19.09.15 – It Is Time My Friends To Fully Begin To Believe In Yourselves

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19.09.15 Sunday Call (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  As always, it is a pleasure to be with you, and to be able to share with you in these ways, to be able to come across through many different sources and bring information. 

For that is what this is all about, this vibrational experience that you are moving into now.  It is all about releasing information, remembering who you are, and the creator being that you are.  And as this creator being, there are no bounds.  There are no limits.  You are indeed a limitless being. 

But you have forgotten, and you have created within you limitations that you are a limited being.  But you are certainly not.  And all of the guidance that is coming to you from all of the many different sources that try and attempt to reach to you, and the whispers that you hear within you are all about bringing you the understanding, the awakening process within you that you are unlimited, that you are god, that you are not a created being, that you are a creator.  Know this. 

Know this as you continue to move forward now and finding within yourself every moment that you are in to be that perfect moment, even though there are times of travail, even though there are times of distress when everything doesn’t seem to be exactly as you want it to be.  Know that even in those moments they are happening for a reason.  They are happening to help you to learn and to remember once again who you are. 

It is time, my friends, to fully begin to believe in yourselves.  To believe in your creative abilities.  To believe that everything that is happening within this universe is happening because of you, all of you, and all of us.  For as you have heard many times, we are all in this together.  Yes, it seems at times that nothing is happening.  But that is when you are looking, when you are wanting to see before you believe.  But when in reality, it is that you must believe first, and then you shall see.  And that is the higher vibration.  That is the higher dimensional understandings.  Believe it and you create whatever you want.  So within even this three-dimensional illusion that you are still in, you can create within that illusion.  You can create.  And in that creation, you find yourself moving out of the 3-D world and into the higher 4, and even the fifth dimension. 

And there are those periods when all of you have experienced that fifth-dimensional vibration, that bliss that goes with the fifth-dimension.  And you long for that.  You may have had it within your dream state.  Many of you have said within that dream state, “I want to stay, I don’t want to go back!”  But yet you go back.  Just as you came here to begin with, volunteered to come here.  You left that dream state.  You left that perfect state that you were in and came here.  Just as in your dream state, you return again, and again. 

Knowing that because of the vibrations increasing all across the planet now, and consciousness also increasing, you know that you are moving into these higher vibrations.  And that those dream states that you have had, those blissful times of being in the fifth-dimension, are becoming more and more prevalent now. 

That is what this entire ascension process is about.  It is helping you to have those glimpses here and there, so that you long more and more for not only the glimpses, but the actual full reality of being in those higher dimensions.  And as you find yourself in those higher dimensions, you begin more and more to remember that you’ve been there before. 

Many of you have had these, what you call ‘de-ja-vu’ experiences.  “I’ve been there, I’ve done that.”  And yes you have.  You have all been there.  You have all been with us before.  The times are coming now when you will be with us again, and we with you.  For there are happenings that are fast approaching now.  You can call them announcements, you can call them experiences, but they are coming.  They have already happened at the higher levels.  We have spoken before that The Event has already occurred in the higher vibratory levels, in the higher dimensions.  And it is not going to come to the third-dimension. 

But the third-dimension, all of you within the third-dimension, are arising out of that third-dimension and coming into the higher vibrations, the higher frequencies where you will experience, and even are experiencing, the wonders that come in those higher vibrations.  The wonders of no aging, of no illness, of no distress, no de-struction of any kind.  Only con-struction.  Construction with your mind, with your imagination.  And all of your world will be only limited by that imagination, by that thought process within the fifth-dimension. 

Continue to trust in yourselves, my brothers and sisters.  For all is at hand now.  Continue to believe, and you will more and more continue to see what before you were not able to. 

I am Sananda.  I leave you now in peace and love, and all of the wonder that is coming your way.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme, hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here with you, and we believe Shoshanna is standing by, yes?

SHOSHANNA:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)


OWS:   Yes.  Very good.

Shoshanna:   But one moment please, I received a text saying that they couldn’t hear you, so I just want to make sure everyone can hear.

Technical Guest:   Yes, the issue was resolved.  Thank you.

JoAnna:   Okay, thank you.  Okay.

OWS:   Very good.  Are we alive and in person, here now?

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Then we are ready for questions if there are any.  We do not have a direct message at this point.  Any questions? 

Guest:   What type of questions can we ask?

OWS:   It depends on what type of question you want to ask.  You can ask it, and then we tell you if you can ask it or not.  How’s that? 

Guests:   (Laughter)

Guest:   I have a question just on focusing on our mission, our missions on charity work, or bringing about awareness to causes.  What would be like a beneficial place to start in focusing our intention and our mission toward helping others?

OWS:   My goodness, that is such a broad topic, here.  Where would you start?  But then the question becomes, where would you like to start?  Where have you been guided to start?  And we would even go further than that.  You have started a long time ago.  This is more of the end rather than the beginning, here. 

Now you are speaking of starting in terms of separate missions here, maybe one that you have been guided toward.  As far as that goes, then you begin wherever you need to begin.  Wherever it feels that it is right for you.  This is where your discernment comes in.  Whether you are hearing it right, whether it is coming from your Higher Self, whether it is coming from some other place within you or even outside of you, it depends on the situation.  You would need to be more explicit if you want more explicit guidance, here. 

But, in general, here, we tell you to listen to your guidance, hear it, and then go and use some discernment here as to whether it is the guidance that you are needing to follow at this point, okay?

OWS:   Shoshanna, do you have something to add?

Shoshanna:   Yes, we have something to share.  May we share our perspective with you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Of course, of course.

Shoshanna:   We would tell you, as we would tell all beings that wish to pursue a mission, the same thing that One Who Serves said, is you are on the mission. 

What is important here is not to think too much.  One thing that human beings do a lot is they think about things rather than doing things.  The important thing here is to do, not to think.  So to do is simply doing what is in your heart. 

So, an example can be that you are driving down the street and you see a being holding up a sign that says, “I cannot eat today, I do not have money, please help me.”  In that moment, your heart recognizes what you wish to do, but most just drive by and do not do what their heart tells them to do.  Even a dollar would help this being. 

So we find in your heart, Dear Sister, that you wish to do many things.  There are many things going through your mind every day:  where to start, what to do, how to begin.  But what we would tell you is to not think too much and just do.  And, as you do, your mission develops right before your very eyes in the moment, and you can do the next thing, and then the next thing, and then the next thing as it comes up. 

Because what we find in this universe is that when one begins something, another thing shows up, and then another, and then another, and then another.  We hope that this makes sense to you, Dear Sister.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you so much.  I appreciate you very much.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions here, now? 

Guest:   I have a question.  I know that you guys don’t usually give advice, but I was hoping I could have a perspective.  I have one of my son’s friends who is wanting to live with us.  She doesn’t feel safe at home, and things have gotten kind of intense lately for her and her family.  I am not in a position to take her in at this point, and she might end up in foster care, and it is breaking my heart.  So I just wondered if you could give me some advice of how I can help her.  Thank you.

OWS:   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   First of all, we must ask you if we may share?

Guest:   Of course.

Shoshanna:   Your heart is very big.  Your love and compassion for all beings that cross your path is very big.  And you know this. 

The one that you are speaking of that is in need of protection, you must neutralize the challenge that you are having of whether to take her in or not take her in.  Because the parents would have to give you permission for this.  What we would tell you, and this is so important, what we would tell you is that you must contact her parents and you must ask them if there is something that you can offer them in terms of refuge for this child, as you are hearing only one side of the story.  So you must ask the parents to see if they are open to this.  If they are not, the next thing to do is talk to a Social Worker.  You must have those where you are.  And see if they have recommendations for you and for this child.  Is this child 16? 

Guest:   No.

Shoshanna:   Is she younger?

Guest:   Thirteen. 

Shoshanna:   Thirteen.  Okay, so she cannot be emancipated.  But you must ask the parents to give you information on what is going on in the home and get that perspective before you pursue anything.  And there is always room for one more.  If they allow you to have this child in your home, there is always room for one more.  It is your thinking that creates that there is not.   Namaste.

OWS:   We ask you, though, Dear Sister, did you not say that you were not in a position to take this one in?

Guest:   No, not at this time. 

OWS:   Yes, that is what we thought we heard here.  Ff that is the case, then it becomes more of a situation of do you help or how can you possibly help.  In some cases, there are those times when you are not able to do anything directly, but indirectly you can assist.  And that can be, as Shoshanna has given, contacting the parents, seeing if there is anything to be helped there. 

It is difficult, though, to become involved in the system, here.  We would not suggest to necessarily become involved in the system with this one.  But this one does need protection, does need help here.  So this becomes a part of your discernment as to how far to go here to assist with this one.  At some point, you can either go for it or not.  That has to be your choice, here. 

You say we do not give advice?  We do give advice.  We just do not plan to do it for you.  We will give you direction at times.  We will assist you, give guidance here, nudges here and there, but we are not going to tell you how to do it or what to do.  That is not for us to do here.  Okay? 

Shoshanna:   May we also share another thing for you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, of course.

Shoshanna:   We have a question for you.  Are you thinking this is not your business? 

Guest:   Um, somehow it has become my business.  I even have the mother calling me now.  So I guess Spirit wants me to be involved with this.  I don’t know.

Shoshanna:   Well, you have choice here, because you are in a free will zone.  But we would tell you that we find in your mind that you may not want to assist because you believe that maybe this is outside of what you can do.  Is this correct?

Guest:   Um, I’m just not sure what to do, really.  I want to assist.  Like you guys said, there are two sides to every story, so I guess I’ll just try to help both sides, then, and see if they can resolve it. 

Shoshanna:   Yes, and you must lead with your heart.  Each time you speak to the daughter or the mother, you simply lead with your heart.  And you must understand that everyone is on their path, and whatever is before them, they have agreed to at some level and, perhaps you have agreed to at some level to assist.  So you must watch the development in a neutral way, if that makes sense.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you, guys.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other further questions here?  We are wondering if that one question is going to come up from those in your discussion earlier. 

Guest:   The photon belt, is that it?

OWS:   Yes, if it is something you wish to pursue here further, then we can give some more assistance in this.  It is somewhat important, here.   There needs to be question.  You have to come with question.

Guest:  Yes, One Who Serves. 

OWS:   We knew you would come for this! 

Guest:   (Laughter)  Yeah.  Obviously you heard what little we kind of really know about the photon belt, and it gets very scientific and everything.  We don’t really want to know that part.  What we would like to know is, okay we know that we are experiencing all these symptoms and stuff because of the effects of the photon belt.  But is it true that we are going to hit, like, you know, some real big part of the photon belt that will really activate it and will have maybe not THE Event or mini-events?  Or what does it mean to be in the photon belt, and how does that relate to our experience? 

OWS:   What is happening here is you are moving into this belt of light.  And this belt of light is enabling the process of ascension to occur here in terms of having it be with your physical bodies ascending, and not in the old ways of having to leave your physical body in the death process or in simply ascending from the physical body and leaving that behind.  Because of moving into this belt of light and this special energy that is there, it is enabling all of you here on this planet and even the entire solar system to be able to experience this raise of consciousness that is occurring and is going to occur more continually here, as you continue to move into this belt of light.  And the belt of light is enabling this ascension process to move forward more rapidly than what it would have before, you see? 

So everything that is happening as a result of moving into this area of space, and this incredible energy that is there, and this light that is there for the 26,000-plus year cycle here is enabling for not the end of a world in this case, but the end of an age here, and the beginning of a new Golden Age because of this.  Because of the energy that is there, because of the gamma light that is there to come into your physical bodies and change your DNA structure. 

Now, does that mean you are going to go through a period of calamities and destruction, and all of that?  In the past, that would have been the case.  That was the timeline that you were moving along.  But that timeline has shifted now, as you know, because of all that the Galactics especially have been doing to allow you to move through this area of space and not have those particular catastrophes and destruction that would come with it.  You are not going to move into that period of darkness that has been spoken of. 

There may be a little bit, yes.  There will certainly be some discomfiture for many across the planet, but many of you that are resonating to these words and understanding these things now, as you continue to move through your own ascension process, you are going to be the ones that are going to take this light, these gamma rays, into you and it is changing your DNA structure.  And as it changes your DNA, your information, or your remembrances are returning as well, which is enabling you to more fully move into the ascension and be a part of the first wave of ascension.  And that is as much as we can give you here.  Shoshanna, do you wish to add?

Shoshanna:   We have a small thing to share. 

What we would like to advise is that each person that wishes to experience more of themselves to begin to ask before you go to sleep to have the experience of being in the photon belt.  We would ask that you ask that so that your imaging will begin to connect in your neurons to see what that is like and to feel what that is like if you wish to intensify or speed up the experience, you may assist this process by asking in what you call your dream state for information on what this is like. 

Also, we would advise you that when you meditate, if you do, to ask before you go into a deep meditation to understand and connect with this photon belt that will begin to retool your DNA to reveal to you more information than you’ve ever thought possible about who you are, what you are, and where you’re going. 

So those are two things that we would advise to do if you wish to intensify and speed up the process.   Namaste.

OWS:   And as Shoshanna is saying, Sananda specifically and purposefully took you in this guided meditation that was done here to experience the photon belt and experience what these energies are like, and for you to have your own experience with it, your own knowing about it.  That is for you to be able to continue to experience, as Shoshanna is saying, in your dream state or your meditative state to have this continuing experience as you can, here.  Okay? 

Does this answer your question, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes it does.  I guess all except for is there ever a point where we are kind of like in the most extreme point of it and something more eventful happens?  Or is, for instance, like when we are in kind of the thick of it, or the middle part of it, or whatever, is that like the 1000 years? 

OWS:   Well, know that as you have been moving through this belt of light, you are in it now, you are not in the extreme intensive light yet, but you are moving there.  So you are going to experience more and more of these energy waves as they are coming in, and they are going to get stronger and stronger, and stronger.  And there will come a point where you will have reached possibly the middle area, you might say, when the energies will become so strong that that will be when the division comes within your timelines, and those that can handle the energy will continue on, and those that cannot will not. 

Shoshanna:   We must add something here that we have been given.  It is difficult to put this into words.  The thousand years of peace that is spoken of historically is a metaphor.  It is not actually a thousand years.  It is a dimensional shift that could last as long as you are in the dimensional shift, and it can be forever.  But it is a third-dimensional reference that is a metaphor.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good. 

Guest:   Okay, thank you for clarifying that.  Yeah, my family seems to like to use a lot of metaphors, and so I am always trying to figure out what their metaphors mean.  But yes, thanks for clarifying that kind of the thick of it, what I call it, is kind of when the separation is, because I think I am really, really hoping for the separation, but it is kind of like it, well, beware of what you hope for, because you never know who will be left behind kind of thing.  But thank you for clarifying that.  I do have a better understanding.  Thank you.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other questions here now before we release channel? 

Guest:   Yes, Dear Brother and Sister Shoshanna.  I am going to ask this for a lot of us who have maybe been through extreme experiences.  Many of us who have come through extreme experience of pain, abuse, violation, etc. have built our world, if you will, I believe, around the concept that some day we would be able to give back.  We could make it through because some day we would actually be able to make a shift for other people in that same arena.  But now there are all these energies coming in, and there is all this new, I guess, world arising, and the question is, how much really in a 3-D sense is there really for us to do?  How will this be conscious?  It is going to be in the way that we might have imagined?  My belief seems to be maybe that if struggle and hardship is a part of it, which has been a part of trying to make it happen for me, by the way, then maybe that’s not actually the 5-D way.  So I would like to hear a little more that will put us at ease a little and allow us to, I guess perhaps release some of our sort-of stuck idea of how that’s gonna go, if you will.

OWS:   First of all, struggle and hardship are not part of the fifth-dimension, not part of the higher dimensional experiences.  Struggle and hardship are in your third-dimensional illusion.  And the more that you attempt to make it to the fifth dimension through struggle and hardship, you will not make it.  You cannot do that, because there needs to be the release of those attachments.  And those attachments are anything that holds you back.  Anything from your past that holds on to you that keeps you in that same story over and over and over.  And not to say that you are needing to forget, but you are needing to let it go.  You are needing to move beyond it.  You can still hold the memory, but do not let your memory hold you, you see?  That is the difference, here.  And that is very important for you to recognize.  You cannot make it into the higher vibrations by moving through the lower vibrations.  You must raise yourself up out of those low vibrations and embrace the higher vibration whenever you can, okay?   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   Yes.  Dear Sister, may we share our perspective with you?

Guest:   For sure.

Shoshanna:   We would tell you that all things that you said are true.  All things you said are accurate.  What we would tell you is that if you wish to help someone that cannot understand or feel what it is like to use fifth-dimensional tools to heal, then you can revert to third-dimensional tools.  Everyone is on their path. 

There are people who will not understand what the heck you are talking about when you try to use light.  But they will feel it.  What we would tell you is that you have the perspective and the ability to reach everyone if you wish.  But it takes a lot of energy to do that.  There are still people on this planet that will remain as third-dimensional beings who wish to traverse the path of trauma, wish to have the experience of trauma, continue the story because that is their path.  If you wish to get off that path and not pursue that experience or that level of help that you could give, then you can choose not to.  Do you see what we are saying? 

Everyone is on their path.  Now, that does not mean that with your understanding of who you are and what you are capable of doing, that you can use some of these tools that you wish to use on those who cannot experience those tools, if we are making sense.  So what we would tell you is that if you reach someone who wishes to have higher consciousness and is ready for that, then you can use your influence in that area.  If they are not ready, it does not matter what you tell them or what you use, because they are not ready.  Does that make sense?

Guest:   Yes, I totally get it.  I have seemed to think I was hearing that there was no place for three-dimensional tools, but maybe that’s not exactly what I’ve been hearing.  By what you say, there is some place for it, but it’s discriminating who is ready to try to move to that next place.  Is that correct?

Shoshanna:   Yes, but you have both perspectives, you see.  You have all of those perspectives, so you can bring someone along if they wish to by starting with what we call those third-dimensional tools and moving them past that if you wish to do that. 

We see you in the drum circle, Dear Sister.  We see what you did there, and we see your fifth-dimensional perspective is very high, and that you can help others rewire themselves to understand what that is.  However, on a one-to-one basis, you may have to start a little ‘not in the drum circle,’ if we make sense. 

Guest:   That does make sense.  I thank you so much.  It really does provide something.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other further questions?  We will take one more, and then we need to release channel.  No other questions?  Then we will be releasing.

Shoshanna, do you have any final message here—or not final, but last message?

Shoshanna:   Yes.  We wish to tell all to heed the messages that have been given regarding the photon belt, or the belt of light, or the bands of light that the earth is fringing upon right now.  You are in the fringes of this.  And you may strengthen that and speed that up by doing the things that were suggested in your alternate reality, or your dream state, or your meditation state, which are all valid states of reality that do not use the third-dimensional mind to experience things.  That is why it is important to move past the waking state of third-dimension and move past that to experience at a higher level the light belt.  So we would ask you to take that seriously as you move on the ascension path.   Namaste. 

OWS:   We will just finish up here with as you continue moving into these higher vibrations and find yourself there more and more, embrace it.  Embrace the light that is there.  Embrace the feelings that you have there, and find that you are more and more wanting to be in those higher vibrations, and less and less in the lower vibrations.  And the more that you want to be there, the more that your intention is to be there, then you will be there.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the One.

Guest:   Thank you.  Shanti. 

19.08.04 – You Are Not The Body

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19.08.04  Sunday Call    (Lord Sananda, Master OWS)
James & JoAnna McConnell


SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.   It is at these times as we come together that you are more and more becoming aware of who you are.   Not who you have been told who you are growing up,  not who you have become programmed to believe, but who you truly are at the deepest essence of your being.  And I say purposefully here ‘essence’ because that is what we all are is pure essence, pure consciousness, taking on a body of some type.

When you fully come to realize this, that you are not the body, that it is just an instrument or a vehicle for you to use, when you fully begin to realize that, a whole new universe opens up to you.  A universe that is beyond the illusion, beyond the dream state as you have been speaking about, and into the more full waking state of what you all are.

You are all spiritual beings, simply having a physical experience for a time, in a relatively short time at that.  Because this is not meant to be a schoolhouse.  Yes, you are hear to learn, to experience.  But not to learn as if you were in school, for that is just more programming.  You are here to experience life.  Life of all kinds.

And it just so happens that up until now you have been experiencing life as an illusion.  But many of you have begun to move out of this illusion.  Yes there are times when you are held back.  There are times when the programming continues on.  But there are also times when the programming is lifted, and who you are comes shining through.

These are those times now that you are all moving into.  These are what this group is all about, and many other groups that are meeting at these times.  It is all about finding yourself, remembering who you are.  And remembering who you are within the illusion.  Because once you remember who you are, then the illusion begins to disappear.

And when the illusion disappears, there is naught left but reality.  Reality that is your true being, your true being in consciousness, your true being in oneness.  For you are your Higher Self, and your Higher Self is you.  For you are the Source within you.  The Source within you is you.  All is one in the same, and the same in the one.

So let go now of all preconceived notions, all of the old programming.  Let it become burned away by the Violet Flame.  Know that everything here is happening for a reason.  You are all part of the flow of the energy here, and the consciousness here.

So move freely through the consciousness and into the next higher levels of consciousness, into the higher vibrations.  And when you are ready, you will then pass through the ‘ring-pass-not,’ as you have let go of all attachments that have held you back, and you pass freely into the next higher dimensional frequencies.  That is what you are all here to do.  Not only to do yourselves, but to then demonstrate to those after you how it can be done.

I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  And to go forth together, and continue to share the light wherever you are able.  Because you are the Light-sharers and the Light-bearers.

I am Sananda.  Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.

Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here with you.  Are you back here, all of you?

Guests:   Greetings, One Who Serves.

OWS:   We are ready to move forward, then.  Are there any questions here?

Guest:   Hi.  I was wondering if we can clarify something.  I am trying to picture what the fifth dimension might be like.  I’ve taken LSD before and I have raised my vibrations, so I know what that is kind of like.  Say for instance I have a house here, and then in the fifth dimension would I have the same house, but a much higher vibration?  Or is it a completely different scene altogether?

OWS:   What you are describing, the scene, as you are describing, is to be whatever you want it to be.  If you want a house as you have it now, you can have that.  If you want something completely beyond what you have now, you can have that as well.  For in the fifth dimension you will be able to create whatever it is that you want, and have that be sustained as long as you want it.  And when you no longer want it, you simply think it into nonexistence, and think something else to come into existence.  It is that simple.

Now, it is not something that is instantaneous, though.  It will take quite a bit of effort on your part; practice, if you will, to be able to create those things which you want rather than those things which you don’t want.

But you have had much practice in this over your three-dimensional illusionary experience where you create many things that you do not want.  So you have had the practice in doing this, and it is simply now to practice creating what it is that you do want.  But we would say for you to do that now, not to wait.  To be in the NOW and begin more and more to create what you do want rather than focusing on what you don’t want.  Because, as you move through this fourth dimensional experience into the fifth dimension, you will have the access to your imaginings, to your visualizations, and they will become manifest much, much quicker than they do not within this 3-D illusion where there is this buffer zone.  There is a buffer also in the higher vibrations, but not as large of a buffer.  It will take much less time to manifest that which you want.

So, in summary here, just simply create what you want, and begin to do it now, okay?

Guest:   And then just let it go?

OWS:   Yes.  Let it go.  Go with the flow.  Yes.

Guest:   I mean, I don’t have to keep repeating it to manifest it.  You do it once, then let it go?

OWS:   That is the key, the secret, in knowing that as you create within your visualization as you manifest something, then you already know that it is appearing in front of you.  When you are able to do that, you have arrived.

Guest:   Sweet.  Cheers!  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  I think many of us would like to know about this occurrence, this mass shooting, if this was somehow manipulated or manufactured by the cabal, and if people actually did, in fact, die.  I hate the term ‘false flag,’ but I have a sense and I could be wrong, but you can correct me on this, that sometimes they manufacture it and people still do die, and sometimes they don’t.  So, can you tell us, if you wouldn’t mind.

OWS:   That is correct.  There are those instances that are considered false flags where they are created by those of the cabal.

It does not necessarily mean, though, that there are not fatalities.  Because those that go through this process have agreed to do this in their contract coming into this lifetime.  So it is part of the expression that they came into to be a part of, here.

Now, that is not saying that what you are asking here is real or not real, or that those have perished or have not.  For it is not up to us to give you this information.

It is up to you to discern for yourself as the process continues on what the answer is, here.  We cannot give you this answer directly.  But you can find it within yourself and know the truth as more revealings come forward about this and about other instances that have already happened in the past.  Much will come as a revealing of those false flags, if you will, that have happened in the past.  Much will come forward on these revealings.  And, more will come on what has not yet happened, but may still occur.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

OWS:   Any other questions, here?

Guest:   I have a question.  I am calling from Guatemala.  We have been hearing in social media about an event called “Storm 51.”  It is a gathering of people due September 20.  It is sort of like a joke, but I am wondering is it really a joke, or is something going to happen.  I have heard that people are thinking about invading or making a riot in Area 51 with the intent of rescuing or uncovering what is going on there.  I am a little bit concerned.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  You are speaking of the ruse that began of storming Area 51.  It was simply someone who put this out as a possibility, but not a probability.  In other words, they did not expect anyone to follow through with this.  It was more of a joke, here.

But it has taken a life of its own, as we find it.  And although we cannot say whether it will be or it will not be, we can say that it has captured the imagination of a great many people across the planet in terms of why anyone would want to do that if there was nothing there, if there was nothing real there.  So therefore, if the million, or two million, or whatever it is that have said they were going to become a part of this, if they are even ascertaining the possibility of this, then there must be some real reality to this place, here, this Area 51.  And certainly, those of you know that there is reality to this.

But many people across the world are becoming awakened as a result of these types of things.  Not just this, directly, but many things that have already come forward and many more that are yet to be revealed, here.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.  Thank you.

OWS:   Would there be any other questions now?

We hope you know that we cannot give directly these answers that you are looking for, because then it interferes with your own discerning in these matters.  And much of your preparation in the ascension process is about coming to understand your own discernment within yourself.  This is a major part of the process of ascension, here, and why it is happening as it is.  Okay?

Any other further questions before we release channel?

