18.07.22 – Tools

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St Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ, on July 22, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Please note: there were a great many interruptions and interference on this call as it seems there were those who did not want this call to take place.

 Saint Germain

 I Am St. Germain. 

 As always I, and we, all of us that are mentoring to you at this time, are overjoyed to be able to be with you to be able to share, to experience, to help you to grow. Just as we were helped at various times just as I was helped. 

 These moments that you are in now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before the storm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has been heralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that you would enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. You are right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you. 

 It is almost as if, and we have said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quote from that movie The Matrix, you’d better fasten your seat belts Dorothy because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. 

 What does that mean? It means that Kansas is the familiar in your lives. That comfort zone that you have come to understand. All that you have known in your lives is about to change within that shifting process even now. You are all going through this shift, this transition. This transition that is taking you toward your ascension; both individual and your collective ascension. 

 It has been said that you, those of you, the light workers, the warriors, certainly the ones within this group, you are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension. You’re learning to acclimate to the energies. 

 You are understanding what is happening in the world. But from an understanding, not of the three-dimensional illusionary understanding, but from a higher level of understanding. A higher revealing, you might say. You are seeing it for what it is … seeing the world for what it is, not only how it appears. 

 As you are preparing for this first wave of ascension, many of you will go through that wave, be a part of that wave and then you will turn around after a certain period of time, after you have acclimated to those much higher energies. You will then turn around and assist your fellow man in moving through the second wave. You will mentor to that second wave just as we are mentoring to you now. As those in the second wave pass through, they will turn and come back and assist those in the third wave. This is how this ascension process will both begin and complete. 

 You are all to be a part of this in one way or another. Some seemingly greater parts and some which would seem to be smaller parts. But as we have said many times there is no greater or smaller part of this. Just as there is no greater or smaller of those of us, the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven. 

 We are all One. We all have our positions, our responsibilities. No one is higher than anyone else. Can you imagine a world like that? No one is in control of another. You are all there to keep the control amongst all of you. 

 When all is in perfect balance you will know you have arrived at the threshold.  

 This is what this transition is all about now: bringing the balance. Bringing the understanding foreword, the revealings forward, the truth, so all may be set free. Find it within your selves now, each and every one of you. 

 Go forward to share, to experience, to love. Allow yourselves to be loved as well as to love others.  

 I AM St. Germain and I leave you now with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the old negative programming within you so that it may be replaced by, not the new programming: the new understandings, the new revealings, that are coming forward. 

 All of my peace and love be with all of you.

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

 One Who Serves here with you to continue to assist you, and serve you, and share with you. And to be with you. 

 And not only to be with you, but to be you. You are us and we are you. 

 And as you come more and more to understand that, to understand that we are all connected, we are all so connected you will be amazed as this revealing or this understanding comes flooding in to you one day. And it will. It will come in to you if it has not already. 

 It will come in to you and you will realize in that moment, in that very brief moment, that you have been One with all of Creation all the way through. There has never been a time when you have not been connected to the Source within All. And that you are that Source within All, as we all are completely One with everything and everyone. 

 That revealing that has not been taught to you in your schools– although it would be very helpful if it were — and it is going to be. Imagine as a child is beginning their school process and they are told from day one that they are connected to the Universe. That the Universe is them. And you may think that that is something how can a child understand? But my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, a child comes in with that knowing. They already come in knowing that they are the universe. They do not think of themselves as this little thing that has to be dependent on everyone else for their existence. And yes that is true in the beginning they do, but they also have that connection, that consciousness connection that they are already One with the Universe. 

 It is over a period of time in your understandings, in your educational process — whether it is from the parents or the teachers or their friends or whatever it might be — this is how they lose this connection or lose the belief in the knowing of this connection. 

 But I tell you now, we tell you now, that you have never lost this connection. It has always been a part of you. Always will be a part of you.

 You have questions here now for One Who Serves?

 Q & A

OWS:   You can un-mute your phones now. We can take questions from the peanut gallery we are getting here. That is a joke people!

 Q:  I send much love and light to you and your group. I’m viciously being attacked by gang stalkers. Life threatening attacks. It’s brutal. And I find nothing but love in my heart for these ones that want to destroy me and hurt me and punish me. I send them love. I send them light. And I need some advice. And I will step back now and I thank you. Much love.

 OWS:  We ask you question here first before you step back. Who is attacking you? We did not hear that.

 Q:  Gang stalkers. They gaslight. They do things to you to make you look like you’re crazy and they do it out in plain light in public. These are citizens, these are neighbors, these are young people. I was attacked by children on bicycles spraying mace and pepper spray in my face. They just sprayed my vehicle just now and I had to take it to the car wash so I could listen to this. I couldn’t listen to St. Germain’s message because they sprayed pesticide all over my radiator and through my air vents so I would get sick. So this is where I am. It’s a very tenuous and difficult situation. I haven’t talked about it because people just don’t believe it that these things happen. No one in my family believes it and it’s just something that’s very difficult. It’s very dark. It’s very evil. Can you help me?

 OWS:  Is this something that has been going on for some time here?

 Q:  12 years. Most people perish after a year. I did speak with Archangel Michael he’s come in to save me and help me. And he said — and also Simon Parkes — and they both agreed separately that most people would have perished by this time.

 OWS:  What we can tell you here is that it would seem that you are experiencing a certain pattern that you have brought in from other lifetimes previous. This would be the only thing that would explain it. It is not anything that is happening here in this lifetime that you have created in any way. But this is a karmic situation that you have brought in. Now we have said before that your karma, as light workers/ light warriors, is over. But that is only if you believe it is over. So that the karma situation from past lives does not need to be there anymore because it is only part of the three-dimensional illusion you are still in; the programming that you have brought in here. You are still succumbing, succumbing to this programming. And if you were able to let go of the programming this would end. All of this would end. Now we are also finding here that there is a certain contract that you have come in with, and this contract is to be available to these ones – they are not aware of this – but you have come in with this contract to be available to them to get out their karma. You see? You have …

 Q:  [interrupting] How can I remove this? How can I stop this? I no longer want to be available.

 OWS:  Very good. We are getting to that. You must end this contract. You must … [interrupting: How?] You must say that there is no reason for you to have this contract anymore. You withdraw it. And you must be very clear about this. You must be very clear that this contract is over, that you do not want any part of it, that you do not want any part of karma anymore coming from other lifetimes. That it is over! And if you are very explicit in this, in working with those of your guides, those of you that you call upon — Archangel Michael is a wonderful one — ask him to be with you as you are doing this. And as you end this contract, ask him to use his Sword, his Blue Sword of Truth and sever this contract once and for all. You see? And if you do this, and if you believe this as you are doing it, much of what is going on will subsist and decrease in a short period of time as we are finding it. Does not need to be long. And then you will find that you will no longer be in those types of situations where these things can happen. You will not be there anymore. You see?

 Q:  Yes. Could I do this with you right now? Or does it have to be done privately?

 OWS:  You can do …

… Did you not hear?

 Q:  No I didn’t hear you. What did you say?

 OWS:  We said that you can do with this at the Advance if you wish. And we will work with you and also others who not having this exact situation but some similar circumstances here.

 Q:  It’s so dangerous right now. I don’t think I can wait until that point. I would like to do it right now. I mean literally in my truck as soon as I’m off the call.

 OWS:  Then we would suggest to you to do this as soon as you are off this call and ask for the Archangel Michael to do as we are saying here. Be very … [interrupting: Yeah, I will.] … right. Withdraw it! Remove it! End it! Because it is no longer necessary for you. You have done, you have fulfilled it you might say.

 Q:  You bet I have. Anything else?

 Shoshana:  You may put it in writing.

 OWS:  Please, Shoshana speak louder.

 S:  You may put it in writing.

 Q:  Shoshana, should I put it in writing and then tear up the contract? I’ve done this before. 

OWS: And burn it.

Q:I’ll burn it in the fireplace.

 S:  Strongly put it in writing. Strongly put it in writing and be as explicit as you can that you denounce these issues. And put an end to it.

 Q:  I’ve done this before. I’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  What did I do wrong? They have literally … the dark ones have been circling my house. Literally. During this call.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  I will.

 OWS:  When you do it though …

 Member:  I’m going to send a couple of things that might help you. I’ve got a couple of things I can send you.

 Q:  I need your prayers.

 Members:  We’re praying for you. We love you.

 Member:  Will the energy transfer reset rid him of these contracts? That’s what it’s supposed to do.

 OWS:  Hold please. Hold please.

 What we are doing right now — St. Germain has joined in, Archangel Michael is available as well — and we are going to assist this process now as you are asking. Ask and you shall receive. So there are many that are working here to assist this process.

 Now as the St. Germain did earlier …

… Violet Flame. See the Violet Flame now all around your house. See it around your house. See it burning. See it burning everything in your house, in yourself as well.

 And at the same time Archangel Michael is standing there high above your house and is there with his Sword and his Shield as well — the Shield of Protection — and is giving you the Shield now. The Shield is going to shield you and strengthen you so that anything that comes from outside of you in terms of darkness will be repelled away by this Shield. Nothing can move past the Shield. It is very similar to the Thor’s Hammer, you might say, where it is stronger than anything else. Nothing can withstand …

… that are holding you to this contract.

 Holding you to the contract that you made, as we are finding it now. The contract that you made that was against your understanding, or against what you might call your better judgment. It was, you were deceived, you might say, into this. But you made the contract and you have been a part of fulfilling this contract throughout your life and certainly through these last years here as you have said. And you are continuing now to be a part of this but no longer.

 So with this Shield allow nothing to penetrate through this Shield. And see Archangel Michael now

[cutting??] the final ties that are holding you to this psychic revealing, the psychic commitment that you made here. It is gone. It is no longer.

 Q:  Ahhh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

 Members:  Bless you. Love you.

 OWS:  Now we are also … we are also [Members continue commenting] please, wait, one more thing. We are also adding here that you can do some music that you know the music that will calm you and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You know all about this. We are saying now once this has been done, after you are off of this call, to bring that music and sit and be in that vibration. That vibration will increase you.

 We have said many times — this is for all of you now — the vibrations as you raise your vibrations none of these things can penetrate you. You have spoken of weapons of the … what are they called here … the directed energy weapons and things of this nature, none of these things can penetrate the vibrations, the higher vibrations. They can only penetrate those that are at the lower vibrations at the time they are in it. This is why you have not seen some of the ones that you follow — the David Wilcock, the Cory Goode, the Cobra, all of these ones — you have not seen them effected directly by these things because they have raised their vibrations, in most cases, and they are high…

. And you yourselves, all of you, are highly protected if you believe that you are. So if you are feeling any of these types of experiences, these attacks you might say from the dark forces, know that you are protected from this.

 And ask for it if it is happening here in any way ask for the protection. Ask for Archangel Michael’s Shield to protect you, or the Violet Flame to protect you, or the Sword of Truth to sever anything that is not of the truth. And these contracts that we speak of here is not of the truth and it can be severed completely just as we have done here. Okay?

 Q:  Yes, thank you. I thank you. I thank my family. [emotionally] I thank Archangel Michael and St. Germain. I couldn’t hold on much longer. I couldn’t hold on. Thank you.

 Member:  [interjecting] Don’t worry I will be keeping you, I do healing, I will be keeping you in my [inaudible] I will be doing healing. Don’t worry. You will be fine. We believe in you.

 OWS:  We are ready to move on to any other questions here.


 Q:  I would like to know what any of us can do to help protect our President Trump so that he is not subjected to negative attacks (like he’s been having to undergo) and to help ease his path to be able to accomplish the good things that he wants to accomplish for us. What can we do to help accelerate that for him?

 OWS:  You can always do meditation for him and for all of those that are working with him. But we can tell you without a doubt that he is extremely protected in all of this. He has much protection around him. He has ones that he does not even, is not even aware of that are protecting him. But he is also aware of ones that you would be amazed that he has had contact with. Galactics and others that he is in contact with that are assisting him directly. He has a wonderful or a great mission that he is on and just as you are all on great mission as well. So do what you can. Send light, send love to him, to all that are working with him, all that are working to vanquish these

all of this to bring the peace and love and goodwill to all of man here on the planet. Just do that, send it, and let it go. That is what you always need to do. Send it and let it go. Okay?

 Q:  Thank you so much for that reassurance. I appreciate it.

 Q:  We love you so much thank you for everything. The question is related to a painting that spirit sent to me and they send it to me using other peoples’ higher self. Last Sunday before the call I was thinking of the unicorn I connected with at the last Advance. So when I went for our session last Sunday I found the painting waiting for me there was a unicorn, a girl lying on the ground, a rive, a beautiful castle, a rainbow over it. It’s very beautiful. After that one night after that I had the feeling that something kind of energy may be coming from the painting or coming from somewhere else and it’s going to join to my body. Definitely during the night I felt something. I don’t know if it’s another one of myself or something else joined. So is it possible for me to know what was the message through the painting and what was the thing that joined my energy that night?

 OWS:  What is happening for you is an awakening. There is an awakening process that is on-going here and it is those of the ancients, the Ancient Ones as you are seeing it as unicorns and other …

… the memories within you to for you to resonate once again with your connection with these of old. And many of you have this connection. Many of you are attracted to unicorns, and the dolphins, and the elemental kingdoms, the sprites, the elves, the fairies,

 Members:  You keep fading out. We cannot hear you.

 OWS:  You cannot? Can you hear this now? [Yes.]

 Members:  [explain how the sound has been dropping continuously throughout the call]

 OWS:  We are finding that there is a disconnect here. A interference, they are saying, an interference that is happening here. It started from the one who has asked that question earlier and those with the dark forces and it is attempting to disrupt the information, the connection that we are making here with this call. Are you hearing all of this? You understand this now? [Yes.] Very good. Then we will go back and continue the understanding from the one of the with the unicorn in the painting here. And again it is said that this is a coming of, an awakening here. An awakening of the memories. An awakening of the …

…  Do you hear this now? [Yes.] It is important for those of you all of you out…

Then we are going to …

Members: [comment on amount of interference. One member rejects any negativity, negative talk, negative thought. Puts bubble of protection around the call. Love and Light.Thank you Ashtar for all that you do.]


 James:  Hold on a second. Can you hear me? [Yes.] Okay. There was an issue here on this side too. Something happened.

 James:  Is it better now?  [Yes.] Okay. So I got out of it here. Let me try to get them back here quick. Give me just a minute here.

 OWS:  Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings again here. We are back here. We are continuing this process here. The answer to the question… [members talking] We need all of you to mute your phones now please. Other than the one who is going to ask question. That is important here. Everyone mute your phone unless you are asking question directly.


 Q:  During the meditation today during the call, I received I felt suddenly came over me feeling that I miss my Galactic family. So what that means? That I will see them soon or is just my memories coming back?

 OWS:  Much of what is happening here just as we are saying about the one with the painting and the unicorn and all of this, this is an awakening process that is happening here. An awakening that is happening across the board you might say to the collective consciousness

many are awakening. And those of you, those of you — the light workers/the warriors/the light sharers — those that we are working with here, you are having your own awakening processes that are occurring and remembrances. And much of this is going to increase and increase and increase. So all we have been doing over these times here is preparing you. Preparing you for the times that are ahead when the …

Q:  I felt sad and was crying because I missed my family from other side.

 OWS:  … [until?] we are finished here. You are going to have these memories coming back to you. They are going to come flooding back to you at a certain point. And it is going to be somewhat disconcerting to some …


 Joanna:  We’re going to have to end the call.

 James:  Okay yeah it’s not working for some reason. I don’t know what happened here. One of the things that people have to do when you’re asking questions is you have …

Okay so we’re going to have to end the call here. I don’t know what happened here. Can you hear me?

[Decision made to end call.]

 Member:  Suggestion. Maybe we could all just send in a question via e-mail to James and then maybe Joanna could ask James the question and we could get our answers and we could just do it that way. We could have it posted within the next couple of days or whatever. But you know not try to fight them. Just send them love. I think that we just need to go out and have a wonderful afternoon and spread the love and go get in nature and …

 Member: It’s not the asking of the question that is being interrupted so severely. It’s the answer from the other side. [Meaning OWS/James]

 Member:  Right. So I’m just saying I don’t feel like fighting them. I’m just going to send them love and joy. So I’m just saying we’ll still get our questions and answers. They can just do it where we’re not going to be trying to …

 James:  Can you guys hear me? Here’s what we are doing. We’re not going to do what …

… suggested this before. But I’m not going to do that because then your questions are not in the moment. And it’s hard to ask a personal question through somebody else. And then we also lose the, camaraderie back-and-forth and everything and the dialogue. So we’re not going to do that. For some reason something’s going …

Members:  [continue commenting]

 Moses:  Let’s not put energy into this. Like Brother James suggested let’s just keep happy thoughts, stay positive, enjoy our afternoon. Yes they are monkeying with it but let’s just swim around it. All right? And for the next call we’ll have something better. And if they continue giving us at hassle then we’ll just continue going around it. This is what we do. Like Lord Sananda said at the Advance we don’t retreat. So everyone have a wonderful afternoon and on behalf of Brother James I am going to end the call at the moment.

 Marilou gives closing prayer:  As we gather together in the light that we are creating as the light of the planet, and as we realize that we are indeed the light of the planet, Divine essence flows through us to everything and everyone we encounter, raising the vibration, raising the energy, raising the level of love that is communicated between each of us. And as that love grows so are we enveloped in the pink flame …

. The disruption is not effecting us because we are above that. We’ve flow through the light of God to one another. Amen.

 Members:  And so it is. It is done. Beautiful. [And since One Who Serves would have closed with this, may we say in their stead:]

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 

 Channeled by James McConnell 



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”

18.07.08 – You Have Arrived But Only If You Believe It

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Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on July 8, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Lord Sananda

I AM Sananda.
These times that we continue to come and be with you, to merge our consciousness with yours and yours with ours are becoming more and more frequent not only through this channel source but through many sources across the planet. Because the times are moving toward a new understanding, a further
understanding … call it a further revealing of the truths that have been hidden away for so long from many of you.

Those times are coming to an end. Ashtar has spoken of it. Sanat Kumara has spoken of it. Archangel Michael and many, many, more including myself have spoken of these shifts and changes you are right on the cusp of now.

All it takes now is for each one of you to continue to evolve within yourself, continue to allow your consciousness to continue to rise as the vibrations continue to rise all around you and within you. For as the energies continue to come into the planet and move into individuals across the planet — you included
— many of you are taking these energies within; finding that they are quite powerful, quite strong, and tend to cause imbalances at times within your bodies, bring about physical alteration, physical changes, pains if you will. Aches and pains. Discomfort of many different kinds. Know that this is still at this point
only fleeting for it will pass. These pains, these imbalances will pass because each one of you is coming into balance more and more each day. More and more each day as the frequencies rise, the energies continue to come in. And you take these energies into your body: physical, astral, etheric, mental, even the causal – as you take these energies in feel the changes that are resulting from this as your physical bodies are literally changing from carbon-based to crystalline.

First it is happening at the higher levels within yourself. Eventually it will come to the physical body as well because you are all destined to move through this ascension and move through this transition that you are in right now to move closer and closer to your own personal ascension. It only takes continuing
understanding, continuing letting go of the old, the old paradigm, the old programming that keeps you held still at times to this 3-dimensional illusion that has been created here. It was created for a reason.
The reason that it was created for are no longer needed. Duality as you have come to know, has been your reality here. It is fast dissipating.

You only know duality at this point as you stay within the three-dimensional illusion. But move beyond it and duality as you have come to know ceases to exist. Including would be all that pains and suffering which you have also come to know will also dissipate. It will be no longer as you move into these higher

And I tell you now as Sananda, as Ashtar, as Archangel Michael, as Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, and all the rest of our brothers and sisters, tell you now that you are at that finish line. And it is time for each and every one of you to cross the line to know that as you cross the line you first cross the higher levels
within yourself and eventually your physical body, the consciousness within your physical form, will move along with it as well.

You could say that you have arrived. And you have. But only if you believe it! Believe that you have arrived, believe that this is the end and the beginning of the next. Believe it. It will be there.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now in peace and love. Continue to go out and share the light that you all are.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings. Greetings to you!

We are here to continue this process, this understanding, this continuing revealing that is going on. And if you are not aware of the many changes that are happening then you are asleep.

So if you are ready to awaken, and fully awaken, then hear these words that are being given to you. Not only by us through this channel Source, but through many of the sources now, including not only those of channeling but also the many Intel sources, the whistleblowers as you call them. The many that are
coming forth and bringing these new revealings, these new understandings, bring the truth forward.

And the truth is coming, people. It is coming. It is coming in droves. You are going to notice in the very near future here as you continue to look in your Internet and look at all of those various sites that many of you go to that the information is going to become overwhelming to you. Whereas at times you sit there
and wonder, well when is something going to happen, and you are saying that you have run out of something to read or listen to or whatever it might be. And this is going to change drastically because you are going to come to a point where you are not going to be able to keep up with all of the information that is coming forward. And it is going to come forward in many different ways: in through the various channeling sources, the various Intel and whistleblowing, and it is also going to begin more and more to filter out through your mass media. How is that for something here!? You had probably not thought of that that it was going to
come in this way. But it is. It is going to come. Your mass media is going to change. It’s going to turn around. It is going to begin to bring the truth forward because they have realized that the people are turning off to them. They are turning the dials and not even watching those news broadcasts anymore
because they know that it is, yes fake news.

But it is going to turn because it must turn. Those that are having their experiences in their jobs and all of this, are going to realize that they are not going to have jobs unless they begin to tell the truth. So this is going to change very much so.

And we spoke, others have spoken here that there are going to be dominoes falling and that one has already fallen. A little one you might say. But a big one is coming. A big domino is about to fall and you are going to find that likely in this month that you are in now. As you are hearing, many of you are hearing that this is the month. And we can say that is going to be an interesting month. We are not going to say that The Event is going to happen, or this or that is going to happen, but it is in process here and so much is about to turn here. Turn for the better.

You have spoken earlier in terms of your chemtrails and this, and this is dissipating across the planet. It is. The programming that has been involved in this is coming to an end and you are going to see this and it is going to coincide with other things that are coming as well. Including that even those of arrests and other things that are going to clear up the darkness that is still out there. It is going to clear it up and is going to bring the light forward shining through as if you can look up at the sky and you can see the light coming through the clouds everywhere.

And this is what it is going to be like. And this is what you are going to notice as the pre Event as this happens. You are going to notice the light being different in the skies. This is a hint for many of you here.
You are going to notice this. It is going to be everywhere across the planet. And this will be the precursor of The Event coming at that time.

We are going to open up for questions here now. You can now un-mute your phones here and ask your questions. Anyone out there?

Q & A

Q: In my job I take visitors to Ireland on tours of the Boyne Valley which has been a very sacred place in ancient Irish history. It’s full of these megalithic structures that are older than the pyramids in Egypt. It’s a mystery what the structures were built for but I’ve done some research and it seems like they were energy machines built on the ley lines/energy lines. They also have running water underneath. They’re really huge stone structures aligned to constellations. (On the winter and summer solstice the sun’s rays penetrate to the back wall of these structures.) So I really want to know what these structures were built for and who the people are that built them and what happened to them?

OWS: What we are going to tell you now you may or may not already know or surmise here. But this particular area is ancient as you are saying, and it has a frequency that continues to this day in that area because of those that were there long ago here. We speak of those of the Atlanteans. They were very much involved in this area and in some ways it was even connected to the Atlantean Continent here. And from Atlantis, when Atlantis went through its calamities and its destruction, those moved from the Atlantean Continent onto into the Ireland area, specifically, and built those structures as you know it. And they built them because they were continuing on their culture: their culture, their understanding their use of crystals, and use of monolithic devices and structures, and the use of energy.

They were very much aware of energy and how to use it and to create free energy, you might say. And it was a token or an understanding that is coming to the world at this point now. There are those inventions, those technology that is coming forward in this way that is going to remember or begin to use these frequencies, these energy ley lines and such, and be able to use this as free energy coming into the planet and replacing all of that which has held the sway of the people of the planet to continue the monetary gains from the use of energy. It is such a shame as you look around and you see the use of energy and how it has been used for, done for profit where as there is free energy everywhere. And
everyone across the planet should have and will have the use of this energy in many different ways. And some of what you are speaking of here in this area is coming back and that technology will be known once again. Okay?

Q: There are stories in Irish mythology that beings, godlike beings, came to Ireland (it literally says,) “on dark clouds” and they landed on a mountain. So to me it sounds like a ship area. And they also say the area of the Boyne Valley is called the Palace of the Boyne (Brú na Bóinne). And there was all descriptions of areas of inestimable wealth, and there were marble palaces and things like that. But none of those remains are around so I wonder what happened to all of that.

OWS: Much of this will come as the Atlantis and Lemuria, as you know it, rise again. We are not going to say that the continents themselves are going to rise but the culture, the understanding, the revealings, the knowing’s from those times are going to rise.

Q: I noticed the crystalline body is emerging[?] from my body and I started to notice sparkles on my skin a couple of months ago. Now those sparkles are getting multicolored. Is it the rainbow light body coming in?

OWS: This is not quite as you are saying the light body here. This is an indication that your bodies are changing from the carbon structure-base to the crystalline structure-based. Now we must caution you though if you go to your medical doctors and say I am turning into crystal. See all the crystals there. They
will not understand this and you will get nowhere with this. This is again for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you are beginning and will more and more begin to see this. Not that your physical body is going to one day be carbon-based and the next day be all crystal. That would be not correct at
all. But it is changing over a period of time, over a process. And as we say many times, these changes come at the higher levels first and then filter down to the physical body. So what you are seeing directly is not your physical body changing but your astral and etheric body within that is beginning to create this
more crystalline structure change within your physical form.

