world is celebrating. It is the time when those on the planet turn inward and outward to share and praise. The time is perfect for the gifting of all. For all of humanity.

We are all One. We are all in the NOW.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here with you.

What a wonderful time we are in NOW. You may not feel it. You may not experience it. Things may be a little off for you at times. Things may be moving a little too quickly or maybe a little too slowly. Whatever it might be. It may not be exactly the way you want it but it is exactly the way it is.

We would say to you, and always remember this, as we have said many, many times all of this has been orchestrated. You, yourselves, are a very large part of this orchestration that is happening here. You, in this group, you who are listening here and you who would read these words as well. You are all part of this.

And all of those you come in contact with in your daily activities are a part as well. Even if they have no conception of what you are speaking of or what you are ranting on and on and on about. And yet, this is getting into them. It is getting into their consciousness and they are experiencing it at one level or another.

And we gave it to the James earlier that you, in your discussion here that you are having an effect on the entire planet. In your discussion, having those types of ideas and ideals in this space here you are putting that out into the collective understanding, the collective consciousness of man. The collective consciousness of man is taking this in, it is pulling it in and it is having an effect.

One single individual with the right intention, with the intention to create the change, the intention to Be the change can have an entire change on the entire planet. It has been shown many times that this is the case. But you, yourselves, in many respects ask, “What can I do?” “What can little me do here?”  “How can I have an effect on things?”

We are telling you now that you are the effect! It is not us who speak through this one or through the Susan or any of the various channels. It is not us who are doing this, it is you are who are doing this. You ARE the ONE. You are creating a new understanding, a new level of consciousness. It is seeping into mankind little by little across the entire planet.

When you do a meditation such as you have done here today, and this needed to be recorded and we understand that it has been recorded, we wish for this to be included with the transcription at this time. Tell the James to do this. That must be included, the audio portion of this. Many will listen to this, the vibration that is in this meditation.

It is not only the words but also the vibration that is included here. People will resonate to these vibrations. It will change them as they listen and interact with this particular meditation. It was designed for this group to emanate outward from this group. And for this entire experience to spread across the planet first across the unconsciousness and then it will spread across the conscious, knowing state. But if anyone will take these words from the entire meditation each week when you do your meditation, or something very similar, or a facsimile of this, it may change a little bit each time but we expect you to re-enact this particular meditation. Not that you can’t do another one or if you are guided to something a little bit different that is fine but we wish for you to stay on this channel. OK?

We also wish to add to the message here of letting go, how important that is, in whatever terminology you want to use here for letting go. But the idea of letting go, the idea of moving on, the idea of creating the new space, this is what is important. It is not important to hold on to all that you have had, all of the comfort levels, all of the familiars in your life. For if you do that it will hold you here. It is very simple. We cannot say it any more simply than that.

If you are feeling an inclination to move away from a particular place you are finding yourself, if you are finding an inclination to let go of a certain relationship, if you are finding an inclination to move away from a job that no longer sustains you, no linger brings you happiness and joy, if any job still does that, if anything is holding you back then it is time to release it! Let go and release it! Release it and be the new vibration that is coming into you.

It is so important in these moments now. Because of where you find yourselves now. Because of where we all find ourselves now. Be ready! Move on! Go with the flow. And experience all that you are in this very moment.

Take questions now for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: I am having a tough time at my job. I know I don’t give it my all. Is this a good time to leave it?

OWS”: As you are asking this question it is important to look deeply within you and find the answer, it is there. It is not for us here, “OWS” or “Ashira” or “Ashtar’ to say whether you should or should not. You know how we feel about the idea of should.

So, in this situation, let go and listen deeply within yourself. Listen to that whisper because it is sending you a loud and clear message even if you may not be hearing it yet. It is coming and if it is telling you it is time to move on, we know you are moving geographically and that is a change that is certainly happening, but if it is a change to let go of that which has given you employment, that which has given you the financial condition that you are in now then it is time to do so. But you must also look at the situation you find yourself in with your family as well. If it is going to create a hardship for you then that is also something to look at. You see?

Anything to add to this, “Ashira”?

Ashira” : We would. We would just add that as you are thinking about, “Is this a good time versus is it not a good time to leave.” We would say that this is who you are NOW and you will know the right moment and the right time. The meditations will give you the answers you are looking for. You are thinking about the moment and you will find a release about what the future brings. Bless you!

OWS”: Wonderful. Further questions here?

Question: I have a question about the crystalline bodies. Where are we in the development of those?

OWS”: We would say it is happening right now. You are already into that process but you may not be aware of it. It is not like you can take your blood out and look at this. You will not have the crystalline structure there. You will not have this yet. It is coming at the higher vibrations within you. That has already changed into a more crystalline structure that way. It only needs for you to move up. You will move up into that crystalline structure that is waiting for you. Does this make sense to you?

Other questions here?

Question: I talked to you a couple weeks ago about my Pit Bull. My life has changed since we talked. I am in a new job and he is crated for fourteen hours a day. I am thinking about finding another home for him. Do you have a follow-up for me?

Ashira”: Yes. I would be happy to answer this.

Thank you for bringing this up again and letting us know how you are doing.

So you have fourteen hour days and he is crated. First of all we will share that this is a long time in a crate but we will share that the crate is a cave for a dog. It also provides security for him.

If you can find a family that can take care of his needs, his very special needs, perhaps a single person, his could be beneficial for you. This is not for you to feel guilty about. This is not for you to be a state of recompense about this. You have done everything you can to help him express himself. With this we give our permission, if you want that, to find another home that will allow him to experience and express himself. In a yard, by himself, with a family or a new single owner.

You have done the very best you can you can for this dog. We would say that this may be the time to find a new location for him to reside. Does that help?

“One Who Serves”: We would add something here. There are times when you love something or an animal, and then you need to let it go.

Any further questions?

Question: Are you happy with us and to see things developing the way they are now?

OWS”: We have to chuckle at this for this was something the James asked a long time ago in his understanding in time. He asked the question, “Are you frustrated with me?” Because I am not doing exactly what you want or some terminology such as this.

Our answer to him at that time and our answer to you at this time is that we do not become frustrated, we do not become disillusioned, we do not become unhappy or anything of this nature because we do not have any direct purpose in what you do. See? We are not purposely involved with you and your individual lives.

It does not mean that we do not care, we love you greatly. Beyond what you can possibly imagine at this point. We wish for all to happen and occur but we know your saying though that you will “wish in one hand and spit in the other”.

We want you to know that all is happening as it needs to. There is nothing that is not happening as it needs to. You are in the present NOW. You have always been in the present NOW. It is only in the mind, in a controlled type of situation, a programming type of situation that has taken you away from this understanding of being in the NOW.

As you come more and more into this conscious awareness that you are in the present moment and that you are in joy in the present moment then everything will take care of itself as you move along. See?

Anything to add, “Ashira”?

“No. You are brilliant today!

OWS”:  Any further questions here?