Guest:   Well, if no one is going to jump in, can I ask a second one that was requested earlier?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.  So we were talking about the ‘ring-pass-not,’ and we were wondering if it is just, I mean, I experienced it as the ring-pass-not between myself and my Higher Self.  But is that it, or are there many derivatives of ring-pass-not?  Does it show up in different ways?  We are trying to understand a little bit more of that.

OWS:   The ring-pass-not is an understanding.  It is not a place.  It is not a thing.  It is not something you step into directly, as it was in The James’s dream.  But it is an understanding, a knowing, when you are ready to do this, when you are ready to move from one dimensional understanding into a higher dimensional understanding.  And this is a barrier that keeps you from moving from one to the other because you hold on to various attachments, programming of many different types.

And all of this process of ascension is about letting go of all of these programs and these attachments, moving through it.  You move through it at your own pace, whatever that might be.  There is not a forcing here of any type.  There is just a letting go and going with the flow.  And as you go with the flow and continue to work on raising your own vibrations whenever you can, then you will find yourself letting go of more and more of these attachments.  And as you let go of more of these attachments, you will be ready to step into that ring-pass-not and simply pass through it.

It is similar to the barriers that you came across when we took you to the Rainbow Bridge and to your Higher Self, to the connection with your Higher Self.

And those barriers are there.  They are real.  And you were able to pass through them easily because you were not passing through with your physical body.  It is another entirely different matter to bring your physical body through these barriers.  You see?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.  That is what I was going to ask you.  So we are doing it with the physical body!  Got it!  Okay, thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Any other questions, here?

Guest:   I have one more.   When you ascend into the fifth dimension, and ascension, is that the same as merging with your Higher Self?  Are they one and the same?

OWS:   They are directly one and the same.  You are moving from an understanding of yourself as being separate from your Higher Self, to an understanding of yourself as being your Higher Self.  Not just the thinking of being your Higher Self, but literally, actually being your Higher Self.  That is your ascension.  Connecting all of the multi-dimensional selves into the one.

Guest:   Perfect.  Thank you.

OWS:   Any other questions, here?  Then we are ready to release channel.

Understand the time as you know it is getting short in terms of coming to your next Advance.  And we have been preparing much for this Advance for some time now.  There is much to come that The James has no idea of yet.  He has just a smithering of what is to come, here, what is to be.

But we will ask you, each one, to be ready to participate at higher levels, maybe, than you have in previous times.  There is one thing to simply listen and to be part of that respect, and there is another thing to really, really participate.  And we are not speaking about talking on your telephone.  We are speaking of really being the participant within the experiences.  Okay?

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

19.07.28 – Ascension Symptoms (Archangel Michael)

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19.07.28 Sunday Call (Archangel Michael, KaRa, OWS, & Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

Archangel Michael  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Archangel Michael.   It has been a bit of time since I have been with you.  But of course, we’re not measuring these instances by time. 

We are measuring these instances by vibration, and how vibration is shifting and changing across the planet, and how the timelines that you have been experiencing for some time now have been merging together until there are but two timelines left.  That is not complete yet, but it is coming to that point where there will be two timelines merging together, and then splitting off.  And they are coming to the point now where they are going to begin to split off:  one time line leading to the higher vibration and the higher dimension, the other timeline leading to remaining in a three-dimensional understanding and frequency, and therefore the continued illusion. 

This is what is coming now, rapidly, where you are moving.  You, those of you that resonate to these words, are moving rapidly into the timeline that is taking you into those higher vibrations.  You have all been experiencing more and more a sense of a heightened vibration, a sense of heightened frequency. 

You have been feeling it in your bodies.  You have been feeling it through your central nerve system.  You have been feeling it, giving you the understanding and the knowing through those symptoms of ascension that you have calling this.  And yet they are symptoms of this ascension process.  Many of you are being able to handle these energies more and more, which may be the reason why you have not been having many of the symptoms as much lately.  Some of you still are.  But some of you have not been.  And this is going to continue.  Those that are having these symptoms, they may continue yet a bit longer. 

But know that everything is moving according to the great plan at this time.  And those of you that have been acclimating to these energies and continue to do so, and continue to move onto this new timeline that is drifting apart from the old one, the old one that you have become accustomed to that has given you a sense of comfort, a comfort zone that you have held on to.  Because this illusion, this three-dimensional illusion has been somewhat of a comfort zone.  Some of you may look at this and hear these words and say ‘not so comfortable to me.” But know that it is something that you have become accustomed to. 

But you are moving away from this, and you are going to move out of this comfort zone.  And as you move out of this comfort zone, change is coming into your lives.  And the change is going to increase rapidly throughout all of you.  And as this change continues to increase, as these energies continue to multiply, and the waves of energy keep coming in, and they are coming in and they are going to get stronger and stronger, because those filters that have been being used throughout by those of what you would call the Ancients that have been holding these energies back are not holding the energies back as much any longer.  They are still filtered, but the filters are being taken away more and more, now.  And the energies are coming in stronger.  And they will continue to come in stronger and stronger. 

And those of you that continue to take these energies in, and I do mean take these energies in, accept them, allow them to come into your central nerve system, allow them to come in through your meridians in your body to release those energies that have been blocked up within those meridians as if there is an acupuncture or acupressure that is coming in and releasing those energies.  See it as this.  The energies are being unblocked, because they must be. And as these truths are coming forward, it is helping to unblock these energies as well.  Because the truths are coming out.  And they will continue to come out.  Those dominos, that have been spoken of, have begun.  Not the biggest ones yet, but some small ones have started.  And they are going to continue, and it is going to lead to those larger dominos.  Or, as some have called it, the avalanche that is gaining momentum coming down the mountain. 

All of these visualizations, all of these ways of understanding what is happening.  And we can give you different understandings, different visualizations, different pictures to begin to understand this, but none of this will do the righteousness to all that is coming that will give you the complete understanding, complete picture.  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And we can give you thousands of words, and give you many, many pictures, but nothing is going to come close to what is actually going to occur. 

So, all we can continue to say is continue to be ready.  Continue to be ready, continue to take these energies in, continue to work on yourselves at being in the NOW moment.  Because as you continue to be in the NOW moment, you will find yourself in those higher vibrations and higher frequencies. 

And, as you are in those higher frequencies, you will find that the illnesses, the symptoms, the various things that ail one that is in the lower vibrations will no longer affect you.  Know this:  know the illnesses of the past will be gone.  Know that the medical conditions of the past will be gone.  The cancers, the immune deficiencies, all of these things will be gone as you continue to move into these higher vibrations, so do so in every waking moment find yourself in those vibrations.  Just simply raise your vibration:  you can do it with your mind.  You can do it with your visualization ability.  Do it more and more.  And if it helps to be out in nature, and often it does, then do so.  Whatever it is that helps to work for you, do it.  Don’t delay any longer.  BE in those higher vibrations.  BE those higher vibrations.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now with my Sword of Truth to continue to hold you steadfast in your journey forward, to continue to allow for this Sword of Truth to cut through all of the vibrational frequencies that continue to hold you down, those ties, those binds, those psychic ties that continue to hold you back into the third-dimensional illusion which many of you, most of you, have now almost left for good at this point. 

I leave you now for another to come through, your Beloved Sister, Pleiadian Sister, KaRa, will speak momentarily. 

KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)

And I am KaRa.   I enjoy these times when I can be with you and share with you, and continue to give you parts of the bigger picture. 

I say ‘parts’ now, because we cannot give you the entire picture all at once, but we can give you the parts.  The parts that we are playing.  The parts that you are playing.  And you are all playing your parts to the best of your abilities at this point.  So allow for all of this process, this ascension process, to continue to move you forward.  And if you allow it to move you forward, it will. 

Continue to find yourself in those higher vibrations, as Archangel Michael has given, as much as possible, whenever possible.  And know that the energies, as they continue to come in, are leading more and more and more to disclosure.  Not only disclosure of those of us, what you call ‘the ET’s,’ but disclosure of all of the truths that are coming forward.  Because these truths must be revealed.  The truth shall indeed set you free.  And that was given long ago and has been reiterated many, many times over. 

And those truths are coming forward now and bringing those that have been in the shadows for so long, bringing them into the light.  And as they find themselves in the light, they cannot handle the light.  They cannot handle the truth themselves.  Because as they try to understand the truth, it brings them right back into the old illusionary comfort zone that they are used to.  And that comfort zone they will remain in.  And that is not something for you to be concerned about. 

The only concern [is] with where you are in this entire process and to this entire vibrational lifting-up process that you have all moved into.  Because as you continue to do so, you will continue to find yourself moving closer and closer to matching those of our vibrations.  And as you match our vibration, you will come closer and closer to full contact with us.  And that is the process that we are working on now, in bringing that contact to you, as you bring your contact to us. 

Be ready.  Be ready to open up to the higher vibrations so that you can meet more fully with us in a more physical fashion.  Those of you that want to do this, then you can bring this about.  Simply create it within your minds.  Choose it for yourselves, and you will move closer and closer to making that a reality.  Those that came in with the contracts to allow this to happen will, of course, bring this about as well. 

But even those of you that did not create this within your contracts before coming into this lifetime, even those of you now can choose to do so and can bring this about.  You can alter the contract that you came in with as you are ready to do so. 

And that is what this group, and many other groups, are working toward now at this point.  For we, those of us, all of the civilizations that come from outside of this planet, are working toward bringing this contact to you, and you to us.

All of my peace and love be with all of you as we continue to move closer and closer together.  

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here, and Shoshanna is also standing by, as she has just said “Greetings” also.  So we are ready to ‘rock and roll’ as your saying goes, and move forward here. 

We are so looking forward to this next Advance that you are going to have here in your next month.  We are looking forward to it.  Many are looking forward to this. 

And we can tell you that there are going to be many, many, many bystanders there that are watching the proceedings there, that are participating in the proceedings.  You are going to have many visitors, many guests that will be in attendance.  They will be all around you and within you.  So get ready for those energies, because they are going to be monumental. 

We are ready now for questions here.  We know there is one question coming from your email, and we will start with that, okay?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves.  This question came through the email and here it is.   When the event happens, meaning when the large energy wave flows across the earth and the people are knocked down and there is a major wave coming through, what is going to happen to those ones who are not stationary, as like those who are driving cars or flying in airplanes.  What will occur with those ones?

OWS:   What we can tell you is many of you are watching too many movies.  Many of you are seeing those things that are being depicted by those that are more bent on that type of scenario in that it is going to happen, or they are religiously brought into that understanding that the rapture or somethings of this nature will occur.  And if so, when that happens it will be instantaneous and people that are flying in planes will disappear from their seats, and all of these kinds of things that have been in your various movies. 

And we can tell you—no, that is not what is in the plan here.  That would be something that would not be for a loving Source.  That would be something that would not be beneficial to mankind.  So do not think in terms of what would happen in that sense, but what would happen over a period of time. 

It will not be so instantaneous that those that are flying, or those that are driving cars will instantaneously disappear.  No one is going to disappear.  It is not going to be in that respect.  You would still be able to do whatever it is that you are doing.  And those that would not be in the process of moving forward, in the First Wave, let us say, they will be moving into higher energies as well at this time, but they will be held back from this.  In other words, if there is a pilot flying a plane and this energy comes through and he or she feels this energy but they are not ready for this at this time, it will not affect them in that moment, but over a period of moments.  In other words, more when they have landed the plane, you see?  Or that one that is driving, when they have stopped their car.  Or whatever it might be. 

So do not think in terms of catastrophic events here.  Think in terms of spiritual event that would happen.  Okay?


SHOSHANNA:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We agree with you completely, and so we wish not to contribute anything to this.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are finished with this question.  We move on to are there any other questions, here?

Guest:   Hi.  I just want to get clarification of what we spoke of.  As a matter of fact, in this class, about being wizards, and I was told to find out who I was as a wizard, and the first thing that came to me was the name begins with an M, because that is my initial, MM.  So that is all I could think of.  But the name of the wizard that I attune to does begin with an M, and I am wondering if that is correct?

OWS:   As always, as we entertain these types of questions, we would ask you to look back at yourself, here, and know that as you are coming to these understandings, because you are moving into those higher vibrations, these understandings are coming to you more and more.  And as they come to you, it is as an intuition, an inner knowing that is coming.  And this is certainly bringing you on the right track.  As you listen to those whispers within.  That is what is important, here, as it comes from the heart center. 

So as it does so, your higher self is speaking to you and giving you a remembrance here, as we find it.  And this is exactly what it needs to be at this time.  It does not need ourselves or anyone else to confirm for you, because you have already done so, as you are asking this question.  Okay?   Shoshanna:

Guest:   Oh.  Okay.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share our perspective with you?  Can we go forward?

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   The idea of wizard is an archetype that is with all of you.  There are many famous wizards that brought forward the energy of wizardry into the culture and taught many how to use this magical power.  One most famous wizard was known as Merlin.  And everyone knows Merlin.  Everyone has heard of Merlin, because he is the archetype of wizardry.  What we will tell you is that it does not matter what your name is.  It does not matter what you call yourself:  that is a human idea that you must have a name.  What is more important is that you practice the art of wizardry in a white fashion, in a loving fashion, to heal others and to uplift all.  That is what we have for you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you very much.

OWS:   Very good.  And we add here that understand that all is vibration and consciousness.  And within that vibration and consciousness, you have been in Lemuria, you have been in Atlantis and other civilizations here on this planet, not speaking of anything beyond this at this point, but here on this planet.  And at those times, you were in those higher vibrations, into the high fourth dimension and fifth dimension, and sometimes even higher than this.  And in those instances, you had access to these wizardry arts.  You knew of magic—’magik’ with a ‘k,’ not with a ‘c’ as you know it now.  So this was something that many of you experienced before and are moving in this direction again.  So as you continue to move into these higher vibrations, and therefore higher consciousness, you will have access again to these wizardry arts.  Okay? 

We move on now with the next question if there is one.

Guest:   Thank you very much.

Another Guest:   Hello Dear Brother and Sister.  Yes, we were talking about dreams today.  I remember that throughout my life there have been times when I would be coming back from a dream and I literally cannot move my physical body.  It’s like I would sit there and try to think, try to make it move, try to force it to move.  It used to panic me a little bit when I was younger.  And then it would take maybe 30 seconds to a minute and finally I would gradually regain the ability to move the physical body.  And as we were talking about dreams, it occurred to me, and I wondered if this had anything to do perhaps where I was traveling in my dream state, or high deep I was in my dream state.  Is that at all related in any way?  Can you say more about that?

OWS:   Very much so.  And we would say in that particular instance you were in high gamma state and even beyond that in many respects.  And your consciousness had not completely come back to your physical body, here.  So you were ‘way out,’ you might say.  And as you come back, you become aware of your physical body again, but yet you are still ‘out there,’ so-to-speak, and you have not fully merged back in. 

It is very similar to when you are working with the astral world, here, and you are astral traveling.  You come back into your body, but you do not fully bring yourself back in, and you are partially out and partially in.  That can bring about a sense of dizziness or other types of symptoms until you have thoroughly merged back in, you see? 

Shoshanna, we know you want to add here.

Shoshanna:   Yes, we have something to share here.  May we share our perspective with you, Sister?

Guest:   For sure.

Shoshanna:   What we would tell you, and all that One Who Serves has given is absolutely the story behind what was happening to you.  What it is, is it is exciting to know that you have traveled so deeply and so far and have accessed some other dimension that it takes a while to merge back into the physical body.  So this is a good thing.  This is a fun thing. 

What is wrong with this, is that the culture that you live in has named this something negative.  The culture that you live in has named this that you experience a thing called ‘sleep paralysis’ which is very far from the truth.  It is simply the idea that the conscious mind that operates within the waking state has been put to sleep and is waking up slowly to merge back in with the physical waking state body to pursue activities in the physical. 

So this is very normal.  And if you experience this again, relish in it.  Know that you have access parts of yourself that are deeply not available in the waking state, and this is an exciting thing.   Namaste.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you, thank you.  That’s great.

OWS:   Very good.   We move to next question if there is one.

Guest:   I have a question also relating to dreams, and the dream state I was just in since the meditation.  It has happened to me a lot in the past.  Sometimes it doesn’t, and often it does.  I mean, I do my extent of meditations so it does not happen much, but today the moment James started to guide the meditation I was out.  Then I come back at some point, and I am trying really hard to stay awake and aware, and I go in and out constantly.  What the heck is it? 

OWS:   It is very simple.  You are moving into a higher frequency state, into a higher brain state, as we just said here.  And your conscious knowing self is not available to you for a brief period of time.  Even though you might catch little phrases here or there or something, you are largely out of the picture.  Largely you have ‘left the building’ at that point. 

Guest:   (Laughs) Yes, that’s exactly how it seems.  But I don’t want to miss anything.

OWS:   And you come back in at a certain point, and then you are back.  It is that simple.  Almost as if you are moving through the dream state at that point.  But you are simply moving into higher brain wave states. 

It is nothing to be concerned about.  In fact, it is something that is quite wonderful, because you are moving deeply into those states and, in those states you actually accumulate a great deal more than you can possibly imagine.  So even though you are not consciously hearing what we are saying or others are saying, you are still getting it at some level, here.  Okay?


Shoshanna:   Yes.  We can share on this if you wish us to share our perspective?

Guest:   Please, Sister.

Shoshanna:   What we would tell you, Dear Goddess, is that all that has been given by One Who Serves is extremely accurate, and you must listen to this, as what we know of you is that you will tend to potentially analyze with your conscious mind what is being said. 

Your Higher Self, and we apologize for giving you this so directly, but your Higher Self prefers that you set your conscious waking mind aside so that that which is given is assimilated at a higher dimensional level where you go.  You still benefit, no—you benefit more from your conscious mind being aside than you would benefit if you could hear the words in a waking state. 

So this is a good thing.  We hope we have helped and clarified.  Although we are just regurgitating what One Who Serves said.   Namaste, Dear Sister.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you, and namaste.

OWS:   We would add here that in this state that The James is in and The Joanna, here, with Shoshanna is in, is similar in some respects, although they can hear what is being said here.  They do not necessarily remember it.  But they are in a place where they can remember it at deeper levels.  In other words, it is getting into them.  They are receiving it and it comes back possibly at a later time as to the relevance to what was given in that moment.  Okay? 

Guest:   Yes, thank you.

OWS:   We move on now.  Is there another question? 

Very good questions, by the way.  We so enjoy these higher vibrational questions that have been coming in in these last months here, we would say.  Anything else? 

(Pause)  That scared people off! 

Guests:   (Laughter)

Guest:   I have one question now that we are all speaking about dreams.  I don’t feel like I am really awake.  I am taking a while to adjust myself.  Is there something that I can do in order to come back completely?  Because I feel like if I have a part somewhere else and a part in this dimension.

OWS:   This is what we were speaking of earlier in terms of being far out there, and not fully coming back in, not fully merging back in your consciousness into your physical body.  Nothing to be concerned about, just let it be. 

And notice though, and this is for all of you now, notice as you continue to move into these higher vibrations more and more, out of the third dimension and, as you heard from Sananda last week, you are largely out of the third dimension.  You may not think so.  You may think this is the same old, same old, but you are not.  You are largely in the fourth dimension now more, and more, and more. 

In the higher vibrations, you are going to find that your dream state is going to become more and more vivid over a period of time as the vibrations continue to increase.  So get ready.  Your dream state is going to become vivid.  Your waking state is also going to become quite vivid.  This is where we have said previously where the veil is going to be thinning more and more, and you are going to be able to see through it.  Things that before you might have called ‘going bump in the night.’  But you do not have to be concerned about this, because you are just simply going to be able to see into other dimensions.  And as you continue to ready yourselves for this, you will be prepared for it to be able to understand what is happening, here.  Okay?

Shoshanna, do you have anything to add, here?

Shoshanna:   We have a perspective to share with you, Dear Sister.  May we share?

Guest:   Yes please.

Shoshanna:   We heard you say that is there something that you could do that would quicken the process of coming back and merging into your physical body.  What we must tell you here is you must not rush the process.  You must not ask for a quickening here, as what is happening in this in-between time is processing time.  You are processing all that has been given to you outside of your waking state to bring back to your waking state. 

So what is required here is a patience to allow the processing to occur, and actually even relish in it and enjoy it, rather than ask for it to become quicker.  Does that make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yeah, it makes a lot of sense.   The only hard part is when I have a meeting to attend on something related to my 3-D work and I am not able to catch up on work because I simply can’t.  I even field weird; out of place.  But I understand. 

Shoshanna:   Yes, and we understand your concern.  You must perhaps give yourself a later meeting time so that you can process.

Guest:   Yes, I was thinking about that.  Thank you very much.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  That is the perfect solution.   Namaste, Dear Sister.

Guest:   (Laughter)  Namaste.   

OWS:   Very good.  Are there any other further questions before we release channel?

Guest:   One Who Serves?  Hi.  Right before you said ‘things that go bump in the night,’ I just uttered those words right before you said it, like one second before.  It was crazy!  Anyway, it made me laugh, Oh my goodness! 

Well, here are the experiences that I have been going through recently.  When I look around my space when outdoors in the dark, I see a lot of things happening.  So there is a lot of movement, shadows, things flying past me up in the sky or close by. 

Sometimes if I just focus in my closer vicinity, I see a lot of things.  A lot of times I am looking at the stars or for ships or something, so I am out further.  But I have noticed that when I bring in my perception or my focus of my vision to a certain area, I see more things in those areas like parallel something.  I see things come in and out.  Just crazy, crazy.  It’s wild, and I love it, I just absolutely love it.  Yeah, a lot of things.

But here is one thing that has come past me twice now.  And it is a white object, very luminous white.  It is not a bird, but it’s big.  It’s big like a bird.  It’s not a ship, either.  It’s just going by, not too high, just like a bird would be, at a little high distance, but not too high.  But it is big and it is moving kind of quick, but almost like a bird, but it’s not a bird.  I don’t see the flapping or nothing like that.  Twice now.  Now when I saw it the second time, it was quicker, smaller, but the same thing.  So any ideas what that could be?

OWS:   Can we be very frank with you on this?

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Do you know when we have said previously that some of you would literally be seeing dead people? 

Guest:   Yes (laughter).

OWS:   Seeing beyond the veil.  Seeing beyond into other dimensions.  This is what we were talking about.  And you specifically are being prepared for this process.  You’ve been prepared for this.  You set this into your contract that you would be one that would move ahead of others, not everyone, but others, and you would be in a position where you would be taking these energies in working with them, and then be able to open up those portals that take you into those higher frequencies and therefore through the veil and into that dimension where those that have passed over are waiting.  And you will be able to see through that, not too far off, as we find it.  You are moving quite rapidly in that direction, here.  So be ready for it. 

You are going to be seeing shadows at first, but they will begin to take more and more form as you continue to allow the process.  And we say very importantly, allow the process.  Because if you do not allow it, if you attempt to stop it, you will stop it.  Okay?  It is up to you if you want to continue in this direction.

Guest:   I do.  Yes.

OWS:   But get ready, because there will be those things which in the beginning will make you startled, we will say, here. 

Guest:   They have already (laughs).

OWS:   It will take some learning and working through this as you are ready for it.


Shoshanna:   We have something specific to share with you if you wish, our Dear Sister.  Do you wish for our information? 

Guest:   I do.

Shoshanna:   We must tell you that there are two individuals that lived in the third dimensional bodies that have passed over into other realms that you knew, that you knew at a very, not intimate meaning sexual, but at a deep level.  There are two.  And we would tell you, you know who we speak of because you have dreamed of these individuals, meeting them again, and perhaps the lights that you are seeing are their lights connecting back with you at a light spiritual level.  Does this make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Um.  Okay, these were individuals that were walking the earth me, now they have crossed over:  is that what you mean? 

Shoshanna:   Yes.

Guest:  Or something from another lifetime?

19.07.21- My Father and I Are One

Watch | hear | mp3 | pdf

19.07.21 Sunday Call (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell
SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.   As always, it is a wonderful pleasure to be able to be with you, to share with you, to bring you these messages, these messages of love, and hope, and oneness, and joy, and peace, and calm. 

For it is all about the continued acclimation to these energies that are coming into the planet, these waves of energy that have been so-to-speak bombarding the planet for some time, now, but increasing in intensity over a period of time, wave after wave after wave.  And more waves are coming. 

I want you to think, or just picture for a moment, the ocean as the waves come in from the ocean, coming onto the shore.  At first they come rather small, then picking up intensity, getting larger and larger, stronger and stronger, more and more intense, until that final wave that comes in and washes across the entire area.  Think of this as that wave of energy that will eventually come to the planet as the Change-Over, or The Event, occurs.  But before that, many smaller waves, many smaller happenings, that have been coming in that many of the channeling sources are talking about now, these waves of energy, these dominos that are falling and will continue to fall, all that is happening to bring you into the higher vibrations, to keep you there longer and longer in those higher vibrations. 

For those of you that are resonating to these words now:  you are no longer in the third dimension.  You may think you are, because your programming continues to keep you in that state of mind.  But you are not there.  Your consciousness is not there.  Yes, it can slip down in there every so often if you allow it to.  But you can bring it right back out much quicker each time you do this.  You do not need to wallow in it any longer in depression, in states of illness.  You do not need to do that any longer.  You can move beyond it and stay beyond it. 

Because the earth herself, Gaia herself, has moved through the ascension and is continuing to do so, and yet hold the space for those of mankind who continue to have the opportunity to acclimate to these energies just as you are, to continue to be able to move through these waves of ascension, as they beginning now to come in more and more.

True, you have not reached those three waves that have been spoken of yet, not in your physical bodies.  But in your higher bodies you have.  It has already occurred.  The Event has already happened at the higher vibrational levels.  It only needs to manifest now when the vibrations have increased enough across the planet so that all of you have acclimated enough to be able to withstand that energy. 

And we of the Ascended Masters, The Celestial Host, The Galactics, The Agarthans, all of us are watching this process, watching this ascension process as it continues to move through, continues to move through this transition that is occurring now at this time as the many truths are beginning to come forward, beginning to be revealed, and will be revealed more and more. 

For the truth cannot be held back.  It must be told.  It must come forward.  For ascension to fully occur, the truths need to be revealed. 

You need to be able to have the space open to you to be able to move into those higher vibrations whenever you feel the urging, the encouragement, whenever you feel your consciousness reach out to the higher vibrations, the higher levels around you.  And as you do that, as you continue to reach higher and higher, you will find that which you are reaching for. 