Q: [After lengthy background story this questioner states that during a meditation …] I was told to hold my quartz crystal. Information came regarding that from Doctor [Masaru] Emoto that the quartz crystal is the molecular structure as is [like] that of our bodies which is I think 70% or more water and that we are the same. As Doctor Emoto says water has a consciousness. When you talk to it and you say love and peace and harmony and very positive things, the water turns crystalline with no toxins, has clarity and is very healthy for us. Whereas if you say I hate you and this and that, the water crystalline form changes and it’s very negative and it’s not good for our bodies. Then what came to me was because we are the same structure, as we talk to water the same thing happens as when we talk to ourselves saying non-loving things to our bodies, not loving who we are, that that affects our bodies obviously just like it affects water. So basically saying that we are the same. So I wonder if you have more to share or expand on that.

OWS: We ask if there is an actual question here though.

Q: Yeah I think it’s about, you know, that that information, coming to me. Was there more, you know, for people to know about that, or was that confirmed, or is there something more to add to that?

OWS: We can confirm as you are receiving there, are as you are becoming more and more crystalline and your frequency is becoming more crystalline in this understanding, it is connecting more and more to those quartz crystals and other crystals across the planet. This is how the crystal energy is coming back
into the understanding of man here. And it is going, as you come from the Atlantean and Lemurian heritage, this heritage is coming back. This is largely why this group is being encouraged to work toward finding or recovering those ancient records. Because this is all about the same thing. It is all about frequency and vibration and continuing to connect to this frequency and vibration. So as your vibrations increase you are coming more and more to the connection with those crystalline structures just as of old.
Just the same as of old. And you are going to find that crystals are going to become very important in your lives much more so than they have been. But if you understand what has occurred over the many millennia of time here, many many thousands of years here, with the control of the cabal and the creating
of this three-dimensional illusion here, that you have been held back from this crystalline understanding and kept from these frequencies, these higher frequencies that crystals generate. And as you continue to raise your vibrations and your frequency, you are going to attract those crystals back to you that are
going to accentuate those frequencies and vibrations within you as well. This is why that one that is the Marilou is being directed and moved toward the understanding, or the re-understanding of the crystals as well. Okay?

OWS: Other questions here? We would ask that as you ask a question please make it a little bit briefer question here. More succinct.

Q: In the past few months I consider to be training in my dreams on how to manifest things. I’ve been learning pretty quick (in my dreams) and every time that I have a dream I always manifest things. Like just thinking about it it happens. So my question would be is there a timeline where all this training in our dreams will be manifesting in the 3-D reality, that we’ll be able to accomplish the same thing in this 3-D.

OWS: You will not be able to do it in your 3-D reality as you know it but you will be able to do this more and more as we have been saying. As you raise your vibrations and continue to hold those higher vibrations and when you have done so and you have successfully moved from the third dimension into the fourth and even the fifth dimension and be able to hold it there longer and longer, then your dreams, your visions, your desires will become more manifest quicker because of being in those higher vibrations. You understand this?

Q: This is not a question but I just want to say that over the last week I’ve had two experiences and you mentioned the change of the colors in the sky. Once I was taken out of the house because the whole sky seemed to have, coming from the West at sunset, to change all to gold and yellow and orange everywhere. Like not just in one cloud but everywhere! I was so surprised I had to bring somebody in to look at this because I’ve never experienced this in life. And then when we went to the eastern side of the house there were two wonderful rainbows going from southeast totally. They were the whole semicircle and in the second instance there were two of those. There’s no question but I would was thinking is that
a sign of anything more of what you had said in your opening statements there?

OWS: What we can say is things are changing. Everything is shifting. The energies are shifting. And you are going to begin to see more and more of these revealings that are coming to you that are going to open up the world to you that you have never seen before. Not in this lifetime anyway. That is all we can
say on this now at this point.

Q: I would like to know is if we are continuing our life from Lemuria at that time it was destroyed, that we didn’t get to complete but we are completing it now? And the reason I ask that is you told me at the Advance that I was in the arts at that time and I’m in the arts now also, in astrology and numerology and
that. Is that true?

OWS: It is not true that you are continuing your Lemurian lifetime but it is true that you are bringing the heritage back here. So that is true, the heritage, the culture, the understanding, the truth that you knew from those times. Because as you move into these higher vibrations and higher dimensional frequencies
you are going to reconnect with those times of long past both Atlantean, Lemurian, and others as well. And you will also connect with those understandings of coming from other planets, other systems, and all
of this also.

Q: I am highly interested in and constantly being drawn to the technology that’s available to us now that’s consciousness-expanding. My question is are the tachyon chambers, that I believe emanate from Cobra and I believe he distributes those, is that the highest available healing technology available to us
now on the planet?

OWS: You say available to you now where you could actually go to something, then we would say that is pretty accurate here. But if you were to say that that is the highest available to you in terms of a knowing of what is out there, then no it is not even close yet. There are technology that has been held back from you by those of the dark forces for long time here. And they have held this back from you and what you would call the Alliance, those of the light forces, are in the process of releasing these technologies. And these technologies that will be coming are far beyond what is there in those tachyon chambers. But it is a beginning here.

Q: Do you foresee those technologies would be released within a shorter period of time … are we talking maybe the next year or two or a longer period of time?

OWS: There we go! We can only answer this with one word: Soon.

[Technical interruption]
[begin 2 nd recording]

OWS: Hold please. Now you can continue.

Q: You said the dominoes had already begun to fall. Was that with the Harvey Weinstein/ Hollywood scandal being revealed. Is that the first domino?

 OWS: Not exactly, but it is something that is a part of the entire process yes. There are many more that are coming, many more of these dominoes. Some big, some small, but they are all going to create the effect of all of them falling at some point which will then lead directly to that of The Event.

Q: When I was training for several years in a class which was about accessing consciousness and the Akashic Record and whatever directly, one of the processes that we were taught to use was something which they called ‘pulling the energy’. I thought of this because someone else asked about sending the
Violet Flame to people and was that a good thing or was that a violation of the Prime Directive. But with this pulling the energy, we’re pulling the fun/play/ ease/joy energy from the universe through another being and supposedly that makes that person feel better, or maybe ease a conflict between two people.
And it was told to us it was better to pull the energy than to push the energy at somebody. That it was actually a more gentle, loving, thing to do. So can you give me a little more if that’s against the Prime Directive or is that acceptable or what?

OWS: We can tell you is what you are saying is just a name, or just an understanding that is not quite accurate. Whether you are pulling or pushing or whatever it might be, it is still the same thing. You are sending the energy in one way or another. And as you send the energy, if you are sending the energy
with a direct result in mind, then you can at certain points be interfering and be against the Prime Directive. That is that. But if you send the energy however it would be that you do so, but send it with love, send it with the understanding that it is to go wherever it needs to go, and how it is accepted and it is accepted, that is all there is to it. Send it with love. If you leave it at that with no result in mind here then everything is okay. Now, with that understanding, if you send it to another person and that person understands that you are sending it to them then you can have a result in mind. You see? If they know about it and they accept it then certainly there can be a result, there can be a goal in mind here too, whether it is healing or whatever it might be. You see?

Q: After I’ve done plant medicine, ayahuasca, in the past and it was very helpful for me in my journey. I haven’t felt compelled to do it for about a year and a half and suddenly felt very impulsively compelled to do it. And in doing the ceremony on Friday night and I felt your presence there very strongly. I was guided to receive transmission and you were leading me through this and guiding me through this. I asked at a certain point about ayahuasca itself and you said it wasn’t the only way we could accomplish the specific transmission but it was the most direct and efficient and so hence the ayahuasca ceremony. My question is in going forward for me is this something that I should continue to work with both for my own journey and possibly to facilitate and assist others?

OWS: First of all as you know there are no ‘shoulds’. So you do whatever you want to do here. And to use these are types of medicinal plants or whatever, you can call them as tools, various tools that you would have to expand your consciousness, to raise your consciousness, even at times to raise vibration.
And if you are doing it for this purpose then certainly there is nothing wrong with this. Now, understand though that in order to communicate with you, as you are saying, while you were doing this, it was necessary because you have not had the training yet to open up to have the connection rather to open up to these type of channeling sources here as we are doing through this one, James. This one James has had a great deal of training over the years here in this lifetime and many lifetimes even previous to this in preparation for these times. So for you to have this understanding you would need to accentuate it was something else that, you might say, speeds up the process and is able to bring you out of yourself.
That is the important thing. In order to do these types of communications, you must be able to let go of yourself, to come outside of yourself you might say. And this is what is needed and these types of medicinal plants and other tools such as this are needed at times to create this understanding in a
shorter period of time. You see?

Q: Yes this make sense. There was also a sense complicit communication that needed this transmission for now in what we were doing needed a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, secrecy. And was that also why I was guided to do it that way and not through perhaps another human healer?

OWS: We can say that it is important for you to experience the connection yourself rather than through another. This is even saying that these types of channeling experiences that we are doing here is going to come to an end at a certain point here because it will no longer be needed because all of you will have your connection with your higher self, much, much more than you do now. And when that happens there will be no need of something outside of yourself to continue to guide and nudge you along. Okay?

Q: Being as we are 70 or 80% water and that’s becoming crystalline if it’s not already, and as we envision and feel and emote gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, etc., higher vibrational things, and we increase our crystalline structure and as you said, that crystalline structure will communicate with other crystals. And being as the core of the Earth from what I understand is mostly crystals this is my question: As we raise our vibrations and connect to the other crystals including the core of the Earth, will it have a synergistic effect? In other words, will it be easier for us to live in gratitude and joy and forgiveness and unconditional love etc. because we are living in that and being ascended synergistically and potentiated by the other crystals all around us?

OWS: Very much so. As you continue to rise in vibration, raise your frequencies, and become more and more crystalline in a sense here, then you are going to, as you say, connect to those crystals around the planet and even within the planet. And as you do so you will be raising, continuing to raise your vibrations and in so doing you will find that the love frequency will rise along with it. And everything that goes along with the love frequency as well. And those of the fear frequency and all of this will dissipate greatly and eventually be gone entirely.

Q: I am wondering what it means to be a Keeper of the Flame. If when we are asked in meditation by a higher being to … well maybe not even asked. If one is given the opportunity to be a Keeper of the Flame I am wondering what that means and what that entails. Specifically the Orange Flame.

OWS: You all have the capability of being the Keeper of the Flame both within yourself and outside of yourself as well. So you can all be considered, in this sense, the Keepers of the Flame or the spreaders of the Flame, the Spreaders of the Light, the Light Bearers, the light sharers, all of this. This is all one and the same. Specifically though there are ones that are designated as these Keepers of the Flame, more of the Guardians you might say, Guardians of the Flame here and they are the ones that are continuing from outside of this realm to continue to influence the various ones here on this planet at this time. They are monitoring, you might say, the Flame across just as the Sananda did this meditation with you where you saw the Flames everywhere. Where the Keepers of the Flame areS the ones that are monitoring all of this. Okay?

We are needing to release channel here now.
And before we do so we are just going to put — what is you’re saying here — a plug out there in terms of your Advance. That it is coming and it is coming very quickly. And we would suggest that all of you that have not yet become a part of this be ready to experience be ready to experience some of those things
which you have already been talking about and sharing. And yes as we said earlier expect something unexpected here. Something that has not yet been spoken of. And we cannot give this, of course, because then it would not be unexpected. So just be ready for this and continue to keep your eyes on the sky. Okay? Because lots of things are coming and much will be revealed from looking up at the sky.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

18.7.15 – Many Will Realize That They Have Been Reaching For The Light All Along But Did Not Know That They Were.

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Archangel Michael and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on July 15, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Archangel Michael

I AM Archangel Michael.

And I AM pleased to be with you always to be here to share, to bring news. Bring news of the many changes that are coming before you now. Many that you have heard of and some that you have not yet heard of.

But you must know that all is in readiness, all is in the process now of coming together, for being all that you have been hearing for some time now and that you have all come to witness and to be a part of. And being a part of is what you are here for.

You are here to be more than just an observer, though. You are here to participate, be a participant and go about your missions that you have been readied for, for some time because all is in readiness.

Just as Sanat Kumara said in the last week he is here now at the end. He has fulfilled his promise and is ready to move on. Just as Sananda has been saying for some time you have arrived at the finish line. You only need to believe it.

But I tell you that because of so many things that are about to come forward, so many truths that are about to be revealed, several dominoes that are about to begin to fall is because of all of this. That even those of you that are not prepared for this will begin to see and hear and know the truth because the truth can no longer be held back. Even those that attempt to do so have met their defeat. And yes many of them have surrendered. Not all but many have.

Because of this you are at the finish line. Because of this you are ready to move forward with this transition period. You might say up to this point you have been treading water. Now you are about to swim. Swim for the other shore, the one you have not reached yet. The one that is not familiar to you.

Once you reach that other shore, or the road less traveled, you reach that other shore you will find that all along you have known what was on the other side. You just need to come to understand it and to believe it. And once you fully believe then you fully have arrived.

As Archangel Michael I beseech you now to go out, move on, share the light wherever you can. For those moments have arrived where many across the planet, many who have not yet become awakened, will now do so. And they will be ready for answers just as you were, many of you, several years ago when you asked the question: “Why am I here? What is this all about? What am I here to do? What is my mission? What is my purpose?” You asked those questions. You have received many of the answers. And those too that are now going to begin to ask those questions, you will be there as their mentors. You will be there to answer their questions, to give them the light that they are so longing for.

For so many are still in darkness, darkness within their very selves. Darkness that they do not even know that they are in.

They will come to understand this as the light shines forth and they realize that they have been reaching for the light all along but did not know that they were.

I leave you now as Archangel Michael. And I leave you always with my Sword of Truth and my Shield of Strength. Go forth now and share all that you are within you.

Peace and love be with all of you now.


One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

You can now un-mute your phones now. We do not have a message to follow this.

Now we would take questions here if there are any.

Q & A

Q:  Is Ishtar and Ashtar the same person?

OWS:  They are not. No.

Q:  Can you tell me who Ishtar is and the difference between Ishtar and Ashtar?

OWS:  What we can tell you is that Ashtar is very ancient; has been around for a very long, long time. Comes from times before you can even begin to imagine here, from your three-dimensional understanding. And the one Ishtar is a Being that is separate, certainly from this, but One and the same as well as all are One and the same. So you all come from the One Source — we all come from the One Source. So in that sense we are all the same, all a part of the One. But the one, Ishtar, is what you would say a different understanding, a different revealing here that comes from ancient times as well, [but] then has had a completely different lineage though than from the one Ashtar. We cannot give you too much more on this at this point. There are various information that you can find on your internet about this. Look up Ashtar; look up Ishtar and you will see what we are speaking of here as the difference but yet the One here. Okay?

Q:  Yesterday early morning, in my head I was hearing something. It’s not a buzzing, it’s not a ringing, or related to the ascension or new codes. It felt to be quantum. Then I go for little snooze and I hear it again in my head and it feels like I was hearing something related to light. Like light vibrations like coming from the Sun. Things that I cannot describe the feeling because it is quantum, it’s not 3-D. So what was that I was hearing in my head?

OWS:  You were feeling exactly what the Archangel Michael was giving in this meditation herein terms of coming to understand that which is completely beyond the physical and hearing the vibration of the colors themselves. Hearing the vibration of the Earth. Hearing so much more of what is beyond the physical sense of hearing. This is what you are doing. You may even begin to call it the music of the spheres. You are correct it is part of what you would call the light language.

Q:  Is it the same thing when I see coming from the Sun drawings, codes, like using transference like translucent ink. I feel like circles, circles in different sizes. And different shapes mainly coming from the Sun but almost everywhere. Are those codes coming from the Sun or what?

OWS: They are not coming from the Sun here. They are coming from beyond the Sun. This is all we can tell you on this now.

Q:  I had the most vivid dream last night like I actually was experiencing it. I’ve not had this dream before which was The Event. What I experienced was a purple haze. My hands were purple, the sky opened up, there was so much bright light. Nobody knew what was happening except for me. And I ran past this person and I said, “I’m afraid I’m leaving now. I send you unconditional love. I probably won’t see you again but I’m going to a different place. But I do send you love.” And this person was like none the wiser. And then I ran to my house and my oldest son, Valentino, said, “Mum, it’s happening.” And I said I know. I grabbed his hand and my little baby’s hand and we looked out the window at this beautiful purple but massively bright sky. And then I woke up. But I had the eeeee sound in my ear like it was so potent in my ear. That was the minute I woke up out of the dream because I woke up out of this Event. I actually felt I was experiencing it. And then this massive eeeee sound in my left ear came through like frequency sound. My question is why am I dreaming about this? Is there a significance as to why I’m dreaming about this? Who was the person I said I’m going I won’t see you again? And the sound in my ear that then obviously woke me up?

OWS: It was of course a very much a precognitive dream here. You are seeing ahead in what is the potential here for the very near future. ‘Near’ future in terms of what we would say is near; not so much what you might say is near. But it is coming. And you were getting a precursor of this, of what it would be like. For some it will be as you are describing, for others it will be somewhat different. But all will feel a sense of a massive change that is in the air at the time whether they are seeing light, whether they are seeing colors, whether they are feeling something different, whatever it might be. And as to the one that you said you will not see them again, you were speaking to that lower part of your ego that you would be leaving behind.

Q:  Oh joy! [Laughter] That’s good that I leave that lower part of my ego. Oh it was wonderful it was beautiful. Then straight after that that huge frequency eeeee sound in my ear. Was that a code? Was that some download?

OWS:  That was the vibration of the New Earth.

And we will add here that as the James received earlier, correctly we would say, in the sound of the humming sound, that was the sound of the Earth here, the resonance that it provides here to those that have the ears to hear. But what you heard with the eeee sound is the next octave beyond this. That is all we can say on this now.

Q:  For a while now since James had mentioned about the trip to Mexico, I have been seeing (especially when I’m on Sunday group) the doors to where the Lemurian [Records] have been hidden. I’m seeing like a door entrance to that. What’s the meaning of that? Is it a real door I’m seeing or just some kind of symbol?

OWS:  There is not a door as you are speaking but there is an opening that will present itself when the vibrations are reached. The vibrations being that of the Lemurian vibration that those of you that were there at that time and placed the

Records in that vibration. And it is important for those that find themselves down there at the time to reach that same resonance, that same vibration. And when that is done that is the tumblers that are needed to unlock the entrance to be able to enter.

Q:  So that means I was in Lemuria then because if I’m seeing that opening? Was I part of that group in Lemuria that was putting away the files?

OWS:  You were, otherwise you would not be receiving this information that you are getting here.

Q:  I recently discovered that I’m a double star seed and I have Arcturian and Andromedan aspects in the 9th and 10th dimensions. And the Arcturians have given me the message that I’m being prepared to speak the Light Language. And they’ve made changes in my DNA and the changes should be taking place after about two weeks, (which is a week ago when I got the message). My question is: it’s been coming through my mind and I’m wondering if I am becoming able to speak this language because I am part of the team going to Mexico. Is that true?

OWS:  First of all who is the speaking? [Answers]

Yes. We cannot give you that information directly because that decision has not yet been made as to who will be finding themselves down there. But we can tell you that you are correct in that you are receiving the Light Language and will be working with that directly in the times ahead. But we cannot say that it is in the timeframe that you are directly saying here in terms of one or two weeks. What we can tell you though is that it is coming. You are going to be expected or asked you might say to be an emissary in some ways of providing this language, this Light Language, to those who are ready to receive it. So yes.

Q: First I just wanted to say that I also dreamed of the solar flash and that was great. I’m just wondering if that was a precursor also — which I think it probably was. And I also got that about the eeee, what she was saying is that the Aah Eee Ummm, you know, the half note up? [Yes.]  Is Aramda going to be joining us or be around in the very near future sharing with us?

OWS:  He is always around you. He is always a part of this expression within this group because he is very much involved in this group just as many of us are as well. And he is very much going to be there with you at the Advance and at other times in the not far off future here.

Q:  I have been having this experience of what feels like an energy download that comes through my head. And it’s been going on for a long time and more recently in the last two or three years it’s become more intense. And I’ve been resisting them but now I’m not resisting them. My question is for myself is this because my body contracts and it’s very intense and so I’m not certain if my ego is attempting to prevent the incoming information or frequency but I’m also accepting it now from my higher self if that’s the case. So I’d like some clarification on that.

OWS:  What you are receiving here is something that is being blocked, as you are saying, by your ego center because of past, because of past understandings from past lives and patterns that you have come from and brought into this lifetime as well. And because of this you are being, as we say here, blocked somewhat. But there’s a part of you that is releasing now, letting this go. And once you are able to fully let this go and let go of the past, let go of the patterns especially from the past, then you will be able to move fully and receive this information that you are getting, these downloads as you are saying. And then you will be able to more freely move beyond whatever it is now that you are feeling held back by. Okay?

Q: Okay and I’m curious if it might have anything to do with my family lineage because we are all very sensitive and as far as being ostracized and also past life memories of the Burning Times.

OWS:  There is the correct in that sense. You are being blocked from this because it was a very disconcerting lifetime that predominantly the source of this pattern comes from. And it was in dealing with the arts … the black arts as we find it at this time.

Q:  I see. Okay. So we were talking about forgiveness earlier so I guess I’ve got some more work to do.

OWS:  Yes. Forgive and forget. Let it all go.

Q:  I know everything boils down to our own discernment but we had a very lively discussion today about a group that publishes these videos that’s called the A Team, Tom Price and the Mother, and I just wanted to know if there’s any little insights you could share about the integrity of this group or some of their postings. And, if you can share, was there some form of surrender from the Queen to President Trump.

OWS:  We seldom will give information about individuals or groups or whatever it might be because we always say it is not the messenger that counts, it is the message. So if the message resonates within you, within your heart center, then you know it to be true. So beyond whether it is this group or that group or this individual or that individual is accurate or bringing forth important news, or whatever it might be, you need to use your discernment at all times. This is what this is all about at this point: using your discernment. Learning to do that. Learning to go within. That is using your discernment. Learning to go within find the center — or as one said earlier — the zero point at your heart center and able to then continue to find the truth that resonates within you.

As to the one you are speaking of the Donald Trump here and the surrendering of the Queen, we cannot give that directly but we can say that you are on the right track.

Q:  A few nights ago I was sitting outside and doing my spiritual work late at night. All of a sudden I felt and heard — very loud and very strong right next to me — I was standing right outside my apartment building and I could feel the vibration and the sound of a heartbeat. Very distinct. And it kind of threw me back I was like, oh what the heck?! What is this? Where is it coming from? I thought maybe somebody had something going on close by that was just bouncing off my building but it went away for a few seconds and came right back. It did let me know whatever [it was] was happening. Did I feel that? Was that part of the fifth dimension we’re feeling and seeing and, actually, you know, just seeing other things in reference to the fifth and higher dimensions?

OWS:  Exactly as you are saying. Yes. Everyone experiences these things in different ways, in different understandings, and you are experiencing an understanding for yourself in that moment. And those moments will increase for everyone here. All of you will begin more and more to experience that humming sound or that vibrational sound that is there in the winds, you just need to open up to it. You need to reach the frequency to be able to experience it. And those of you, many of you are doing this within your dream state now — in that altered realities state, you might say — in those times. And you are experiencing these changes or these revealings beyond the physical understanding, beyond the 3D illusion area understanding. You are getting into the higher vibrations and experiencing what is there at those vibrations. It will open up a whole new vista world to you at that point.

Q:  Very good thank you. Also I’ve been really paying attention to my body lately, especially with all the downloads that are occurring right now, and I realize that they’re doing work at that time when I’m feeling pain go from right leg to left leg right before my eyes, and also tingling is going on in different areas. And that to me is … gosh, I’m so grateful to be able to be experiencing these and knowing it’s our upgrades coming!

OWS: Yes very good.

Q:  Sometimes my meditations recently in the last few months I find myself impulsively singing, which is interesting to me because I’ve never trained to be a singer and is something I have an affinity for, but it sounds sort of Native American in essence. I’m wondering if this is Light Language that is coming through and if so how can I go about cultivating it further?

OWS:  What we can tell you is just go with it. Whatever it is, go with it. That one there that is Cynthia here, that has been in those groups that were down there and working with these vibrations, what did we tell you in that time Cynthia? We said go with it. Go within. Feel the energy. Feel the vibration. Let it go. Do not be concerned about what anyone else thinks — although there were only those four of you there at the time — but do not be concerned about that. Just let it go, let it be whatever it is that’s within you. Just allow it to be. Just as the song, Let It Be. Okay? And then once you do this you will find that everything is going according to how you need to continue to respond and move forward here. Okay?

Q:  I understand that Samuel the Prophet is of the Brotherhood, probably specifically the Amethystine Order, so my question is, is he hanging with you guys while you work with us? In other words is he part of the group of One Who Serves who is working through James?

OWS:  He directly is not one of the One Who Serves, one of our collective and working through the James here, but he is certainly a part of the Brotherhood. But you must understand that there are many brotherhoods. There is not just the one. There are many infinite number of brotherhoods you might say, throughout the galaxy, throughout the universe, throughout the many universes, and the many dimensions and understandings beyond that so there is so much so yet to understand. But do not be concerned with one individual here. And that one individual, of course as you are saying, the Samuel was not just the Samuel. That Samuel has been many different Beings and experiences before it was the Samuel. You see? So do not become concerned or what you call bogged down with one particular name and understanding to go with that name. There is so much more to that. Just as there is so much more to each and every one of you. Each and every one of you are part of these many brotherhoods and sisterhoods as well or you would otherwise not be on this call. You would not be resonating with these calls. You see?