Thank you for asking the questions for when they are asked the questions can be answered. And know that when you ask a question that others may not ask, they want the answers too.

Question: You can choose between an enlightened path and a dark path. Is this true?

OWS“: This is true but it depends on what direction you are peering into this.

Question: I feel that I listened to one of the other’s questions that I have been there. I experienced that when I was with a company that no longer stimulate I felt like I was going to darkness. I believe we get trapped into thinking the job is the provider but I know we are the provider. Do you agree?

OWS“:  We would certainly agree with all of the above. As you are moving in your enlightenment you are moving toward that. But you must understand that you have never left it. This is what we have been attempting to get across to you is that you have always been exactly where you are now. You have never strayed off the path as you understand it. It is only that you think you have moved off the path that you have moved off the path.

We know that this can be difficult to understand because you have to understand it from a three dimensional point of view in terms of time and space and all of this. This no longer works for you. Speaking to all of you in this room, all on the phone and all who would resonate to these words. This no longer works for you!

The old ways of thinking, the old 3D understanding are no longer working. We have told you this. You have moved up. You have moved up to higher vibrations. You stay there longer and longer each time. And you are moving through an entire transition through the 3D into the higher four and five dimensional space. As you move into the higher vibration you become the higher vibration. You see?

As you become the higher vibrations nothing from the lower can bring you down anymore.  is a major difference. The optimal word here is as you “become” the higher vibration.  As you BE the higher vibration. There is a major difference here from Being it to want to be it. See? Do you understand this?

I am not sure.

“Ashira” can you assist here?

Ashira”:  When one looks into the belief system that one has it is important to know that your belief system does not need to be shared by everyone. It is one that is yours. We would say that when you spoke of the darkness that could apply to any of the people in this world today who have not yet awakened. This is intentional for them. They are waking up in their own time and in their own way.

Whether or not one makes a decision about staying with a job or leaving a job, about being open to allow the newness to flow in, that is enlightenment. In your words and in your truth. Does that make sense?

OWS” : Any further questions here now?

Question: Can you explain about timelines? Last week you answered a question about timelines like the change from the Revelations in the Bible. Can you elaborate on that?

OWS”: All you are speaking of was in the predictions of the past. This particular timeline that you are speaking of has run out in the past. It has run its course because of mankind’s consciousness. Mankind’s consciousness has written the script for the new timeline. You are in a certain consciousness that is creating this new timeline. As this

continues you will remain on this timeline you are on.

This is not the timelime that the dark forces, the Cabal wanted to happen here. They wanted to stop here. They wanted calamities, catastrophes and floods. They wanted this. They wanted to survive and be the ones in control. That was never going to be allowed because man’s consciousness will not allow that.

Those of us, those coming from the ships are not allowing it. All of these are making this new world that you are creating. They are not the ones creating this new timeline. It is your consciousness that is creating this. You are on it NOW!

And it cannot be stopped as Sananda and others are saying now. It cannot be stopped. It cannot reverse back to the old timeline even though they have tried to do this. Even though they are trying in their small, feeble ways to create chaos, to create fear, to bring it out into the collective consciousness as they have always done but it is no longer having that effect. It cannot have that effect because you and the collective have moved up in consciousness. See?

Question: I have a question about timelines. Aren’t they made up of past, present and future?

Ashira”: When we speak of the many timelines that have taken place in the past, they have taken direction from many peoples around the planet. It was a variety of timelines. When 2012 came it was a decision to move forward as a group. All of the timelines that existed in that moment before 2012, were past, present and future changed.

This timeline became the one timeline. Every experience from the past was moved into this timeline. It was a commitment of all on this planet, in the solar system and the universe to commit to this timeline to clean up the act of those who had been acting in certain ways. To move them into other places. To move forward. NOW.

All of those in this room and upon the planet, all of those on the ships as “OWS” said earlier, all of those NOW move forward.

You know that you are multidimensional beings experiencing lives in other times, other places and other experiences. This one is for you NOW!

OWS”: We speak all the time of being the One as we end each of these sessions. This can be interpreted in many different ways, in many different understandings but it is all coming together as One collective consciousness together. Not only here on this planet but on all of the planets of the Solar System, all of the planets in the Galaxy and so on and so on. Its all about Being the ONE.

Even in your movie, “The Matrix”, was not “Neo” meant to be the One? Did they not say that many times? You are the One and sooner or later he began to believe he was the One. You see ?        So, you, yourselves, are bringing this together on the one timeline, as “Ashira” has said. All of this is coming together as it must.

Question: Are there still other timelines even though there is a commitment to this one?

Ashira”: There are other experiences that you experience. The timeline is in the 3D realm. The timeline that we speak of frames the experiences that you have. The other multidimensional experiences are not locked into a 3D timeline. They are all experiencing their experiences. You are here now in this experience, in this planet, in this time is a one-time timeline experience.

Question: Why more than one timeline?

Ashira“:  We are not going to give anymore. What you have been given is about the timeline you are affecting now.

Question: Can you help me understand release and let go and make this easier. My heart does not want to do that.

OWS” : We cannot necessarily make it easier for you. You are the only one who can make it easier for you. We can give understanding. We can give guidance. We can give nudges here and there. But it all comes back to you as an individual and how you handle anything that comes to you. Where ever that may come. It may come from these channelings, it may come from the Internet, it may come from watching a movie that brings a particular expression to you that brings a new feeling, a new understanding. All of these things can bring new ideas to you.

We cannot directly answer your question because it is your direction, your experience. If it is a letting go that is needed, whether it is a letting go of a pet you have, or if it is a letting go of a spouse, or a friend or a brother or a sister or whatever it may be, it is a process you must go through. It is the leavening of the loaf now. It is movement away from that which is no longer serving you. If it no longer serves you it is no longer needed to be in your life. See?

If there are no further questions here,  first we wish to share that when you find yourselves in the next Sunday group, there will be the Annual Christmas message from Yeshua, known to many as Jesus. He will share his understanding of that particular time period. Not the day itself but the period of time and what it represents, what is was meant for.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira” and I am so pleased to close this today.

We love how each you picks up on the topic for discussion each Sunday. We love to be a part of this. To be inspiring you, to be sharing with you. To be encouraging you.

Know that these Sundays are important, a good re-set for the week. A good time to come together sharing love, understanding and share in laughter. Know too that “One Who Serves” and our self are with you sharing closely during the week.

We know that this is not an easy time on the planet, not that there was an easy time to be on the planet. Not for many thousands of years we would say. Our commitment to you today was to urge you to look at your lives. Look at yourselves. Look at what serves you well and what is not serving you any longer.

That which no longer serves you is indeed, part of the past. You are in the midst of being in the NOW. You are in the midst of manifesting new lives of peace and reality upon this planet. All of this for the good of all.

And we would share to those of you who still have concerns about family members. About children. About friends. As I share earlier, in 2012 it was decided that this would be a shared experience for all. Do not worry about family and friends. This was a commitment to take all.