You will realize that you have moved in, or moved out, of that old programming that continues to hold some of you back at times.  I say some of you, and I say at times purposefully, because there are those times when some of you still continue to fall.  But even when you fall, you do not stay fallen.  You continue to reach up, and your higher selves and your guides reach for you and pull you up out of the shadows, back into the light, back into those higher vibrations, and therefore higher dimensional frequency. 

It is all open to you now, my friends.  It is all open to you.  Just step aside, just as I did as Yeshua.  I step aside and I say, “Father, I give this all up to You now.  I step aside.  I and my father are one.”  It is up to you now to do the same, to step aside.  Let the Father within you doith the works.  Let your Higher Self continue to move you forward.  Your Higher Self will not hold you back, only the lower self, the lower ego self, can hold you back.  Let go now.  Move on.  Let the Forces of Light come shining through.  Then once those Forces of Light shine within you, then you shine that light out to all around you. 

I am Sananda.   I leave you now in peace and love and oneness, and ask you to continue to call forth, not only for yourselves, but for those around you, for them also to reach to their Higher Selves to pull themselves out of the quagmire, the 3-D illusion.

Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   One Who Serves here.  Is Shoshanna with us here? 

SHOSHANNA   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)


OWS:   Very good.  Then we are ready to move on.   [We] do not have a message directly.   Shoshanna, do you have message for us?

Shoshanna:   No.

OWS:   Then we move on with questions, here.  Would there be questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, I have two James gave me from an e-mail. 

This first one is from a woman who essentially is asking when we ascend, what happens to our bodies.  When we ascend, do our bodies remain in physical form, is there full consciousness, is there full DNA restoration?  Could you just explain as it would apply to us when these waves come.

OWS:   Yes.  We can tell you is this is what this is all about, people.  This is what we have been working with you, is to bring you to a point where you are moving through this ascension process through the transition that is occurring now, and moving to a point where you are creating your Light Body within your Physical Body, if that makes any understanding for you. 

You are taking your Physical Body along with you because you are crystalizing the cellular structure in your body.  It is becoming more crystalline rather than carbon-based.  This is not an overnight sensation, or you would not be able to withstand the pressure of doing this directly at this point, but it is a process that is occurring over time here and, more importantly, over vibration. 

As your vibrations continue to increase, you continue to move more and more through this ascension process so that you are able to take the energies, withstand the energies, as they continue to come in so they do not cripple your central nervous system, and these types of things that can occur, and allow your Kundalini energy to fully rise through the process. 

For as some of you know, when the Kundalini rises when it is not time, when the vibration has not reached a high enough level, if it is done ‘taking heaven by storm” you might say, then you can find that your central nervous system is not ready for this and can create much havoc, much illness, can create insanity, and all kinds of other things can come as a result of this, including that which is the spontaneous combustion of some that has occurred in the past when this happens, here.  Also, some have gone into what you call the ‘funny farm,’ the mental institutions, and things of this nature because of this Kundalini energy rising too quickly. 

But it is very safe as it is happening now because we, the Ascended Masters, and all of those that are working with you and, of course, your Higher Self, are monitoring this entire process.  So you are moving to a point where you are beginning more and more to crystalize your cellular structure, and your DNA is coming back online, or will be coming back more fully online, so that you are able to take your physical body through the ascension in a complete manner, whereas before you would have had to have dropped the Physical Body and become the Light Body and leave the physical behind.  That is no longer the case here for most, not all, but for most will be able to have this process finalize when the vibrations have increased enough.  Okay? 


Shoshanna:   No, you have explained it.

OWS:   Very good.  Then we are done with this question. 

Guest:   Thank you.   I now have a question from another e-mail also concerning The Wave, asking if you could give a clear example of the three waves of ascension and how they work. 

OWS:   Shoshanna, would you like to begin, here?

Shoshanna:   No.

OWS:   Very good.  Then what we can tell you about the three waves of ascension is they are exactly that:  they are waves of consciousness that are going to be coming into the planet.  They are coming at this time, actually.  And they will continue to increase and increase and increase. 

And when these waves of ascension fully begin, there is what you, those of you, this group and many other groups, and many of the Light-workers and Light-warriors across the planet are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension.  Whether you will be or not is up to you.  It is not up to us.  It is not something you attain.  It is not a title or anything like that that you attain.  It is not even initiations that you go through that you can attain this.  It is simply a choice that you are making at this time to allow for these energies to continue to come in and continue to acclimate within your body.  And by that, you are then going to be able (again, as you choose) to be in that first wave of ascension.  And as you move through that wave, you will realize at that point that you are in those higher vibrations and therefore being in those higher vibrations, in a higher level of consciousness. 

And in that higher level of consciousness, you are now in a position where you are thinking in terms of service to others rather than service to self at that point.  And when you are thinking of service to others, your immediate concern is going to be to others.  So therefore, you will likely, most of you will likely want to turn around and go back and assist those others that are coming after you.  And that is the process as you move through these waves of assisting those that come after you.  And then those that come after you will go through this as well, as will go back and assist those others. 

Now when we say ‘go back,’ that does not mean you are going up on ships and then you will decide, “oh, I’ve had enough R&R here, so now I will come back to the planet and assist.”  No, it is not that at all.  It is not about leaving, it is about moving into higher consciousness, higher vibrations, higher dimensional frequencies.  And as you do that, you will again, as we say, realize that it is all about helping your fellow man.  And that is what you will be about doing at that point.  Okay?

Shoshanna, anything to add here?

Shoshanna:   We believe you have explained it perfectly.

OWS:   Very good.   Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   I have a question. 

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I was wondering when the large wave comes and goes through the solar system, will it free Saturn from her chains?

OWS:   Will it free Saturn from what, now?

Guest:   From what I heard, Saturn is actually being held by the Dracos.  The rings are actually holding her in.  Is that true?

OWS:   When we speak of the ascension process, we are speaking of not only here on this planet, but the entire solar system and even beyond the galaxy.  So that in itself would likely answer your question.  Because there will be no more darkness anywhere at that point. 

Guest:   So what I heard is correct.

OWS:   It is correct.  It is a happening that is going to reverberate.  What happens here, we will say, is going to reverberate across the entire galaxy, and even beyond that.  We will just stay with the galaxy for now.

Guest:   Great.  Thank you.  That’s great.

OWS:   Shoshanna, anything?

Shoshanna:   No, we believe you have explained it.

OWS:   Would there be other questions?

Guest:   Yes, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  Hello Dear Brothers and Sister.  I have recently come across an individual who is pretty powerful psychically, and we can remember having some lives together where we were working for the Good, or for the Light. 

But now what he seems to be doing, and I am curious about this because I know I don’t want to get swooped up in energies that I don’t want to get swooped up in, but now he seems to be tooling around the galaxy, going here, there, and all over the place literally, and he can see it in vivid technicolor.  And I know because he showed it to me in my dream once.  And so I saw that one flash of it, and that was it.  And I would like to learn that, you know! 

But I am wondering, though, if all of his energy goes into that and not really so much that I can see into like a Lightworker communication with the rest of the world.  Is that what you are calling the fourth-dimensional sort of “magnetism,” or is it that it is more important for him to do that work out there than the actual work with the humans, here? 

OWS:   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not understand. 

Guest:   Let me rephrase it.  So this person’s energy is very much like into spending 12, 14, 16 hours literally teleporting himself psychically here, there, and everywhere.  He sees it in vivid technicolor.  And this is something I would love to learn, and he said he would like to teach me.  But I am also concerned that this is a fourth-dimensional thing, what One Who Serves has spoken to as being sort of hypnotized by the fourth-dimension and the power that we have in the fourth-dimension, or is it?  Okay, whatever work he is doing out there is more important maybe than spending the time out here with the humans.  That’s what I am trying to figure out.

Shoshanna:   This is a dilemma.  This is a difficult thing to approach or address, as this is your experience of this individual, and we cannot know what is more important to him or less important to him, or what direction he chooses to go in.  All things are a puzzle.  All things are parts of a picture.  So his importance in the fourth dimension, his importance with human beings is not relevant.  He chooses his experience.  He chooses to be in the fourth dimension.  He chooses to work with humans.  He chooses those things based on what experiences he wishes to have.  So we cannot put a finger on this and say this is better, this is more important, this is less important, we cannot do that, if you can understand our approach, here.  

Guest:   I don’t know if I am making myself clear.  I am not trying to ask that.  I am trying to ask, is that a fourth-dimensional thing?  I am concerned to get involved with someone that might be just pulling my energy just to toll around in the fourth-dimension.  Is that what that is? 

Shoshanna:   Yes, Dear Sister, we feel your ambivalence.  And we apologize for not asking if we could share our perspective with you, but we assumed we could. 

Guest:   No, no, you are fine.

Shoshanna:   We sense your ambivalence, because we have it as well. 

Guest:   Okay.

Shoshanna:   So you must be cautious, as we are easily drawn in by magicians and magic, and great experiences.  We are easily drawn in by that.  So your ambivalence is correct.  So simply take what you can, enjoy what you can, and create a boundary.  If that makes sense to you.

Guest:   Yes, it does.  I appreciate that.  Thank you so much.

Shoshanna:   Yes.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes, and we would add here that his path is his path, and your path is your path.  And you have a saying:  ‘dance to the beat of your own drummer.’  So whatever that beat is for you, you dance to that.  Allow your Higher Self to guide you through this entire process.  And don’t let another individual that may or may not be delving into areas where they need to be more careful. 

Shoshanna:   Yes.

OWS:   That is what we are saying here to you.  Have caution here.  Do not throw caution to the wind in this case.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

Guest:   Awh, that I appreciate.  Because I mean it is very, very enticing when you get this.  You never saw the technical, and suddenly you see the technicolor, and it’s like, oh, man!  I want that, but let me just look, here.  You know?

OWS:   You can do that, but do it with much protection.  When we do these things with you during these calls and also during your Advances, there is much protection.  There is nothing that can interfere in those experiences, unless you bring it in yourself, allow it to come in.  You see?  But there is so much protection.  And we have been working with you I those experiences to do somewhat exactly what you are speaking of, but doing it in a very safe calculated way to allow for the continuing process to occur within each and every one of you.  When we do these things, each and every one of you are being monitored.  Okay?  And we will not allow for anything to occur beyond what you are ready for at that time. 

Guest:   Okay, I appreciate it.  So could not being protected (this is what I was wondering too) open up some sort of a portal to something that I didn’t want, is that what you are saying? 

OWS:   That is correct.  That can happen,

Shoshanna:   We agree with that. 

Guest:   Okay.  So I need to just choose the time to say this is the time, not any ol’ time, and this is when I okay it, and put the protections up and go about it that way?

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Yes.

Guest:   Yeah.  Ok.  Thank you.  That really gives me a lot.  I appreciate that.

OWS:   Yes.   Would there be any other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes.  Hello One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  My question is really not so much a question, but a clarification.  Is that okay?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Okay.  A few days ago I had a dream when there must have been a scout ship because it was like one or two, I’ll call them people, in it. 

OWS:   Hold please.  We cannot understand what you are saying directly, here.  Please be more specific.

Guest:   Okay.  It is a clarification that I require between a dream I had and what information that came through a channel.  So a few days ago I had dream when there was a scout ship, because it was just with one or two people in it.  And it was in trouble.  So when I saw it, I beckoned for them to land on my property.  And when they landed, the guy came out, she was very friendly, but then again appeared as a lady, so it was like a man and a woman.  I invited them into my house and we were talking, laughing, and they were telling us stories about what happened on the ship.  Then as we were talking, another two gentlemen appeared, although they came more like they were coming to protect these two that landed first.  But then when they realized that we were all just laughing and having a good time, they ______ us in.   

So then on awakening, I thought well, maybe I made some kind of contact, like what you have been telling us about.  However, a few days later, I read a channel that said contact would be in a physical waking moment.  So I am just trying to understand is this going to happen in both ways, both in our lucid dreaming and in our awakeness, or is the physical contact going to be considered when we are actually awake? 

OWS:   So what you are asking basically is that is contact with those of the Galactics going to occur with your Physical Body or only with your Astral Body and Etheric, or in your sleep state or meditative state?  This is your question. 

We would answer this by saying it can be both. It can be both, not that it will be both, but it can be both.  In other words, more and more of you will begin to experience these types of experiences, we will say, here, during your dream state, during your meditative state, and even during your waking state in terms of a connection to those that are coming to experience with you. 

In order words, your family from the stars, all of them, are coming back.  And they are going to be interacting with you in many different various ways, just as they are beginning to do now, as KaRa is coming through, and, of course, Ashtar, and Sananda, and so on and so on.  And they are all coming and experiencing with you in these different various ways at this time. 

Now it is moving, though, to a point where there will be the physical contact as well.  Again, can be the physical contact as well.  It is not something that you can create.  It is not something that you can make happen.  You cannot simply say I want to be visited and therefore you are going to land in my yard.  It is not going to be like that.  But it is something that has been preconceived, preset you might say, but it can be affected over a period of time by your raising your vibrations, just as many of you are. 

And many of you, as you are raising your vibrations, are altering some of those contracts, you might say, that have occurred, that you agreed to earlier on, and you can alter those contracts.  And in altering those contracts, now you have an opportunity to be one of those that can be visited in these different ways, both nonphysically and physically, when the vibrations have increased enough within you to be able to allow for that vibrational exchange to occur that will be necessary to have the physical interaction with them.  Okay? 

Shoshanna, anything you can add?

Shoshanna:   May we share our perspective with you?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  We would tell you that you are an individual that has many dreams and, dreams are not what we think they are.  Dreams are a reality that we experience.  Perhaps we wish to have those experiences in the physical because we think they are more real if we have them in the physical.  That is the perspective of many.  Well, if I just have that experience in the physical, then I will know for sure that I have had that experience. 

What we would tell you is that you are favored, and it is a favorable experience to have a scout ship be invited to land in your backyard, and that those that occupied the scout ship could come into your home and visit with you.  What a wonderful experience!  We would tell you to relish the experience, to enjoy those experiences, and not to be too concerned whether or not you will have them in the physical because the fourth and fifth dimension that you experience in your “dream state” is just as palpable, just as real as any reality.   Namaste.

OWS:   Wonderfully said.  Very good.

Guest:   Thank you so much, I appreciate it. 

OWS:   Would there be any other further questions, here?

Guest:   Can you hear me? 

OWS:   We hear you, Dear One, yes.

Guest:   Oh good.  I have been trying to unmute myself for 20 minutes now!   I have a question.  You said the Protocol of Pandora during meditation:  does that help to accelerate the change of the Physical Body into the crystalline state? 

OWS:   Yes, what you are speaking of, the Pandora Protocol, and many others that have come forward and are coming forward yet, are all tools:  crystals are tools, Tarot cards are tools, etc., etc.  It is simply that the human body, the human consciousness, needs those tools at this time to feel that they are doing something real, as Shoshanna gave here earlier.  And we would say to you that all of these things are real beyond what you are believing could be real.  In other words, it is not something that has to happen at a physical level only for it to be real.  So these protocols that are being given by the Pleiadians and, again, others that are going to be coming forth, coming from the Cobra experience, and others as well, all they are doing is assisting in bringing you into these higher vibrations and, once you are in those higher vibrations, to be able to experience the well-being that comes from those higher vibrations, rather than the illnesses and the debilitating depressions, and all of these kinds of things that are still continuing to be a part of your programming experiences, here.  Okay?   Shoshanna, anything to add?

Shoshanna:   I think you have explained it well.

OWS:   Very good.   Is this sufficient for you, Dear One?

Guest:   Thank you very much.  I will continue to use that during my meditation until I understand it thoroughly.  

OWS:   Very good.   And please, while you are at it, do not forget to work with the crystals, as you had been guided to earlier.  It is very important for you to continue the work with those crystals, and the remembering of who you were, but more importantly who you are with the use of those crystals.

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you very much.  I will continue even more.

OWS:   Yes.   Are there any other further questions now, before we release channel?

Guest:   One Who Serves. 

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   Hi, Dear Friend.  There is a question that has really been on my mind for quite a long time and really would like to ask it.  You know, when we do the meditations…I wasn’t at the December Advance, but that was magnificent when you and Yeshua Sananda took us back into the time of Christ on earth!  Anyway, that was so magnificent!  I am very emotional any time Yeshua comes into conversation, or Sananda, more Yeshua for some reason, but really, really moved to tears, emotion.  My thoughts have always been, you know, somehow I am just kind of in those thoughts, that I may have not been on the planet walking next to Yeshua during those times, but I was above in a starship guiding the whole time and being with Yeshua in that sense.  This has always been on my mind for so long since that time of December.  I know you can’t really give us information like that, but boy, I would love to know if that is anywhere close to what I am feeling. 

OWS:   So you are wondering if you were above the experiences that were going on with Yeshua during that lifetime, if you were above in a ship looking down on the process, is that your question? 

Guest:   Right.  Being a part of all of that, but in the guiding and protecting through it in and around, but in a ship, being a Galactic, not a human on the ground at the time.

OWS:   In order for us to answer this question, we must first ask you a question.  Where are you receiving this understanding from? 

Guest:   Well, I just felt that, and then I have a pendulum that I always communicate through, and then I would ask is this feeling, is this where I am heading, is this correct?  And so yes, through a pendulum.

OWS:   So therefore, you have already received a confirmation that this is correct.  Is that right? 

Guest:   Yes.  Yes.  You’re right.  I was told yes, but I just wanted to see your point of view, I suppose.

OWS:   Then, we would say, why would you then question it beyond that?

Guest:   True.

OWS:   And the only answer to that would be that you do not fully believe that what you are doing is accurate.  So?

Guest:   Well, only because so much more leads to that.  The starships that I see on a nightly basis, you know, just a lot of activity.  With the first starship that I saw, there was telepathy between us, it took me home, the starship.  So something huge was there, and didn’t understand it for many years until I looked back, and I went “oh my goodness, what the heck happened, here?!”  So that is why I am thinking, oh I think I belong to the Galactic community more than living on the earth in those lifetimes, you know what I mean?

OWS:   That is accurate.  That we can confirm.

Guest:   Very good.  Thank you.

OWS:   And the rest that you gave as to the experience at the time of Yeshua can be confirmed by your going within yourself, just as you have, and receiving the answer, just as you have.  That should give you a hint of the correctness of where you are going with this.

Shoshanna:   May we share.

OWS:   Yes please do, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna:   Our Dear Sister, may we share our perspective with you? 

Guest:   Yes, Dear.

Shoshanna:   Here is what we would say, and we would say this to all:  it is important as a lifetime progresses, as we live from day to day in a lifetime, that the experiences that we have are savored, are enjoyed, and are accepted and allowed. 

The One Who Serves often says ‘go with the flow.’  What prevents a human being from immersing themselves in the experience, and feeling the experience, and allowing the experience is analyzing the experience. 

So it does not matter truly if you were in a galactic body, or in an earth body, or in a ship, or on the ground—none of that matters.  What matters is that you sense and feel and savor and enjoy the connectedness of the lineage of Yeshua to yourself, and understand that that is the reality that you are enjoying, not necessarily how you got there, but that you are there, and that the emotion that you feel and that you sense when you recall these things are because you are very connected.  You cannot have a deep sense of emotion and a deep sense of devotion and love if you are not connected.  You are closely connected because of those feelings.  We hope that we made sense to you.   Namaste. 

OWS:   Very good.   Then we are ready to release channel here at this point.  Before we do, Shoshanna, anything?  Final message?

Shoshanna:   We do not have a message. 

OWS:   Very good.   Then all we say to all of you is to keep going.  Do not let yourself become slack in your energy, in your continuing to move forward.  Do not become stagnant in those things which you know to do, in those things which you are being guided to do, whatever they might be.  Go forward and continue to allow the Light to continue not only anchor within you, but to continue to spread from you.  This is very important as you continue to move through this ascension process and to become the being that you not only are meant to be, but always have been.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

18.07.22 – Tools

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St Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ, on July 22, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Please note: there were a great many interruptions and interference on this call as it seems there were those who did not want this call to take place.

 Saint Germain

 I Am St. Germain. 

 As always I, and we, all of us that are mentoring to you at this time, are overjoyed to be able to be with you to be able to share, to experience, to help you to grow. Just as we were helped at various times just as I was helped. 

 These moments that you are in now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before the storm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has been heralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that you would enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. You are right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you. 

 It is almost as if, and we have said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quote from that movie The Matrix, you’d better fasten your seat belts Dorothy because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. 

 What does that mean? It means that Kansas is the familiar in your lives. That comfort zone that you have come to understand. All that you have known in your lives is about to change within that shifting process even now. You are all going through this shift, this transition. This transition that is taking you toward your ascension; both individual and your collective ascension. 

 It has been said that you, those of you, the light workers, the warriors, certainly the ones within this group, you are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension. You’re learning to acclimate to the energies. 

 You are understanding what is happening in the world. But from an understanding, not of the three-dimensional illusionary understanding, but from a higher level of understanding. A higher revealing, you might say. You are seeing it for what it is … seeing the world for what it is, not only how it appears. 

 As you are preparing for this first wave of ascension, many of you will go through that wave, be a part of that wave and then you will turn around after a certain period of time, after you have acclimated to those much higher energies. You will then turn around and assist your fellow man in moving through the second wave. You will mentor to that second wave just as we are mentoring to you now. As those in the second wave pass through, they will turn and come back and assist those in the third wave. This is how this ascension process will both begin and complete. 

 You are all to be a part of this in one way or another. Some seemingly greater parts and some which would seem to be smaller parts. But as we have said many times there is no greater or smaller part of this. Just as there is no greater or smaller of those of us, the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven. 

 We are all One. We all have our positions, our responsibilities. No one is higher than anyone else. Can you imagine a world like that? No one is in control of another. You are all there to keep the control amongst all of you. 

 When all is in perfect balance you will know you have arrived at the threshold.  

 This is what this transition is all about now: bringing the balance. Bringing the understanding foreword, the revealings forward, the truth, so all may be set free. Find it within your selves now, each and every one of you. 

 Go forward to share, to experience, to love. Allow yourselves to be loved as well as to love others.  

 I AM St. Germain and I leave you now with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the old negative programming within you so that it may be replaced by, not the new programming: the new understandings, the new revealings, that are coming forward. 

 All of my peace and love be with all of you.

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

 One Who Serves here with you to continue to assist you, and serve you, and share with you. And to be with you. 

 And not only to be with you, but to be you. You are us and we are you. 

 And as you come more and more to understand that, to understand that we are all connected, we are all so connected you will be amazed as this revealing or this understanding comes flooding in to you one day. And it will. It will come in to you if it has not already. 

 It will come in to you and you will realize in that moment, in that very brief moment, that you have been One with all of Creation all the way through. There has never been a time when you have not been connected to the Source within All. And that you are that Source within All, as we all are completely One with everything and everyone. 

 That revealing that has not been taught to you in your schools– although it would be very helpful if it were — and it is going to be. Imagine as a child is beginning their school process and they are told from day one that they are connected to the Universe. That the Universe is them. And you may think that that is something how can a child understand? But my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, a child comes in with that knowing. They already come in knowing that they are the universe. They do not think of themselves as this little thing that has to be dependent on everyone else for their existence. And yes that is true in the beginning they do, but they also have that connection, that consciousness connection that they are already One with the Universe. 

 It is over a period of time in your understandings, in your educational process — whether it is from the parents or the teachers or their friends or whatever it might be — this is how they lose this connection or lose the belief in the knowing of this connection. 

 But I tell you now, we tell you now, that you have never lost this connection. It has always been a part of you. Always will be a part of you.

 You have questions here now for One Who Serves?

 Q & A

OWS:   You can un-mute your phones now. We can take questions from the peanut gallery we are getting here. That is a joke people!

 Q:  I send much love and light to you and your group. I’m viciously being attacked by gang stalkers. Life threatening attacks. It’s brutal. And I find nothing but love in my heart for these ones that want to destroy me and hurt me and punish me. I send them love. I send them light. And I need some advice. And I will step back now and I thank you. Much love.

 OWS:  We ask you question here first before you step back. Who is attacking you? We did not hear that.

 Q:  Gang stalkers. They gaslight. They do things to you to make you look like you’re crazy and they do it out in plain light in public. These are citizens, these are neighbors, these are young people. I was attacked by children on bicycles spraying mace and pepper spray in my face. They just sprayed my vehicle just now and I had to take it to the car wash so I could listen to this. I couldn’t listen to St. Germain’s message because they sprayed pesticide all over my radiator and through my air vents so I would get sick. So this is where I am. It’s a very tenuous and difficult situation. I haven’t talked about it because people just don’t believe it that these things happen. No one in my family believes it and it’s just something that’s very difficult. It’s very dark. It’s very evil. Can you help me?

 OWS:  Is this something that has been going on for some time here?

 Q:  12 years. Most people perish after a year. I did speak with Archangel Michael he’s come in to save me and help me. And he said — and also Simon Parkes — and they both agreed separately that most people would have perished by this time.

 OWS:  What we can tell you here is that it would seem that you are experiencing a certain pattern that you have brought in from other lifetimes previous. This would be the only thing that would explain it. It is not anything that is happening here in this lifetime that you have created in any way. But this is a karmic situation that you have brought in. Now we have said before that your karma, as light workers/ light warriors, is over. But that is only if you believe it is over. So that the karma situation from past lives does not need to be there anymore because it is only part of the three-dimensional illusion you are still in; the programming that you have brought in here. You are still succumbing, succumbing to this programming. And if you were able to let go of the programming this would end. All of this would end. Now we are also finding here that there is a certain contract that you have come in with, and this contract is to be available to these ones – they are not aware of this – but you have come in with this contract to be available to them to get out their karma. You see? You have …

 Q:  [interrupting] How can I remove this? How can I stop this? I no longer want to be available.

 OWS:  Very good. We are getting to that. You must end this contract. You must … [interrupting: How?] You must say that there is no reason for you to have this contract anymore. You withdraw it. And you must be very clear about this. You must be very clear that this contract is over, that you do not want any part of it, that you do not want any part of karma anymore coming from other lifetimes. That it is over! And if you are very explicit in this, in working with those of your guides, those of you that you call upon — Archangel Michael is a wonderful one — ask him to be with you as you are doing this. And as you end this contract, ask him to use his Sword, his Blue Sword of Truth and sever this contract once and for all. You see? And if you do this, and if you believe this as you are doing it, much of what is going on will subsist and decrease in a short period of time as we are finding it. Does not need to be long. And then you will find that you will no longer be in those types of situations where these things can happen. You will not be there anymore. You see?