Q:  Yes thank you. Is he directly connected with Metatron then?

OWS: We cannot give you that at this point. That revealing will come to you when it is necessary.

Q:  I just am reaching out to get confirmation, if I could, if I am working with the crystals properly and tuning to what its’ ultimate use is going to be. Can you give me a vote on that?

OWS: You are looking for confirmation as to the direction you are going with these various crystals and the confirmation is there. You are on the right track in many ways. There are some understandings that you have not reached yet, understandings that you knew a long time ago that you had not remembered yet. But that remembrance is also coming back to you or will come back to you. Just need to continue to work directly as you are doing. And when you find yourself at the Advance you will then bring this forward and you will find that there will be others there at the time that will add to your understanding and revealings in those moments.

Q:  Oh I know it’s going to be a great exposé. Thank you very much.

OWS:  Now we are ready to release channel.

One Who Serves

We appreciate everyone that is a part of this expression on a continuing basis. And knowing that you are all so much important here to continue to carry this work forward not only through this one James, but through … there are so many sources now that are bringing this information forward. Not so much bringing information, but bringing the remembrances forward here, so that all are coming into more and more of an awakened state.

And as you continue to awaken, then you create an awakening process all around you so that others that come in contact with your Light also begin to awaken. And as they awaken they continue to help others awaken and so on and so on. So you are all so important to this, whether you are directly involved in bringing the direct information to others or you are what you would say, hanging in the … hanging in the winds? (Is that the correct saying here? In the wings? Hanging in the wings? We are not getting this correctly here.) But standing beside, standing back and allowing for these energies to continue to come through you, these downloads continue to come through you and to you.

And as this happens you will continue then to be able to share and spread the light further and further. To keep those flames burning within not only each one of you, but encouraging the fanning of the flames within so many more around you.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”


18.04.20 – Advance on Friday Morning One Who Serves teaches the Lemurian Chant of Old Souls coming back together

 hear mp3 |pdf


One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during the April Advance on Friday Morning, in Payson, AZ on April 20, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves


[Group joins in with the chant]




Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Om

There is an echo here. Ommmmm Ommmmm.


Wonderful! We enjoyed that. That’s good. You sounded just like us.


Wonderful! How do you feel now?

GROUP: High as a kite?

OWS: High as a kite?


This is a good high though, is it not?

GROUP: A natural one!

OWS: A natural one, yes! [inaudible] I must tell you. You will find the time is coming. You will find other ways, but they will be legal and everything will be okay.


Remember, even Yeshua himself, he drank wine, right?

GROUP: He made wine!

OWS: He made wine too. Yes. That is the best. Yes. Can you imagine if you could do that, take water and make it into wine? Don’t need to go out and buy your wine anymore. Just have it here. Yes.

We are having good times. We are ready for good times and we are going to do these chants here now.

We are going to attempt to do it—to use this one’s voice here as best we can and see how it goes here.
And we will do what we can to modulate this voice, so that there is not difficulty maybe as there was last evening. But we will see here.

But the James was asked to give you the back story of this somewhat, and there is much more. We are not going to go into the long story here about this, but just that it is all part of the journey. And not only that was part of the journey, but you are all on a journey. You are all on your own journey. You are working toward much that you came here to do. You each one have a mission here. Some of you already know what that mission is. Some of you are just beginning to come into understanding of it, and some have not yet. But it is going to be revealed to you by your Higher God Self, as these things things continue to move on.

And what you are doing here this weekend, is to help you prepare for all of this. To get your vibrations going here. To get your blood boiling. All of this stuff here. To get you into a place, prepared, acclimated, and everything for these energies, so that as these energies continue to come in, it will not floor you. It will raise you up. It will let you soar into the heavens of your own Higher Self and your
Spirit within you.

So everything is being planned. Everything is being orchestrated, and you, my dear friends, are all part of this great orchestration and this great plan. We want you to know that. We tell you that many times, but we want you to fully believe that you are a part of this. Even the ones of you that never say anything.
That you are very quiet and passive, and that is okay too, because you are here. And you are spreading the Light without your even knowing that you are spreading the Light.

So, okay, we are going to begin the chants here. And we are going to just do them for you once here, and then we are going to ask you each one, including those of you on the phone, to do it to yourself, as best you can, and to go along with this. And with each time you do it, feel the raising of the vibration within
you. That is what is important here, is raising your vibrations.

This is a tool. A tool to do this, a tool to raise your vibrations. We have purposely held this off until this time for so many of you because it was not yet the moment for you to have this high vibrational frequency to begin to work with, but now is the time for this.

There are so many things that are in the works, so many things in process here, and this is just to continue to help prepare you. To give you the tools, to assist you in everything that you are going to come about to do here. Okay?

The first part of this is we are going to do the full, what the James calls here, the Ya de alla su Abba and this is the old soul and it goes:

Old Soul, Old Soul, wherein we return

Wherein we return as one together
Seeking Thy Light
Serving Thy Light
Knowing Thy Light
Making known thy hand print within the earth
Where Thou hast placed

Where Thou hast placed
Thy Sacred Seal within man’s Heart
Where he would open
Where he would know
Remembrance, remembrance forever.

So this is the Old Souls coming back together again, remembering the Ancient Knowings, the ancient memories, all of this coming back together. This is the Ancient Awakenings. Awakenings of the Ancient Memories within you. This was why it was given to the James here—to reach out. This is a vibration. Ancient Awakenings directly is a vibration. It sets a vibration, and this vibration reaches out to all that are ready to receive it.

Some of you have said when you joined this group, you say that you were guided here. And, yes, many of you were guided here, in many different ways. So you are here, and this is how the Mother Tongue and from ancient Lemuria and Mu went here.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese
Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm
Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm
Everyone now, do it with us here as best you can.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



Wonderful! Again.

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese, Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



Wonderful! How do you feel?

[Subdued audience reaction]

Everyone feel good? Raised vibrations. Feeling the energies flowing through you? Some may be feeling the rising of the kundalini. You feel re-energy in your spinal column, the electric feeling. Anyone here?

GROUP: Yes, I’m burning.
Yes, very good, very good.

This one is losing voice here somewhat, but we will spirit up to continue here. Now we are going to give the seven a chance that came from this Ya de alla su Abba. That as the James said, he received little by little here. Until it was all put together.

This was not only designed to be able to find the records, but to find the records within, and to raise the vibrations enough so that the memories could return and so that those ones that were there could begin to move into those higher vibrations and therefore, unlock the key that was set.

There was actually a key. An etheric key you would say, that was set at that time. An etheric lock, rather. And the key was needed to open this lock. The key being a combination. Not a combination like you know of in your locks today, but a combination of vibration, different tones could be used to open up that lock that was set so that there was protection for these records. Because it was not time. It is still as of yet not time to have these records. Although if those ones that have been working toward this and had been successful in finishing this, they would have the records in their possession and would have kept them from those of the dark forces from receiving them until the right time.

But for now, we begin here.

The first is the “Call to the Earth.” The call of the Spirit of the Earth, and it goes:

AAh Eee Uhmmmm


AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Keeping doing it and as you do it, feel the Earth, feel the Earth’s energy as you do this:

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

One more time.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Very good! And the next one is

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

This is the waters. The waters. You have the earth, water, fire, and air, for the

first four.

This is the “Waters.”

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

Notice as you do that, and we purposely use the last syllable, the mmmmmm at the end there, to build the resonation there, to build the vibration. Do it again now. This time, feel it at the end there as you do the third syllable here.

AAh Ra Ummmm

Did you feel the resonance within your body at that point? As it resonates with those parts of your body, this is designed to reach into your body. To reach into your physical form, and work on this. This is also a DNA process.
You may not know this, but we are going to share it now that you are going to be working with your DNA here—downloads as you call them. To begin more and more to reconnect various parts of your DNA. This is one way to do this.

You can also do this with crystals and other tools that are available, and more that are going to become available. But it is mostly involved with sound and vibration.

Now the next one is “Fire” associated with your third chakra. If you noticed, these are associated with your chakra centers as we go up the scale here. So this next one is fire and third chakra, the adrenal glands.

And this goes:

AAh Ohmmmm


AAh Ohmmmm

AAh Ohmmmm

A deep breath after each time. Feel the energies continuing to rise within you.
The next one is associated with your fourth chakra, and air. And this one goes

AAh Eee Yammmmm


AAh Eee Yammmmm

AAh Eee Yammmmm

This particular one is a heart opening chant. This is what was used in those times to open that center, although in those times, many were open much of the time in that fourth chakra area.

But those of you, those of you that have been trapped in this illusion for some time, trapped of your own volition though, we might add here, but those of you that have been trapped in this have been holding on to this vibration for a long time now. In the third chakra predominantly.

Those in the beginning were in the first chakra, which is earth, which is survival, and that was the predominant modus operandi as you might say at that time. And then, once the survival was taken care of, they moved into the second chakra. They being the civilizations at that time.

And this was the pleasure, Rome and all of this was associated more and more with finding pleasure in life. They had conquered much of the survival needs in many cases and were now searching for pleasure in their lives, and their psychic abilities were beginning here as well.

And then you moved to the third chakra which is those of you still coming out of the dark ages now, you might say, coming into the light more and more, but very third chakra oriented. Very fear or flight type of thing, where the adrenal glands are activated, and you feel that fire within you and the anger sometimes, and all of these kinds of things.

But you are moving now more and more out of the third chakra and the awakening of the fourth chakra. Becoming back of the Divine Feminine here, the Goddess that has been lost and put back behind the scenes for a long time, but that is no longer. The feminine energies are coming back to balance everything off and this is the dominantly the fourth chakra, feminine is fourth chakra. Feminine is heart. And this is what is exploding now. Beginning to expand and grow as the heart expands. As consciousness expands with the heart. So that was the fourth one. The fifth one now is associated with— where do you think?

GROUP: The throat.

OWS: The throat, yes! The fifth chakra, the thyroid gland if you will. And this is the speaking area. Your Will center. And you are working toward activating this. Those of you that have awakened, are activating your Will, are changing the programming that you have had. The programming that is largely associated with your lower chakras here. But you are moving into the higher chakras and your Will is taking over. Your “Higher Will” is taking over from your ego center. Your ego center is predominantly the fire area in your third chakra. But then the fourth chakra is the one that balances the two, you see? So you are moving now into the fifth, and this one is a little bit more difficult to do here, but we will attempt to do so, and then you will follow along. Okay?

AAh Pah Rammmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

By now, many of you are feeling the energies continuing to rise. Some of you have actually had it arise all the way up into your fifth chakra now. If you have not, no need to be concerned here. This is something that you can do regularly here. We will have the James put it out there for you to be able to utilize if you wish. Again, another tool that is used here.

Now we are moving here to the sixth chakra, and the sixth chakra is your third eye center. The awakening of the intuition within all of you. The awakening of the psychic senses once again. Rather than the awakening, we will say the “RE-AWAKENING” of this area. The dormant third eye, but for many of you, it is no longer dormant. It is coming alive.

When you are seeing things that are not there, according to other people, when you are feeling things from others, when you are getting in touch psychically with other people around you, when you are walking into a room, and you feel the energies, or you see the energies, this is utilizing your third eye center and re-awakening this pineal gland here. The pineal gland that has been in many cases for a long time now calcified by either fluoride that has been put in the water here, by the programming that has been associated with your civilization here, but all of this is changing now. All of this is about awakening the third eye. Awakening the Star Gate. Do you hear what we say here? The Star Gate that is there for you to travel the universe when you learn the technique here. When you learn how to manipulate and work with your mer’kaba or merka’ba, however you wish to say it here. Your personal light vehicle. This is what you are doing here, activating this again. Re-activating it. And now this is a simple one.
You have already done it somewhat.

It is the

Tuu mmmm


Tuu mmmm

As you are doing this Tuu mmmm now, feel your eye center, your third eye center. Feel it awakening. Feel the pressure that may be there in your head at this point as you do it. As it vibrates there. Each one of these chants is to vibrate at that particular area—if you have not already noticed that.

Tuu mmmm

One more time.Tuu mmmm

Take a deep breath in between each one.

Continue to feel the energies, feel the life force within you awakening, working its way up.

And the last one is the seventh chakra. That being the pituitary gland, the “Master Gland” you might say that controls all the other glands in your body. The seventh chakra, the crown chakra. And this one is simple as well and you have been doing this. This is the word, the word that created everything. Not
exactly pronounced as this, but this is the closest that the human voice can come to this sound, this vibration. You all know what that is.




Now we go through all of them one time here, and as you go up the ladder here, Jacob’s Ladder, as you may have heard of this before, as you move up with the vibration from each one, starting with the earth, then the water, then the fire, then the air, then the ether, then mind… you see how it works here? And go
up in vibration as you move up each one and feel the resonance, feel the higher vibration, feel the tone that this brings or rather the tone this brings to the vibration here. It is meant to awaken each center as you move up here.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

AAh Ra Ummm

AAh Ohmmmm

AAh Eee Yammmmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

Tuu mmmm


Now generally, you would continue to do these again and again and again, and continue to raise the vibration and feel the resonance to continue to raise higher and higher within you, but we are going to not do this because this one’s voice is going here. And we cannot continue too much longer here. We have already taxed the system. But we appreciate all of your assistance here.

Working with this and this is for preparation here. Preparation for what is going to happen in the rest of the times here for this weekend. Certainly what is going to occur tomorrow evening when we attempt, and we say attempt, here, because this has never been done, as we are going to do it here. It was done with a small group long ago if you remember here, with your Bible and all of this. But we are going to attempt to do this as a large group and even over your phone contraption here, and do the best that can be, but we know from understanding how the vibrations work here that it will have an effect on all that participate in this, and more importantly, all that believe that what they are getting here as we do this, it is really happening.

As soon as your belief system begins to fade though and you begin to say to yourself, “I am not really not doing this, it is not really happening. There is not really a dove or a flame over my head.” or whatever it might be. As soon as you get that thought, then you can forget it. It has dissipated for you. So we are
going to built up to that though tomorrow evening. This is all designed to build up to that process.

Also, that which the one here, the little one here, Randi Joy, is going to be doing with you, this is all part of the process here as well. It is not by happenstance that she just came up out of willy-nilly land with something to do here. This has come with the times. This is not what it is. It is real. It is an expression of Love. It is an expression of Vibration, that she is going to be bringing to this process here. We are fully behind what she is doing and she has great, not only protection, but she has great guidance through this whole process here.

So all of this is designed to work together this entire weekend. If you miss one of the particular programs, well then you are out of luck. No, that is not true. We are joking here. [Laughter]

Those of you on the phone think, “Oh my goodness! I’ve got to make every single session.” We would like you to, but you do not need to. That is okay. Just be what you are and what you are is wonderful and perfect, just as you are. You are wonderful, perfect, and whole within yourself. Within the Source that is
working within you and bringing your awakening to higher and higher levels here. Now we would ask those here in the room, not so much on the phone here because it is difficult to hear sometimes what you are saying now, because of the use of the different system here that they are having to use.

But those of you on the room, what you are going to say is most likely what those on the phone would also say because many of you have had similar experience to this. So we would ask those of you in the room, “What did you experience as you first heard the Old Soul, Old Soul, in the English language here? What did you feel in this, first of all?”

GROUP: “The warmth of feeling of coming home.”

OWS: We will repeat what you say so those on the phone can hear. “The warmth of feeling of   coming home.”

Yes, anyone else?

GROUP: “I felt my heart opening and blossoming.”

OWS: Your heart opening and blossoming, yes!

GROUP: “Tear of joy.”

OWS: Tears of joy.

GROUP: “A connection.”

OWS: A connection. Yes, you are all connected. You have no idea yet, those of you in the room, those of you on the phone, those of all of you in Ancient Awakenings, you have no idea yet fully of the connection that you all have. It is going to be a wonderful reunion when those of you are together with all
of the others that are waiting in the wings, you might say, to be a part of all of this. So get ready!

Others here, anybody else for the Old Soul, Old Soul?

GROUP: “Heat, great heat.”

OWS: Heat, great heat. Very good.

Now we move on into the Mother Tongue. The Ya de alla su Abba. Did anyone resonate to this? Did it bring back memories of when you may have already chanted that in past times?


OWS: Now we are going to give you a little bit of information here. Some of you may have already been feeling it.

That particular chant, the Ya de alla su Abba, the Old Soul, Old Soul, many of you, not all of you, but many of you actually sang that in those times back then. You actually did because it was a way to put the vibration out there so that the old souls could be reunited again. And many of you put that vibration into
the etheric element at that time to be retrieved, you might say, at this time now. So you have retrieved that vibration. This is what has drawn you back here to your family. Many of you call this your family. That is not happenstance that you are calling you all family here. You are not just a group. You ARE a family. And this is why you, many of you get along here so well together, and we marvel at this. This Oneness that is being developed here.

Now we move on to the chakra chants themselves. What did you feel when you began the first one, the earth chakra. AAh Eee Uhmmmm sound?

GROUP: Energy coming from the core of the Earth.

OWS: Yes. Did you feel that coming up in through your feet and up into your body. Did you feel the connection with Mother Earth?

GROUP: “I felt like a tree.”


OWS: A tree, yes. Your roots.

GROUP: “I felt like I was expanding, expanding, expanding.”

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Anyone else?

GROUP: “Activation.”

OWS: Activation. Very good.

Now we are not going through each one here, but as you went through the seven fully at the end there, did you feel a rising of kundalini. energy? Did anyone feel that?

GROUP: “YES” everyone in unison.

OWS: We have an affirmative across the board here for the most part. So for those of you on the phone, there are many who are saying YES. And we look into this and we can see some of you were nodding here. Now those here cannot see that, of course, but we can, and you were nodding and saying “Yes, yes. We felt that too.” So we do not want to leave you out on the phone. We are assuming they
are still on the phone, no? Are they still there?

PHONE: Yes. We are still here, can you hear us? Hello. We’re here! [Tremendous response]

“I saw a tree. A blossom tree was huge and many people who sat underneath it while you were chanting.

OWS: Very good. Yes. Someone here also felt that they were a tree. Very good. And we are hearing you loud and clear on the phone here. So that is wonderful. Is there anyone else that would like to say something from there?

PHONE: Yes, I saw, when we did all seven together, there was a huge ship over us and all this light just kept coming down activating through all the chakras. It was awesome!”

OWS: Very good, very good. Yes.

PHONE: “Vibrating, incredibly vibrating all the way up, almost like a sharp spike go up my back and my whole body was vibrating.”

OWS: Yes. That, my dear, is kundalini. energy activating, yes. Very good. And we would say to you that it is activating the kundalini. energy in a very safe manner. There is no need to be concerned about activating it too quickly or anything of that nature because you cannot do it when you do it in this way.
You cannot activate it.

Very good. Does anyone else here wish to share there on the phone here?

PHONE: At the third eye, I began to cry. And I just heard, “Eyes to see, ears to hear. Eyes to see, ears to hear. Eyes to see, ears to hear.”

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Very, very good. Anyone else?

PHONE: Well I saw a vision which was the great big tree, which was a massive blossom tree with lots of people were sat underneath it. Many were dressed in white, long, long white robes, but sat on like grass. It was beautiful.”

OWS: Yes. Very good. Anyone else here?

GROUP: “I saw a vortex around the whole house.”

OWS: Someone just said here in the room that they saw a vortex around the entire house here. Very good. Yes, there is, exactly that. A vortex has been created here, which is helping with the process and will help with the continuing process of this entire weekend here. This is in some cases our doing in creating this, but you have activated it and made it even stronger here. You will understand why there is a vortex later on this weekend here. Get ready, because there could very well be a nice show here.

GROUP: “I felt a wholeness, a oneness.”

OWS: A wholeness, a oneness. Yes. Good.

GROUP: “Even before we got to the pineal gland, I was seeing in my third eye, it would start a blue

[noise interference]…”

OWS: Yes. Pulsating lights. Colors, yes. Very good.

Anyone else?

GROUP: “I experienced sensations, along with the vibrating also sensations of a cold and a hot at different times.”

OWS: Yes, sensations of cold and hot. That is often an indicator of kundalini. arising as well. Did anyone feel electricity?

GROUP: [Group response positive.] Yes!

OWS: Electricity all through your body. Yes. This is an indication of kundalini. arising.

GROUP: “I felt like an energy that was pushing from the bottom up and when it got to the top of my head, like a membrane was like a [inaudible] like a wide membrane held up.”

[all talking at once]

OWS: We could not quite understand, so we cannot share with those over the phone here.

GROUP: “It felt like a little white veil, very thin and transparent.”

OWS: White veil. Yes.

What would that be?

GROUP: That was a compression breakthrough.

OWS: Yes. A compression breakthrough. Where have you heard that before, those of you? You are in Prepare for Change Group, that comes from the one known as Cobra. Compression breakthrough.

That is Cobra. It has nothing to do with the snake. Just so you know.


Compression breakthrough is when the forces from above, then the forces from below, the forces of Light from above, and forces of Light from below compress onto the surface of the planet and compress out all the remaining darkness. That is what this is about. And what happens when Light comes into dark? It illuminates the darkness. So there can never be enough dark to darken out the Light. But even just a pinpoint of Light could illuminate an entire room, you see?
This room is full of Light!

GROUP: You can see compression breakthrough in a seed when it first bursts out to let its roots begin to grow.

OWS: Yes.

GROUP: Another compression breakthrough happens when it reaches the surface just as it gets to the top and comes above the darkness into the Light.
Another compression breakthrough is in the womb when an egg is fertilized, there is a compression breakthrough where Light is released.

OWS: Very good! We like that. That is very good. There are many compression breakthroughs.


GROUP: It’s really to me like creating. It’s creation is when that happens because a seed is a beginning of life.

OWS: Yes.

[Inaudible in background]

We know that people cannot hear you on the phone. But you are only speaking to those here in the room.

GROUP: Okay.

OWS: Loudly. Speak out!

GROUP: A big 5-inch black top and in the spring, all of a sudden, the top starts to bow. Eventually it opens up.



OWS: Ah yes! You wonder sometimes where you look especially in your desert area, those of you from the Phoenix area, and you see a little sprout coming up in the rock, and you wonder, there is no water getting into it; how does this thing come up? It is nature. Nature will always find a way.

GROUP: Another compression breakthrough is when a baby is about to be born and the water breaks, and that same membrane, like you were saying, that membrane opens and the baby moves through the portal. Then another compression breakthrough is when the head actually comes out and there is the
light from the darkness.

OWS: Now, we will take this all the way back to the beginning of the beginnings here. In the compression breakthrough that happened then, or there was only darkness. There was only unmanifest, and unmanifest decided to become manifest. Decided to bring on the Light. Let there be Light! Light
was manifest creation. Created by the sound. The word. In the beginning was the word. And the word was of God and the word was God. The Ohmmmm sound. Again, not directly as that, but imagine what the God Source, Prime Creator would sound like? You see? You think we can Om…


Think what Prime Creator can do. You see?

GROUP: You just explained the Creation.

OWS: Yes! How about that? It is very simple, is it not? There is only man that has made it very complicated. Adam and Eve story and all of these things. You know?

GROUP: And that was created by sound.

OWS: Yes, sound. Sound was the beginning. Vibration. Better than sound, vibration. Yes. And have we not said over and over and over, everything is vibration. Everything is vibration and consciousness. Vibration leads to higher consciousness and higher consciousness leads to higher vibration. You see? It is all intertwined. Very good. Very good.

What time do you have here?

GROUP: 12:18

OWS: Twelve eighteen, very good. We are going to release channel here now. And we do not want to overtax the system here. It is good that there is a break between this time and this evening time for this one to literally catch his breath, you might say. And to work through this and we will again attempt to do this again, not these chants again. That was probably too much here for this one, but we are going to do what is planned for this evening and then, you are going to have this afternoon, that we are understanding though, we are finding the James is over there telling us now this is not for the phone audience here at this
3 o’clock time. Is that correct?

GROUP: That’s correct.

OWS: This will only be for those here in the room because of the necessity of it being just with the people that are gathered here in person. But the rest of the times will all be for those of you on the phone as well. So you will be back to join us again at the 8 o’clock time as the Arizona time here. Is that correct?


OWS: Very good. Then we sign off. We leave the building. Whatever you want to call it.

Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”

10.04.20 – Lemurian Chant of Old Souls Coming Back Together

hear | mp3 |pdf

[NOTE: Taught by One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell at the April Advance on April 20, 2018.] This is a tool. A tool to raise your vibrations. This is the Old Souls coming back together again, remembering the Ancient Knowings, the ancient memories, all of this coming back together. This is the Ancient Awakenings. Awakenings of the Ancient Memories within you.


 Old Soul, Old Soul, wherein we return

Wherein we return as one together

Seeking Thy Light

Serving Thy Light

Knowing Thy Light

Making known thy hand print within the earth

Where Thou hast placed

Where Thou hast placed

Thy Sacred Seal within man’s Heart

Where he would open

Where he would know

Remembrance, remembrance forever.


Ancient Awakenings directly is a vibration. It sets a vibration, and this vibration reaches out to all that are ready to receive it.

There is actually a key. A key to the etheric lock that was set at the time of Lemuria. The key is needed to open this lock. The key being a combination of vibration, different tones could be used to open up that lock that was set so that there was protection for these records.