​​There is a time when you shall see those of the Cabal come before you. You will see that they will be moved to another location where they will exist.

All of us have the light. As was shared in the meditation all of the people on the planet have their light on. All but a small handful have their spiritual chakra opened. We will celebrate with everyone.

We bless you. We give you peace. Namaste.


15.11.29 – Enough Is Enough

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“Enough Is Enough!”

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

​​”Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on November 29, 2015)



Greetings to you. Good to be with you here again, always in this way, in your weekly get- togethers here. And as has been spoken of in this group, it is good to have this re-charge every so often here. Every seven days as we are finding it. Because it is very important to bring yourself out of the doldrums, out of the quagmire that you find yourselves in during the week, do you not? It is certainly important to raise your vibrations whenever you can and certainly, this particular group time is a good time to do it!

So, this is why this has been brought about to have this group, to have all the various groups that meet across the entire planet because it is all now about change. For some that is a bad six letter word. We know that. It is important to know that it is time. It is time to go through various changes in your life because you are moving on. You are moving out of the old paradigm, the old 3D paradigm. You are moving into the new Golden Age. Yes, some are moving kicking and screaming but they are moving, regardless.

It is time now. It is time to find yourself at the highest levels, the highest vibrations you can be in a given moment. And if it calls for letting go of various things in your life; relationships, items, various things you have held onto, we know that was part of the discussions held earlier. We actually prompted this part of the discussion because it is important to have this, it is important to know. It is important to know that you are moving on, you are letting go.

Let go. Go with the flow and as you do this let go of those things in your life that are no longer doing anything for you. They are holding you back. They are weighing you down. Not only those things that are items of substance but also various relationships. Also job situations that no longer serve you. All of these things are going to change!

Once Disclosure happens these things are going to change drastically. It is not going to be like the world you are in now. It is going to be so much different and so much more wonderful and loving. We know we have said this so many times, we say it is coming soon and it is! It certainly is. And it is not only our soon as it has been for several years now it is now your soon.

Be ready and embrace it. Let it come to you. Whenever you feel the urge to move on and do something, whenever you feel that urge deeply within you let go. Go with it. If it is a garage sale to get rid of all the old things then have it, do it! If it is to move from a particular job that is no longer serving you, no longer has meaning for you, then move to something that does.

All of this. If it is a relationship that does not have a connection, a higher spiritual connection, and you feel ready to move beyond it, the karma is gone, then it is time to move on. If you feel that inner urge that is whispering deep within you that is saying “now is the time” then “NOW is the time people. Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to move on.

And yes, it has been said that “enough is enough” and we are going to continue to use this terminology. As well as your terminology of “believing is seeing”. It is certainly no more “seeing is believing.” That is the old way. That is the old paradigm that has been programmed into you. That you have to see it and then believe it.

The things you will see will be scientifically provable. The science you have now is nothing compared to the science that you are going to have. With the healing chambers and all this but there is going to be so much more. The use of sound and color and vibration to bring about healing and to bring about the healing of broken bones and even to grow new limbs and things of this nature. All of this is coming.

So, we are going to let go of this message now and move on to questions if we have any for “Ashira” who is standing by and we, “One Who Serves”.


Question:  Can you tell us about the recent Cerne explosion?

OWS” : It is already affecting you. We are not going to speak of explosion or any of this nature but the activity that is occurring there is for the good of the masses. It is the ending of the old paradigm that was in the works and moving on. It is not going to concern you and never was anything that was going to concern you. It was not going to have any affect here. It was meant to hold off the Ascension process but nothing can do that now. Do you wish to add here, “Ashira”?

No. Good job! “Ashira” adds.


Question:  I had a dream two nights in a row. The dream included three women and I was one of the women. There was a male involved who gave us money. The next night I had the same three women and I was one. I was telling them what I had dreamed. Can you tell me about the dream?

OWS”:  “Ashira” would you like to start with this one?

Ashira”: I will start with this. When one repeats a dream, this is one to be paid attention to. This is a good one to bring to us.

What I would say to you is that the three women are all aspects of you. Receiving money would be good for you at this time! You would love to receive money, would you not? This dream is telling you that in the highest way you know that you are cared for. You know that you will not end up on the street with your children. You will not end up on the street with your animals. There is a pathway for you to walk. You are cared for and loved. “One Who Serve”?

OWS”:;I will add this. It is an indication of the release of various monies that are coming across the board. Not only to you but for many who have been in preparation of these monies being released. But it is not for money purposes. It is not for someone to become rich and all of this. That is the old paradigm. It is to come to a point of balance into the world situation. That is what these various releases of money will do. It is to move things in that direction and then there will be the advent or the introduction of NESARA and all of this is coming.

Would there be other questions here?


Question: I am seeing all kinds of mountains as I look out on a view and there is much turmoil around me. What can you tell me?

OWS”: You are in the “eye of the storm” although it is not the same analogy here. You are looking out seeing the distance seeing all that is out there and not feeling the turmoil around you. This is true in your life, is it not? You are here experiencing your life but you are not experiencing the 3D turmoil around you. “Ashira” do you wish to add anything?

Ashira”: Yes. You are here and yet you see that you have things to release to let the new unfold. Soon you will see your life as it unfolds in the days to come.


Question: When I see George H Bush throwing people under the bus I wonder if he is going to be taken off world for protection?

OWS”: There will be no concern whatever when these various entities, beings, whatever come forward and share or start to throw others under the bus. That is certainly what they will do to each other. They are squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. They are trying to protect their buttes you might say, cover their buttes. This is what they are in the process of doing now. They are doing all that they can to keep out of going to prison and all of these things. They can only do so much and there will only be so many concessions here that will be given. They must atone for some of their deeds. If that does not happen here it will come from their own Higher God Self when they are ready for that.


Question: When the Cabal is reigned in will our planet’s quarantine be lifted?

“OWS”: Oh my goodness! When all of this is lifted, when the veil is fully lifted you will have access not only to this world but worlds. Throughout the Galactic System and more!

What is your saying? “To boldly go where no one has gone before”.

Comment: That is my saying. Thank you!

More questions?

Question: When I meditate I go away. With these Ascension processes there are a lot more visualizations and I don’t do well with those. Should I stay with the meditation that makes me feel good?

“OWS”: What have we said to do so many times previously? Have we not said to go with the energy that you are feeling? Go with your particular way of doing things because of where you come from? You are not the typical human being here. Believing is seeing!

Comment: I have always believed.

Yes and that is why you are persevering through all of this. Anything to add here, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: Dear One, you find perfection in doing things in the way you are called to do them doing that which gives you pleasure, doing things that bring you opportunities to grow in your own way. You are not like others in the room and how they experience things because that is not your pathway. Yet, you find your pathway and it takes you beyond the moment and that is precious, Dear One.

OWS”: Any further questions here?