 Q:  Yes. Could I do this with you right now? Or does it have to be done privately?

 OWS:  You can do …

… Did you not hear?

 Q:  No I didn’t hear you. What did you say?

 OWS:  We said that you can do with this at the Advance if you wish. And we will work with you and also others who not having this exact situation but some similar circumstances here.

 Q:  It’s so dangerous right now. I don’t think I can wait until that point. I would like to do it right now. I mean literally in my truck as soon as I’m off the call.

 OWS:  Then we would suggest to you to do this as soon as you are off this call and ask for the Archangel Michael to do as we are saying here. Be very … [interrupting: Yeah, I will.] … right. Withdraw it! Remove it! End it! Because it is no longer necessary for you. You have done, you have fulfilled it you might say.

 Q:  You bet I have. Anything else?

 Shoshana:  You may put it in writing.

 OWS:  Please, Shoshana speak louder.

 S:  You may put it in writing.

 Q:  Shoshana, should I put it in writing and then tear up the contract? I’ve done this before. 

OWS: And burn it.

Q:I’ll burn it in the fireplace.

 S:  Strongly put it in writing. Strongly put it in writing and be as explicit as you can that you denounce these issues. And put an end to it.

 Q:  I’ve done this before. I’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  What did I do wrong? They have literally … the dark ones have been circling my house. Literally. During this call.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  I will.

 OWS:  When you do it though …

 Member:  I’m going to send a couple of things that might help you. I’ve got a couple of things I can send you.

 Q:  I need your prayers.

 Members:  We’re praying for you. We love you.

 Member:  Will the energy transfer reset rid him of these contracts? That’s what it’s supposed to do.

 OWS:  Hold please. Hold please.

 What we are doing right now — St. Germain has joined in, Archangel Michael is available as well — and we are going to assist this process now as you are asking. Ask and you shall receive. So there are many that are working here to assist this process.

 Now as the St. Germain did earlier …

… Violet Flame. See the Violet Flame now all around your house. See it around your house. See it burning. See it burning everything in your house, in yourself as well.

 And at the same time Archangel Michael is standing there high above your house and is there with his Sword and his Shield as well — the Shield of Protection — and is giving you the Shield now. The Shield is going to shield you and strengthen you so that anything that comes from outside of you in terms of darkness will be repelled away by this Shield. Nothing can move past the Shield. It is very similar to the Thor’s Hammer, you might say, where it is stronger than anything else. Nothing can withstand …

… that are holding you to this contract.

 Holding you to the contract that you made, as we are finding it now. The contract that you made that was against your understanding, or against what you might call your better judgment. It was, you were deceived, you might say, into this. But you made the contract and you have been a part of fulfilling this contract throughout your life and certainly through these last years here as you have said. And you are continuing now to be a part of this but no longer.

 So with this Shield allow nothing to penetrate through this Shield. And see Archangel Michael now

[cutting??] the final ties that are holding you to this psychic revealing, the psychic commitment that you made here. It is gone. It is no longer.

 Q:  Ahhh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

 Members:  Bless you. Love you.

 OWS:  Now we are also … we are also [Members continue commenting] please, wait, one more thing. We are also adding here that you can do some music that you know the music that will calm you and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You know all about this. We are saying now once this has been done, after you are off of this call, to bring that music and sit and be in that vibration. That vibration will increase you.

 We have said many times — this is for all of you now — the vibrations as you raise your vibrations none of these things can penetrate you. You have spoken of weapons of the … what are they called here … the directed energy weapons and things of this nature, none of these things can penetrate the vibrations, the higher vibrations. They can only penetrate those that are at the lower vibrations at the time they are in it. This is why you have not seen some of the ones that you follow — the David Wilcock, the Cory Goode, the Cobra, all of these ones — you have not seen them effected directly by these things because they have raised their vibrations, in most cases, and they are high…

. And you yourselves, all of you, are highly protected if you believe that you are. So if you are feeling any of these types of experiences, these attacks you might say from the dark forces, know that you are protected from this.

 And ask for it if it is happening here in any way ask for the protection. Ask for Archangel Michael’s Shield to protect you, or the Violet Flame to protect you, or the Sword of Truth to sever anything that is not of the truth. And these contracts that we speak of here is not of the truth and it can be severed completely just as we have done here. Okay?

 Q:  Yes, thank you. I thank you. I thank my family. [emotionally] I thank Archangel Michael and St. Germain. I couldn’t hold on much longer. I couldn’t hold on. Thank you.

 Member:  [interjecting] Don’t worry I will be keeping you, I do healing, I will be keeping you in my [inaudible] I will be doing healing. Don’t worry. You will be fine. We believe in you.

 OWS:  We are ready to move on to any other questions here.


 Q:  I would like to know what any of us can do to help protect our President Trump so that he is not subjected to negative attacks (like he’s been having to undergo) and to help ease his path to be able to accomplish the good things that he wants to accomplish for us. What can we do to help accelerate that for him?

 OWS:  You can always do meditation for him and for all of those that are working with him. But we can tell you without a doubt that he is extremely protected in all of this. He has much protection around him. He has ones that he does not even, is not even aware of that are protecting him. But he is also aware of ones that you would be amazed that he has had contact with. Galactics and others that he is in contact with that are assisting him directly. He has a wonderful or a great mission that he is on and just as you are all on great mission as well. So do what you can. Send light, send love to him, to all that are working with him, all that are working to vanquish these

all of this to bring the peace and love and goodwill to all of man here on the planet. Just do that, send it, and let it go. That is what you always need to do. Send it and let it go. Okay?

 Q:  Thank you so much for that reassurance. I appreciate it.

 Q:  We love you so much thank you for everything. The question is related to a painting that spirit sent to me and they send it to me using other peoples’ higher self. Last Sunday before the call I was thinking of the unicorn I connected with at the last Advance. So when I went for our session last Sunday I found the painting waiting for me there was a unicorn, a girl lying on the ground, a rive, a beautiful castle, a rainbow over it. It’s very beautiful. After that one night after that I had the feeling that something kind of energy may be coming from the painting or coming from somewhere else and it’s going to join to my body. Definitely during the night I felt something. I don’t know if it’s another one of myself or something else joined. So is it possible for me to know what was the message through the painting and what was the thing that joined my energy that night?

 OWS:  What is happening for you is an awakening. There is an awakening process that is on-going here and it is those of the ancients, the Ancient Ones as you are seeing it as unicorns and other …

… the memories within you to for you to resonate once again with your connection with these of old. And many of you have this connection. Many of you are attracted to unicorns, and the dolphins, and the elemental kingdoms, the sprites, the elves, the fairies,

 Members:  You keep fading out. We cannot hear you.

 OWS:  You cannot? Can you hear this now? [Yes.]

 Members:  [explain how the sound has been dropping continuously throughout the call]

 OWS:  We are finding that there is a disconnect here. A interference, they are saying, an interference that is happening here. It started from the one who has asked that question earlier and those with the dark forces and it is attempting to disrupt the information, the connection that we are making here with this call. Are you hearing all of this? You understand this now? [Yes.] Very good. Then we will go back and continue the understanding from the one of the with the unicorn in the painting here. And again it is said that this is a coming of, an awakening here. An awakening of the memories. An awakening of the …

…  Do you hear this now? [Yes.] It is important for those of you all of you out…

Then we are going to …

Members: [comment on amount of interference. One member rejects any negativity, negative talk, negative thought. Puts bubble of protection around the call. Love and Light.Thank you Ashtar for all that you do.]


 James:  Hold on a second. Can you hear me? [Yes.] Okay. There was an issue here on this side too. Something happened.

 James:  Is it better now?  [Yes.] Okay. So I got out of it here. Let me try to get them back here quick. Give me just a minute here.

 OWS:  Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings again here. We are back here. We are continuing this process here. The answer to the question… [members talking] We need all of you to mute your phones now please. Other than the one who is going to ask question. That is important here. Everyone mute your phone unless you are asking question directly.


 Q:  During the meditation today during the call, I received I felt suddenly came over me feeling that I miss my Galactic family. So what that means? That I will see them soon or is just my memories coming back?

 OWS:  Much of what is happening here just as we are saying about the one with the painting and the unicorn and all of this, this is an awakening process that is happening here. An awakening that is happening across the board you might say to the collective consciousness

many are awakening. And those of you, those of you — the light workers/the warriors/the light sharers — those that we are working with here, you are having your own awakening processes that are occurring and remembrances. And much of this is going to increase and increase and increase. So all we have been doing over these times here is preparing you. Preparing you for the times that are ahead when the …

Q:  I felt sad and was crying because I missed my family from other side.

 OWS:  … [until?] we are finished here. You are going to have these memories coming back to you. They are going to come flooding back to you at a certain point. And it is going to be somewhat disconcerting to some …


 Joanna:  We’re going to have to end the call.

 James:  Okay yeah it’s not working for some reason. I don’t know what happened here. One of the things that people have to do when you’re asking questions is you have …

Okay so we’re going to have to end the call here. I don’t know what happened here. Can you hear me?

[Decision made to end call.]

 Member:  Suggestion. Maybe we could all just send in a question via e-mail to James and then maybe Joanna could ask James the question and we could get our answers and we could just do it that way. We could have it posted within the next couple of days or whatever. But you know not try to fight them. Just send them love. I think that we just need to go out and have a wonderful afternoon and spread the love and go get in nature and …

 Member: It’s not the asking of the question that is being interrupted so severely. It’s the answer from the other side. [Meaning OWS/James]

 Member:  Right. So I’m just saying I don’t feel like fighting them. I’m just going to send them love and joy. So I’m just saying we’ll still get our questions and answers. They can just do it where we’re not going to be trying to …

 James:  Can you guys hear me? Here’s what we are doing. We’re not going to do what …

… suggested this before. But I’m not going to do that because then your questions are not in the moment. And it’s hard to ask a personal question through somebody else. And then we also lose the, camaraderie back-and-forth and everything and the dialogue. So we’re not going to do that. For some reason something’s going …

Members:  [continue commenting]

 Moses:  Let’s not put energy into this. Like Brother James suggested let’s just keep happy thoughts, stay positive, enjoy our afternoon. Yes they are monkeying with it but let’s just swim around it. All right? And for the next call we’ll have something better. And if they continue giving us at hassle then we’ll just continue going around it. This is what we do. Like Lord Sananda said at the Advance we don’t retreat. So everyone have a wonderful afternoon and on behalf of Brother James I am going to end the call at the moment.

 Marilou gives closing prayer:  As we gather together in the light that we are creating as the light of the planet, and as we realize that we are indeed the light of the planet, Divine essence flows through us to everything and everyone we encounter, raising the vibration, raising the energy, raising the level of love that is communicated between each of us. And as that love grows so are we enveloped in the pink flame …

. The disruption is not effecting us because we are above that. We’ve flow through the light of God to one another. Amen.

 Members:  And so it is. It is done. Beautiful. [And since One Who Serves would have closed with this, may we say in their stead:]

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 

 Channeled by James McConnell 



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“Believing is seeing!”

18.07.08 – You Have Arrived But Only If You Believe It

hear | mp3 |pdf

Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on July 8, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Lord Sananda

I AM Sananda.
These times that we continue to come and be with you, to merge our consciousness with yours and yours with ours are becoming more and more frequent not only through this channel source but through many sources across the planet. Because the times are moving toward a new understanding, a further
understanding … call it a further revealing of the truths that have been hidden away for so long from many of you.

Those times are coming to an end. Ashtar has spoken of it. Sanat Kumara has spoken of it. Archangel Michael and many, many, more including myself have spoken of these shifts and changes you are right on the cusp of now.

All it takes now is for each one of you to continue to evolve within yourself, continue to allow your consciousness to continue to rise as the vibrations continue to rise all around you and within you. For as the energies continue to come into the planet and move into individuals across the planet — you included
— many of you are taking these energies within; finding that they are quite powerful, quite strong, and tend to cause imbalances at times within your bodies, bring about physical alteration, physical changes, pains if you will. Aches and pains. Discomfort of many different kinds. Know that this is still at this point
only fleeting for it will pass. These pains, these imbalances will pass because each one of you is coming into balance more and more each day. More and more each day as the frequencies rise, the energies continue to come in. And you take these energies into your body: physical, astral, etheric, mental, even the causal – as you take these energies in feel the changes that are resulting from this as your physical bodies are literally changing from carbon-based to crystalline.

First it is happening at the higher levels within yourself. Eventually it will come to the physical body as well because you are all destined to move through this ascension and move through this transition that you are in right now to move closer and closer to your own personal ascension. It only takes continuing
understanding, continuing letting go of the old, the old paradigm, the old programming that keeps you held still at times to this 3-dimensional illusion that has been created here. It was created for a reason.
The reason that it was created for are no longer needed. Duality as you have come to know, has been your reality here. It is fast dissipating.

You only know duality at this point as you stay within the three-dimensional illusion. But move beyond it and duality as you have come to know ceases to exist. Including would be all that pains and suffering which you have also come to know will also dissipate. It will be no longer as you move into these higher

And I tell you now as Sananda, as Ashtar, as Archangel Michael, as Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, and all the rest of our brothers and sisters, tell you now that you are at that finish line. And it is time for each and every one of you to cross the line to know that as you cross the line you first cross the higher levels
within yourself and eventually your physical body, the consciousness within your physical form, will move along with it as well.

You could say that you have arrived. And you have. But only if you believe it! Believe that you have arrived, believe that this is the end and the beginning of the next. Believe it. It will be there.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now in peace and love. Continue to go out and share the light that you all are.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings. Greetings to you!

We are here to continue this process, this understanding, this continuing revealing that is going on. And if you are not aware of the many changes that are happening then you are asleep.

So if you are ready to awaken, and fully awaken, then hear these words that are being given to you. Not only by us through this channel Source, but through many of the sources now, including not only those of channeling but also the many Intel sources, the whistleblowers as you call them. The many that are
coming forth and bringing these new revealings, these new understandings, bring the truth forward.

And the truth is coming, people. It is coming. It is coming in droves. You are going to notice in the very near future here as you continue to look in your Internet and look at all of those various sites that many of you go to that the information is going to become overwhelming to you. Whereas at times you sit there
and wonder, well when is something going to happen, and you are saying that you have run out of something to read or listen to or whatever it might be. And this is going to change drastically because you are going to come to a point where you are not going to be able to keep up with all of the information that is coming forward. And it is going to come forward in many different ways: in through the various channeling sources, the various Intel and whistleblowing, and it is also going to begin more and more to filter out through your mass media. How is that for something here!? You had probably not thought of that that it was going to
come in this way. But it is. It is going to come. Your mass media is going to change. It’s going to turn around. It is going to begin to bring the truth forward because they have realized that the people are turning off to them. They are turning the dials and not even watching those news broadcasts anymore
because they know that it is, yes fake news.

But it is going to turn because it must turn. Those that are having their experiences in their jobs and all of this, are going to realize that they are not going to have jobs unless they begin to tell the truth. So this is going to change very much so.

And we spoke, others have spoken here that there are going to be dominoes falling and that one has already fallen. A little one you might say. But a big one is coming. A big domino is about to fall and you are going to find that likely in this month that you are in now. As you are hearing, many of you are hearing that this is the month. And we can say that is going to be an interesting month. We are not going to say that The Event is going to happen, or this or that is going to happen, but it is in process here and so much is about to turn here. Turn for the better.

You have spoken earlier in terms of your chemtrails and this, and this is dissipating across the planet. It is. The programming that has been involved in this is coming to an end and you are going to see this and it is going to coincide with other things that are coming as well. Including that even those of arrests and other things that are going to clear up the darkness that is still out there. It is going to clear it up and is going to bring the light forward shining through as if you can look up at the sky and you can see the light coming through the clouds everywhere.

And this is what it is going to be like. And this is what you are going to notice as the pre Event as this happens. You are going to notice the light being different in the skies. This is a hint for many of you here.
You are going to notice this. It is going to be everywhere across the planet. And this will be the precursor of The Event coming at that time.

We are going to open up for questions here now. You can now un-mute your phones here and ask your questions. Anyone out there?

Q & A

Q: In my job I take visitors to Ireland on tours of the Boyne Valley which has been a very sacred place in ancient Irish history. It’s full of these megalithic structures that are older than the pyramids in Egypt. It’s a mystery what the structures were built for but I’ve done some research and it seems like they were energy machines built on the ley lines/energy lines. They also have running water underneath. They’re really huge stone structures aligned to constellations. (On the winter and summer solstice the sun’s rays penetrate to the back wall of these structures.) So I really want to know what these structures were built for and who the people are that built them and what happened to them?

OWS: What we are going to tell you now you may or may not already know or surmise here. But this particular area is ancient as you are saying, and it has a frequency that continues to this day in that area because of those that were there long ago here. We speak of those of the Atlanteans. They were very much involved in this area and in some ways it was even connected to the Atlantean Continent here. And from Atlantis, when Atlantis went through its calamities and its destruction, those moved from the Atlantean Continent onto into the Ireland area, specifically, and built those structures as you know it. And they built them because they were continuing on their culture: their culture, their understanding their use of crystals, and use of monolithic devices and structures, and the use of energy.

They were very much aware of energy and how to use it and to create free energy, you might say. And it was a token or an understanding that is coming to the world at this point now. There are those inventions, those technology that is coming forward in this way that is going to remember or begin to use these frequencies, these energy ley lines and such, and be able to use this as free energy coming into the planet and replacing all of that which has held the sway of the people of the planet to continue the monetary gains from the use of energy. It is such a shame as you look around and you see the use of energy and how it has been used for, done for profit where as there is free energy everywhere. And
everyone across the planet should have and will have the use of this energy in many different ways. And some of what you are speaking of here in this area is coming back and that technology will be known once again. Okay?

Q: There are stories in Irish mythology that beings, godlike beings, came to Ireland (it literally says,) “on dark clouds” and they landed on a mountain. So to me it sounds like a ship area. And they also say the area of the Boyne Valley is called the Palace of the Boyne (Brú na Bóinne). And there was all descriptions of areas of inestimable wealth, and there were marble palaces and things like that. But none of those remains are around so I wonder what happened to all of that.

OWS: Much of this will come as the Atlantis and Lemuria, as you know it, rise again. We are not going to say that the continents themselves are going to rise but the culture, the understanding, the revealings, the knowing’s from those times are going to rise.

Q: I noticed the crystalline body is emerging[?] from my body and I started to notice sparkles on my skin a couple of months ago. Now those sparkles are getting multicolored. Is it the rainbow light body coming in?

OWS: This is not quite as you are saying the light body here. This is an indication that your bodies are changing from the carbon structure-base to the crystalline structure-based. Now we must caution you though if you go to your medical doctors and say I am turning into crystal. See all the crystals there. They
will not understand this and you will get nowhere with this. This is again for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you are beginning and will more and more begin to see this. Not that your physical body is going to one day be carbon-based and the next day be all crystal. That would be not correct at
all. But it is changing over a period of time, over a process. And as we say many times, these changes come at the higher levels first and then filter down to the physical body. So what you are seeing directly is not your physical body changing but your astral and etheric body within that is beginning to create this
more crystalline structure change within your physical form.

Q: [After lengthy background story this questioner states that during a meditation …] I was told to hold my quartz crystal. Information came regarding that from Doctor [Masaru] Emoto that the quartz crystal is the molecular structure as is [like] that of our bodies which is I think 70% or more water and that we are the same. As Doctor Emoto says water has a consciousness. When you talk to it and you say love and peace and harmony and very positive things, the water turns crystalline with no toxins, has clarity and is very healthy for us. Whereas if you say I hate you and this and that, the water crystalline form changes and it’s very negative and it’s not good for our bodies. Then what came to me was because we are the same structure, as we talk to water the same thing happens as when we talk to ourselves saying non-loving things to our bodies, not loving who we are, that that affects our bodies obviously just like it affects water. So basically saying that we are the same. So I wonder if you have more to share or expand on that.

OWS: We ask if there is an actual question here though.

Q: Yeah I think it’s about, you know, that that information, coming to me. Was there more, you know, for people to know about that, or was that confirmed, or is there something more to add to that?

OWS: We can confirm as you are receiving there, are as you are becoming more and more crystalline and your frequency is becoming more crystalline in this understanding, it is connecting more and more to those quartz crystals and other crystals across the planet. This is how the crystal energy is coming back
into the understanding of man here. And it is going, as you come from the Atlantean and Lemurian heritage, this heritage is coming back. This is largely why this group is being encouraged to work toward finding or recovering those ancient records. Because this is all about the same thing. It is all about frequency and vibration and continuing to connect to this frequency and vibration. So as your vibrations increase you are coming more and more to the connection with those crystalline structures just as of old.
Just the same as of old. And you are going to find that crystals are going to become very important in your lives much more so than they have been. But if you understand what has occurred over the many millennia of time here, many many thousands of years here, with the control of the cabal and the creating
of this three-dimensional illusion here, that you have been held back from this crystalline understanding and kept from these frequencies, these higher frequencies that crystals generate. And as you continue to raise your vibrations and your frequency, you are going to attract those crystals back to you that are
going to accentuate those frequencies and vibrations within you as well. This is why that one that is the Marilou is being directed and moved toward the understanding, or the re-understanding of the crystals as well. Okay?

OWS: Other questions here? We would ask that as you ask a question please make it a little bit briefer question here. More succinct.

Q: In the past few months I consider to be training in my dreams on how to manifest things. I’ve been learning pretty quick (in my dreams) and every time that I have a dream I always manifest things. Like just thinking about it it happens. So my question would be is there a timeline where all this training in our dreams will be manifesting in the 3-D reality, that we’ll be able to accomplish the same thing in this 3-D.

OWS: You will not be able to do it in your 3-D reality as you know it but you will be able to do this more and more as we have been saying. As you raise your vibrations and continue to hold those higher vibrations and when you have done so and you have successfully moved from the third dimension into the fourth and even the fifth dimension and be able to hold it there longer and longer, then your dreams, your visions, your desires will become more manifest quicker because of being in those higher vibrations. You understand this?

Q: This is not a question but I just want to say that over the last week I’ve had two experiences and you mentioned the change of the colors in the sky. Once I was taken out of the house because the whole sky seemed to have, coming from the West at sunset, to change all to gold and yellow and orange everywhere. Like not just in one cloud but everywhere! I was so surprised I had to bring somebody in to look at this because I’ve never experienced this in life. And then when we went to the eastern side of the house there were two wonderful rainbows going from southeast totally. They were the whole semicircle and in the second instance there were two of those. There’s no question but I would was thinking is that
a sign of anything more of what you had said in your opening statements there?

OWS: What we can say is things are changing. Everything is shifting. The energies are shifting. And you are going to begin to see more and more of these revealings that are coming to you that are going to open up the world to you that you have never seen before. Not in this lifetime anyway. That is all we can
say on this now at this point.

Q: I would like to know is if we are continuing our life from Lemuria at that time it was destroyed, that we didn’t get to complete but we are completing it now? And the reason I ask that is you told me at the Advance that I was in the arts at that time and I’m in the arts now also, in astrology and numerology and
that. Is that true?

OWS: It is not true that you are continuing your Lemurian lifetime but it is true that you are bringing the heritage back here. So that is true, the heritage, the culture, the understanding, the truth that you knew from those times. Because as you move into these higher vibrations and higher dimensional frequencies
you are going to reconnect with those times of long past both Atlantean, Lemurian, and others as well. And you will also connect with those understandings of coming from other planets, other systems, and all
of this also.

Q: I am highly interested in and constantly being drawn to the technology that’s available to us now that’s consciousness-expanding. My question is are the tachyon chambers, that I believe emanate from Cobra and I believe he distributes those, is that the highest available healing technology available to us
now on the planet?

OWS: You say available to you now where you could actually go to something, then we would say that is pretty accurate here. But if you were to say that that is the highest available to you in terms of a knowing of what is out there, then no it is not even close yet. There are technology that has been held back from you by those of the dark forces for long time here. And they have held this back from you and what you would call the Alliance, those of the light forces, are in the process of releasing these technologies. And these technologies that will be coming are far beyond what is there in those tachyon chambers. But it is a beginning here.

Q: Do you foresee those technologies would be released within a shorter period of time … are we talking maybe the next year or two or a longer period of time?

OWS: There we go! We can only answer this with one word: Soon.

[Technical interruption]
[begin 2 nd recording]

OWS: Hold please. Now you can continue.

Q: You said the dominoes had already begun to fall. Was that with the Harvey Weinstein/ Hollywood scandal being revealed. Is that the first domino?

 OWS: Not exactly, but it is something that is a part of the entire process yes. There are many more that are coming, many more of these dominoes. Some big, some small, but they are all going to create the effect of all of them falling at some point which will then lead directly to that of The Event.

Q: When I was training for several years in a class which was about accessing consciousness and the Akashic Record and whatever directly, one of the processes that we were taught to use was something which they called ‘pulling the energy’. I thought of this because someone else asked about sending the
Violet Flame to people and was that a good thing or was that a violation of the Prime Directive. But with this pulling the energy, we’re pulling the fun/play/ ease/joy energy from the universe through another being and supposedly that makes that person feel better, or maybe ease a conflict between two people.
And it was told to us it was better to pull the energy than to push the energy at somebody. That it was actually a more gentle, loving, thing to do. So can you give me a little more if that’s against the Prime Directive or is that acceptable or what?

OWS: We can tell you is what you are saying is just a name, or just an understanding that is not quite accurate. Whether you are pulling or pushing or whatever it might be, it is still the same thing. You are sending the energy in one way or another. And as you send the energy, if you are sending the energy
with a direct result in mind, then you can at certain points be interfering and be against the Prime Directive. That is that. But if you send the energy however it would be that you do so, but send it with love, send it with the understanding that it is to go wherever it needs to go, and how it is accepted and it is accepted, that is all there is to it. Send it with love. If you leave it at that with no result in mind here then everything is okay. Now, with that understanding, if you send it to another person and that person understands that you are sending it to them then you can have a result in mind. You see? If they know about it and they accept it then certainly there can be a result, there can be a goal in mind here too, whether it is healing or whatever it might be. You see?