This is in the language of the Mother Tongue and from ancient Lemuria and Mu:

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese,

Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm
Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm

You have the earth, water, fire, and air, for the first four.

The first is the “Call to the Earth.” The call of the Spirit of the Earth.

Chant each 3 or more times to build the vibration momentum till the point where you completely let go and just let it flow. Feel the resonance within and with practice, build to a crescendo. At that point you may begin to feel at ONE with everything.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

Keeping doing it and as you do it, feel the Earth, feel the Earth’s energy as you do this. Notice as you do that, and we purposely use the last syllable, the mmmmmm at the end there, to build the resonation there, to build the vibration. Feel the resonance within your body at that point. As it resonates with those parts of your body, this is designed to reach into your body. To reach into your physical form, and work on this. This is also a DNA process.

You can also do this with crystals and other tools that are available, and more that are going to become available. But it is mostly involved with sound and vibration.

This is the “Waters.” Repeat each chant three times.

AAh Ra Ummmm

 Now the next one is “Fire” associated with your third chakra. If you noticed, these are associated with your chakra centers as we go up the scale here. So this next one is fire and third chakra, the adrenal glands.

AAh Ohmmmm

 Take a deep breath after each chant. Feel the energies continuing to rise within you.

The next one is associated with your fourth chakra, and air. And this one goes

AAh EeeYammmmm

 This particular one is a heart opening chant. This is what was used in those times to open that center, although in those times, many were open much of the time in that fourth chakra area. But those of you, those of you that have been trapped in this illusion for some time, trapped of your own volition though, we might add here, but those of you that have been trapped in this have been holding on to this vibration for a long time now. In the third chakra predominantly.

The fifth one now is associated with the fifth chakra, the thyroid gland.

And this is the speaking area. Your Will center. And you are working toward activating this. Those of you that have awakened, are activating your Will, are changing the programming that you have had. The programming that is largely associated with your lower chakras here. But you are moving into the higher chakras and your Will is taking over. Your “Higher Will” is taking over from your ego center. Your ego center is predominantly the fire area in your third chakra. But then the fourth chakra is the one that balances the two, you see? So you are moving now into the fifth, and this one is a little bit more difficult to do here, but we will attempt to do so, and then you will follow along.

AAh Pah Rammmm

 By now, many of you are feeling the energies continuing to rise. Some of you have actually had it arise all the way up into your fifth chakra now. If you have not, no need to be concerned here. This is something that you can do regularly here.

Now we are moving here to the sixth chakra, and the sixth chakra is your third eye center. The awakening of the intuition within all of you. The awakening of the psychic senses once again. Rather than the awakening, we will say the “RE-AWAKENING” of this area. The dormant third eye, but for many of you, it is no longer dormant. It is coming alive.

Tuu mmmm

 As you are doing this “Toomm” now, feel your eye center, your third eye center. Feel it awakening. Feel the pressure that may be there in your head at this point as you do it. As it vibrates there. Each one of these chants is to vibrate at that particular area—if you have not already noticed that. Take a deep breath in between each one.

And the last one is the seventh “crown” chakra, the pituitary “Master Gland” that controls all the other glands in your body. This is the word that created everything. Not exactly pronounced as this, but this is the closest that the human voice can come to this sound, this vibration. You all know what that is.


 Now we go through all of them one time here, and as you go up the Jacob’s Ladder, move up with the vibration from each one, starting with the earth, then the water, then the fire, then the air, then the ether, then mind… you see how it works here? And as you move up in vibration feel the resonance, feel the higher vibration, feel the tone this brings to the vibration. It is meant to awaken each center as you move up here.

AAh Eee Uhmmmm

 AAh Ra Ummmm

 AAh Ohmmmm

 AAh EeeYammmmm

 AAh Pah Rammmm

 Tuu mmmm



 Continue to do these again and again and again, and continue to raise the vibration and feel the resonance to continue to raise higher and higher within you

Working with this and this is for preparation here. We know from understanding how the vibrations work here that it will have an effect on all that participate in this, and more importantly, all that believe that what they are getting here as we do this, it is really happening.

As soon as your belief system begins to fade though and you begin to say to yourself, “I am not really not doing this, it is not really happening. There is not really a dove or a flame over my head.” or whatever it might be. As soon as you get that thought, then you can forget it. It has dissipated for you. So we are going to built up to that though tomorrow evening. This is all designed to build up to that process.

Channeled by James McConnell



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”


18.04.21 – Becoming Healthier, And A More Mindful Human Being

hear | mp3 |pdf

Randy Joy Conference on Becoming Healthier, And A More Mindful Human Being
[Recording begins in mid-sentence]

RANDI: There has got to be a better solution. So that’s where I started doing this and I started finding out there IS a better solution(s). They had all just been hidden in this matrix like everything else because that’s part of becoming more aware is staying healthy. Because really, if we come down to it, the ascension it is about what? If you can name one thing that is really here to say “that’s what it is?”

AUDIENCE: Consciousness,

RANDI: So balance, neutrality, right? And then there is something that comes with that? I would say that is the baseline.

AUDIENCE: Harmony?

RANDI: Harmony. Vibration. Right? It’s vibration. If we were to raise our frequencies by raising our vibration, you can do all these things to raise your vibration like meditate all day long, but if you’re sick and you’re miserable, is it easy to hold that vibration?

AUDIENCE: Hell no.

RANDI: It becomes really, really difficult. Right?

AUDIENCE: Impossible.

RANDI: Almost impossible, yeah. And as a matter of fact, you have to usually realize other people’s vibrations a lot of times, just to help you make it through the day. And so that’s kind of where I was. I was in this space where I couldn’t even go to work because I was so miserable. And I had to learn because that started to help me learn about vibration and I realized that I can’t be effective in this life at all if I am sick all the time. And I’d rather be dead than that.

So I just started learning this stuff where I kind of got on this journey and that’s where I realized, it’s really about learning balance in the body as well. As long as the body is balanced, it is at ease. Anything that throws it out of balance, it becomes at dis-ease. Needing something then to put it at ease.
So we talk about things that put the body at ease, or what causes dis-ease. Some people can handle more levels of things that cause dis-ease than others. I have brothers, they can drink soda for breakfast with a candy bar, and that’s what they do, and they go and they are just fine. Like literally their bodies can
handle it. If I did that, I would be dead on the couch that day because it would throw me out of balance so much.

Now that doesn’t mean that that constantly over and over and that chronic isn’t going to develop something later on, which is what he doesn’t look at. I say, you may not feel that now, but eventually those things will catch up to you. We live in a world that until there it is a problem, a lot of times we don’t like to address it. Right? We just keep living with our old programs and going, and you know what? I did have a grandpa who lived to be 96 years old that smoked an entire pack of cigarettes every day, that ate whatever the crap he wanted that is completely unhealthy, and did everything that was completely unhealthy, but he was just fine.

So everybody has their own level of what imbalance they can handle. That is for you to figure out.

RITA: Everybody’s constitution is different.

RANDI: Everybody is different. Absolutely.

AUDIENCE: He had good genes.

RANDI: He must have! So there is that level that we each have. But for us to do it, to say, “Okay, whatlevel can I handle?” And if I am at dis-ease, figure out why. If it’s emotional, if it’s physical, whatever. Whatever is causing this dis-ease, we’re talking about the physical in this session, but you know, there is
the emotional dis-ease, and all these things that usually are also related to our physical dis-ease. Okay?

So this is a class I normally teach in a two-hour PowerPoint, so I am just going to reduce it significantly, so we can just kind of have more of a discussion with it for this atmosphere. A lot of you think “I already have a lot of insight on this, and I have kind of been on this journey and have kind of had my own experiences with it,” so I am certainly open to the sharing and what you found that
works for you, and whatever. So I am just going to kind of guide the discussion in it. But feel free to say, “You know what? I did this and this, and this worked amazing for me.” Or, “I did this, and this didn’t work amazingly for me. This caused me to feel worse.” In that way, it is kind of talking about this alleged, and sometimes we have to try what doesn’t work, to say, “Okay, that’s not really certain that’s going to work.” Like trying the medicine the doctors gave me.
“I tried that. It’s just, I thought it just didn’t serve my highest good, so I looked for something different another way.” And that’s kind of what we do in this reality, right? We look at all the possibilities, we might try them, we might say, “This makes sense. I’m going to try this.”

AUDIENCE: Ruling things out.

RANDI: Yeah. Ruling things out. Most people, they just keep going back to the doctor and I just want to say, “Why are you doing this? You are not getting any better.” I had this one guy that his wife called me. She asked me to do this protocol. So I did this whole protocol for him and she said, “He doesn’t want to do any of that.”

I said, “Why not?”

“Because he doesn’t understand it.”

I said, “Well that’s a good reason not to do it.” You know?


He is literally dying of cancer. They told him that nothing is going to work that they can do, and still, he is not willing to do something different. Even if it doesn’t work. Right?

But that is the mindset of where he is stuck in this old program that doctors know, and because of like, “Well, what are her qualifications? She is self-taught, she taught herself from the Health Food Store, then read stuff on the internet later…” You know what I mean? Like that is not enough to say “Maybe there is
something to it.”

Am I qualified to do that? Am I? I don’t know. That’s just what I do, because it helps the people that are ready to be helped? Yes. Is it going to help people who are not ready to be helped? No.

AUDIENCE: Another situation that I have run into in trying to help people …

[fumbling with microphone…silence, then sound returns]

Okay, then I just want to share a different aspect of trying to help people that had done nothing but go to doctors, and they are sick, and they are sick, and they are sick. And so, I give them some information maybe that I have gotten off of the Internet, or that I have tried and found it successful, and they said,
“Oh, thank you. I’ll take this to my doctor and see what he says.”


Well, you might as well throw it out the window. That’s my opinion [Laughing].

RANDI: And that’s true, but I have advice that legally I should be reading to you my disclaimer before I start.


But [inaudible] with this group holds a vibrational level, then I don’t have to read it to you.

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice under guidance of a doctor or a licensed healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. So this is what I have to read every time I do an actual presentation because of all this bull. Okay, so there is my disclaimer. What I tell you is all bullshit and just believe your doctor.


Okay, you can choose that or not. This is your choice to choose whatever resonates with you. And with everything in here and everything else. There is a time when I think doctors have an absolute place and they have had miracles and I am very grateful for all that they have done. So I see the balance in that as
well. And I honor what they do and where they are needed.

JAMES: Especially for broken bones; they can set it.

RANDI: Exactly. My son broke his elbow and the guy did amazing work for us.

AUDIENCE: They saved my life in a critical situation.

They saved my daughter’s life.

[Audience verbally agrees]

They made me walk.

RANDI: There you go! Exactly. Yes.

RITA: Kryon said a person asked, “Should we go to doctors.” He said, “Absolutely! Because God is in them too! And that God goes in there and if he’s got gangrene in his leg, and they’ve got to take it off, the surgeons are,” you know, he did get his leg back on, he can walk again with an artificial one, and so he said, “Yes, God is in them. But…” he says, “this with them handing all these pills out and all that, a lot of them may not be exercising the God in them. It’s money.”

[Audience agrees.] “That’s exactly right.”

RANDI: That’s a good point. And with everything, it’s about following your heart, right? If your heart says, “You know what, for this situation, I feel like I need to talk to this doctor. For this situation, I want to look at this.” So listen to your heart. I tell this to my clients all the time. I say, “Ask that the answers will come to you.” They might come in the most amazing, surprising form. I said, “I might have a piece of what you need for your journey. That doesn’t mean I have all the answers for everything you need for your healing.” I said, “You might be
driving down the street, and there is a billboard that you drive by that for some reason speaks something to you that has an answer that you are looking for in there.”

Right? So everything is just about following the heart. But when you follow your heart and seek answers for something, you’ll find them. There is always a way, unless your path is just to be miserable in this life and be sick all the time, which I don’t think that is the path for most people. Now I am not to judge, and maybe that is someone’s path. Maybe that’s what they came here to experience—is illness. It’s not for me to say that it’s not. And so, I can only show up in the capacity that I am able to show up for people and allow the Universe to give them whatever experience is right for them. Right? Does that make sense?

[Audience agrees.]

Okay. So that’s the standpoint I come from. I am not saying this is the only answers and that there isn’t different answers for everyone. Because everyone has something different that they are looking for and that they need.

Okay, so, I want to relate this as much to this group as possible, and not necessarily how I always share it. So, I want basically to talk about general things that cause dis-ease in most people. So, the things you may not realize might be putting your body at dis-ease and then what we do to help balance those things,
and then from there, we will just take it to the level of whatever anybody wants to talk about. And if you have some news that, “You know what, I tried this and this really helps me.” Feel free to share those things.

So I want to look at is what’s causing the issue? Is pain an opioid deficiency?

[Audience disagrees.]

No, it’s not, right?

Is cardiovascular disease a statin deficiency?

[Audience disagrees.] “No”

Is depression a Prozac deficiency?

[Laughter from audience] NO!

Right? I mean, obviously these are all insanities, right? We don’t have a lot of Prozac in our life. We don’t have a lot of statin drugs in our life. That is not what is causing our bodies to be out of balance. So does it make sense to treat that imbalance with a statin drug, per se? You know, is that really a common sense approach to that. What would be a more common sense approach to that?

AUDIENCE: Find out what’s wrong?

RANDI: Right? Finding out what is the cause initially, right?

[Audience agrees.]

So that’s what sounds right, find the cause initially.

So if this is the symptom of something, what is the cause? If that’s the cause, how do we balance that?

How do we heal that? Okay? Really, that’s what the cause of disease is anyway, the imbalance. Right?

That’s where the dis-ease starts. Okay.

So, let’s talk about what causes typical dis-ease. Diet probably is definitely number one. Diet is number one.

AUDIENCE: Thinking. Your thoughts can cause your illness.

RANDI: Absolutely.

AUDIENCE: Like Louise Hay, I always mention her, and she says when people have a bad heart, it isbecause they have closed their heart. And then, she has mantras to change that. And diabetes, what causes that? Because that person thinks there is no sweetness left in life. And that’s what I had, see?
And at some point, I was thinking that. Now I know what I know now, I wouldn’t have thought that.

See? Because what I didn’t know is that was what was causing my disease.

AUDIENCE: Listen before to what she was saying about Louise Hay is that depending on the location, the location of the dis-ease. So if it is the head, having a vision, that could be the third eye. Right? I like  the way Louise Hay puts it in kind of like a street version, you know? You think you are judging people
too much or something of that nature, and that is where it is causing in that blockage.

AUDIENCE: And also, this can bring up in an area of trauma, like the throat was a definite area of trauma for me. In the world of not being ever able to speak my truth, and plus some physical things that did happen in my throat. So that’s right now where the thyroid took it, and I am actual healing, is showing up. And if you are raped or something, you often get cancer in some feminine area.

RANDI: I love how you say that “I am healing.” You didn’t say that “I am sick with it.” You said that “I am healing.” So that was good.

AUDIENCE: I’m very careful, right?


AUDIENCE: And they did, they said, “Well how about?” They said, “We have to schedule you for an appointment so we can cut out a piece of your thyroid.” I said, “Oh, thank you.”

[Laughter] All talking at once and inaudible.

AUDIENCE: I think fear can also cause insecurity, that you are not secure.
Emotional distress.


RANDI: Stress throws off the body’s pH, it throws off everything in the body instantly.

AUDIENCE: So all of those emotions actually…it’s not fear that causes the disease, it’s the impact on the immune system.

RANDI: It’s the vibration.

AUDIENCE: Yes. So the emotion of fear or the vibration of fear creates an interruption in the immune system doing its job. So I am pretty sure that any kind of illness originates within a defective immune system or the immune system that is not operating optimally. So, when we repair the immune system,
like Linda did. If you see what she did for… do you mind if I share?

LINDA: Sure.

AUDIENCE: Good, because I was going to do it anyway. No, I’m just kidding.
Anyway, so, what she did to repair her immune system to change her physical wellness, you can see that whatever supports your immune system will change some things… you know what I’m talking about… physically for you.

RANDI: Yeah. Absolutely. And really, that comes down to vibration, right? Food carries vibration, and when you put foods in your body that resonate with your vibration that you are resonating with, they actually bring more wellness to you. When you put foods in your body that are low vibration that bring you down, it lowers your vibration. You can bring that vibration right back up and balance it again.

Other people, they are so sensitive to the energy that those foods immediately draw them out of balance. This is about knowing yourself and your own vibration. And you know, maybe some people can handle a single piece of … um … cake, what was that we had today?

AUDIENCE: Cornbread. [Laughter}

RANDI: I couldn’t handle one bite of that. Well, I had a whole piece and a half today, because I could handle it now. But still, I have to be careful and still always watch that balance. If I eat too much of that, it would throw me out of balance.

AUDIENCE: I infused it with love.

RANDI: There you go! And maybe that’s why today, I could eat the whole thing! Because that’s vibration, right?

[Laughter, audience talking all at once, inaudible]

AUDIENCE: I’d like to share what has happened to me. When I got into some real spiritual development and teaching classes on how to develop and how to love yourself, and all that stuff, I realized that the medical profession was not really healing very many people. So I put out, now I want to do something to heal these people that the medical profession is not.

So, I was told, telepathically, that 98% of the problem that people have are irrational problems, because there is no logical reason for them in this lifetime. Like fear of water, and never having had a drowning incident in this life. They said 98% of that is caused by past life traumas that got locked into the
subconscious and carries on having breathing problems. And carried lifetime after lifetime. So we are going to teach you how to regress people.

For sure, I knew absolutely nothing about regression and back then, in those olden days, people didn’t even talk about their dreams. I mean, I’m talking a long time ago. And I said, “Well, all right, I’ll try it.”And so they did. They put me through exercises and meditations and no hypnosis, absolutely no hypnosis,
and by golly, it’s working now.

I do have a book about it, and the experiences and testimonials and everything, and after about 20 years of doing the work, I realized, “Gee, don’t really have to know the cause of a problem. All they have to do is recognize they have a problem first, and get over it!” Well, I would tell people that and they didn’t like
it. But I said, if the roof is torn off of your house because of a hurricane, do you have to know what caused the hurricane before you’ll fix the roof? Of course not! You fix the roof and move on. And so those are just a few things that I wanted to share. Thank you.

AUDIENCE: I have one thing that I—cause I’ve got the mike—[someone talking in background]. Okay. Just real quick. That entire lifestyle is another reason—sedentary—so I practice mind over matter. I don’t know if anybody practices that in here. But my husband most of the time I can make that work.
Occasionally, if the stress if really high, it’s harder, it’s more difficult. If I’m under a lot of stress. But I usually can overcome almost anything by believing I can overcome it. Would you agree with that, that I do that? Okay, yeah.

RANDI: Anyone can. You all have the potential to do it. It’s just a matter of having the belief in the fact that you can.

AUDIENCE: I wanted to say to piggyback on what you said before about the immune system. The problem with that too is that we are taxing the heck out of our immune system with all of the toxins in the environment. So the immune system is actually attacking our body trying to attack all the stuff that’s in it
that shouldn’t be there. So the poor immune system in many cases is not broken, it is working the heck out of itself, but there is just too much for it to try to get rid of.

RANDI: That is very true. That is the imbalance. Right? It can only handle so much before the immune system doesn’t have enough support.

AUDIENCE: You know, having a negative lifestyle, right? Thinking negative all the time, this is going to show up in all kinds of places because of the consciousness of the person. So it is not always external. It’s internal.

RANDI: It almost always starts that way, and that’s where being accountable and responsible for yourself, and being willing to ask the hard questions. Like, is there something that I am doing or is there emotion that I keep feeling that is contributing to this dis-ease?

You have to really ask those hard questions. A lot of people don’t want to be accountable for what is showing up. They are like, “Well, because of this, or it’s because I’m not able to sleep, or it’s because I’m not able to eat right, because of this.” You know, if they start making excuses, when really it’s because they just don’t want to take accountability for it. You really don’t want to be responsible. You want to be a victim, and a victim needs somebody else to heal, and I just say that’s really how it is. You know, it’s like that’s a hard thing, but coming out of that and being accountable says, “Okay, I created this dis-ease in my body.”
And you have to take responsibility as the creator of it because if you can’t take responsibility as the creator of it, you can’t change it because you believe you are a victim and you are just stuck in that situation. But saying, “I am accountable, I am responsible,” then you can start finding the solution. Start finding what it is that is causing your dis-ease so you can find the solution to balance that.

JoAnna and I had this conversation earlier today, right? This is the perfect time to bring up, don’t you think? That you view this in the world. We talk about all the problems in the world, with everything going on, blah, blah, blah, and its just like, “Yeah, we can see the problem.” This is what I love about these runs for cancer. Cancer awareness. We are all very aware that there is cancer out there. If anyone isn’t aware, you kind of aren’t living in this reality? Right? We don’t need to run and send billions of dollar to these organizations that are helping us to be more aware.


Well, you need to find a solution!

AUDIENCE: They don’t want to find a cure anyway.

RANDI: Exactly. You need to find a solution. Are they pushing for a solution?

AUDIENCE: Not at all.

RANDI: Well, there are lots of cures, they’re just not interested in those.

AUDIENCE: Every time a cure comes up, they suppress it.
Or make it illegal.


RANDI: So now we have the awareness that this exists, what comes next? A solution, right? We start to look for “How do I balance this? How do I heal it?” So if your dis-eases comes from all these emotions, we are going to talk in the next session about healing the emotional aspect and dealing with those problems. So start looking for answers in that. Start finding out how you are going to deal with these emotional problems.

If it’s the food I’m eating every single day for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner—make a change there.
Make a shift. Right? Start eating differently. Start doing your homework on what really your body needs. Everybody is going to be different. There are certain things that everybody should avoid. Too much sugar. I still hardly eat any sugar anymore. Dairy. Dairy is one that throws a lot of people out,
especially like milk and ice cream, stuff like that will really throw you out quickly. Okay?

Yeah, even cheese and stuff. A lot of people can handle cheese or they can handle like a glass of milk, but still, some people can’t handle either one.

AUDIENCE: Randi, Can I say something? When you start seeing those things that we grew up with, it’s kind of like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s like, I’m at the end now, right?” You know, some people show alternatives. You know, slowly. The habits of food is like the number one thing that we love even though it’s killing us.

AUDIENCE: The reason why is it’s processed, it’s really not the milk and not the cheese, it’s the way it’s being manufactured, the way they are treating the animals. So the difference is not, in my opinion,
this is my experience. If you buy really natural stuff, it feels right, it feels better to the body.

RANDI: Right. You have to realize, humans weren’t designed to drink cow’s milk. You know? That milk is produced for the calf.

Now I’m not saying that that is a bad thing or stuff, but coming to a new level of awareness is, is it serving our highest good anymore to do this? Think about how the cows are treated. What is going on there. It’s just asking enough questions and I’m not saying that everybody is ready for different levels. I still have yogurt. You know what I mean? That’s why I still have to decide, I haven’t left that yet. I’m not at that level. I’m thinking maybe that is something I will let go of too. And just like I said, it’s finding alternatives, making shifts, whatever. Everyone is at a different level. But, you know, if we all stop drinking milk next week, would the dairy industry be abusing as many cows?


RANDI: So that’s the level where we can each start to consider. If that’s a problem that we see? Now do we want to go along and say, “Everybody stop drinking milk, you’re killing all the cows. You’re evil.” But no. Just start showing, this is what brought my awareness. I did not now that they would rip the calves away and then make all this abuse going on.

You know, that was like, “Oh, wow, I I didn’t know they did that.” That’s raising the awareness. That’s showing the problem. There’s nothing wrong with seeing the problems for what they are. Then okay, then what’s the solution? Look at how many alternatives to milk there are now. There is almond milk, coconut milk, hemp seed milk, rice milk, there’s all these different milk alternatives that have come because we started to see it like, “This isn’t working for us anymore.” A lot of our bodies starting rejecting it.

AUDIENCE: Also, goat’s milk is better for infants. Because it’s almost like

[everyone talking at once –inaudible]

This was 30 years ago, I was buying goat’s milk for my son.

Well, cows have four stomachs. [All talking at once – inaudible] and humans have a different digestive system.

Our bodies are not designed to drink cow’s milk.

Something nobody is talking about either is what’s in there. Just like, cows that comes out of these things that operate all night long. There’s always pus and blood in the milk. That’s it. That’s what you digest.

[Inaudible] And what the cows are eating, too. What are they putting into the cows.

Think about all the things that are in there, like pus and blood and other stuff in there.

[Inaudible—all talking at once.]

And the emotional state of the cows when they rip the baby away.

Vibration. Vibration.

Pollution in and pollution out. I mean that’s how so many of these other diseases, I mean, through the animals.

RANDI: And this isn’t to make people feel bad. This is just to come to a neutrality about it. I feel neutral about it and I don’t say “Oh they are an evil person because they drink milk.” Because I just want people to see that it is still hurting the environment and it’s still hurting animals. I take accountability for it and responsibility, so I can start making more shifts in my life for something better. Right? That’s all we are doing is just coming to this new awareness of are we causing dis-eases within ourselves? Within our planet? Within everything by the choices we are making? And if so, what are options for something better.

If sugar is causing us, dis-ease, maybe Stevia is a better answer for you. Maybe honey. Maybe maple syrup. You know? Think of different alternatives that support where you are going now with your health.