Question: I have two. One is about a dream and the other is about mental clutter at work. The mental clutter is when I get up in the morning I start thinking about work. I love the people I work for but I have challenges with office staff. (this is only paraphrasing this question as it was rather long and the questioner mostly answered his own question)


OWS”:  Yes. You certainly have answered your own question. It is not so much to move on to a new location but to move on in your consciousness. To know that you are on the right path in knowing you are assisting those who need your assistance, your help. And you are doing what you are called to do.

It is not so important that others around you are saying what to do or how to do it. You know what to do. So move on it from that sense. Move on with your inner knowing and move from that process. It will continue to blossom for you. Anything to add here,“Ashira”?

Ashira’”:We definitely agree with this. We can see and feel your frustration in the morning. We feel that this moves you into other things you can do. But you have developed relationships with those that you help. This is part of your opportunity to release and let go.

Moving into another similar situation may have you experiencing the same things if you, yourself, have not grown. This is your opportunity to examine your feelings about the people you work with not the people you work for in terms of those you take and deliver. Those you work with will change when you change.

It is time to release yourself from this in the morning. Get up with gratitude. Get up with love. Get up with joy in the sunshine each day, in every way. Does that answer your question?


Question: The circumstances happen when the timing is not correct and I am the one in the way and get people’s unhappiness shot my way. That is very difficult.


Yes. There are many people in this room that are looking for work or are engaged with work outside the home. There are many who would share with you many of the same frustrations with their job. Maybe not the same as you but frustrations with their job.

We are here to say that these are very short lived, our friends. Very short lived because the changes you are in the midst of now. This is not the only thing in your lives for there are other things you will be accomplishing in your lives. All of you that have work, we know that is a four letter word, work to go to, do it in the spirit of love and loving. It is your opportunity to be filled with grace and shine with light. See these situations melt away. We will be with you at times and whispering in your ear. Relax and let it go.


Question: May I ask about my dream? I was somewhere where there were huge strawberries like eight times the size of a tomato. They were vibrant red in color and the taste was out of this world. I fell into this recliner that wrapped around me and ate these strawberries. I felt sooooo good!

Ashira”: We will share with you that this is a trip you made to Hollow Earth, to Inner Earth. To enjoy those who are similar in mindset. You were enveloped in love enjoying the wonderful fruits that are down there. Tasting the best you have ever tasted and seeing the size of the fruit. For the fruits and vegetables there have great size and taste tremendous. You relaxed in the arms of those who love you. It was time for you to have a moment, a moment to bring back that memory to help you deal with what you deal with in your day to day life. “OWS”?

OWS”: We cannot add anything to that. It was well said.

Anymore questions?

Question: I feel as if I have a love/hate relationship with my son. I call on my Light Mental Body but nothing changes. What can you say about that?

OWS”: When you call upon your Light Mental Body you are expecting certain things. You are expecting it to do whatever you are expecting. (I call to take my emotions away). It is not going to do that. It is not going to take your emotions away. It is going to enhance your emotions. It is going to add to it to help you through various situations.

But it is also within your expectation that you are to bring about what you are wanting. So, if you are expecting and not getting it, you are not supposed to get it at that time. You are supposed to work through this in various ways.

For you to have various emotional outbursts is not like you normally. It is important for you to put your foot down. In certain circumstances this is necessary for this one you are talking about. He has a mind of his own and is moving on and needs too! He needs to move on, not in terms of moving out of your home but to move on in his own spiritual evolvement here. His own growth. (I wish he would.)  Wishing is not bringing it about! Look within yourself. Is that really what you want? YES! Then you have come to a shift in your thinking here. Anything to add, “Ashira”?

Ashira” : What a good mother. What a wonderful mother. You have many changes that are taking place in all areas! You affect your children. Part of his reaction to you is that you are putting up new boundaries. You are putting up new goals for yourself and goals that will affect your son.

All of this is a time for critical growth for all of your family. All of this is part of your love but also part of establishing what needs to happen now.

Listen to your heart. Listen to yourself. We are proud that you have come to this point. We have answered before, walk away. Do not feel that it is important to answer at all times. It is important for him to come to his own decisions. He has played this game with you for a very long time. It is not necessary to play this game any longer. Bless you!

Question: I have a Pit Bull and he is very challenging. Can you help with him?

Ashira’: I will be happy to take this question. What is your dog’s name? Valentine. He has not had an upbringing that would benefit a health, loving being. He has not had the benefit of firm boundaries as we spoke about with the child. When he was young and at the he could learn this it was not established. This can be a part of the breed which is not always the case but in his case it is.

What we would recommend is to give him a life within your home. Give him a life that is limited to exposure to other beings, whether it be human or canine or feline or chickens or anything else he might come in contact with. Keep him in an area with closed pathways. This is where you go to the bathroom. This is where we can play and you can run. This is where you are allowed to do this. This is where you are allowed to do that.

This is not his fault. Even though you have given him love and tried to understand him, he is a broken being at this time. So your heart and his can join as one as you follow the path of limitation for this one. Does that make sense to you? (I believe in freedom and yet I can’t give him what I desire for all.)

And we believe this is true. Again it is not your fault or anything you have done. You love this animal and he LOVES you. Find the limits that you can live with and that will work for him. Report to us in a couple of weeks how both of you are coming along. Will that work for you? (Yes. )


We are going to move on and answer one more question that has come from a person in Europe.

The question is about the Paris Climate Talks and what is going to occur with this.

And we are going to say that much that is going on behind the scenes is not what you are going to see at the surface. The process there is going to bring about many changes. The World Leaders are moving to the Light in many respects. Not all and certainly it will not show that way in the media. But it will bring about great change through these World Leaders as they are able to operate here with this. It will be a part of the whole process that is going on but it will not be evident yet. All of these things that are happening deep within the rabbit hole. The rabbit is coming out soon. We just wanted to answer that question here. Anything else to add, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: No. That was beautiful. We all enjoyed that.

OWS”: We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Hello. I am “Ashira”. My message this week is about what each of you is going through.

Many times throughout the day you may have thought arise that do not feel like you. As these energies are moving across the planet, the Tsunami of Love and all of the energies that are coming in, they are knocking you off your feet sometimes!

Any sources that you have, there are times you decide not to check them out. There are times your thoughts are about others and there are times your thought are about you. All of this is normal. All of this is what is happening now.

We love the vibrations in this group during your Sunday meeting. We love to be here. We know that you walk and work and exist in a world where many are not yet awakened. The process of having you opened was to have you ready for those who are awakening and engage them and listen to them.

Know that this is, at times, challenging. Know that, at times, this stops you in your path. But there are times as Diana spoke today, of pure pleasure of watching those in her home engage one another. These are the times you are moving toward. Engagement. Laughing and playing with one another. Times we see you now manifesting this.

We send you our love and know that every day you look toward the heavens say, “We are ready”. We know that you are and that you are doing what you are called to do at the time you are called to do it.