Q: After I’ve done plant medicine, ayahuasca, in the past and it was very helpful for me in my journey. I haven’t felt compelled to do it for about a year and a half and suddenly felt very impulsively compelled to do it. And in doing the ceremony on Friday night and I felt your presence there very strongly. I was guided to receive transmission and you were leading me through this and guiding me through this. I asked at a certain point about ayahuasca itself and you said it wasn’t the only way we could accomplish the specific transmission but it was the most direct and efficient and so hence the ayahuasca ceremony. My question is in going forward for me is this something that I should continue to work with both for my own journey and possibly to facilitate and assist others?

OWS: First of all as you know there are no ‘shoulds’. So you do whatever you want to do here. And to use these are types of medicinal plants or whatever, you can call them as tools, various tools that you would have to expand your consciousness, to raise your consciousness, even at times to raise vibration.
And if you are doing it for this purpose then certainly there is nothing wrong with this. Now, understand though that in order to communicate with you, as you are saying, while you were doing this, it was necessary because you have not had the training yet to open up to have the connection rather to open up to these type of channeling sources here as we are doing through this one, James. This one James has had a great deal of training over the years here in this lifetime and many lifetimes even previous to this in preparation for these times. So for you to have this understanding you would need to accentuate it was something else that, you might say, speeds up the process and is able to bring you out of yourself.
That is the important thing. In order to do these types of communications, you must be able to let go of yourself, to come outside of yourself you might say. And this is what is needed and these types of medicinal plants and other tools such as this are needed at times to create this understanding in a
shorter period of time. You see?

Q: Yes this make sense. There was also a sense complicit communication that needed this transmission for now in what we were doing needed a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, secrecy. And was that also why I was guided to do it that way and not through perhaps another human healer?

OWS: We can say that it is important for you to experience the connection yourself rather than through another. This is even saying that these types of channeling experiences that we are doing here is going to come to an end at a certain point here because it will no longer be needed because all of you will have your connection with your higher self, much, much more than you do now. And when that happens there will be no need of something outside of yourself to continue to guide and nudge you along. Okay?

Q: Being as we are 70 or 80% water and that’s becoming crystalline if it’s not already, and as we envision and feel and emote gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, etc., higher vibrational things, and we increase our crystalline structure and as you said, that crystalline structure will communicate with other crystals. And being as the core of the Earth from what I understand is mostly crystals this is my question: As we raise our vibrations and connect to the other crystals including the core of the Earth, will it have a synergistic effect? In other words, will it be easier for us to live in gratitude and joy and forgiveness and unconditional love etc. because we are living in that and being ascended synergistically and potentiated by the other crystals all around us?

OWS: Very much so. As you continue to rise in vibration, raise your frequencies, and become more and more crystalline in a sense here, then you are going to, as you say, connect to those crystals around the planet and even within the planet. And as you do so you will be raising, continuing to raise your vibrations and in so doing you will find that the love frequency will rise along with it. And everything that goes along with the love frequency as well. And those of the fear frequency and all of this will dissipate greatly and eventually be gone entirely.

Q: I am wondering what it means to be a Keeper of the Flame. If when we are asked in meditation by a higher being to … well maybe not even asked. If one is given the opportunity to be a Keeper of the Flame I am wondering what that means and what that entails. Specifically the Orange Flame.

OWS: You all have the capability of being the Keeper of the Flame both within yourself and outside of yourself as well. So you can all be considered, in this sense, the Keepers of the Flame or the spreaders of the Flame, the Spreaders of the Light, the Light Bearers, the light sharers, all of this. This is all one and the same. Specifically though there are ones that are designated as these Keepers of the Flame, more of the Guardians you might say, Guardians of the Flame here and they are the ones that are continuing from outside of this realm to continue to influence the various ones here on this planet at this time. They are monitoring, you might say, the Flame across just as the Sananda did this meditation with you where you saw the Flames everywhere. Where the Keepers of the Flame areS the ones that are monitoring all of this. Okay?

We are needing to release channel here now.
And before we do so we are just going to put — what is you’re saying here — a plug out there in terms of your Advance. That it is coming and it is coming very quickly. And we would suggest that all of you that have not yet become a part of this be ready to experience be ready to experience some of those things
which you have already been talking about and sharing. And yes as we said earlier expect something unexpected here. Something that has not yet been spoken of. And we cannot give this, of course, because then it would not be unexpected. So just be ready for this and continue to keep your eyes on the sky. Okay? Because lots of things are coming and much will be revealed from looking up at the sky.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

18.05.13 – You Are Preparing The Way For The Light To Overcome All Of The Darkness

hear | mp3 | pdf

Lord Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on May 13, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted including an answer to the question about the authenticity of the  “Entry Protocols” into Agartha and the Resistance  as stated by COBRA.

Commander Ashtar   

I AM Ashtar.

I Am pleased to be with you this time as always. For it is in our continued efforts in working together — you and I and all of us as One together — and we are working to bring about these many changes to this planet, many changes to the consciousness of the collective mankind.

And all of this is a continuing process. A continuing process to awaken many, many, many more across the entire surface of this planet. To bring about everything that was predicted long ago without the timeline changes, though, that were going to bring about those many catastrophes. But with the new timeline shift that is now all about the love, the consciousness spreading across the planet, to bring about these changes in a much milder, much more inviting way for all of mankind; for all of those that are ready for this.

Some time ago I said that we were in the final preparations, final phase, you might say, of preparing for the Ascension process of this planet and those on the planet. And I Am here now to tell you that we are now ready to move into the Action Phase of this. The Action Phase that is going to bring about many, many more sightings across the planet.

Many that have not seen us before will now begin to get those glimpses. Will begin to look into the clouds and see our ships within those clouds as we more and more begin to uncloak ourselves.

But we are only uncloaking ourselves to those that do have eyes to see for it is not yet time for the mass populace to become aware of us. But for those of you the forerunners, the way showers to begin to light the way for all of those others yet to come after. That is the warrior in you. The light warrior in you to not only anchor the light, as you have been doing, but to now spread the light and share it.

Just as you are doing, so we are doing so as well. From our many, many ships above you, we are preparing the way just as you are.

And there are those that are preparing the way also below the Earth. Those of the Agarthan realm, in Telos, and in many other cities that are located within the Earth that you have not even begun to hear of yet but are beginning to open their doors. It is a process. They have been working on this for some time and they are beginning now to open those doors.

Not to all but to those that are ready for this, that are ready to become acquainted. And even many to remember that they were here before, both here on the ships as well as deep within the Earth.

There are realms beyond realms that you have yet no idea of. Many dimensions that are there in front of you but you have not yet seen them because you, in many ways, do not yet have the eyes to see through those dimensions.

That is all changing as you know. As you are beginning to know and as you are beginning to remember. As you have heard, many of you have done this before. You have gone from system to system and been as has been called the system busters. And you come into the system and you bust it wide open. You as a collective you.

And this is what you are in the process of now. You are busting the system wide open. You are preparing the way for the light to overcome all of the darkness here. And when I say all of the darkness I mean all of the darkness. For when The Event occurs, when the light has fully overcome the darkness there will be no more darkness, no more evil, no more fear. If you can imagine a world that can be as that, then you can begin to but believe that all is possible.

I AM Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace and love and ask you all, each one of you, to go forth and share the love and the understanding and the light that you have become.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We understand that some of you are beginning to hear us. Beginning to have conversations with us as we come into your lives, into your minds, you might say.

Not to peep. Not to take over your minds certainly. We would never do that because we are bound by the Prime Directive just as they were in Star Trek. That was not a figment of imagination. It was real. It is real.

And we are bound by that just as you are all bound by that. You are not to interfere with another’s progression, another’s spiritual understanding and progression. That is not for you to do.

That is the judgment thing that was talked about many times before. “Judge not lest ye judge your self.” It is not judge another. It is to judge yourself because no one can judge you but you can judge you. Not even God judges you. There is no such thing.

So we are ready for … that was just a quick message here and we are ready for questions if you have questions here.

Q & A

Q:  I just wanted to say thank you for coming very quickly in to see me the other day. You were there. I felt your love. I felt your vibration. And I heard your voice and I felt you. It was just beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautiful message. And I love you so much.

OWS:  Yes. Very much so. That is all?

Q:  Yes that was all I wanted to say. Maybe it was a synchronicity. You started off your conversation with it not so much eavesdropping but you come through and speak to us and maybe that was a little synchronicity for me.

OWS:  We are saying that not only for you, though. We are saying that for many, here, will begin to hear us as well as many of the others that frequent coming through this one … and even others here that don’t come through this one. That is in the cards as you might say, coming through more and more. As you continue to move up in vibration, continue to move up in to the higher dimensions more frequently, this will then be possible these connections more and more as well as of course your connection directly with your Higher God Self.

Q:  The night before last, between 3 and 4 AM I was awake and I felt what was like a hand on the back of my head, from the top of my head to the upper spine. The hand was there. I gave it a few seconds. I wasn’t really in fear. And I asked who was there and I couldn’t hear anything but probably I heard something but I couldn’t understand or sound I couldn’t understand. So my question is what was it or who was it. I know that it is something from the light. Is it connected to the hypnotherapy session I had on Tuesday? I had an activation happen there that allowed deep physical contact. Or what is it exactly?

OWS:  We would say to you because of those things which are occurring this time in your life and in your progression at this point, spiritual progression, you are having some what you would call the symptoms of your kundalini rising. And it was not a hand as you are saying, although that is how it was pictured to you. But it was, it is the rising of the energies there that you are beginning to feel. And also as we always do when one asks a question we often will relate this to many of you. And many of you will begin to have more and more of this type of thing as well. The awakening of the kundalini energy within you. You’re going to have many different symptoms of this. And you will recognize it at the time, though, if you are not in fear, if you do not let that overtake you, if you are as neutral as you can be through it, you will recognize it just as we are saying here. That it is the awakening of the kundalini energies within many of you. Okay?

Q:  I’m sure you heard us talking about this during our discussion about the Pleiadian and Resistance Movement emissary Cobra. He put a post out about entry protocols where somebody

members of surface might be invited to Inner Earth to join the Resistance Movement and other Agarthan factions. I want to see if you can touch on that for us. And also someone asked if that’s true, would the pets be allowed to come. And would any of our group be potentially invited to join if this is true?

OWS:  First of all we will tell you that as these things are coming out more and more it is important for you to use your discernment. We say this many times. If it feels right to you then it is right. That is how you can trust this. If it feels right within, deep within yourself, then it is something you can trust and know that it is right for you.

It is not necessarily right for everyone. Truth is not the truth to everyone here. Do you understand this? You have your own truth to follow.

Now with that understanding there is the indication that there will be many of these types of things that will be brought out and it will require your use of your discernment. This was one of them. Not that it is not true, it is more true than you can possibly imagine at this point. There is the reality here that is occurring with this one, as you speak, that brought these forward from the Pleiadian civilization, those that he is the emissary of. And he has brought this information through as a result of being directed to do so. And he follows those directives very closely and believes in the sources that he has to bring this forward.

Now also with that understanding, it has been given quite often previously, that those doors are opening. Even Ashtar just said this time here. The doors are opening to the Agarthan realms more and more. It was always in the past that only a certain few would have access to be able to visit there and have the experience there with them. And it was only those that were predetermined for that in the past. But that has changed now. That has changed greatly in that those that are ready for this that are being invited to this can have this experience.

It is not directly though that once you say yes to this that you are banished from the surface. That is not quite correct. This was a little bit off here. But it is true though that once you make this decision — if you are one that is contacted and you make this decision — then it is a very strong decision that you must then make and you must follow the various protocols that are in place for this. It is not for everyone. They are not springing the doors open and inviting the entire population to come in. That would certainly never happen. But they are preparing the way for the select few. Few being relatively few that could even be in the hundreds and even thousands here. See? You understand where we are going with this here? If it was only just a very small few you could count almost on one hand or two hands in the past. Now that has changed greatly and the invitation is going out to a great many, comparatively, that would not have before. So it will be possible even for those of you in this group.

And this group, by the way, as we have said before in many different ways and many different ones have come through and said this, this group is being prepared for a great mission you might say. You have your own individual missions but you also have a group mission here. And this group is being prepared for that. And several of you as we go along through this transition will be contacted by either those from below or those from above and begin more and more to count on this. This is going to happen.

As to the final part of your question: no you will not be able to bring your cats or your dogs or any of these things. That will not be possible. But also know that if you are ones that are invited either on the ships or into the Inner Earth, you will experience say if you go for three months you will find that is only a mere minutes or even a day here on the Earth. So you will not miss much. Okay?

Q:  Kanye [West] recently had an interesting interview where he’s talking about freedom of thought and freedom of love and so one and so forth. A lot of it has been taken out of context but one of the things that he said was that he welcomed Trump as the dragon energy. Can you explain the dragon energy and what that reference is about?

OWS:  The dragon energy is not what you would think of as dragons from the mythological past, as the knights slaying the dragons and this type of thing. This is the misnomer greatly. Those of the dragon civilizations are indeed of the light, predominantly. And they are here to … rather they are not here yet, not for you to be able to see them, but they are here. And they are working in the background, you might say, to assist with this entire transition and the ascension process of

here. And there will come a time when the dragons are a part of the experience with those here of the surface once again. It will come. It will be a part just as you become more and more involved or aware rather of theElemental Kingdom as you once were. So that is coming.

As to the one Donald Trump, the President Trump, as to being a Dragon, that is a positive thing as you are hearing here because he is the one that is bringing about the changes as he can in this situation that he finds himself. And he is working diligently to bring about the shift in consciousness that must be available here for this country as well as the world. He is the light that is come now. The one previous to him, the Obama, was also a light but a light that was at times diminished over a period of time.

This particular one now, the Donald Trump, is a light that does not look like it is going to be extinguished anytime soon. So you can believe in the efforts that he is coming forth with and doing everything that he can to bring about this consciousness shift. Even though it may appear it is at a snail’s pace at times, and he is not doing everything that he came to do, he is doing what he can under the circumstances because he is surrounded by a great deal of influence that is not of the light at all times. And this is what he must work against. Even though he does not necessarily understand some of the things that you do, he has an experience or an understanding of many things that you do not yet. You can read into that.

Q:  Can you just comment about people say Kanye has had a breakdown. He says he’s having a breakthrough. Can you say anything about that?

OWS:  All we can say, not about this one individual but all individuals, before there is a breakthrough there is often a breakdown. And this is life itself. This is how it often works. Especially when you are going from an illusionary system, such as your 3D illusion here now into the higher dimensionals, the 4th and 5th and higher dimensions, where you will experience the breakdown of the old the old paradigm and the breakthrough into the new paradigm. This is the compression breakthrough. It is all one and the same.

Q:  A couple of months ago you talked about the 12th, the Council of Twelve, the 12 of 12 Tables, or something along these lines. Are you in the position now where you can elaborate on that a little bit more and who created them?

OWS:  What we can say about this is this is something that Sananda is directly working with here. And for whatever he wants to bring through he will bring through for this group as you continue to move through this transition process. We are not in the position to be able to share anything more than has already been given. But we can tell you, at your next Advance — and this is a precursor, you might say, for what is coming there. You are going to be given much more understanding at that time. Not only are you going to be able to sit at those tables as you were able to at a previous Advance, but it is going to take on a much deeper and greater meaning at that point. Just something to prepare you for.

Q:  My question is this big controversy with Q. Is Q of the light? Is Q giving information for the revealing of the truth? What can you comment about Q?

OWS:  This one about the Qanon as you tend to call him, or he calls himself — but it is not just say oneself there are several there that are working on this — and they are certainly working to bring about the shift in consciousness that is happening here. To bring about this transition. To take out, you might say, those that are attempting to interfere with the, this consciousness shift and the evolution of man here. They would want to hold off the evolution and hold it to the old paradigm to keep you in the illusion. Where there are those certainly, and the Donald Trump is one of them, that is attempting to alleviate this to take you out of the old paradigm. To bring on the new technologies. To remove those that are obstacles to all of this. And this one that is known as the Q is a portion of the part of this great orchestration that is happening. And can be one that is difficult to understand at times because he/ they are purposefully working to couch their terminology in ways that can be understood but also that need to use your discernment to understand the meaning that is coming here. That is all we can say on this at this time. Much more will be coming though and more of those that you call the whistleblowers will be coming forward. Many more will be coming forward. They will create what is called an avalanche. An avalanche of the light that will not be able to be stopped. Light and truth that will not be able to be stopped.

 Q: [emailed question]  Are clones real?

OWS:  When we have had this question in the past and we will answer it the same as we did in those times. The cloning process is real. It has been kept largely from the general population and where you have heard of oh maybe they have cloned a sheep or something of this nature. And we can tell you it has gone way beyond that. Now with that understanding also know that yes, some individuals have been cloned. They have their counterparts. And that process though has been largely curtailed almost to the point of nonexistence anymore. They can no longer have access to their bases where they were able to accomplish this so that has been, that was one of the major needs, you might say, for the Alliance, for those that work for the light to bring an end to. Because they knew if they did not bring an end to this there would just be continuous one after another. Even though they are able to take one out of the picture another one would show and another one and another one. And they knew they had to stop it at the source though they were able to eliminate many of these bases where this has happened and completely curtail the operation of this cloning process at this time. You must understand that this cloning process is extraterrestrial. It comes from outside of the Earth. And they were able to utilize this technology long before it is released to the public. Okay?

 Q: [emailed question]  What is the origin of the name Sananda?

OWS:  The origin of the name Sananda comes from long ago. It is a, it is not the name Sananda but the ‘ah’ sound at the end which is the most important here. These ones, Sananda as well as Sanat, are both Kumaras. They come from Venus. They are of the Seven Flame Lords, you might have heard of. And they are those two of them, the Sananda Kumara and Sanat Kumara, have remained here with the Earth evolution and will remain here until the Ascension has completed. Then they will move on. So Sananda is an understanding, you might say, an understanding. It’s a title, you can call it this. Just as the Buddha is a title, the Christ is a title, and this also is a title. And he, the one who is entitling this now, will eventually move beyond this evolution into a new one, just as you each one will eventually move beyond this evolution as well and into new and exciting new worlds. To go where no one has gone before. Literally.

Q:  So Sananda is a title like Christ is a title?

OWS:  Yes. You can look at it as this way, yes. Not so much Sananda but Kumara.

 Q:  How can we connect more with the higher dimensional beings as we have tried meditating like you know normally like I don’t know how do I explain it. We just want to be able to hear you guys more, to be able to communicate more, to kind of like channel.

OWS:  Then what we would say is just do it. Don’t try to do it. Just do it. And don’t have any results in mind. When you go into a meditative state you all have this need for a result. You all have this need for this light to go off in your head and these wonderful images and experiences, and ones to come and talk to you and share with you and all of this. And when that does not happen it causes you to say, “Well this doesn’t work so I’m not going to do it anymore.” Or, “This is too difficult to do so I’m not going to do it.” And that is what keeps you from making these higher connections not only to those of us but to your own Higher God Self. Because if you go into a meditative state to make that contact with your higher self and you do not have it, then you become disconsolate and discouraged from it. But if you go into that meditative state and just reach out and let it go, you will be amazed at what will happen as you continue to do that. Just go into it with what has been called ‘effortless effort’. And do not have any result in mind and then you will have the experiences that you want. Okay?

OWS:  We need to ask whoever is there that is making the noise around their phone which has been constant here, please mute your phone if you are not going to say anything. It is very important and it can be very disconcerting for us to come through as the channel here.

Q:  I had just gotten back from Glastonbury, England. I was actually called there somewhat synchronicity -wise as I’ve been very interested in the land and the ancient history of the land and I apparently have incarnations there. And I just got back on Friday and I had a dream last night. And the dream was I was walking along the path of the tor and the number 44 kept coming up. And I was trying to understand, okay, I’m walking on the path of the tor and the tor is very high about 500 feet high and I’m looking around so I’m trying to understand what my dream was. So then I was thinking that I don’t know what the number was but that I’m now at a point where because when you’re on the tor you can see all around you so now I’m thinking that well perhaps that means that I will be able to have more of a vision of what is above me and a vision of what’s going on. Maybe my Third Eye opening. Can you speak to that?

OWS:  That is correct as you are receiving here. As you received after the dream that you are in a position high up above where you can see all around yourself. This is indicative that you are going to be able to do this more and more to see beyond what many can begin to see. Begin to see all around. Begin to get the bigger picture you might say. This is all about looking at the bigger picture in your life and in those that you are coming in contact with or will come in contact with as you continue to move on. The number, the 44, is important for you. We cannot give you the direct importance of it but it will come to you in a way that you are not expecting at this point where you will receive an indication of this number and what it means at that time. Okay?

 Q:  Can you comment on whether block chain technology is extraterrestrial? And also the development of a global crypto currency or a crypto currency of sorts by the Alliance as part of the financial changes?

OWS:  This technology is not extra-terrestrial, as you are saying, but it is a portion of the transition that you are moving through at this time. It is not to say that you are going to have this technology directly or this type of currency. That has not yet been determined at this point. It is in experimentation stage as we are finding it now. And it is likely, though, that it will not become your currency of use as you might look at it here. It is something that they are working on and those of the dark forces, those of the cabal have attempted to bring this forward and it has been gone up against, you might say, by the Alliance as you are saying and they are attempting to come to an understanding, a balance here. Something that will work for all not just a few. And up to this point the monetary system that you have now has worked only for a few, not for all.

And this is always all about balance here. So we would not say to you to go out and buy into this type of technology now and we will not say don’t do it. Because we are not here to tell you what to do or what not to do just to give you nudges along the way; some guidance along the way as well. And if you feel that it is right for you then what you have a term “go for it”. If it is not right, if it does not feel right, don’t go for it. Same thing with those of the currencies that many of you have bought into over the time period here. That is still yet to be determined when it will come out but it will be brought forward. It is a part of the process. It is a part of the transition and this currency reset is real and will occur at some point here. It is in the process. Has been for some time. Has been curtailed many times held back many times from coming forward. This has to do with your revaluation as well. So that is all we can say at this time for this.

 Q:  Me and my sister we always see the numbers 333 or 11:11. We know 11:11 means the angels and 333 means Sananda. But we’re wondering if there’s like a deeper meaning because we see a little like every day … like literally every day. And also we feel like we get nervous when we speak about this type of stuff and we’re wondering why.

OWS:  We will take the second part of this first. Many feel nervous about this because it is the unknown. It is moving out of the 3-dimensional illusion that so many of you have been programmed into and have even programed your selves into. And it is moving out of that known, that familiar, into an unknown universe you might say. And this is can be somewhat scary at times unless you have found that neutrality and that zero point within you at the Fourth Chakra level where you have the midpoint here and the balance. If you have found that within your heart, if you have found that zero point, that neutral point within you, then all of this no longer matters. Whether you are in the third dimension or the fourth or the fifth or whatever, it matters not. You see? Because you will know that you are always in that neutral point. Okay? And the second part what was the other part of your question?

Q:  That we see a lot the numbers 333 and 11:11.

OWS:  Yes the repetition of numbers this is something that many are seeing at this point. Again this is for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. Many would see these repetitions and it would mean nothing to them. Others see the 11:11 and they know that is actually a gateway. This is showing that it is a gateway into the higher realms. The 12:12, the 333, all of these repetitions is the awakening you might say of the light quotient within all of you and the reestablishment or the reconnection of your DNA processes. This is things that are in the process of coming and many of you are seeing these repetitions. And if they mean something to you then it is important. If they do not mean anything then it has no importance then. You see? Only when you are ready for this and those of you, those of you on this call that are a part of this group, many of you are having these experiences and are aware that change is in the works here.

We are ready to release channel here now. As things continue, as you continue to move along, always remember that you go with the flow, that you let everything flow within you. And you continue to live in the moment, be in the moment. Do not live in the past. The past is gone. Let go of the past and move into the perfect now which is always perfect. If you allow that to be and be in that neutral point, then the now that you are in, the present now is always perfect. And as you are living in that perfect now you are creating the perfect future.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


18.05.06 – April HEN / AA Family Call

hear | mp3 | pdf

Lord Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell


These messages were given during our first Sunday of the month, Blog Talk Radio edition of the Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ on May 6, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)




Zoe:  Hello everybody. It is with much love and great pleasure that we welcome you to Ancient Awakenings – Prepare for Change.


We come to Blog Talk Radio the first Sunday of every month to give non-members a chance to see if they resonate with us as light warriors and way showers. And if you feel that pull, you have been called back to your soul group. So we are pleased to get re-acquainted and welcome you home.


If you find yourself here, it’s because you are meant to be here. You desire to re-member.


We gather as Ancient Awakenings to help each other prepare for our missions. We gather here because James McConnell, the founder of the Ancient Awakenings group made it his mission to give us, those of the 144,000, a place to learn, re-member the ancient wisdom, share openly, and reunite with family.


My name is Zoe. I’m your call facilitator. And, as always, I’m joined by Pallas Athena/Rita, our resident numerologist, astrologist, spiritual counselor, and teacher of many things. Hi my dear.


Athena/Rita: Hi there, Zoe. Nice to hear your voice.


Zoe:  You too, honey. So it looks like we’re all gathered. A few people are still coming on but let’s get the dateline in. Today is Sunday, May 6th, 2018.


And we are still riding on a high from our last Advance.


Lessons came to us in all forms: through messages, meditations, conversations between sessions; from our higher selves, from the Ascendeds, and from each other. And even from the animals, a couple of bees, and a little lizard that came to bask in the energy and just didn’t want to leave. The trees talked to us, the night and daytime skies talked to us. We were so stuffed with revelations that it’s still reverberating these two weeks later and hopefully will not quit.


And the Masters wouldn’t quit either. When we were getting ready to head home, One Who Serves and St Germain said “Wait! … Wait! … One more thing!” And then they just continued on. We were there hours longer than we expected. Well maybe it wasn’t hours it just seemed to me like we were there a long time and we were just getting more and more and more stuff.


Last year Moses pointed out that we had been given our marching orders. Well this time we were given some new orders. The execution of which could quite literally    change    the world.


So what’s it all about? Breaking free of the subjugative programming by remembering.


We’re all remembering the ancient wisdom that each of us have within us. That’s why we gravitate toward the natural sciences or at least question the supposed wisdom of main stream science.