AUDIENCE: What do you think about moderation in not all things now? That could mean adultery too. I used to say that in church. It means, moderation in all good things is really the scripture. But they get mixed up. So I bring that up in Sunday School, we have a class. “Oh, Rita! What did you say?” I say,
“Well that’s true. If it’s moderation in all things, you can have adultery in moderation too.”


RANDI: Anything of moderation, things that we perceive as not good. You know. Is it bad to have a brownie once in a while? Is it bad to have a doughnut once in a while? You know what I mean? But if that is prefaced to every single warning, maybe that’s not the moderation you are looking for.

And if you are sick, if you are in a space of dis-ease right now, you need to be more conscientious of that, right? So just be conscious of your own body and where your own body is at, and that’s the main thing, right? Even with your emotional state, with whatever.

Some people can handle a stressful, high-stress job, and they do just fine with it, and some people operate really well at that. Some people can handle traffic. Those are the things I just kind of tend to avoid because I don’t like the vibration that they give me. And I know it is causing dis-ease in my body, so I
just try to avoid those things. You know?

And if that is something that you like? Great.

I am not a judge of whatever, I am just saying be accountable for yourself and responsible for yourself, and notice it and pass it along to others around you. Just like, we are talking about the same today. We look at all the possibilities. We try different things. We say okay. Is this affecting the weather? Is it hurting Mother Earth or our bodies or whatever, and then start to look for other solutions. And that’s really what it is all about.

So with help, we talked about macro, micro, and quantum. Same thing. Right? Your body has those same things to tell you. You know, what is happening in the micro is also happening on the macro. You know, so if we are causing dis-ease and imbalance here, we are going to see it in our around us. We are going to see it manifest in different ways. Our emotions are a quantum level of the same thing. Because it is the vibrational frequency. Food vibration is a quantum level of food and choices. So all the same things that we have talked about over and over again.

AUDIENCE: I think that a lot of us, let’s put it this way… in my personal journey, and I feel extremely healthy. And yet, I keep going for the next level, because I know there is that going on, and there are a couple of little things going on. So, I am always going to the next level. But it was always…what I saw is  that there was never that one thing, so we, in our society, say, “Okay, I’ll just do this. I’ll get rid of
them.” And it’s all handled.

But, [inaudible] there is this multitude of things, like probably most of us, if we looked at that list, have
anywhere from 5 to 10, even up to 20 things on our list. So, we can’t expect that when we alter one thing, everything is going to work perfect. So, it’s a process. And I think I have been in the process for probably 15-20 years. And each time it’s like bringing me to that higher level of hope.

RANDI: Gluten is another one too.

AUDIENCE: The beauty of this is that you have taken personal responsibility. You are not putting the responsibility on the health care system, or on the doctor system…

On the sick care system.

…right? Which is futile, right? I call it health care but is it really health?

Sick care.

Sick maintenance.

So we have to look at it from not only our individual consciousness which, you know, has evolved into being, and we are looking at the small future and from a planetary perspective. Right?

RANDI: Yeah. Well, talking about health care, talking about our messed up system, is our healthcare system working? Is that something that needs to be adjusted? In a word, do you see it shifting? Because people are saying, this is not working anymore. We need to find something better. It sounds like more
and more people are starting to go more natural, cut out dairy, cut out gluten, cut out sugar, because they are realizing these are what are causing our imbalances. It’s not an opioid deficiency that is causing their rheumatoid arthritis, or their fibromyalgia, or whatever. It’s all of these things causing inflammation in their body that they are eating and that they are believing, and their emotions, and whatever.

AUDIENCE: And utilizing [inaudible] pharmacy more.

RANDI: Absolutely.

[Everyone talking over each other – inaudible]

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible] when you start off, and you get different drugs, and then you have side effects from that, and on the average you have about seven side effects. Then they give you drugs for those side effects. And at the end


[Inaudible] if you want to help, help your arthritis, go out and ground yourself in the grass for at least 15 minutes a day. And if you have snow, like we have in Utah, hug a tree. And it will heal your arthritis and that is because of the [inaudible].

RANDI: Grounding and electrolytes are two huge things for healing the body. All of this EMF work we are supposed to go to, and none of us are getting the vitamin D because we are not outside enough, we are working indoors, in cubicles, and whatever—we are like the free range chickens, you know. It’s like, you are inside all day. We’ll give you 5 minutes outside.

AUDIENCE: [Group talking over each other…inaudible}


We are the chickens.

We know that there is pollution in the air to block out the sun which gives us vitamin D. So a lot of people have a deficiency in vitamin D. And vitamin D helps us to go to sleep. It helps our melatonin cycle, so if we are not outside, it is going to affect your insomnia. It’s just a ton of things that affect us when we are not being out in nature. But still, there is pollution, chem trails, and all the other things that have been, so to produce these illnesses and impediments which fuel the economy. Right?

RANDI: And those are called prooxidant. You know, prooxidant versus antioxidant? Sorry, go ahead.

AUDIENCE: I was going to say, I live in California. Right? Real problem. But I go to doctors regularly, and I don’t get enough vitamin D, so I have to go and get vitamin D gummies to have more, you know, balance.

[talking over each other…inaudible]

I’m outside in nature all the time and I’m still not getting enough vitamin D. You know what I mean? So there is still more times that you need to find alternatives.

“Don’t use sun screen.”

“Organic, organic [inaudible]”

There are chemicals, you know, chemical warfare going on. They are literally trying to [inaudible] block us up.

[All talking at once—inaudible]

They are trying to stop us from evolving, not just kill us…”
They are not only blocking the sun. When I was driving here, I was just outside of Phoenix and I stopped at one of those little gas stations, and the ladies behind the desk were talking about a neurotoxin that was going around the schools. I had to zip my mouth because I knew they would think I was a crazy person, but I am thinking, “No, it’s not just from the school,” and I wanted to tell them, “You are getting neurotoxins because they are spraying them in the air and they are trying to kill people and they are trying to make people sick…”

“They are injecting them…” [inaudible].

And I knew that, you know that well, they’ll learn about that soon enough, but neurotoxins. So yes, and they are, and I am not spending as much time outside as I would like, because it’s always a heavy haze… and.

RANDI: So here’s the thing with that, it’s like anything else, right? Yes, there is pollution going on in the air. But, you can counteract all that. You have the power within you. Nothing they do can stop this from happening and stop your health. So, and the more you believe that, my kids, oh I was so upset when I saw there are chem trails… I was so upset when I saw those chem trails up there. “Kids, come inside.” You know? Then it’s like, I would have my kids inside every fricking day now almost if I was still trying to keep them out of it, inside while the chem trails are going on. So I said, “You know what? We are just going to start doing everything on our end. We can neutralize this. It’s all about neutralizing. So what do you think are the prooxidants? So if you have a certain amount of prooxidant, what do you need to challenge that?

AUDIENCE: Antioxidants.

RANDI: Antioxidants. Antioxidant’s have a chemical sense to balance the prooxidants and if you get enough antioxidants, it doesn’t matter what [fumbling noise near microphone—inaudible] it will move right through. There is nothing to be concerned about, just make sure of how to get enough antioxidants in your body on a daily basis, and your kids, and whatever. And it will be just fine. Talk about kids, their bodies produce a ton of antioxidants typically. So they can usually handle quite a bit and they’ll stay in perfect balance.

AUDIENCE: Because they’re young.

RANDI: Yeah.

AUDIENCE: And they are not deficient in their bodies.

RANDI: It’s all about that balance. So I don’t even worry about the chem trails anymore. I don’t worry about all the foods toxins. I stay away from the food toxins as much as possible. I stay away from the chemicals and toxins as much as possible, but let’s face it. You can’t go anywhere without having toxins all around you. Right? And literally in 3D we are loaded here. So let’s just neutralize it.

JAMES: The Ascended Masters constantly keep telling us it is all about vibration. So if we continue to raise our vibrations when we are in those higher vibrations, all of these things that we are talking about cannot hurt us anyway.

RANDI: Exactly!

JAMES: Especially if you believe that they can’t. So the chem trails, the vaccines, well, don’t take
vaccines anyway, but the chem trails you can’t do anything about. So we can just deal with how we deal with them. And some of the other things that are going on, we just have to keep working on our vibration, raising them, and they keep saying, when we are up the higher fourth and into the fifth dimension, none of this stuff is going to matter anyway. You know, everything, all of this stuff we are
talking about. It matters now only if you believe it matters now. That’s what they are trying to tell us.

They are telling us.

[talking all at once, inaudible.]

AUDIENCE: And, as we spoke of before, if the body is sick, it’s difficult to keep a high vibration.

RANDI: Exactly.

AUDIENCE: What is the remedy?

RANDI: The idea is this. It’s a balance.

AUDIENCE: Yeah. It’s a balance.

RANDI: So it’s like if you need more antioxidants, more good stuff, that’s what you are going to have to do. You have a choice. If those chem trails are really affecting you, then you need to make sure you are doing more meditation, more grounding, all of the things that you can do, do everything you can do, stop doing everything you can do that is causing dis-ease, right? And you will, I promise you, your Higher Self will guide you to a space where you will find balance in it. It will happen. Regardless of what you think, right now… if you will be open to the possibility that balance can be found, that you can heal, the way will be shown. And this is all part of it, and always in everything, I always try to avoid things that are putting me in dis-ease. You know, but some things you can’t. Like there are situations in life, you cannot avoid the stress. Sometimes I HAVE I have to drive home in rush-hour traffic, you know what I mean? Even in those moments, I can be more aware of that and say, “Okay, I’m not going to stress. I’m going to find a way to enjoy this time.” So I stay in balance.

AUDIENCE: You are finding a way to adjust.

RANDI: Right, exactly.

AUDIENCE: When you are in something you don’t like that is situational, in that situation, ask yourself what can I do? Find something on the radio that is nice.


Music, yes! You know, hum. Do a mantra. Do a chant.

It’s all about raising your vibration.

It’s your reality.

Positive attitude.

The immune system has a vibration. Every organ in your body has a vibration. It has a sound or vibration. So for example, if you need something to balance your body and to alter the vibration of your immune system, like an herb or something like that, one has to do the research and understand their body
and try things that will re-balance those things and bring it back to its vibration. It’s not just about…I mean, it’s about mentally raising your own vibration and making an emotional choice to play music versus get mad at the traffic, but things that you put in your body change the vibration of your organs.

There is a town in Alaska that is its own little experiment to prove that grounding really works, and the doctor there is no longer needed but he stays because he loves the people. So that is like an hour-long video on the internet, so if you are interested, you can Goggle that. I just Googled “the grounding video in Alaska.”
The documentary is called “Earthing” I believe.

RANDI: Another thing I want to talk about is healthy fats versus unhealthy fats. That is another big one.

There is sugar, dairy, gluten, salt, and fat. So I want to talk about salt and fat, because there is salt that your body can handle very well typically. Most people can handle Himalayan salt very well, or salt from like Salt Lake, things like that. But then, a lot of processed salts cause a lot of dis-ease. So that is an easy switch to make. Just use healthier salts. That will reduce a lot of inflammation.

AUDIENCE: Is iodized salt processed salt?

RANDI: Yes. You don’t want to use iodized salt. Most sea salts are good. [much discussion is lost as everyone is talking at once and it is inaudible].
For fats. So what you want to avoid especially is hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils will cause immediate inflammation in the body. So fats are very, very essential in the 80s, 90s, whatever, start giving fats like this huge bad rap. Like everything was fat-free, avoid fats… did that work out well for us? Did that heal all of our fat issues?


RANDI: That was never the problem. It wasn’t the fat. There was sugar in all the fats and the hydrogenated oils… do you know what a hydrogenated oil is?

AUDIENCE: It is chemically altered.

RANDI: It is chemically altered or processed at a high flash point that turns it into a prooxidant, is what it does. But natural fats like coconut oil in its natural state, olive oil… but be careful with olive oil, because olive oil has a very low flash point meaning if you heat it up just a little bit, it becomes a hydrogenated oil. You only want to use olive oil for like salads and things like that that you are having cold.

AUDIENCE: Also, if you buy the olive oil in a plastic bottle, don’t do that, because sunlight oxidizes the olive oil.

RANDI: And you have to be really particular about your brands of olive oil because they have found that like 80% of them were changed into hydrogenated oil.

AUDIENCE: And it is mostly the olive oils that comes from Italy, yes? Because in Italy, the whole olive oil industry is run by the Mafia.


AUDIENCE: And some of them, they is no olive oil in it. They add color to it, green color and it is horrible. I would be really careful when you… Dr. Mark Hyman, I don’t know if you are familiar with him, he is wonderful. You can find his podcast or whatever on which oils are healthy and which ones to avoid. But they are also have had tests done on Italian olive oils. That sometimes they put it in a
beautiful bottle, sell for a lot of money and it is the worst. So check on that. Because a lot of these very well-known ones are really dangerous.

RANDI: There you go. So I personally don’t even buy olive oil anymore because of that. Because I don’t even want to mess with all that, so I switched now to avocado oil. I haven’t heard anything bad about it yet. I love avocado oil, it has a high flash point so I do a lot of my cooking with it, that or coconut oil. And I just stick with those two because I feel comfortable using them. Coconut oil, there is
some flavor, it tastes like coconut, and you can also buy it that doesn’t have the flavor if you don’t want eggs that taste like coconut oil, you can use the kind without the flavor. Or you can just use avocado oil. So that is an easy shift to make. Now Costco sells it.

AUDIENCE: It’s important to get organic.

[Everyone is talking at once and audio is inaudible]

RANDI: You can use cold-pressed olive oil.

AUDIENCE: For baking, the grape-seed oil is very good.

RANDI: Grape seed has a very high flash-point as well. The only thing about grape seed oil is it does go rancid faster, but as long as you are using it fast enough or refrigerate it, it should be fine.

AUDIENCE: But stay away from all vegetable oils [all talking at once, inaudible] safflower oil, canola oil, sesame oil you can use once in a while, but sesame oil not on a regular basis.

JAMES: Remember now, I don’t think they can hear when you are kind of just talking all at once.

AUDIENCE: Oh, I see. On the vegetable oils, down in the islands and so on, and they come in these huge containers. And that’s all they use is cheap vegetable oil.

RANDI: Yep. That’s really what causes heart disease, or any of those inflammatory conditions, those are the dairies, the oils, the salt, the sugars, glutens, those are your big causes of most chronic disease. So if you were going to change anything, those are the things you are going to want to look at.

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible] barbecue.

RANDI: Barbecues, yes.

AUDIENCE: A lot of barbecue meats [inaudible].

Basically with the hot coals, it’s the black coals that are very bad.


Animal fat.

RANDI: Okay, so there is that level of awareness that typically most people can handle animal fats. In fact, some people actually do well with some animal fat, but you know, I would be careful of my sources, because of the vibrational frequency. I am a big believer in thanking the animal for its sacrifice if you are
going to eat it. And not supporting these big farmers and buying it from a local person who is taking care of their cows. If that is a choice you want to make.
If you are ready to go to the next level of vegetarianism, that’s great too. Just do that with the awareness, making sure that you are bringing in what your body needs to keep those balances as well. That’s my belief on it. And I know some people are more like vegetarian all the way, which I completely respect
that system. And that’s kind of where we talk about these shifts, moving in those directions. That is the direction I am moving in, more and more, I am going more and more vegetarian. That’s just where I feel like if I am looking at for what is the highest good for myself and others, that is the energy I am shifting.
I have not shifted all the way there yet, but I am moving in that direction.

AUDIENCE: I wanted to mention a little bit on the Kosher and the halal meat. It is hard to just turn off the switch and go full vegetarian if that is where we should be. In the meantime, a good middle of the road are the Kosher and the halal meat. The Jewish tried, for example, they had a specific guidance on thanking the animal, praying for it, and making sure that they slaughtered the animal in the least painful manner, and then draining the blood. Because all those energies, you know, the trauma is stuck in the blood. And so by draining the blood, you don’t take that into your body or it will eventually turn into more anger, more cancer, and then we have the teachings of Yeshua and that was lost. It was also
reminded to us by Mohammed, then they actually whisper in the ear of the animal a prayer, the same thing. They execute it, and they slaughter it in the most humane way and let the blood drain. And so, it has worked well for me.
RANDI: That’s vibration again, right? It’s really coming down to the vibrational frequency of the animal that you are eating.

AUDIENCE: Well, aren’t they still alive when you bleed them to death?


Because you see the blood has to circulate still.
What they do is they slaughter the animal [everyone talking at once-inaudible].

RANDI: This is a good, better, best thing, right? We are just all making shifts at the level we are ready to go to, and so, I think, if you are going to do that versus have them hanging by their legs, staying alive squealing in fear, that’s the worst level. It’s just a matter of at least being in the awareness and making choices from that awareness. And whatever level feels right for you, that is not for any of us to judge, and those animal, I do believe, just like we came into our reality knowing they we’re coming here for a specific reason, those animals did come in knowing this, but they also came in knowing that it is for us to learn from them too. To learn that maybe together, we can decide if there is a better way, and a better
way, and we keep evolving. Right? Isn’t that Ascension? It is an evolutionary process to making better choices all around for all of us.

AUDIENCE: Another thing is they shoot them full of hormones. Like turkeys, they shoot them in the neck and they get them on the market for Thanksgiving real quick. That’s why they do it. They fatten them real quick, grow them up. And then, I noticed when I was in nutrition more, that at Thanksgiving and then by Christmas, my children were getting the flu and all this stuff, and I found out, year after year, I watched it, but they got sick from that turkey with the hormones that was going into them. Then I asked around, and Halloween is another one. Eating all that candy.

RANDI: Overeating in general, and all those things. So I forgot to say, so what foods would have antioxidants? If we need more antioxidants, where would
we get them?

AUDIENCE: Berries.

But berries have to be organic because of the pesticides.

We have a lot of veggies.

Green tea.


Herbs are fantastic for antioxidants.

What kind of herbs?

RANDI: Any herbs. But like cilantro, basil, oregano, paprika, but oregano is not one you want to eat any large doses of. It is more of a medicinal herb, like if you are sick. I wouldn’t consider supplementing with oregano on a regular basis. It’s more like a healing herb.

Something like ginger root in the tea that you drink every day that has antioxidants. [Inaudible] tea is a great tea. Ginger root, [inaudible] tea are great antioxidants you can drink every day. More variety is good because every antioxidant will neutralize a specific prooxidant. So the more variety you have, the more it is going to neutralize the prooxidant.

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible-coughing, far away voices] herbs, they have been around for thousands of hears.


RANDI: If you just put them in your water and just let it infuse into the water, it makes amazing deliciously infused with water.

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible] will take care of the [inaudible].


You have three of those [inaudible] and you grow them organic because you can buy them organic as well, and it makes the taste of your soup better. [Inaudible]
So you use that crappy potting soil stuff, Miracle Grow or [inaudible].

Which herbs do you put in your water?

RANDI: You can put cilantro in your water, you can put any berries in your water, you can put basil in your water, you can put ginger in your water, [inaudible] you can put lemon in your water.

AUDIENCE: Fruits and dark chocolates were listed.

RANDI: Dark chocolate, yes. [conversation drowned out by all talking at once].

AUDIENCE: We just have to worry about the hydrogenated oil.

I’m talking about chocolate bars.

Walnuts, pecans, cranberries.

RANDI: Let’s talk about nuts for a second. That’s another group. Nuts, seeds, anything that you are eating, you need to soak first, because if you don’t soak them, they will pull the nutrition from your body, trying sprout inside of you. If you want to sprout them ahead of time in like for instance, overnight soak
them in some water, then they will become an antioxidant to you instead of a prooxidant.

AUDIENCE: You can keep them in the frig. You can soak nuts for 12 hours, seeds for 4 hours. And then like the Brazil nuts, for instance and stuff that are bigger sizes, you soak for 24 hours sometimes. Then you rinse them well. Put them in some water, I put them on sheets, I dry them in the sun too. Go through it with your fingers, because they don’t stick on the thing, and in a few days when they are completely dry, in Colorado it is so dry that you just leave them out. [inaudible].

RANDI: And I don’t even redry them, because I eat them when they are still wet. You can also just eat them wet if you don’t want to dry them again. I eat mine straight from being soaked, and just rinse them.
[background conversation inaudible]

AUDIENCE: Well think about it. For the season they lay there on the ground. They lay there for years if it doesn’t rain. The moment it rains, it’s like [inaudible].

[background conversation inaudible]

RANDI: That’s the compression point. That’s what releases the nutrients out.

AUDIENCE: And let’s put it on the pan and soak it a little bit?


I put a little bit of coconut oil on the pan and just drop them. You can do that.
What kind of nuts are we talking about doing this with?



Cashews you don’t have to soak.

RANDI: But they taste delicious if you do. It’s because cashews come with a harder shell. So they are not trying to break down the outer shell that has the tannin. [inaudible]

AUDIENCE: What about sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds, I still find that you have to soak those.

For 24 hours.

The pumpkin seeds [inaudible].

RANDI: Okay, we’d better move on. We are getting down to, our hour is not over.

Water now is a big one. So your body is 70% water, right? So does it make sense if you are putting in your city’s poisonous toxins, loaded-with-chemical water? And that is your drinking water. But that is a super easy one to do, and one I like to do is we just have an under-the-sink filter that is reverse osmosis and it will take those things out. We want to be sure that you are getting enough minerals in your water, otherwise it is going to strip your body of minerals. So you don’t want to drink distilled water for long periods of time. Short-term, it could actually do some great detoxing. Over a longer period, it can actually strip your body of essential minerals.

So, my input is to put the minerals back in, but you have to be careful that you are not putting too much calcium in and calcium calcifies the arteries. That includes supplemental calcium because calcium is the number one supplement people use that is actually making them more sick.

AUDIENCE: It can cause kidney stones.

RANDI: It can cause kidney failure. Really if you need more calcium, eat more broccoli. Most of it, even the stuff that they say like extra K isn’t necessary. If you need more calcium, eat more broccoli, that has all the balance, you’ll get all the calcium you need, and you won’t have to worry about supplements.
You’ll get plenty of it.

AUDIENCE: I have been making the alkaline water with a quarter teaspoon of coral calcium every day.

Coral calcium is not good for you. Think about it.

RANDI: And even alkaline water, you want to be careful, do you have an alkalizer you make it with?

AUDIENCE: No, I use backing soda… a really good quality salt, and the coral calcium, a quarter teaspoon of each plus lemon.
RANDI: Okay. You can use backing soda, as far as I am aware, lemon is fine, but that calcium is not.

AUDIENCE: Okay I’ll take that out.

What about the water bottles, not the water bottles, but when you bring the water bottles to purify that they sell you, alkaline water.

RANDI: Okay, so alkaline water is one that you want to kind of use common sense with, because your gut is acidic. So anytime you are putting in high alkaline water through your gut, then that is neutralizing that acidity within your gut which is what keeps the bacteria in your gut active and healthy and digesting
and doing all that. So you really want your water to be about pH balanced, about 7.4, really if anything you want to be slightly acidic, not alkaline or too alkaline. You would rather it be a little bit too acidic  than a little bit too alkaline.

JAMES: Also, you have to remember or know that a lot of the bottled water that everybody buys is nothing more than just tap water that they are putting into a bottle. I’m not sure which ones are, but all the main ones that most people buy are not what they say they are.

AUDIENCE: Is there a way to test it?

They could be adding fluoride.

RANDI: When we talk about how you can actually energetically change your water very quickly, so you can just use water. That’s tomorrow. So we will go over a little bit more on water at that point. Generally anything that has the metal fillings, there is a lot that comes with that. So a lot of disease, a lot of heart disease is actually caused by root canals and things like that. Cancer can be caused by that. So if you can avoid at all cost to not get root canals, if you already have them, that is a situation. Some people go and have them removed. If you do, then you will have to realize that you are going to have to have more antioxidants on a regular basis to neutralize those things.

Fluoride is in your toothpaste, it is in your water, and in all these places, and of course, the purpose in that is to calcify your pineal gland, right? Because it keeps you from awareness and a lot of other things too. A lot of thyroid problems are caused from that. So, there is no reason anymore to buy this crappy toothpastes that are loaded with fluoride. There are way too many fantastic alternatives. If nothing else, brush your teeth with some baking soda, rinse it out with a coconut swish, with a little peppermint orN something, and call it good.

JAMES: By the way, that was an Edgar Casey remedy back in the forties. This is the first time I had ever seen backing soda. That was how I learned about baking soda and water and you mix it up and you make a little paste out of it and then use that for toothpaste. He was the first one that said that.

AUDIENCE: That’s what we started out on when I was a kid. We always had baking soda.

JAMES: Baking soda is put into toothpaste.

AUDIENCE: Talking about the use of fluoride, they were giving it to the


Actually they were causing premature aging and all types of health issues.
They were killing people with it.

I know I am giving away my age here, but at wartime, we had to brush with baking soda. I hated it.

When you are young, you don’t like that baking soda.
There was a recent channeled message that had proven effects of… they lifted all the skulls of the ancient ones that they found and they didn’t have any cavities. They discovered that they were vegetarian, so they didn’t even use toothbrushes. What is interesting is how our diet has a lot to do with our dental care.
RANDI: You can heal cavities too. It is a false belief that your teeth can’t heal from cavities. If you have cavities, start brushing your teeth with baking soda mixed with activated charcoal and earth clay, like bentonite clay or something like that. Brush your teeth with that on a regular basis and swish with coconut oil. If you have any small cavities forming, it will kill itself very, very quickly. Even major ones will start to heal very quickly. So we have done this with my son who was getting cavities and it healed them right up. It was strange to see because it was black and after I started doing it, within a week the cavity was gone.