We give you our peace and our love. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.11.22 – A Message Of Love, Now Is The Time To Be Grateful

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“A Message Of Love, Now Is The Time To Be Grateful” – Divine Mother

“Divine Mother” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on November 22, 2015)

“Divine Mother”
Good afternoon. The dogs (James’ 2 huskies) heralded my arrival earlier.

I come to speak to you today of love. All this past week there have been so many stories upon the planet. So many stories. Some would take you into fear. Some would bring you into light. We call you into light and into love.

It is not a time to be concerned about why’s and where’s. It is not a time to be concerned about who done it. It is time for you to be concerned as Lightworkers with love and light. To bring love and light with all those you share with. And love and light to those things which you place your concentration in.

There have been so many different stories today filled with love and light. I am reminding you that you are not the bodies you are in. You are the multi-level, multi-dimensional soul beings.

We asked Susan to ask James to do this meditation today with you. He was led and guided in ways to bring you back to love.
Love is the power in the universe. Know that there are battles that occur. Know that there are things that happen. Do you not remember that sometimes in your life upon the planet, you have behaved in ways that were perhaps greedy, perhaps unloving?

But here you are forgiving yourself of all of that for it is but a part of the love experiences you needed to put you are where you are today. Today you stand in love remembering that the words you speak and the thoughts that you have are creating for the future. The Now.

You are remembering the responsibility you have. Remembering the responsibility you are. Remembering that if this life ended you have an eternity to come back into this world further down the road.

This is all in the moment. With all of this to come. All of those things you think about. All of those things that you meditate on. All of those things that you talk about. All are already in the Now.

Ignore the noisy parts of your world. We know that this is challenging for each and every one of you because each of you checks on certain sites on a fairly constant basis to see how soon things are happening.

The coming week is the week of Thanksgiving. Time to be grateful. As you spend that time in gratitude also spend that time in being and giving to others compassion and love. This is the time of year that is celebrated.

These are important times. We call you back to love because that is who you are. We call you back to compassion. Share with others your understanding and your insight. Speak not only to those in this group. Speak to others with whom you are working in the world. Speak to those with who you are sharing space with. Listen to what others are speaking about and drop in a nugget of wisdom.

All of you are gifted. All of you have an understanding that the light shining in the world. Of the light changing the world. Believing as James has done in this meditation that “believing is seeing.” We have given this group this saying and it is spreading. We know surely what the outcome shall be.

Do not worry about those things that dissuade you, that take your attention aside. These are only children having tantrums.
Remember that you are gods and goddesses. Remember that you are powerful beings. Remember that you have everything you need right now to change the world.

As you see the world, as you see the changes that you see with your cameras, with your naked eyes, with your experience it is all good.

I leave you today with this message of love. Knowing that you are our children.
We love you. We bless you.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. “OWS” here to take you on further here. We wish to share something very briefly.

That is your movement in consciousness as you watched a video in the group here. And those of you on the phone who were also participating with this. This is the beginning of something, is it not? This is something new and it will begin to happen more and more. Where there are parts of what you have considered different parts of the Cabal previously as a portion of this, this is all going to begin to change where these ones will begin a change over. A change over from the violence.

The movement in the movies and such from now is beginning to change. The violence in them will begin to dissipate more and more. To move more into peace and love and heartwarming connections. OK?

This is our message here. We ask if there are any questions here. Ashira is standing by to see if there are any questions. Those on phone can unmute and ask questions if they wish.
Yes. You have a burning question!

Question: Yes. Tell me what brought on the issues I had on my dream trip and how can I get back into the positive again?

OWS”: Yes. We can answer this but first “Ashira” would you like to take this?

Áshira”: Thank you so much! What we would share is this was an opportunity for you to prove to you who is in charge. You were responsible for creating this and you were in charge of making decisions to not let it get in the way! You had opportunities to face your fears. You had opportunities to face your fears many times on the trip.

During these times you stood alone. You took charge. And you did not walk the way you could have by listening to others who told you what to do. You won! And we bless you and give you a standing ovation for this opportunity that you could have fallen into a past behavior. This was for you to see how you have changed.
We bless you.

OWS” : Like to add something here. We would like to add that somewhat due to stress and those types of things leading up to all of this is what brought about this sense of discomfort that you had. We are not going to say sickness or anything of this nature but they were discomforts. Yes, this was very discomfiture for you for some time. But you did overcome it as “Ashira” has said.

It was brought about by the change in the atmosphere or change in your environment. Also by being around others of much more negativity. You were a Lightworker coming on board the ship and being surrounded by those who may not be Lightworkers or they were more of a negative 3D, very much so.

That is not to say that you cannot have an experience aboard one of these ships and have a 3D experience and have a wonderful time. The next time you have another experience it won’t be so much on this type of ship but on another type. It will be completely different because you will be in a different environment you might say. Surrounded by others who are of like mind and all of this is coming for you. OK?

It is not the end. Certainly. It is only the beginning.
Would there be other question here now?

Question: Is it possible for our soul to be in more than one physical body in the NOW?

OWS: Yes. Very possible. Very probable. And most definitely. That is not to say all are in this respect but many are.
Wish to add here, Ashira?

Ashira”: No. I think that you were pretty concise.

OWS”: We try to be as concise as we can and still be understood. But without giving away too much! We do not like to give away too much of the surprise.
Other questions here?

Question: I want to know why it seems that the media seems to be in charge. They have carried the Paris attacks over and over. Why?

OWS“: This is a very good question. We would say that they are not winning. They are certainly not winning. They win a battle here or there but the war, and we do not like to use that terminology but we use it to emphasize a point. The war is certainly not being won by them. They are only winning the skirmishes here and there.

In the final analysis it is all done. It is already done at the higher levels. We have given this before. All the Disclosure and the re-val and all of these things have already happened. Not in your time and space but they have already happened. So it is coming.

Those ones that do these types of deeds and have control over your various media and all of this are doing their last gasps you might say. Holding on as much as they can. Trying to spread fear wherever they can. And to hold off the Ascension process.
Do you not think that they know about Ascension? They do and they have known about it for a very long time. They have done all that they can to hold off your Ascension.

They thought they did it in the 9-11 but they found out that it only hastened their entire demise. As well as this that happened now in France. They are hastening their demise. It may not seem that way to you here on the planet because you are immersed in it all.

But from the point of view from those of us in the skies and wherever we may be it is an entirely different understanding and glimpse of what is happening.
Do you wish to add here, Ashira?

Ashira”: Yes, I will.
Dear One, you are one who wants to stay abreast of what is going on in the world and you and others in the room are invited to ignore that information. It is not of truth. And as “OWS” has shared, this is a tool used by those who want to stay in what they consider their area of control.

It is not of control. But as the airwaves blast their propaganda and their information across the air it maintains for them their sense of power because that is what the main population is hearing and seeing and reading.

Do not be in turmoil about this. Turn back to the work you are doing with your own websites such as Ancient Awakenings. Turn back to those sites that are saying positive things about the world.