We are remembering using light and sound and frequencies. We are remembering how to heal with naturopathic medicine, sacred geometries. We are remembering how to use crystals, numerology… remembering to devote ourselves to the Earth and the cycles of nature.


And that’s also why you’re hearing and seeing things that others don’t see, and feeling things that others don’t feel.


Because you’re remembering.


And what better place to do that than among family who has loved you for eons. (Literally!)


So to expand on those teachings, let’s get Athena/Rita on and see what she has for us today. Athena?


A/R:  Well, I’m still buzzing from the Advance. Let me tell you! My energies are high.


It’s been wonderful and these Advances. And it’s nothing like not being there. It’s all right on the phone. I’m on the phone most of the time. But those Advances, they are not just Advances, they are love. And that’s what I’m going to tell you today is the number that we are talking about today is number six.


But before I get into that let me tell you a little astrology; just couple of words. Uranus is now in Taurus which means changes. Well, we keep getting changes don’t we? We keep getting told that changes are coming and they are here. So the number six is the 6th of the month, the 15th of the month, and the 24th.  And so we add the compound numbers together to get to the single digits.


All right. Six is responsibility, harmony, balance, and love. Now looking at nature, you can find all love in nature. Can’t we? We’re seeing the buds on the trees coming out in the springtime and then the full leaves. Every spring, flowers. And also the trees shade us. The birds are building their nests for their babies. Oh my, seeing the raindrops over every blade of grass and seeing so much new life that has been planted with seed.


Now when we hear a new baby cry and see the sky, we know there is a God, our Creator. How could anyone not see that, and know we are Gods also. And the sun welcomes us every morning and the moon gives us light at night to guide us through the dark.


Responsibility is the word. Or another word is love and balance. For example is our Source created all of these from love and all and the Mother and Father God love us. Love the Lord God with all thy heart and with all thy mind and strength. And second unto it, love thy neighbor as thyself.


It doesn’t mean love narcissistically. It means love. Pure love from our heart. And something else that has been given to us from our Mother God are the gifts of the Spirit. The gift of the Spirit is knowledge one, wisdom two, prophecy, faith, healing. (I’m trying to get all seven of them in.) And the working of miracles, and the workings of Spirit, discerning Spirits. Different kinds of tongues which means languages, and interpretations of the tongues. Now that’s the gifts that were given to us at the Advance all on the phone and all that love that Mother and Father God gives us.


So what is the message that I want to say? And I think we all do. We are heading for Lemuria again, which was consisting of love, peace, harmony, and joy. And we must practice now and we have all the help we can have. And I love every one of you and want you to know that God is with us all because we have the God within us … so we always have him, right? Thank you and bye for now.




Zoe: Thank you so much Rita. Lovely as always. Thank you.


So to let you know how this usually works, James will start us off, leading us into a guided meditation. Sananda (or one of his cohorts) will step in and take over. After the meditation, we move right into channeled messages.


And of course, our long-time hosts, the One Who Serves, will pick it up right after the other guests, to reemphasize messages or make various points. And then on to our questions.


As almost everyone already knows, One Who Serves is a misnomer. This is a collective of Ascendeds who had chosen to act anonymously while teaching us and guiding us through Ascension.


However, they kept their promise and at the Advance, revealed a famous, unmistakable lifetime of our lead One Who Serves. I don’t know if I’m cleared to say it publicly (so I won’t), but I do want you to understand just how important it was to us, not only to find out who we’ve been talking with all these years, but particularly, just how important the reveling of his identity is in relation to the level of consciousness that we have reached … as in… how close we are to Ascension.


And that was pre-tty BIG. And, interestingly enough, it was a brand new member who spotted the identity first or at least called it out first. And that made the moment even more exciting!


Just another highlight of the Advance.



A/R:  Zoe, can I give a hint?


Zoe:  No. Well, you’ll have to ask James.


A/R:  James, can I give a hint?


James:  Probably not. Let’s just leave it the way she did it.

Don’t forget Joanna had something that she was going to give.


Zoe:  I’m right here. I was going to say … well I’m not sure if I actually said this before but, just to note all the Masters speak through James. But now, besides James, Shoshanna has been gracing us with her poignant, beautiful wisdom and insight. And she is given voice by Joanna McConnell.


Let me tell you a quick story: I watched a close friend of mine go through a personally agonizing period when a long-time student of hers all of a sudden reacted very negatively to words my friend had been using for years. Either his old programming kicked in and triggered him to lash out in such a way that it stunned my friend to the point of her doubting herself …   (not a good thing) or maybe, through all of that time of him hearing it, he never quite grasped that the words “I AM” is the name of God, and therefore totally misunderstood what was being said. It kind of gives you an idea of why we all have different interpretations of Yeshua’s teachings … because we think we know what is being said.


So when, during the Advance, Joanna shared what Shoshanna explained was the true meaning of some of the Commandments … you know those that we hear so often we think we know what they mean,

well, I was just flabbergasted by the utter simplicity of it all …  and ever so slightly embarrassed by my own misinterpretation of them. So I’ve asked her to repeat a bit of it for you, hoping it’ll help you find deeper understanding as much as it did for me. So Joanna, would you please do us the favor …

(And then after that we’ll be ready for the meditation.)




Joanna/Shoshana: Yes. Thank you so much Zoe. Love you so much.


Okay so Shoshana every once in a while will give me some information and I share it and I try to just share it the way she’s told me about it. And one of the things that was shared with me at the very end of the Advance is the true meaning of the fifth Commandment. And the fifth Commandment of course is religious. It’s the way religion controls us. And the fifth commandment is Honor thy Father and thy Mother.




he whole Commandment is “Honor thy Father and thy Mother that your days may be long and that it may go well with you in the land that has been prepared for you.”


So there is such deep meaning to that. And what Shoshana told me is that this is about honoring the feminine and the masculine energy that each of us have been given. So the father representing the masculine, and the mother representing the feminine.


So in this Commandment we’re telling ourselves to respect every aspect of ourselves both feminine and masculine and that the division between what is feminine and what is masculine within us is our ultimate separation. This division may cause self-doubt, hatred, fear, self-reprisal, and truly nothing wholesome in our lives.


So actually the feminine and the masculine, by dis-honoring those aspects of ourselves, we create separation within ourselves.


And then Honor is the quality that combines respect and honesty. And honesty is only within. It is not borne of another’s opinion or glance. Honor each aspect of who we are and allow all aspects to participate in the wholeness of who we are.


By honoring the feminine within ourselves we will honor the feminine outside of ourselves. By honoring the masculine within ourselves we will honor the masculine outside of ourselves. In other words our judgments of ourselves and others will fall away. And then judgment is simply a dishonoring of any aspect of ourselves that we see within ourselves and in others.


Honor yourself in all aspects of the feminine and the masculine for each pure quality of either stream of consciousness is within itself honorable.


(She kind of expanded on that last night for me.) So that’s what I have for you.



Zoe:  Thank you. So did everybody understand that? It’s balance. All about balance. Which again was a main theme of the Advance.


So again, welcome everyone.  James …




James:  I want to thank you, Zoe, for a great wonderful introduction and sharing everything. And Rita for those beautiful words. And Joanna for sharing that special understanding of what many of us pretty much understood as something completely different. We were always taught to believe it was honor thy father and thy mother in a literal sense. But it sure makes more sense the way, Joanna and Shoshana shared it.


Okay so what we do now is we’ll do a guided meditation and at some point, you know, I’ll start it and then usually Sananda will come in and taken over at some point and then continue on with a message after that.





Sananda Guided Meditation


James:  So everybody get into a quiet, relaxed state. Begin to breathe evenly and deeply. Focus only on your breath.…

[Leading into Sananda’s guided meditation which is best experienced directly from the recording beginning at the 20:58 minute marker]





Lord Sananda   



And I AM Sananda.


And as always it is wonderful to be with this group, this family, this family of light, this family of love.

Those of you that have been drawn back together again. Those of you that were with me; that were with Sanat Kumara; that were with Ashtar; that were with Aramda, Archangel Michael, and all the rest. And those of you that are here with us at all times just as we are here with you at all times. As we have said many times we are in this together, we are pulling this all together.


And because of you, because of each one of you and the missions that you are on, and remembering those missions now — many of you are beginning to do so. Many of you are beginning to recall, beginning to remember those times long ago when you found yourselves together either with each other or with us in various ways. Some of this is coming back to you now. — And many of you are beginning to remember who you were in past times. All of that is beginning to come back.


You’re beginning to realize that you are all one. All of us are one together. And this is quite a revelation for many because many, throughout your lives, you have been taught that you are an individual and that you are an individual unto yourself. And in some ways yes, that is true.


But in other ways you are an individual and you are also one with everything. And this, of course, is somewhat of a paradox here. But know and trust as you continue to recall, those times, those memories, coming back to you, that all is in this process of orchestration.


All is being brought together in many different ways. And in many different ways you are being directed. Directed to go forth, to move to certain places, to journey to certain places. And those of you that are on this journey, those of you that are on this journey of remembering your missions: your individual missions; as well as your soul group mission; you are here to do all that you are learning to do. All that you are remembering is more the word here. You are not necessarily learning, you are re-learning. You are re-membering.


Because so much is yet in front of you. And many of you have no idea yet quite of the missions that you are on and of all that you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime, this lifetime … that has been building for a long time now. Through many, many lifetimes, many thousands of years you have been working at this. Working to come to this moment, this very moment in time.


We can say that you have arrived. You have arrived at that moment. But many moments are yet ahead of you.


And I am saying it in this way that many moments are ahead of you because it is important for you to live in every one of those moments, to not only focus on the future and what the future will bring.


Yes there are wonderful things ahead. Wonderful things that you have been building toward. But there is also the moment Now. The moment that you can cherish for your entire lifetime. For the memories that you are creating now are more important than the memories that you are remembering from long ago.


Create those memories now. Be those memories now. And as you do that you will create the wonderful golden vision of the New Earth, a new Golden Age of Gaia.


I leave you now.


I AM Sananda. All of my peace and love be with you, each and every one, of you as you continue on with this journey, and as we continue on with this journey together with all of you.





One Who Serves


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!


One Who Serves here to continue on. We have so much to be thankful for so much to be grateful for. We, those of us the Ascended Masters, those of us the Galactics, the Agarthans, we have so much to be grateful and thankful for just as you all do.


And all of this is a program. Not the kind of program that you have become accustomed to, the ‘programming’ we would say that you have become accustomed to. Not that kind of program. The new program. The new program that you are all on to bring about this new Golden Age here. To bring about the changes, the shifts of consciousness.


And you are the ones that are doing this. You are the ones that are creating these shifts of consciousness. We are assisting, of course, but without you we would have nothing to assist here. That is what you always must come to understand and know. We are all in this together all working at it.


And together we are going to come through this as one being. One. ‘The One’. Be The One.


This is what we speak of when we say this after each time we communicate with you. “Be The One.”


And that is what is so important as you continue to move on with your individual journeys as well as your group journey here, going in to remember and find the records once again, to Be The One. You must come into a oneness together. That is what is so important here.


As you find yourselves in that area — those of you that have not been there before, those of you that have been there before — and to be there and to find the oneness together. To be that One. That is what will be necessary and important. And that is why only certain ones will be able to make this journey together this first time, as James has said several times now.


It is important for only the ones that are prepared and ready for this to find themselves there because it is important for you within your mind to allow the energies there to accentuate what is there in your mind, what is there in your emotions. And if your emotions are all willy-nilly and going all over the place, that would be a detriment to those that are working on finding that oneness. We will just leave it at that for this time now.


So that is all we have here. Do you have questions now for One Who Serves?





Zoe: Yes. Definitely. First of all let me give you the rundown on the question process.


This isn’t an open forum like we have on regular Sundays so you can’t just jump in and shout out your questions. You’ll need to raise your hand and you can do that by pressing 1 on your phone.


I’ll call on you by your area code. And you can tell us your name and where you’re located.


Then ask your question briefly and succinctly. Remember that the more specific your question is, the better the answer is going to be. And try not to convolute your question with a lot of unnecessary information or chatter.


And then after your question is answered, please remember to press 1 to remove yourself from the queue. So if you have a second question you’re welcome to get back in but please don’t stay in line. So press 1 to get out. Wait a couple of seconds. Press 1 to get back in.





Q & A




Q:  Are there any questions that were emailed that we need to take care of first?


OWS:  Only one and we do not have … we will answer it as the James is sending it to us now. And that is a question that has been asked before and we have answered several times. It is regarding those of the Cities of Light and where they will be appearing and when and all of these types of things.


What we can say about this is that in total at this point there are 12 Cities of Light – etheric cities. They are now etheric cities. And in order for you to be able to experience and know them you will have to raise your vibration up to meet the vibration of those cities. But the vibration of those cities will also be coming down somewhat as well, to be able to bring into balance and to meet what you call halfway, here. So this is what is going to occur.


At the time, though, in the beginnings, it will only be for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you would be able to look and see the city there in the sky and others that are not quite prepared for this and do not have the eyes to see yet will see nothing there but clouds and blue sky and whatever else there might be there. So this is what is coming.


Where they are going to be: they are going to be all over the world. The first one as many of you know is to appear in the Sedona area in Arizona. That is the first one. And that one is already beginning to appear to some as we find it. And if you look at the right time and moments you will be able to get a glimpse of this if it is that point for you.


If you are in the right vibration at the time. If you are in those energies that are in that area and you attune to those energies you can find yourself there being able to look and see the city there. It is beginning to show itself. But for the majority of the population, not yet. Now that will change over time period as frequencies continue to rise.


Now as to other areas, it will be appearing in places such as Middle East when that has been cleared up. It will be appearing in Japan. It will be appearing in the Great Britain area. It will be appearing in place in Africa — we cannot say exactly where these places will be but they will be. As to size of them they will be enormous in many respects. You can think of it in terms of a size of the city of New York or Los Angeles or something of this nature. That is how large you are looking at here as they would begin to appear to you. So that is what we can say about this at this time.


Zoe:  Very good. Thank you so much.




Q:  I was in sort of a meditational state, and I was sort of on board a ship and there was a kind of a ruler of the ship or something. He was a black male with long robes. He almost had a kingly kind of look and feel to him. He was taking me around but it wasn’t like a casual stride around the ship. It was like a purposeful stride around the ship. There was clearly something we were looking to get done. And then I woke up singing this song: [singing] “I’m an ectomorphic follow me. I’m an ectomorphic follow me.” No! Not ectomorphic; ectoplasmic. That was the term. Ectoplasmic, which I had no idea what the heck that meant. Maybe you can give me an idea of that and what that thing was signifying?


OWS:  What we can tell you about this is this is an indication of those things we have been speaking of where these types of experiences will increase. First within your dreams states and your meditation states and then as you are more in your waking state as well, what you call your daydreams and these types of things. As well as those experiences that will be when you are fully conscious. So these are going to increase.


The idea of plasma is important here because this has been something that has been largely kept hidden from the general population for a long time. Those what you would call the elite, or the cabal, and the dark forces here have known about plasma energy for a very long time and have kept this from you. They released it somewhat in your televisions, your plasma TVs, things like this. This was the beginnings of this to be released to the public.


And now there is much more that is going to come forward as to beings, themselves, that are in the plasma state as you have experienced here. So this is going to continue and it will happen to more and more people — not directly in this way but in many different instances — this will what you call pickup over a period of time here as the frequencies continue to rise across the planet. Okay?




Q:  I had an experience at the Advance after living really, really, high vibrational, but a lot of my time is spent frankly by myself with my spirit guides and angels and stuff like that. But being with everyone at the Advance I had an experience of these extreme negative emotions coming over me in ways that hadn’t done in the long, long, long time. And I believe that I’m hypersensitive to others essences or energies like almost to feel like they are a part of me. And I would like this confirmed first of all for the good of the group that, yes, some people are hypersensitive if it’s true. And that we give ourselves permission to do what we need to do to sort of, I guess, whatever it may be to detach from those energies to not get those energies in our space. You now, however we need to sort of do that. Can you say anything about that for the group?


OWS:  Yes. There are people that are hyper energetic you might say that are very attuned to energies more than they are attuned to people sometimes, and other animals and things of this nature, but they are attuned to energies. They feel the energies. They can even see the energies at times. And this is what you are speaking of here that there are more and more people that are going to come forward in this way to help others understand that this is an energetic consciousness change that is happening here. And more are going to come online in this way to experience and know the energies all around them. In other words you will be able to go into areas such as Sedona and other places with high energy levels and be able to fully experience those energies. Whereas again others will be there and feel nothing. So this is a part of what is coming, and is part again, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear or in this case be able to feel and know the energies.


Q:  And we protect ourselves from the negative part of that by what?


OWS:  You protect yourselves from the negative energies by surrounding yourself with a force field of, you can use your merkaba if you have remembered this and worked with this. You can use the golden egg that some work with. There are many different tools. You can use crystals to help protect yourself. There are many ways of doing so.




Q:  I first want to give my deepest thanks to One Who Serves and all of you for doing this. Most times I communicate with you through email. This is my very first time calling to you.


My question is about a dream. About 12 years ago I laid down to sleep. I got comfortable and relaxed and I closed my eyes and fell asleep very fast. During that sensation I started seeing like I was seated at the front of a vehicle, in front of the vehicle’s window that was moving very, very, fast to the point that I was seeing rays of light passing by my left and right. I don’t remember anything else that happened during that except just being seated there, like moving forward, traveling. And by the time that I stopped seeing those rays of light it was pretty much time for me to wake up and go to work. Since then I kept remembering over and over up until today and I just can’t get rid of it. It’s just still on my mind. And that won’t go away. Can you define what the dream was about?


OWS:  What we can tell you is when a dream does not seem to go away, or it comes back in different forms and versions, it is something to pay attention to. And this is not telling you anything that is ahead for your future anything that you have to be concerned about, but it is showing you that you are on a path. You are on a journey. You are traveling, as you say, within a vehicle. Whenever there is a vehicle that is being used this is the movement of consciousness from one area to another.


What you have not described within your dream, and perhaps you do not remember it, is that you moved to another place, from one place to another, and there was a building there. But that is something you are not remembering at this point.


But it is always on the ideas of movements of consciousness. And the vehicle is your vehicle of travel. It can be a car, it can be a plane. It depends on what type of vehicle it is as to what that movement of consciousness entails. In your case it is earthbound. In other words, the four tires are on the Earth and it is grounding you to the Earth here. And this is indication that you are moving in consciousness while still here on the Earth, while still being in the third dimension mostly at times. And you are experiencing the continuation of your (… not ability), you’re experiencing the continuation of your being in the third dimensional illusion, we might say here. And at the same time, though, beginning to travel beginning to move consciousness. This is an indication that you are moving ahead now in consciousness and to allow the process to continue. Otherwise you will continue to keep yourself mired in the muck in the third dimension. Okay?


Q:  Yes I understand. And actually I’m trying to connect the dots as you speak. But that makes a lot of sense. I had been awake most of my entire life but there was a point in time when I disconnect from being awake to try to focus and get things done in this 3D world. But it was about 12 years ago that I actually had a hard hit on awakening. And that seems to make a lot of sense because basically that was my transition. And I’m still in that transition I guess.


OWS:  Yes. You and all others are mostly in this transition as well.




Q:  I’ve got a question about past life regression. Recently I have received readings about times in Egypt or readings at in times of when Christ Consciousness or when Yeshua walked, and it inspired me to look into more of this past life either reading or past life regression. And as I was reading The Celestine Prophecy and one of the insights brought up something about the control dramas. And I wanted to investigate more to find out who I really am. Would it be of any use for my missions to get a reading or get a past life regression? I would like some assistance in that.


OWS:  Yes. Whenever you — and this is for anyone else here as well to understand, and we have given this several times in the past– but understand that when you are attempting to learn who you are you cannot have anyone else tell you who you are. You cannot have anyone else tell you who you were. Unless that person is able to accurately read the Akashic record. If they can do that then it is possible for them to then share with you, when and they have your permission of course, to be able to then say something about who you might have been in the past. But, you must understand that in order to fully determine who you have been, and to help then in who you are now, is to experience that for yourself. Not to have anyone tell you who you were. Because there is very little accuracy in this most of the time.


But if you would find yourself going back in a past life regression, whether using hypnosis — although we do not recommend that generally — or some other method such as the one that has been given to the James and of course other methods that are available as well to be able to find yourself in those memories. And that is the only way to accurately be aware. But also understand that when you do this, there is that portion of yourself that will be in doubt of what you are experiencing. So there is always that possibility that what you even are experiencing yourself is not directly related to who you have been in the past.


Now with that understanding fully, we would go on further and say that it is not necessarily that important anymore. Was more so in the general past here. But in the times now it is not so important for you to understand who you are now by understanding who you were.  Other than the exception with the working with the records as we have been saying. It will be important for those who are directly responsible and being a part of that journey that will be able to experience some of the memories that they can bring forward here to help with the undertaking and the recovering of those records. Okay? Does this make sense to you?




Q:  This is my first time calling to your show. I have an interest in reading and knowing about what’s going on. My question is why do I need to be in this impossible situation I am right now and still be kept here for what reason? Because I am really not interested in being here because I have been put through so much suffering lately. For what reason? Because Galactics keep saying soon, soon. The Wave is soon, everything soon, soon. And I’m not interested in this life that I’m here in now because I put all the stress for what?


OWS:  What we can tell you about this is not only for you who is asking this question but for many who wonder the same thing where we hear over and over it is going to be ‘soon’, it is ‘now’, it is ‘imminent’, and all of these words that are used. But you always must understand that when these wordings are used, it is based on time frames that are different in your understanding. In other words we are more fully in a ‘no time’ understanding as opposed to your direct linear time that you are in. And when we say ‘soon’, that is not your soon. We have come to understand that more and more fully here, as well as those of the Galactics have come to understand it. So we are attempting to not use that terminology if we can. And we continue to use the terminology of ‘now’, be in the now.


So not so important what is coming in the future; that it is coming soon, or that the NESARA will be announced, or that the arrests will happen, or the RV will be released, or The Event will happen or again and again and again everything here.


It is more important that you continue to be in the perfect now. Now if you are struggling, if you are having difficulties as it sounds like this one who is asking the question may be having now, it is important for you to know your purpose. Your purpose for being here in this moment now. Not in the future. Not from the past. But your purpose in being here right now is to become the best that you can be. The best human being that you can possibly be at this time. To be nice to others, to be gentle, to be caring to others, to be of service to others as much as you possibly can. This is a purpose for being in the now.


And if you can do this then you will find that it is not so important to be dependent — and we use that word purposefully here — dependent on what is coming in the future because if you continue to wait for the future then you continue to waste the life that you are in now. You continue to move forward without the understanding of who you are now. You see? And then it becomes very difficult to want to stay here as you are saying.


But to stay here is what you and all the other light workers need to do at this point because each one of you is important in the entire scheme of things as you are all coming together here again, the 144,000 and even more than that are being drawn back together again. Okay?


Q:  Why are you calling me light worker? Nobody ever called me light worker. I am the person who can become not having shelter because of their rules that they have.


OWS:  We are calling you light worker because if you were not, you would not be on this call. You would not be speaking like this. You would not be speaking with us like this. You would need to be a light worker. You would need to be one of the 144,000 or those that are coming in along with this energy that is being built here. Then that is what you are. So just allow yourself to be who you are and who you are is beautiful unto itself.


Q:  Because otherwise I wouldn’t call in, I wouldn’t bother because of the situation I need to move out by 15th and I don’t have a place to go. And this is what all of my energy is going to. I keep working and working to make to be able to pay everything here and it’s tiring. I can’t focus on anything else. I’ve never been in so impossible situation in my life like I am now.


OWS:  Yes. And some would call that the dark night of the soul. And you go through these times at various points in your life. And at this point right now you are going through something akin to this. But it will change. It will alleviate if you continue to work with the process here. Work through this transition and know that it is simply a transition that you are going through. And this can be helpful to you. But we would also say, while you are in this 3D illusion still, at this time, we would say to you to reach out to others of like mind just as you are now, being with this group, with this family of light that has been brought back together again and it will assist you greatly in being a part of this soul group expression here. Okay?




Q:  I was just wondering if you could say a few words on meditation for the people who maybe don’t know how to meditate, or some that may be sitting there thinking what am I doing this for, and even some of us who are maybe a little more experienced. If we could have some advice about what you should do and how you should do it. I know there’s no wrong way to do it but you might be able to shed some light for everyone.


OWS:   You have just shed a great deal of light in what you said last there. There is no right way of doing it.


And that is what is important here. When you work on meditation you do not “work” on it. That is what gets people in trouble here in thinking they have to do it this way, or they have to do that, or they have to follow this guidance that they were given, or this or that. And that is not the way you work toward meditation. If you do that it becomes a chore. It becomes something you do not want to do or something that you struggle through. And if you tried to struggle through meditation we can assure you you will not do it very often. Just allow.


Allow it to be in the moment. If it is 20 minutes wonderful. If it is 10 minutes wonderful yet. If it is 2 minutes that is also wonderful.


If it is just a moment in time but a moment of joy in that time that is also wonderful.


So know as you work with this, you do not want to “work” with it. You want to just be it. Be the meditation. Be the ball, as you’re saying goes. You see? And if you do that, if you do effortless effort, that is the way you want to look at this. Effortless effort. Make the time when you can, when it feels right, and then be in that moment. Go within yourself. Center yourself as you have learned many times within this group and other ways that you may have come across in the past. And center yourself. And be the light, share the light, spread the light, and just let it go. Do not think about it. Do not think through it. Do not analyze, just let it be. Okay?




Q:  My question was starting when you begin talking about the energetic beings because I’ve always been very sensitive to energy and when I visited Sedona the energy there was overwhelming. I could feel it in my solar plexus. It was a tremendous connection and quite a few exciting experiences were brought to me. And then when I was in Denver, Colorado I was in this store where they had crystals and I could put my hand over the crystal and feel the energy of it. And I never did this before. Just a lot of experiences like this and over the years, I’ve been having these for some years. [Audio interference] communications that kind of what I call markers keeping me on track, keeping me focused on my path. And what’s been happening lately is what I want to ask you about. When I wake up in the morning this is coming from a deep sleep and I before my eyes are open I see the light I see it looks like raining light and to me I feel like it’s the energy of the sunlight that we are receiving now and I can see it. I can see the energy. And I just bask in this light and it is very uplifting. I just would like for you to try to confirm for me what this is that I am seeing now.