It is backing soda mixed with bentonite clay and activated charcoal. Those three ingredients, just mix it together, and this is how I use it, I just have my toothbrush which is wet, and I dip it right in there and brush with it just like that. You will notice it heals cavities so quickly. Then swish it and after you spit it
all out, then take coconut oil, rinse real good with coconut oil, spit it out. And if you want to, if you will brush one more time after swishing with the coconut oil, that will make sure you get ever bit of everything off at the end. So if you don’t do that, that’s fine, you can just swish and be done with it, but the coconut oil, if you brush with it just a little, it will really help remove any extra plaque there. And
there is no bad stuff in it. It is as simple as it can be and cheap. It is not expensive to make it.

AUDIENCE: You mix it a third, a third, a third, or do you use more?

RANDI: You can mix a third, a third, and a third, and you will be great. And you have to use less of the activated charcoal because it is so black. That is the only thing about it, that it will get all over your sink and make a big mess, so I use lots of that. Maybe try doing like a third of a cup of … actually less. Hang on. Use more bentonite clay than anything. So maybe use two-thirds bentonite clay and one sixth of each of the activated charcoal and baking soda.

AUDIENCE: Where do you get bentonite clay?

RANDI: You can just order it online. You can probably get it on Amazon or any healthy food store that sells it. It’s a pretty common thing to buy. Activated charcoal is easy to find now. You want to get coconut-activated charcoal.

JAMES: The other thing that my wife, JoAnna does is when she has a toothache, she doesn’t go to a dentist or anything like that. And she does something that I have no idea how she could possibly stand it, but she takes oregano oil and puts it back in there and I don’t understand how she could possibly do that.

JOANNA: Yep. I use clove oil too. Not only the clove oil helps it, but the cause, the bacteria, but it is a great pain neutralizer. It will immediately take the pain out of any toothache.

AUDIENCE: That’s what they use on that baby stuff for their gums, that clove oil.
JOANNA: Yeah. My kids had a tooth pulled and they were freaking out and I went straight to the health food store and so I bought some clove oil. Then they were like, “No, not that.” I said, “Hold still for one second.” After one drop of that clove oil on that tooth that was pulled and she was perfectly fine.

AUDIENCE: What kind of oil are you saying?


I use the clove oil for the pain. It stops the pain.

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible]

RANDI: I don’t know about clove and dogs. You have to be careful what you give your pets. You could brush their teeth with it, yeah.

If he has severe pain you could use clove oil, but I would research that before you did it, because there are a lot of things they cannot have that we can.

AUDIENCE: One of those studies that was done on populations in the world where they were older, like 130, 120, they were measuring what was different about them. Almost every one that went past 100, 110, had their own teeth. And part of when a tooth is pulled, the meridian that that tooth is attached to is
damaged, and damages the vibration of the body, so pulling teeth—if you can avoid having your teeth pulled…

RANDI: I absolutely agree. Even wisdom teeth, if you don’t have to have them pulled, try to avoid it.

AUDIENCE: Too late for that.


RANDI: Again, its all about vibration, right? If you have had them pulled, don’t stress about it, just keep those energies balanced, and you are fine.

AUDIENCE: That’s right. So we have the med beds for that.

RANDI: There we go. And if we have it right here, we can heal it right now. So… exactly.

JAMES: I looked one time at one of my front teeth, top front teeth, and it was chipped. I mean, it was actually chipped and I don’t know how I did it, what I did to it, or anything like that. But shortly after that, I looked at it, and it was no longer chipped. So it had filled back in. So that tells me that we have
the power, the ability to heal just about anything. If we can put enamel back in the tooth, just by thinking about it…so.

AUDIENCE: Can we include our telephone audience in this? They have said almost nothing. Could we give some time to our telephone audience?
But you haven’t given them much time. You’ve got to give them a minute to chime in.

RANDI: Would anyone on the phones like to share anything? Or have any questions?

AUDIENCE: Are they unmuted?

Are they there?

Okay, I just heard somebody.

RANDI: All right, perfect. We are going to keep moving on. Okay, next is sleep. Sleep is very important. You can sleep 6 hours minimum, 8 hours at the most, but if you are not sleepy, figure out what that imbalance is. If you get to bed at the right time, I recommend it because that is a big thing with health.

Sunlight, EMF frequencies. I use the Shungite to kind of block whatever frequencies. I put a frequency blocker on my phone. Do things to neutralize it and most important is to ground as well. And don’t have it right by your head.
AUDIENCE: If you don’t get the sun, sunset and sunrise helps your pineal gland.

Be careful now.

RANDI: Sun gazing. Be very, very careful.

AUDIENCE: Be conscious, but that helps you, helps the cones to help you get the melatonin so you can go to sleep.

RANDI: If you are going to do that, be very, very careful because a lot of people burn their retinas, even doing this supposedly at the right times of the day.

AUDIENCE: Thirty seconds, or something like that, you know.

JAMES: Especially in the Phoenix desert, be really careful.

RANDI: I agree that there are healing potentials, but be very, very careful with that because I personally know people that have destroyed their eyes thinking they were doing something good.

So pH balance is really all the things we talk about, but things you can do to immediately balance your pH, disease won’t thrive in a pH balanced environment. The reason you die from disease is not because of bacteria or anything else actually kills you, it is because it throws off the pH of your blood.

AUDIENCE: Too acidic.

RANDI: Yeah. You become too acidic. Your blood has to maintain a 7.4, right about there, almost exactly pH. This is going to pull all the minerals, it’s going to do everything from your body, and it will take everything it can to keep that pH level at 7.4 so you don’t die. During that time, you might be stripping all your bones of all the nutrients and causing all these other problems, which is why you end up with like weak bones, cancers and everything else, but eventually you will die of the pH imbalance. So if you want to keep your pH balance, the quickest way to do it with apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

AUDIENCE: For the apple cider vinegar, it is a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water.

RANDI: I do more. I use a fourth of a cup, but go ahead.

AUDIENCE: [Inaudible] I do it twice a day.

The formula that I use is I make it, it is a cup of apple cider vinegar, a cup of honey, garlic, but I don’t use garlic because it doesn’t do anything to help my body, ginger, and a little bit of pepper, and you mix that
up and you take 2 tsp of that in the morning in 8 ounces of water, and I always put lemon in it.

But I thought we were not to alkalize our body.

RANDI: Apple cider vinegar is acidic, it is not an alkaline base. It is about balancing the pH, not about making up… in fact, if you were to test the pH of apple cider vinegar, it is very acidic.

AUDIENCE: There are two types. You have to get the type with “mother” in it. [a certified organic apple cider vinegar (which contains the “mother”) made by Bragg and one made by Omega Nutrition.]

Okay, so that is not alkalizing it, but it is adjusting your pH.

RANDI: It is adjusting your pH. Even though it is an acid, it actually makes the blood more alkaline while keeping the gut more acidic. So that puts your pH levels where they are supposed to be at in the body, it restores the pH. Lemon will do that as well. Typically we need more lemon, so for me, lemon isn’t strong enough. What I do now is what I will be teaching you tomorrow and that is putting the frequencies in my water. I don’t even have to drink them anymore. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

AUDIENCE: How much, I still didn’t get. For a glass of water, to put in there.

RANDI: I do a fourth of a cup of apple cider vinegar in a teaspoon of baking soda.

AUDIENCE: And then you would put that in water?

RANDI: And then, I filled up the rest of the glass up and then I drink it. So the rest of it is water. It’s gross, it tastes disgusting.

AUDIENCE: A fourth of a cup of water changes the pH of the water to 8. So you are really like drinking…

RANDI: No, because it is apple cider vinegar. It neutralizes the pH. It’s really not about the pH of that, it is about the chemical make up of it. So it neutralizes the specific antioxidants and prooxidants in your body. But in your water, you can do it. I just put it in my water.

JAMES: I have mentioned this before many times. Some of you may not have heard it on the phone though. We are talking about baking soda especially, and one of the things I do and my wife will attest to this. As soon as I get any kind of a cough or anything at all, stomach issue, and that kind of thing… I immediately go and take just a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in about 6-8 ounces of water and it almost immediately has an effect on keeping anything from getting a hold or anything like that.

AUDIENCE: Also, heartburn. I know I take baking soda and lemon in it.

Well lemon water in the morning is a wonderful liver cleanser.
It really is.

RANDI: First thing in the morning, before I eat or drink anything, I drink lemon water because it is great for your liver.

AUDIENCE: You can do a lot more things.

Is it better to have it warm or cold or what is better.

Tap water, room temperature.

RANDI: Anyway, these are the basics. I am not going to go into all the details. There are a lot of formsof  imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is a huge, huge issue, but that is a whole other hour discussion in how to balance all that. So I am not going to go into any of that. You are welcome to talk to me afterwards if anyone is
interested in the hormonal balancing part. Because if your goals are weight loss or anything else like that, hormone balance is essential. A lot of that comes back to the diet again. So, progesterone creating and things like that can be beneficial and helpful.

Typically, you don’t ever get artificial hormones though. Don’t ever use synthetics or whatever those hormones are. There is where a lot of hormonal cancer comes from and a lot of other issues, so there are tons of great ways to get your hormones balanced naturally. Even just like red clover flour and things like
that are fantastic for naturally increasing estrogen, if you are menopausal, and you lack estrogen. Typically people are estrogen dominant and they need less estrogen. So they need like a trimethylglycine to help reduce the estrogen glut on their body and then you also want to increase your progesterone level.

This is mainly for women, but for men also become estrogen dominant when they get older that ends up causing the gut to develop, man boobs, things like that. It is all estrogenic because we are exposed to so many estrogens, so if you find that you eat super healthy, things aren’t changing, you’re not losing the
weight you want, it is typically an estrogen issue.

So it is reducing that estrogenic load and what happens is your body has only so many receptors for hormones. I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about it, but here we go, okay.

Does anybody want to talk about this? Or do you want me to end it? You tell me.

On the phone, do you guys want to hear this? Or no?

AUDIENCE: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

RANDI: It’s about 5 minutes. Do you want me to keep going?

AUDIENCE: Yep, go ahead.

RANDI: There are so many receptors for hormones. The same receptors are for testosterone, progesterone, or estrogen. Right? And there are only so many receptors. So your body is producing all these hormones. You know the more you are active the more you do things like that, the more testosterone you produce. Women are obviously producing more estrogen than testosterone, and
progesterone is kind of 5the precursor to both of those.

So what happens is eventually as women get older, they start producing less and less hormones. Right? And you might actually start losing weight when this happens because you start using up the hormones. Younger, you are actually producing lots of hormones. Usually too much hormones. And when there is
too much hormones, what happens is these receptors are all full and your body doesn’t like to let go of the hormones, so it starts storing them. And guess where it likes to store them? Fat cells.

And so when those fat cells become full of estrogen, what does the body do? It makes more fat cells. And then more fat cells. It keeps storing more and more estrogen because your body knows at some point, you are going to be lowering the production of estrogen, so that is where all of those reserves come from. It comes from the fat cells. Right? Which is good. That is kind of the natural way that your bodies do that. And that happens, but the good thing is that if you can understand what is happening, you can actually keep decreasing the estrogen levels by taking things like trimethylglycine that is going to lower the estrogen because trimethylglycine, called three methyl groups, that’s why it is tri-meth or tri-methyl, right? It will actually adhere to these estrogens and methylate them, it is called, and reduce the estrogen load on the body so it is not storing so much excess estrogen. And then, when you get menopausal, if you
want to add more estrogen, then you can do things like the red clover and things like that. And then you don’t have the excessive weight that comes with it, and all the problems that estrogen ends up causing.

So for younger, trimethylglycine is amazing. For kids who get acne, boys and girls with really bad hormonal issues as far as things like that go, acne, difficult periods, whatever, trimethylglycine is a lifesaver. Use that along with progesterone. And what happens is if you increase the progesterone, then
the progesterone takes some of those open receptors and progesterone sends a signal to yourself to start burning fat. So the more progesterone on those receptors, the faster your body is burning fat. The more estrogen, the more it will be storing it.

And testosterone, of course, as well, it will tell the body to burn fat, to build muscles, to do things like that. For increased testosterone, you want to be doing more exercise, weight-lifting, things like that and it will create testosterone. But if you are low on hormones in general, you body won’t increase testosterone. So progesterone will be that precursor to testosterone and then your body will turn that progesterone into testosterone.

Now for men, what will happen is they are producing all this testosterone but they get to the point where they stop using it, maybe they become more sedentary, they are not working out as much, and they are not doing things that they normally do. Well, some of them have this extra testosterone. Well, your body can’t really store it as testosterone, but guess what it does? It inverts it to estrogen and is stored in the fat cells. And so men literally start becoming more like women because of converting all that testosterone into estrogen. And it causes prostate cancer and all these other things. Yeah. So, that is your quick
hormone, so for men, that is where trimethylglycine and things like that that are derived from sulfur and beets, is where you will find that methyl donors. Trimethylglycine is obtained from beets. So these thing will help limit that testosterone, will help balance that.

AUDIENCE: You get progesterone from yams.

RANDI: I have heard that there is one on Amazon called Progesterelle that comes in an oil, that is my very favorite. I have had the most success with that one. I absolutely love it. And I am telling you, I put it on my belly, and I just watch it shrink using it. I’m not kidding.

Use it on days you are going to be working out because the more you work out and are doing weightlifting and things like that, it is going to convert it into that testosterone and really just melts away at that belly fat. If you are just putting on hormone and not utilizing it, it will do the same thing. It willturn into estrogen and then go back into your fat cells. So you will have to have all that, it is all about understanding how it is working.

AUDIENCE: Will yoga work as a workout or not?
: Probably not enough. Unless it is a high end type of yoga. If it is just this easy stuff? No. It has to be more of an intense workout, like a jog or stair step and actually building muscle and things like that. Not out walking. If you are walking pretty intensely for enough time, then yes. If it’s just like a stroll around the block, probably not.

AUDIENCE: I walk for like 40 minutes.

RANDI: Yes. That is probably great, yeah.

AUDIENCE: How do you spell that?


AUDIENCE: Another important thing I wanted to say is that especially for the women, but also for the men, the plastics in the environment specifically mimic the female hormones and so a lot of us, if you are experiencing profuse bleeding over time, for like months or weeks, or whatever, that is actually rooted to
the plastic and women, many of us are having our insides ripped out because of the plastics, and the doctors think that’s normal to just take a woman’s insides and just rip it out.

RANDI: I was having the same problem, and stress hormones. Stress hormones are filling up these same receptors. So if you are in a constant state of stress, all of your receptors are filled with stress hormones. And these are signals to yourself. What does that signal sending to yourself? Constant fight or flight mode. Right? Which is a low vibration energy.

AUDIENCE: Women live with that anyway.

RANDI: Yes, and so now their body isn’t able to get these new great hormones it is producing. All of them are just going to be stored as fat and all their cells are filled up with that stress hormone, which is another reason to relieve stress. Astragalus root is a fantastic herb for reducing stress hormones. We call
it the chill pill. When we get high stress in our house, I say “Go take a chill pill.” And it is astragalus root. Astragalus is spelled a-s-t-r-a-g-a-l-u-s root.

AUDIENCE: She is totally right about the chemicals in the household. Could that also be all the chemical household cleaners? Laundry detergents and so on?


AUDIENCE: Don’t use the regular shit. Get it at the health food store. It is huge. Especially for men too because this is what causes the highest … [all talking at once] and the breast cancer.

AUDIENCE: Mindful eating. So, when you bring your awareness, your awareness is actually your Divine One within. It has got all of your gifts, talents, and abilities within it, like I was saying, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. That Divine One within is the same thing as your awareness. So, if you are
drinking water and you drink it just to hydrate yourself, that is cool. You are hydrated. But if you drink it and bring your awareness to it, and really taste the water and feel the water go down your esophagus into your stomach, then you are actually nourishing your spirit. And so this is why mindful eating is so

I eat slower than everybody and it drives everybody crazy, and I had a quick story is that I taught a pain and self-management program that only incorporated mindfulness. And we had them at some point once we gained their trust, to put their hand out and we put a raisin in their hand and we had them pop it in
their mouth and it was a 20-minute, we got this from Full Capacity Living from _____ Inn, and we had them pop it in their mouth and not even chew it, but move it around their mouth and taste it, feel the wrinkles and all of that, then really slowly bite into it, and feel the juice and taste the juice, and then swallow the juice, and we had them breathe in through their nose and then out through their mouth, and really experience this.


For 20 minutes?

This was a 20-minute deal. Yeah.

Wow! Torture.

And you know what? It was torturous, but all of a sudden, people started eating mindfully.



Dr. Wayne Dyer does that.

Their eyes were rolling back.


Yes. So, anyway, mindful eating is incredibly important and the way that the zen masters do it is they eat mindfully and they literally see if they are eating peas, for instance, they literally imagine a pea is growing and imagine them harvesting the peas, and taking the peas to the farmer’s market, and that is how a zen master does. It’s tough to live that way but the bottom line is that if you can eat mindfully, meaning bringing your awareness with your spirit to the food, you nourish your spirit.

AUDIENCE: [chopping sound in background drowning out voices] Now I have to chew slower and I kind of like it. I could never do it otherwise.

RANDI: I love the aspect of mindful eating. Even if it is just a little because it is like [inaudible] you are being mindful of other things like bringing your awareness into everything. So that is a great place to start. So how am I going to start raising my awareness? Start right there. Try that.

AUDIENCE: The thing about it is, is that you can eat and most Americans can’t do this without watching TV, or without reading, or even better than that, eating and being in nature. Or if you can’t do that, eating looking out of a window. Then you will see the benefits. You will actually experience the benefits, and you’ll experience the food coming from a gourmet cook.

[Inaudible—all talking at once]

RANDI: And you will experience a gratitude state, which is a higher vibration. If you are thinking about everything that came through a pea before you eat it, think of the gratitude that you are raising in your food right there just by placing your gratitude there. Of course, that is more healing to your soul too.

AUDIENCE: Another thing is to think about how many chews we make.


AUDIENCE: Yes, that comes naturally. It makes you aware. When you are tasting of the food, you just don’t chew fast. You don’t eat fast. And water, for another thing is the more water you drink, the more light you put in your body.

IF you are aware. If you bring your awareness to it, then you are putting more light into your body.

So Peter, pat of that, it’s not just about eating your food in nature or slowly, it’s about the effects of that experience. Because it is an exponential effect by eating slowly, by meditating on your food, like the zen masters do, etc., that creates a sensitivity of you. I mean, you become sensitive to more experiences.

That’s right.

So your body becomes more aware of everything. It’s not just about the food, the exercise of eating the food, because some people might be thinking, “Maybe I don’t really want to do that. Maybe I want to watch TV while I’m eating and this is all bullshit.” It depends on what we are thinking. Right? But that experience carries through to your entire experience of your life.

Absolutely, exactly. Exactly!
You know, I have studied a couple of times at the Zen Center in Rhode Island, and when they eat, they don’t talk. And I loved it because everybody was bald there.


Do you know what an excellent exercise to really learn mindfulness, and this is amazing, amazing, amazing. And you may not think so when I tell you this, but the result is amazing. You could learn a positive meditation, it is a 10-day fast retreat and the first 3 days, you spend meditating on your upper lip.

Three days meditating on your upper lip.


However, the result you get out of it is unbelievable, because you learn things about yourself, your body…

That’s mindfulness, I mean, wow.

I have a sensitive thing I want to say that is almost a change of subject, but I did hear how you eat the food and how you digest it and how your energy feels to digest the food, it is all consciousness. And I forget it, I heard it, and it’s like, okay, so I practice it, but I’m not feeling it consistently because it was on that same topic. But I heard a recent channeled message from the eagles. You were talking about eagles earlier, and it is aligned with the chemicals that we use—household products.

They do not want us to continue to use and take some challenges for us to stop using detergents for washing our clothes because it goes into the ecosystem and affects all the animals that they have for food.

Just really quick.

It was very sensitive, they said, “Please, please find another alternative to washing your clothes because of those chemicals affects what we eat.”

Those worms and everything else, and we have to find other kinds of animals that are clean and it is affecting everybody and they are really like saying, “Please humans, if you can do something to affect Gaia, us, the animals, because it is affecting the whole ecosystem.”

And I said, “Oh my gosh. That is huge.”

What can you use then to wash your clothes?
So that’s something that we can find consciously if we think about. I just said, find another alternative. And one of the masters said, “We don’t have to use all of these chemicals.” They mentioned it. There will be alternatives that they will release the technologies for us that will be better for the animals,
because the chemicals that we use are really affecting everything. So, we are going to use other things besides water, the recycled water that is affecting everything. We will have the technology. There are things that you can try to do if you look for them.

I just wanted to say that. I don’t have any answers but I just wanted to say that for the animals.

The way I took it and heard it was all this hurts us, organic or not.
No, no.

It is the detergents going in the ecosystem that are affecting the animals.

What do you mean by detergents? Do you mean any detergent, biodegradable.

[Inaudible—all talking at once.]

I apologize, I am not scientific enough to give specifics. Some of us are conscious enough to know there are alternatives to everything and that is all I’m saying, that the animal community is affected by what we use on a regular basis being unconscious of.

I’m just trying to get the information so I can do…

I just don’t have anything else.

Just get a natural one, get an organic. [All talking at once]

RANDI: I think we are going to, wait, wait, I’m going to say one more thing and two more comments before we close.

AUDIENCE: I’m sorry if I’m saying too much, but we keep talking about it, you know that often there are those things you put in the dryer [all talking at once], the cabal actually is doing all this to hurt us in some ways.

Of course.

But I stopped using it. I loved those [inaudible.]

I just want to say that when we are eating especially in America I’ve seen it, people drink a lot of water and then water with ice in it. You know, drink your water until a half an hour before the meal or not until 2 or 3 hour after the meal, because the more you drink, the more you dilute your digestive enzymes, they
cannot digest the food anymore.

RANDI: Well, it’s a very good point.

AUDIENCE: In general, if you drink water, leave the ice out, if you can.

RANDI: That is the best thing for food, if you are going to drink with food especially at that point, leave out the ice. Thank you for that point.

AUDIENCE: One more. This is back on the water and with the animal situation. Consider that anything that you throw or flush down the toilet or pour down the sink is going to end up in the water system and it is just going to add to that. So think about all of these pills that you end up taking that somebody else has
consumed and then expelled.

RANDI: Just be more aware in general of everything. This is all about awareness too. So that’s all we are going to discuss today. There is a lot more learning you can do on your own, and those of you in the class, and I can email those of you who aren’t here, the notes from today if you would like those. They are just my notes that I use when I do my presentations, but I just kind of shared them with you. And also in your pamphlets there are some additional notes here that are just things that might be beneficial for you to think about.

Anyway, that’s all.

So, thank you so much for joining us.

JAMES: I just wanted to say thank you so much Randi, that was awesome. We are going to end up for now and back with us for 8 o’clock and we’ll be ready to go again. That’s it. Thank you for joining us.

18.06.17 – The Keys To Manifestation

hear | mp3 |pdf

One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on

June 17, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly

stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves

I AM One Who Serves but a different one then is normally with you, if you may not have already known this.

I Am here at this time to be with you to share with you. To share with you something that has become somewhat of a consternation for many of you as we are finding it here. And we are going to attempt to clear that up for you. And that is the idea of materialization. The idea of manifestation; bringing into being

what you are wanting. Because many of you are finding it difficult at this time to manifest because you are manifesting in the old ways.

You are manifesting in the old 3-D illusion. And you know in that three-dimensional illusion that you have become so accustomed to, you have this buffer period that occurs where you think of something and you want it to manifest, but it does not manifest quickly. And then you become disconsolate because it does not come to you; it does not materialize in front of you. Because many of you would like to simply put out your hand, and say, have an apple appear in your hand and it is there.

And it is simple to do this. We do this all the time. But you yourselves have difficulty with this because you are still operating in the old paradigm. And in the old paradigm you will not be able to do this. For whatever it might be: money to travel, money to take care of a sick individual, to help them, all of these things that you continue to operate from the old paradigm of the 3-D illusion. Then you will continue to have that buffer period. And your buffer period will be longer based on the consciousness that you are creating it.

So if you want to have a shorter buffer period, you must think it, you must create it in your mind, you must imagine it, see it fully in your mind, but then the most important thing and this is what so many miss out on is you must know that it is already been granted. You must know that it is already coming to you. Because if you ask for it but you do not expect it, you will not get it. That is as simple as it is and you must come to understand this.

Now, when you are asking for something, when you want something to happen in your lives you must raise your vibrations in doing so. Raise your vibrations. Find yourself in higher dimension where you feel the energy, you feel the love, you feel the nature all around you, you feel the connection to your higher self. And when you feel that connection to your higher self whatever it is that you want to manifest will manifest much quicker.

And all of you, we say now all of you are able to do this much quicker now because you have moved more fully out of this 3-D illusionary paradigm. You have moved out of it more and more and more. And as you continue to move out of it, you will find that that buffer zone becomes less and less. And those things that you want to manifest will appear much quicker. Some of you are already seeing this.

You saw an example of this just momentarily here previous, where the one brought out that she does not have the money for this. And as soon as you voice that you do not have the money, then you do not. But because of your being around the vibration of all of the others here in this group Ancient Awakenings, you were able to then ask for something and then you received it without even knowing you are asking for it. You see how this works?

Universe will provide if you allow for the process to happen. This is what you must do. You must allow for the process. This is The Secret … the secret that has been kept hidden from most of mankind for a very long time throughout all of these dark ages.