If you could see the world from our view you would know that this is done. And that love and compassion and sharing are the tools for the New World. That is the tool for you.

You are doing so many beautiful works in this world, my friend. Turn off the old views of the world and watch as the New World unfurls before you.

OWS”: Wish to add one more thing here on this. That is those various media broadcasts and news shows and things of this nature, the reporters are going to begin to say more and more here, “enough is enough”. They are not going to want to say the same thing over and over like all of the broadcasts do. 

They are going to say, we want to tell the truth. We want to begin to reveal what is real out there. Not what you are programming us or controlling us to say.

They are going to come out more and more with this. You will see them as “whistleblowers” or just to tell the truth. That is why they are here. That is what reporting is all about. To tell the truth of what is happening. To inform the public. Not to discourage the public or put fear within the public.

You see? It is all going to change. It is already changing. You will see this more and more.
Would there be other questions here?

Question: How successful was yesterday’s Cobra meditation?

OWS”: More than you can possibly imagine!
More questions?

Question: Is there something we are not doing or we are not doing right that is holding everything up?

OWS“: We would say to this that it is the God Source you are speaking of and we think this Source has it well in hand. It is all being orchestrated that we have given many, many times. There is nothing to be concerned about.

It is not that you are not doing enough. Or that anyone else is not doing enough. You are doing it just right. All is happening as it needs to. We know that from your point of view it is too slow. It is too gradual. Let’s get this show on the road. All of these types of things. The James has this as well sometimes although becoming less and less as we are finding.

Those of you who have this type of thinking, be of good cheer! It is changing! It is all happening! There are many forces that are bringing this about. There are many forces that, as we have said, are behind the scenes that you have no idea of what is happening here.

It is destined to be here. It will all come out. And you will all be a part of this. You came here for this. It is NOW. When you think of this being slow in nature think how long this programming has been going on for. For a very, very long time. More than just a few years here. We are speaking in terms of thousands of years here.

For all of this to have happened in short times, in decades as we find it, is very fast for this to have happened and changed all the programming that has gone into this. For you it is a very monumental change in this situation here. In all the programming. So allow it to be. You are a part of it. Each of you is a part of it in your own way. In your own meditations. In your own thinking. In your visualizations. In your prayers. All of this is a part of this. There is no bigger and no smaller part. OK?
Anything to add here, Ashira?

No, I think I will keep mine for our ending. Thank you.

Very good. Any further questions?
Then we are ready to release channel. We sign off!
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.

Divine Mother has been Susan all week whispering in her ear and in her heart that which she wanted to bring today.
It has been an interesting week indeed. Interesting to watch all of you upon this planet process what happened in Paris and what every day since has been filled with.

This has been the beating of a heart in time upon the planet. This has been very fast that everything has come into fruition. This group that has come into existence has brought together a marvelous group of Lightworkers. Those who know they are gods and goddesses making changes in the moment! In the NOW!

For all of you enjoy your coming week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Have love in your hearts. Feel it grow in your body around to reach everyone in your life and everyone upon the planet. Send your love forth knowing that every one of you is changing the planet right now.

Time for love and joy. Enjoy your week and your Thanksgiving.
Peace and love. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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15.11.15 – All That Is Happening Is Part Of The Orchestration

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“All That Is Happening Is Part Of The Orchestration” – Saint Germain, Lady Nada, One Who Serves and Ashira

“St. Germain”   and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Lady Nada” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare for Change group in Glendale, AZ on November 15, 2015)


“St. Germain”

I am St. Germain. I am with you often, even in those times when you are not aware. As are all of us who mentor to you at this time. We are always here and we are always a part of you.

In these times now, which are times of consternation, times of travail, know that this is still part of the orchestration that has been spoken of many times. We are all one my brothers and sisters. All. Even those who would do these deeds. We are one with them as well. There is no separation except for that you create in your own minds. That has been brought about by much of the programming that has gone on here.

For all that is happening now is happening for a reason. Yes, there are people suffering. Yes, there are people in pain. But know that their sacrifice is part of the greater good, greater whole. Take solace with this fact. They came in with a contract. They are living up to that contract now.

And in so doing they are providing the means to move on, move past all of the old programming. To move out of the Dark Ages and into the Age of Light. They are all a part of this just as you are a part of this. No one has a lesser or greater part to play in this great plan that is in the works now. In fact, coming to fulfillment.

The very deeds that have occurred here recently, those behind this are hastening their demise in doing so. Thinking that they are holding things off and are spreading fear but they are in essence doing the opposite. They are creating a need for loving attention. For one reaching out to another. Where there is hatred being sown, there is instead love being grown here.

All that is happening now, all that you are seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears, all of this is still the illusion. The illusion that has been drawn in front of you. Pulled across your faces. Part of the veil. But as you have heard many times now, the veil is lifting. If you would look through the veil you would see the new reality not the old illusion. But the new, the new sun shining forth with all of its many colors and all of its many understandings.

The time is NOW, my brothers and sisters. The time is NOW to understand, to wake up to who you are. To wake up to who your brother or your sister is next to you. For all of us are one. We are all part of the Great Source. We all have the Great Source within us. Within each of us.

Know that as these deeds continue to happen. And they may still yet have some occurrence here. Those times will become less and less. And those that are behind it all are finding that they are not having the effect that they originally thought it would or had in the past.

You can rest assured now that because of all those things that are happening in the background behind the scenes it is fast propelling you now to the new understanding that is coming upon you. The new awakening that is across the entire planet. And with this awakening will come those new experiences, those new levels of understanding and yet, even those changes within the financial system that I, myself, have been greatly working to bring about in this time.

It is close. There are many things happening in many parts of the world now that are bringing this new financial system into being. Many people are a part of this. It is only a small few that are continuing to hold this off. But soon, very soon, they will lose their grip and be able to hold it back no longer.

You are on the verge now; we are all on the verge now, for the great new changes. We ask that you be patient only a little while longer. Continue to do all those things that have been working toward. All of those things you have come to understand to bring about this new Golden Age upon the Earth.

I am St. Germain. I am with you at all times. Whenever you have a need, call upon me and the Violet Flame that I carry. Or call upon any of the others that have been working with you for we are all here to be with you.

Peace and love be with each of you.


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again.

We do not necessarily have message but we can certainly answer questions here. We know that “Lady Nada” is standing by to assist with questions or to close out the day here. Do you have questions here for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira” or “Lady Nada” if she wishes?

Question: Is there a particular reason why Paris or France was the target for the massacre?


”One Who Serves”

As we can tell you here it is all part of the orchestration that is going on. There is nothing that is happening to be of concern about here. Not in the sense, let us say you can “feel” for them that are going through the suffering and all of this, feel for them, be compassionate with them. Feel the Oneness with them but know that it is all part of the plan. In knowing that it is part of the plan, assists you and helps you to deal with the situation, does it not?