OWS:  We will not try to confirm anything but we will confirm that you are seeing the light. You are experiencing and feeling the light. And you are very attuned to these energies as you are finding. One of the things that people may not yet be aware of when they go to that area in Sedona and they feel those energies that is because of the City of Light, the etheric City of Light that is there just above. Even at this time now. And those that are attuned to it can feel those special energies that are being generated there because of this.


Q:  I bought a painting while I was there. It was high up on the wall and as soon as I walked in the door it caught my eye and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I brought it home. It’s of a Native American. It’s an oil painting and it’s beautiful, it’s just wonderful. I was wondering if that painting is of any significance that I need to be aware of.


OWS:  It is of significance to you and you alone at this point. If you are drawn to it then you were drawn to it for reason. Just allow that to be. Do not try to analyze what the reason is, just be that. And we would say even be the painting.




Q:  I’m calling to ask about the mirror effect. I am an empath and I want to understand the effect of the mirror in another person or from myself … I’m not quite sure. It’s a little confusing. Can you help me understand the mirror effect?


OWS:  This idea of the mirror effect is important because you are all mirroring each other. You are all reaching for balance. This is why when you come together with another person, a spouse, a partner of some type, you are drawn to this person because of this mirror effect, because that what you see in yourself you see in the other, and what you see in the other you see in yourself. You see? So it is drawing those ones of a like nature, certainly, back together again but is also tends to draw those that are of the opposite. As you have heard many, many, times opposites attract and this is the reason. Because as you look into the eyes of that one, as you look into the mirror you would say, you are seeing yourself in that person’s eyes as that mirror. Does that make sense to you?


Q:  Yes I had an encounter of that once when I looked into the person’s eyes and I saw a lot of gold, like gold platters and orbs and just gold in her eyes. And when I asked the shaman that we were working with, he said that’s really you. And I didn’t quite understand how I was seeing that in her. So yes I guess that’s what I wanted to understand better.


OWS:  Yes. Now you understand better.




Q:  This is about a past life, however, I think the significance here is because of my connection with Joanna [McConnell], and with this past life that came through Arianna. I have recently spoken to Athena and it was so wonderful. When Athena came through in my meditation, she said somebody is here to speak to you and Shoshana [Joanna McConnell’s higher self] came through. Now that’s a first for me. Many beings have come through me before but Shoshana? It was so beautiful to hear her beautiful voice and she did touch on a few things and then she left. So it was very quick. She touched on us being sisters in this other life but I never got to ask, or [my] higher self I never got to ask whereabouts are we? Are we on Earth as sisters in this other life? And for some reason Ireland came to mind. So I just wondered. I know Shoshana is around and she is here and I was wondering if anybody, you yourself, or Shoshana could touch on that.


OWS:  As we find it you were not sisters in the sense of human sisters, human being sisters, but you were in the Elemental levels as sisters you would say here. So that is correct. You are absolutely correct on this. And there is a strong connection between those of you here, the two of you. But more than that we cannot give at this time. You must come to understanding just as we said earlier from question that was asked about this.


You must not rely on others to tell you who you were, who you have been, any of these things. You must find these things for yourself. So we can only give a little bit of guidance and nudging here but for the most part you must look within yourself find those answers deep within yourself. Whether it is through past life regression or whether it is simply going within self and accessing that level that all of you have in relation to coming to communicate with your higher self. All of you have this ability to go within yourself and find those answers within.


Even the questions that you ask of us you have the answers within you. You all do. You just need to learn to trust yourselves. But that in itself is very difficult, as we find it, in your three dimensional illusion because you have been programmed so much to not trust yourself. [But] to trust those outside of yourself, to trust the God outside of yourself. You see? Where religion has brought this into the picture more and more that God is outside of you, therefore it cannot be you and you cannot therefore be God.


But we would say, how can everything around you be God? Even the religions teach this. Everything is God! God is omnipresent! God is omnipotent, and so on. Everything is God! But you are not?! You see how that is completely a fallacy that has been taught by the various religions? We have gone off the subject somewhat here but it’s somewhat also related.


Q:  You’re so right. I so love you. I will ask Athena. I was just wondering why so much about Ireland was coming up but I’ll ask Athena. Thank you so much. Blessings.




Q:  This is another question about dreams. I dreamed that I was graduating from college and which I attended my first college degree program. However the graduation wasn’t about the degree program that I attained, rather it was something related, something more personal that I achieved. (Something related to the care of my daughter who has Down’s Syndrome.) Right now I’m a stay-at-home father taking care of my two daughters, one of whom has Down’s syndrome. So I guess during the dream, during the graduation, I became kind of emotional and started to cry but immediately I remember and tell myself that crying was of a lower vibrational frequency so I decide not to entertain that crying game. So since that day I feel that I don’t have to worry about something. I just don’t know what that something is. Can you explain that for me please?


OWS:  Yes. What we can say though first is crying is not a low dimensional frequency. Do not think that way. That has been programmed especially into the male population not to cry. Crying is baby. Crying is sissy stuff or whatever you might say.


Crying is important just as happiness and joy is important because it is a release of emotion. And it is important at times certainly to release the emotions to let them go. Otherwise you build them up inside of yourself and you create the various diseases that you have, the cancers and all of these types of things that happened because of the inability to release the energies. It is important always to release those energies whether through massage, or chiropractic exams, and working with or use of crystals, or use with regression sometimes to release the pent-up energies, of course the acupressure and acupuncture, and all of these types of things to release those energies, those pent up energies that are holding you. And when you can release these energies then you are ready to move on and to experience and to enjoy life. So you specifically are going through, or when you had this dream you were going through a graduation. And just as your other dream showed you that you were moving and traveling in consciousness, shifting in consciousness, this dream is telling you that you are graduating in consciousness as well and you are moving from one level to another. You have not completed. It is an early graduation you might say. What you call pre-graduation. That is all we can say on that at this point. Do you understand this though?


Q:  Thank you for the crying explanation. Now I know.


OWS:  Yes. Let it go. Let it be. Play the song, the Beatles song, “Let It Be”. That was not by happenstance that they created this song, and others such as the “Imagine” and other songs as well. Very important in the total orchestration that has occurred.





Q:  I understand that humans have a highly coveted gene within them called the meta gene. Can you tell me about the meta-gene and who gave it to humans?


OWS:  That is something that we cannot give directly here. That is something you must look into and research. There is information on this that is available. This is a particular gene that is being looked at more and more and worked with but your science is not quite completely caught up to this yet as to what it can do and what it is. So we would suggest to you rather than have someone, as we said earlier someone tell you about these things, it is important for you to do your own research and look into this. You can possibly do your Google it and will find some information on this. And as you find some information on this and become somewhat aware and acquainted with what you are asking then you can come back with that understanding and can ask this type of question again. Okay?



That is it? No more questions. Yes? We are ready then to release channel.




And all we can say here in closing is continue on keeping on. Continue on being who you are because who you are is exactly who you need to be.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.






Zoe:  Great questions everybody. I hope you don’t mind, David, I want to just throw in something. For me and in my experience, spontaneous crying always means something that I should look at or something that’s important to me. So you might want to just consider that next time something like that happens you.


And as always all these great questions led to great answers and great teaching moments. So thank you all for joining us today. The beautiful energy that you’ve all contributed is what propels us forward in our missions.



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James, did I miss anything?


James:  No, you did a fabulous job Zoe. You and Rita and Joanna all did wonderful. We so appreciate so much all that you’re doing and all that everybody else is bringing to this because without everybody else, their questions and everything, we wouldn’t have a show; we wouldn’t have this program we’re working with here. So I want to thank everybody and we’ll see you next Sunday.


Zoe:  Very Good. Thank you all.


Well that’s it for us everybody. Thank you again for joining us. And we will see all of the members next week and the hopefuls next month. Love you, bye!



Channeled by James McConnell



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”


Stanford Reading​


Date[ 02/19/60 ]

Master[ 1        ]

Reading[ 0003A    ]





OOOOmmmmmmmm, dahhhhh(etc.)


(Short period of chanting)







It has been many ages since I have spake to you, and it has been

indeed a long time since I have come unto even the channel. But because

that which is to be given tonight is of a personal nature, it must come

through I who am closely associated with the channel and who has known him

often in various incarnations.  And that you may know me better, I would

reveal it tonight of an incarnation which did occur in the land which you

have been given to call Telos. Who present is familiar with this land?

Telos. Recall the land wherein the great golden ship of Mark landed?


Man: Oh, Mark?


And where the footprints were left upon the ground? Indeed(?).  It

was in that day that I was incarnated in a close relationship to the

entity that is now the channel. In that day and time the entity of the

channel was given the name Rah-nald(?). And you will immediately note an

association with your common name Ronald, and yet it is different. And

this was his name.  And my name in that day was Aramda, the same as I

address you tonight. For I do use this name to recreate the vibration of

which one of you was a part and did know me in that day and time. And

because the vibration which must be impressed upon the channel and it was

for this reason that initially I have given him this name to call me








Hence, I would speak to you of several things, first to familiarize

you with my relation to the entity of the channel and perhaps indeed my

relation to some of you. In Telos, this was indeed a great scientific

research center, much that would interest you today, many technical

advances and great, great slender pointed spacecraft. And although I say

spacecraft they were capable of traveling but a few hundred miles above

the surface of your planet. And yet they were of much use and they did

travel throughout the world. And the one Rah-nald, who was there, worked

upon these devices and having to do with a neutrino generating device.

This may indeed seem strange that the neutrino particle was of importance

and is a portion of these spacecraft, and yet it is true, and he did work

upon this device and I worked beside him under the name Aramda, that was

given me. And we did work together.]








And it came to the mind of Rah-nald that a new source of energy was

needed for all the people of the land of Lemuria; and that he and I and

others, some of whom have already been contacted in your present

incarnation, we did work together, and Rah-nald did conceive of an idea

whereby primary space energies could be transformed through a crystal

through which proper frequency of electrical energy had been applied. And

that in this transformation of primary space energy, it could be

amplified, and I say amplified in the sense that it was amplified in its

service in the manner in which it could be used. lt was broken down into

many aspects, whereby from one crystal, approximately 14 feet high, and

five feet wide, and this crystal having been grown in a manner unfamiliar

to your physics today, in the use of this crystal in the manner described

great energy, enough to power whole cities were created, and the use of

this invention did grow.


And in Telos across from the launching platform, the major launching

platform of the great bar-shaped(?) of that day was built a beautiful

temple. And this temple did have pillars that seemed to be of marble in

front, great Greek and like pillars. Perhaps some of you receive a

facsimile in your minds, and do indeed re-stimulate to that experience a

great and beautiful white building where on top was mounted by a great

white dome.  And for those who are psychic, they could see the primary

space energy being drawn through this dome and down into the crystal. And

this was utilized not only to completely power the Telos research center

but for many, many surrounding miles and territories. And it was even used

to charge part of the spaceship before they could make their journey

through the atmosphere to other parts of your planet. And as the news of

this invention spread, it did reach the land of Atlantis and there it

became known as the Tau-ow-ee stone  or the Fire Crystal.


Record well my words in your minds, my brothers and sisters, for a

confirmation shall come to you of this name Too-ow-ee. We believe that it

is in the records of Akasha and perhaps, if not already, one day it shall

be recorded by other psychic sources. And you shall see your confirmation.

It was the Too-ow-ee Stone, the Great Fire Crystal, as it was known in

Atlantis, and it was used for the benefit of all men in Atlantis. And the

great lands of the earth flourished, and indeed the people were happy and

they lived together in harmony.]






And yet it was not long before, and even the roots of this had been

growing for a period of time for several centuries, and it did spring

forth a group of selfish men who would take it upon themselves to control

the people and to even control their very emotions, their very actions,

their very thoughts.  And they did seek to use this source of energy in

another way. This energy was even developed to the extent that it could be

beamed into the atmosphere to power the great spacecraft in another manner

with a new energy differential device that had been included within. And

it would transform throughout the land from great central crystals and all

did flourish. And yet it was found that with a slight change in the

frequency of these energies, the frequency of these energies, a modulation

thereof in accordance with certain groups of people, it could be used for

destructive purposes in that the true self, the true entity could not

manifest because a certain relationship between the astral body and the

physical bodies of these entities was disrupted through the radiations of

this force. And it also effected the chakras and hence, the true entity

was not allowed to manifest, not his true will at least. Only vaguely was

he a man; he was more of an android. And he was used; he was very

apathetic and he was used and he was pliable. And thus, as it was not, it

was not intended by those who created it, and it was to be for used for

constructive purposes, it was used in a negative manner throughout the

land, beginning in Atlantis.]





And yet, when the great ships of light did come to Telos and to other

parts of the world, when they  did come and the ministers of light stepped

out.  And they gave their message and pleaded for cooperation between this

land and Venus.  Later it was also given of the cataclysms that were to

come upon this globe. And preparation was made and in that day did

U-tun-me-um record upon tablets of telonium.]






There was recorded many things. And these were distributed and hidden

in secret places throughout the land and they were marked by magnetic

markers. And indeed when we reveal to you through the session of the Red

Hand in San Antonio, we will tell you of the relation to this to the area

in northern Mexico to the certain ones of you who are to venture. And then

it was recorded throughout the land and would be kept secret and hidden

until the time when man would find it.






And when they knew that this destruction was to come upon the land,

certain ones prepared to enter the great spaceship and to go to Venus, and

I Aramda did choose to go. And it was promised that one day certain of us

would return, and when we did return, we would have a sign with us that

would prove that we had once lived upon the earth and that this sign would

be of the tree and the serpent. And indeed we have returned and have given

this sign unto you, but(?), and perhaps this clarifies my relation to you

at this time. However, I departed in the spaceship. But it was decided by

those who remained that the great original Fire Crystal must not be

destroyed, and it was known that the great temple in Telos, the

scientific research center, would be destroyed and that this great

crystal was taken and transported in one of the spacecraft to the volcanic

peak, known to you as Mt. Shasta in northern California. Now you are

beginning to see a connection with certain events which has been related

to you and it was taken there and placed in a room where it has remained

for century after century for several thousands of years. Only once has it

been removed for a short period of time. Certain work was done and then it

was replaced. And now it still remains there.]






Then perhaps this clarifies to you the reason why the entity who is

the channel received the experience of being transported through Mt.

Shasta.  He did not know at the time, he did not know that this was the

reason, and yet it seemed familiar and yet unknown to him. And I seemed

familiar to him, and he seemed to know me as if he should call me by name,

and yet he did not. And so it is revealed the relationship here. In that

experience he was taken to Mt. Shasta and he was not told where the place

was, and yet he recognized it within his being later on. And now, he shall

shortly fully realize the significance.  This was to re-stimulate him to

the experiences of Telos that he would know wherein he did work in that

day and time and what were the fruits of his labors and that they do exist

until this day in the Mt. Shasta. Is this clear? (Yes.)]





Now I would tell you of something that I must tell you, for I am

closer to the channel. I would take you back to one day and one week past,

when our brother who calls himself One Who Serves did speak to you. If you

had listened more closely you would have heard his words, and yet if I

tell you, you will recall them with more accuracy. You were told that to

the group in San Antonio information regarding the names of the entities

Brian Alexander and Mark Edward was given. But it was not given in the

fullest in which it was given that night and has been given since that

time. You were told that it was given through a channel; a little later

that night.  It was said that this information was given through your

present channel and this is correct, although he was unaware of it at the

time. Ed Carrol did tell him some of that which was related afterward.

And if you will recall, it was said that this information was given on the

day of the summer solstice, the 21st of June, 1956. Do you recall?


Person: (inaudible)


Brother: This information was given through the present channel,and

some was related to him afterward and part was played on the tape the next

day. And he did not remember all of it, nor did he comprehend all of it,

and in fact did doubt much of it as for its veracity. He feared that the

information had been distorted and inaccurate. However, because of things

which have come upon this entity since the beginning of your new year,

1960, changes have taken place in the chakra consciousness arrangement,

that have enabled him to bring through information to a more accurate

degree, and hence, it may be given more at this time and more indeed shall

be given in the future. It has been asked that more be given, and it shall

be thus, for we have yet begun and we shall give much more in the days,

the weeks, and the months ahead. And I would tell you this information

tonight to prepare you for more relationships between yourselves in the

future and to prepare those who are to go on the trip to San Antonio. And

this information that has been given tonight and is on tape, is also to be

related to those in San Antonio. It should be given in its fullest,

although part of it had been given through the present channel unknown to

his memory at this time.]


I wonder if there are any questions tonight? I have only a short

while to remain with you, for there are other duties which must be



Man: Do you know if the (       ) go to Mexico?


Brother: Please ask this question at the meeting of the Red Hand, the

session of the Red Hand, in San Antonio. (Thank you.) Are there further

questions?  I would leave you  now. Please attempt to remain receptive to

the white light throughout the coming weeks and we shall return to you and

shall impart that which may be given that would be of use in this day and

age.  I shall go for now. A-ram-da. Good night.]


Conductor: 10:14 p.m.


17.09.10 – “Now Is The Time For You Not Only To Awaken Your Selves But To Help Others Begin To Awaken As Well”

hear | mp3 | pdf

Lord Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on September 10, 2017




I AM Ashtar.

There are those moments that come when all things do not seem as they need to be or that you want them to be but yet they are so. Yet they are doing what they need to do in those times, in those moments. I speak now of consciousness. I speak now of the love that you share and you spread throughout all the planet. For it is you as you spread this love and this one consciousness it is you that is making the change here. It is you that is bringing up the vibrations of the planet. It is you that is raising the frequencies.

It is you that is creating the consciousness here; that is making this consciousness, this love, this vibration increase across the planet. You the light workers, the light warriors, those of you that came here to do this.

And now is the time for this to be. Now is the time for you to reach out and help your neighbor wherever you can. Reach out and offer them advice, offer them your understanding, your love wherever you can. That is not to mean that you are to invade their privacy. Not at all. But it does mean that where ever the opportunity arises now is the time to reach out and help your neighbor in any way that is possible in that given situation.

Yet as these storms rage across the planet know that they are not the storms that have been predicted. They are the storms that have been created by the fear mongers across the planet to lower the vibrations. That is their purpose is to lower the vibrations. And your purpose is to raise the vibration so you are going against each other all the time. But know that as you continue to raise vibration, as you continue to do all that you know to do then that is helping the process greatly.

All of those that are working for the light, are spreading the light, are sharing the light, all of you are continuing to raise these vibrations and make everything across the planet come back to the way it was supposed to be, the way it needs to be, the way it is becoming, and the way it will be.

For as you move into this New Golden Age you are the ones that are creating this Age. Do not be mistaken. There are some, yes that are reaching out and doing more, you might say. They’re reaching more people across the planet, they are seemingly doing more than you are doing. But do not be deceived by this because you are doing what you can simply in the meditation, simply in prayer, simply in whatever it is that you know to do, just allow it to be. And allow and know that all is being orchestrated. Even these storms themselves are being orchestrated because it is necessary. It is necessary for the planet to breathe.

It is necessary for the planet for Gaia to purge herself, purge herself of all of the old consciousness here; all of the old ways, the old programming. All of this is being purged out by these storms and these earthquakes and all of these seeming catastrophes but they are only catastrophes to those that are involved in them. And even those that are involved in them know in those moments that they are also there for a purpose. They may not know it at the conscious level but they know it deep within themselves that they are also part of this great orchestration.

So do not think even for a moment that your part to play in this is minor for it is not. It takes all the parts together — all the parts — to bring the entire picture to come to fruition. It takes all of the pieces of the puzzle to put the puzzle together to complete it as a whole. And you are the ones that are doing that.

Now is the time for you not only to awaken your selves but to help others begin to awaken as well, as they show the need for it or the desire for it. Do not fall back from this. Take upon this mantle, the consciousness, the oneness, the knowingness that you know to bring to the situation whenever it arises. Find the courage to speak out wherever you can because there are so many out there that are just looking for a spark, are just looking for an ember to begin to rise into a flame or that they can help to rise into a flame themselves just as you have. Just give them that spark and let them take it from there.

But do not fall back from this for this is your mission. At this moment in your lives, this is your mission. This is what you came here to do. And do it you will. And do it you are.

True, the green light has not yet been given by Creator but it is very close to being so. As we have told you before we are ready and waiting and ready to move at a moment’s notice when that signal is given. And as you may know and as you may feel deep within you that signal is really very close now.

I AM Ashtar. It is always wonderful to be with you but even more wonderful when we can join together on our ships in various places on the planet where we can sit and experience with each other and have those wonderful celebrations that have been spoken of. For those celebrations are ready to be put into operation. All of my peace and love be with all of you.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here

with you to do anything I can to assist you and to be of service to you. And to know that you are the ones that you are being of service to us greatly.

You must know this. We cannot do it without you. We need your arms, your hands, your eyes, your ears, all of this. We need you just as you think you need us. You really do not need us but you think you do so here we are, you see.

But if you knew deep down within you that you have all of the power within you, you have all of the ability to imagine and visualize and create and manifest right there within you all the time. It is almost as if you have those ruby shoes on and all you need to do any time is just click them three times. That is all. That is so profound in that movie that you had your Wizard of Oz just to know that you have that power, you have always had that power to go home.

And we know many of you are tired and have had enough of this nonsense here and this illusion here and these programmings and many of you want to go home. And you know what? We want you to come home. We want to be there with you but there is still some work that you need to do. This is what you came here to do.

As Ashtar has said: Now is the time! Now is the moment! Now is your time and moment to rise up and do all that you can in any respect that you find yourself being able to do this, to reach out and help, to know that you have the power within you and have always had the power within you to make the changes here on the planet. As Gandhi said you are the change or if you want change in the world be that change in the world. You see? You are the change. You are the ones that are creating this and you are the ones that are going to take this forward.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Q:  In the middle of the night when I was asleep I received in very strong push in the middle of my back and it startled me awake. I was thinking it was St. Germain but wasn’t sure if I was correct abor if there was a message tied into that.

OWS:  As we can find it yes you were awakened by St. Germain. He has a connection with you directly. But what you were feeling within you is your central nervous system is waking up. It is coming online you might say even more than it has been previously. And you will begin to feel more and more of these types of sensations. And this goes for not only this one who is asking the question but for all out there. Many of you will feel sensations such as this that this one is speaking of and other things many other things that are going to happen.

And you are going to feel this and move through this and know as it is happening that these are just simply symptoms. They are symptoms of the rising of the frequencies across the planet. And that is what is happening with all of the many experiences or happenings that are coming to the planet; these celestial events and all of these things that are happening that are bringing these energies, are raising these energies, are creating these higher frequencies for all to experience. Not only you the light workers and light warriors and light sharers but all across the planet to feel these energies and frequencies. Even if they do not know what a frequency is. You see? They will still feel it at different levels. And you are the ones as you feel these experiences, you are the ones that can then turn around and share with them what they are experiencing … when the time feels right to you. And you will know when that time is. All you need to do is just let go and let everything orchestrate its way out. Do not become concerned with other people’s plight and all of this because it is their life, it is their experience, it is their path. Not that you cannot be compassionate, we are not saying that. Yes be compassionate do what you can to help if they are wanting help but step back then. Let it be. Let all of it just be what it is going to be. Do what you can and then let go. Okay?

Q:  The History Channel aired a documentary about Montauk Long Island and the bases underneath. Do you had information on that?

OWS:  There is much information that you can find as well but what we can tell you it is real. There is certainly a great reality to all of this that is being brought out. This is part of the truth that is being revealed. Coming in slowly you might say but it will pick up steam, it will gather more and more and more momentum as these mysteries, these things that have been covered up for a very long time could begin to seep out and come into the general public. And the general public is going to be amazed by much of this. They will be shocked by much of this. But it needs to come out. It needs to come out into the awareness so that those that are the perpetrators of these things can be brought under control here and if possible brought back into the light. Because that is what you always want to do. As fifth dimensional beings you always send the light send the love and let it go and do what it needs to do from there. This is simply the same thing as these storms. Send the love to these Elemental forces within these storms. Send the love to abate these storms, to dissipate them, to quell the winds around them and they will. And the more that you believe in this the more you will create this being. Okay?

There is one more thing to say about this. There is certainly the Montauk Long Island and the base there that has been spoken of previously and you as a group worked with this in one of the previous Advances here and had a great deal of its success in working with those that were in that base in bringing some of them to the light. Many of them did turn to the light but many of them as well did not. There are still some that have shied away from the light you might say and do not want a part of it because they do not understand it. They only understand the darkness. But if you continue to share the light, spread the light, even those that do not understand the light will begin to be drawn to it. It is as if flies and various insects are drawn to the light at night. You have all seen this. This is what it is about. Okay?

Q:  What ‘green light’ was Ashtar talking about? About a year ago I was sure I heard on another channeling that Creator had given the green light for everything to get started but evidently that was only certain things. So what is this green light please?

OWS:  That green light that was given some time ago was exactly for that: to begin everything to put everything in motion. The green light that Ashtar is speaking of is the final signal. The one that is the one that is going to put everything in motion directly at that time. And once that green light is given then those that are on the ships and all those that are watching over this process will, you might say, jump into action at that point. They are now simply waiting. In the waiting stance here but they are ready and willing and able to move at a moment’s notice and jump into action here. And this is what he was speaking of.

Q:  Does that mean though mass landings?

OWS:  That means that yes, but also before that would be The Event: the light, the pulse of energy that is coming to the Earth.

Q:  The other Friday night my brother saw a [space] ship. He heard a loud thump upstairs in his child’s bedroom even though the kids were with him watching television. He looked out the window and saw this ship. I said it might be a scout ship but I would have to ask. So I’m intrigued to know who it was.

OWS:  We are not going to tell you who it was but we can tell you it was. It was certainly was a ship as you were saying here and to take this further for all that are listening here all of you are going to begin to have more and more of these experiences. Those of you that have already had these experiences previously are going to have more of this. This is going to increase — what is this saying here — exponentially here as these things continue on as these various celestial events continue to happen and all of these energies continue to rise as you are moving more and more into the fifth dimensional frequencies and staying there longer you will be seeing beyond the veil or as Lady Nada said there is no veil. And there is no veil. As there is no spoon from The Matrix there is no veil. And you are going to experience these things many many more and more and more times here.

Q:  Yes thank you I’m glad. My brother is slowly waking up and his partner is slowly waking up, and his children, so it was quite magical for them to see that. I said that’s family and there was nothing to be worried about, it’s family.