But as you know you have come out of the dark ages. You have moved into the Light. You are the ones that are anchoring the light. You are the ones that are holding the light here. You are the ones that are spreading the light. And as you continue to hold and spread the light you will create the higher paradigm, the next paradigm, the new Golden Age of Gaia, Nova Earth, whatever you want to call it it is all ONE in the same.

It is all about raising consciousness, raising love throughout the planet and knowing as you are doing that you are the love, that you are the consciousness and the light, you are the “way, the truth, and the life, or the Light”. You see? This is what you must come to understand and then everything that you want in your life will be given to you if it is meant for you. That is always a big IF. If it is for your highest good or those around you for their highest good. You must always take that into consideration. So sometimes when you ask for something and you do not receive it, it is because you are not supposed to at this point.

You have certain lessons still that you are working on learning, not anyone else that is making you learn them. It is you that are making yourself learn them. It is you that is all about the process of manifesting. You that is all about the process of bringing something forward, bringing the lessons forward, remembering who you are. You see? It is not outside of yourself it is within yourself. Just as all healing happens from within yourself.

Yes you might go to a doctor and the doctor might prescribe something and it might help in this situation, it might heal some of the symptoms but it does not heal the cause. Does not get to the root cause of it all. It is you that must reach into yourself and find that root cause, whatever it might be.

We hope that this helps some of you in this manifestation process. Take this deeply. Go deeply within and understand what is occurring here; what is happening here. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves now?

Q & A

Q: First of all I want to say One Who Serves I don’t know why, but when you came on I must know you because I absolutely adore you and that’s what came right to my head. I adore you!

OWS: And we you as well.

Q: I adore all of the One Who Serves but there must be some special connection we have so I honor that.

I wanted to ask you about this light — you were listening I’m sure about this light in the earlier exchange – light and all that. The light is always the same every time, and it gets quite appreciably bigger after I do the light, filling myself with light thing and it’s in the colors of the rainbow. It’s always exactly the same in the colors. It’s just like a rainbow. So I was curious is that the aura or is it something different and how is it different? Because it is always the same every time and I’ve heard that auras change color depending upon your mood and whatever. So please get a little information about that.

OWS: Yes your aura does certainly change as your consciousness shifts, as your thinking shifts, and all of this. That is true. And also as you move into the higher vibrations through the use of meditation or contemplation or going deep within yourself your aura is going to expand and grow just as we did here with you in this meditation where we had you expand your light further and further out. This is because you were in that moving into higher vibration-state at that point and you could do this. And many of you, we know, were able to accomplish this; were able to create your light being an entire city or even an entire state or beyond this, if you were able to continue to push it and create and continue to spread it further and further out. So yes, certainly, as you are in a higher meditative state and move into the higher consciousness you are going to be able to command the light within you much, much greater and expand it out further. This is how the light workers and warriors throughout the planet are spreading the light in this way. Just simply walking into a room even if you are not aware of doing this you are spreading your light. You see?

Q: Yes and that is the aura then. That same light is the aura. Is that right?

OWS: Not so much. No, it is somewhat different here. You are working with the aura yes, but the aura comes first. The aura creates the body it is not the other way around. The body does not create the aura.

The aura is first. And as you are creating the light you are adding to your aura you see? You are doing it with your imagination. Your visualization skills. Yes. This is how when those in ancient times and even more frequent times where one sees a Master of some type and they see the light around them and it’s the light spread so far out from them this is why. Because as someone is able to work with this light much more, such as a yogi or a Master then those around can see this light. You see? This is where the idea of the halo comes from.

Q: My question is about manifestation. Do we in the new energy/ New Earth vibrations do we need to be specific let’s say about the amount of money I need to receive, whether for my business or from any other source? Do I need to be specific which car brand I want or is it only focusing on the well-being, being free, having his needs covered? This is a little bit [??] The old energy needed to be real specific and now we don’t know exactly do we need to specify the amount of money or how to go about that?

OWS: We would say both here. Both. You want to allow for the universe to provide whatever it is that needs to be provided for, but if there is a specific amount that you are looking for then why not create that specific amount whatever it might be for. If you want to, for instance, go to this next Advance — and we would highly recommend it to as many here as can — if you want to go and you do not have the capability at this present time, do as the wonderful Rita said earlier. Just put it out there. Know that you can go and it will be provided for you. But you must know this. You must believe it. Believe and then you will see it. But if you continue to operate in the old paradigm as I said earlier here, if you continue to operate that way then you will continue to have that old paradigm. If you continue to say I do not have the money, I cannot create the money, the money just does not show for me, I am always broke, so on and so on, then that is what you will always have. You see? Keep doing the same thing over and over and over and you cannot expect a different result. You see?

And the other thing, and we want to add this: change the story. If you continue to say the same story, tell the same tale, the same story over and over and over, then that is the way the story is going to continue for you in your life. So if it is doing that, if you are doing that, simply change the story. Change the story that you tell everybody and as you change that story your life will change. It is that simple. Okay?

Q: Yes. How are you the One Who Serves?

OWS: We are wonderful as always. What else can there be?

Q: Just like the other lady say when you said this is a different One Who Serves I just had a warm feeling when you say that. I don’t know why. So I’m like very emotional right now, sorry.

My question is — and I shared this earlier with the group. I’m going through a lot of major life changes and I want to know if there is a reason why I am having these major changes in my life such as like my job, my marriage, my education. I’m going back to school. I left my job. And I just don’t feel that my husband is serving me anymore. We’re just not heading the same way anymore spiritually. So can you enlighten me in that? I just want to know why things are happening at this time.

OWS: Yes you are going through a transition. All of you are going through a transition. And you will go through it in different ways, certainly, but you are going through it and change is a part of this transition. And also as you are going through this transition the old paradigm, the old guides that you might’ve had with you that have lasted with you not only this lifetime but from other lifetimes, will also be leaving. You are going to lose the familiars in your life. Those ones that created such a comfort zone for you if it is time for you. If it is time for you to move out of the comfort zone, to go through these changes, then this is what your higher self is calling for you to do. And if you allow for the process then it will be seamless. But if you fight it, if you resist it, it will persist. In other words the negative parts of this will persist. So this is where we say so many times Go With the flow. Let it be, here. You see?

Q: I was on a trip and met a couple where I was staying. The woman asked where I lived and I told her which is by water. She went up to her room and brought down this tiny little crystal for me. (It’s got amethyst in it and I can’t remember what it is exactly.) She gave it to me and asked if I would throw this in the ocean because this has a lot of power in it. And of course I was grateful and I said certainly I would. She said I could keep it for a while and decide when the time was right, and she would know. So as I was walking along the water the other day I saw dolphins, so I decided the next day I was going to throw the crystal in the ocean. So I did. So my question is if you can expand on that and what the significance of that may be.

OWS: As we find it that this one is reaching back to earlier times where she had the acumen you might say to work with the arts — not the dark arts but the light arts — those such as what you would call white witchery, something like this nature, and has this acumen, this understanding. And the working with crystals comes certainly from much earlier times in Atlantis and Lemuria and all of this. So this one knows that it is important to share the energy. The energy of this particular crystal comes from the ocean and it needed to go back to the ocean. You see? It comes from the sea and needed to go back to the sea. This is what she is saying here from this. And in your responding here you did this. It is very similar in some ways to when one goes through the death process and the body is cremated and the body then or the cremation, the dust, is spread out over the Earth or in the ocean or wherever it might be. “From dust to dust” is your saying here. We can say then here from crystal to crystal. You see? It is not much more profound than this as we are finding it, but this particular one knows about this and was re-creating some of the memory that had from the earlier times here and utilized you to bring this about.

Q: I had a dream I wanted to get some input from you on. In the dream, this morning, I was in a meeting with several people, (I want to say 12. It felt like a council. May be a Council of Twelve.), and we were discussing life contracts. I said, “Before we incarnate there, we sign a life contract and we know exactly when it ends.” And Randi Joy from our group stood up and she said, “No one comes here (or there) unless they see me first.” And at the end of the meeting each member came up and kissed me and I kissed them and they each told me thank you. And the last man he was very short maybe about 4 feet tall and his skin was blue. I wondered if you could give me some insight on that dream.

OWS: We can. But before we do so, first of all we ask you what you received from this. What your insight is.

Q: Well I always wondered about the World Pyramid, when you all mentioned it, and what goes on there. So to me it seems like when we’re discussing our life contracts and our life plans, that that takes place in the World Pyramid.

OWS: Yes. And we will add then the idea of the 12 here and the Council, you are correct about this. This is the Twelve and the Twelve of the Twelve that Sananda has spoken of many times. And the use of the Randi Joy here is that this was Sananda in this case. Is the one that you must go through Sananda before you can be in these Councils as he has spoken of previously. You see? And the one that is the small one that you are seeing is an ET, you might say, with blue skin from Andromeda. And this is a connection there that you have for this. And we will add here that you specifically that has had this dream, you are important here because you already have your Council seat here, if you are ready to take it when the time comes. And we will add here that many here that are on these calls are also there to take their seats in these Councils when they are developed and ready to go. We cannot say much more on this but Sananda will provide more information at the next Advance about this and have more experiential understanding coming from this as well as you go through these processes that are planned here.

Q: While I am ready. Thank you so much and I love you.

Q: First of all I want to thank you for previous I asked you questions and you give so deep answers. My question is, I know I mentioned today about the numbers. I have been seeing, very often, numbers like 44, 33, 55, 1010, 1212. I see them all the time. If I look on the clock it’s always some kind of number. What’s the meaning for me? I know it has some meaning like somebody went online and said this has meaning. But particularly I have been seeing over a year of them.

OWS: We are not going to give you direct meaning for yourself but we will give meaning for the whole here, in terms of many of you are seeing these same things over and over and over. And it’s signifying change in your life and it is signifying synchronicity that you are going through various synchronicities in your life and becoming more and more aware of these synchronicities. And as you become more aware of these synchronicities, your awakening process develops more and more and more here. And you become aware of synchronicities and more synchronicities/ synchronistic events will happen because of this and it will continue then to raise your consciousness and move you into the higher vibration as a result of this. It is all coordinated together here. You see?

Q: So it’s everything coordinated. So it means I will overcome this difficulty of what I’m going through?

OWS: You will overcome these difficulties if you allow yourself to overcome difficulties. Yes. Where there is a will there is a way. But where there is no will there is no way. Remember that.

Q: I’ve been receiving insights into the fact that we all have innate abilities and I’m beginning to see abilities that I’ve had for long time just never noticed so much to speak of/paid a lot of attention. For example one is I have MapQuest in my head. Like I’m driving a car and I instinctively know which way to turn, left or right. Or I’ll hear I need to find a certain item for my car and I hear AutoZone in my head and turn right and it directs me right to the store that has what I want. The other one is time. I have a powerful connection to time. I haven’t worn a watch in 20 years or used an alarm clock because I just set my internal time clock to wake me up the time and I always wake up. And I wake up with my pineal gland vibrating in my head That’s my alarm clock is my pineal gland. So I’ve known this but it never occurred to me you know we have many innate abilities until now and I’m beginning to recognize them. And could you give me some insight like into this awakening or acknowledgment to ourselves even of these innate abilities that we have.

OWS: Yes you all have these innate abilities as you are saying. They come in with you and have remained with you your entire life and even lifetimes previous to this. But you have lost the connection with your higher self and this is what has been the disconnect, you might say, between being able to use those abilities or not use those abilities. You see, in some ways you agreed to come here and be a part of this evolution and not have these abilities, and not have the memories of who you are to be able to lose that, to be able to create that disconnect for a time period. But always know that you have never truly been disconnected, you have always had this connection, and it is simply a remembering, a coming back to the understanding that you are connected to the One. That you are the One. And as the One you have the abilities to do everything that the One can do. In other words, the Source within you. You can do everything that the Source can do. ‘All of these things I do so can you do also.’ You see? Just as Yeshua said that. He meant exactly that that everyone has these innate abilities within them. The only thing it takes is to realize that they and their Father are One. And once you come to that full realization, then you are in that ascension process and fully ascended, you will have all of these innate abilities back with you again. But for now you are going through a transition. And in this transition you are receiving or gathering back these abilities maybe slowly but they are coming back to you. And as we have said many, many times you can look at the sky and you can see the clouds and just like anyone else would see simply a cloud you see the image of the cloud or you see the ship within the cloud. You see? This is these abilities coming back to be able to see beyond the physical. To see beyond to see what has always been there but hidden from you. But now it is coming into your understanding and into your view here. Okay?

Q: Okay. Will I do see the ships but my favorite one of my favorites is being able to detect police officer radar coming up ahead. [Laughs] That is a big one.

Q: I’ve been meditating more on the Beatitudes. One of the Beatitudes is being ‘meek of heart.’ And the thing about the Beatitudes is it mentions the [inaudible]. Can you help us understand more of what it is to be meek of heart?

OWS: All of you would be considered the heart at this point and the meek shall inherit the earth. This is what he said in that remember? The meek shall inherit the Earth. And all of you because you are the meek, you are the ones that are not in the forefront, you are … we are trying to get this for you to understand here. You are the ones, you are the way showers, you are the ones that are coming forward here, but you are not the ones that have been in the front, you might say, where the first shall be last and the last shall be first. So you are the last here. You are the ones that are going to then become the first. You are the meek that shall inherit the Earth. You see? So ‘meek of heart’ is exactly that. That you are deep within your heart. Each one of you. More and more of you are opening your heart center. And as you open your heart center you are creating then the light that can then be shared — anchored first and then shared — throughout the planet. So in this way you are inheriting the Earth. You see? And creating the New Earth. Does this make sense to you?

To the one who asked the question, does this work here for you … Make sense?

Q: I would like to consult about an experience that I had the other day at the ocean. I have been very,

very sick for a couple of weeks before and I thought the ocean breeze would be good for me so I go to

this boat in the ocean. Almost suddenly I was surrounded by thousands and thousands and thousands of dolphins. Even I saw whales. And as I was sitting on the boat a strong voice inside myself said to me, oh they’ve all come to see you. And I even saw to dolphins on both sides of the boat they came very close and turned their bellies up, kind of communicating with me. But I cannot quite pinpoint what was the message. Can you help me understand?

OWS: What we can tell you is that the, those of the seas, those of the aquatic world here, they are communicating more and more to those who are ready to communicate with them, to understand them, to know that they are the ones that are also carrying the light for the world. It is not only you, those of you the light workers and warriors, it is also those of the aquatic world as well that are doing so: the dolphins, the whales, all of this. And they are bringing the frequency of the planet, helping to bring the frequency of the planet higher and higher. And as they communicate with you and all those that they are more and more communicating with it is opening up the ancient communication channels that were there previously between the human and the aquatic world here. See? Does this make sense to you?

Q: Yes. Does it have anything to do with my illness? I’ve been very ill lately.

OWS: And how do you feel now?

Q: I feel a lot better.

OWS: Yes. And you feel a lot better because you communicated with them directly. Have you not heard anyone yet ever say swim with the dolphins and you will feel much better. This is because they put off afrequency. They have a frequency that they can send out and if you are in their frequency and resonate to that frequency, it can bring about a healing process to you. And if nothing else when you are near the ocean, you are near the negative ions that are there. And the negative ions matches more of the body frequency here. The body frequency that it is supposed to be when it is healthy. And the negative ions this is why you feel good when rain comes. You see? The negative ions.

And you feel this certainly at the ocean. When you go to the ocean when you stand on the beach on the sand, put your feet in the sand and feel the sand around your feet and ground into the Earth as you are doing so. And at the same time be aware of the smells. Be aware of how you feel with the air there, the crystal clean air. The negative ions that you are feeling. You see? Get in touch with all of your senses there at the ocean. And we can guarantee you if you go there with say a cold or something of this nature, as long as you do not create a situation where you are uncomfortable — in other words it is too hot or too cold there for you — but if it is just right then you will leave that encounter with the beach and the ocean you will leave that feeling much much better than you were before you went there.

Just a hint for all of you that are living near the ocean here, wherever it might be in whichever coast, and you are feeling down, depressed, or you have ill health of some type, go and sit on the beach and meditate there and feel, as we are saying, feel the Oneness all around you. And feel those negative ions that are there and let them raise your frequency, raise your vibrations. And as you do so everything will become much clearer to you and will bring you into a higher state of consciousness in doing so. And as has been said many times, as you are moved into a higher state of consciousness and into higher vibrations then those things that are creating the illness will dissipate because they cannot be in the higher vibrations. In those higher vibrations you cannot be sick, you cannot have illness, you cannot be in an out-of-balance state in your body. You see? You want to live longer? You want to live longer in the body that you are in now — forgetting about all of the changes that are coming and all the new technologies you just want to live longer now — then find yourself in higher vibrations more and more often and you will find that it will even take years off of your life as [in] you[r] look[s]. You see?

Q: And they came in thousands and surrounded for miles the boat. It was so spectacular! Miles and miles of dolphins jumping. It was wonderful. I am very grateful. Thank you.

OWS: Yes. That is an experience that many people throughout the planet never have so you can be grateful and thankful that the Universe has provided that for you.

Q: Yes. I’m very grateful. And specifically to those two that came so close to me and when they were close to me they turned the belly up like, ‘look at me we are the special ones for you’ kind of. Or that’s what I got.

OWS: Yes they were opening themselves up to you showing their level of … what are word we are looking for here. Not coming at this point. They were being where they could give themselves up to you. You see? [Surrendering.] Surrendering. Yes that is the word we could have been looking for here. Yes, surrendering themselves to you. Just as a dog. When a dog is surrendering itself to you it wants to show you that it is letting itself go to whatever you are wanting it to do and it turns over on its’ back and puts its’ legs up and makes itself completely vulnerable. That was other word we were looking for here. Vulnerable to you. This is what was occurring here.

Q: A quick question about the Advance coming up. I really feel it’s going to be like extra special. There is a big surprise I just know it. There is a big big big surprise. And my higher self says that they won’t give the surprise away but it’s got something to do with, if the frequency and the vibration is right at the time of the 888 Lion’s Gate Portal plus after the summer solstice which is coming. If we’re at that particular vibration frequency at that time, something big is going to happen. Exciting. I’m seeing definitely something big is happening at the Advance. It’s going to be really special.

OWS: You have created a hint here for everybody. It has not yet been given but it is related to the Lion’s Gate yes.

Q: Yes. Athena she told me it’s got to do with the Lions gate and then these …

OWS: You are meaning … you are meaning right after that. Right after the 888.

Q: That is right. The day after so it’s going to be very significant. We’re going to be in this energy vortex or something with the Lion’s Gate portal so if all goes well something magic is going to happen. So yes I’m looking forward to it.

OWS: That’s because a new Gate will have opened up here. That is just a hint now at this point.

Q: Well I said we are ready. We are ready for the surprise. We really are we really are I feel it’s I do everyone here on the phone every one that’s going to be going to the advance I really see it my heart of hearts that we are already every one of us.

OWS: Yes. We are ready also.

Q: I just wanted to know why 555 is being added to my numbers synchronicities I’ve been having at this moment.

OWS: We have already answered that question earlier to another who has asked this and it is very similar in the same to the question you are asking now. So please refer back to the answer that was given at that time.

We are then going to release channel. But before we do here know in your earlier conversation you were speaking about how the vibrations from those who are coming from above in terms of Galactics, the Ascended Masters, etc., and why we have said many times that we are not going to come down to you you must come up to us. And this is because — and those of you that expressed this earlier that you find yourself in a lower density and lower vibrations and how it makes you feel – well it is very similar to how when we would come into your vibration — not so much your vibration now because your vibrations are increasing but to more of what you would call the mass populace and their vibrations — it is very uncomfortable for us to do so and certainly for the Galactics to do so.

And this is why they have not yet come en masse you might say to the planet here. Because the vibrations are still yet too low. But as the vibrations continue to increase then they will be able to come and show themselves to more and more and more of you as your vibrations continue to increase. You see? They can lower themselves somewhat, but they are not going to lower themselves to the point where they are vulnerable to the low vibrations here. You see?

This is what we wanted to say here. So know as you continue to go through your transition, as you continue to raise your vibrations, then you will create a situation where it would be possible for those of the Galactics, you might say, to show themselves more and more. And even to have maybe a full manifestation by those of us, the Ascended Masters or the Galactics or any of the above here. This is also a hint here that has been given. But unlike our other One Who Serves here I am not going to go into a whole lot more because I do not [inaudible due to laughter/open mic].

We are going to release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

18.07.01-Sanat Kumara Is Preparing To Go Home As He Has Nearly Fulfilled His Promise.

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Sanat Kumara Is Preparing To Go Home As He Has Nearly Fulfilled His Promise.

Sananda, Sanat Kumara and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our first Sunday of the month, Blog Talk Radio edition of the Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ on July 1, 2018.  (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 Zoe: Hello everybody.

It is with much love that we welcome you to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change.

We come to Blog Talk Radio the first Sunday of every month to give non-members a chance to see if they resonate with us as light warriors and wayshowers. And if you feel that pull, you have been called back to your soul group. So we are pleased to get re-acquainted and welcome you home.

If you find yourself here, it is because you are meant to be here. You desire to re-member.

We gather as Ancient Awakenings to help each other prepare for our missions bringing in the New Golden Age. We gather here because James McConnell, the founder of the Ancient Awakenings group made it his mission to give us, those of the 144,000, a place to re-member the ancient wisdom, share openly, learn, and reunite with family because it’s time now to return to that ancient wisdom. It is time now, to fully awaken to who we truly are.

My name is Zoe. I’m your call facilitator. And, as always, I’m joined by Pallas Athena/Rita, our resident numerologist, astrologist, spiritual counselor, and teacher. Athena, are you open?

 Athena/Rita:  I am! Greetings!

 Zoe: Today is Sunday, July 1st, 2018. And we’ve been speculating that it may turn out to be Truth Out July! We are looking forward to the next few days — especially the 4th — which we’re hearing and hoping will be extremely special this time.

Maybe it’ll be one of those things that’s only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear,  but hey! … that’s us! So we’re excited.

And extremely grateful to the White Hat – Alliance who are sacrificing to secure this for us

and to the Ascendeds who are making sure everything goes according to plan. I saw some fireworks last night and mentally dedicated them to the Alliance. You know … Where We Go One … [We go all.]  Thank you all. There’s no way we will ever know everything you’ve done for us but we will be forever grateful. We can promise you that.

 And fun fact: for all of you familiar with NESARA, it’s been pointed out that July 4th is just a bit more than 120 days before the general election. Meaning,,, we would have the required 120, give or take a few days, so we have time to make some announcements! Wouldn’t THAT be cool!  I personally don’t think it’s time for that yet but, it’s fun to speculate.

 None-the-less, we should probably make the most of the time and those opportunities to go into the stillness with Sananda as it is a means to our ultimate goal: Ascension.


So let’s talk about what Ancient Awakenings is all about.

 It’s about breaking free of the subjugative programming we have been under for lifetimes. And we’re doing that by Remembering. We’re remembering the ancient wisdom that we each brought in with us lifetime after lifetime. And we’re learning to use that ancient wisdom, to help guide in the New Golden Age.

We’re gravitating toward the natural sciences and leaving the main stream science behind. Actually, we’re working on leaving mainstream everything behind. We are remembering how to use light and sound and frequency. And we’re remembering how to heal with them and with natural medicine, and with sacred geometries.

We’re remembering how to use crystals, numerology. We’re remembering to protect our beloved Earth and all the nature that share her with us. We are awakening to the ancient wisdoms that are forcing us to readdress everything we learned in school, in society, and in life.

 And your awakening is making you hear things and see things that others don’t hear or see, and feel things that others don’t feel.

There is nothing wrong with you. Your remembering is coming from deep within you. You’re awakening to your innate, God-given abilities that you have carried within you for eons.  And remembering this is setting you free.

So we come every Sunday to be in this safe place that James (and Joanna) have created known as Ancient Awakenings-Prepare for Change to share our experiences and our insights with each other and support each other. And we come together as a family … a family who have been together and have loved one another for eons. Quite literally!  And we’re the family who won’t make fun of you or call you crazy. (Well, we might, but only if you’re in on the joke!)

So again, welcome home. We’re glad you came.

And speaking of crazy! (Rita) [Laughing] One of the things we like to do on BlogTalk day is to have Pallas Athena/Rita teach us something from her perspective. So let’s get Athena on and see what she has for us today. Athena?

 Athena/Rita: Okay! Since you said that, Zoe, about astrology and numerology, today I’m going to do a little astrology — and very little — but first I’m going to give the meaning of what astrology is. And greetings to everyone out there. I’m so happy you’re here and that I’m here to greet you today. Beautiful, beautiful moments in our life at this time.

Now the study of astrology movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence, effects on humans and the natural world. Now this is July 2018 and Leo is in strong. And Leo comes in from July the 20th to Aug the 20th. And Leo is the lion which means courage. Every Leo out there must learn to have courage. And that’s what they’re known for is their leadership and their courage.

 We are in earth, water and fire. Now Saturn, which is ruled to Capricorn, moves into Leo on the 16th of July and the lessons we must learn as a result in changes in their hemisphere during the new moon on the 16th. The new moon is in Cancer. Now some of you might not know if you don’t know about astrology, but Cancer is a water sign and Leo is a fire sign.

 We have four elements which is water, fire, air, and earth in astrology. So I’m going to go back and say the new moon is in Cancer bringing in new beginnings as number one, as today is number 1, which means new beginnings. And the full moon falls on the second month running in the sign of Capricorn, which is an earth sign, the month of July will come in heavy on the hemisphere turning retrograde and doing the full moon. So as July ends we are now having new beginnings. And so it is. Namaste.