Because if you are allowing for the fear and circumstances to take over you it brings you back down, it takes you into the lower vibrations which is exactly what those of the Cabal want here. They want  you to stay in the lower vibrations. They want you to stay in the 3D illusion here. The more that they can bring up a situation of fear and panic and catastrophe and all of these types of things that resonate with that to the lower vibrations. In that way they are being successful.

But we can tell you this. It is having the exact opposite effect that they wish it to have. It is not going according to their plans. This is happening more and more they are finding. Because what happens when these things occur now? Because of your Internet, because of the fast moving of your communication almost immediately it is coming out that no, this is a false flag event, no this is not real, this is part of the illusion, and it is part of the programming.

These things continue to come out and they are finding that their plan is not working as it always had previously. All the way back to the 9-11 when that occurred. Yes, it postponed many things and they think they were successful but in reality they created a situation for themselves that has led even more to their demise. So it had the opposite effect even then. And all of those times that have happened since both in this country and all parts of the world. It is the same situation. And each time it will come to an understanding that it is even more not according to their plans. You see?

Do you wish to add here Ashira?

We would add that you had a good conversation at the beginning of this meeting. A good time to share various views and various insights and yet how much was in common in this room? Think of that in the global manner.

You are seeing things differently. You are hearing things differently. And even those who you do not think are awake yet are responding differently. The Illuminati or Cabal have not had the response they expected. This will NOT lead to WWWIII. We have told you this many times. Everyone is responding in a different way.



And one more thing you will find is that more and more people will begin to use the phrase, “Enough is enough”. That is going to happen here. You will see it more and more. It has come to the point where it is enough now.

Would there be further questions here now?

We are going to have a very short session here this time but that is OK. It is what it is.

Then we will end with this. You, each one of you, are a part of the greater expression here. Each one of you are a part of this great plan. Know that as you are to move through your daily lives. Allow yourself whenever these types of things come up that are creating fear and those things across the planet, allow yourselves to feel it initially and then move beyond it. Replace the fear with love. That is not what they are not expecting. They are not expecting the fear to be replaced by love.

What happens when there is any sort of a catastrophe? Do people not bond together, come together where before they were strangers? Now they are brother and sister working together to bring about the greater whole? This is what is happening now. You are seeing it there in France, there in the Middle East and here in this country where there are different types of calamities.

Each time that it happens it brings it about even more. More people awaken and feel the love from their brother and their sister. This is what is occurring now. It is moving the entire planet to an awakening of an consciousness.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


“Lady Nada”

I am “Lady Nada “and I have been with you throughout your meeting today listening to your conversation. I am basically just going to share with you much of what St. Germain shared with you.

We love you. We know that these times are difficult for you in a moment. And yet those in this group, those who read these words, those who hear the messages come into love, come into peace, come into compassion. Even though this looks like it could be something so scary for those who are involved. Look at these people who are involved with love. Come back into your higher consciousness.

Move out of this meeting with love. All of us who are here to work with you, to serve you, to share with you do so with love. We want you to know this.

Those people who leave through these types of circumstances have an agreement to go. An agreement to be a part of the action. Be a part of the plan. That may or may not help those who are family members but it is part of the process that we talked about earlier this month.

It is part of the process. Part of the Divine Plan to pick up the pieces. To fill you with love. To send you back out into the world to spread that love again.

Thank you for that expression today. Know that each of you is doing your very best in bringing the light into the world. Thank you, James, for that meditation which led everyone in this room around the world to spread that love.

You are doing what you have been called to do. You are doing what you promised to do. You are doing exactly what is being asked of you now.

You may ask upon any and all of us if you need us in a moment’s notice we will be with you.

I am going to close today. I fill this room with my love, my appreciation and my sincerity.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


15.11.08 – Those Times Are Coming

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Those Times Are Coming

Prepare for Change Group

Glendale, AZ

November  8, 2015

Dr. Susan Sammarco-“Ashira”

James McConnell-“One Who Serves”


Greetings to you. Good to be with you here again, always in this way. So enjoy these times when we are in camaraderie with you. And you have understood and we have said many times that we are looking forward to being with you more fully and personally. Those times are coming.

We know from your discussions and such that you get a little disconsolate sometimes, a little frustrated, no? And that is understandable because of all that you have been through in your various sojourns, your journey of life. And in many of the lifetimes that you have been through.

All of this is coming to an end you might say. It is now the beginning of another chapter of your life here. And all of this is right around the corner. That is all we can say here on this now. We know you have heard these things before. We know there is concern about elections and all of these things that are some of the old ways, some of the old paradigm seeping through.

But, is the old paradigm going to continue to seep through and we would say, no! No, it is not. The old paradigm is gone. The new paradigm is here. The new consciousness, the new understanding, this is what you are moving toward. This is what you are building toward within yourself and you know once you find it within self, you are also finding it outside of self. It is for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Just as you have been having in your discussion about having the eyes to the sky to see something that the others would not see because of who you are and where you are in your conscious development here. So, we say more and more it is time to look at the skies. Things are going to be changing. You are going to see more. Where you may not have seen before you are going to get the glimpses now. They are going to be there more and more. Those who have had these glimpses before are going to have more of them. Where there were those who have not seen they will also begin to see these many experiences coming to their understanding here.

That is our message for this time. Would you have questions here for “OWS” and “Ashira” who is standing by? Know that last time you did not ask questions because of your many opportunities to do so. Now is your opportunity!

Question: I notice when I am drifting off to sleep or when I am meditating my voice box seems to make a noise. I am wondering if this is a physical thing happening or something else?



We’re going to turn this first one over to “Ashira”, if she is ready.



I am ready. Indeed! These are experiences that you have not had a lot of but they are becoming more vital for you. This is an experience of your chakra that is being worked on in this area. As the work continues to open this area release your jaw and allow it to express whatever it chooses to express.

It is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. It means that you are opening to those things that you have planned and experienced and invite into your life. Does that make sense? Yes. Thank you.

You are welcome. Bless you.



As always allow for the process to move through you. This is for all. Allow the process to move within you. Go with the flow here. As much as you possibly can.

Other questions here?

Question: I have spent the last couple of weeks simply asking for signs. I have had a lot more showing. Can you elaborate on this?



Yes! It is important for all to understand now that as these changes and processes continue on to allow for them to occur. Be expectant. Be expectant in the present moment that all of these things are happening and changing and that you are a part of this entire process. Being a part of this entire process, of this entire organization that is going on, that you are in the position to have these glimpses, as we have been saying for some time now, that you are having these glimpses. They are showing you, they are preparing you for these changes that are happening within you. Does this help here? Yes.



Yes, I would. We want to add congratulations for keeping your camera alive! For capturing these moments for yourself and for others as well. For sharing with this group and with others as you have done.

Question: Will we begin mentoring after the third wave?



You are speaking of once your Mentors show up and then you become the Mentors yourself? This is coming and depending on what wave you say here, we cannot say at this point because it is a continuing process and will continue to be so. There will be many waves of consciousness and these things coming in. And this will continue.