OWS:  What better way for someone to awaken than to see a ship and to know that it’s there and to realize once and for all you’re not alone here on this planet. And if you think about it, what a ridiculous thought that is these days. Can you imagine that anyone still believes that they are alone in the entire universe with billions and billions and billions of galaxies? Not only planets but galaxies! And even more than one universe. It is preposterous to think that those can still believe that they are alone. And we are saying this now because as you hear those people that say these things it is time for you to speak up and let them know that it is ridiculous to think in those kinds of terms now. Those times are over for you to be ridiculed because you believe you see something in the sky. No now it is the other way around and it is changing very very fast here.

Q:  Someone in my family has brought to my attention that in the last couple of days radio waves that are coming from 3 billion light years away are being heard now. Could you tell me what those radio waves are?

OWS:  Well exactly as you are saying. They are radio waves that happened a long time ago and are being received here now. That is not something that is foreign or not understood here by your scientific community. They have known this for a long time. This is why they have utilized these types of communications in the past your SETI and all of these types of things to find the extraterrestrial influences and be able to communicate with them. So they have sent a signal out hoping it will find some type of answer out there. And you know what? It is! You sent these signals a long time ago and now they are being answered. They are being answered enmass you might say by many many many ships that have come to the planet and are beginning more and more and more to show themselves. And as we said earlier they’re going to show themselves more and more so that when the Disclosure happens and first contact and all of this, it will be like it was nothing special for many here on the planet because they will be expecting it and it will be something that will not jar their, bring about fears and all of this and not surprise them too much here. You see?

Q:  Well this family member said it was probably a star bursting a long time ago because if it was extraterrestrial it would be more like they would send pi or something like that not something natural.

OWS:  And how would this person know that?

Q:  Scientists will answer like that. It is their belief system.

OWS:  Yes that is correct. Scientists will answer the way their belief system is. That is correct.

Q:  About the elemental kingdom. Just like we have multidimensional selves and a higher self and we exist on other planes of existence etc. that we’re not limited to this body. Does the elemental kingdom incarnate here as butterflies and birds and things of that nature so when you see that they’re actually manifesting physically?

OWS:  Yes very much so. They have many different ways of getting your attention. And as some of these ways are doing exactly as you are saying to come into butterflies and fireflies or dragonflies rather and other types of things. But when the moment is right, when the frequencies are right they will begin to show themselves as they are and you will experience that and remember. You will remember that you communicated with them a long time ago and many of you have done this before. And some of you have even been them before. You see? It is all one. This is what all need to come to understand. It is all one. All of this, everything is connected. Unity consciousness is exactly that: unity across the entire planet, across the entire solar system, across the galaxy, and the galaxies and the galaxies beyond that and the universe and on and on and on.

There is no end just as there was no beginning.

Q:  I have been researching what planet I’m from and I’ve come to find out that I am a Pleiadian. I just wanted to ask that question so can you tell me if I’m Pleiadian.

OWS:  What we can tell you — and many of you already know the answer we are going to give here — but we are not going to spoil the surprise for you. Whatever one tells you you are Pleiadian, you are Sirian, you are Antarian, you are this, you are that, makes no difference unless it comes from within you. If you feel the movement to know where you are from where home is for you then go within yourself and ask. And if it comes to you Pleiadian then go with that for now. And when the moment arises and you are face-to-face with those that you came from, whether it is Pleiadian or Sirian or Arcturian or whatever it is it will be that at that moment. You see? So there is no reason to push it here at this time. Just let it be what it is.

Please all of you take that song by the Beatles directly. Utilize it. Let It Be! You see? Let it be because that is what will continue to move you through these lower vibrations into the higher vibration and permanently into those higher vibrations. You need to learn to let it go. Let all of the old programming go. And only old programming would ask where am I from. You see? It matters not at this point. Okay?

Q:  Saying that so many people want to know where they are from – am I from here, am I from there –wouldn’t that be considered limiting and putting yourself in a box? Why couldn’t we be from everywhere?

OWS:  Yes. Yes that is why we say it is part of the programming. Do not be concerned about where you are from. You are just from, that’s all.

Q:  We just are.

OWS:  Just are. Yes. Just be.

Q:  For those of us that are just awakening do we have to go through the implant removals and all of that that happened prior to now?

OWS:  There is another example of letting it be. Just let it go. Do not be concerned about this whether there is implants, whether there is not implants, whether they have been taken out, whether they have not been taken out. It matters not at this point. And we can tell you it – certainly – matter — not, for all of you at this point. So do not be concerned about this any longer. This has already been taken care of.

Q:  For many years now I have been having ideas, plans, thoughts, courses, movies all downloaded and I write them out in great detail about human beings thinking in another way or new conversations. And though I didn’t get to do a lot of them in the concrete reality a lot of times I will see someone or hear something and go whoa that’s one of my things and that was on my list. So I’ve got it all written out but somebody else is doing it. I see whole bunches of my stuff showing up everywhere.

So my question is this: whether or not you actually did something in concrete reality but you just thought it up or it came to you or you wrote it down, does that go out into the soup [universal mind] and that becomes your contribution? Not necessarily you did it but that it came through you somehow?

OWS:  Every single thought that you have goes into the collective consciousness and every single thought is there for the collective, those that are in the collective consciousness, to be able to utilize that thought and put it into creation to manifest it if they so desire.

But what we would say to you and to all out there: Too complicated! Too much! Do not be concerned about did you do this, did you do that did I complete this, did I complete that, should I do this, should I do that. Let all of that go! And just let it be what it’s going to be.

We cannot tell you this enough in enough different ways but you need to come to understand that in the higher vibrations that you are continuingly moving into all of this stuff matters not anymore. Because as you are able to create whatever you want from your imagination, from your visualizing skills, what need do you have of any of these types of concerns any longer? This is the old programming. This is the old ways the old paradigm the 3-D illusion paradigm here that I must think about something and I must write it down that I must put it into a book and then create a movie. That is all well and fine if that’s what you feel called to do, but do not be concerned if you are feeling this way but yet you do not need to follow through with it. It is okay. It is what it is. Do not feel guilty about anything!

Guilt is one of the worst things that you can possibly feel in your life it is one of those things that hold you back more almost more than anything else. It holds you down in the lower vibrations. Let go of all of this. Let go! Let it be! Okay? My goodness. How many different times can we say this or ways can we say this?!?!

Q:  During the Advance when we had the ceremony and many women joined in and many of the women that were my sisters as oracles were bonding very strong and I started remembering things and I’ve been using some ceremony for my memory, ceremony for healing and shifting things, and I want to know if I’m really remembering those things or is it something I’m making up?

OWS:  We just heard out in the background: Joanna! Joanna! Joanna! Tsk! Tsk! What can we tell you that you do not already know. You know deep down within you the answer to this question as well as many of the other questions that are asked. You have this inner knowledge. Not only you but all of you have this within you. It is simply a remembering of those things that you have had in the past or had done in the past. It is a remembering. It is not doing something new. There is nothing new under the sun. That is your saying and it is true. You have done it all. You have been there, done it all. And everything that comes to you whether it is you are thinking it is your imagination and if it is that’s wonderful because it is your imagination that is going to propel you into the fifth dimension. You see? This is what you need to come to understand more and more and more. So if you are having memories come back let it go. Let it be that. Do not try to analyze whether they are memories or if you are just making this up. If you are making it up so what! If it feels right go with it okay.

Q:  I’ve learned a technique and I don’t know if this is for the collective I learned the technique and I mean it helped me that I was actually able to detach myself through deep meditation from the collective and go into a zero point mode where I have detached myself from the human collective, this is not saying from the Galactic collective, just Earth matrix collective. I am able to do that. I mean I hope I’m doing it I believe I’m doing it. I don’t know if you’re aware of that if this is possible but I seem to be doing it. And I do kind of go off in my own little world where the reality that I created in zero point mode when I detach myself from the collective.

OWS:  Yes, is there a question there?

Q:  Technically yes because I kind of … which is strange because I still can talk to my higher self when I detach myself from the matrix but that’s it everything’s so clear when I talk to my higher self when I’m in the matrix.

OWS:  Is there a question here?

Q:  It’s just more of a collective one maybe to put it out there to just saying am I doing it or am I imagining it?

OWS:  There is the same answer here we just gave! It does not matter whether you are imagining it, remembering it, whatever it is it matters not. The only thing that matters is that you just go with whatever it is. Let it be. If it feels right it is right. That is how you need to go with this. Do not be concerned do not analyze do not go deep within yourself and find that child within and all of these types of things. Let it be. And be who you are. Be the I AM consciousness at all times. And if you do this and just simply be, then you will be everything that you need to be. Okay?

We are done for the time here. We are needing to release channel and also just to know that everything is exactly as it needs to be. We cannot tell you this in too many different ways but we try to tell you in so many different ways here rather and just let it be what it is going to be.

You are in the right place, the right time, the right moment. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to be. Everything is being orchestrated and you are the ones that are creating this orchestration. You just need to come to understand that. And as you do this you will find yourself moving more and more and more into the higher vibrations into the higher dimensional frequencies and experiencing all that we have been talking about that you will experience as you move through this ascension process.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


17.09.03 – “WE Are Now In What Is Called Ascension Timeline. This Is A Timeline That Is Controlled By Source”

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Source, Djwal Khul (DK), as channeled by Charles Osburn and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on September 3, 2017



[Note: Source Merge Meditation preceeds this channeling. The meditation has the entire group merging with Source and inviting Source to stay within as well as anchoring Source energy into Mother Earth with every breath.]

As you sit there breathing out visualize Source energy flowing into the Mother Earth and Mother Earth radiating out that energy to the surface. This is the anchoring of Source into Earth. This is the mission that you came here for – we’re here to spread that energy to all.

And I come here today to tell you that during this ascension process we are now in what is called ascension timeline. This is a timeline that is controlled by Source. There is very little movement away from this timeline that can happen now. At the beginning of this eclipse and at the end with the next eclipse which will happen in 2024. During this timeline the ascension will occur. And I can tell you now that there can be no deviation, there can be no activities of those who are self-serving that can attempt to stall or make this not happen as this will happen. And for you it is especially important to keep yourself focused on your own internal journey because As Within So Without.

As you clear the energies that do not serve from within you, you will see this manifest in the outer world. As you clear out the storms and hurricanes within your own body and mind and energy, you will see this planet have weather that is like paradise. It is the miss-qualified energies within all of humanity that is causing these disruptions and there is only one way for Mother Earth to clear this out. If we don’t clear it out, if you and we within do not clear this energy out, Earth has to clear it out through these major catastrophic activities. Though we control this, you control this within. So seek within and seek to surrender any energies that feel like hate, any energies that feel like I must be correct, any energies that speak of ego. These are the energies that must be taken out of you. Purified.

Ask for me to help you with this cleansing. I AM here with an offer and an invitation for you. The offer and invitation is please call upon Me if you find yourself in a state of mind or an emotional state that is chaotic and I will help you take this energy out of you. And this is how you can contribute to the ascension process, is clear yourself within of all those things that you have hidden away out of shame. Open those doors. Take a look inside that closet inside you where you are hiding these energies, these emotional traumas, these old memories. Bring them out of the closet and ask Me to take it away and so it shall be. Thank you.

You may now open your eyes and look around with the eyes of Source. Look around. If you are in a room with someone look at them and see the Source within them.

I leave you with the invitation to every day ask for me, Source, to come into your body, to anchor into your body, and then anchor into Mother Earth.

I bid you goodbye.



This is DK, as my friends in the Theosophical Society would like to call me. And as those who have read the Alice Bailey books I AM also known as The Tibetan. And I greet you today.

My good friend the One Who Serves knows me well. As so do many of the Brotherhood because I Am part of the Brotherhood … and Sisterhood for that matter also in incarnations and I am here today to give you some practical advice on how exactly can you help release these energies that you might have. The first thing that I have to offer you in terms of advice is to keep monitoring yourself throughout the day. If you ever feel resistance toward something, this is a key. This is something that is pointing you to an energy that you are holding within you that can be released. So look for resistance with …

[Call drops]


(Channeler: So coming back to this, the conversation was regarding monitoring of self.)

As you go about your day just do a check. Check on yourself every hour. Check to see how you’re feeling. Are you feeling anxiety? Are you feeling upset? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling impatient? Are you feeling angry? Are you having hard feelings about somebody?

Just check, every hour, 12 times a day and this will give you the habit of checking to see if you have any energies that must go. Because these types of emotions that I have just described are the things that you won’t find in an Ascended Master because those things have been purged.

And this is what this next 7 – 8 years is about. It’s about purging these types of energies so that you are in a state of peace; so that you are in a state of centeredness. Because when you are in peace and when you are in a centered place it matters not what happens in the outside world. And I must also mention that it is very, very easy for us to be distracted by these outside activities that are happening.

If you find yourself thinking and talking more about things that are happening outside of you that is a clue for you to think again on where your focus should be. Should your focus on the outside or the inside? And as Source has mentioned it is the inner work that is necessary at this time and that will then manifest itself. As you become more and more clear of these mis-qualified energies what happens is that your energy field effects thousands then hundreds of thousands and then millions of others. It helps them also to easily clear these energies from themselves.

So this is the purpose of monitoring yourself so that you can now begin to look at these feelings that you’re having. Let’s say for example that you are waiting in line at a grocery store and you’re feeling impatient. Well that impatient energy is something that can be taken out. You could ask Source to take it away from you. And Source will do this. Why ask Source to do this? You might be asking yourself isn’t Source busy enough already? Aren’t there trillions of other galaxies and systems that are going through ascension? Why the focus here on earth?

Well the focus here is because we are a part of Source and this planet is getting healed. So when this planet heals Source heals. For we are part of the body of Source so everything that you heal, everything that you ask to be taken away is contributing to the healing of this planet, of this humanity, of this galaxy, of this universe, and of Source.

So this is a very simple message. And I ask for you to consider simply monitor yourself and then surrender anything that you monitor and see that is miss-qualified to Source and it will be taken away.

I thank you very much for this opportunity to talk to you. I am humbled by the persistence that all of you have. You live in a time much different than the times that I lived as I ascended myself. You live in a complicated environment full of distraction, much more than what I had to deal with. And I can tell you that you are doing a phenomenal job. Keep up the great work!

As we look at you from these other realms I can tell you that we are filled with admiration and respect and we are humbly at your service.

Thank you. And I bid you my leave.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

For those of you who do not know, this is One Who Serves. And we are here to share more about some of these things you are speaking of in terms of how everything is as we keep saying many many times over and over in many different ways: everything is being orchestrated. Everything is coming together.

There is no need for you to worry about storms and all of these things because they are all part of the plan here. They are all part of what you would call the bigger picture. And everything is exactly as it needs to be.

Now that is not to say that there is not suffering and sadness and all of these things. And some people go through this and they are going through it for a reason. Whether it is for themselves or for people around them and lessons that they are learning and what they are needing to go through.

But even more important is the bigger picture here, is what is at stake here in terms of in your various storms. As this is happening many things are happening in this process here, in the process to bring about change in a greater manner. In terms of: look at all the love that is being shared around these catastrophe’s here. We speak of the one in Texas. Look at all of the money that is being generated in many different ways to help those in need. Look at how neighbor is reaching out to assist another around them whereas before they would have not even given them the time of day but now they are reaching out. And this happens in many cases in times of these catastrophes.

Many come forward and spread the light. And this can do that. This can bring this about. This various times of travail — seeming travail but they are not necessarily that in the bigger picture as we are speaking.

And in terms of the storm, think in terms of everything is going on around you. Not only these particular storms but all of the storm of the three-dimensional illusion that you still find yourselves in, and see this as the storm raging around you and you being in the center. You being in the eye of the hurricane and how gentle and calm it is inside there. This is going within. This is being within your Source, within your Being. This is what you need to do as all of the storm is raging around you.


Q & A

Q:  I am wondering if anyone has been having high blood pressure issues. I’d gone vegan two months ago and have been taking herbs that lowered my blood pressure. Since the eclipse my blood pressure has gone back up. Some of it could be anxiety or it could be that the body is undergoing summary changes and because the cellular spin has increased which would affect the blood pressure but I do not want to go on medicine as you know for many reasons.

OWS:  We speak here in terms of the collective here not the one individual and certainly blood pressure and rising of blood pressure is something that goes along with these what you are calling ascension symptoms and the rising of the vibrations around you. So this is certainly can bring these type of symptoms to you in terms of high blood pressure also in terms of low blood pressure. And many other different types of symptoms that you are going through. Many of you know what we are speaking of here you have your own symptoms that you are experiencing. Headaches can be this at times. Pressure in the head. Pressure in the ears many different things joint issues, all of these things are a part of the expression of moving on into these higher vibrations and how it is foreign to the body. Is not foreign to the consciousness that you are but it is foreign to the body and the body can not handle it as easily if the consciousness is not coming along with it, you see. If the heart and mind are not working together it is much more difficult to deal with these various symptoms that come up here. And as the vibrations continue to increase, this may for a temporary time period be something that you will have to continue to deal with but it will get easier. We promise you it will get much easier as you are moving through this transition process. Okay?

Q:  I live in Houston, Texas and the channeling that we just had was very helpful. We were completely flooded on the ground floor and I’m counting my blessings that we had a second-floor. Needless to say it’s been quite an ordeal but I’m wondering what more I could do to help the inner emotions that need clearing that would help Mother Earth. I kind of feel sad that I’m not able to be of more service to others when we are trying to pick up the pieces here in our own home, so I was just wondering what more I could do to help from the other personal level as well?

OWS:  As you are asking that question you are already receiving the answer. It is not something for us to tell you what to do but as you ask within yourself you will receive and are receiving right now in this moment you are receiving the answer. You only need to but listen to it. It is there and for whatever you can do to help yourself first — you must always help yourself first before you can go out and help others — make sure everyone is safe where you are and then reach out to your neighbors. And that is what we were speaking of. So many people in that area are reaching out to their neighbors and helping in terms of assisting ones that are caught within the waters and even the animals the dogs and all of this. All of this is a part of the expression of the human collective coming together and spreading the light and the love. And this is the bigger picture we speak of here. So everything that you are doing personally yourself, continue to do and that is all you can do. Just ask within yourself, you will receive the answer, and then go and do whatever it is. And it may only be that you are just to sit there and meditate and ask for help in that respect for all those around you. Okay?

Q:  Regarding the 2024 timeline. In my wildest imagination … I have been really working the issue of transforming people’s ways of thinking, their beliefs, their mind bombs (that’s what I call them) and false beliefs and everything, and you know there are lots of really, really powerful individuals and entities that are doing that in major ways. And yet when I hear seven years I go ‘0kay then! That’s going to come from some other directions so it’s not going to happen in that way but we could do it in the human way. It’s probably a lot slower than that. So first of all, are we needing to still move forward in all that? I mean I question that because there’s going to have to be some earthshaking thing that’s going to shift people’s mindset but are we still wanting to move forward in all of that and what is the major earthshaking thing you think that’s going to do that?

OWS:  Let us clarify here. When you hear the term of 2024 and a time period here — and you know how we have tended to stay away from time periods as much as possible — but this was a time frame here that was being spoken of that by that time period, give or take a little bit here, that you will have gone through this transition and be into if not fully the ascension process. In terms of all of these things that are going to be happening and are in the process of happening now are happening around you, within you, and all of this at this time. And there will be many as we have said mini events that will lead to The Event as it comes. And all of these things will be going on for the next several years here.

That is not to say though that you have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait some more, and that the idea of soon — and soon is like not even in your understanding at all here — because these things are coming. These things are in the process now. And as it begins it will be as if an avalanche.

An avalanche begins very slowly at the top of a mountain and then begins to gain more and more momentum and begins to pick up trees and it takes more and more and more of the surrounding land as it continues down, and gains more and more force. This is what we are talking about. It will begin as just a small avalanche but then it will gain in power. It will gain in many more parts of the process occurring here and this will take you into the next decade here as we are saying.

But that is not to say that in the next year, two years here that there will not be many different things happening at one time. You see? You understand this?

Q:  Okay I mean so what we are doing to make to help assist people you know with getting out of their false beliefs and their negative mindset is still something we need to keep working at, powerfully I mean, or is it going to be just like something comes from out there and just the whole thing shifts?

OWS:  Hold please. Hold please. You are not needing to get everybody’s belief system changed. That is not for you to do. When they are ready to change their belief system, when they are ready to awaken they will do so. You can be there to be a catalyst, yes, and to be there when they are in that awakening process and reach out to you. But you are not there to change their minds. Okay? That is a difference here. That is not what you are here to do. You cannot change anyone’s mind.

Q:  Well is that true for those of us who have been in transformational processes and have been training in how to do that for decades. And I mean that’s what I’m talking about those of us who have been training and have done it and have learned how to do it. Is there still a need for that? Is there going to be?

OWS:  You are speaking in terms of those who are already awakened. And yes you continue to help within the awakening process and continue to spread the light. And as you continue to spread the light it will reach out to those other ones that have not yet awakened.

Q:  September 22nd is coming up which is the autumn equinox. Will there be a need for a mass guided meditation on that date? I was just wondering your collective thoughts on that.

OWS:  There is always a need for meditation in terms of whenever you can come together as a collective it can be very important to do these what you call mass meditations here. And this can be very helpful. That is not to say that you need to do it though. There is nothing you need to do here. You only do what you can to spread the light wherever you feel the momentum within you to do. And this is all you need to be concerned about. Much will occur as to forces at work here to bring these things about. Just as your past meditation at the time of the solar eclipse was a grand undertaking and it was spread wide across your Internet and so many participated in this, (close to a quarter of a million people participated in this,) and that was very successful. As to whether you need to do it again, no you don’t need to. But if it can be helpful then it will be brought about by the various forces that are working in this manner here. Okay?

Q:  Yes thank you. There is just a gentleman that goes by the name of Cobra he mentioned it. I just thought I would bring it to this group. He also mentioned something to do with these failsafe toplet bombs that are needed to be removed until The Event could happen. Could you shed some light on these?

OWS:  This is what we are speaking of when we talk about being in the eye of the hurricane here. Let all of these things go around about you, but you stay centered within yourself. Do not worry … and that is a what you would call put quotes around that word — do not “worry” about these things. Do not feel like you need to become emotionally involved because that is something that when you become emotionally involved you put that particular intent and thought process and feelings out there and others pick that up and it turns into fear and all of these other kinds of things. So do not do that. Stay within the eye of the hurricane. Stay centered within yourself, within Source Being within you and everything will work out exactly as it needs to. Okay?

Q:  Yes, I know. I understand this fear mongering behind it so maybe this gentleman should not put it out there for the collective. Maybe he should listen to you.

OWS:  No, he is doing exactly what he feels and believes he needs to do. Just as others do the same. What we are saying is for you and all of those that resonate with these words, stay within yourself. Do not become emotionally involved. If one particular one such as Cobra or Cory Goode or any of these ones decide to bring about a mass meditation then that is wonderful and then go with it at that time. You see?

Q:  I just wanted to touch base on the young lady who brought up her uneasiness with the channeling regarding Prime Creator. [Note: from the group’s private discussion session prior to channeling] We cleared some of that out but she brought up the Sacred Geometry and that was articulated from different viewpoints as well. But I wanted to hear your take on the Sacred Geometry because it wasn’t resonating with me personally.

OWS:  What we can tell you about this is Sacred Geometry is exactly that. It is sacred. It is something that has been around for a very very very long time in much more than we can even begin to go into here. But it is something that is at the crux or the base of everything. It is at the base of creation itself so it is not something that can be ignored. Because as you continue to evolve and move along in your technological process in a more spiritual-minded fashion, you will find that the idea of Sacred Geometry and numbers and all of these things become more and more and more important in your continuing evolutionary process here. So it is not something that you forgot about. Certainly not. It will be something that will become more and more important. But what is being said here or what was being said there is the same thing that we are saying here. Do not become involved in the minutia around you. Be in the now. Be in the perfect moment within yourself, centered within yourself at the eye of the hurricane and let everything go on around you but do not become involved emotionally in it. Okay?

Q:  Can you tell us about Mother Akasha? Is she an Ascended Master and also Ascended Master Asun.

OWS:  What you need to know about this is that is not really that important at this point to know who various ascended masters are, is something that is just there. You do not necessarily need to know all of the ones that call themselves that. And there are so many, many more throughout the solar system, the galaxy, even the universe that would not even begin to resonate with you. But we will add this as you move through your own ascension process you will come to understand and know so much more of this question that you are asking in terms of who is important for you to know. Not for everyone else to know but for you to know because you have a particular connection with these ones that you’re asking about. You see? But it is not something for the collective here to be concerned about as to who all of the ascended masters are. There are many. Many in the Brotherhood, many in the Sisterhood, and on and on, within all of the councils. It is beyond imaginings to begin to share who all of them are here and even to begin to specifically speak about any one particular one. Except that it is particular to you. Okay?

Q:  We spoke last week of Robin Williams and how we all enjoyed him and had reached out to you to see if you could get him to come through for us. I wanted to let you know I recently had personal contact with him and I mentioned our group. He said he’d be more than glad and willing to visit with us. So I just wanted to put that out there to you because we brought that up in our last session.

OWS:  Now that you have brought that up, we would not have shared anything until closer to the time, but since you have brought that up, this one you are speaking of, Robin Williams, is planning to make an appearance you might say along with the other One Who Serves as you know as these standup comedian here. And the two of them will be sharing with you at your next Advance. We’re not sure how that will go yet but we are willing to give it a try here. We do not know what they might say. They might just open up all kinds of cans of worms here as you say. (laughter) And as we are saying that, the James here is going, “Oh my God! What are you doing now here? What are you doing here?!?” So anyway yes, we will see how that goes. But that is planned here.

We are needing to release channel now. Please as you continue on in this continuing process here, this transition that you are all moving through, and you are all moving through this we might say here. You are all moving into higher vibrations and sustaining those higher vibrations for longer and longer periods of time. And that is what is important here as you move closer and closer to your own ascension process and being in, as we have said before to you, this group, in that first wave of ascension. That is not to say that you necessarily will be, but that is the plan here that you are being groomed you might say, trained to be in the first wave so that you can then turn around and come back if you wish to and assist others in coming in the later waves.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


Channeled by James McConnell



Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”