Zoe: And so it is. Thank you very much Rita. Lovely as always. Thank you.

A/R: You’re welcome, honey.


Zoe: So, let me tell you how this usually works. James starts us off, leading us into a guided meditation. Sananda (or one of his cohorts) will step in and take over. After the meditation, we move right into channeled messages.

And then, of course, our long-time hosts, One Who Serves, will pick it up right after any guests, to reemphasize messages or make various points, or clarify something we were discussing in the first half of the call. And then it’s on to our questions.

 Sananda, OWS, and all the Ascended Masters speak through James McConnell. Shoshanna is now becoming a regular contributor to our understanding and she is being given voice by Joanna McConnell.

 So again, welcome everyone. And let’s have James or Sananda begin the meditation.

 Sananda Guided Meditation

 James:  All right. Everybody find a quiet place. Begin to get in touch with your breathing …

[Leading into Sananda’s guided meditation which is best experienced directly from the recording beginning at the 12:47 minute marker]

 Lord Sananda Kumara

I AM Sananda.

 And I was going to speak with you, share a message with you, but I was asked, (you might say at the last moment,) to step aside for another to be with you. For he now has an important message, and yes, maybe even an announcement for you.

 All of my peace and love be with all of you from this moment and from every moment forward, from now and forever.

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. And I Am overjoyed to be able to be with you here at this time in these moments.

 For long ago I shared with my brethren that I would be the one that would take this planet, these people, all of you through this evolution; through the various calamities, catastrophes, travails that you have all traveled through; that you have journeyed through.

And I made a promise long ago that I would see this through to the end, to the end of this age and into the beginning of the next. And I have fulfilled my promise just as my dear brother Sananda has as well and many others.

But in my promise I said I would be the last. I would see this through and be the last one to leave to move on. And I have fulfilled my promise for I Am the last one to be here with you as these changes continue to move along.

And I Am here to tell you now that as my promise is coming near to fulfillment for I will then be able to leave and to go home myself. Go home to my dear one, my Venus who has waited for me for a very long time. Just as you, each one have those that are waiting for you that you left long ago.

And if you feel a tear coming to your eye it is because you are now remembering. You are remembering those times long ago. And as you remember those times, those moments, those times of intense love for your loved ones, and those times now it becomes more and more difficult for you to be able to be here and withstand the energies as they continue to shift and change. And as many of you have been acclimating to these energies, preparing for them, some of you are yet having difficulties with this.

For these energies are powerful. But you are also powerful and you must all remember this. You are powerful beyond measure. And just as I made the promise, so too did you all make the promise that you would be here until the end and into the beginning of the next Age. And that next Age is nearly upon us all.

You have heard from our dear Ashtar that all is in readiness for those in the ships, those you call the Galactics are there ready to move in a moment’s notice. And those of the Ascended Masters are all ready and waiting always there to give you that nudge, that push forward. But a gentle push. Never harsh. Always gentle, loving, caring. And all of you now as you are moving into this new Age — and fast moving into this new Age I will add — you are preparing as well, many of you, to go home.

 Many of you to remember and then be ready to let go and forget. Forget the old travails. Forget the negative parts of your journey and remember the positives. Remember all that has been good and much of your journey has been good.

So I leave you now with this understanding that even though you find yourselves now in some difficulties, some negative conditions where the energies are too powerful at times, know that this is just for a moment yet. For the whispers from all of us continue to come in, continue to invite you to move forward. Always to move forward. To trudge forward to reach that finish line that seems to be pulling away from you as you get nearer to it.

But yet it is not. It is only in your understanding and the programming that you have come to understand that that finish line keeps eluding you. But I tell you now you have all reached that finish line just as Sananda has been saying. It is right there in front of you and it is time now to cross it. To cross it and forget the past.

 That does not mean forget your loved ones but forget the past, the negativity of the past. For it will only continue to hold onto if you let it. Release now. Release! Let go! Go with the flow. And let the flow take you to your promised land.

 I AM Sanat Kumara and I will be with you again at what you call your next Advance. And I will be there as the Great Initiator, the One Initiator, to initiate all of you as a group and some of you even as individuals.

 All of my peace and love be with all of you. I AM the Beginning and the End – the Alpha and the Omega, just as you all are.

 Ascended Masters One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here.

 You can now un-mute your phones now. We do not have message. We are going to go directly into your questions. Are you already un-muted phones everybody ready to go?

Zoe:  Not quite. We need to un-mute them one at a time as they come along.

 OWS: Very good. We will give you moment to do so.

Zoe: Please. And I will also give the protocols for how to get online.

And thank you. Thank you One Who Serves and Sananda and Sanat Kumara for all your support and wisdom.

Well, let me tell you the rundown on the question process here.

If you want to ask a question you’ll need to raise your hand by pressing 1 on your keypad. 

I’ll call on you by your area code. And then please tell us your name and where you’re located.

Ask your question briefly and succinctly remembering that the more specific your question is, the better the answer is going to be. And please try to keep them to what might be universally appreciated.

After your question is answered, press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.

So that means press 1, give your name, location, question, give your thank yous, then press 1 again.

And incidentally, as most everyone already knows, One Who Serves is a collective of Ascended Masters who had chosen to act anonymously while teaching us and guiding us through our ascension. They are several … but they are One – as we are all One, together with them.

 So come on in and let’s get started with emailed questions. Joanna, do you have any other e-mail questions that came in?

 Joanna:  Yeah, Zoe, I have two, so let me begin.

 Q & A

Q: [Emailed question] I am British and I know that our royal family are part of the cabal Illuminati and that Princess Diana was killed because she knew too much. Prince William and Harry are displaying a lot of their mother’s traits of helping humanity. Is this a ploy? Are they of the light or the dark? And are those coming into the royal family at risk?

OWS: What we can tell you about this is much is shifting and changing at this point. There are those of what you call the royal families that have certainly been largely a part of the cabal, part of the dark forces, but this is beginning to shift as well. Not so much in the ones that are of the older influence here but those newer ones that are coming in. Certainly the children and those that are the parents of the children. Some of them, not all of them, but some of them are beginning to turn to the light. Or they were already always of the light and were not able to be turned to the dark. And this is happening with several of those that are part of this expression, part of this family, you would say, the royal family. Not only here in the United Kingdom as you are asking but in other areas as well. Many of the other countries are experiencing this changeover as well.

There are those that were even of the darkness that have begun to move toward the light also. And this is a shift of consciousness that is happening and will continue to happen. Now of course there are those that are what you would call the hold overs, these stubborn ones, the ones that will not turn to the light no matter how much they are given the opportunity to do so. And this is not for you to change but you can assist in the process by praying for them, by sending them into the light, inviting them into the light yourselves. As to the direct ones you are asking we are not going to give that directly because it is not for us to do so. But you can use your own discernment and know the full answer to this as to those ones you are wondering about. But we are not in the process of selecting one individual or another saying they are of the light or the dark except in certain circumstances. Okay?

Q:  [Emailed question] In the 5-D website, which is quite popular, they are recommending when people pass to the other side, the afterlife, that they ignore their spirit guides and not go toward the light but go in the opposite direction. They say we must escape this prison planet and move into life on the other planes. Is there any truth to this because it goes against my beliefs?

 OWS:  There is very much truth to this. Not completely but we will say that this, you can call this a prison planet if you want, but it is what you want it to be. If you think it is a prison planet then it is. And many here do think that because you have come here to learn lessons and learn lessons you have done in many circumstances. But there are those certainly of the dark that are keeping you from learning the greater lessons that are there available to all of you. So we would say that everything is continuing to shift and change as we say many times and you are in the process of moving through this. And as you go through the process if you were to go through the process of dying — and we say ‘if’ because many of you will not in this particular lifetime. You will live a long lifetimes here. This is what the potential is for many of you here. And as you were to go across the other side … or rather we will talk in terms of past here. As you went to the other side in the past, there were those situations where those would manipulate you and hold you into a pattern and keep you in that pattern, keep you in that reincarnation pattern and come back again and again and again. And in some cases and in some ways this was purposeful for many of you.

 But that is all changing now. We have said to you that your karma from past lives is over if you allow it to be over, if you let go of the memories, if you do as Sanat Kumara has said and let go of the past. Let go of the old negativity of the past. And if you do this and you were to move across to the other side through the death process, then you would come to a point where there would be many of us who would be there, those of us, yes, your guides and all of this, but your what you would call your higher level guides that will not lead you astray and will take you into a different light, you might say. Not into the light at the end of the tunnel and all of this, for in some cases yes that was a trap and it did draw you into it. But that is all coming to an end here. And as you move through this ascension process this is going to be completely gone and you will never have to worry about this again. Okay?

 Q:   My question is about mind control technology. I recently learned that there are control technologies that are causing the members of the cabal to perform all these false flags. It sounds like the Bourne Identity (movie) where they show a mind control signal and people start killing each other for no reason. Where is that technology located, if it exists, and can that technology be taken out of the hands of the cabal?

 OWS:  That technology certainly does exist and is already in the process of being taken out of the hands of the cabal as you are saying. And it has been a process that they have been using for some time. It is a, what you would call an A.I. [artificial intelligence] influence here, and it has been utilized for some time. It has created many of these situations in what you are calling the false flags and all of this. But it is something that now has been taken over by those of the light forces. They now have control over this so all that is occurring now is these last ditch efforts, you might say, the last gasps of those of the cabal forces. And they are doing only what they have come to know to do which has worked over and over in the past, but they are even finding now that it no longer works. And this is going to, as we find it in potential possibility-wise, it is going to take an upturn in terms of they will attempt to do this more if they can, but will not be successful. And it will find, they will find they are out of, out of ammunition, you might say, to do those things that they have always done and are no longer now working. Okay?

Q:  Well where is the technology located?

 OWS:  We cannot give in terms of where here because it is consciousness. It is everywhere you might say. Artificial intelligence AI is everywhere and you can be able to say it has one specific location where it emanates from cannot be done because that is not correct. Yes, there are computers and those types of things which relay this information, relay this frequency, but it is not a central location as you would know it. At least not here on this planet. Okay? That was a hint for you. Yes.

Q:  What is my connection to Korea? Is that a past life?

 OWS:  If you are asking your connection to a Korean influence here for us to be able to share that with you would be going against what we have always said and what we are about doing. We are not here to tell you who you were in the past or what connection you have to any certain nationalities or influences from the past. We cannot say who you were. We cannot say that you were Cleopatra or anything of this nature nor would we do it if we could. It is up for you to determine this. It is not up for anyone to share this with you. In other words if you go to a gypsy or if you go to a fortune teller, or whatever that might be, and they tell you you were such-and-such in the past lifetime, that is for you then to discern if it feels right to you. If it does then it may be right. If it doesn’t then it is not right. So do not be swayed by another’s influence as far as who you were. You must come to this on your own.

 Now we will tell you that all of you will at some point, as The Event draws closer and closer here you will all have the remembrances here of who you were. Much of it will come flooding back to you in your dream state, in your conscious awakening state, as well as influences that will come, synchronicities that will come to you and share these things with you. It may be that you would pick up a book and look in this book and see a certain character in there and you will realize in that moment that you were that character. You see? This is coming. These types of things: these synchronicities, these remembrances are all coming to you. So for us to suggest that you go and do those past life regressions and things, that is up to you. We are not going to say yes or no to that for you. It is up to you to decide if you need to know who you were in the past. If you feel a certain nationality connection then it is likely that there is a connection there for you. And that is all we can say on this.

 Q:  My question is around Trump. There’s a lot of conversation earlier around him and I know you had spoken before that he is of light and I’m fully neutral and accept that. But I’m just wondering if you could expand upon his nature and how he turns people against him which makes it very difficult for humanity or much of humanity to follow him for doing certain things that he’s done such as separating children from their parents at the border and things of that nature. If there’s anything you can offer to help us to communicate to [others] of what’s going on, or just some insight into it. Perhaps it’s his own lessons. But if there’s anything you can tell us about that for further communications or even our own knowing.

 OWS:  First of all you used the term he is neutral. He is not neutral. He is not. He is here to do a purpose. He is here for a reason. He is here for a purpose and his purpose does not allow him to be neutral here. He must be on the side of the people. He must be on the side of what he is considering the right side and he is doing everything that he can to be in this situation. And to create the consternation or in terms the division here is not him doing this. He does not want the division in the country and the world. He wants the connection. He wants, what he is coming to understand even, as what is Oneness here. And he is wanting this greatly. But it is those that stand against him that are creating the divisiveness in the world, and certainly in this country, and they are doing everything they can to curtail the efforts that he is making to bring everyone together. He totally believes in United We Stand Divided We Fall and he is doing everything that he can to create the situation that brings about the full changeover that is necessary in what he calls and what you are all calling the draining of the swamp. He is doing this as much as he can within the conditions that he has to work under. And yes there are many that are against him but they are a few that influence the many if you understand what we are saying here.

 Q:   Yes thank you. And I said I was neutral I did not mean he was neutral. I totally understand that, thank you very much.

 Q:  My oldest son, Valentino, described pretty much down to a T how St. Germain looks and I’ve never shown him a picture. In his Galactic form this is, and not so much his last incarnation yet there are many aspects of him on the planet now, but in what he’s seen in his mind’s eye. And then I showed him a picture of what people did think he looked like when he was walking the Earth. He said he looks slightly different now. But my 12-year-old son described him in his Galactic form so I thought it was pretty amazing. I just wanted to kind of touch on that with you. [Describing him] he said he’s got long brown hair, a little goatee beard, very tall, very slender, youngish looking. My 12-year-old boy is seeing this. Is this because the image came into his mind from his higher self or …?

 OWS:  We can tell you that St. Germain, as well as many of the Galactics and many of us as well, have many different visages that we use for whatever purpose is needed at the time. So if St. Germain is appearing to anyone who would have an understanding or a connection with him, he would appear to them in a way that they could best respond to him. Just as when he is on the ships he is appearing in the aspect that he is using at that time, just as all of us as well when we do our travel to various areas. For instance, when we, those of us One Who Serves, anyone of us would be in the Tibetan area we would appear as the Tibetans there. When we are in the South American area in the in our Brotherhood Center there you might say, the secret place of the Brotherhood there in Lake Titicaca, we would appear there in a more of a South American look you might say. At one time one of us did appear to James in this way and he was shocked that we did not appear Tibetan to him at that point. And we said the same thing to him at that time that we appear to those who are ready to see us in their mind’s eye or even if it might be in a more physical manner. We appear in the way that they are expecting to have us be with them. Okay?

Shoshana wishes to add here.

 J/S:  The one known as Valentino is, has been, and will be many times more, part of your incarnations. He knows you as you know him in a way that is deep and the understanding is deep. The one known as Valentino reads your thoughts. He sees into your mind. He knows your moods. He knows who you are. He is highly connected to you and often he is telling you what he sees in your own mind.

Q:  So he sees, he can telepathically communicate with what I’m getting as well as what he’s seeing?

 J/S: Yes and you know this. You know this. You know this highly and you sense it and you sense the connection.

Q:  I do. I sense his also the connection with St. Germain as his higher self, 100%. Valentino’s higher self.

 J/S: You know this one and he knows you in the highest sense of knowing.

 Q:  Absolutely! Yes definitely. And it’s wonderful our children are so gifted now, these children that are here on the planet. They are so gifted and they are leading the way 100%. Thank you so much.

 Q:  I wanted to ask a question concerning free will. I was taught that sending the Violet Flame to random people you know that might be passing on the street, or just anybody and everybody was a good thing to do. And then there was something that was said in one of your messages a while back about free will that just got me wondering if that was appropriate and I got worried so I sort of backed off on it. And I just wanted some clarity. I usually say that, ‘I send them the Violet Flame in perfect alignment with their Divine Will and highest good’. Could you please let me know if that’s okay to do or if I’m somehow not respecting their free will by doing that?

 OWS:  It is not only okay to do it is suggested and encouraged to do whenever you have the opportunity to share the light, spread the light. And whatever happens with that light within that individual happens. It is not up to you to know the result ahead of time or even to expect a certain result. Just send the light. If it is the Violet Light, just send the Violet Light, the Violet Flame and let it do its thing. That is all you can do.

 Q:  So I can imagine just sending it to their hearts. And do I even need to say “in perfect alignment with their Divine Will and highest good,” or is that just automatically understood?

 OWS:  It is automatically understood. Just send it and let it go.

 Q:  Thank you. That’s a big relief.

Q:  Recently in meditations and in some of my healing work I been feeling your presence. Is there anything I can do to augment that connection or is there anything else you wish to share direct with me here? It feels like there has been a desire to communicate.

 OWS:  What we can tell you is that your request is going to be granted as you are asking because there is going to be a closer connection that is going to occur as a result of the reunion that you have with this family of light here. And you are going to experience this when you come together at that next Advance. There is going to be some direct communication to you from us, as well as another that is going to share and open to you. Will come either directly through this one James or it will come to you in your waking states where you come to this understanding. And it will come as a result of those experiences which you are going to have at this next time in this Advance here.

 Q:  Thank you. On that note, would it behoove me to cultivate my ability to channel?

 OWS:  That is a personal journey that you have to look at here. If it feels right to you, if you feel that is the movement that you need to go for, then what we would say is go for it. But we also share with you that the idea of channeling, in this respect, is going to become less and less as times move along here. That is what we are saying is the need for this is going to become less and less. Certainly after The Event there will be very little need for this because you will all be directly connected to either those guides that are working with you or directly to your Higher Godself. And all of you will have this opening to be able to communicate in that respect, and will have very little if no need to have this type of discourse anymore. In a sense we are going to be putting the James out of business here at some point here.

 Q:  So the other one who will be communicating to me or through me at the Advance, is that Metatron?

 OWS:  We cannot give that at this point but you will come to understand this as we said here at the Advance here.

 Zoe: Well that falls under the heading of waaay cool in my book.

 Q:  One Who Serves, thank you for being here with us. I’ve been making videos for Ancient Awakenings so my questions are to make sure I get this right. So I have heard that people need to be (or it behooves them) to be back in their home countries in order to dispense the NESARA/GESARA funds. I’m wondering if that’s part of the reason why we have such a push on the immigration. And also I thought I was told last time that the light body was not physical. But I also heard that in Telos they have a level of physicality there. I’m wondering if maybe this is a choice thing. Do we pass through the ascension and then we have the ability to either have an all-light body or have a level of physicality? Is that what it is?

 OWS:  That is correct. You are on the right track there but there will be a point where the light body will be literally that: it will become a light body. And you will have the access to be able to create a more physical form as you wish. But that will be a process. It is not going to go from your physical body as you know it now to tomorrow being a light body. That is not what is going to happen … for most of you. Maybe a few will experience this but for the most part it will be continue to be a process over a time period here. And as you continue to move through this transition you are getting closer and closer to that connection with your light body or we will say reconnection with your light body. Now the other question please repeat that first part.

Q:  I had heard that in order to dispense the funds for GESARA people need to be back in their home country. And is that part of the reason why Trump is working so hard on the immigration to get people back to their home countries?

 OWS:  No. It has nothing to do with that as we are finding it. The one, President Trump, is working to control, be in control of the immigration process here so that has control over the influences that come as a result of this immigration process if you understand this. And it is not for those all over the world here to find themselves being drawn to another area unless they are being drawn there. And if they feel that connection, if they feel those whispers to them to move, to pick up and move to a new location, then it would behoove them at that time to do so. But it has nothing to do with the announcement of the NESARA/GESARA. Nothing at this point for this.

 Q:   This question has to do with some non-profit organizations. My wife actually told me that recently she heard that the Boy’s and Girl Scout organizations use part of their funds to support abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. If that is true are they looking to terminate those kind of organizations? I hope they do.

 OWS: What we can tell you about this is we cannot look at this in either direction here in terms of whether it is right or wrong. That area of what you would call abortion is up to the individual. Mostly up to the woman involved here. And it is not for anyone else to dictate to that individual whether or not they should or should not have a baby. It is not. If it were that way then there would be judgment involved. And there is never a reason to have judgment outside of yourself. The only one to judge you is you. So to understand this more fully you need to let go of any judgments about this whatsoever. If they are coming from the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts whatever it might be, that is within their influence within that program we would say. And it is not for anyone else to determine whether yes, it is right to have the abortion or not to have it. And we will tell you though that this idea will become less and less important and even a concern over a time period because the consciousness within the individual, within the collective we will say, will shift this in the way that it needs to go here. Life is precious. Certainly life is precious. But when does life begin, is what you need to look at here, if you are looking at this particular area of concern whether it is right or wrong. When does life actually begin? Okay? Anything to add here Shoshana? We knew that you wanted to say something here.

 J/S: And it is important to understand from the perspective of the soul that the soul chooses its lifetime. Whether that’s a week, a month, a day, 100 years, the soul chooses its lifetime. And no matter what happens through abortion, disease, hunger, whatever it is that terminates the life, the soul has chosen that.

 Q:  I see. I see. So it’s a matter of accepting that they have chosen to do that. It’s not involuntary it’s actually voluntary.

 J/S:  It’s all a choice, a plan, a contract, an understanding, before the soul enters the body it has an understanding.

 Q:  I see. I understand. It’s kind of hard to grasp but I understand it because, of course, those of us that are pro-life and loving each other, you know, seeing those things happen, it’s just hard to grasp because it hits the heart pretty bad. But we have to understand it is a decision made way before they actually incarnate. Way before.

 J/S:  Yes. Yes thank you.

 OWS: And we will add that as we said, when does life begin? Life begins when the consciousness comes into the form. It does not begin at gestation. It does not begin as it is evolving within the womb. Not until consciousness enters the body. You see?


Any more questions here?

Zoe:  Actually no. We are finished.

OWS: Very good. Then we will end with this:

You all are doing marvelously. You are all doing wonderfully. That is what we want you to leave here with, the knowing that you are special in a way here. You are special to your selves. You do not need to worry about being special to anyone else, just special to yourselves. And if you feel that way that you are special to yourselves then your transition, as you are moving through it, will become much, much easier as you move along.

Do not be concerned what others are thinking about you, or what you say, or how you do it, or whatever it might be. Just be concerned with how you feel about how you are living your life.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Zoe:  Shanti. Thank you so much. And thank you all for joining us today. We’re glad you came. The beautiful energy you contributed propels all of us forward in our missions. So come every Sunday!

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That’s it for me, James. Would you like to take it back now?

James:   Yeah, I just want to ask if anyone had anything specifically they wanted to share about the meditation specifically, to start with.

Zoe:  If you have anything that you would like to talk about can you raise your hand by pressing one please.

James:  Oh that’s right I’m sorry. I forgot. I forgot they’re not on there.

Zoe:  I could just open everybody. If everybody is just willing to treat it as a normal Sunday call… Okay these are all getting opened so if anybody has anything to say jump in.

Q:  I would like to say the meditations are very useful. I learned how to meditate through this group. And I think that very positive things have happened in my personal life, in my higher self, and my self being since I’ve been listening to this meditation and practicing, so I think it’s great.

James: Okay thank you. We appreciate hearing that.

There’s a lot of noise in the background.

Zoe:  Yeah and I can’t do anything about that.

James:  This may not work Zoe. I don’t think this is gonna work. Way too much noise.

 Zoe:  If anybody wants to pop in while your line is still open go ahead. Otherwise they’re all getting closed here.

 James:  Okay we’ll just end now. I appreciate everybody being with us. Thank you so much Zoe and Rita/ Athena for doing what you do and you both do it so well. Thank you so much. I thank Shoshana/Joanna for jumping in there a couple of times.

And I don’t know if you guys heard it or not or what you heard but it was pretty astounding to me what Sanat Kumara said about the fact that he has fulfilled his promise. That was interesting. [Absolutely!] We can talk about that next Sunday though.

Zoe:  That sounds like a timeline if I ever heard one.

James:  Yes it does. It’s because he made a promise a long long time ago that he would be here until the end and what he is basically saying is we’re near the end. So he’s ready to go home too.

Zoe:  I don’t know if it’s actually nearing the end or is at the end. It sounded like it was done.

 A/R:  It is done. He’s going home to his beloved twin flame Venus. [Right.] And I’ll be going home to mine too.

 Zoe:  And that was beyond bringing a tear to my eye. I was pretty close to sobbing there.

A/R:  I know. And when he said, ‘I know this might bring a tear to your eye’, I already had the tears in my eyes. I was boo-hooing. He knows, doesn’t he?! Boy!

Zoe: So that was a great one!

James: Yep. And unexpected, too, because Sananda stepped aside for him.

 All right so anyway we’re going to go ahead and end here now. So again I appreciate everybody being here with us and have a great week and we’ll see you all next Sunday.

 Zoe: Thank you. Love you all. Bye, bye.

 [Music lead out]

 That’s it for us. We’ll see you next week. Love you, bye!

Channeled by James McConnell 



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“Believing is seeing!”

 Q – The Plan To Save The World

 Wow, I just watched this new video “Q The Plan To Save the World”. You and everyone you know that may be even a small bit open minded needs to see this. It explains a lot about where we’ve been and where we are headed. And they name and picture many of the criminals whose faces we are very familiar with and how they are going to be brought down. It is short, only around 13 minutes but packed full.

Please watch and let me know what you think and then pass it on. I am sending this out to over a thousand people on my AA and gmail mailing lists and hopefully many will share it on as well.

Love and light,




Believing Is Seeing!