But that does not mean that it will culminate at any one given time. It is not the third wave or the fourth or the fifth or whatever that might be. It is a continuing program that is happening. Yet at some time, you spoke of it earlier when you spoke of the resonance here on Gaia, the Earth, and this is continuing to increase very dramatically as we find it. As the people on the planet are resonating with that frequency, which is very important here, it will be time to bring about these changes in financial movement and all of these things. Of course, with the financial movement coming there will be these various removals of those who held this back as well as Disclosure about the Extraterrestrials as well as all of the revealing of the truth here. All of this is a part of the whole here.

Anything to add here, Ashira?



No, I do not think so. Thank you.



Would there be any other questions here?

Question: What can you share about the three earthquakes we have had here?



You mean are you going to have the “Big One” here?  No, you are not going to have the big quake. That is not for here. That is not even for California at this moment. So, there is no concern for this. But that does not mean that there will not be tremblers here and there to keep thing going a bit. To keep going with the flow. For the Mother Gaia herself to keep going through her processes to cleanse, to move into the entire vibration more permanently.

These things will continue. You do not have anything to be concerned about here in your area, in Arizona. But in other areas maybe a little bit here and there. Nothing again to be concerned about. All is being orchestrated and being worked on by those who have the technology to do so. So, on the one hand you have the various Cabal doing their dastardly deeds and trying to upset everything here but you have the ones of the Light counteracting all of this. See?

Anything to add here, Ashira?



By George, I think you got it!



Any further questions?

Question: I know that Mother Earth is being cleansed but isn’t there a point where we won’t be here to help her return to her pristine state?

Yes. At one point this is still a possibility but it will be well after the changes have occurred. If this is necessary you will be lifted into ships or go to Hollow Earth. That is not at this time though, certainly. Thank you!

Question: I live in Alaska and it seems that when it is dark and cloudy there are a lot of jets going over in the air. I know we have that HAARP thing going. Are these dastardly deeds?



It is not so much the dastardly deeds here but there are also training exercises going on everywhere. These training exercises have increased in many respects. They are training as they regularly do but it has increased as we find it. There is nothing to be concerned about here at this moment.

Anything to add, Ashira?

You mentioned the HAARP situation. That situation on the planet has been destroyed in many ways. It has been taken out of service. That is not something to be concerned about at this time.

There are other ways and means of affecting the weather by those of the Cabal. But

HAARP is nothing that you need to be concerned about now or for your future.



Question: Our dog is having seizures and has been sick since last night. What can I do?



As we visit this dear one, we know that we have talked about getting off medications as this Ascension is being made. There is medication that will assist this dog in his efforts to move through the seizures.

What can you do? You can give him energy Reiki style throughout his body. You may need to take him to a veterinarian for bloodwork. See what he requires. We do not believe this is an emergency today but it is something you need to take care of this coming week. All right?

Bless you. Bless him. We will be with you today.

Question: I was meditating and I felt myself rise and I got scared. What can you say?



“OWS” did you want this one?


OWS: “It’s why we stayed quiet! It is yours”


Ashira“: We appreciate the balance between all of us in answering questions.

As you move up in a meditation it is not something that you are accustomed too. This is an area that is trying to open you to greater experiences, greater understandings. Say to yourself those things which bring you comfort as you move into your meditative state. Know that you are surrounded by this beautiful golden, white light that you are protected by. Know that the golden, white light pillar here moves into our phone audience and those who read or listen to these words in days to come. This golden, white light that is developed by this group reaches out across the world.

As you come into your period of meditation and you feel a sense of rising see yourself moving into this golden, white light. Allow that experience to take you where it will take you. Know that you are protected thoroughly and completely. See what this has to show you!

Does that make sense, dear one? Yes!

Question: On Wednesday, 11/11, I am not quite sure I understand if the 11:11 am or the 11:11pm will be more powerful. What can you share?

Yes. There is a very magical moment with this 11/11. It is a gateway where energy process continues to come into the Earth to move through you. And this is a continuing program in process.

This particular day that you are speaking of, since we are not giving dates anymore, is it more important than any other day? No, not necessarily. It is not something that you will see directly. It is more of those things which are happening behind the scenes. More of those things that are happening at an energetic level. As well as those things that are happening at the three dimensional and fourth dimensional as well. And those that are working with all of these processes.

It is not something to necessarily “hang your hat on” for this particular day. But it is another day and another movement of consciousness because of this. Does this answer your question? Very well. Thank you.

Any further questions here now?

Question: Can you explain what the beams of light and the rainbows that are around the sun are?


It is certainly the rising of the frequencies, the rising of vibration here on the planet as well as those that are witnessing this. It is for those who are seeing this and those who are aware of it. Like we have been saying, “Those who look at the sky and see the beauty and those who look at the sky and see nothing different here.”

This is something though that is going to increase and increase and increase and more are going to become aware of this. This is also part of the great Disclosure that has been spoken of here. All part of the same orchestration here. It will increase dramatically here as we move forward.

Anything to add here, Ashira?

We would say that you are looking into the skies expecting to see. You are looking at the skies with eyes to see. All of you in this room and on the phone, you look into the sky and there is a wonder about it. There is a wonder about the color. There is wonder about the sounds. There are wonders about all of the planet as she wakens to her new dimensions.

As you see with the eyes of one who knows it is happening and you capture that and share it with others as we said earlier. This is what you have and part of what you bring. This is your gift, dear one.



And what is the saying that goes along with this? Believing is seeing! Yes. Very important!

Any other questions here before we release channel?

Then we are going to release channel.  It is important to all, those who listen or read these words, to not become entrenched in all that is going on now. Do not become caught up in the quagmire of fear that is being brought out by all the disinformation that you read on the Internet. Or that you hear about. You will hear more and more of these things. They are increasing somewhat. Become aware but do not become entrenched in it.

Be aware but do not let it bring your frequency vibration down.

Continue to look for the beauty all around. Be in gratitude as much as possible. Everything will take care of itself and you will continue to be part of this great orchestration that is happening.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira and I close this day.

Remember, each of you that this is a journey you are walking. The experiences that you have you are having in your own life. This is a culmination of lives upon this planet. It is a culmination of your experiences, a culmination of that which you came to do.

As “OWS” says, allow these things to unfold in you and as you, as you move along this path. This is something you can share with others as they are opening up to the wonders upon the planet.

Much has been said today about those beautiful sights that you are seeing. Much about those activities that are going on. We would also share that this not the time to get caught up in3D activities. It is time for you to move forward on your path. It is time to be that New Being upon the New Planet. Build it the way you see it!

All of these things are happening according to the Plan, the Divine Plan. Do not lose faith. Follow the Plan. Day by day. Night by night.

Dear Ones, we love you. Love yourself. Know the world is moving forward in love.

We give you our peace and blessings. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated